Thomas' Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 49 year old widow.  She's self employed, and she has her very own MySpace page that she made all by herself.  Little does the scammer know, she's really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer:
Names: Thomas Bill / Juliet Coker
Email:  txthomasman2007
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

Hello Angle
hello. My name is Thomas Bill am from a contractor as Builder ...i am the only child of my late parents and i will like to let you know that i dont have family all i have its just my son alone . do you mind about that ? please let me know cos i dont like hiding my feelings okay.i will really be much happy to let you know that i am such a nice loving caring man and i dont play games or lie even to cheat . i like been honest and faithful in my life . at the same time i will like you to know that i am a man for just one woman i dont like to dubble date and i dont like to share my woman with anyone i like camping staying outdoors walking beside the beach. i will be the last person to hurt anyone in my life i just want to make my woman happy ..i like camping staying outdoors walking holding hands . I am looking for someone who is seriously looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with. I know what I want, I am looking for someone to fall in love with and spend the rest of my life with. My hopes and dreams would be for the rest of my life and eternity! Ive learned through life that love is something that should be cherished and should always be treated with care.I have alot of love to offer someone if its the right person cos I have been waiting a woman who i can love and beloved back.I want and need someone who wants to enjoy true love, and cares enough about it to not play games with it. If You are truly serious about finding Your soulmate , then I would love to talk to you !!!!!! I am a God fearing man and I close to him as I should be. I am a simple man looking for someone to share it with!!!!!!
Someone to make me happy all the time.Someone who is serious minded, always happy, nice,caring,lovely,trustworthy,Godly.I mean someone i can be pround to say this is my wife anywhere at anytime.I would love to know more about you,relocating to u.. . i will like you to know that i dont mind about age defferent cos age its just a number honest matter in a relastionship alot ...i'm open minded and fun loving,little things in life count,i'm not into games,as they hurt, absolutely not a time waster ...... If you are Still interested in me kindly reply me

Yahoo Im.........(txthomasman2007)
Yahho Email.....(


Thomas: Hello How are u doing am Online now
JoyceN: Hello
Thomas: How are u been doing?
JoyceN: I'm fine. How are you?
Thomas: Good
Thomas: so what ur name?
JoyceN: The name's Joyce
Thomas: woww Nice name
Thomas: Nice meeting u
JoyceN: Is your name Thomas or Bill?
Thomas: Thomas Bill
JoyceN: Bill is your last name?
Thomas: Yes
JoyceN: That's so weird
Thomas: so what are u been doing for living?
JoyceN: I'm a book supplier
Thomas: okay
Thomas: well am a contractor as builder buseide am presently in west africa Right now on a project
JoyceN: What are you building there?
Thomas: house
JoyceN: Okay
Thomas: Are u married?
JoyceN: No
Thomas: okay
Thomas: am widwer with one son
Thomas: Mike
Thomas: The u have kids?
JoyceN: I have one adult son
JoyceN: his name is James
Thomas: woww i love kids
JoyceN: He's not a kid
JoyceN: I just said he's an adult
Thomas: how old?
JoyceN: he's 27
Thomas: okay
Thomas: did u mind that am in west africa?
JoyceN: No.
JoyceN: Do you mind that I'm in my pajamas?
Thomas: no
Thomas: i am the only child of my late parents and i will like to let you know that i dont have farmily all i have its just my son alone . do you mind about that ? please let me know cos i dont like hiding my feelings okay
JoyceN: I don't mind at all
Thomas: Good
JoyceN: BRB
Thomas: i will really be much happy to let you know that i am such a nice loving caring man and i dont play games or lie even to cheat . i like been honest and faithful in my life . at the same time i will like you to know that i am a man for just one woman i dont like to dubble date and i dont like to share my woman with anyone i like camping staying outdoors walking beside the beach
Thomas: i will be the last person to hurt anyone in my life i just want to make my woman happy ..i like camping staying outdoors walking holding hands Thomas: i will be the last person to hurt anyone in my life i just want to make my woman happy ..i like camping staying outdoors walking holding hands
JoyceN: I'm back
JoyceN: I guess you decided to leave
JoyceN: Maybe we'll chat another day
JoyceN: Bye

Two days later...

