Roger's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 49 year old widow.  She's self employed and always willing to help a friend in need.  Little does Roger know, she's really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer...
Name:  Roger Blair
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

Hello pretty....
hw are u doing and hw was ur day,well i am sorry for the matches i made to u here,well i was looking up from myspace when i saw ur awesome,pretty,stunning and cutie profile attracted my faces,and i said to myself i will like to know u better and get to chat with u as well if u dont mind,i am Roger by name,i hope to hear from u earnest,physical beauty is only one deep,inner beauty is to be cherishes and a bit of beauty in everyone is priceless,i am easy going and open minded man as well,i am looking for serious,long term relationship,honesty,caring and Loving, and companion as well,most of all honesty cos honesty is the key to a relationship,i do hv a yaoo id on RogerBlair_single looking forward to hear from a cutie,pretty,stunning,awesome and gorgeous lady like u ....

Roger: hello pretty
Joyce: Hello
Roger: hw are u doing  and hw was ur day as well
Joyce: My day is pretty great
Joyce: How about you?
Roger: cool
Roger: my ay was bored being Lonely
Roger: age and location please?
Joyce: I am 49 and I'm from NC
Roger: cool
Roger: i am 45 from CA  now in paris u care to chat ?
Joyce: Sounds good to me
Roger: cool
Roger: u married or single ?
Joyce: Currently single
Roger: well i am divorced and looking for serious and long term relationship...
Roger: any kids?
Joyce: I have one adult son
Roger: okay
Roger: i hv a Daughter she is 4 yrs and her name is Casey
Joyce: I'm sure she is an adorable young lass
Roger: thank you
Roger: u live alone ?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Just me and my dog
Roger: cool
Roger: wat do u do 4 living ?
Joyce: I'm a book supplier
Roger: cool
Roger: i am taking care of my late parenst store here in paris and i west africa since they died....
Joyce: What kind of store?
Roger: a Department store
Joyce: Okay
Roger: so wat do are u looking for in a man ?
Joyce: Honesty, intelligence, monopoly skills, and a sense of humor
Roger: cool
Roger: i am looking for a serious and long term relationship,honesty,loving,caring and trustworthy....
Joyce: That sounds like the back of my driver's license
Roger: so wat do u like and dislike in a man ?
Joyce: I already told you what I like
Joyce: I dislike it when men don't listen
Roger: cool
Roger: same here and i hate Liars as well
Joyce: Me too
Joyce: They are the pits
Roger: okay
Roger: hv u dated online relationship?
Joyce: No. Have you?
Roger: nope
Joyce: So we're both rookies
Roger: yup
Roger: wat religion are u into ?
Joyce: Chinese
Roger: i am a Catholic
Joyce: Okay.  I don't have that much of a problem with that
Roger: okay
Roger: do u smoke or drink ?
Joyce: I drink, but I don't smoke anymore
Joyce: except when I'm drinking
Roger: okay
Joyce: How about you?
Roger: well i dont smoke or drink either....
Joyce: Does it bother you that I'm a drinker?
Roger: nope and it will never bothered me
Joyce: Good, because I didn't have a notion on quittin'
Roger: wat is ur fav colour ?
Joyce: Orange
Roger: i love white
Roger: wat is ur fav food?
Joyce: Oranges
Roger: cool
Roger: i like steak,sea and pizza
Joyce: I don't eat meat because I'm vegan
Roger: okay
Roger: wat is ur fav music?
Joyce: I like outlaw country music like Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Clay Aiken
Roger: ok
Roger: i like Hip Hop,country and Blues.....
Roger: wat is ur fav sport ?
Joyce: I dont' watch sports
Roger: okay
Roger: i like basketball and my best team is Miami Heat and my best player there is Wade and Shaquille O Neal...
Joyce: I don't like sports and I don't like basketball the most of the ones I don't like
Roger: okay
Roger: wat is ur fav movies?
Joyce: I have lots of favorite movies
Joyce: Back to the Future, Pulp Fiction, Lord of the Rings, The Shawshank Redemption
Roger: okay
Joyce: How about you?
Roger: i like Action One Like Miami Vice By Collins Farrell and Jamie Foxx and i love Scary Ones as well..........
Joyce: Yes.  I also thought Miami Vice was scary, but that's because I was expecting a good movie but they caught me by surprise with a boring snoozefest.
Roger: so wat do u like to know about me..?
Joyce: How long do you plan on staying in Paris?
Roger: well i am just here to monitor the store i will be back in the state very soon pretty
Joyce: Why do you need to monitor the store?  Don't you have a store manager?
Roger: nope i am the store manager pretty i only staff .....
Joyce: You're the only person working there?
Joyce: in a department store?
Roger: nope i do hv some staff as well pretty
Joyce: Okay
Roger: so wat do u like to chat about ?
Joyce: Anything you wish
Roger: cool
Roger: friendship ?
Joyce: Okay
Roger: so wat do u know about friendship ?
Joyce: Friendship is like any other ship, and when the ship goes down, the captain goes down with it
Roger: okay
Roger:  I'm glad friendship doesn't come with price tags. For if it does, I'd never afford someone as great as you......
Joyce: That's very nice.  You now owe Hallmark fifty cents
Roger: Lol
Roger:  A friend is sweet when it is new. And it is sweeter when it is true. But you know what? It is sweetest when it is you...
Joyce: Now it's a dollar
Roger: ty
Roger:  God sprinkles tiny but wonderful seeds of blessings on earth each day...and I just caught one that's so nice and true...It's you.....
Joyce: Let me guess...
Joyce: You're in the greeting card aisle in your department store
Joyce: ?
Roger: yup
Roger: do u love it ?
Joyce: It could be worse. You could be reading from the mags behind the counter at the checkout
Roger:  A single candle can illuminate an entire room. A true friend lights up an entire lifetime. Thanks for the bright lights of your friendship....@};-
Joyce: okay
Roger:  If you open my heart, guess what you are gonna see? It's you. True friends are hard to find so I kept you.....
Joyce: brb
Roger: okay
Roger:  What is a friend? he/:-*She looks out for you, inspires you, laughs with you, cries with you, understands you, guides you and walks with you. That's what a friend is…you
Roger:  I thank God I'm rich not with money but with people like you. I may not have the most expensive things but I've got a most precious gem… a friend like you.....
Joyce: I'm back
Roger: u on cam or pics?
Joyce: I don't have a cam
Joyce: Do you?
Roger: nope..i gotpics only
Joyce: Okay
Roger: pics?
Joyce: Yes
Roger:  If friends were flowers surely I would not pick you! I'd let you grow in the garden and cultivate you with love and care so I can keep you forever........
Joyce: Please stop with the copying and pasting
Joyce: it's really getting annoying
Roger: okay

