Perkins' Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 61 year old widow.  The is also the proud mother of one son, James.  Also, she is completely imaginary.
About the scammer...
Name:  Perkins Wilson / Mitch Davidson
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  Deleted by MySpace

Hello Beauty.....

Hello How are U Doing?....Wow Its Been Nice Comming Accross Ur Sweet And Lovely Profile Which I Did'nt Hope I am Going to Come Accross In My Life Before And I Really Think We Do Hav Something Incommon.And I Do Think We Both Match.First Of All Let me InTroduce Myself I am perkins Male From USA,I am A Man Of 40 Years Old And i am A Widower with One Kid Who's Name Is joe And I am A car dealerr By Profession And I am In Africa For some little selling of cars here.. I Really Love My Job Cos It Has been Helping me Take Care Of My Son And I am Good Hearted Man With A Good SenseOf Hurnour And I Love To Make Friends Inside My Country And Outside My Country And I Also Love Travelling Outside The Country For Vercation And For My Business And my wife died For The Past 5 Good Consecutive Years Now With Out A Woman In My Life And I hav Also Been Hurt Before thtas Why I Came On Here To See If I am Going to Hav A Pertner Of Mine On Here And I will Also Love to meet My Soulmate On here That Will Love Me And That Will be With me In My Good Times And Bad Times,And What I love Doing In My Free Times Are Playing Games And Watching Tv With My Kid And I also play With My Family Cos I always Care For My Family Most Especially My Son Who Has Been Like Me.....Well I Guess I will Hva To Stop Here.I will be Looking Forward In Hearing From U....And I will also Like Us To Hav A Little Conversation On Yahoo If U Hav One My Is (perkins_wilson)....And If U want to Email me U Can Email Me On This........(perkins_wilson)

Perkins: hello u there??
Joyce  : Hello
Joyce  : I'm here
Perkins: ok
Perkins: how are u doin today??
Joyce  : I'm doing fine.  How are you?
Perkins: me too
Perkins: am here just waiting to talk to if u come online and definately u came am so happy
Perkins: cos i dont have anybody to talk to
Joyce  : Well now you have me to talk to
Joyce  : So you don't have to be lonely anymore
Perkins: yes
Perkins: u so cutie
Joyce  : Thanks.  I feel cutie
Perkins: do u have a cam??
Joyce  : No.  Do you?
Perkins: yes but it is foulty here
Perkins: i really missed talking to u here
Joyce  : Missed me?  This is the first time we chatted
Perkins: yes i know saying that cos am so so lonely
Joyce  : Okay
Joyce  : Now it makes sense
Perkins: so wat ur pretty name please?
Joyce  : My pretty name is Joyce Nelson
Perkins: am perkins  wilson
Perkins: am from gallatin tenn
Perkins: u?
Joyce  : I'm from Wilmington, NC
Perkins: u single??
Joyce  : Yes
Perkins: have u been married before?
Joyce  : Yes
Perkins: u have kids?/
Joyce  : I have one son
Perkins: ok
Perkins: me too i have a son
Perkins: joe
Joyce  : My son's name is James
Perkins: 10
Joyce  : Mine's 27
Perkins: sorry to ask wat happend to ur man??
Joyce  : He passed away
Perkins: ohh so sorry
Perkins: mine too passed away
Joyce  : I'm sorry to hear that
Perkins: by a car accident
Joyce  : The same thing happened to my husband
Joyce  : except it was a truck
Joyce  : and it wasn't an accident. It was on purpose
Perkins: ok
Perkins: can u see my pics?
Joyce  : They're blurry
Perkins: But atleast u are sereing them
Joyce  : No
Perkins: My Pretty Angel Only u and u alone i want to view my Pics....K?
Perkins: So i can also be viewing Urs too
Joyce  : Yeah. We'll do some swappin'
Perkins: Okay My Pretty Angel
Perkins: My Dear how i wish i ma there with u now to look into ur eyes and tell u how i am feelingf about U
Joyce  : Thanks.  That's sweet
Perkins: U are as pretty as Gold
Perkins: But though Gold Or silver i do not have to give to U...But take this beat Of my Love
Joyce  : You have a lovely way with words
Perkins: Yeah...I am down to earth to do it\
Joyce  : Yeah
Perkins: Good
Perkins: So Have u ever dated on here?
Joyce  : Online?
Joyce  : No
Perkins: So how long ahve u been on here .......I mean on this Internet stuff?
Joyce  : Do you mean the internet or MySpace?
Joyce  : I've been on the internet since 1996.  I've been on MySpace for about 2 weeks
Perkins: I am talking about the both
Perkins: Well its been so much loing now that u have been on here
Joyce  : I guess so
Perkins: i hve to shower now will be back online ok..dont go i will be back ok
Joyce  : I'm not going to be online all evening
Joyce  : I have other things to do
Perkins: ok i  will chat with you later then ok..take good care of ur self
Joyce  : I said I wouldn't be here later
Perkins: ok\
Joyce  : We'll chat another day

The next day...

