About the scammer:
Name:  Tammy Kelvin / Ross Stevenson
Email:  tammy_nice001@yahoo.com 
Location: Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

About the target...
Yvonne is a 50 year old Native American widow that owns her own flower shop.  She loves flowers and she loves men.  Also, she's really folk hero Jonathan Walker.

hello pretty

My name is Tammy, I am a civil engr and a great sense of humor,i am catholic i dont drink or do drugs or smoke am single with one kid I am very open minded, sexy, loving, and down for whatever. I'm very faithful to a mate that treats me like a prince, I want a woman that is honest and trustworth ,I am a very personable person.....i saw your profil and you pic is cute almazing,i will like to meet you .........If I ever saw an angel, it was in your eyes.

i will like you to add me via to your yahoo messenger so that we can talk more better........here is mine(tammy_nice001@yahoo.com)........you look sweet,beautiful,cute and sexy.......hope to here from you soon take care of your self and remain blesed.....Tammy.

Yvonne: hello
Tammy: hello baby
Tammy: how are you\
Yvonne: im good now that i saw you talked ot me again
Tammy: yes baby
Tammy: i have been here since waiting for you to chat with you
Tammy: i miss chatting with you last night
Yvonne: that is so sweet
Tammy: am glad to hear from you again
Yvonne: you too
Yvonne: so what shall we chat about
Tammy: ohh okay
Tammy: baby.......am lonelly here and i need someone to be with and talk with
Yvonne: im lonely here
Yvonne: ive been eating slim jims all day and feel bloated and fat
Yvonne: do you like slim jims
Tammy: yes baby
Yvonne: really
Yvonne: that is so sexy
Tammy: wow
Tammy: you sweet
Yvonne: do you like nerds candy too
Tammy: did you like SEX
Tammy: lol
Yvonne: i love sex
Tammy: wowwwwww
Tammy: good
Yvonne: in any and all places
Tammy: my too
Yvonne: do you have sex alot
Tammy: but it as been a long time i have sex last
Yvonne: i dont want a man with crabs and shit
Yvonne: oh ok
Yvonne: i havent done that since the 70's
Yvonne: but it was the times
Tammy: ohh i see
Tammy: baby.........did you have anyone you dating righgt noe
Yvonne: no my husband is dead meat
Tammy: ohh
Yvonne: what abut you
Tammy: am alone as well
Tammy: i need someone to be with and spend the rest of my life with
Yvonne: my husband use to be a fisherman at myrtle beach SC and he was killed
Tammy: i dont want to be hurt again
Tammy: all my friends betrayed me
Yvonne: you must not be good at making friends
Yvonne: you need someone like me lol
Tammy: ohh really
Yvonne: as cute as you are you can
Tammy: lol
Tammy: yes i need someone like you
Yvonne: you remind me of brad pitt just a little slower
Tammy: i hope you wont hurt me and make me cry again
Yvonne: i will never hurt anyone
Yvonne: especially you
Yvonne: you took the time to email me and touch my heart
Yvonne: now i want you to touch me more
Tammy: wowwwwwwwww
Tammy: romantic
Tammy: you sound sweet
Yvonne: well i try
Yvonne: i hada long dy in the shop making flowers and selling them
Tammy: where did you like to spend you spare time
Yvonne: so im ready to relax and get crazy lol
Yvonne: but i will probably just sit around
Yvonne: thats what i usually do
Yvonne: i like to go to coffee shops but i hate coffee
Yvonne: and i like to go to ice crfeam shops but i hate ice cream
Yvonne: i guess i go there to talk ot people
Tammy: cool
Yvonne: i went to a club not long ago and someone called me linda....i got mad and called her debbie then they kicked us out
Yvonne: so i dont do that anymore
Tammy: ohh why??
Yvonne: i jsut like to chill here at the house and watch tv
Yvonne: its hard ot meet someone now a days
Yvonne: everyone wants one thing
Yvonne: and im tired of it
Yvonne: i told hte last guy he can buy his own fruit roll ups
Tammy: like what thing do you mean
Tammy: lol
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: so how is life for oyu over htere
Tammy: fine...........but am lonelly here
Yvonne: sounds like you need ot come help me in my flower shop
Yvonne: i love palnts
Yvonne: they are my life
Tammy: ohh i will be very happy
Yvonne: really
Yvonne: not many men like them
Tammy: to meet you inperson and help you with some stuff
Yvonne: they think they are square
Yvonne: and call them lame
Yvonne: i would love to
Yvonne: i would do anything to meet you
