Nicholas' Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow.  She's self employed, and she has one son.  Oh yeah... and she's really a 27 year old dude.
About the scammer...
Name: Nicholas Thompson / Charles Williams
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Telephone: +234-8027151082
Profile:  Deleted by MySpace

Nicholas initiated contact by sending a generic email.  He also used the wrong name...

hello dear i am larry how r u doing

Hey Spike, how you doin'?
hello baby i am not doing too good,bcos i need a lady in my live
That works out pretty good because I'm a lady and I need a man in my life.
wow baby how can we meet then?
Do you have Yahoo Messenger? Let's chat and work out the details.

Love always,

hello here is my yahoo chat id

The next day, we had our first chat...

Nicholas: hello baby
Joyce N: Hello
Nicholas: remember me?
Joyce N: Yes
Nicholas: aw baby thanks 4 remembring me
Nicholas: so how have u been doing?
Joyce N: I'm fine.  How about you?
Nicholas: too stree baby
Nicholas: are u maried?
Joyce N: No
Nicholas: searching?
Joyce N: Yeah, I guess
Nicholas: i am searching too,and sems i have found my queen.:)
Joyce N: We are delighted
Nicholas: aww baby u r making me milk
Joyce N: What?
Nicholas: where do u stay baby
Joyce N: Hold on...
Joyce N: Go back...
Joyce N: Milk?
Nicholas: where do u leave
Joyce N: You're going to have to explain that one first...
Joyce N: What do you mean "making me milk"?
Nicholas: when i mean milk
Nicholas: i mean u r making my heart joyfull
Joyce N: Do you have teets or something?
Nicholas: teets?
Joyce N: Yeah.  Round things with nipples that produce milk
Nicholas: how?
Joyce N: I don't know exactly
Joyce N: Ducts and glands I guess
Nicholas: aw
Joyce N: That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard in my life
Nicholas: i mean u are so romantic
Joyce N: I've never heard that expression before
Nicholas: aww u heard it from me first baby:)
Nicholas: we learn every day
Nicholas: hope u dont feel bad about that expresion
Joyce N: No
Joyce N: It just weirded me out
Nicholas: ok
Nicholas: baby are u wiling to marry again?
Joyce N: Nope
Joyce N: I didn't want to marry the first time
Joyce N: Stupid commonlaw marriages sneak up on you
Nicholas: then what r u wanting? long term relationship?
Joyce N: Yes.  A full term
Nicholas: me too
Nicholas: huny where do u leave?
Joyce N: You mean "where do you live"
Joyce N: and I live in NC
Nicholas: yup
Nicholas: aw i leave in wisconsin
Nicholas: do u have kid?
Joyce N: I have one adult son
Nicholas: aww thats nice
Nicholas: what do u do 4 living?
Joyce N: I'm a book supplier
Nicholas: aw
Nicholas: i am a contractor
Nicholas: at d matter of fact i am at an assignment building a compnay in  africa now
Joyce N: What type of company?
Nicholas: buliding company
Joyce N: So your building company is building another building company?
Nicholas: oh u mean d name?
Joyce N: Yeah, I guess that's close to what I'm asking
Nicholas: ok,its not that popular though
Nicholas: but its growing our CEO IS MAKING A PLANE TO MAKE IT BIGGER SOONER
Joyce N: Yeah.  That's usually how businesses operate
Nicholas: And i wish b4 then u and i will share in d happy futune
Nicholas: what do u think baby
Joyce N: Sounds pretty nifty
Nicholas: dont u like iT?
Joyce N: Yeah.  Great
Nicholas: do u have a cam baby?
Joyce N: No
Joyce N: Do you?