Perkins: hello joyce
Joyce  : Hello
Perkins: how are u doin today??
Joyce  : I'm doing fine.  How about you?
Perkins: am too doin good
Perkins: i have really missed talking to u here
Joyce  : I missed you too
Perkins: so how is work today?
Joyce  : It was fine.  Thank you
Perkins: so are u at home now?
Joyce  : Yes.
Perkins: so tell me how u enjoyed the week?
Joyce  : My week rocked.  How was yours?
Perkins: me too
Perkins: i wish u have another pics for me to see ur pretty face of a cam
Perkins: u so pretty
Joyce  : I have more pics
Joyce  : If you show me yours, I'll show you mine
Perkins: please can i see pleasae

Perkins: wow u look very beautifull
Joyce  : Thank you very much
Joyce  : Do you have any others?
Perkins: yes i have
Perkins: can iu see mine now??

Joyce  : Yes
Joyce  : You look very handsome
Perkins: thnaks
Perkins: i know u love that father christmas
Joyce  : He's called Santa here in the U.S.
Perkins: ok thats beautifull
Perkins: i will realy take one with u
Perkins: cos i will like to take one with an angel like u
Joyce  : You're very sweet
Perkins: thanks but u are the sweetest
Perkins: do u love the work u do?
Joyce  : Yes.  I enjoy my work
Perkins: please me more about it pleae
Perkins: please
Joyce  : I'm a book supplier
Joyce  : I purchase books in large quantities directly from the publishers at their discounted rates.  I then resell the books to colleges and universities, and sometimes individually online
Perkins: good i love it too
Joyce  : Thanks
Perkins: but how lond have u been on the net??
Joyce  : Since 1996
Perkins: ok
Perkins: well am on here since 2005
Joyce  : My son got the internet in '96 when he still lived with me.  He taught me how to use it but he told me not to look in certain folders
Perkins: ok
Perkins: but where is he now?
Joyce  : He has a place of his own
Perkins: ok
Perkins: wat does he work??
Joyce  : He owns a comic book store
Perkins: on his own?
Joyce  : Yes
Perkins: i know he most be beautifull like u
Joyce  : What's that supposed to mean?
Perkins: i mean i know he will be pretty like u
Joyce  : That's not cool
Perkins: so is he married?
Joyce  : No
Perkins: ok but do u hve the pics of him?
Joyce  : Okay... Now you're just getting creepy
Joyce  : You're asking WAY too may questions about my son
Perkins: wow so sorry ok if ui upset u
Perkins: i just want to know more about u thats all ok
Joyce  : But you're not asking about me.  You're asking about my son.
Joyce  : And it sounded like you had a boycrush on him
Perkins: ok so sorry ok?
Joyce  : I accept your apology
Perkins: hanks very much
Joyce  : you're welcome
Perkins: i love the cloth u use to take that pic
Perkins: do u still have them??
Joyce  : Yes, but they're dirty now
Perkins: they are so nice on u
Joyce  : Thanks
Perkins: i wis h u have a cam so u can put the cloths on
Joyce  : Do you have a cam or something?
Perkins: yes but it foulty here
Joyce  : ok
Perkins: do u go to roman church?
Joyce  : No
Perkins: ok
Perkins: well i go to roman
Joyce  : We call it Catholic church over here
Perkins: yes i know i just called it that way cos that the way the nigerian called it here
Joyce  : Okay
Perkins: i wish my son is here to see ur pretty pics
Joyce  : Yeah, I'd like to see his pics sometime
Perkins: ok i will send it to u now cos i want u to know everything about me here

Joyce  :
He looks just like you
Perkins: really?
Joyce  : Yes, if you were a child and you were playing dress-up I would think you were twins
Joyce  : How old is he?
Perkins: he is 10yrs
Joyce  : What grade is he in?

Note from James:  I needed a bathroom break, and I knew this question would buy me a few minutes.

