Robert's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow.  She's self employed and she loves her son...  Little does the scammer know, but she's actually a 27 year old man.
About the scammer...
Name:  Robert Miller
Real Name:  Amarachi Iwuanyanwu
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

can we get to know each other.i think i like u.u can add me on yahoo messenger lets chat my id ROBERTMILLER47.hope to talk to u soon.

Robert: hello dear
Robert: how are u today
Joyce : Hello
Joyce : I'm fine.  How are you?
Robert: am kool
Robert: n u
Joyce : Same here
Robert: how long have u been on my space
Joyce : About 2 or 3 weeks
Robert: okay
Robert: so can we b friends
Joyce : Yes
Robert: am new here too
Joyce : Okay.  We're officially friends
Joyce : ok
Robert: so where do u stay
Joyce : I usually stay at home
Robert: where do u live
Joyce : In my home in North Carolina
Robert: ok
Joyce : Where do you live?
Robert: carol city miami
Robert: florida
Robert: so what do u do 4 a living
Joyce : I'm a book supplier
Joyce : Self employed
Robert: ok
Robert: thats kool
Joyce : Yeah.  Nothing is cooler than books
Robert: well am an engineer
Robert: am into oil maintainance
Joyce : I used to be into gas maintanance
Joyce : (I used to hold in my farts)
Robert: sorry gotta go now
Joyce : Why?  Because I farted?
Robert: no
Robert: have an appt
Joyce : Yeah
Joyce : Great chat
Robert: its nice meeting u
Robert: talk to u later
Joyce : Really looking forward to that
Robert: ok
Robert: bye
Joyce : Bye

I thought the fart joke was a little too much, and I thought I had seen the last of Robert.  However, that wasn't the case.

Over one week later...