Nicholas: nope u hae more pic ?
Joyce N: Yes
Nicholas: i love to se u more baby
Joyce N: Show me some of yours and I'll show you more of mine
Nicholas: ok
Nicholas: but huny i will like to hear ur voice i want to hear d voice of d woman who might be d woman of my live
Joyce N: I'm sorry, but I can't make international calls
Nicholas: ok
Nicholas: can i call u?
Joyce N: No.  I have a local calling plan
Joyce N: I can't make or receive calls outside of the continental U.S.
Nicholas: so u dont want to speak to me?
Joyce N: It's not that.  I can't make or receive calls from outside the U.S.
Joyce N: That's how local calling plans work
Nicholas: k
Nicholas: but baby u r not always online how do i communicate with u
Joyce N: When you're back home it won't be a problem
Nicholas: ok baby
Nicholas: baby,tell me the truth do u like me?
Joyce N: Yes.  You seem like a real happenin' cat
Nicholas: thanks baby
Nicholas: baby now that u have me lets delete our profile and let get off myspace
Nicholas: ok
Joyce N: No
Nicholas: why?
Joyce N: Because I don't want to
Nicholas: so u r still searching?
Joyce N: No. MySpace isn't a dating site
Nicholas: then why
Nicholas: tell me baby
Joyce N: I just did
Joyce N: MySpace isn't a dating site.  It's a place for friends
Joyce N: it says so right on the logo
Nicholas: but how do i know u wount be double dating?
Joyce N: Because I'm not a whore
Nicholas: ok
Nicholas: baby,u didnt even tell me ur name
Nicholas: i only know its joyce
Joyce N: Joyce Nelson
Nicholas: mine is nicholas thompson
Nicholas: incase u wan cal me
Nicholas: u can have my number
Nicholas: +234-8027151082
Joyce N: Okay
Nicholas: u know what baby?
Joyce N: What?
Nicholas: huny i need u in my live,u just have all i want in a woman
Joyce N: and them some
Nicholas: do u live alone?
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: Just me and my dog
Nicholas: u have stole my heart.
Joyce N: I'll take care of it
Nicholas: promise me?
Joyce N: Yep.  I'll place it prominently on my shelf
Nicholas: aww baby.
Nicholas: i am falling in love right now
Joyce N: Really?
Nicholas: i cant control it
Joyce N: I'm flattered
Nicholas: u have a sparkling in u
Nicholas: hope ur son will like to have me as his step dady
Joyce N: No.  He is too old to have another father
Nicholas: but huny are u saying we should have a secret relationship?
Joyce N: No
Joyce N: I'm saying that grown men don't get new daddies
Nicholas: oh
Nicholas: huny i have to go take my barth now
Nicholas: i am dirty
Joyce N: Yeah.  I bet
Joyce N: We'll chat again another time
Nicholas: hope u r with me right now so i can hold u
Joyce N: I'll miss you
Nicholas: me too baby
Nicholas: i just hope u will call my phone
Nicholas: tyhat willl be d happiest day of my live
Joyce N: I told you before that I can't make or receive international calls
Nicholas: i know but u can just call from a pay phone centre
Joyce N: I'll try but that will take a lot of quarters
Nicholas: should i be expecting ur call any moment?
Joyce N: No.
Joyce N: I'm at home.
Nicholas: oh
Nicholas: k baby
Nicholas: have it in ur mind that some where a man loves you so much
Joyce N: Thanks, Nick
Nicholas: u r as far as i am concern my sweet joyce
Nicholas: i love u
Joyce N: I love you too
Nicholas: bye huny
Joyce N: Goodbye
Nicholas: comon give me a love kis
Joyce N:
Nicholas: thats my baby
Nicholas bye
Joyce N: Goodbye

The next day...