Perkins: u bussy??
Joyce  : No. I was waiting for you to answer my question
Joyce  : I asked what grade Joe was in
Perkins: Okay
Perkins: What grade are Urs too?
Joyce  : My son's an adult.  He's not in any grade
Perkins: what do u mean ?
Perkins: he is just a little kid
Joyce  : I'm talking about your son
Joyce  : Not mine
Joyce  : I asked what grade your son was in.
Perkins: Oh yes i know
Joyce  : It's not a hard question
Perkins: 6
Joyce  : ok
Joyce  : He must be very smart
Perkins: yes he is
Perkins: he dream s to his future was to be a medical doctor
Joyce  : He's already got the clothes, so he's halfway there
Perkins: is just that i pray where he is now he must be well
Joyce  : Where is he?
Perkins: he is in uk now with my best friend there
Perkins: they do call me
Perkins: on the phone
Joyce  : That's nice
Perkins: that call make me know that he is very well
Joyce  : That's nice to hear
Joyce  : I will need to go soon
Perkins: yes i know but not now ok
Joyce  : I need to go
Perkins: cos if u go now u will leave me here lonely
Joyce  : I have other things I need to do.  I can't stay and chat all night
Perkins: yes i know but u have to stay with me here please i beg
Joyce  : I'm sorry, but no
Joyce  : We'll chat again tomorrow
Perkins: ok
Perkins: but i want u to do me a favour
Joyce  : What's the favor?
Perkins: can u please call me?
Joyce  : In Africa?
Perkins: yes
Joyce  : I can't make international calls
Perkins: please i want to hear ur sweet voice
Joyce  : It's just not possible
Perkins: please i beg u
Joyce  : I don't have an international calling plan, so it's out of the question
Perkins: ok but will u call me some day?
Joyce  : Yeah, when you come back to the U.S.
Joyce  : because right now that's not an option
Perkins: ok is just that i just want to hear ur sweet voice
Perkins: cos i know ur voice will be very prety
Joyce  : Thanks
Joyce  : I really need to go
Joyce  : Talk to you tomorrow
Perkins: ok
Joyce  : Bye
Perkins: bye
Joyce  : I love you
Perkins: love u too honey

A few days later...

