Praise's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 41 year old widow.  Her well designed MySpace profile attracts both lonely hearted men and prophets.  Little does Praise know, Joyce is really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer:
Name:  Praise Tunde / Akintunde Olufemi Iyinyemi / Vision International Rescue Mission
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Telephone: 011 234 80 5662 9866
Profile: MySpace 1 & MySpace 2Christianet
Note:  "Some folks say a preacher won't steal, but I caught one in my corn field" - Huddie "Leadbelly" Ledbetter.

My name is Praise. It's nice to know even via ur profile that you are available for someone like me .Who will make you laugh the last laugh and be happy the rest of your life.You are such a beauty woman. I want to adore you the rest of my life
I will like to know you the more.Can we hook up?
E-mail me on :::::
And if u have a yahoo messenger, my yahoo messenger id is :::: praisetunde

I wait ur response.
You can respond back with a mail or come online



Praise: Hello
Joyce: Hi
Praise: Good evening
Praise: is this you?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I am me
Praise: the lady in the pic with glasses
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: That's me
Praise: cool
Praise: do u have a webcam?
Joyce: No.
Joyce: Do you?
Praise: Yes

Note from James:  Praise invites me to view his webcam...

Joyce: Thank you
Praise: i am working on getting a computer at home and getting it connected
Praise: u can work on getting one too
Joyce: I have a computer at home, just not a cam
Joyce: But maybe sometime
Praise: tell me about you
Praise: and with ruthless honesty i will tell u about me
Joyce: Ruthless honesty?
Joyce: Isn't that an oxymoron?
Praise: that means absolute sincerity
Joyce: No, ruthless means shrewd or unethical
Joyce: So it doesn't make sense to attach it to a positive word like 'honesty'
Praise: i understand what i mean
Praise: so let's leave that
Joyce: I'm glad one of us knows what you mean
Praise: my name is Akintunde
Praise: u can simply call me Praise
Joyce: My name is Joyce
Joyce: You can simply call me Joyce

Praise: how old are u?
Joyce: I am 41
Praise: Good
Praise: are u married
Praise: kids?
Joyce: Not married
Joyce: I have one adult son
Praise: so why are u in myspace
Joyce: I just signed up because everyone else on my block was on it
Praise: okay
Praise: here is my myspace page now
Praise: i am 28 years old
Praise: i am married
Joyce: That's nice
Praise: and will just want to be a friend

Note from James:  It seems that the scammer is running at least two types of scams, or he just changed his scam recently.  A few days prior, when I was received his email, he was looking to "hook up.".  I'm pretty sure he dropped the soul mate search to focus on this one...

Joyce: That's good, because I'm only looking for new friends
Joyce: but your email to me sounded very much like you were single
Praise: and i am a Nigerian and in Nigeria
Praise: i have never gone out of here even though
Praise: i look forward to seeing America,Canada
Praise: u.k.
Praise: and other nice places of the world
Praise: and i as well want to make Heaven
Praise: I thought of what i will miss if i didn't make it to heaven and i decided to fully surrender my life toJesus
Joyce: That's nice
Praise: I am a minister all this while and never born again
Joyce: What demonination?
Praise: Vision International Rescue Mission
Praise: it's here in Lagos,Nigeria
Joyce: Okay
Praise: will u still wanna be my friend?
Joyce: I will be your friend
Joyce: I don't have any international friends
Joyce: and I'm glad you can be the first
Praise: count me as ur friend from now on
Joyce: You can consider me to be your friend as well

Praise: i will soon leave here
Praise: it's 8.32pm here
Joyce: No problem
Praise: my cell number is 011 234 80 5662 9866
Praise: i just pray we can meet online and talk
Joyce: Okay
Praise: when u are online and free to chat u can call me number
Praise: and i will come online
Joyce: Thanks
Praise: what do u do
Praise: u go to work?
Joyce: I am a book supplier
Praise: it would be really nice to heareach others voice
Praise: can u call me or give me ur number so i call u say in 20 minutes time when i get home
Joyce: No.  Let's just chat here instead
Praise: okay
Praise: will u be online say this time tomorrow?
Joyce: I'll be here tomrorow
Praise: this time?
Joyce: I can't guarantee I will be here at the same time
Praise: okay
Praise: Have a good night rest
Praise: Bye
Joyce: Bye
Praise: Thanks
Praise: for the chat
Joyce: Take care

Three days later...

