Moses' Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 55 year old widow.  She is also the proud mother of one son, James.  Also, she's a figment of my imagination.
About the scammer...
Names: Moses Collins, Hellen Jojo
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

how are you doing today?
my name is moses and i am from california
am a single father of two children
am here to find a a soulmate a wife a woman of. honest,lovingand caring,understanding,friendly. wich i willspend the rest of my life with,.am very intelligent,loving and caring am an out goin person.
and i have a sense of huminity...i will love to get to no more about you.
i have been lonel for the past 9yrs..since my wife died of breast to no more about me ?....this my yahoo im,
hope to hear from you


Moses: hello
Joyce : Hello
Moses: how are you doing today..?
Joyce : I'm fine.  How are you?
Moses: am doin great
Moses: how was your nigth..?
Joyce : Dark
Moses: ohh
Moses: hope you can still rember me...?
Joyce : Yes.  Hard to forget a guy named Moses
Moses: glad to hear that
Moses: wish i could se your wonderful face on cam..
Joyce : I don't have one
Joyce : Do you?
Moses: no i dont..
Moses: well, let get to no more about each other very well
Joyce : Sounds good to me
Moses: cool
Moses: how old are you ..?
Joyce : I'm 55
Joyce : How old are you?
Moses: are you married or still single..?
Joyce : I'm single
Moses: have kids...
Joyce : I have one son
Joyce : But he's not a kid anymore.  He's 27
Moses: i have tow children...
Moses: lawrence 29,karen25...
Moses: they are in germany study...
Joyce : My son's name is James.  He lives in Raleigh
Moses: what a nice name..
Joyce : Thanks.  I made it up myself
Moses: how long have you been single...?
Joyce : My husband passed away in 1998
Moses: and what are you really looking for rigth now...?
Joyce : I'm just looking for someone that can take his place and wear his old suits
Moses: are you into any seriouse ralationship now...?
Joyce : No. 
Moses: like wise me..
Moses: am also looking for that loving caring and honest understanding woman to spend the rest of my life with you..
Moses: what you doing for a living..?
Joyce : I'm self employed.  I work as a book supplier
Moses: that sound very intresting..
Moses: how long have you been working as a book supplier..
Joyce : For almost 30 years
Moses: wow
Joyce : What do you do for a living?
Moses: i am an inpoter and exporter..
Moses: like pc,laptop,cellphones,tv,....
Joyce : You must get a lot of free cool stuff
Moses: yeah..
Moses: what do you like to do in your spare time..?
Joyce : I like to build potato guns and sell them at the flea market
Moses: wow
Moses: that sound very intresting..
Joyce : Yeah.  Everybody loves them
Moses: do you enjoy traveal...
Joyce : Sometimes
Moses: ooh ic..
Moses: what country have you been to...?
Joyce : Canada, Australia, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, regular Ireland, and Portugal
Moses: wow..
Moses: have you been to sourth korea before and japan..?
Joyce : No.  Asian food makes my tummy hurt
Moses: ooh that is where i get my goods from...
Joyce : Yes.  They make a lot of electronics in those countries
Moses: yes ..
Moses: that is where you can get best electronics...
Joyce : No
Joyce : That's where you get the cheapest electronics
Joyce : That's because they're made by little boys and girls in dungeons
Moses: yeah..
Moses: would you like to visit there one day..?
Joyce : Not really
Moses: why that...?
Joyce : Ninjas
Moses: okay...
Joyce : Are you still there?
Joyce : I guess the conversation is over

I thought he may have suspected something, but apparently he just ran out of time at his cafe...

The next day...

Moses: hello
Joyce : Hello
Moses: how are you doing today..?
Joyce : I'm fine.  How are you?
Moses: am fine
Joyce : How's your day?
Moses: great
Moses: and yours..?\
Joyce : Greater
Moses: glad to hear that
Moses: i missed talking to you
Joyce : I missed you too
Moses: well, am goin on a trip to sourth korea
Moses: soon
Joyce : When do you leave?
Joyce : And when will you return?
Moses: on weds..
Moses: yes i will return next week friday..
Joyce : Oh.  Okay
Moses: well, can i have your phone number...?
Joyce : It won't work if you're out of the country
Moses: why did you said that..?
Joyce : Because I have local calling only
Moses: ooh okay..
Moses: baby would you like to send me more of your picture..?
Joyce : I'll show you more of mine only if you show me more of yours
Moses: cool
Moses: well, can you send me yours first..?
Joyce : You go first
Moses: baby where is your pic..
Joyce : I'm waiting for you to share one first
Moses: i dont have much time now
Moses: mayble later okay..
Joyce : Okay
Moses: well, what would you like to no more about me..?
Joyce : Are you Jewish?
Moses: no..
Joyce : Oh. I thought you might be Jewish because your name is Moses
Moses:  i am latino..
Moses: what about you
Moses: ?
Joyce : I'm Black Irish
Moses: that sound so good
Joyce : Thanks
Moses: yw
Moses: well, can i call you now..
Moses: i will like to hear your voice before i leave here to korea..
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : 910-641-0745

Note from James:  This is the phone number to Arby's.