Tammy: me too
Tammy: can you be my angel
Tammy: hun?
Tammy: be honest with me
Yvonne: yes even though i havea cousin named tammy
Yvonne: but its ok
Yvonne: she is a lesbian\mayby you cna meet her one day
Tammy: wow
Tammy: cool
Yvonne: she works at lowes food store
Tammy: do you have cam?
Yvonne: no
Yvonne: do you
Tammy: yes but i forgot it in the states
Yvonne: oh too bad
Yvonne: ypou should get one
Tammy: am sorry
Yvonne: kmart has thenm real cheap i know a guy
Yvonne: ralph
Tammy: am not in the states  right now
Yvonne: he can get you one if you say his name
Yvonne: oh
Yvonne: well tyhey have them there right
Tammy: okay
Tammy: baby.....i hope i told you where i was right now
Tammy: right
Yvonne: yes
Tammy: tell me
Yvonne: but i thought they might have one around somewhere
Tammy: ol
Tammy: lol
Yvonne: you never know
Yvonne: itsa no big deal
Yvonne: your words sooth my soul more
Tammy: okay
Tammy: tell me where i was now
Yvonne: can i ask you a dumb question
Yvonne: what is your favorite movie
Tammy: any kind of movie
Tammy: and you?
Yvonne: no you must tell me
Yvonne: a specific one
Yvonne: this is how i judge you
Yvonne: movies are important to me my dad always told me before he died ot find out what a man likes to watch it speaks of his heart
Yvonne: have you ever seen mrs doubtfire
Tammy: okay
Tammy: eragon it was real good movie
Yvonne: it has hacksaw jim duggan in it
Yvonne: do you like hacksaw jim duggan
Tammy: yes i do
Yvonne: good
Tammy: am here
Tammy: and you
Yvonne: he was good in it dont you think
Yvonne: i like music too
Yvonne: i went to a show last week
Tammy: good
Tammy: me too
Tammy: i love dacing
Tammy: dancing
Yvonne: there is one i want ot see in november here
Yvonne: mayby we can go
Yvonne: it has buddy holly the big bopper and ritchie valens
Yvonne: do oyu like htem
Tammy: yes i do
Tammy: baby i want you and i to dance together
Yvonne: cool
Tammy: lol
Yvonne: i would love too
Yvonne: can you do the twist
Tammy: very good and you my my wife
Tammy: hun?
Tammy: lol
Yvonne: yes that would be great
Yvonne: i would love to be in a realtionship again
Yvonne: and hump and stuff
Yvonne: ive been shut in too long
Tammy: ok
Tammy: hope you been honest with me
Tammy: i dont want games?
Yvonne: that is insulting
Yvonne: why would i lie
Yvonne: i am a christian lady
Yvonne: i really like you
Yvonne: and would like to meet you
Yvonne: are you coming over my way soon
Yvonne: i will take you out ot the hot spots
Tammy: i wish i could be there with you right now talking to you
Yvonne: why cant you be
Tammy: you making me happy right now
Yvonne: youre making me more than happy
Tammy: awww
Tammy: you are welcome
Tammy: i promise to make you happy and be with you
Yvonne: thanks
Yvonne: and i will wiht you too
Tammy: ty
Tammy: me too
Tammy: just that am scared right now
Yvonne: do oyu think you can take a ship over here
Tammy: yes baby
Yvonne: really
Yvonne: do you own a ship
Tammy: yes really
Yvonne: then yu can let me sail it
Tammy: whats your favorute colour?
Yvonne: i like bright colors
Yvonne: but i am color blind
Yvonne: its embarrsing
Yvonne: does that matter to you?
Yvonne: that i cant see colors
Tammy: nice
Tammy: mine is........Blue,Pink,White and Purple
Yvonne: oh those sound neat
Yvonne: do you think that my skin tone is pretty
Yvonne: its a combo of all those
Yvonne: so where are yo uliving over htere
Tammy: you mean where i live in the states
Yvonne: i mean where are you right now
Yvonne: i wish you were in north carolina so i could see you
Yvonne: i would do anyting for htat
Yvonne: we could go out to fulligans
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: that is a hot spot night club here
Tammy: am right now in West Africa for a business trip
Yvonne: ahhh that sounds good
Yvonne: i bet htey have good plants there
Yvonne: i could take some home for my shop
Tammy: have you been to West Africa be fore
Yvonne: no but i would love some plants fro there to grow here and sell
Yvonne: in my shop
Yvonne: i bet you could teach me how to take careof htem since you are visiting htere
Tammy: have you ever travel outside the states before?
Yvonne: i went to england once
Yvonne: it was groovy
Yvonne: i saw the beatles
Tammy: aww
Tammy: hope you have a fun
Yvonne: yeah but that was back in '95
Yvonne: it was
Tammy: good