Praise: Hello...How are u today? Guess what i am on cam in a public cafe ............
Joyce: Hello

Praise: Can u see me now?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Thank you for inviting me to view your cam
Praise: thanks
Praise: I am in a public cafe
Praise: here
Praise: in Lagos,Nigeria
Joyce: I see
Joyce: Looks pretty good
Joyce: and so does the cafe

Praise: thanks
Praise: i just bought an hour time and it remains 13 minutes
Joyce: Oh okay
Praise: it's 3.40 pm here
Praise: she will close at work by 4pm
Joyce:  We can chat for a bit
Praise: so how are you
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Praise: I am fine
Praise: My wife is doing fine

Joyce: Was that your wife behind you?
Praise: Nope
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: She was smiling at you
Joyce: Don't worry.  I won't tell your wife

Praise: lol
Praise: u have to be nice to ur customer who keeps u in business
Joyce: Oh.  She works there?
Praise: she works here
Praise: i look forward to when i wil be able to browse from my house
Joyce: Okay
Praise: U wanna chat with her?
Joyce: Okay.  She seems friendly enough
Praise: a woman in the U.S. is already talking to me on
Joyce: Okay.  No problem
Praise: sorry
Joyce: I was just kidding anyway
Praise: it was menat for a man in the U.S. like u who couldn't see me on cam
Joyce: I'm not a man!

Praise: i mistakenly typed it to u
Praise: so how is work?
Joyce: I don't work on Fridays
Praise: okay
Praise: so u have started a blissful weekend
Joyce: Yes. I wish the same for you
Praise: can u see my wedding ring?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I respect the sanctity of marriage.  I wasn't trying to make advances toward you

Praise: and here is my bible

Joyce: Nice.  Do you read it daily?
Praise: yes
Praise: here is a pic of me and my wife

Praise: can u see it ?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: It's a fine looking woman
Praise: okay
Praise: she is light skinned
Praise: while i am dark skinned
Joyce: She looks very lovely
Praise: God doesn't want our kids so dark like charcoal
Praise: so He find me a light skinned woman
Joyce: That's mighty nice of Him
Praise: thanks
Praise: she is a blessing to my life
Joyce: She'll probably feel the same way about you some day

Praise: i got 4 minutes more
Praise: i would have love to chat more
Joyce: Me too.  This chat is so much fun
Praise: we got a programme come July 13th
Praise: an all night
Praise: Nigt of Praise and Miracle
Joyce: A church program?
Praise: yes
Praise: i will send u a VCD of the programme
Joyce: That will be the coolest thing ever
Praise: check that
Joyce: I will check that out
Praise: okay
Praise: 011 234 80 5662 9866
Praise: that is my cell number
Praise: reach me anytime
Joyce: okay
Joyce: Thanks
Praise: i will like to hear ur voice
Praise: one day
Joyce: Maybe some day we can talk over the phone
Praise: okay
Praise: bye for now
Joyce: Bye
Praise: God Bless u

Joyce: Take care

Joyce: Bye

Joyce:  So who's chick in red?

Joyce: She has pretty hair

The chick in red didn't respond.  She then shut down the webcam and signed off.

Several days later...