Robert: hello dear
Robert: how are u today
Joyce : I'm fine.  How are you?
Robert: well am fine
Joyce : Where have you been?
Joyce : I haven't seen you online in a while
Robert: actually i have been busy with work
Robert: i am in london right now
Joyce : Oh.  Okay
Robert: on an official assignment
Joyce : Oh.  Like James Bond?
Robert: well am aN ENGINEER
Robert: i deal on oil maintainance
Robert: but i will b back to d states soon
Joyce : Oh.  Okay
Joyce : James Bond doesn't do oil
Robert: so tell me about ur self
Joyce : What would you like to know?
Robert: any tin i would love to hear
Joyce : Well you've gotta ask if you want to know
Robert: how long have u been on my space
Joyce : About a month or so
Robert: where do u live
Joyce : North Carolina
Robert: what do udo 4 a living
Joyce : I'm a book supplier
Robert: ok
Robert: lovely
Robert: so can we b friends
Joyce : Yes.  I thought we already were friends
Joyce : Have you forgotten that we have chatted before?
Robert: yea i know but i mean good friends and may b with time we get to know each other better
Joyce : Yeah.  Knowing is growing
Robert: ok
Robert: so tell me are u really ready to get into a relationship now
Joyce : I'm all revved up and ready to go
Robert: so have u been in a relationship b4
Joyce : Yeah
Joyce : I was married for 18 years
Robert: ok
Robert: so what happenend
Joyce : He passed away in 1998
Robert: sorry 4 that
Joyce : It's okay.  It was his own fault. He knew wolves shouldn't be pets
Robert: ok
Robert: so can we start from somewhere
Joyce : Yes
Joyce : Let's start here and then we'll go over there
Robert: i like u 4 real but i dont know if u feel d same
Joyce : Yes.  I like you too
Joyce : I think you're neato
Robert: tanx 4 that
Joyce : You're welcome
Robert: can i ask u 4 a favour
Joyce : Sure
Robert: if we happen to start a relationship can i b d only man in ur life
Joyce : Yes.  Of course
Robert: cause i happen to b a jealous lover
Joyce : Oh...
Joyce : I hate jealousy
Joyce : It's one of the seven deadly sins
Robert: so what are d seven deadly sins
Robert: am so interested
Joyce : You've never heard of them?
Robert: nope
Robert: tell me about them
Joyce : How can you be unfamiliar with that?
Robert: i want to learn
Robert: hello
Joyce : Jealously, anger, pride, sloth, lust, wrath, envy, greed
Robert: tanx 4 reminding me
Joyce : I guess you are not familiar with the Bible
Robert: no i am but it just excaped me
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : Now you can go to heaven again
Robert: ok
Robert: i am bgining to fall inlove with u
Joyce : Me too
Robert: am getting so interested in u
Joyce : Same here
Robert: i love that
Robert: can u do me another favour
Joyce : Sure
Robert: can u send me a mail tonight
Robert: via myspace
Joyce : I probably won't come back online tonight
Robert: ok can u do that now
Joyce : Why?
Joyce : We're chatting right now?
Robert: ok
Robert: can u tell me something lovely now
Joyce : Centipede
Robert: does that sound lovely
Joyce : To me it does
Robert: how
Joyce : Do you disagree?
Robert: some how
Joyce : Really?  Why?
Robert: cause thats suppose to b an animal
Joyce : Insect, actually
Robert: right
Joyce : and I find all God's creatures to be lovely
Robert: yope
Robert: so why call me an insect
Joyce : I didn't
Robert: i wanted to here sometin cute
Joyce : fine...
Joyce : Rainbows and sunshine and pretty little daisies
Robert: sounds better
Robert: so tell me what kind of a guy would u love to b with
Joyce : Someone like the guy from The Notebook
Robert: kool
Joyce : How about you?
Joyce : What type of man are you attracted to?
Robert: well i would love to meet a caring and loving woman
Robert: who would always b by me no matter d condition
Joyce : Wow.  You just described me better than I could describe myself
Robert: i guess ur GODS sent
Robert: am bgining to love u d more
Joyce : Thanks
Robert: so baby can we build dis relationship on love and trust together
Joyce : Yes.  Of course
Robert: can i b ur only man and u my only woman
Joyce : Yes.  We will be each other's onlies
Robert: my better half
Joyce : Yes.  That sounds good to me
Robert: u see since i lost my wife i havent been in love again
Joyce : Oh. I'm so sorry to hear that
Robert: i hope dis will b my last
Joyce : I think it will be the last for us both
Robert: i hope to spend d rest of my life with u
Joyce : I feel the same way.  I want to spend the rest of your together
Robert: i know we were meant to b together
Robert: thanks to my space
Robert: 4 bringing us 2gether
Joyce : Yes.  I owe Tom a thank you note
Robert: so feel free to ask me any question u want to
Robert: any thing u want to know about me
Joyce : How much longer do you intend on staying in the UK?
Robert: well i will b tru in like a week or so
Robert: then i will b back to d states
Joyce : Oh.  Okay
Joyce : How long have you been there?
Robert: i have been there 4 like three weeks
Robert: so do u stay alone
Joyce : Yes
Robert: live alone
Joyce : Just me and my dog
Robert: oh
Robert: lovely
Joyce : Thanks
Robert: there is one more thing i would love to hear
Joyce : What's that?
Robert: i would love to hear ur voice on phone
Joyce : I would love that too, but I don't have an international calling plan
Robert: u look charming
Robert: on ur picks
Joyce : Thanks
Robert: and i know ur voice would b d same tin too
Joyce : Tin?
Robert: as in melodious
Robert: as in charming
Robert: too
Joyce : Thanks
Robert: so can i have ur number so i can give u a call
Joyce : I just told you that I don't have an international calling plan.  I only have local coverage
Robert: i would really love to
Joyce : I'll be glad to give you the number, but it will not work if you're outside the continental U.S.
Robert: let me have it then i will send u my uk number so u call me
Joyce : 980-867-5309
Robert: atleast 4 nhow until i get into d states
Joyce : I don't think you understand.  I have local coverage only.  I can't make or receive international calls.
Robert: ok then
Robert: i have to go now take good care of ur self
Joyce : Why are you leaving?
Robert: i love u
Robert: have some work to do
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : I'll miss you
Robert: me too
Joyce : Bye

A few days later...