Thomas: Hwllo
JoyceN: Hello
Thomas: How are u been doing Honey
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Thomas: sad Honey
Thomas: am not happy am having a little prb down here
JoyceN: What problem?
Thomas: honey son got a caraccident down here and he hurt is leg and back badly
JoyceN: Oh no!!!!!
JoyceN: I'm so sorry to hear that
Thomas: ty for urcaring
JoyceN: You're welcome!!!!!
Thomas: Honey am having a little prb i dont know if u could help me out over there
JoyceN: What do you mean?
Thomas: honey.....just that am having a prb bycashing my money order cash down here to pay my son treat bill
Thomas: the bank said they dont make use of america money order down here
Thomas: i dont know if u can helpme to get itcash over there
JoyceN: Did you try cashing it at the U.S. Embassy?
Thomas: Yes i did they said i can only get itcash in the state
JoyceN: If it's a U.S. Postal Money Order the Embassy will cash it
Thomas: honey i want there they said i can only get it cash in the state
JoyceN: Well technically, the U.S. Embassy is considered part of the U.S.
JoyceN: So I don't think there should be a problem cashing it
Thomas: bcos there banking system is very slow
Thomas: honey can i help me so that my son be okay
JoyceN: What do you want me to do?
Thomas: honey all i want from u now is to help me to get my money order cash over there and then send me the money to pay my son bill so that i can be able to get back state
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: I'll help
Thomas: woww thank god
Thomas: so u are going to help me
Thomas: You make me happy now
JoyceN: You're welcome
Thomas: honey ...The u know how to get a money order cash?
JoyceN: yeah
Thomas: How can u tell me?
Thomas: lol
JoyceN: I can either deposit it into my account
JoyceN: or I can take it to a check cashing outlet
Thomas: No Honey
JoyceN: Yeah
Thomas: Honey let me tell u how to get itcash fast
Thomas: bcso i dont want you to stress ur self so much
Thomas: listen now
JoyceN: Okay
Thomas: all u need to do is to take it to ur bank and then tell them that u need to get ur money order cash instantly
Thomas: They will get u the money instantly okay
JoyceN: Yeah
JoyceN: That's pretty much what I said
Thomas: Honey can i have the infor here to send the money order
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: My address:
Thomas: Yes..and ur full name
Thomas: bcos the money order have to be on ur name
JoyceN: A.G. Cooper / 9001 Mail Service Center / Raleigh, NC 27699-9001

Note from James:  This is the address to North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.  Mr. Cooper takes online scamming very seriously, and he has set up the website