Praise: hello
Joyce: Hello
Praise: How are u
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Praise: fine
Praise: i am not sure who u are
Joyce: Joyce
Joyce: and you are Praise
Praise: okay
Praise: i remember now
Joyce: It's okay.  It's been a little while since we've chatted
Praise: yes
Praise: we had a programme last Friday
Praise: so i had been busy because of that programme
Joyce: It's okay.  I hope the programme was fantastic
Praise: it was a powerful one
Praise: The Lord was glorified
Joyce: That's good news
Praise: more than 400 people came with 47 received instant healings
Joyce: That sounds amazing!
Praise: we really bless God
Joyce: I am glad to hear that it was a success

Note from James:  The scammer invited me to view his webcam.   This guy must visit nicer cafes than the other scammers.  His cam was a little more clear (maybe a bit overlit), and the video quality was very smooth.

Praise: Can u see me now?
Joyce: Yes. 
Praise: i'm in a public cafe
Joyce: Thank you for sharing your webcam with me again today
Praise: it's a pleasure
Praise: i wish to see u on cam one day too
Joyce: I should get one
Joyce: They look really fun
Praise: yes
Praise: at least u are sure u are talking to someone real
Joyce: Are you saying I am not real?
Praise: u are
Joyce: Yes.  I know
Joyce: I think I would probably know if I was imaginary

Praise: my spirit tells me u are real
Joyce: Your spirit is correct

Praise: we never talk on phone before
Joyce: No.  I think we have only chatted on here a few times
Praise: 011 234 80 5662 9866
Praise: that is my number
Joyce: Okay.  Thanks
Praise: and that is enough for us to know each other better
Joyce: Maybe some time
Praise: I can give u number of a woman of God who is equally a mother in the Lord to myself and my wife
Joyce: Who is she?
Praise: she resides in Alabama
Praise: she is a prophetess and will be here in November to join to bless lives here
Joyce: Wow.  That is great
Praise: she will be here the last weekend
Praise: she happens to have meet a man of God here in Nigeria before the Lord brought us together
Joyce: I'm happy to hear that.  I hope all goes well for them
Praise: she is coming to Minister in the man's church in Abuja and from there come down to Lagos to bless God's people
Praise: she is married and the husband might be
Praise: coming with her
Joyce: That reminds me of this one movie I saw. National Lampoon's Nigerian Vacation
Joyce: I think it had a similar plot
Praise: yes
Praise: she is a woman of God
Praise: coming to bless God's people
Joyce: I'm sure things will work out well.  I hear the people of Alabama are very accepting of different cultures

Note from James:  I don't know who came along, but the scammer had a brief talk with them...

Praise: tell me about ur christain Faith
Joyce: I am a Methodist
Praise: okay
Praise: what do u do in the church?
Joyce: I am only a member of the church
Joyce: but sometimes I stand in the back at the door to keep out the riffraff
Praise: okay
Praise: where in the U.S. do u reside?
Joyce: I live in Wilmington, North Carolina
Praise: okay
Praise: married?kids?
Praise: ur kind of job
Joyce: I have one adult son
Joyce: I am a book supplier
Praise: okay
Joyce: I am not married.  I am a widow
Joyce: My husband passed in 1998

Praise: oh sorry
Praise: what happened?
Joyce: He contracted Crohn's Disease after using a public restroom near a dirty pond
Praise: oh sorry
Praise: Praise God
Praise: all is well
Joyce: Yes. That was a long time ago and we have all learned a valuable lesson from his carelessness
Praise: halleluyah
Joyce: Absolutely

Note from James:  After expressing his sorrow, the scammer decided to have a snack.  He appears to be ripping open a bag of chips, possibly Cheetohs.