Joyce : Hello
Joyce : Hello
Joyce : I know you're online.  Why aren't you chatting?
Joyce : I'm not going to beg you to chat with me.
Joyce : Goodbye
Robert: sorry baby
Robert: i fell asleep
Robert: pls am really sorry
Robert: ok
Robert: i love you
Joyce : Hello
Joyce : Are you there?
Robert: yes baby
Robert: sorry i fell asleep
Joyce : Why are you so sleepy?
Robert: i took some drugs
Joyce : Heroin?
Robert: and they made me tired
Robert: and sleepy]\
Joyce : Yeah.  Heroin will do that
Robert: ok
Joyce : Why did you take drugs?
Robert: i was having severe head arche
Joyce : Okay.  I hope your head isn't still arched
Robert: thanks for understanding baby
Joyce : You're welcome
Robert: love u baby
Joyce : I love you too
Robert: we just finished a meeting concerning the trip to africa
Robert: and i was told i will be travelling to nigeria
Robert: so i have to put things together btw now and wednesday
Joyce : When do you leave for the trip?
Robert: like getting a nany for my daughter
Robert: on friday
Robert: i will be there for two or three weeks
Robert: after which i was promised a holiday
Joyce : Are you British?
Robert: why do u ask
Joyce : Because you said holiday instead of vacation
Robert: oh
Robert: u know i been to london many times
Robert: so i speak british english at times too
Robert: ok
Joyce : Okay, mate
Robert: ok
Robert: so after dis trip
Robert: once i come back to the states
Robert: i will pay u a visit
Joyce : Really?
Robert: yes baby 4 real
Joyce : I will love that!
Joyce : BRB
Robert: baby are u there
Joyce : I'm sorry but I have to leave now
Robert: why
Joyce : It's early and I have things to do today
Robert: ure angry with me
Joyce : No.  I just can't spend all morning in front of the computer
Robert: ok
Robert: so when can we have another chat
Robert: hope soon\
Joyce : Maybe later
Robert: ok baby
Robert: i love u
Joyce : I love you too
Robert: take good care of ur self
Robert: and have a lovely day
Joyce : You too
Joyce : Goodbye
Robert: byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Two days later...

Robert: hello sweetie
Joyce : Hello
Robert: how are u doing
Joyce : I'm fine.  How was your trip?
Robert: am now in africa
Robert: its such a beautiful place
Joyce : That's lovely.  I hope you enjoy your time there
Robert: i think i like it
Robert: its just that the weather is hot
Joyce : That's too bad
Robert: so where are u
Joyce : I'm home
Robert: ok
Joyce : How about you?
Robert: in my hotel room
Joyce : Okay
Robert: baby i must let u know that my love for u is growing by the day
Joyce : My love for you is growing into a giant monster that can only be fed with happiness
Robert: i love to here that baby
Robert: but do u really love me
Joyce : Yes.  I do
Robert: can u do any thing for love
Robert: for me
Joyce : Yes.  I would do anything for love
Robert: thanks baby
Joyce : What kind of cool crap have you been doing in Africa?
Joyce : Seen anything interesting?
Robert: well i ve not really been into town
Robert: just alot of black people every where
Joyce : Does that bother you?
Robert: and seen some african way of dressing
Robert: nope
Robert: they have been very nice
Joyce : That's good to hear
Joyce : I was afraid you were going to say something racist. 
Robert: since i arrived
Robert: made some new friends
Robert: so far
Robert: they promised to take me around town tomorrow
Joyce : I bet a nice guy like you makes friends wherever he goes
Robert: they are very humble people
Robert: they are making me feel at home
Robert: and i think i love that
Joyce : Do they all speak English there?
Robert: yep dear
Joyce : That's good
Robert: just a few of them
Robert: i was told are illitrates
Joyce : That's sad when people can't speak English good
Robert: real sad
Robert: i was told to be very careful
Joyce : Why? Is it dangerous over there?
Robert: i am planning on having security men around me
Robert: i will pay them
Robert: isnt that a nice idea
Joyce : Is it that dangerous there?
Robert: yes baby
Robert: so what do u think
Robert: should i go ahead
Joyce : If that's what you want
Joyce : But usually security is used for rock stars, movie stars, pussies, and politicians
Robert: yes baby
Robert: i just want to be fast with my contract and leave the place
Joyce : Me too.
Joyce : Africa = no fun
Robert: yes baby
Robert: from the stories
Robert: just that they are blessed with resources
Robert: plenty of it
Joyce : I hope you rob them of their resources and flee quickly
Robert: lol
Robert: yes baby
Robert: just keep praying for me ok
Joyce : I always pray for my loved ones
Robert: i really want to make some good money out of there
Joyce : Yes.  Leaving without making money would make you a huge failure, and that won't be good for business
Robert: yope
Robert: i have to leave there with plenty of it
Joyce : I hope you business venture is a success
Robert: thanks baby
Robert: i have to go now i will talk to u later
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : I will miss you
Robert: love u baby
Joyce : I love you too
Robert: miss u too

The next day...