Roger: Wow u Look pretty,Stunning and awesome Joyce....
Joyce: Thank you

Joyce: Casey is adorable!
Roger: u welcome pretty
Roger: thank you
Roger: she is all i got
Joyce: Is her mother Chinese?
Roger: yup
Roger: but she left both of us and get married to someon else
Joyce: That's so sad
Joyce: Probably for another Chinese person
Joyce: I have a son named James but he's a grown up man.
Roger: cool
Roger: where does james live?
Joyce: He lives in Raleigh near the furniture store
Roger: cool
Roger: am happy to hear that
Roger: u really Look pretty
Roger: hv u ever been married pretty ?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: for 18 years
Roger: wow
Roger: are u still looking forward to get married some day pretty ?
Joyce: No
Joyce: I don't want to marry again
Roger: same here all i am looking for is seriosu and long term relationship with my true love and my soulmate as well
Joyce: Me too
Roger: hv u ever been to any international countries b4 ?
Joyce: Yes
Roger: cool
Roger: i hv been to many such as warsaw in Poland,belfast in uk,madrid in spain,rome in italy,glascow in scotland,nigeria in africa and now paris in france,i do with my parenst b4 they died...
Joyce: Wow
Joyce: I've only been to Toronto in Canada
Roger: cool
Roger: lovely place u went to Joyce ...
Joyce: Yes.  The air there was so crisp
Roger: I Love ur name sounds lovely
Joyce: Thank you very much.  It just rolls off the tongue
Roger: yw
Roger: u look like a Virgin Mary babe
Roger: and u look like an Angel as well
Joyce: Thanks
Roger: yw
Roger: i will sweep u off and let gods regret he left an Angel Behind babe
Joyce: You're so sweet
Joyce: I have really enjoyed chatting with you
Roger: same here
Joyce: but I should probably sign off now
Roger: okay babe...plz and plz take good care of urself for me and the kids as well
Joyce: Kids?
Roger: James and Casey
Joyce: Yeah okay
Joyce: I'll make sure they play nice
Roger: My Love for u babe
Roger: hv my kiss,hugs and my Love........
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Goodbye
Roger: take care and god bless u babe
Roger: sign off so i can as well....