Praise: Mama Joyce there is a need here
Praise: let me just ask as the bible tells us

Note from James:  *Crunch*

Praise: are u at work or at home
Joyce: I am at home now
Praise: okay

Note from James:  *Chew*

Praise: Mama Joyce
Praise:  we have outstanding of about 26,000 Naira to pay off for our last Friday programme
Praise: if the Lord makes it possible for u to support anyhow
Praise: it will be fine and the Lord will reward u accordingly

Note from James:  *Slurp*

Joyce: what is Naira?
Praise: the currency we spend here
Praise: that is a little above 200 $
Joyce: oh okay
Joyce: So you owe $200 for the programme from last week?
Praise: not owe but need to offset
Praise: to that amount
Joyce: Okay
Praise: and need to do that
Joyce: I see

Note from James:  *Chomp*

Praise: will it possible for u to help us with anything?
Praise: no matter how little that it might be

Note from James:  *Glug*

Joyce: i think I can probably do that
Praise: God Bless you

Note from James:  *Cheetoh smile*

Joyce: Thank you
Praise: Can u help send it down via western union?
Joyce: That would not be a problem
Praise: i will give u the info right away
Joyce: Okay
Praise: First name ::::::  AKINTUNDE OLUFEMI
Praise: last name:::::::  IYINYEMI
Praise: CITY::::::::  IKEJA
Praise: state::::::::::  LAGOS
Praise: country::::::::  NIGERIA
Praise: SECRET QUESTION::::::: why the money
Praise: answer:::::::::  for VIRM
Praise: did u get that?
Joyce: I am writing it down now
Praise: okay
Praise: are u through with writing it?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I've got it now
Praise: please kindly get the name well spelt
Joyce: Yes.  I was very careful when I copied it
Praise: good
Praise: u will send me the following when u have send it
Praise: Your name, address, phone number , the secret question and answer, and the amount sent
Praise: Just as u send it
Joyce: I understand
Praise: do u have an idea of when u will send it and the amount that u can send
Praise: we need a little above 200 $
Joyce: I will probably do it tomorrow morning
Joyce: before work
Praise: okay
Praise: like how much?
Joyce: How much do you need?
Praise: a little above 200$
Joyce: Are others contributing?
Praise: No one is contributing
Praise: we are the one who needs ur help
Praise: it depends on how financially bouyant u are
Joyce: I originally thought $100, but I assumed there were others helping out
Praise: myself and my wife have spend all we have at hand
Praise: so we hope God will just raise people to clear the bills
Praise: so how much are u saying
Praise: I am only asking u
Praise: and thank God
Praise: u are willing to support us
Joyce: okay
Joyce: I will send $200 since you have not found anyone to help yet

Praise: God will keep on blessing u
Praise: You will not lack again
Joyce: I hope so
Joyce: Thank you very mucyh
Joyce: much
Praise: will it be possible for u to send me the info to get it cashed to my email inbox?
Joyce: Okay
Praise: that is the ministry email address
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Do you chat with that ID also?
Praise: i use
Praise: and this one
Joyce: Okay.  I will add the other two
Praise: okay
Joyce: I will need to sign off
Joyce: I have to go out for a little while
Praise: okay
Joyce: I'll try my best to get it sent tomorrow morning
Praise: will u mail me the info to get it cashed as soon as u have send it?

Joyce: Yes.  I will email you
Praise: u will send the mtcn as well
Praise: If i have ur phone number i can call u when
Praise: i am online
Joyce: Yes.  I've used Western Union before
Praise: or u can send me text to my phone
Praise: 011 234 80 5662 9866
Joyce: I'll email you the claims info after it has been sent
Praise: Thanks
Joyce: I need to go.  Talk to you another time
Praise: God bless y

Joyce: Thanks
Praise: Have a fulfilled day
Joyce: You too
Praise: okay byeeeeeeeeee
Joyce: Bye
Praise: okay Ma
Praise: i'm off too

Late that night, I sent the following email...

Hello Praise,

I'm sorry if I'm late.  I have sent the money and here are the claims details.

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender: Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Akintunde Olufemi Iyinyemi / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Test Question:  Why the money?
Answer:  For VIRM
Amount: $200

Talk with you later when I get home.