Tammy: i have been to so many countries due to my busines trip
Yvonne: well i bet you are doing good then
Yvonne: so am i in my buisness
Tammy: i have been to......Holland,Canada,Spain,Japan,China,France,New Zealand  and Mexico
Yvonne: that is so cool in a far out way
Yvonne: i would love to go there
Yvonne: to all those places
Yvonne: we should go to iraq and help end the war there
Tammy: wowwwwwwwww
Tammy: you are right
Tammy: lol
Tammy: i love you baby
Yvonne: ross perot doesnt knwo what he is doing
Yvonne: i love you too
Yvonne: you are so sweet
Tammy: you seems you do care
Yvonne: i can be me and jsut talk and feel you expcept me and know me
Yvonne: do you have any pets
Tammy: good
Tammy: yes i do
Yvonne: really waht
Tammy: i like animals
Yvonne: what do you have
Yvonne: i have lots of animals
Yvonne: i have birds here ion the shop
Tammy: good
Yvonne: they help fertilize the flowers
Yvonne: and i have rabbits out in hte shed
Yvonne: and dogs
Tammy: i have 2dogs,1cat and fish pound
Yvonne: ahhh what are there names
Tammy: the dogs........larry and ben
Yvonne: those are great names
Tammy: wowwwwwwwwww
Yvonne: i bet they love you
Yvonne: are they boys
Tammy: Thanks very much
Tammy: yup
Tammy: i will like to meet you inperson when i come back to the states
Yvonne: i hope we can meet up and shit
Yvonne: i will show you the town
Yvonne: we can go to the fair it iwll be here then
Tammy: nice
Yvonne: we can eat cotton candy
Tammy: did you have pic
Tammy: i want to see more of your pictures
Yvonne: well silly you saw my mysapce page
Yvonne: they are all on there
Yvonne: lol
Yvonne: there is one of me and my mom
Yvonne: and others
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: baby cakes can yo uexcuse me while i go to the bathroom and make brown stuff i really have to go
Tammy: i have more pic here baby
Tammy: and the pic of my house
Yvonne: brb
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: hello
Tammy: honey am here
Tammy: for you
Yvonne: you are so good to me already
Tammy: wowwwwwwwwwww
Tammy: can i call you my honey?
Tammy: hun?
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: can i call you a name
Tammy: ohh really
Yvonne: i want something special
Yvonne: lets think of one
Tammy: i want you to call me........mylove
Yvonne: no thats to old fashioned
Tammy: ohh lol
Tammy: tell meyourself?
Tammy: i want from you/?
Yvonne: how about love juice
Tammy: sweetie
Tammy: wowwwwwwwwwwwww
Yvonne: is that ok
Tammy: you making me CRAZING
Yvonne: really
Tammy: yes really
Tammy: love juice
Yvonne: im just a old lady who loks like a rotten fig
Yvonne: what is your favorite juice
Tammy: Orange Juice
Tammy: and you?sweetheart
Yvonne: hmmmm i like prune juice
Tammy: WOW
Tammy: ME TOO
Yvonne: really
Tammy: honey........i have something for you right now
Yvonne: really
Yvonne: i wish it was your body next to me
Tammy: close your syes 1sec
Yvonne: there closed
Yvonne: OMG
Yvonne: that is so what i sell in my store
Tammy: thats what i have for you from the bottom of my heart
Yvonne: that is amazing
Yvonne: i new it was special
Yvonne: and you are too
Tammy: i want you to my everything and i promise to take good care of you
Yvonne: what would yo udo if we were in a club and a man tried ot take me form you
Tammy: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm
Yvonne: would you take up for me and say this is my snapper bitch!!!
Tammy: am going to fight with the  MAN
Yvonne: and kick him in the pp hole
Tammy: honey pls i dont want that to happy
Tammy: becox i will be so hurt and cry
Yvonne: i dont eiother i jsut want ot know if you would take up for me or let me go
Yvonne: i want a man who will be proud ot say this is my bitch
Yvonne: back off lol
Yvonne: that is sexy
Yvonne: i would do that for you
Tammy: good mylove
Tammy: love juice
Yvonne: so do you ever see that bono guy he is always in africa on someting and you travel so i didnt know if you ever met him
Tammy: nope
Tammy: why?
Yvonne: well every time i see the news he is stirrring up some kind of mess over htere
Yvonne: i figured he lived htere
Tammy: okay
Tammy: did you know anyon here in Africa
Yvonne: no never been
Yvonne: has it snowed there this year
Tammy: okay
Tammy: sweetie.......i want to send my oic to your email box
Yvonne: ok juice box
Tammy: i want you to keep me in your hreat there
Tammy: yes....juice love
