Simeon's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 61 year old widow.  She has three things in her life that are important to her.  Her job, her son, and her MySpace profile.  Simeon contacted her via MySpace, but little does he know, she's really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer:
Name: Simeon Collins / Collins Ogeme / Simeon Ofowino
Location:  Warri, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

Hello Dear,
How are you today and first of all Happy new year...i was browsing through MYSPACE.COM looking for my someone i could express my feelings and ideas with, when i came across your profile and was really fascinated of your beauty....i don't know if you wud like me but you can go through my profile and find out for yourself cos for me i have done my own research and find you wonderful from your cud drop a line for me thru my mail box if we cud chat: Till i hear from you, take care.. kisses...

Simeon: hi
JoyceN: Hello
Simeon: hw are u doing?
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Simeon: hi
JoyceN: Howdy
Simeon: so are  married?
JoyceN: No.  Are you?
Simeon: no am singel i think God has make us for each other or wat do u think
JoyceN: I think that could be a possiblity
Simeon: why did u think so
JoyceN: 'Cause God don't make no junk
Simeon: ok
Simeon: u no wat can i ask somethging from u ?
JoyceN: You may ask
Simeon: can u be my special friend?
JoyceN: It would be an honor
Simeon: i hope u no wat i mean soulmate
Simeon: a heart partener
JoyceN: Heart partners forever!!!
Simeon: hmmmmmmmmm
Simeon: that mean we can start a new world from here or wat do u think?
JoyceN: A whole new world with new horizons
Simeon: yes
Simeon: so can we be soulmate?
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: I'll be your special friend, soul mate and heart partner
Simeon: that mean we can also get married?
JoyceN: Oh I think we'll just stop at heart partner for now.  Marriage is too soon
Simeon: i just say it
JoyceN: Yes, but I'm saying we should focus our heart partnership
Simeon: ok my lady
JoyceN: Thank you
Simeon: so baby u no i will really love to see ur cam ok
JoyceN: I don't have one.  Do you?
Simeon: no
JoyceN: Okay.  I'll still chat with you
Simeon: but i hope someday u will do
JoyceN: And you too
Simeon: i must tell you am a gradute
Simeon: hav not find a job yet ok
JoyceN: What field of work are you interested in?
Simeon: account
JoyceN: You must be good with math
Simeon: yea
JoyceN: and you probably have a fancy calculator inside your brain
Simeon: so wat about u wat do u do ?
JoyceN: I am a book supplier
Simeon: hmmmmmmmmmmm
Simeon: intereting
JoyceN: Thanks
Simeon: so baby i hope u will be there wen i need u ?
JoyceN: Yes, and I hope you will do the same for me too
Simeon: ofcourse
JoyceN: Good
Simeon: so did  hav any kids ?
JoyceN: I have one adult son
Simeon: how old?
JoyceN: 27
Simeon: ok
Simeon: so baby i really want to trust
JoyceN: You have my permission
Simeon: if i need some help some day will u help me no matter wat it take
Simeon: will u
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: I hope you will do the same for me too
Simeon: yes my love
JoyceN: That is how trust works.  It goes both ways
Simeon: yea
Simeon: u are correct ok
Simeon: i like ur understanding
JoyceN: I like your shirt
Simeon: thank u
JoyceN: You're welcome
Simeon: plz can we talk later i just got a call from my mom
Simeon: plz
JoyceN: Okay
Simeon: can i leave u for a while
JoyceN: It was nice chatting with you
Simeon: plz dont go am coming back ok
JoyceN: I can't wait all day
Simeon: ok
Simeon: i love u
JoyceN: I love you too
Simeon: i will back soon
Simeon: ok
JoyceN: I hope to talk with you again soon

Two days later...