Robert: hello sweetie
Joyce : Hello
Robert: so how is today
Robert: are u at home
Joyce : Yes
Robert: what are u doing right now
Joyce : Nothing at moment.  I rocking out to Zeppelin
Robert: ok
Robert: i really missed u baby
Joyce : I missed you too
Robert: work is going on fine here
Joyce : That's good to hear
Robert: i went to the rig this morning
Robert: but left early ,i have a back ache
Robert: so i would be off next 2 days
Robert: and resume by monday
Robert: and they having their presidential elections tommorow in the  country
Joyce : I hope you feel better soon
Robert: yes i would
Joyce : Thanks
Robert: u know i like ur smile,glasses
Joyce : Those are my best traits
Robert: my heart beats for u
Joyce : Thanks for beating for me
Robert: U TOO BABY
Robert: actually i just bought a car today
Joyce : Why would you buy a car in another country?
Robert: for easy movement
Joyce : No...
Joyce : Why would you buy it if you're only there for a short period of time?
Robert: the cars i i wanted to hire have no air conditioners
Robert: so i had to buy new one today
Robert: but i will sell it b4 living
Joyce : Okay
Robert: yes baby
Robert: and just got a driver
Robert: too
Joyce : You're too good to drive yourself?
Robert: he goes by the name mike
Robert: so he can take me around town
Robert: u know he"s familier with the town
Robert: i am new here
Joyce : Okay.  I see
Joyce : I'm glad to hear that you bought Mike
Joyce : But you're not too new.  You've been there for at least two or three weeks
Robert: yes baby
Robert: but its a big city
Robert: i have not been to many places
Robert: like that
Joyce : Okay
Robert: so do u think of me often
Joyce : Yes.  All the freakin' time
Robert: sounds good baby
Robert: i wish i had a way to hear ur voice
Robert: i believe it could heal my backarch perfectly
Joyce : Once you return to the US we can talk as long and as often as we like
Robert: yes baby
Robert: i love u baby
Joyce : I love you too
Robert: sounds real nice
Robert: i have to go now
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : I will miss you
Robert: i will talk to u later
Robert: me too
Joyce : Goodbye
Robert: love u very much
Joyce : I love you too
Robert: bye
Robert: love

Three days later, received the following offline messages...

robert miller (4/23/2007 2:28:26 AM): hello sweetheart
robert miller (4/23/2007 2:28:37 AM): we really need to talk
robert miller (4/23/2007 2:28:55 AM): when are u coming on line again
robert miller (4/23/2007 2:29:24 AM): u really need to look for a way in calling me
robert miller (4/23/2007 2:29:49 AM): since u dont come on line often
robert miller (4/23/2007 2:30:45 AM): or u can send me a friends number or even ur office number so i can use it in contacting u.
robert miller (4/23/2007 2:30:55 AM): i love u so dearly

The next day...