Yvonne: ok dick juice
Yvonne: send
Tammy: i have the pic of my house in COLORADO here too
Yvonne: colorado is so buetiful
Tammy: if you dont mind i will like to send it to you too
Tammy: yes is a nice place to be
Yvonne: you are the shit i am in love with you i would love to go there wiht yu and go and play some air hockey
Tammy: awwwwwwww
Tammy: have you ever travel outside the states
Tammy: ???
Yvonne: only to england once when i was yunger
Yvonne: but that was in my hippie stage
Tammy: ohh i remember you told me
Yvonne: so it was about 1971
Yvonne: or 1972
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: do you like hippies
Yvonne: i use ot be one
Tammy: give me your email addres i want to send my pic and the pic of my house to you
Yvonne: a_river_of_flowers_@yahoo.com
Tammy: i sent it here...........a_river_of_flowers@yahoo.com
Yvonne: yes thats me
Tammy: check now
Yvonne: ok let me see
Yvonne: i wihs you could get here as fast as a emil
Yvonne: i would read you so fast it would hurt your eye holes
Yvonne: i got a pic of you
Yvonne: you look so damn sexy
Tammy: good
Tammy: how did you feel
Yvonne: more lonely
Yvonne: becuase i know yo uare out there but so far away
Yvonne: and cant have you
Yvonne: or help yopu
Yvonne: or kiss you
Yvonne: i hate this world
Yvonne: its TOO BIG
Tammy: awwwwww
Tammy: i want.....you and I can reach stars in the sky Together you and I can touch rainbows if we try
Tammy: you and I can make the rain fall Because our love is special and together we have it all 
Yvonne: you are like ghandi you know jsut what to say but unlike him you punch me in the face with love
Yvonne: mmmmmm this popcorn is good
Yvonne: do u like pop corn
Tammy: yes i do
Yvonne: i am related to orville redenbacher on my daddy's side
Tammy: okayy
Yvonne: can you kiss me
Yvonne: in your mind
Yvonne: and i will in mine
Tammy: :-*:-*:-*@};-..........from the bottom of my heart
Tammy: i want you and i want to spend the rest of mylife with you and take you to the paradise
Yvonne: omg you havea pool there
Yvonne: is it heated
Tammy: yes......baby
Yvonne: mayby we can go naked in it
Tammy: can you swime
Tammy: yes
Yvonne: i hope i dfont get hairs caught in the drain
Tammy: love juice
Yvonne: yes i can doggy paddle and doggy style
Tammy: honey pls i want you to give me your address
Tammy: i want to got it down
Yvonne: why
Tammy: as soon i finish my job here am coming to meet you
Yvonne: why cant you jsut say screw work and come see me here
Yvonne: i wold do anyting for oyu to
Tammy: yes love
Yvonne: screw that say im juice dick damnit and i'm going to see my snapper
Tammy: i cant wait to see you
Yvonne: what is keeping you from seeing me
Tammy: immediately i live here am coming to meet you
Yvonne: is it money or family or workl or what
Yvonne: i need you hear to wipe up my sauce that darins from my love maker
Tammy: wowwwwwww
Yvonne: how can i get oyu here lol
Yvonne: im sorry i jsut want you
Tammy: love juice......pls give me your address and the nearest airport to your cite
Yvonne: im sorry if im scarring you
Tammy: i cant wait to meet you
Tammy: nope...........sweetie
Yvonne: how much is a ticket
Yvonne: and who wil lgo wioht you
Yvonne: just you
Tammy: what do you mean?
Yvonne: will you come ot see me alone
Tammy: nope
Tammy: me and my son
Yvonne: i want to see your son
Tammy: good
Yvonne: i want him to be our son
Tammy: i love you honey
Yvonne: do you think he will mind if i call him dave
Tammy: one happy family
Yvonne: i love you too
Yvonne: when can you be here
Yvonne: i want oyu here soon as possible
Tammy: honey......as soon i finsih my job
Tammy: i will come to meet you
Yvonne: screw that
Yvonne: dont oyu haveenough to  jsut leave and come
Tammy: if you want me to come this weekend to pay you a visit and come back
Tammy: ohh i will like that
Tammy: you know i have to  reshedule my flight ticket and come to meet you this weekend
Yvonne: thats ok im worth it
Yvonne: i will show y the town
Tammy: i will be in the states in 24hours
Yvonne: and feed you little sausages
Tammy: wowww
Yvonne: so when can you come
Yvonne: you and your son
Tammy: honey am low of cash right now
Yvonne: really no
Yvonne: what can we do
Tammy: to reschduly my flight ticket
Yvonne: i ned you you told me you would come
Yvonne: i got all wet already
Tammy: me too
Yvonne: how much is htat