Thomas: what ur full name?
JoyceN: A.G. Cooper is the name on my account
Thomas: Okay
Thomas: Honey one my help
JoyceN: What?
Thomas: Honey promise me that u will becoming online that i will let u know when u will get the money order and how to send me the money by western union
JoyceN: I'll be online when I cany
Thomas: Okay
Thomas: Ty so much
JoyceN: You're Welcome
Thomas: Honey is ur cam on?
JoyceN: I don't have one
JoyceN: Do you?
Thomas: Honey my cam is not working ant more
JoyceN: Okay.  No big deal
Thomas: Honey where haveu been ..bcos mike is willing to see you before he got a car accident
JoyceN: What do you mean?
Thomas: i mean my son want to see you on here before he got a accident
JoyceN: Yeah.  Too bad about that car
Thomas: i will let him know that u are the one who is going to help us with the money order cash
Thomas: i hope he will be very happy
JoyceN: I hope so too
Thomas: i track ur address itsay wrong
JoyceN: It's right
Thomas: No
JoyceN: Yeah
JoyceN: I know my own address
Thomas: wait u will track it ur self andsee it
Thomas: click on it now
JoyceN: I'm not going to track my own address
JoyceN: I'm sitting inside it right now
Thomas: look where find a zip code
Thomas: and the put ur address and track it
JoyceN: I know my own address, pal.  I've lived here for over 30 years
Thomas: Honey bcos i dont want to lost my Money order that is why
JoyceN: Yeah, well I know my own address
JoyceN: and I don't need some outsider telling me it's wrong
Thomas: Okay
JoyceN: If you have a problem with that, you can find someone else to send it to
Thomas: No Honey
Thomas: its okay now
JoyceN: Yeah, so don't tell me something that you have no idea about
Thomas: i got it right
JoyceN: I got it right
Thomas: Honey am very sorry
JoyceN: I accept your apology
Thomas: Ty so much
Thomas: Honey so what Time areU going to be online tomorrow?
JoyceN: I don't know yet
JoyceN: It depends on when I get home
Thomas: Okay
Thomas: so what Time will u be home?
JoyceN: I don't know
JoyceN: It depends on what time I leave
Thomas: Okay
JoyceN: I'll need to sign off now
Thomas: Okay..Honey i will be waiting to talk to u tomorrow the same Time okay
JoyceN: I'll try to be here then
Thomas: Okay...honey are u going to be online in the morning?
JoyceN: No
JoyceN: I don't go online in the mornings
Thomas: Okay
Thomas: well i will be waiting for you tomorrow Morning okay
JoyceN: I just said I'm not on in the mornings
Thomas: Honey....okay
JoyceN: I really need to go now
JoyceN: I hope to chat with you tomorrow
JoyceN: sometime
Thomas: i will talk to u the same time tomorrow then
JoyceN: Maybe
JoyceN: Goodnight
Thomas: You are the only one who can make me happy with your love and affection.
JoyceN: Bye
Thomas: Take good care of ur self for me
Thomas: bye
Thomas: i will talk to u the same time tomorrow

Later that day, and for the next two days, we exchanged offline messages only...

Thomas: (5/16/2007 8:27:58 PM): Hello Honey pls check ur street for me again okay
Thomas: (5/16/2007 8:28:32 PM): 9001 Mail Service Center they cant find it

Joyce: (5/16/2007 8:52:48 PM): I've told you several time before. My address is correct. If you are not capable of understanding this, feel free to send your money order to someone else.
Joyce: (5/16/2007 8:53:17 PM): Please don't insult my intelligence again by claiming that I don't know how to write my own address. It's starting to become obnoxious.
Joyce: (5/16/2007 8:53:41 PM): Goodnight

Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:32:31 AM): <ding>
Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:32:38 AM): How are u doing
Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:32:43 AM): Dont get me wrong okay
Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:32:51 AM): am sorry if i get u hurt
Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:33:04 AM): Honey its just that i dont wanna lost my Money order that is why
Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:33:13 AM): Honey am sorry for that
Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:33:45 AM): Honey am Thinking maybe u should gave me ur work address so that i can send it There for u or what the u thinkl
Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:34:01 AM): if u want me to send it to ur Home i will since u said it okay
Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:34:03 AM): I love u
Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:34:31 AM): <ding>
Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:35:06 AM): Honey Mike is very happy when i told Him that u are Going to get the Money order for us that he can leave the Hospital
Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:35:08 AM): i love u
Thomas: (5/17/2007 5:45:38 AM): <ding>

Joyce: (5/17/2007 8:55:43 AM): for the last time, the address is correct
Joyce: (5/17/2007 8:56:03 AM): If you mail it, I will receive it. END OF STORY