Joyce : Hello
Robert: hello sweetie
Robert: thank god ure there
Joyce : I'm glad you're here too
Robert: so how is the day going
Joyce : Going great
Joyce : How is your day?
Robert: i tried to reach u yesterday and even this morning
Joyce : I know...
Robert: did u get my offline message
Joyce : Here's a hint.  I don't come online at 2:00 am
Joyce : Normal people are asleep at that time
Robert: ok baby
Robert: i understand
Joyce : Okay
Robert: actually i just taught i should let u know
Robert: that something went wrong yesterday
Joyce : Oh
Joyce : What is it?
Robert: over here
Robert: i had an accident with my car
Joyce : Oh my!
Joyce : I hope you are okay
Robert: on my way to the site
Robert: i and my driver
Robert: the car hit a lady
Joyce : I hope your car is okay?
Robert: and shes her condition is very critical
Robert: the car had many damages
Robert: there is alot of work to be done
Robert: on it
Joyce : Oh my!  That's terrible
Robert: but the most important thing now is the lady
Robert: her case is serious
Joyce : Yeah
Joyce : That's probably important too
Robert: i just returned from the hospital
Robert: she has some broken bones
Robert: in her body
Joyce : What about you?
Joyce : What about your beautiful face?
Robert: just little bruises on my face and leg
Robert: the driver also had a deep cut on his face
Joyce : I'm sure you're both still handsome enough
Robert: from what the doctor told me today
Robert: they are planning on taking her to the theater for an operation tommorrow
Joyce : The theater?
Robert: i just pray noyhing happens to her
Joyce : I hope her stubs are okay
Robert: yes baby
Robert: i pray so baby
Robert: the doctor said she hit her head on the floor from the x ray she took
Joyce : Wow. That must have hurt
Robert: she was crossing the road without watching very well
Joyce : She sounds very stupid to me
Robert: so the driver did not see her on time
Joyce : Stupid streetwalker.  Maybe she needed to be hit to learn a valuable life lesson
Robert: but the issue now is that she gets well
Robert: my car is at the station now
Robert: it was impounded by the police after the accident
Joyce : Why?
Robert: they said the driver was careless
Joyce : That's ridiculous
Robert: they said he was on top speed
Joyce : You said the woman wasn't paying attention
Joyce : That's called jaywalking and it's against the law
Robert: that is why he couldnt control the vehicle
Robert: but here its a different thing am seeing all together
Robert: am seeing a corrupt police here
Joyce : Oh
Joyce : Be careful.  Some of them are dangerous
Robert: very dangerous
Joyce : Some carry grenades
Robert: they are laying charges of over speeding and reckless driving
Robert: they are trying to take advantage of every thing trying to extract money from me
Joyce : At least they aren't serious charges
Robert: yes baby
Robert: i just pray nothing happens to the lady
Joyce : You should leave quickly
Robert: that would be a serious one u know?
Joyce : Yeah
Joyce : That's why you should go
Robert: i have to pay the hospital bills
Joyce : No
Joyce : Insurance will pay that
Robert: baby i know they will end up asking me to pay some money
Joyce : You won't pay anything
Joyce : Insurance will.  That's why you pay them every month
Robert: actually the problem now is that i dont have insurance here in nigeria
Joyce : Why?
Robert: my insurance doesnt extend to africa
Robert: it only covers me in the states
Joyce : But didn't you need insurance when you purchased the car?
Robert: no
Robert: i just worked into a car shop paid for it
Robert: so the driver helped me the the registeration
Joyce : So the driver should be at fault here, not you
Robert: no i said he helped me register the car
Joyce : Okay
Robert: all they need here is the plate numbers for u to be able to drive here
Joyce : I understand
Robert: do u get me now
Joyce : Yes
Robert: ok baby
Robert: i am so confused right now baby
Robert: i dont know what to do
Joyce : I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better
Robert: yes baby
Robert: the problem now is that i need to pay the hospital bills;pay tthe fine
Robert: so i can have my car back repair it,sell it and round up my business b4 next week
Joyce : Okay
Robert: but i dont have enough money for all this right now
Robert: i think i really need ur help right now baby
Joyce : What kind of help?
Robert: i was thinking of getting some sort of loan from you
Joyce : How much?
Robert: i would pay you back as soons as i get outta this mess pl
Robert: i feel so bad , having to ask you to help
Robert: but i have no other option
Joyce : What am I supposed to do?
Robert: pls just help mem  baby
Robert: all i need is about
Robert: 2000 dollars
Joyce : No
Joyce : That's too much
Robert: i would pay you back \
Joyce : That's more than I can loan
Robert: please
Joyce : I just can't do it!
Robert: ok baby , pls how much can you help me out with
Joyce : No where near that amount
Robert: i would appreciate any help
Robert: son what can u help me wiyh
Joyce : $250
Robert: baby cant you add a lil something for me
Robert: pls i would really appreciate
Robert: so much
Joyce : $250 is half of my emergency fund
Joyce : since this is an emergency, I will loan you $250 of it
Robert: ok baby
Robert: pls you can send it through western union
Joyce : Okay
Robert: you send it to the hotel manager , he would help me collect it
Joyce : Okay.  If you trust him
Robert: his name is ---mr amarachi  iwuanyanwu , yes i trust him
Robert: get a pen and write the name down
Joyce : Okay.
Robert: make sure you get the spellings right
Robert: ok
Robert: mr amarachi iwuanyanwu
Robert: country --- nigeria
Robert: baby can you send it today
Joyce : Tonight maybe
Robert: pls baby
Robert: then you can forward the details to me
Joyce : I'll try my best to do it tonight
Joyce : and I'll email you the claims details when I come home
Robert: thank you very much you are the best
Joyce : You're welcome
Robert: i appreciate so much
Robert: i am coming home to you darling
Robert: and i would show you my gratitude for this \
Joyce : I'm glad I could help you in your time of need
Robert: ok baby
Robert: i have to go now baby
Robert: i am going to the hospital now
Joyce : Okay.  I hope all goes well for you
Robert: to see the situation
Robert: over there \
Joyce : My heart goes out for you at this rough time
Robert: i would be expecting the claims details
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : I have something I must do tonight, and I'll send it while I'm out
Robert: bye love
Joyce : Bye

In a rare goof-up on my part, I forgot to email Robert the fake Western Union info.  I always prefer emailing it late at night so the scammer is less likely to track the funds online.