Take care,


The next morning, Akintunde signed in and received the fake claims details.  The appreciative scammer sent me the following email...

Mama Joyce,
The Lord will bless you and make u fulflled in life.
His mercy will keep you and everything that concerns you.
I will get back to you as soon as i have gotten it cashed.
Thanks once again.
Vision International Rescue Mission is very grateful.
For VIRM :::::::::
  Akintunde O. Iyinyemi ( Evang )

Akintunde took the fake number to Western Union and, of course, left emtpy handed.  He didn't come back online until the next day.  Below are the offline messages he sent to me from two of his Yahoo ID's.  (The time stamps are my time, EST.  His time is 5 hours ahead)...

AKINTUNDE OLUFEMI IYINYEMI (7/19/2007 3:09:11 AM): Hello

AKINTUNDE OLUFEMI IYINYEMI (7/19/2007 3:25:21 AM): I went to the bank to get the money cashed, they said it's not there......I have send u an email to [REMOVED] check it and reply back Ma.Thanks.Sorry to bother you again

AKINTUNDE OLUFEMI IYINYEMI (7/19/2007 3:25:29 AM): <ding>


VISION INTERNATIONAL RESCUE MISSION (7/19/2007 3:39:56 AM): I went to the bank to get the money cashed, they said it's not there......I have send u an email to [REMOVED] check it and reply back Ma.Thanks.Sorry to bother you again

And here is the email he was referring to...

Good Morning Ma,
  How was your night? Keep on enjoying God's grace and mercy.
I went to the bank this morning and they said it wasn't there.They said there is no money in there with that name.
Please call the western union office where u send the money and send me the following so that i can get it cashed here.
Ur first name:::::::::
Ur last name::::::::
Phone number::::::
MTCN :::::::::::::
Amount sent::::::::::
How did u fill the receivers information:::::::::
First name ::::::::::
last name:::::::::
Thanks as i wait them.
God Bless you !
Akintunde Olufemi Iyinyemi

Later that day...

Praise: Hello
Praise: Good Morning
Joyce: Hello
Joyce: Good morning to you too
Praise: thanks
Praise: did u get my mail?
Joyce: Yes.  I just read it a few minutes ago
Praise: okay
Praise: Have u corrected it?
Joyce: I'm looking into it now
Praise: okay
Praise: do u still have the receipt given to u where u send it?
Joyce: that's what I'm looking for
Praise: u can call them
Praise: the bank says it's not there
Joyce: I'm looking into it now
Joyce: Don't worry
Praise: k
Praise: Thanks
Joyce: Do you have your cam with you today?
Praise: yes
Joyce: May I see it?
Praise: there u are

Joyce: Oh my Gosh!
Joyce: Is your cafe on fire?
Praise: IT'S THE light
Praise: all is well
Joyce: Oh okay
Joyce: I was afraid you were in a burning building and you didn't know it
Praise: Are u calling them
Joyce: Not yet.  I was checking for the receipt, and trying to track it online
Praise: have u seen the receipt?
Joyce: What is the number you have?
Joyce: The MTCN
Praise: 7003681580
Joyce: Me too
Praise: they used only name to search for it and said it's not there
Praise: call them
Praise: seems they haven't approve it at all
Joyce: Yes.  I just found the number
Joyce: Could you please adjust your cam?  The light is very strong and it is difficult to see
Praise: IT'S GLUED
Joyce: Oh okay

Note from James:  I had a reveal planned, but I wasn't going to waste it when I could barely see his reaction.  I decided to save it for another time.

Praise: please call them
Joyce: I'm calling now
Praise: I want to get the money cashed before the bank closes\
Joyce: I am waiting for the customer service operator
Joyce: 1 minute please
Praise: k
Joyce: They are fixing it now
Praise: please track it online as well
Joyce: I plan to do that
Praise: it remains 25 minutes before the bank closes
Joyce: I think the number might have been misprinted
Joyce: or there was a printing error
Praise: the bank is just three minutes walk away from here
Praise: k
Praise: how about the receivers name
Praise: is that intact?
Joyce: All will be corrected
Praise: okay
Praise: let me get on a new computer
Joyce: okay

Note from James:  Praise signs off for about two minutes and comes back using a better webcam.