Thomas: (5/17/2007 10:31:44 AM): OKAY SWEET
Thomas: (5/17/2007 10:31:49 AM): I HAVE SENT IT OKAY
Thomas: (5/17/2007 10:31:53 AM): TY FOR UR CARING
Thomas: (5/17/2007 10:32:02 AM): I CANT WAIT TO MEET U
Thomas: (5/17/2007 10:32:02 AM): I BELIEVE U OKAY
Thomas: (5/17/2007 10:32:10 AM): I WILL BE ONLINE LATER IN THE NIGHT OKAY
Thomas: (5/17/2007 10:32:34 AM): HELLO AM GOING TO BE ONLINE IN THE NIGHT
Thomas: (5/17/2007 8:07:37 PM): Hello Honey
Thomas: (5/17/2007 8:07:42 PM): how are u been doing
Thomas: (5/17/2007 8:07:55 PM): You can buzz me when u get back sweeti
Thomas: (5/17/2007 8:08:10 PM): i will Like u to know that i have send the money order okay
Thomas: (5/17/2007 8:04:50 PM): <ding>
Thomas: (5/17/2007 8:05:03 PM): Hello Honey i have been here waiting for
Thomas: (5/17/2007 8:05:05 PM): u
Thomas: (5/17/2007 8:05:10 PM): You so sweetie
Thomas: (5/17/2007 8:05:25 PM): Just buzz me when u get online
Thomas: (5/17/2007 9:25:56 PM): <ding>
Thomas: (5/17/2007 9:26:08 PM): Hello sweetie
Thomas: (5/17/2007 9:26:11 PM): How are u been doing
Thomas: (5/17/2007 9:26:42 PM): i have been here trying to chat with u
Thomas: (5/17/2007 9:26:46 PM): I miss u
Thomas: (5/17/2007 9:26:51 PM): i cant wait to mee u
Thomas: (5/17/2007 9:26:53 PM): <ding>
Thomas: (5/17/2007 9:33:38 PM): <ding>

Thomas: (5/18/2007 6:14:55 AM): <ding>
Thomas: (5/18/2007 6:15:05 AM): How are u doing
Thomas: (5/18/2007 6:15:20 AM): Honey i hope u are Going to get the Money Order Real soon Okay
Thomas: (5/18/2007 6:15:24 AM): Take care
Thomas: (5/18/2007 6:15:34 AM): i will be waiting to chat with u later
Thomas: (5/18/2007 6:15:38 AM): <ding>

Thomas: (5/18/2007 10:06:56 AM): Hello How are u been doing
Thomas: (5/18/2007 10:07:00 AM): i miss u so much
Thomas: (5/18/2007 10:07:08 AM): did u got My money order
Thomas: (5/18/2007 10:07:15 AM): Love u

Joyce: (5/18/2007 10:19:41 AM): Hello
Joyce: (5/18/2007 10:19:48 AM): No. I did not get your money order
Joyce: (5/18/2007 10:19:58 AM): Do you have a tracking number for it?

I'm not sure why we were unable to meet online.  Thomas was usually online a lot during the day.  Regardless, the fake money order was on the way to Attorney General Cooper's office.

Thomas: Hello sweetie
JoyceN: Hello
Thomas: How are u doing sweetie
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Thomas: Good
Thomas: online all night last Night but u are Not
Thomas: where are u last Night?
JoyceN: I was busy
Thomas: Ohh ic
Thomas: Honey so what ur plan today?
JoyceN: I'm totally going to eat this sandwich
Thomas: Ohh ic
Thomas: i wish am there with u now
JoyceN: Me too
JoyceN: I could make you bring me a soda
Thomas: Lol
Thomas: Honey ...U dont even bother to ask about Mike
JoyceN: I was waiting for you to volunteer the info
JoyceN: but since you brought him up, how is he?
Thomas: Honey...Mike is getting better
JoyceN: That's good to hear
Thomas: he  ask me to say Hi to u
JoyceN: Tell him I said hello
Thomas: Okay i will do
Thomas: Honey....The Dr ask me to get some drug for Mike..But Right now am short of cash to get it now am waiting for thr Money order to get cash
JoyceN: Well I haven't received it yet
Thomas: i know
JoyceN: I don't even know when it will arrive
JoyceN: because you didn't send the tracking number
Thomas: Honey u are Going to get the Money order tomorrow okay
JoyceN: You never sent the tracking number
JoyceN: Why?
Thomas: Honey,,...the tracking is the work
Thomas: maybe tomorrow i get it for u okay
JoyceN: Why are you avoiding this?
Thomas: Honey i left the fedex receipt in the wrok that is why
JoyceN: Yes, but i asked for it days ago
Thomas: Honey...i will Look for the Tracking later okay
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: That will be good
Thomas: I Love u so much
JoyceN: I love you too
Thomas: Honey,i dont know if u can help me with $150  to get the Drug for Mike so that when u get my money order cash u can reduct it and  send me the Rest
JoyceN: I'm sorry, but I can't
JoyceN: You will have to wait for the money order tomorrow
Thomas: Okay
Thomas: No  prb sweetie
JoyceN: Thank you for understanding
Thomas: No prb
Thomas: Honey i have count on u so that Mike can be okay
Thomas: Honey i want u to promise that u will help me with my Money order  cash so that the Dr can start surgery on Mike
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: If it arrives
JoyceN: I will let you know
Thomas: Okay..i trust oka
Thomas: okay
JoyceN: Okay
Thomas: Promise is a death....i hope u know that
Thomas: Honey...........I love u
JoyceN: What's that mean?
JoyceN: Are you threating to kill me if I don't help?
Thomas: why should i kill My love
JoyceN: Explain "Promise is a death"
Thomas: Honey....i mean that if u made a promise andu dont...its means death
Thomas: i hope u can understand me now
JoyceN: So you're saying I will die if I don't help you?
JoyceN: That sounds like a murder threat to me
Thomas: i have to go now
Thomas: bye sweetie
JoyceN: Where are you going?  To get a switchblade?
Thomas: i want to go and see Mike now
JoyceN: Mike is plotting with you?
Thomas: Honey ill tell Mike about u
Thomas: that i talk to u today okay
JoyceN: I must prepare then