The next day...

Roger: hello Joyce
Joyce: Hello
Roger: hw are u doing and hw was ur day as well?
Joyce: My day is going supercool
Joyce: How is your day today?
Roger: now that i am with u i am very happy to talk to u cos i was bored today babe,i got contacted that one of my staff in my late parents store in africa died this morning babe....and i was thinking about u alot b4 i got the message
Joyce: oh.
Joyce: I'm sorry to hear that
Roger: thank you
Roger: but now that i am with u babe i am happy cos i was lonely....
Joyce: I'm here so neither of us are lonely now
Roger: yup
Roger: so wat do u like to chat for today babe?
Joyce: Anything you wish to discuss
Roger: cool
Roger: our love babe
Joyce: Great subject
Roger: wat do u know about Love babe?
Joyce: Love is a battlefield
Roger: yup
Joyce: and making love is the leading known cause of babies
Roger: so wat do u like to build our love babe?
Joyce: Brick and mortar
Roger: cool
Roger: well i am build our Love with the Guidiance of the Angel and i am also letting them to seal it forever babe
Joyce: Yes. Angels make the best construction foremen
Roger: yea babe
Roger: and wat else are u using to build it up my Love ?
Joyce: Sheet rock
Roger: cool
Roger: i am also building it up with prayer and faith my Love
Roger: and also a solid rock as well love
Roger: i Love U Joyce
Joyce: I love you too
Roger: hv u ever talk to someone in Nigeria b4 babe?
Joyce: No
Joyce: why?
Roger: just asking i want u to be more casreful babe okay
Joyce: Okay
Roger: and i wanna ask a favour from u babe?
Joyce: Anything
Roger: can u plz take away ur pics from myspace babe?
Joyce: No
Roger: why babe?
Joyce: Because I don't want to
Joyce: I like MySpace
Roger: i know i just want ur pics to be blank babe..cos i dont want to share u withsome one else babe
Joyce: Then my friends wouldn't be able to find me
Roger: okay
Joyce: Don't worry about it
Roger: i dont wanna loose u Joyce
Joyce: You will never lose me
Roger: i thank god i finally found my true Love and my Soulmate....
Roger: and i also thank god i stumble accross u babe...
Joyce: You didn't stumble.  You fell
Joyce: fell in love...
Joyce: WITH ME
Roger: thank you my Love
Joyce: You're welcome
Roger: i Love U  so much babe
Joyce: I love you too
Roger: i will be heading off to the store now my Love cos it is late here and i want to go and close the store babe i will mail u tomorrow my Love okay
Joyce: Okay. I need to go too
Roger: plz do take good care of urself for me my Love
Joyce: I will miss you
Roger: i will miss u so much babe
Roger: and plz dont stress urself okay cos ur health matters to me alot honey
Joyce: Thanks

Two days later...