Moses: thanks..
Moses: i wanna hear the sweet voice of yours..
Joyce : You're welcome
Moses: cool
Moses: so how did you find your job easy to do..
Moses: ?
Joyce : Yes.  I enjoy my work very much
Moses: what makes you to enjoy your work..
Joyce : Scotch
Moses: that really nice ..
Joyce : Yes. It is
Moses: you are self employ..
Moses: you go to work when ever you wanted..?
Joyce : Yes
Moses: that nice..
Moses: well, why dont you fille up your profile..
Moses: i can't find your pic there..?
Joyce : What profile?
Joyce : MySpace?
Moses: no..
Moses: yahoo
Joyce : I don't have a Yahoo profile
Moses: do you have more pic on your space..?
Joyce : I have others, but I don't post them on my MySpace
Moses: thougth you should have more pics of yours there
Joyce : I just have the one on the page
Moses: its okay
Moses: well, it nice talking to you
Moses: i have to go now..
Moses: se you later..
Joyce : Bye
Moses: talk to you later
Moses: okay
Moses: bye
Joyce : Shalom

The next day...

Moses: hello
Joyce : Hello
Moses: how are you doing today..?
Joyce : I'm fine.  How are you?
Moses: am doing great..
Moses: how was your nigth ..?
Joyce : It rocked pretty hard
Moses: ooh
Moses: what is time over there now..?
Joyce : 11:07 am
Moses: cool
Moses: so what your plan today..?
Joyce : No plans yet
Moses: wish i could se that pretty face of yours on cam
Moses: lol
Joyce : I don't have one
Joyce : and you said you didn't either
Moses: yes..
Moses: can i call you baby or huney..?
Joyce : You can call me whatever you like
Moses: lol
Moses: really..?
Joyce : Yes
Moses: thanks huny..
Joyce : You're welcome
Joyce : But it's spelled "honey"
Moses: i knew that..
Moses: i just make it short..
Joyce : ok
Joyce : But I would like my nickname to be spelled correctly
Moses: okay..
Moses: so what is your nickname..?
Joyce : Honey
Moses: cool
Moses: so tell me about your job..
Joyce : I'm a book supplier
Joyce : I purchase books directly from the publishers at their discounted rates. I then resell the books to colleges and universities.  Occasionally, I will resell them individually on online auction sites.
Moses: wow
Moses: that sound very intresting..
Moses: hope there is no to much stress on that..?
Joyce : Nope
Moses: okay..
Moses: well, how fast is it moving in market..
Joyce : It moves fine.  Thanks for asking
Moses: glad to hear that..
Moses: does this job meet your needs..
Joyce : Yes
Moses: that sound so good
Moses: well, like how much do you make as profit on this at the end of the month..?
Moses: or week..
Joyce : I don't think that's any of your business
Moses: ooh
Moses: sorry for that..
Joyce : That's one of those rude questions adults don't ask each other
Moses: well, am truly sorry for that
Moses: just want to no more about you
Joyce : I accept your apology
Moses: okay..
Joyce : okay
Moses: so what would you like to no more about me..?
Joyce : Where did you attend college?
Moses: germany..
Moses: what about you..?
Joyce : Hillman
Moses: cool
Moses: so what do you like to do in your spare time baby..?
Joyce : I mostly enjoy watching TV and movies.
Joyce : I also play the guitar
Moses: wow
Moses: do you like country music..?
Joyce : I like classic country like Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard.
Moses: those are great artst..
Joyce : I don't like newer country music at all.  It's by and for pussies
Moses: that nice..
Moses: so what kind of movie do you like to watch..?
Joyce : I like movies where the bad guy wins
Moses: okay..
Joyce : I need to go do some stuff.  We'll chat again later
Moses: ooh okay..
Moses: i will chat with you later..
Moses: am also preparing for my trip tomorrow..
Joyce : Oh okay.
Moses: hope you did not forget that,..?
Joyce : No. 
Joyce : What time is your flight?
Moses: 10am tomorrow..
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : I'll be thinking of you at 10am tomorrow
Joyce : and I'll be listening to my John Denver CD's
Moses: okay..
Moses: am goin to be here later tonigth to chat with you
Joyce : I'll be here too
Moses: okay..
Joyce : Gotta go.
Joyce : Bye
Moses: by for now
Moses: and take a good care of your self..
Joyce : You too

The next day...