Early the next morning, Robert sent the following offlines...

robert miller (4/24/2007 4:20:42 AM): hello joyce
robert miller (4/24/2007 4:21:14 AM): i am just coming online hoping that you must have sent the claims details
robert miller (4/24/2007 4:21:41 AM): but i havent seen it yet , pls baby this quite urgnt and i feel so happy having someone like you ready to help me out
robert miller (4/24/2007 4:22:15 AM): i would appreciate it if you can do it quite early in the morning , plsss
robert miller (4/24/2007 4:22:30 AM): i look forward to meeting you online
robert miller (4/24/2007 7:25:01 AM): i am still expecting the claim details
robert miller (4/24/2007 7:25:19 AM): pls do help me out
robert miller (4/24/2007 7:25:49 AM): ure the only one i trust and believe in right now
robert miller (4/24/2007 7:26:09 AM): u can send it as an off line message
robert miller (4/24/2007 7:26:28 AM): or through an email to my box
robert miller (4/24/2007 7:26:49 AM): i love u baby for being so kind and helpful
robert miller (4/24/2007 7:27:07 AM): i really need to leave this place soon.
robert miller (4/24/2007 7:27:25 AM): hope to hear from u soon.

Soon afterwards, I came online and realized that I had forgotten him.  Since it was still early (2:00 pm in Nigeria), I knew I could still send him to Western Union before they closed.  I just had to make sure I had a back up in case he tried to track the funds.  I quickly created a fake receipt and I signed in to chat with him...

Robert: hello sweetie are u there
Joyce : Hello
Robert: i was on line earlier
Robert: but u werent
Joyce : Yes.  I'm sorry
Robert: so how did yesterday go
Robert: hope u had a great day
Joyce : Yes.  I did
Robert: so did u succeed in sending the money
Joyce : Yes
Joyce : I'm sorry I couldn't do it yesterday
Joyce : But I did it before work this morning
Robert: thanks baby
Robert: so can i have the claim details
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : Let me find the receipt
Robert: ok
Joyce : MTCN:  7003681580
Joyce : Sender:   Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Robert: ok baby
Robert: as at yesterday when i went to the hospital
Joyce : Is that all you need?
Joyce : Oh.  Test question
Joyce : Where do we chat?
Joyce : answer is "Yahoo"
Robert: i deposited some money for the theater work
Robert: they will be operating on her by tonight
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : I hope all goes well
Robert: i really appreciate ur help baby
Robert: thanks for ur care
Joyce : You're welcome
Robert: i love u very much baby
Joyce : I love you too
Robert: i cant wait to be with u
Joyce : I can't wait have you in my crosshairs
Robert: yes baby
Robert: i love ,adore and cherish u sweetie
Joyce : I feel the same for you
Joyce : We will share a lifetime of love and understanding
Robert: yes baby
Robert: and we would live together happily ever after
Robert: just like in the fairy tales
Joyce : Yes.  Just like Hansel and Gretel
Robert: yes baby
Robert: baby the operation would be carried out tonite
Robert: pls pray for me
Robert:  ok
Joyce : I always pray for my loved ones
Robert: i hope nothing would go wrong with the woman
Robert: how much is it exactly that you sent baby ?
Joyce : We agreed on $250
Robert: thank you , i have sold my laptop and my watch and some of
Robert: my belongings
Robert: to make it up
Robert: for the operation
Joyce : If you sold your laptop, what computer are you using now?
Robert: i am using a public computer in the hotel
Robert: just so i can get to you
Robert: i would be using that for now
Robert: as i ahve no other option
Joyce : I'm just glad that we are still able to chat
Robert: yes i would not compromise that for anything
Robert: i must always be able to chat with you whenever i want to
Robert: thats what keeps me going
Joyce : Yes.  Chatting with you gets my mojo workin'
Joyce : I enjoy our chats so much
Robert: me too baby
Robert: i would have to go now
Robert: so i can give the details to the hotel manager
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : I understand
Robert: pls pray
Joyce : I will
Robert: pls do make sure you are online later on
Robert: so i can give you update on the whole situation
Joyce : I should be on later
Robert: ok then bye baby
Joyce : Goodbye
Joyce : I'll miss you
Robert: i would miss you too