Nicholas: hi sweetie
Joyce N: Hello
Nicholas: i mised u baby
Joyce N: I missed you too
Nicholas: huny have u been thinking about us?
Joyce N: Yeah.  That's ALL I've been thinking about
Nicholas: really?
Joyce N: Oh yeah
Nicholas: i told u to try to call me if u want me online
Joyce N: I told you that I can't make or receive international calls.
Nicholas: ok
Nicholas: its prity hot here.
Nicholas: do u remember i told u m on duty in africa building.
Joyce N: Yes.  You told me
Nicholas: ok huny how i wish i am there with u
Joyce N: I feel the same way.  I hope to be with you soon
Nicholas: do u remember where i am now?
Joyce N: Africa
Joyce N: You just reminded me about 45 seconds ago
Nicholas: My gosh that means i am really in ur mind baby
Joyce N: Yes.  It's hard for Joyce to forget stuff
Nicholas: huny i want to come see u this week,only if u agree me to
Joyce N: I would so love that!
Nicholas: really?
Joyce N: Yes.  If you are serious
Nicholas: but huny they havent paid us our salary here and i find it hard to purchase d ticket by myself alone
Joyce N: Oh
Joyce N: It's okay
Joyce N: I can wait until you get paid
Joyce N: I just hope it will not be a long wait
Nicholas: no huny but can u help me get just a $100 that d amount i am loking 4 now\
Joyce N: Oh
Joyce N: Why do you need $100?
Nicholas: bcos i have some money 4 d ticket but it remaining 100 to get it compleat
Joyce N: Oh.  Okay
Nicholas: can u help me send d 100 so i can stat aranging 4 my coming?
Joyce N: Yes. I will help you
Nicholas: ok baby i love u so much
Nicholas: when will u send it
Joyce N: How do you want me to send it?  Do you want me to wire the money to you?
Nicholas: yes via western union
Joyce N: No problem
Nicholas: can u go send it now/
Joyce N: No. I'm at work now
Joyce N: I can send it later tonight
Nicholas: ok when u get back from work will u go to d western union?
Joyce N: No.  I have something I have to do this evening.  I can send the money tonight while I'm out
Nicholas: ok
Nicholas: can i giver u d info to send it to
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: Type it while I find a pen
Nicholas: ok
Nicholas: Reciever---Charles--williams
Nicholas: country----Nigeria
Nicholas: state----lagos
Nicholas: city-----ikeja
Nicholas: zipcode----23401
Nicholas: text question----my wife
Nicholas: text answer---joyce
Nicholas: after sending d money send me d money detail to my mail box at
Joyce N: Yes. 
Joyce N: I've got it now
Nicholas: how much r u sending?
Joyce N: $100
Nicholas: ok but do u have western union around you?
Joyce N: I have gas stations around me
Joyce N: and every gas station does Western Union
Nicholas: ok baby
Nicholas: Just make sure u send d moneyt today so i can make next week flight
Joyce N: Yes.  I will send it tonight.  I promise
Nicholas: huny can i try one thing
Joyce N: Yes
Nicholas: give me ur number let me see if my call will go through
Joyce N: Okay, but I know it won't work
Joyce N: 980-867-5309
Nicholas: just give meok
Nicholas: i only wana try
Joyce N: Okay
Nicholas: its saying number not in use.
Joyce N: That's because you're not dialing from the continental U.S.
Joyce N: The caller must have a U.S. area code or the call will not go through
Nicholas: ok baby
Nicholas: baby r u still on myspace
Joyce N: Yes
Nicholas: but why baby
Nicholas: some guy might take u from me
Joyce N: That will never happen
Nicholas: are u promising me baby
Joyce N: I promise
Nicholas: ok baby
Nicholas: i am releaved now.
Joyce N: No MySpace man will ever come between us
Nicholas: i will kill myself if i loose u
Joyce N: If you ever killed yourself, I would probably almost kill myself
Nicholas: ok baby
Nicholas: huny things are hard down here in africa
Joyce N: Why?
Nicholas: they dont even cash an america cheque
Nicholas: i dont eat 3square meal
Nicholas: i just dont like it here
Joyce N: Yes.  I can imagine that it's not a very good place to be
Nicholas: really,sucks
Joyce N: You should be thankful that you do not have to stay there for long
Nicholas: yes,u resgued me
Joyce N: I'm glad I could help
Nicholas: yes my Love
Nicholas: bay u r my hero
Joyce N: That makes me feel very proud
Nicholas: i sherish u
Joyce N: You're the best
Nicholas: no huny
Nicholas: u r d best
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: But you're #2
Nicholas: huny u will kill me
Joyce N: What do you mean?
Nicholas: u will kill me with love
Joyce N: I would never do that because you are more valuable alive at the moment
Nicholas: huny can u send some little money so i can use to get food too?
Joyce N: How much?
Nicholas: maybe 200
Joyce N: Do you plan on repaying me?
Nicholas: ofcause my love if u want me to
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: I'll send $200
Nicholas: ok baby
Nicholas: i am having a high blood presure
Nicholas: i am too excited about our love
Joyce N: My blood pressure goes up when I have my annual scoliosis tests
Nicholas: Ooops,i need to get back to work now my love.
Joyce N: It's okay.  I should go too
Nicholas: i will check my mail soon baby 4 d western union info later tonighht as u said
Nicholas: ok
Joyce N: I have plans this evening and I don't know time I will be home.
Joyce N: But I will not forget you
Nicholas: ok,i understand
Joyce N: and you will be in my thoughts all day and all night
Nicholas: u r always in my blood stream
Joyce N: I shall protect your T-cells
Nicholas: i am late now baby
Joyce N: I'm so sorry for keeping you from your work
Joyce N: Bye!
Nicholas: kisses to u my love
Joyce N:
Nicholas: kisses
Nicholas: gato go now
Joyce N: Goodbye