Perkins: hello
Joyce  : Hello
Perkins: how are u doin today?
Joyce  : I'm fine.  How are you?
Perkins: i really missed talking to u here
Perkins: am cool
Joyce  : I missed you too.  I was worried when I didn't see on you online for a few days
Perkins: am so sorry my love
Perkins: am very bussy here
Perkins: but now u have me now ok
Joyce  : Okay.  I'm just glad to know you're alive
Perkins: me too
Perkins: so honey where are u now??
Perkins: at home??
Joyce  : I'm home now
Perkins: ok my love
Perkins: so my love how was work?
Joyce  : Work was fine.  Thanks for asking
Perkins: we thank god allmighty
Perkins: so my love do u now have a cam??
Joyce  : No
Joyce  : Do you?
Perkins: no
Perkins: honey guess wat??
Joyce  : What?
Perkins: i am here bussy looking at ur pics u sent to me
Joyce  : Thanks. That's sweet
Perkins: cos i love u and i do cars for u
Joyce  : In the gas tank or the exhaust pipe?
Perkins: my love joe phone and i told him all about u
Perkins: am he said he will love u
Joyce  : That's great to hear
Joyce  : I'm glad to hear that he approves
Perkins: yes he really do
Perkins: i wis u will talk to him on phone
Joyce  : Is he in the U.S. right now?
Joyce  : I can only have calls from the US
Perkins: no my love
Joyce  : Oh
Joyce  : That's too bad
Perkins: he is still in uk
Joyce  : I hope to talk to him some day
Perkins: yes my love
Perkins: i will live with u till the end of my life
Joyce  : I hope that we spend many many years together
Perkins: yes even death can not stop us
Joyce  : That's right
Joyce  : I defy death
Perkins: even if he did u are in heaven and am in hell i will come over to u to join u
Joyce  : So you think I'm going to hell?
Perkins: no i mean if u are in heaven and am in hell i will come over to heaven to be with you
Joyce  : I don't think God will allow that
Joyce  : His rules are pretty strict
Perkins: sure he will cos he know i really love u
Joyce  : If you say so
Perkins: honey i know ur parents will be very beautifull like u
Joyce  : My parents died a long time ago
Perkins: i wish i could see there pics
Joyce  : I don't keep pictures of them
Perkins: why but they ur parents
Joyce  : They died in a fire
Joyce  : The fire killed them and burned all the photo albums
Perkins: ok i now understand
Joyce  : Okay
Perkins: so my darling do u love black people??
Joyce  : I don't hate them, if that's what you mean
Perkins: no thats not wat i mean
Perkins: i mean will u love to have them as ur man?
Joyce  : but you are my man
Perkins: yes i kjow my love am just asking
Joyce  : Why would you ask a question like that?
Perkins: ok so sory about that if i make u mad
Perkins: please dont be upset ok my love
Perkins: cos if u do i will be crying
Joyce  : I'm not mad.  I'm just confused why you would ask that kind of question
Joyce  : Are you really a black guy?
Perkins: no
Perkins: but i can see my pics
Joyce  : Then what's your reason for asking?
Perkins: am just asking that will u love to have them as ur friends??
Perkins: and thats all
Joyce  : You didn't say friends
Joyce  : You said as my man
Perkins: my love am so sorry ok
Perkins: will u be mad at me??
Joyce  : Explain your question
Joyce  : and I won't be mad
Perkins: ok
Perkins: why i say that is they cheat women so much like having another family out there
Joyce  : That's a very racist thing to say
Joyce  : Do you hate black people or something?
Perkins: well my darlig i love everybody but they feel like having friends like me
Joyce  : I want you to know something.
Joyce  : I hate racists
Joyce  : If you're going to continue this kind of talk, it's over between us
Joyce  : So please do not do that again
Perkins: ok my love i will never
Joyce  : Thank you
Perkins: i love the cloths for this profille
Joyce  : Thanks
Perkins: every time i see ur pretty face i will be comfortable
Joyce  : You always say such sweet things to me
Joyce  : When do you plan to come home?
Perkins: well my love when i finish selliung my cars here
Perkins: u know i have not been lond here since i come on here
Perkins: but my love when will u like me to come
Joyce  : As soon as possible
Perkins: ok my love
Perkins: i have 3cars here to sell
Perkins: but i will sell 2so i will come home soon ok my love
Joyce  : Thank you so much
Joyce  : How did you get the cars over there?
Perkins: well i go to germany to buy them
Perkins: do u have a car?/
Joyce  : Yes
Joyce  : I have a 2004 Honda Civic
Perkins: how much did u buy it??
Joyce  : That's a little personal, don't you think?
Perkins: yes i know but please my darling for my sake tell me please??
Joyce  : Adults usually don't ask that kind of question
Perkins: ok my love
Joyce  : Ok
Perkins: i will like to give u a car but since u have
Joyce  : Thanks, but I'm satisfied with the car I have now
Perkins: ok my darling
Perkins: i have HUMMER.......BMW X5.........FORD
Perkins: to sell
Joyce  : I thought you bought your cars from Germany?
Perkins: yes i do
Joyce  : I thought you would be selling German cars
Perkins: yes i do sell them sometimes
Joyce  : Like Volkswagen or something
Joyce  : ok
Perkins: yes i do sell them like GOLF
Joyce  : What?
Perkins: so my love do u hear about the election here??
Joyce  : What election?
Perkins: here in africa
Joyce  : No.
Joyce  : I'm still trying to figure out the golf comment you made
Perkins: ok thats a kind of car
Joyce  : No
Joyce  : Golf is a sport
Perkins: its allso a car
Joyce  : Who makes it?
Perkins: ask anybody around u
Joyce  : I know plenty about cars
Joyce  : and I've never heard of a brand of cars called Golf
Joyce  : Are you talking about golf carts?
Joyce  : Because that's not a car
Perkins: honey never mined i may bring it along woth me ok
Perkins: with me
Joyce  : Okay
Joyce  : because I'd like to see it
Perkins: yes it very beautifull
Joyce  : Yeah. We drive it down around the green
Perkins: my darlimg do u have a store??
Joyce  : I wouldn't consider it a store, but I do run my own business
Perkins: really?
Joyce  : Yes.  I believe we discussed it before
Perkins: yes my love we have
Joyce  : Okay
Perkins: so my love do u have a god or a cat u keeping?/
Joyce  : I have a dog
Perkins: really??
Perkins: i love gods
Perkins: u have cat??
Joyce  : No.  Just a dog
Perkins: i really love dog
Joyce  : Me too.  Especially mine
Perkins: i have a dog before but i left for africa
Perkins: i left it at home
Joyce  : Who is watching your dog?
Perkins: so i dont know how he manage to fed
Perkins: cos joe really love him so much that he watnt to take the dog along with him to uk
Joyce  : You left him along without food for over a week?
Perkins: no i did not
Joyce  : Then why did you say "perkins wilson: so i dont know how he manage to fed"
Perkins: my friend's children toke him to there home to stay with them
Joyce  : I swear to God, if you left that dog without food I will never speak to you again
Perkins: no my love i dont do that
Perkins: i do care for him as my son
Joyce  : I hope so
Perkins: u and joe and the dog i have in this whole willd world
Joyce  : Okay
Joyce  : I will need to go soon
Joyce  : I haven't started cooking dinner yet
Perkins: no my love u dont have to leave me here alone
Joyce  : I have to eat
Perkins: ok but i will be here waitinh ok my love
Joyce  : I probably won't come back online
Joyce  : We'll chat again tomorrow
Perkins: i really want to have a good time with u here
Joyce  : Thanks
Joyce  : Goodnight
Perkins: sweetdreams
Perkins: i love you
Joyce  : I love you too
Perkins: u really made my day today

The next day...