Tammy: am wet on my leg and my pant
Yvonne: are yo uwearing pants
Yvonne: is it khacki or courdoury
Tammy: i wish i could be there with you right now holding you,rub your back and make love with you
Yvonne: i do too
Yvonne: why7 cant you
Yvonne: it isnt hat much is it
Tammy: am puting on pant and sitting on my bed talking to you
Tammy: i wish you could be with me right now holding you and make love sex with you
Tammy: did you like SEX
Yvonne: you can be
Yvonne: i will give it up like i did at he rush concert of 81
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: i love to do the maughty
Yvonne: so what do we need to do to get oyu here this weekend
Tammy: i like SEX too
Tammy: i wish i could be there with you right now sucking your PUSSY
Yvonne: will you stick things in it
Yvonne: can i stick things in you too
Yvonne: that would be crazy
Tammy: yup
Yvonne: i like it crazy
Yvonne: i would do so much to you
Tammy: honey can you help me with somemoney to reschedule my flight ticket to come home and meet you this weekend
Yvonne: so tell me baby yo usaid you were short of money when do oyu get paid
Tammy: h
Yvonne: well how much is your ticket and how much do you have and how much dso you need
Tammy: as soon as i finish my project i will be paid
Yvonne: i need you my hoo haa needs you
Tammy: okay honey
Tammy: will you help me and get the money
Tammy: i promise i will pay you back the money when i get home
Yvonne: baby all you need to do is let me cook for you and you love me like you do on here and i will be happy
Tammy: wowwwwwwwwww
Yvonne: and let me show you my plant shop
Tammy: I  LOVE YOU
Tammy: you making me crazing
Yvonne: and teach you then you would not want ot leave
Yvonne: lol
Tammy: i love cooking and i want to cook for you
Tammy: you are such a kind and caring woman
Yvonne: you are my dream man
Tammy: you are the type of woman am lloking for
Tammy: you are Mrs Right
Yvonne: you are what i have been looking for ever since i started looking at men at he age of 2
Yvonne: so tell me waht we need to do
Tammy: okay
Tammy: \honey can you send me the money to reschedule my ticket me and Steven
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: how much
Tammy: ohh really
Yvonne: i will do what i can give
Yvonne: i have extra cash form my shop
Yvonne: that i dont take out on taxes
Tammy: i will really appreciate you
Yvonne: so it wouldnt cost me anyhting
Yvonne: i can use that
Tammy: okay
Tammy: honey pls hold on let me ask the hotel maneger for the hotel bills
Yvonne: ok let me go use the potty mother fucking beans make me shit alot
Yvonne: i love you im me
Yvonne: im never eating that again
Tammy: to reschedule the ticlet is me and Stven is 1350 dollars
Yvonne: hmmmmm
Tammy: honey can you do that for me
Tammy: i promise you i will be home with you in 24hours
Yvonne: well let me check my account online and see what i can give that would not cost me using hte shop taxes ok
Yvonne: i can hel;p wiht some of htat if not all jsut need ot calculate it ok juice nuts
Tammy: mylove.....can you do that for me today?
Yvonne: well i can look and see how much its real late here in the us so it would have ot be in the morning on the weay to work
Yvonne: nothing is open now
Yvonne: bakns unions everyitng shuts down here at 6
Tammy: okay mylove
Yvonne: is that ok
Yvonne: i wihs i could give it to you myself
Tammy: i want you to send in through Western Union Money Transfer
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: well let me check ill be back in about 5 minutes im calling my 24 hour bank account
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: i need ot know hte ezact amount
Yvonne: of what i can do
Yvonne: brb
Tammy: let me ask for the hotel maner information where you  going to send the money
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: ok
Yvonne: let me call i jsut g ot hte number i will be back in 5 minutes have tyo step away
Yvonne: but i will be back in about 5 minutes baby juice shitcakes
Tammy: okay mylove
Yvonne: love you
Yvonne: brb
Yvonne: brb
Yvonne: im going ot call now
Yvonne: lol
Tammy: i want to ask the hotel maneger the information where you going to send the money
Tammy: okay
Tammy: buzz me when you finish calling your bank......love juice
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: okay juice lick
Yvonne: im here