Here's what I think happened.  Thomas has someone working with him in the U.S.  Maybe they are in on the scam, or maybe they are unaware (possibly falling for the 'employment scam').  Either way, they had unsuspectingly shipped the fake money order to Attorney General Cooper, but failed to send the tracking number to Thomas.  There could be several reasons why they didn't hand over the number (they don't want to show where the package originated, they're old and they don't know how to find it, they tried to read it over the phone but the scammer couldn't understand the letters or numbers, or maybe they just lost it).  None of that really matters anyway.  It's on the way, and this person will have a lot to answer for very soon.

We didn't chat the next day. Instead we exchanged offlines again...

Thomas: (5/21/2007 6:23:53 AM): How are u been doing
Thomas: (5/21/2007 6:23:57 AM): I miss u so much
Thomas: (5/21/2007 6:24:02 AM): I cant wait to meet u

Thomas: (5/21/2007 9:54:02 AM): LOVE U
Thomas: (5/21/2007 9:54:05 AM): BYE
Thomas: (5/21/2007 10:13:33 AM): hello
Thomas: (5/21/2007 10:13:34 AM): how are u doing
Thomas: (5/21/2007 10:13:35 AM): are u there honey
Thomas: (5/21/2007 10:14:08 AM): honey i guess u have gotten the Money order
Thomas: (5/21/2007 10:14:10 AM): all just take it to ur bank and get it cash
Thomas: (5/21/2007 10:14:22 AM): Love u

Joyce: (5/21/2007 10:51:27 AM): Hello
Joyce: (5/21/2007 10:51:35 AM): I haven't gotten it yet
Joyce: (5/21/2007 10:51:45 AM): but it's still early  and I'm at work now
Joyce: (5/21/2007 10:52:33 AM): Just send the info now so I don't have to make two trips later on
Joyce: (5/21/2007 10:52:38 AM): Talk to you later
Joyce: (5/21/2007 10:52:39 AM): Bye

Thomas: (5/21/2007 11:41:42 PM): <ding>
Thomas: (5/21/2007 11:41:51 PM): Hello Dear
Thomas: (5/21/2007 11:41:56 PM): How are u doing\
Thomas: (5/21/2007 11:41:58 PM): i miss u

Thomas: (5/22/2007 4:55:59 AM): How are u been doing
Thomas: (5/22/2007 4:56:05 AM): Are u there ?
Thomas: (5/22/2007 4:57:14 AM): <ding>
Thomas: (5/22/2007 4:57:39 AM): Honey......did u get my Money order cash?
Thomas: (5/22/2007 5:21:14 AM): <ding>

Joyce: (5/22/2007 8:59:44 AM): Hello
Joyce: (5/22/2007 9:00:03 AM): I got the money order but you never gave me the info to send it to
Joyce: (5/22/2007 9:00:15 AM): I guess you are in no rush to receive it.
Joyce: (5/22/2007 9:00:26 AM): Email it to me or send it as an offline

For those not familiar with how this scam works, here's how the scammer wants it to go:  He sends a fake money order.  The victim takes it to the bank and cashes it immediately.  They then use Western Union to immediately send it to the scammer.  A few days later, the bank discovers the money order is fake, and the victim is responsible for the amount.