Robert then took the fake info to Western Union.  After leaving empty handed and humilated, he came back online and left the following offline messages...

robert miller (4/24/2007 10:17:42 AM): hello joyce
robert miller (4/24/2007 10:17:46 AM): are you there
robert miller (4/24/2007 10:30:17 AM): hello
robert miller (4/24/2007 10:30:30 AM): are you there
robert miller (4/24/2007 10:30:31 AM): baby pls verify the control number
robert miller (4/24/2007 10:30:32 AM): i am having problems with the number
robert miller (4/24/2007 10:30:33 AM): s
robert miller (4/24/2007 10:30:36 AM): pls check them out and send again
robert miller (4/24/2007 10:30:37 AM): to my email box
robert miller (4/24/2007 10:30:37 AM): thank you .

I avoided him for the next few hours, just waiting for 5:00 pm in Nigeria.  I thought if I waited until then, he may go back again and embarrass himself further...

Later that day...

Robert: hello baby
Joyce : Hello
Robert: have you rectified with the numbers
Joyce : What?
Robert: the numbers had a problem
Joyce : What problem?
Robert: i need you to clarify on them
Robert: pls send the numbers again the control number
Joyce : 7003681580
Robert: could you call them . cos mr .amarachi went to western union
Robert: and they said no transfer  could match with  that number
Robert: can you call them
Robert: i would wait here
Joyce : I don't understand the problem here?
Joyce : Are you sure he gave them the correct number?
Robert: yes he gave them the exact numbers , and i went there with him to confirm
Robert: so if you could just call them and confirm
Joyce : what did they say?
Robert: they said the numbers are invalid
Joyce : That's weird
Robert: i know
Joyce : That's the number on the receipt
Robert: but it might be a little error
Robert: can you call the shop you sent it through
Robert: and confirm
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : I'll call Western Union customer support
Robert: ok i am here waiting
Robert: pls
Joyce : brb
Robert: ok
Robert: also pls call the office you sent it from
Robert: and tell them the sender has problem recieving it .
Joyce : ok
Robert: i am waiting baby , pls hurry
Joyce : I can't make them answer the phone any quicker than this
Robert: loll
Joyce : They want me to ask you if Mr. Amarachi gave them the correct info
Robert: yes its only the number that has the problem
Robert: 7003681580
Joyce : They want me to ask you if Mr. Amarachi speaks English
Robert: yes he does
Joyce : and if the clerk spoke English
Robert: yes the clerk spoke english
Joyce : okay
Robert: but the number , the mtcn number is the only problem
Joyce : They want to know if Mr. Amarachi knows how to read and write
Robert: yes he does
Joyce : ok

Note from James:  At this point Joyce's online status changes.  She appears to be showing "View My Webcam"... However, that's not exactly what it says...

Robert then requests permission to view it.  I accept his request.  My webcam was pointed at TV screen which was displaying the following slide show...

Robert: whats showing on your webcam
Robert: ?
Joyce : What webcam?
Robert: i saw your webcam on
Joyce : I don't have a webcam
Joyce : ???
Robert: oh ok
Robert: sorry
Robert: then
Joyce : Oh....
Joyce : You mean my webham?
Robert: yes your webham
Joyce : Okay
Robert: what does it mean
Robert: i dont get it
Joyce : It's a cam that shows ham
Robert: cant i see your face\
Robert: ?
Joyce : No... only ham
Robert: oh ok
Robert: what about a number i can use to reach you
Robert: so i can hear your voice
Robert: please
Robert: ?
Joyce : I'm on the phone now
Robert: give me the number i would call you later
Robert: ok
Joyce : I'm at work now
Robert: give me the number baby
Robert: so i can call you
Robert: or dont you want to hear my voice
Robert: ?
Joyce : You don't want to call me
Robert: of cause i do
Joyce : You don't want to call
Joyce : because you're about to hate me
Robert: why do you think that i am about to hate you
Robert: ?

Note from James:  The image on my webham...

Robert signed off and we never chatted again...