Yvonne: i have the money
Tammy: am here........
Tammy: honey
Yvonne: whre can i send it to get you here inside of me
Tammy: good
Tammy: really
Tammy: honey how much did you want to send?
Yvonne: im writng it off on the flower shop so i have it
Yvonne: how much do oyu need
Tammy: $1350
Yvonne: ok but you will have to make it up to me in loving when you get here
Tammy: yes........love juice
Yvonne: where do i send it
Yvonne: i will send it in the morning on the way to work in the morning
Tammy: honey the hotel maneger is right here now to give me is information where you going to send the money
Tammy: okay
Tammy: honey.....pls give me your address and you full name and the nearest airport to your house
Yvonne: just tell me where to send the money
Yvonne: and i will mail you back with the reciepot and everything
Tammy: his writing it for me here
Yvonne: i will probbly use western union
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: they have that at the gas station
Tammy: give me your address i want to got it down  now
Yvonne: all around here
Tammy: love juice
Yvonne: you tell me where to send it
Yvonne: i have the nmoney just need to send it western nunion
Yvonne: is western union okay
Tammy: yes
Tammy: western uonin
Yvonne: it is coming out of my flower shop so i have ot do it jsut right
Yvonne: that way i can write it off
Tammy: Name:Ross Stevenson
Address:16 Fadeyi Aladura Street
Zip Code:23401
Text Question:who is your love
Yvonne: ok let me write it down
Tammy: honey thats the hotel manegers information where you going to send the money tomorrow
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: then when i send it i will send oyu the reciept thing so you know to expect whenver it goes through
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: is that okay shitjuice
Yvonne: i love you
Yvonne: when i wake up i will do the plant orders
Yvonne: then go by and get hte western union
Yvonne: then mail you
Yvonne: then we can talk
Yvonne: i love you
Tammy: when you send it..........email me the MTCN number and the amount you send......and the sender address
Yvonne: ill senda email to your adress on here so youll know it
Tammy: okay mylove
Tammy: give me your address now
Yvonne: i feel better that way
Tammy: so that i can got it down now
Yvonne: that way you know its done
Yvonne: it should go through by thye end of tomorrow
Yvonne: western union internatioanlly usually takesa few hours
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: but you should have it a few hours by the timei send hte email
Tammy: what time will you go tomorrow
Yvonne: i know i had ot send plants once
Tammy: love juice
Yvonne: about 11 or 12
Yvonne: tmorrow
Yvonne: i have ot make some flower shipments then i will do that
Tammy: okay i will tell the hotel maneger now
Yvonne: okay
Yvonne: i will email you
Yvonne: im going ot lay down
Yvonne: i hada hardf day at the fkower shop
Tammy: Love Juice............i want you to give me your address
Tammy: okay
Yvonne: i will
Yvonne: i will email and talk to you on here tomorrow
Yvonne: ok
Tammy: nope
Yvonne: im so tired ive been up since 7
Tammy: give it to me right now
Tammy: i want to got it down
Tammy: and you full name
Yvonne: i will send it it iwll be on the email
Tammy: plssss do that right now
Yvonne: ly ttyl
Tammy: okay Love Juice
Tammy: as soon i got the money,,,,,,,,am going to reschedule my ticket
Tammy: i love you
Tammy: i will be in the states in 24hours with you
Tammy: i love you with all my heart
Tammy: you are the kind of woman i want to spend the rest of my life with
Yvonne: and i with you
Tammy: i cant wait to see you
Tammy: thinking about you
Yvonne: i will talk to you tomorrow after i send it
Yvonne: bye
Tammy: okay Love Juice
Tammy: ohh nooooo
Tammy: dont say bye
Tammy: it hurts me when you siad that
Yvonne: its late here i have ot sleep so i can work toorrow and do that
Tammy: i dont want to lose you
Yvonne: but i will dream of you on top of me and girating
Tammy: i want you to say goodnight
Yvonne: goodnight sex juice stick
Tammy: i want you to take a good care of yourself and have a sweet dream about me in your heart
Tammy: there
Yvonne: i will
Yvonne: ly goodnite\
Yvonne: BYE
Tammy: when i come home.....i want you to tell me the dream you  had about me
Tammy: okay
Tammy: and you tell me you love me
Tammy: u there