Simeon: hello baby
JoyceN: Hello
Simeon: how is ur day
JoyceN: My day was good
JoyceN: I hope yours was too
Simeon: bad
JoyceN: Oh
JoyceN: Why?
Simeon: i told u am looking for a job
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: You told me
Simeon: i found nothing
JoyceN: Oh.  That's so sad
Simeon: nw the people that give me network i want to pay them but there is no money
Simeon: am so confuse
Simeon: no where to go
JoyceN: This same thing happened to James Evans on Good Times
JoyceN: They cut off his internet and J.J. had to get a job at the Chicken Shack to get it back
Simeon: if they cut me off i cant talk to u anymore
JoyceN: I hope that doesn't happen
JoyceN: I cherish our chats
Simeon: it will
JoyceN: Oh
Simeon: i whcih u can help me
JoyceN: Help you how?
Simeon: i hv half of the money i need half
JoyceN: How much do you need?
Simeon: $75
JoyceN: Oh
JoyceN: That's not too bad
JoyceN: You don't even have $75?
Simeon: no
Simeon: u no i dont work baby
JoyceN: Yeah, but you never saved anything?
Simeon: i do but i pay my rent
Simeon: baby can u help me u are all i got nobody to run to ok
JoyceN: So you need $75?
JoyceN: or half of $75
Simeon: i need $75 to complet the money
JoyceN: Okay
Simeon: u mean u will give me baby
JoyceN: I can give you $75
Simeon: wow
Simeon: i love u baby
Simeon: with all my heart
JoyceN: But I want you to know that I won't be giving you money all the time
Simeon: yes baby
JoyceN: I'll help you out this once, but you really need to find a job to support yourself
Simeon: yes baby
Simeon: thanks
Simeon: i love u
JoyceN: I love you too
Simeon: witout wat am i doing in this earth
JoyceN: Thanks
Simeon: so can i epect the money tomorrow
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: Should I mail it?
JoyceN: or wire it?
Simeon: no i will give u my address so that u can send it through western union tomorrow
Simeon: ok
JoyceN: okay
JoyceN: That will probably be easier
Simeon: ok
Simeon: so should i give u my address
JoyceN: Okay
Simeon: i hope u got a pen
JoyceN: Yes. I have a pen
Simeon: are u raedy bw
Simeon: nw
JoyceN: okay
Simeon: first name.......collins
last name........ogeme
address..........#12 ogorikoko road efferun delta state warri
JoyceN: I thought your name was Simeon
Simeon: yea that is my other name collins my native name
JoyceN: so you want it sent to Collins Ogeme?
Simeon: yea baby
JoyceN: So why have I been calling you Simeon?
Simeon: cos this is my englis name
Simeon: am sorry i dont told u my native one
JoyceN: No
JoyceN: This is the first I've heard of it
Simeon: but nw u no it is collins
JoyceN: No.  I don't even know who this is now
JoyceN: I thought it was Simeon, but now I find out that Simeon has a secret name
Simeon: ok
Simeon: ok for u to belive is me let me give u the address through simeon
JoyceN: Okay
Simeon: just wait let me explain
Simeon: ok
Simeon: first name.......simeon
last name........ofowino
address..........#12 ogoroke road efferun delta state warri
JoyceN: okay
JoyceN: So I can send it to Simeon Ofowino?
Simeon: yea baby
JoyceN: Okay.  I think I understand
Simeon: i love u
JoyceN: I love you too
Simeon: dont u think we hav to plan how to get married?
JoyceN: I'm not going to marry someone I never met
Simeon: we are going to plan for that
Simeon: ok
Simeon: i promise u
JoyceN: I have this rule about marriage.
JoyceN: I have to meet the guy once or twice before we do it
Simeon: ok
Simeon: so baby hav u ever taught of having babies again
JoyceN: I can't
JoyceN: A horse kicked me
Simeon: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
JoyceN: Yeah
JoyceN: Uterus damage
Simeon: ok
Simeon: u wat i like about u
Simeon: u no wat i love about u
JoyceN: What do you love?
Simeon: ur smile
Simeon: and ur lovely hips
JoyceN: Do you know what I love about you?
Simeon: what
JoyceN: Your giant man-titties
Simeon: wat do u mean
JoyceN: Your milkbags
Simeon: hmmmmmmmmm
Simeon: thanks
JoyceN: I mean it, baby
Simeon: really
JoyceN: Oh yeah
Simeon: thansk
JoyceN: you're welcome
JoyceN: I will need to sign off soon
Simeon: wen?
JoyceN: Now
JoyceN: It's getting late and I'm tired
Simeon: ok my love
Simeon: sweet dream
JoyceN: Thank you
JoyceN: You too
Simeon: ok
JoyceN: Goodnight
Simeon: ok
JoyceN: take care
Simeon: pzl dont forget to send the money tomoro w so that i can pay ok

Late that night, I sent the following email with the standard fake info...

Hello Simeon,

I'm sorry I'm late.  I have sent the money and here is the claims information.

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender: Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Simeon Ofowino / #12 Ogoroke Road, Efferun Delta / Warri, Nigeria
Test Question:  Where do we chat?
Answer:  Yahoo
Amount: $75

I hope to chat with you again soon.  Take care.

Love always,


The next morning, Simeon came online and received the email.  He took the fake claims details to two different Western Unions.  After being embarrassed and humiliated, he took the Western Union Walk of Shame back to the internet cafe...