Nicholas wasted no time in asking for money.  However, he got either greedy or stupid(er).

I received a message from a "stranger" later in the day...

larry_boniface: hello there are u married?
Joyce Nelson : Who the fuck are you?
larry_boniface: dont be mad at me
larry_boniface: i am just a new prson
Joyce Nelson : Where did you get my ID?
larry_boniface: i m single and searchin
Joyce Nelson : Where did you get my ID?
larry_boniface: myspace
Joyce Nelson : Bullshit
Joyce Nelson : My ID isn't listed on MySpace
larry_boniface: oh i searched at myspace
larry_boniface: are umarried?
Joyce Nelson : Well that's not where you got my ID
larry_boniface: lets forget about that
larry_boniface: are u marreied?
Joyce Nelson : Fuck you
Joyce Nelson : You're blocked now
larry_boniface: fuck me
Joyce Nelson : Yeah, fuck YOU
larry_boniface: why r u agrezive
larry_boniface: fuck u too

One minute later, another stranger comes along...

love_care_true: helo
Joyce Nelson : Fuck off
Joyce Nelson : You're blocked too

And again another minute later...

paula_shining: why did u tell my brother to fuck off?
Joyce Nelson : Guess what Nicholas?
Joyce Nelson : I don't like these games
Joyce Nelson : and now you're fucked

Another minute later, Nicholas signs in briefly...

nicholas_njsfh: Hello My love,i just gat back from shot break
nicholas_njsfh: r  u there?
nicholas_njsfh: Oh my gosh i thought i will meet u online
nicholas_njsfh: hello r u there,pls take care of urself,while i go back to work
nicholas_njsfh: kiss

And just before I could send Nicholas a message, another "stranger" pops in...

