Philip's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson A 47 year old widow with one son and regularly updated MySpace profile.  Little does Philip know, Joyce is actually a 27 year old man.
About the scammer:
Name:  Philip Johnson
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace
Note:  Short, but sweet.

Ok here is little about me I Am Philip 45 single dad from Ca los Angeles...People know me as gentle soule and God fearing man.. my son Name is name is mike and his 6 years old,my ex wife has been past away, and now i am in search of a honest.truthful and nice woman that will take me for whom i am. I Work as (Telecommunication project contractor) mike is the only kid i have. I love what I do for a living; but for the right woman.I would be willing to relocate to any where in the world i find my soulmate.I still have alot to tell you about my self,but i will stop here for now.. i came accross your profile on here. and i was really hoooked up by your profile . you can contact me on my personal email; meet me on yahoo messanger my id is philipneedslove3.if u will did like to talk to me.tell me more about yourslef. or give me your mail address..pls i cant wait to hear back from you. Hope to talk to you soon.

Phillip: Hi baby
Joyce: Hello
Phillip: how are you doing?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Phillip: am fine
Phillip:  you looking cute
Joyce: Thanks
Phillip: where have you been all this while ?
Joyce: I've been around
Phillip: but we have not been able t chat
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: I had some personal issues going on
Phillip: okey so how is ur work ?
Joyce: I don't work weekends
Phillip: oh
Phillip: what do u do for living?
Joyce: I am a book supplier
Phillip: all books?
Joyce: No.  Mostly college textbooks, but also some lower grade levels
Phillip: Oh thats cool...
Joyce: How about you?  What do you do for a living?
Phillip: Telecommunication
Phillip: but as project contractor
Joyce: Okay
Phillip: I do have contract from company.. Goverment.. and employ   some steff to work for me
Joyce: Oh.  Kinky!
Phillip: Hoe old are you/?
Joyce: I am 47
Phillip: I am 45
Joyce: ok
Phillip: do you have ur own child?
Joyce: I have one adult son
Phillip: Oh good
Phillip:  how old is he?
Joyce: 27
Phillip: I have one son too.. his name is mike .. 6 years old
Joyce: That's nice.  I'm sure there is a good chance our kids could be best friends
Phillip: Oh good
Phillip:  have you ever been married?
Joyce: Yes.  I was married for 18 years
Phillip: how long have you been divorce?
Joyce: I didn't say I divorced
Joyce: You shouldn't assume that
Phillip: Oh.. so are you still with the father of ur son/
Joyce: No
Joyce: He passed away in 1998
Phillip: Oh.. am sorry to hear that
Joyce: It's okay.  You ride the rails, and eventually a feisty hobo is going to shiv you
Joyce: ...and he knew that
Phillip: so do you ever marry after that time.. or date any other person
Joyce: I've dated since
Joyce: Life goes on
Phillip: yes baby
Phillip: what do you like doing for fun?
Joyce: I enjoy reading, watching TV and movies, and playing the guitar
Phillip: yes.. u have to enjoy reading lol
Phillip: well.. i love that too
Joyce: Who is your favorite author?
Phillip: well...I dont have one... but i love to read any  story that make sence
Joyce: ok
Phillip: and you?
Joyce: Jessica Fletcher
Joyce: Murder is what she wrote
Phillip: okey
Phillip: are you not willing to have a man again?i mean to be with a man ..
Joyce: Yes.
Joyce: Men make the world go round
Phillip: thats cool
Phillip: are you seing any one  now
Phillip: ?
Joyce: Not currently
Phillip: okey
Phillip: what kind of guy will u like to meet/
Joyce: Super smart, super handsome, and a super good cook
Joyce: to cook my supper
Phillip: Cool
Phillip:  am looking for same
Phillip:  and i am gentle guy as well
Phillip:  eaz to get along with
Joyce: That sounds nice to me
Phillip: BRB PLS

Note from James:  I figured I would give him 5 minutes before I signed off.   After about 4 minutes, I was surprised to see this appear on my Messenger list beside his name...

Surely, a guy using a fake pic isn't going to display "View My Webcam."  I then requested permission to view it.  He did not respond....

Joyce: You can at least show me your cam while I am waiting
Phillip: am trying to fix it
Phillip: its having problem
Joyce: I wouldn't know unless you click "accept"

Note from James:  I have no idea why, but he clicked "Accept."  Maybe it's because immediately after I typed the word, I requested permission again. 

Regardless, he had given me permission, and for nearly 5 seconds, he was visible on camera.  Apparently, he didn't even realize it at first.

Phillip: its not . working baby
Phillip: am just trying
Joyce: You're a black guy?
Phillip: lol
Phillip: lol
Phillip: how do you mean

Note from James:  I invited Philip to start Photo Sharing, and I showed him the pic I snapped...

Phillip: U get the wrong person
Joyce: So you're the other black guy slightly out of frame wearing glasses?
Phillip: lol...
Phillip: U smater
Joyce: Yeah, so hurry up and fix that webcam so we can continue our chat
Phillip: later woman
Joyce: No.  Let's finish this now, Flip Flop
Phillip: bye

Philip signed off and I never heard from him again.