You would think an experienced scammer would send the info as quickly as possible so the bank doesn't alert the victim.  That's where Thomas' problem lies.  I don't think he has a name and address to send it to.  He will be required to show ID when he attempts to claim the money.  He likely doesn't have any, and he needs to find someone he trusts to pick it up for him.

Since he is unprepared and wasting time, I thought I would make him worry a little...

Thomas: Hello Love
Thomas: Love  Are u there ?
JoyceN: Hello
Thomas: How are u doing Honey
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Thomas: Great
Thomas: Honey i hope u got the Money order cash
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: But you never told me what to do next
Thomas: Yes,  i have to get the dr info so you can  send the  money western union
Thomas: How much is with you now
JoyceN: You never gave me the info
JoyceN: so I just deposited it
Thomas: I thought you  have the cash with you now right
JoyceN: No.  I deposited it
JoyceN: Because you never gave me the info to send
JoyceN: I told you this yesterday in my offline message
Thomas: oh yes   sweetie   you did , i forget to get the info from the dr
JoyceN: Okay
Thomas: I can let you have it now , so you can go send the money
Thomas: How is there now with you 
JoyceN: No one is here
Thomas: Can you go and get the cash with you now
JoyceN: Not now
JoyceN: Tomorrow
Thomas: Okay ,  what time will you get the cash ready tomorrow?
JoyceN: After work
Thomas: Okay when you get it let me know the time you will,  Becos i will have to go to the hospital tonight and take care of Mike, then i can get the info from the dr to send it western union
JoyceN: It will be sometime tomorrow afternoon
JoyceN: or tomorrow evening
Thomas: How much is the total money now u deposited
JoyceN: I don't remember.  It was a few hundred I think
JoyceN: I have the deposit slip somewhere, but I dont' remember where I placed it
Thomas: Okay
Thomas: Why can't you go to the bank now to get the money
JoyceN: Because it's 5:30
Thomas: ok
Thomas: Can u get it ready at lunch time?
JoyceN: It will be after work
Thomas: ok
Thomas: brb  love
JoyceN: Okay

Note from James:  A very long pause from Thomas.  I'm guessing he's looking for someone with ID to pick up the money for him the next day.

JoyceN: Are you still there?
Thomas: Honey am back
JoyceN: Good
Thomas: i want to go and get dress
Thomas: bcos i wil be going to take care of Mike Real soon
JoyceN: Okay.  We'll chat again tomorrow
Thomas: Honey..what Time are u going to be online so that when i get back from the hospital i can get u the infor
JoyceN: I probably won't come back online
JoyceN: I have to cook dinner, then I'm going to watch The Shield
Thomas: I know
Thomas: I mean Tomorrow morning when i get back from the hospital
Thomas: so that i can get u the Infor
JoyceN: If you're not going to send the info now, we will have to wait until Thursday
Thomas: why Honey?
Thomas: why thursday?
JoyceN: Because tomorrow is Wednesday
JoyceN: and I won't be online until after I get home
JoyceN: and I won't get home until after 5
Thomas: Honey brb let me call the Dr to get  the infor for  now then so that u can get the Money sent tomorrow
JoyceN: okay

Note from James:  Another long pause.

Thomas: Back
Thomas: Go and get a pen and paper now
JoyceN: I have it
Thomas: okay
Thomas: Name.........................Juliet Coker
Address.......................20 Allen ave