Simeon: hello baby good morning. i must tell u this have not clam the money. u hav to resend the control number. Ok. Stay cool. I care
JoyceN: Hello
Simeon: u there
JoyceN: Yes.  I'm here
Simeon: hello baby
Simeon: hw are you doing?
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Simeon: bad
JoyceN: Why?
Simeon: cos i cant get the money am in a cafe right nw
Simeon: and not just that i really want to fight in the bank
Simeon: i really hav quarry with them
JoyceN: What was the quarry about?
Simeon: they say i should look for the number very well that it was not correct.they i should tell you but u said hav already collect it they say i should tell u to go to the bank again
JoyceN: I'm looking at the number now
JoyceN: 7003681580
JoyceN: You probably copied it wrong
Simeon: no
JoyceN: Double check what you wrote down
JoyceN: and see if it matches the number I gave you
Simeon: ok
Simeon: baby call the bank ask them to check it well again
Simeon: cos i cant get the money am in a cafe right nw
JoyceN: I didn't use the bank
JoyceN: I used Western Union
JoyceN: Do you know the difference between a bank and Western Union?
Simeon: yes the bank usese western union
JoyceN: Really?
JoyceN: so the Western Union is inside the bank there?
Simeon: yea
Simeon: baby can u plz tell them to check the number that they give to u ?
JoyceN: I'll call.  It's too late to go back
Simeon: just call
Simeon: they will tell u through phone
JoyceN: I'm searching the number
Simeon: ok
JoyceN: Found it
JoyceN: BRB
Simeon: ok
JoyceN: When did you try to claim the money?
Simeon: today
JoyceN: Are you sure you didn't claim the money?
Simeon: no
JoyceN: Because I'm not going to send anymore
JoyceN: so just be honest with me
Simeon: yes
Simeon: hav ever lie to u before?
JoyceN: I don't know.  We just met few days ago
Simeon: u can ask the bank\
JoyceN: I'm asking them now
JoyceN: Do you swear that you did not claim the money today?
Simeon: yes i swear i didnt collect the money
Simeon: i didnt
JoyceN: Why are they saying you did?
Simeon: why will i lie to u
JoyceN: Why would Western Union lie to me? They're nice people
Simeon: wen
Simeon: baby
Simeon: wen did i collect the money
JoyceN: This morning
JoyceN: about 10:00 am
Simeon: so u mean i dont hv nothing to say
JoyceN: They said a large black man with huge man-boobs came in and collected $75
JoyceN: Then he did some push ups
JoyceN: Then he left
Simeon: that me went to the bank to collect wat?
JoyceN: $75
Simeon: r u sure they told u that
JoyceN: Yes
Simeon: becos i was there
JoyceN: I know
JoyceN: They told me
Simeon: so hw come they collected the money
Simeon: no body can take that money except me
JoyceN: and that's what you did
Simeon: i did not
JoyceN: Did too!
Simeon: i swear
Simeon: so dont say that again
Simeon: ok
JoyceN: I think you just want me to send the money again and you will claim both
Simeon: i hate to hear that pls
JoyceN: Why do you need two $75 payments anyway?
JoyceN: One for each teet?
Simeon: noooooooooo
Simeon: why all this
Simeon: u making mosqutoe to bite me
Simeon: am in a cafe
JoyceN: I bet you are delicious to them
Simeon: why are u saying this
JoyceN: Mosquitos drink blood
JoyceN: and they're a lot of blood pumping through them titties
Simeon: if  i die my blood will be upon u
JoyceN: No.  It would be in the bellies of the mosquitos
JoyceN: or maybe their bellies would be full of sweet milk
Simeon: hw do u mean?
JoyceN: I know for a fact that's what you've got flowin' in them bad boys

Note from James:  No need to follow the link.  Here's what was there...

Simeon: am not like that
JoyceN: Then why is my fridge full of Nestle Quick?
Simeon: joyce why all this game
JoyceN: How many times did you go to the bank?
Simeon: 2 times
JoyceN: How did you feel when you left the bank each time?
Simeon: bad
Simeon: i feel u send me a fake somethig
JoyceN: You should have followed that instinct
JoyceN: You were right
Simeon: u send me a wromg info?
Simeon: hw do u mean?
JoyceN: Yeah
JoyceN: Totally fake
Simeon: really
Simeon: so u nw believe that i dont took any money
JoyceN: Of course.  How can you claim money that I pretended to send?
Simeon: i hate this really
JoyceN: I hate your face