Roger: hello honey
Joyce: Hello
Roger: hw are u doing and hw was ur day honey ?
Joyce: My day is most excellent
Joyce: How about you?
Roger: my day will be bored without u honey,i miss u terribly honey
Joyce: I miss you too
Roger: i was all thinking about u cos i did not went to the store today cos i was mourning my staff that died yesterday honey
Joyce: Yes.  The loss of a co-worker is big thing.  Many families are never the same afterwards
Roger: nope he apply when i needed some staff to take good care of my store for me honey,i only see him whenever i go to africa honey
Joyce: Okay
Roger: so wats new and wat are u up to for today honey...
Joyce: Nothing much. Just thinking about how great everything is about me today
Roger: okay
Roger: they contacted me as well that there was no movement in Nigeria today that they is election going on presidential election honey so the store was not open today my Love
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I hope that doesn't affect business
Roger: nope that means the store will be open on monday cos they dont open on sunday honey
Joyce: Okay
Roger: so hw is ur health honey ?
Joyce: Fine.  Thanks
Roger: okay
Roger: ur health really matters to me honey
Roger: cos i love seeing u in good health my Love
Joyce: Thanks, Dr. House for caring
Roger: okay
Roger: and i want u to know that I am not sure if I can live without you.......@};-
Joyce: I feel the same
Roger: well honey i just wnat u to keep this on ur mind that i will never hurt ur feelings as long as i am alive and i will always Love and adore u forever
Joyce: I won't hurt you either
Roger: thank you my love
Joyce: You're welcome
Roger: i also got some mail from my store in africa that the goods are almost finished at the store and i order some goods,i dont know if ucan help me honey ?
Joyce: What do you mean?
Roger: u just receive it for me honey\
Joyce: Receive what?
Roger: my pkgs honey,clothes shoes and electronics for my store in africa honey
Joyce: Do you mean send them to me?
Roger: yup honey,
Roger: they will bring it to u and u receive it for me honey
Joyce: How will you get them?
Roger: i will tell the courier service to come pick it up and they will ship it to my store in africa honey
Roger: DHL people will come pick it up from ur place honey,i hv paid for all the shippinh arrangerment u dont need to pay ,all u hv to do is to receive it and they will come pick it up from u when they delivered it to u honey
Joyce: Oh okay
Joyce: and I don't need to print any label?
Roger: u will honey
Roger: okay after u get all i will tell u wat to do when they come for the pick up my Love
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I understand
Roger: so all i need from u now is ur full name,address and phone number so that i can send it to the compnay and they will be bring the pkgs to u my Love
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Joyce Nelson / 1929 Oleander Dr. / Wilmington NC 28403
Roger: phone number honey
Joyce: 980-867-5309
Roger: okay
Roger: 1929 Oleander Dr is this ur home address my Love ?
Joyce: Yes
Roger: is incorrect my Love
Joyce: I know my own address, thank you
Roger: okay
Roger: are u using apt1 honey ?
Joyce: No
Roger: wat of this STE 1?
Joyce: What?
Roger: COS it shows the address is incorrect my Love
Joyce: The address isn't incorrect
Roger: but when i test it with this honey it was correct my Love 1929 OLEANDER DR STE 1
WILMINGTON NC  28403-2349
Joyce: I know how to write my own address
Roger: okay honey
Joyce: Try this.... Put an APT number on the address.
Joyce: use 1
Joyce: or 0
Roger: okay
Roger: i told i did and it was correct my Love
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: If you have a tracking number for your goods, I would like to have it
Roger: okay honey
Joyce: I like to know when I'm expecting something
Roger: okay my Love
Roger: i will mail u honey
Joyce: Okay
Roger: it late here i waited so that i can talk with u
Roger: i hv to get some sleep now my Love
Joyce: Okay.  We'll chat again tomorrow
Roger: tommorow my Love
Roger: casey send her greetings honey
Joyce: Tell her I said hello
Roger: k
Roger: bye my Love
Joyce: Goodbye
Roger: sign off so i can as well my Love
Joyce: I'll be on a little longer
Roger: k

Two days later...