sussyshawn: is this mrs joyce residence?
Joyce Nelson : Hello Nicholas
sussyshawn: who is nicholas
Joyce Nelson : Someone that I used to chat with
Joyce Nelson : but not anymore
Joyce Nelson :
Joyce Nelson : I just blocked him
sussyshawn: Hello huny i was just testing ur love
sussyshawn: its ok now i know u love me
Joyce Nelson : Too bad
Joyce Nelson : You just failed my test
sussyshawn: why do u say that huny
Joyce Nelson : You don't try to play games with me, asshole
sussyshawn: why do u call me asshole
Joyce Nelson : I call 'em like I see 'em
Joyce Nelson : Your game is over now
sussyshawn: no huny i am trying to see if u r faithfull to me
sussyshawn: this id is my friends id
Joyce Nelson : Your friends can lend you the money
Joyce Nelson : Because you just lost it
sussyshawn: huny wait pls
sussyshawn: lets go to my chat id and talk
sussyshawn: pls
sussyshawn: ok huny
Joyce Nelson : I just threw away your address
sussyshawn: pls dont do that mistake
sussyshawn: cant i joke with  u 4 once?
Joyce Nelson : You lost your $200
Joyce Nelson : Bye
sussyshawn: pls huny pols
sussyshawn: pls
sussyshawn: i am not talking aboutd money now
sussyshawn: its u that iu want
sussyshawn: pls my love
sussyshawn: forgive me if i upset u

Nicholas immediately switches back to his regular Yahoo ID and we resume our chat...