Perkins: hello u there now?
Joyce  : Hello
Perkins: how are u doin my love
Joyce  : I'm fine.  How are you?
Perkins: am fine too
Perkins: how was work today?
Joyce  : Work was fine.  Thanks
Perkins: are u at home now my darling?
Joyce  : Yes. I'm home now
Perkins: ok
Perkins: i wish am there now with u to kiss u
Joyce  : Me too
Perkins: so where have u been since
Joyce  : Since when?
Perkins: for 1day my darling
Joyce  : I went to work this morning, and I came home about 30 minutes ago
Perkins: ok my darling i was very worried about ur absence here
Joyce  : Thanks for your concern
Perkins: i love u honey
Joyce  : I love you too
Perkins: hmm honey i need u to do me a lil favour
Joyce  : What kind of favor?
Perkins: i need to settle some of my hotel bills here,and i ain't got physical cash to do it...i have only got checks which ar cashable only in the united i was wondering if u can help me out with just $700,i will pay u double of it when i return
Perkins: the hotel management won't allow me to leave if i dont pay the bills
Joyce  : Why don't you have any money?
Perkins: ''cos i've exausted the cash i had at hand
Joyce  : What about a credit card?
Perkins: before i left home  had my bank put a hold on it for security reasons untill i come back to states
Joyce  : Oh
Perkins: yeah
Perkins: so ar u helping me pay the bills pls? i will pay u back
Joyce  : That's a lot of money
Joyce  : How soon could you pay me back?
Perkins: as soon i return home tommorrow
Perkins: i swear......cross my heart
Joyce  : Only if you swear to God on your life you will pay me back
Perkins: i swear to god with my life that i will pay u back
Perkins: u seem not to trust me
Joyce  : I trust you
Perkins: good
Joyce  : I just wanted to make sure because $700 is a lot of money to me
Perkins: yeah i know
Perkins: so pls u have to go send it today
Perkins: its really urgent as i need to settle the bills before my departure tomorrow
Joyce  : Okay
Joyce  : How do you want me to send it?
Perkins: via western union money transfer
Joyce  : Okay
Perkins: let me get the hotel manager's infor u need to send it
Joyce  : Okay.  I'll wait
ZIP CODE: 46808
Perkins: got it sweetheart?
Joyce  : I'm writing
Joyce  : Got it
Perkins: can u pls go and do it now so that the hotel manager can recieve it
Joyce  : Okay
Joyce  : I'll send it from the gas station at the end of the block
Perkins: can u pls go and do it now so that the hotel manager can recieve it?
Joyce  : Will you wait here?
Perkins: sure...
Joyce  : Okay
Joyce  : It shouldn't take long.  Maybe 10 or 15 minutes
Perkins: ok i will be here waiting
Joyce  : I'll try to hurry back
Perkins: ok
Joyce  : Talk to you soon
Joyce  : Bye
Perkins: ok

About 10 minutes later...

Perkins: u ar back
Joyce  : Hello
Joyce  : Yes, I'm back
Perkins: ok good
Perkins: did u send it?
Joyce  : I'm sorry, but I couldn't send it
Perkins: why?
Joyce  : My credit card was rejected
Perkins: damn but why?
Joyce  : Because $700 would go over my limit
Perkins: oh ok
Joyce  : I didn't realize how much credit was left on the card, and I didn't check before i left
Perkins: what's ur credit card spending limit?
Joyce  : My limit is $1200
Joyce  : But available limit right now is $275
Perkins: ok cant u withraw it from ur bank account?
Perkins: pls
Perkins: i just need to pay this bill as soon as possible
Joyce  : I can't do that
Joyce  : I use my credit card for any purchase
Joyce  : For every dollar I spend on the card, I get one token at Chuck E. Cheese
Perkins: i c
Perkins: ok ar u going to send the 275,i will figure out how to get the rest somehow
Joyce  : I have another idea
Joyce  : I can pay off the balance today on my card
Joyce  : Then I will be able send the full amount tomorrow
Perkins: ok thats a good idea
Perkins: pls go and do it now pls
Joyce  : Can you wait until tomorrow for the money?
Perkins: for the complete 700?
Joyce  : Yes
Perkins: yeah sure but how early enough will u send it by tomorrow?
Joyce  : Tomorrow morning
Perkins: 8am?
Joyce  : Probably, but definitely tomorrow morning sometime
Perkins: ok that will be fine
Perkins: if i'm not on here pls send me the informations offline ok or in my email
Joyce  : I will
Perkins: thanks honey
Joyce  : You're welcome
Perkins: hon i  gotta go now
Joyce  : Okay
Joyce  : We'll chat again another time
Perkins: yes dear later
Joyce  : I'll miss you
Perkins: same here too honey
Joyce  : Bye
Perkins: bye love
Joyce  : I love you
Perkins: love u too sweetheart

Late that night, I sent Perkins an email with the standard fake info...

Hello Perkins,

I have sent the money, and here is the info from Western Union:

MTCN: 7003681580
Sender: Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver: Mitch Davidson / Lagos, Nigeria 46808
Amount: $700

They also recommended a test question...

Question:  Where do we chat?
Answer: Yahoo

I hope this helps.

Love always,


Early the next morning, Perkins went to Western Union with the fake MTCN.  He came back empty handed, and he sent Joyce the following email...

very urgent.