Roger: Hello My Love
Joyce: Hello
Roger: hw are u doing and hw was ur day today babe?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How about you?
Roger: my day was grumpy and bored without u my Love
Joyce: I'm sorry to hear that
Roger: hw is Life treating u babe?
Joyce: Just fine, bartender
Roger: okay
Roger: any pkgs babe?
Joyce: Not yet
Joyce: Have they shipped yet?
Roger: i receive a mail that they will be shipping 3 clothes for u....
Joyce: Did they give you a tracking number?
Roger: i will send it to u now babe
Joyce: Okay
Roger: here is there tracking 1Z3F87X4PP11987422 honey
Joyce: Okay
Roger: just let me know when u get it my Love
Joyce: Okay.  I will
Joyce: It should arrive on Monday
Roger: okay honey
Roger: i hv my trust in u my Love
Joyce: Thanks for trusting
Roger: hw are ur siblings doing babe?
Joyce: What siblings?
Roger: ur lovely family doing ?
Joyce: I have no siblings
Joyce: I was an only child
Roger: okay
Joyce: Why did you assume I had siblings?
Roger: u never told me u were the only Child my Love....
Joyce: That's true
Joyce: but I also never said I had siblings either
Roger: okay babe
Roger: i will mail u later in the day honey okay
Joyce: Okay
Roger: i wanna get ur mail as well love
Roger: or u dont wanna mail me
Joyce: Okay.  I'll do that
Roger: okay
Roger: i will be ecpecting ur awesome mail
Joyce: lol
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'm sorry, but I should probably sign off now
Roger: k
Joyce: I'll miss you
Roger: i will miss u as well my Love
Roger: once againlet me know when u get the pkgs honey okay
Joyce: I will
Roger: please do take good care of urself for me
Joyce: I will
Roger: and stay bless and cool as well
Joyce: Thank you very much
Roger: all my Love ...@};-
Joyce: Goodbye
Roger: sign off so i can as well sign off honey
Joyce: ok
Joyce: Bye

The next day...

Roger: hello babe
Joyce: Hello
Roger: hw are u doing today ?
Joyce: I'm fine. How are you?
Roger: am cool thank you
Joyce: Your package arrived
Roger: okay
Roger: cool
Roger: from wat site babe?
Joyce: I don't know.  I didn't open it
Joyce: But it was a plain box
Joyce: Very light
Joyce: I guess there is clothing inside
Roger: okay
Roger: can u go check wat is inside babe
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Just a sec
Roger: k
Roger: wat is inside babe
Joyce: Clothing
Joyce: Shirts
Roger: hw many are the clothes babe
Joyce: 3
Roger: okay babe
Roger: more are still coming babe okay
Joyce: Okay
Roger: i want u to track this babe 1Z6524RV0326256270
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: That one hasn't shipped yet
Roger: okay babe
Joyce: It'll probably ship today and arrive before Friday
Roger: okay babe
Roger: so wats new today babe?
Joyce: Nothing much
Joyce: I've got some cooking to do so I will need to sign off
Roger: nope babe
Joyce: Yep
Joyce: I have to eat
Roger: hope u are not mad at me babe
Joyce: No
Joyce: Not at all
Joyce: I'm just tired and hungry
Roger: okay honey
Roger: u need some rest my Love
Joyce: Thank you
Roger: i Love u honey
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: Goodnight
Roger: sign off so i can as well sign off

Three days later...

Roger: hello my Love
Roger: u there
Roger: wats wrong my Love
Roger: i did not even hear from u anymore babe
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: So I guess you know I am online
Roger: nope babe i taught u dont feel like talking to me anymore babe
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I'm so sorry, but it's true
Roger: why babe?
Joyce: I met someone else
Roger: so wat about my pkgs still with u babe
Roger: am sorry if i hurt ur feelings babe
Joyce: No
Joyce: It's not your fault
Joyce: I just met someone
Roger: okay
Joyce: A real relationship
Joyce: Not a fake internet pen pal thing
Roger: i am happy to hear that babe
Roger: okay
Joyce: Thanks
Roger: wat about the pkgs babe
Joyce: Yes. He has a very nice package
Roger: okay babe
Roger: can still trust u honey
Joyce: Yes.  You can trust me
Joyce: I'm still the same trustworthy person, I'm just not your lover anymore
Roger: okay
Joyce: I didn't get any other packages besides the clothes from two days ago
Roger: but are still coming babe
Joyce: Please don't send anymore
Roger: okay
Roger: so wat will u do with that still with u babe
Roger: cos i dont wanna loose my customers babe
Joyce: If you send me a label I'll send it
Roger: well can u do this favour honey,receive the one that are still coming and i will not send anymore cos i hv already order those one coming babe
Joyce: Okay
Roger: cos i really hv my trust in u babe
Roger: just that i dont know where i can start again since i hv loose u to someone else babe
Roger: it really hurts me babe
Joyce: How many more packages are coming?
Roger: 5or 6 babe
Roger: okay and nomore babe
Joyce: That's a lot of packages
Roger: i know honey
Joyce: That going to be very expensive to send
Roger: but try and help me with it okay cos u know hw it feel when u loose ur customers babe
Joyce: You are paying the postage
Roger: nope i hv paid for the arrangement babe
Roger: u dont need to pay anymoney babe
Joyce: okay
Joyce: When will that arrive?
Roger: very soon babe
Joyce: You know that 5 or 6 packages will require 5 or 6 labels
Roger: nope u will packe it in one box babe
Roger: okay
Joyce: Okay
Roger: just receive all for me and i will send no more and i will hv to remain bachelor cos i dont think i can find someone like u babe
Joyce: I will receive them for you, but I want this crap out of my house soon
Roger: okay babe
Roger: i will sne du the label okay
Joyce: Okay
Roger: later babe i will send u the label to ur mail okay
Roger: so u will send all okay babe
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I need to go now
Joyce: Goodbye
Roger: later babe okay
Roger: take good care of urself for me okay
Joyce: Bye