Nicholas: huny pls forgive me
Joyce N: It's over
Nicholas: i can neverplay game with u
Nicholas: why are u saying this to me
Nicholas: its killing me
Joyce N: You can't play games with me
Joyce N: and if you try, you will lose
Nicholas: ok huny i am soory if i was stupid to have done d childish joke
Nicholas: ok
Joyce N: You already lost
Joyce N: Your opportunity is over
Nicholas: pls huny,why r u upset at me
Nicholas: pls tell me
Joyce N: I don't know what you were trying to do with those other ID's
Nicholas: no its not mine
Joyce N: All I know is that you proved that you are not an honest person
Nicholas: look let me explain
Nicholas: the id isnt mine i talked to my friends at work and i told them about u and they loged in their id bcos i want to see if u will like other men
Nicholas: thats all,but i dont know u will take it in d wrong way
Joyce N: Why did they give you their passwords?
Nicholas: no they typed it
Nicholas: tyhey r right hereeven soory 4 me now
Joyce N: Guess what?
Joyce N: They can lend you the money!
Nicholas: no huny
Nicholas: pls dont break my heart
Nicholas: i have appologise for doing suc=h thing
Nicholas: i will nevertell anyone about u anymore
Nicholas: i was proud of u and i want to keep u all by myself
Joyce N: Too late
Joyce N: I am not sending the money
Nicholas: ok huny,its ok
Joyce N: Fine
Nicholas: butlets be together
Joyce N: We'll continue chatting
Joyce N: But I swear to God on my life that I will never give you money
Joyce N: Not even one dollar
Nicholas: dontswearwith ur live my love
Joyce N: I already did
Joyce N: so no Takesy Backsies
Nicholas: u r so angry
Joyce N: Yeah.  People testing my loyalty makes me very angry
Nicholas: Huny,i will kill myself now for making d biggest mistake of my live
Joyce N: Bye!
Nicholas: no huny
Nicholas: why
Nicholas: dont do this to me
Joyce N: I thought you were about to kill yourself?
Joyce N: I was bidding you farewell
Nicholas: no huny
Nicholas: pls u r d one i have in my live
Nicholas: dont go away
Nicholas: i didnt love u for anything but 4 love
Joyce N: Good
Joyce N: Because money isn't a factor anymore
Nicholas: Huny,i am soory,ok
Nicholas: i understand couples do fight
Nicholas: and setlle,pls forgive me my love
Nicholas: u have a big heart dont let it hot
Nicholas: u r d woman i will love 4 ever
Nicholas: u know u made a promise and i made mine too
Nicholas: huny its 4 beter 4 worst
Nicholas: I love u
Joyce N: I accept your apology
Nicholas: huny i am crying now
Nicholas: i love u so mucxh
Joyce N: Maybe now you realize that you will never outsmart me
Nicholas: Oh my God
Nicholas: d devil just wantto come btw us now
Joyce N: I'll outsmart him too
Nicholas: huny what about d money will u still send it?
Joyce N: No
Nicholas: Huny pls i beg of u i want to come see u
Nicholas: pls forgive me
Joyce N: That ship has sailed
Joyce N: You can ask your friends
Nicholas: huny my friends we work togeter and they hasnt been paid too,pls my love u r my heart
Nicholas: dont let my stupidity mess up ur fine heart
Joyce N: I forgave you
Joyce N: but I'm not going to send you money
Nicholas: i have realise my mistake and it canthappen again
Joyce N: Your friends trust you.  They let you use their ID and passwords
Joyce N: They will trust you to pay them back if you borrow money from them
Nicholas: huny dey dont havea ny money on them,i cant lie to u my love.
Nicholas: Bbay,i know u not d one talking,its d anger that is in u,but huny u are my love
Nicholas: when i come,i will show u my appologies again and carry u with my hands and do u like a baby to make u happy
Joyce N: Do me like a baby?
Joyce N: Are you some kinda molester or something?
Nicholas: huny we are on break and 5mins from now we will go back to work
Nicholas: pls My heart,forgive me
Joyce N: I already forgave you
Nicholas: but huny i have already planned on traveling i have signed some papers of taking a leave,pls my love
Nicholas: u know u promise me u will take care of my heart
Joyce N: Yes
Nicholas: pls dont break it now that i need u most
Joyce N: I'll tell you what...
Joyce N: I'll send your money
Joyce N: but I will only send $100
Joyce N: That is the original amount you asked for
Nicholas: yes and 100 4 food
Nicholas: huny u want me to starve of hunger
Joyce N: Your friends will help you with that
Joyce N: You can take the $100 or you can have nothing
Joyce N: The choice is yours
Nicholas: Bbay,i really regret what i just did
Joyce N: You should regret it
Nicholas: do u still love me joyce?
Joyce N: Yes.
Joyce N: I don't like what you did, but I still love you
Nicholas: yes i regret itmy love
Nicholas: but huny lets smile
Nicholas: dont purnish me like a dog
Nicholas: pls.................
Joyce N: You deserve your nose rubbed in your own shit, but I will not do that to you
Nicholas: thanks huny,u r special
Joyce N: Thanks
Nicholas: huny get me food pls,here is hard
Nicholas: ppl herer poor
Joyce N: I will send $100
Joyce N: Do with it what you wish
Nicholas: but huny i wount eat
Joyce N: Your problem
Nicholas: ok
Nicholas: ok,its ok
Joyce N: Is $100 satisfactory with you?
Nicholas: 100 means nothing to me but ur love to me means allot
Joyce N: That's very sweet
Nicholas: but huny u will be anastonished woman if u send d 200 we talked b4,u r worth dying for,if u do that
Joyce N: No
Joyce N: You will get $100
Nicholas: i know i am just saying it
Joyce N: If you ask for money again, you will only get $50
Nicholas: Huny should i still check tonigt or?
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: Unless you try to play more games. 
Nicholas: games
Nicholas: hell no
Joyce N: I don't want to see any more messages from strangers on here
Nicholas: huny no listen,do u mean anyone who IM u u will think its from me?
Joyce N: Yes
Nicholas: huny no dont think so
Joyce N: I don't give out my ID to anyone.
Nicholas: so pls if u get any masage from any body dont think its me ok'
Joyce N: It will be
Joyce N: No one else has my ID
Joyce N: My ID isn't listed anywhere
Nicholas: bcos spamers might break into yahoo like they use to send me funy mails and u might think its me
Joyce N: It hasn't happened before
Joyce N: and I've had this ID for years
Nicholas: ok
Nicholas: i love u sweeheart
Joyce N: I love you too
Nicholas: do u still have d info?
Joyce N: Yes
Nicholas: wheredid u storeit
Joyce N: It's in the trash now.  LOL
Joyce N: I'll get it out
Nicholas: huny look it and type d recivers name to me
Nicholas: i want to make  sure there is no mistake
Joyce N: Charles Williams
Nicholas: yes my love
Nicholas: i have to get back to work now
Nicholas: u r my heart my love
Nicholas: bye 4 now
Joyce N: Bye
Nicholas: why dont u give me a kiss
Joyce N:
Nicholas: thank
Nicholas: good night my love
Nicholas: bye
Joyce N: Bye

As usual, I came online later that night and send the standard fake Western Union info...