Honey the manager went to the bank to recieve the money,and they checked it on their computer saying no match found on the money transfer control number(MTCN),so i was wondering if u sent it else where or if there is a mix-up somehow............pls go check it out and resend it again,also i would like u to change the text question and answer.once more here are the informations to resend it:
CITY:          LAGOS
ZIP CODE:  23401
Hope to hear from u real soon,pls make this corrections as soon as possible ok.

Later that day...

Perkins: hi honey
Joyce  : Hello
Perkins: how u doing today sweetheart
Joyce  : I'm fine.  How are you?
Perkins: am alright
Perkins: did u get my email?
Joyce  : Yes.  I read it this morning
Perkins: ok
Perkins: so have u done the yet correction?
Joyce  : There was no need for a correction
Joyce  : The info was correct
Perkins: but they tracked it at the bank here with the mtcn and it's not showing
Joyce  : They tracked it over the phone and saw no problem
Perkins: ok hold on while i track it here online
Joyce  : Okay
Perkins: W0131 We do not have an order with the provided information. Please verify your information and click Check Status.
Perkins: thats the transfer message
Joyce  : I saw the same thing just now
Perkins: good
Perkins: thats why u need to have them resend it
Joyce  : I'm not going to resend it
Perkins: why?
Joyce  : Because the person at Western Union told me not to
Joyce  : She said that if I sent it again, someone could claim both transfers
Perkins: nobody will claim it,if they would claim it they would have done so before now
Joyce  : The info is correct
Perkins: the infor might be correct but maybe the mtcn is wrong,if u dont resend it there is no way the bank will pay out the money ''cos it shows no records on their system
Joyce  : The MTCN is correct
Joyce  : That's the number I have on the receipt
Perkins: so now wat do i do......they wont pay out the money here as its not appearing in their computer,even online here
Perkins: western union here actually told me to contact the sender to have the money resent
Perkins: thats why i told u to go and resent it
Joyce  : I'm not going back out.  It's raining outside and I don't want to get my new shoes wet
Perkins: pls
Joyce  : The MTCN is correct.  I have the receipt to prove it
Joyce  : I think you just don't know what you are doing
Perkins: why would u say a thing like that?
Joyce  : Because that's what Western Union said
Joyce  : They said that you probably haven't used Western Union before and you didn't understand how to claim money correctly
Perkins: i have been using western union for any transactio for a very long time .i know what am doing
Joyce  : I didn't say it.  They did.
Perkins: listen if u dont resend it i can't recieve it here its as simple as that
Joyce  : Don't backsass me.  I'm trying to help you out here
Joyce  : I gave them the MTCN number on the receipt and they tracked it without problem
Perkins: why cant u believe me for once?
Perkins: hold on did u sent the money online or western union outlets?
Joyce  : I sent it from a gas station
Perkins: well thats wat the bank told me to have u resend it,its when u resend it that it will appear that its available for pickup in their system
Joyce  : I think you doubt that I actually sent the money
Perkins: i'm not doubting u and u know it
Perkins: i haven't said that
Joyce  : I'll show you the receipt if you don't believe me

Perkins: i'm not doubting u but thats the truth
Perkins: i've seen it but western union here actually told me to have the sender resend it

Note from James:  I am baffled how a receipt with a hairy man-titty got absolutely no reaction.

Perkins: but if won't do this for me then forget it.......u ar doin it for me and not for any other person
Joyce  : Fine.  I will forget it
Joyce  : This is too much trouble
Perkins: I dont mean to stress u honey
Perkins: i'm sorry
Joyce  : I accept your apology
Perkins: ty sweetheart
Perkins: so ar u going to do me the favour of resending it pls.....i need the money urgently 4 the bills as u and know
Joyce  : Of course not
Joyce  : You can either figure out what you're doing wrong, or I can just take it back.  One thing is certain, I will not resend anything
Perkins: that means u dont want me to recieve it
Joyce  : I thought you would have received it by now
Perkins: listen if u cant amend this thing so i can recieve it here,well u can take back ur money
Joyce  : Maybe I will
Perkins: good
Perkins: do it
Joyce  : Fine
Joyce  : Pay your own bills
Perkins: honey why ar doing this?
Joyce  : Because you just told me to
Perkins: dont u understand ?i cant rcieve it here if u dont have them to resend it
Joyce  : You just told me to take the money back
Joyce  : Make up your mind
Perkins: alright honey i'm sorry,it was out of anoyance that i said that
Perkins: but pls try and understand me
Perkins: u ar the only person i got to help me out
Perkins: pls dont let me down
Joyce  : I just retracted the money
Perkins: ???
Joyce  : I got a refund
Perkins: good......u can go to another western union outlet and resend it or better still send it via money gram
Perkins: pls
Joyce  : I'm sorry, but no
Joyce  : That was a lot of money, and it was a lot of trouble
Joyce  : You never once were appreciative of my help
Joyce  : You never even thanked me
Joyce  : You didn't even wish me a happy Valentines Day today
Perkins: honey i'm so sorry...i been busy runing around making arrangements for my return
Perkins: happy val honey
Perkins: just wish i were there with u......u know how much i love u and will always love u no matter what
Joyce  : ok
Perkins: do u love me too?
Joyce  : I don't know anymore
Joyce  : This money really changed you
Perkins: i love u so much and thats why i would give up anything just to be with u
Perkins: pls and every other material things can't and will never change my feelings about u
Perkins: i love u from the bottom of my heart and heavens knows that
Joyce  : You used to be a sweet man
Joyce  : But $700 turned you into a real jive turkey
Perkins: how?
Perkins: i didn't change  hon and will never change......i'm still me
Perkins: talk to me honey
Perkins: i'm sorry if i acted rude or if i done any other thing wrong
Perkins: i mean if God can forgive us ,why cant we forgive ourselves
Joyce  : I'm not God
Perkins: i know u ar not God
Joyce  : Okay.  I'm glad we cleared that up
Perkins: u dont understan
Perkins: so wats the  next line of action
Joyce  : I don't know yet
Perkins: if u still want 2 help me...pls u hav got to do it fast pls i beg u in the name of God sweetheart.i would also help u out if u were in my shoes
Joyce  : You told me to get a refund
Joyce  : Why can't you make up your mind?
Joyce  : Are you drunk right now?