The next day...

Joyce: Hi
Joyce: I need to talk to you
Roger: i am here babe
Roger: wats wrong ?
Joyce: I just got your 'special' package
Roger: wat is inside babe
Joyce: You know
Roger: nope babe
Joyce: Why did you buy this?
Roger: u dont like it babe
Joyce: NO!!!
Joyce: I hate pornography!

Roger: nope
Roger: i am confused here my Love
Joyce: Me too
Joyce: I thought you were a normal person
Joyce: not a sex pervert
Roger: i am confused babe
Roger: i order clothes and electronics babe
Joyce: These women aren't wearing clothes
Roger: i am confused here babe
Joyce: You are sexually confused so you bought a big box of pornography to prove to yourself that you really like women?
Roger: i am not babe
Joyce: What am I supposed to do with all these titty mags?
Joyce: I can't give it to my new lover 
Joyce: He loves your taste in clothing, and he loves iPods
Joyce: But he doesn't approve of pornography
Roger: i did know u such a wicked woman
Joyce: What?
Roger: u can go ahead and take the pkgs for ur so call new relationship
Joyce: You think I stole your stuff?
Roger: u such a bastard woman
Joyce: Me???
Roger: i knew u wanted to run away with my goods
Joyce: Are you accusing me of lying?
Joyce: and giving them to my new boyfriend?
Roger: yup
Roger: well god will judge u
Joyce: Fuck you, mugu
Roger: u called me mugu
Joyce: Yeah
Roger: so u are an africa
Joyce: No
Joyce: If I was in Africa how could I have your clothes?
Joyce: and listening to your iPod
Roger: do u receive any ipod?
Joyce: I always wanted one of these.  Thanks!
Roger: so u played me and fooled me as well
Joyce: Yes.  You did exactly what was expected
Roger: keep shut
Roger: u lunatics
Roger: so i played me
Joyce: I played you like track 7 on my iPod
Roger: ok
Joyce: I'm hoping there's a cell phone on the way
Roger: yup
Joyce: This is just like Christmas!
Joyce: Tell me all the things you have sent me!
Roger: i send u a perfume 212 and a cabelas shoes and teva as well
Joyce: Thanks
Joyce: I'll give them to my sister
Roger: ole
Roger: well god punished u
Joyce: why?
Joyce: I didn't use a stolen credit card
Roger: u bastard
Roger: go ahead with the pkgs okay
Roger: u sister will died
Roger: die
Joyce: Why?
Joyce: Are Cabelas shoes not good for running from assailants?
Roger: iya la yaaaaaaaa
Joyce: Did you just sit on your keyboard?
Joyce: Or you are banging your head against it?
Roger: fuck u bastard
Roger: i will let u pay for this
Joyce: I think you are the one that paid.
Roger: bye idiot
Joyce: Bye, mugu
Roger: take care and see u in hell
Joyce: You can still send me the UPS label
Joyce: and I'll be sure to send you something nice
Roger: ups label in hell
Joyce: The first one had a little more zing