Later that night, Yvonne sent Tammy an email containing fake Western Union information...


I have sent the money.  Here is the claims info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Ross Stevenson / 16 Fadeyi Aladura Street / Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Test Question:  Where do we chat?
Answer:  Yahoo
Amount:  $1350

Talk to you tomorrow

Love always,


Tammy took the fake info to Western Union and came back empty handed.  He then sent the following email...


My Love Yvonne,how are you?i was online on saturday and you sent me a message and i try to reach you immediately but you didn't respond to my message and i am worried about you.......concerning the money you sent me on saturday,Bank was closed by the time i got the message from you that you have it send.......this morning the hotel manager went to the bank to pick up the money for me and he was told at the bank that the MTCN is not correct.......i will be glad if you can help me to check the MTCN very well or you should go back to the western union  and complain to them that the MTCN is not valid......this is the number you sent me ....7003681580 i want you to correct the number so that the money can be able to pick at the bank...........i am very greatful for your kindness and support for helping me and i promise that you will never regret of helping,i supposed to have been in the states by now but it is due to the mistakes of the MTCN you sent me......pls correct the MTCN today so that i can be to reschedule my ticket today and i will board tomorrow......besides i need the name of the nearest airport to your city and i will be glad if you could pick me up at the airport.............as soon as i reschedule my flight programme i will send you the details of my arrival.

Later that day...

Yvonne: hi
Yvonne: i got your email message soon
Yvonne: love you bye
Tammy: hello MYLOVE
Yvonne: hello
Tammy: how are you mylove
Yvonne: how are you
Yvonne: im fine jsut about ot close up the fglower shop
Tammy: am not feeling fine
Tammy: honey
Yvonne: and not a damn minute too soon it has been hell here today
Tammy: i realy missed  you so bad
Yvonne: everyone wanted plants and bushes one even ordered a big mac
Yvonne: i missed you too
Tammy: good
Yvonne: im so tired my nips are sweaty
Tammy: could you believe i cant sleep becox of you
Tammy: just been thinking of your love
Tammy: i cant wait to see you mylove
Yvonne: that is so f'in sweet
Yvonne: i love you so much too
Tammy: ohh i love you too
Tammy: honey,,,,,the MTCN that you sent to me is not correct
Tammy: is not valid
Yvonne: really it shouldnt have been
Yvonne: i did everthing right
Yvonne: i even have the receipt at home
Tammy: the hotel maneger havent collect the money for me
Tammy: he was told that the MTCN is not correct
Yvonne: mayby he isnt correct
Yvonne: do you think he stole it
Tammy: pls check the recipt that was given to you in Western Union
Tammy: no
Yvonne: i will honey baby cakes this worries me i know i sent it and i wanted you so bad to be with me soon that it hurts like coke and pop rocks
Tammy: check the correct MTCN right now and give it to me here
Tammy: i cant wait to see you
Yvonne: i am closing up the shop in 10 minutes then going straight home that is where the receipt is
Yvonne: i will send it to you on here
Yvonne: ok
Tammy: check of the recipt that was given t you in western unin and resend the correct number for me
Yvonne: ok let me go home and get it ill be right back
Yvonne: i live in the valley so its not a long drive
Tammy: so that he can cash the monmey for me here today and i will reshedule my flight ticket to and and boad tomorrow
Tammy: i wan to be in the states as soon as possible tomorrow with you
Yvonne: ok im leaving now to go get it
Tammy: am very worried about you
Yvonne: hold on  for a few minutes ok
Tammy: okay.mylove
Yvonne: ly bye i will be back on line wiht the receipt to send to you
Tammy: i will be waiting for you here online
Tammy: okay
Tammy: pls hurry up before the Bank Close
Tammy: okay.....mylove
Tammy: i want to make sure i reschedule the flight ticket today and board tomorrow

Later that evening...