Praise: Hello
Joyce: Welcome back
Praise: is the correction made already?
Joyce: The number printed was not correct.  I am waiting for a call back regarding a new number
Praise: okay
Praise: and they will soon tell u right?
Joyce: yes
Praise: Can u see me better now?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Nice shirt
Praise: on Phat Farm
Joyce: Very nice.
Joyce: It will look even better on the floor beside my bed

Praise: no
Praise: u are so humourous
Joyce: Thank you
Praise: my wife can't wait to chat with u
Joyce: Is she there with you?
Praise: no
Praise: she will chat with u this weekend
Joyce: That will be nice.
Joyce: I am looking forward to that
Praise: can u get on the western union people
Joyce: I am waiting for them
Praise: i want to get the money cashed today
Joyce: They have to refund my money from the original transaction
Joyce: then they have to reprocess it again with the original credit card info
Praise: i hope it won't take a long time
Joyce: They said it shouldn't be too long
Joyce: I told them you were in a hurry
Praise: okay
Praise: God Bless you for helping out
Joyce: Thank you very much

Note from James:  Notice the chick in the background?  Praise did too.  More on that later...

Joyce: I hope your wife isn't jealous.  I see that one lady just caught your eye
Praise: they can't be as fine as my wife
Praise: That is what the discipline of heart teaches us
Joyce: That's a nice response
Praise: Look at the webcam
Joyce: I am looking
Praise: Let me show the handbills of the programme
Joyce: Okay
Praise: i have a copy here
Praise: can u see it?

Note from James:  It seems this guy might actually be a real minister, or at least a singer in the church.  He should know better. 

I wonder how much scam money this guy rakes in.  Between his frequent webcam usage, family photos, his bible, and now his face on a church program, he seems very convincing.  If it had not been for the original email he sent to me, I would have possibly backed off by now.

(I realize that anyone could make a program like this with Photo Shop, a printer and glossy paper, but judging from the several pics I snapped, this looks authentic to me).

Joyce: Yes. I see it
Praise: u see my black face there?
Joyce: Wow.  You must be very important to be featured so prominently on the cover
Praise: yes
Praise: i am down on suit
Joyce: That is so cool
Praise: are u still on phone with them?
Praise: or they will get back to you on phone or via email
Joyce: No.  They were supposed to call back once they had refunded and reprocessed
Praise: that means they are still working on it
Joyce: Maybe.
Joyce: Or maybe they are just slow to respond
Praise: once u have it, track it online and see that it is there and then mail me
Praise: I have to leave now
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I sincerely apologize for all this
Joyce: I should have tracked the original before I gave you the number
Praise: NOT AT all
Praise: you are really doing ur best
Praise: The Lord will help u as well and support u
Joyce: Thank you
Praise: my wife wanna know u and be ur younger sister
Praise: oh ur daughter
Praise: we are ur kids
Praise: a good one
Praise: faithful to the Lord
Joyce: I would love to see her some day
Praise: I always pray for u Madam Joyce Nelson
Joyce: Thank you.  I am glad that you care so much
Praise: bye now.Mail me when u are through
Praise: Bye
Joyce: If they take much longer, I might just go back to where it was sent
Praise: Thanks
Joyce: You're welcome
Praise: okay do all possible
Joyce: I will
Praise: God Bless u
Joyce: You too
Praise: bye
Joyce: Bye

Note from James:  A cafe worker comes by and shuts off the cam.  He seems to be smiling.  I wonder if it's because Praise decided to do some digging.

The next day...

Praise: Hallo
Joyce: Hello

Note from James:  As usual, Praise invites me to view his webcam.