Perkins signed off.

Two days later...

Joyce  : Hello
Perkins: how are u doin today?
Joyce  : I'm fine.  How are you?
Perkins: am fine
Perkins: i missed talking to u here
Joyce  : I missed you too
Perkins: i really realy missed talking to u and missed bein with u there?
Joyce  : Where have you been?
Perkins: i have been here waitin when the hotel manager will alow me with my bagswith them
Joyce  : Okay
Perkins: honey is like u dont want me anymore?
Joyce  : Why do you say that?
Perkins: cos u dont want to talk about the money anymore
Joyce  : I didn't know that was the subject
Perkins: i still love and care for u cos i want to spend the rest of my life with u
Joyce  : Okay, but why did you just mention money?
Joyce  : Is that all you think about?
Perkins: u said u are goin to send me money to return to the state that if i return i will pay u back
Joyce  : Yeah, and I sent it
Joyce  : Then you didn't claim it
Perkins: no darling i went to western unionhere and they say u did not send any honey they say i should ask the sender toplease resent it again but u refuse my love i have never lie to u but u did not trust me
Perkins: why?
Joyce  : I'm sorry, but I will not send it again
Joyce  : I don't like how you act when you mention it
Perkins: no honey is just that i cant wait to have u onmy hams
Joyce  : Me too. I can't wait to honey glaze those hams
Perkins: i cant leave u to another man honey try to understand me ok
Joyce  : How do you know about the other man?
Joyce  : Did he email you?
Perkins: no honey wat am saying is that i dont want another man to have u on the net here cos am not around i still love u
Joyce  : ok
Perkins: so honey i dont know wat to do now my love
Joyce  : How is Joe?
Perkins: jos is fine
Perkins: he missed u so much
Joyce  : Tell him I said hello
Perkins: u want to talk to him cos he want to talk to u also
Joyce  : I would like that
Perkins: then i have to call him then
Joyce  : Okay
Joyce  : I would love to speak with him

Note from James:  Apparently, Perkins forgot that he said Joe was in the UK.  Perkins then pretended to be his imaginary son...

Joe    : hello mom
Joyce: I'm not your mom
Joyce: You may call me Mrs. Nelson
Joyce: or Mrs. Joyce
Joe    : no mom my dad told me u are my new mom
Joyce: I haven't even met you, kid
Joyce: You call me Mrs. Nelson
Joe    : i know u have not meet me but u will see someday
Joyce: Yes.  I hope to meet you soon
Joe    : i cant wait to meet u so we can leave together as one
Joyce: I would like that too
Joyce: You and your dad seem like two very special people
Joe    : yes
Joe    : u so pretty
Joyce: Thanks
Joe    : please pretty angel please get my dad out of the mess pleasei want to met u
Joyce: Did daddy tell you to say that?
Joe    : no his is talking with the hotel manager
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Since he's not around...
Joyce: Tell him I'm breaking up with him
Joyce: I met someone else
Joyce: I wish him the best
Joe    :
Joyce: Also, there is no Santa Claus
Joyce: and your mommy lives in hell with the devil