Hello Nicholas,

I'm sorry I'm late.  I was hoping to catch you online, but I guess you went to bed.

I sent the money, and here's the Western Union info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Charles Williams / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 2341
Test Question:  My Wife?
Answer:  Joyce
Amount:  $100

Love always,


Nicholas takes the fake info to Western Union early the next morning.  He, of course, leaves empty handed...

Nicholas: hello my love
Joyce N: Hello
Nicholas: how r u today'
Joyce N: I'm fine.  How are you?
Nicholas: i am Bad
Joyce N: Why?
Nicholas: bcos u didnt send d money
Joyce N: What?
Joyce N: Did you not get my email?
Nicholas: yes they say d money isnt sent
Joyce N: Who said that?
Nicholas: d casher
Joyce N: I don't understand
Nicholas: do u still have d info with u
Joyce N: I'm at work.  I didn't bring the receipt with me
Joyce N: I still have the number that I gave you when I sent the email
Nicholas: let me see d number
Joyce N: 7003681580
Joyce N: Are you sure you copied it correctly?
Nicholas: i am checking

Note from James:  On my second computer, I sign in as another of my characters, Janet Kalino.  Janet then sends Nicholas an add request.

Janet K: hi
Nicholas: who r u
Janet K: janet
Janet K: you wrote to me on myspace but it looks like they deleted your page or you deleted it yourself

Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: Here's the info I sent last night
Joyce N:
MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Charles Williams / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 2341
Test Question:  My Wife?
Answer:  Joyce
Amount:  $100

Nicholas: ok whats ur name
Janet K: i just told you my name is janet
Janet K: what's your name?
Janet K: because you had a different name on myspace
Nicholas: yes my name is larry or nicholas
Janet K: okay

Nicholas: can u scan d recipt to me
Joyce N: I can when I go home
Joyce N: I didn't think I would need it so I didn't bring it with me

Janet K: so what happened to your myspace?
Nicholas: i deleted my profile bcos many ladies r un real
Janet K: oh
Janet K: i guess i should go then
Nicholas: no
Nicholas: ur welcome baby
Janet K: ok

Nicholas: first name joyce or nelson
Joyce N: Joyce

Nicholas: r u married?
Janet K: no
Janet K: are u?
Nicholas: no
Janet K: divorced?
Nicholas: yes
Janet K: same with me
Janet K: kids?
Nicholas: yes
Nicholas: u?
Janet K: yes.  2 boys

Joyce N: What exactly did the cashier say was the problem?
Nicholas: she say no money was sent
Nicholas: she said d info is wwrong
Joyce N: Did you go there or did Charles Williams go?
Nicholas: i folowwed him
Joyce N: Did you check to make sure he gave them the correct info?
Nicholas: yes i did

Nicholas: u have acam
Janet K: no
Janet K: i have a regular camera with film
Janet K: but nothing digital yet

Nicholas: open and tract it yourself
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: Yes. I see an error message on here
Nicholas: so?
Joyce N: So I don't know

Nicholas: can i see ur pic
Janet K: it is right here

Nicholas: ok baby u r beautiful

Joyce N: What do you think?  Western Union's problem or mine?
Nicholas: i dont know.u told me d money was sent and i think u have to go back to western union to report the case
Joyce N: No
Joyce N: What do you mean "report the case"?
Nicholas: tell them geting d money is hard
Nicholas: tell them there is a problem geting it
Joyce N: Let me find their number
Joyce N: I'll call them
Nicholas: cal them now and tell me what they say
Joyce N: okay.