Note from James:  ...and apparently he decides again to snack while chatting.

Praise: how are u
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Praise: how is ur day so far
Joyce: My day is going fine
Joyce: I hope yours is too
Praise: yes God is faithful
Praise: Praise God
Joyce: Spoken like a true minister

Note from James:  This is not a candid split second pic...

He was doing this for several seconds.  Kinda like some idiot drooling over a piece of food...

Praise: i still haven't received mail from u
Joyce: Yes.  I can explain
Joyce: I never heard back from Western Union, so I called them yesterday afternoon
Joyce: They said they would not be able to reprocess over the phone because you were in Nigeria
Joyce: Western Union seems to have rules about sending money into Nigeria
Joyce: They didn't say antyhing when i sent it, but over the phone they said something about blood relation when
Praise: blood relation?
Joyce: That's what the lady on the phone said
Joyce: but the lady at the store didn't say anything about it
Praise: blood relation there?
Joyce: Probably not.  I don't see a family resemblance between us

Praise: People send money often to us
Praise: fine they could ask them some question as to
Praise: who the money is going to
Praise: and reason for sending the money
Praise: My dear sister
Joyce: Okay.  Maybe the lady I was talking to was some kind of bozo
Praise: Will u be a blessing to our ministry or not
Joyce: Yes. I want to help
Praise: go there and get things corrected
Praise: okay
Joyce: Okay. I shall do that by tomorrow morn
Praise: get there and tell them u are using this to help a ministry
Joyce: I hope your ministry does not use snakes
Praise: Snakes for what?
Joyce: They let the snakes bite them, and it they survive, they know the Lord is with them

Praise: not in my ministry
Joyce: That's good.  I don't want to support the snake people
Praise: Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God
Joyce: I know
Joyce: That's why I root for the snakes
Praise: no snakes here
Joyce: Okay.  Just had to ask
Joyce: Does your ministry allow women to serve as church leaders?
Praise: Yes women take some roles in the church
Praise: Man and woman
Praise: are equal before God
Joyce: Good
Praise: they sing well
Praise: there are somethings that women has grace of that men don't have
Joyce: Do you think you can make me a Deacon in the church?

Praise: omg
Joyce: Do not take Lord's initial in vain
Praise: i am  a man of principle
Praise: so i pray the Lord will make it possible for the help to get through to us and u won't lose ur reward in Jesus Mighty name
Joyce: Is this a yes or a no to my deaconship?
Praise: u are so funny
Joyce: I'm not joking here, Akintunde
Joyce: I want you to appoint me as a deacon right now
Praise: Please let's leave that for now
Praise: is the help coming or not
Joyce: Here's the deal...
Joyce: You make me a deacon, and I won't tell your wife about all this...

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Praise: which date did i send it
Praise: I remember quite alright
Joyce: About two weeks ago
Praise: u amuse me and i think i do
Praise: cause if not
Praise: u won't chat with me nor regard me
Praise: as christains we should love one another
Joyce: and "hook up"

Praise: Hook up is just an english word
Joyce: Yes.  I know
Praise: Hooking up is to make sure we are on the track
Joyce: No.  It means doing the wild thing
Praise: we get to make heaven
Praise: the 70 to 100 years that the Lord gives us grace to spend on earth can't be compared to the ETERNITY that we will spend in HEAVEEN
Praise: over there
Praise: there won't be any going to work, crying or toiling
Praise: what will be there will be singing
Praise: merry making
Praise: I pray the Lord will us get there in Jesus name
Joyce: Is this part of the deacon ceremony?
Praise: not at all
Joyce: Look...
Joyce: I want my deaconhood right now
Joyce: and if you refuse, I will have to show your wife this...

Note from James:  No need to follow the link.  The page contained the following video...

Note from James:  I never received a verbal response from Akintunde, but his body language showed that he wasn't pleased...