Note from James:  Without notice, the scammer reverted back to being Perkins

Perkins: hello honey did u have a good time with joe?
Joyce  : Yes
Joyce  : Lovely boy
Perkins: and why is he cryin?
Joyce  : I don't know
Joyce  : Kids can be such crybabies
Perkins: he said u have found another man
Joyce  : He said that?
Joyce  : That kid is such a liar
Perkins: yes
Joyce  : You should spank his bare ass with a fly swatter
Perkins: but i saw it here now on the creen
Joyce  : He typed it
Joyce  : I can do the same thing...
Joyce  : Perkins: Joe is a douche
Perkins: no honey u know he is a kid
Joyce  : Yes
Joyce  : That's why I think you should give him up for adoption
Perkins: no honey he is my one and only life here with u
Joyce  : I'm sorry, but I don't want that lying brat in my life
Joyce  : If he lies this way without even knowing me, I know it will only get worse
Perkins: ok my love i will caution hi ok my love am so sorry
Joyce  : I get this bad vibe from him
Joyce  : I know he's just thinking about knifing me
Perkins: no honey iwill kill him if he trys to doit to my angel
Joyce  : Thank you.  That is a lovely gesture
Perkins: he is here sayin am so osrry to u
Joyce  : Okay
Perkins: he say u should say i forgive u
Perkins: to him
Joyce  : He never apologized to me
Perkins: he is saying so sorry here to u
Perkins: he is on the floor now my love
Joyce  : I accept his apology
Perkins: he thanks
Joyce  : He's welcome
Perkins: he say he will never ever hurt ur feelings again
Joyce  : I'm glad to hear that
Perkins: so honey do u go to work today?
Joyce  : No
Joyce  : I don't work weekends
Perkins: ok my love
Perkins: so honey how am i goin to come over there to u?
Joyce  : I don't know yet
Joyce  : What do you suggest?
Perkins: ok can u pleaase help me cash the check there please my love
Joyce  : What check?
Perkins: the check i told that day that the check cant be cashed here
Joyce  : So what would I have to do?
Perkins: i have to send the check to u so all u have to do is cash it there
Perkins: then u have to send it to me
Joyce  : That would take forever
Joyce  : I thought you were in a rush to leave
Perkins: yes am in rush but there is no money to come over there to u
Joyce  : But if you sent the check, that would take about a week
Joyce  : And another week before the check cleared
Perkins: yes honey but is just that is the check get to u u have to rush and cash it so it will be fast here so i can colect it here and come over here on friday i think
Joyce  : There's no way a check would get here by Friday
Joyce  : The post office is closed until Tuesday
Joyce  : And international mail takes over a week
Perkins: i will take FEDEXS
Joyce  : Doesn't matter
Joyce  : They're not open until Tuesday
Joyce  : Monday is a federal holiday
Perkins: honey then i have to send the check on wed
Joyce  : I don't want to handle your check
Joyce  : I don't like touching other people's money
Perkins: then wat will u do to get me there to u
Joyce  : How about doing something for yourself?
Perkins: how?
Joyce  : You're acting like you're Joe's age
Joyce  : Be an adult and come up with your own solution
Joyce  : I'm surprised you haven't asked me to come to Africa to wipe your ass
Perkins: how do u mean lol?
Joyce  : You can't seem to do anything for yourself
Perkins: no honey is just that u know i dont know anybody here
Perkins: u are the only one i have here
Joyce  : What about Joe?
Perkins: joe cant work at his age
Joyce  : That's not what I'm saying
Joyce  : A boy his age...
Joyce  : at least $5000
Perkins: u want me to sell joe?
Joyce  : Just a suggestion
Perkins: u are a mad woman
Joyce  : I'm trying to help you out here
Perkins: i can see u dont love me there
Joyce  : Why?
Perkins: how can u say that i should sell my onlyson
Joyce  : We can make a new one
Joyce  : ...a better son

Perkins signed off.

The next day...

Perkins: hello honey
Joyce  : Hello
Joyce  : How are you today?
Perkins: amcool
Joyce  : Are you busy?
Joyce  : or are you mad at me?
Perkins: u cost it
Joyce  : Why?
Perkins: i ask u to lean me some money to come over to u said i should sale my onlyson
Joyce  : Sorry if that offended you
Joyce  : I was only trying to help
Perkins: so wat are u doin so i can come over
Joyce  : I made a website to raise money
Joyce  :
Perkins: u are a mad woman
Perkins: god punish u
Joyce  : Why?
Joyce  : I think He will reward me for my valiant work
Perkins: how could u call me a scammer
Joyce  : That's just a marketing gimmick
Perkins: ?
Joyce  : Put Joe on. I want to talk to him
Perkins: bye
Joyce  : So we're not friends anymore?
Perkins: yes
Joyce  : But the website is supposed to make you love me harder
Perkins: and i want u to deleteme now ok cos that wat am doin now
Joyce  : Come on...
Joyce  : You're just mad because I never really sent any money
Perkins: then why do u have to lie
Joyce  : I lied for love
Perkins: now i know u dont love me
Joyce  : Yes
Joyce  : I lied about that too
Joyce  : ...and I lied about being a woman
Joyce  :
Joyce  : I also lied abou not wanting to cash your check
Joyce  : Still want me to cash it?