Nicholas: how long have u been on myspace'
Janet K: maybe a month
Nicholas: have u talked to any man from africa b4?
Janet K: no
Janet K: is that where you live?
Nicholas: i have chated with ppl from thereand they hurt me alot
Nicholas: 2ladies has lied to me and they live there
Janet K: i usually don't chat with people from other countries
Janet K: i mostly chat with old friends and family

Nicholas: Have u gaten d number?
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: 1-800-325-6000
Nicholas: ok call them
Joyce N: Calling now

Janet K: tell me something interesting about yourself
Nicholas: well i am a lay back man and i love kising and camping
Janet K: That's nice
Janet K: i have Type II Diabetes
Nicholas: oh
Nicholas: that sucks
Janet K: if things work out, would it bother you to be in a relationship with someone with a disease like this?
Nicholas: all that matters to me is love
Janet K: Me too.  Love and insulin
Nicholas: ok

Joyce N: I hope I don't need any other info from the receipt
Joyce N: But I think I have everything here
Nicholas: ok
Joyce N: Talking with them now
Nicholas: ok

Nicholas: what do u do 4 living?
Janet K: i used to be a middle school guidance councelor
Janet K: but for the last 8 months i have been doing research work with the Children's Prostate Research Center
Nicholas: do u get enough pay?
Janet K: yeah.  the real reward is helping out the kids
Janet K: I believe the children are the future
Nicholas: ok,but i just gat mesed up baby
Janet K: what do you mean?
Nicholas: i meet  a lady from myspace and she invited me to her home town i thought she loved me but i dont know she was planing a bad thing at me
Nicholas: when i get to her country she just ran away with all i gat
Nicholas: now i am just stuck in an unknown country
Janet K: yeah
Janet K: Joyce can be a real bitch
Nicholas: huh?
Janet K: You just failed MY test, fucker

Joyce N: Bing bong!
Joyce N: Two can play that game
Nicholas: now u see if i am angry at u how will u feel
Joyce N: I did to you what you did to me
Joyce N: but I upped the stakes
Nicholas: but why do u lie to me
Nicholas: now i know u lied to me about d money
Joyce N: Yeah
Joyce N:
Joyce N: This is why I lied
Nicholas: fuck off pls
Joyce N: You're just upset because you looked like a damn fool today
Nicholas: oh yea
Joyce N: Yeah
Joyce N: You went to Western Union with a fake number
Joyce N: and everyone thought you were a huge mugu
Nicholas: so u be nija
Nicholas: u don shit 4 chuch
Nicholas: u fuck up
Nicholas: u go run down
Joyce N: Did you just accuse me of shitting in church?
Joyce N: I would totally be excommunicated for that
Nicholas: i dont have time to joke with u
Joyce N: You have plenty of time left in your internet cafe
Nicholas: yes and so what
Joyce N: Just letting you know that I know
Nicholas: u dont know
Joyce N: Yeah
Nicholas: how many mins do i have
Joyce N: I know a lot about you
Joyce N: You're a scammer, but you're not very good at it
Joyce N: You spend hours each day in the cafe, but no one every sends you money
Joyce N: You're about 12 or 13, but you dropped out of school
Nicholas: i am not in d cafe
Nicholas: i am in my apartment
Joyce N: No.  You're in a cafe while all of your other friends are in school
Nicholas: i was pushing ur litle brain
Nicholas: 3if u know i have time tell me how many mins
Joyce N: I also know that you are wearing a blue shirt
Nicholas: hehehehehe
Nicholas: bye have a bad day
Nicholas: i am a rich guy
Joyce N: No.  You're just a little kid playing make-believe
Nicholas: let me admit i am a kid,so what
Nicholas: u want d rain to fall?
Joyce N: No.  I just want you to know that I am ashamed of you
Joyce N: Just like your parents are ashamed of you for dropping out of school
Nicholas: may your soul rust in hell