Text Question..................what my name
Text Answer.........................Juliet Coker
Thomas: You got it down?
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: I've got it now
Thomas: Okay
Thomas: Honey so when tomorrow should i wait for the Money?
JoyceN: I'll send it when I can
JoyceN: Maybe before work, maybe after
Thomas: Honey much are u sending tomorrow?
JoyceN: I'll send what I received
JoyceN: I'm not keeping any!
Thomas: I know
Thomas: Honey i hope u have to send two Tiime
Thomas: i dont want u to send all at once okay
JoyceN: What do you mean?
Thomas: Honey i mean that u haveto send half tomorrow first
Thomas: and u will send the rest later okay
JoyceN: No.  I will do it all at once
JoyceN: I'm not making two trips
Thomas: honey where are u?
JoyceN: I'm here
JoyceN: I'll send it tomorrow and I'll email you the first chance I get
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: I love you too
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: Tell him I said hello
Thomas: OKAY I DO
JoyceN: Yes
Thomas: GOOD
JoyceN: I would have cashed it two days ago if you only told me where to send it
Thomas: I LOVE U
JoyceN: I love you too
Thomas: BYE LOVE
JoyceN: Bye
JoyceN: I'll do it when I can
JoyceN: Goodnight
Thomas: BYE

Late that night, I sent the following email...


I could tell how important this was to you and Mike so I made an effort to send it before work.  I knew if I waited too long I could become busy or possibly forget, and I didn't want that to happen.  Anyway, it has been sent and here is the claims information:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Juliet Coker / 20 Allen Ave. / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Test Question:  What's my name?
Answer:  Juliet Coker

I'll chat with you again soon.  Tell Mike I said hello.

Love always,


The next morning, Thomas came online and received the fake info.   He then passed the info on to his friend with the fake ID.  That friend took the info to Western Union, and according to Thomas' email, when he left he was none too pleased.

Hello Good Morning Honey how are u doing am so happy to get the MTCN.but when the Dr get to the bank to pick up the Money...The bank said there is no Money that u didnt send any Money Honey....why they said the mtcn is wrong..The dr came back and mad at me

Later that day...

Thomas: hello
JoyceN: Hello
Thomas: are u there ?
Thomas: there ?
JoyceN: Yes
Thomas: i like ur google
JoyceN: My Google?

Note from James:  I think he meant "goggles."  I had just changed my display pic to this new pic of Joyce:

Thomas: honey i have pick up the money
JoyceN: That's good news
Thomas: yes
Thomas: how much is the rest?
JoyceN: That was all
JoyceN: I told you I would send it all at once
Thomas: \okay
Thomas: Honey....I Love u
JoyceN: I love you too
Thomas: see let me let u know
Thomas: all u gave me is wrong
JoyceN: What are you talking about?
Thomas: totally wrong
Thomas: i am mike embs
Thomas: fool
JoyceN: Wouldn't that make you the fool?
JoyceN: You fell for the same trick TWICE
Thomas: if u dont becareful i will track u down when am back state and i will kill u
JoyceN: Three times if you count what I did to your brother
Thomas: what
JoyceN: Now you AND Chuwukemeka have sent fake money orders to the police!
Thomas: lol mumu
Thomas: i will kill u when i get back state
JoyceN: I will be waiting, mugu
Thomas: u cash my Money order and take my money away
JoyceN: I didn't cash it
JoyceN: You mailed it to the police
Thomas: dont sleep well am coming to kill u
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: Email me for directions
Thomas: dont worried okay
Thomas: i will track u down
JoyceN: I'm not worried at all, son
Thomas: i haveuraddress okay
JoyceN: You have the police's address
JoyceN: Chukwuemeka has it too
JoyceN: You both mailed checks there
Thomas: am coming after to kill u okay
JoyceN: I will like that
JoyceN: We will do battle
Thomas: okay
Thomas: bye
JoyceN: Tell Chukwuemeka that James said hello

Brief summary: 

January 2007:  A scammer using the alias of Mike Embs is burned and forced to take the Western Union Walk of Shame.  He may have possibly sent out fake money orders.

February 2007:  A scammer using the alias of Capprin Landrum is also burned and takes the WUWOS.  Afterwards, he reveals to me that he is the brother of Mike Embs.  He also reveals his real name, Chukwuemeka.   A few weeks later, Chukwuemeka invites me to be his business partner.  I play along, only to burn him a second time. This time it cost him a lot more than his pride.  He shelled out $200 to have a box of fake money orders shipped directly to North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.

May 2007:  Mike Embs is burned by both pranks again.

As it stands, I hold four victories over this Nigerian family, and I expect that number to grow.