Yvonne: hello honey clit
Yvonne: are oyu there
Tammy: am here mylove
Yvonne: ok i jsutgot home
Tammy: am here
Tammy: ok
Yvonne: i got some food too
Tammy: ok
Yvonne: i wish you could of enjoyed it with me
Yvonne: i got some tater wedges
Tammy: hummmmmmm
Tammy: me too
Yvonne: really you ate that too
Yvonne: that is so weird
Tammy: am despirate to be with you mylove
Yvonne: and i with you sweet pea
Yvonne: so
Yvonne: whatare you doing
Yvonne: youre not talking ot me
Yvonne: are you cheating on me
Tammy: am talking to the hotel manager
Yvonne: oh
Tammy: am free now
Yvonne: what did he want?
Tammy: we can continue with our conversation
Tammy: am telling him that he will help me to cash the money today
Tammy: are you with the control number now?
Yvonne: now let me find that damn receipt and see what the crap is going on with them and why they do not want us ot be together forever
Yvonne: what is the number on it
Tammy: ok
Tammy: this is the number you sent me :7003681580
Yvonne: i can call western union and talk to the agent there and she can tell me what happened
Yvonne: and i can tell you what she says on the phone
Yvonne: and i can type to you what she says
Yvonne: do you want me to call them now and tell you
Tammy: check the receipt
Yvonne: i did it seems right
Yvonne: there were no problems when i id it
Tammy: cal them right now
Yvonne: ok baby only if you tell me you love
Yvonne: let me find the number
Tammy: i love you
Tammy: i love you with all my heart
Yvonne: ok its dialing
Yvonne: ill tell you what she said
Yvonne: when she sais it
Yvonne: ok
Tammy: ok\
Yvonne: ok they are transferring me to a customer represenative
Tammy: ok
Tammy: pls do so that the hotel manager can help me to cash it today before the bank cloe
Yvonne: how long till they close
Tammy: i need to reschedule my flight ticket today and board tomorrow morning
Yvonne: they want to know did you give them the right info when you went?
Yvonne: are you sure you did it right
Tammy: yes
Tammy: this is the number you sent me
Tammy: :7003681580
Yvonne: they wanted to know did you go to the right place sometimes people go to the Best western instead
Tammy: i follow him to the bank and i was told that the MTCN is not valid
Yvonne: did you go alone?
Yvonne: they asked
Tammy: the hotel manger and i follow him
Yvonne: they asked did the person who filled out the form know how to read and write
Yvonne: they said nigerians might not be used to such things like this
Tammy: i follow him and he fill the form very well
Tammy: the form is properly fill
Tammy: the MTCN is not valid
Yvonne: well she said this is strange everyhitng i did was ok
Tammy: ask them the correct number
Yvonne: i did she told me 7003681580
Yvonne: i will tell her to cancel the trnsaction and i will go to the union and get a new one
Tammy: tell them to check if the money has not been pick up
Yvonne: hold on she is telling me about her new twin boys she just had
Yvonne: there names are terry and murphy
Tammy: i follow the hotel manager to the bank and we are told that the mtcn is not valid
Yvonne: she said are you sure the hotel manger didnt change the numbers on you
Tammy: ok
Tammy: never
Tammy: i follow him
Yvonne: did you look over his shoulder
Yvonne: i dont want you to get taken
Tammy: pls understand
Yvonne: i do baby they are asking me these questions and i told them i am asking hte person the love of my life
Tammy: i want you to go back to the western union right now and cash the money out and resend it
Yvonne: so they know
Yvonne: so i tell them to cancel this 7003681580 one
Yvonne: and make a new one
Yvonne: ?
Tammy: yes
Tammy: i need another MTCN
Yvonne: this girl is nice her name is garbonzo
Yvonne: after the bean lol
Yvonne: well i will tell her
Yvonne: hold on
Tammy: ok
Yvonne: ok she said she is cancelling it and i can go do another one if i want
Tammy: Mylove,can't you go back to the western union yourself and cash it and resend it
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: but i hope they cancel that one
Yvonne: do i have to wait for htat one to go through before i do another one
Tammy: tell them to cancel it and tell them to resend it
Yvonne: i told her that i already hung up
Yvonne: she is cancelling it
Yvonne: well let me see if there is a western union open.....
Yvonne: ill be right back
Yvonne: i need to get some yellow raisins while im out anyways for my fruit pies
Tammy: ok\
Yvonne: ill be back in a shortly dear
Yvonne: ly ttyl
Tammy: i will be here waiting for you online
Tammy: promise that you will mdo everythinmg today
Tammy: i want to make sure i cash out the nmoney today and i want to board tomorrow morning

20 minutes later...

Tammy: am here
Yvonne: ok hold
Tammy: ok
Yvonne: they wouldnt let me send it...i farted in the store and they told me to leave...i was so embarrased i cried all the home

Yvonne: and i forgot my raisins for my fruit loaf
Yvonne: and the worst part is im a man with a penis and testicles and you are a fool....
Tammy: is not posible
Yvonne: i will send it off now
Yvonne: so you can go to jail
Yvonne: you totally got it in the butt by a white man