Moses: hello
Joyce : Hello
Moses: how are you doing today...?
Joyce : I'm fine.  How are you?
Moses: am fine..
Moses: thanks..
Joyce : That's good to hear
Moses: i missed talking to you..
Joyce : I missed you too
Moses: am in sourthkorea now..
Joyce : Is it as fun as it looks in the movies?
Moses: yes..
Moses: it really nice been here so far..
Joyce : I'm so happy to hear that
Moses: so what your plan for this coming Valentine.../
Moses: ?
Joyce : No plans yet
Joyce : Hopefully I will be your Valentine
Joyce : unless some Korean lady steals you away
Moses: cool
Moses: so what would you like us to talk about...?
Joyce : Anything you feel like discussing
Moses: well, how long have you been lonel..?
Joyce : Since about Thanksgiving
Moses: and what does that make you feel...?
Joyce : Dead inside
Moses: baby same here  too
Moses: i feel like been with some one soon..
Moses: and i think  with time we can walk things out..
Joyce : Yeah
Moses: well, tell me what would like to no more about me..
Joyce : Why do you feel it's necessary to travel to South Korea?
Moses: becouse that is where i do get my goods from and they are very cheep...
Joyce : But doesn't it increase the cost to travel there?
Joyce : Why not just have them shipped?
Moses: am goin to chipped them to my partner in England and Africa..
Joyce : Yeah, so why go there?
Moses: i have to be there to se what am goin to shpped..
Moses: actually the deal has been done while am still in state..
Moses: but i have to be sure of what am goin to ask them to shipp to my partner...
Moses: hope you can understand me..?
Joyce : Not really
Joyce : But I'll take your word for it
Moses: pls tell me what you dont understand..
Joyce : Forget it
Moses: and i will tell you
Moses: i like to always get along with who ever am talking to..
Joyce : It doesn't matter
Moses: i like to answer questions..
Moses: ooh i guess you dont like me...
Joyce : It's not that
Joyce : It's just that I don't care about the way you run your business. 
Moses: ooh ..
Moses: but you care about me...?
Joyce : Of course I do
Moses: baby am so happy to hear that..
Moses: i care a lot about you also..
Joyce : Me too
Moses: can i se more pic of you..?
Joyce : Only if I can see more of you
Moses: why that baby..?
Joyce : Because that's how picture exchanges work
Moses: can you se my pic now...?
Joyce : No.  It's blurry
Moses: ooh damn
Moses: why that..
Joyce : I don't know
Moses: wish you where here
Joyce : I wish I was Korean too
Joyce : But this will be the last Valentines day we spend apart
Moses: are you promising me that..?
Joyce : Yes.  I promise
Moses: glad to hear that
Moses: baby can you give me your home adress.
Joyce : I'll give it to you if you want
Moses: that will be nice..
Moses: well, how many milles does it takes to get to your house..?
Joyce : From where?
Moses: from california
Joyce : You realize I live in NC, right?
Moses: YES..
Joyce : That's on the opposite end of the country
Joyce : Okay
Moses: how miles is that
Joyce : A lot
Joyce : You're on the west coast and I'm on the east coast
Moses: OOH..
Joyce : 400 Flemington Drive / Lake Waccamaw, NC 28450
Moses: what about phone number..?
Joyce : It won't work while you're out of the country, but it is 910-641-0745
Moses: ooh okay
Joyce : How about you?
Joyce : What's your address and number?
Moses: i will send it with the email that i want to send to you
Joyce : When are you sending that?
Moses: any moment from now
Joyce : Okay
Moses: brb
Moses: oka
Joyce : Okay
Moses: am back..?
Joyce : I'm here
Moses: i miss you
Joyce : I missed you too
Moses: trying to send you an email...
Moses: but still not going
Moses: am send it again
Joyce : Okay.  I'm waiting
Joyce : I love you too
Joyce : If you show me some more of yours
Joyce : What word?
Joyce : You always ask to see mine, but you never offer to show some of yours
Joyce : I see the one on here, but I haven't seen any others
Joyce : Are you there?
Joyce : I guess you left
Joyce : I'll be signing off soon
Joyce : Bye
Moses: sorry i got booteds

Two days later...

Moses: hello
Joyce : Hello
Moses: how are you doing today my love..?
Joyce : I'm fine.  How are you?
Moses: am fine
Moses: thanks
Moses: Happy Valentine....
Joyce : Valentines was yesterday
Moses: yes it is..
Joyce : was
Moses: but we couldn't talk yesterday
Joyce : Where were you yesterday?
Moses: am at seaport..
Moses: through out the day
Joyce : How is everything going?
Moses: everything is in other..
Moses: and thanks for asking
Moses: i was yesterday..?
Joyce : Okay
Moses: how was your day yesterday..?
Moses:  how did you spent that..?
Joyce : Drinking the sadness away
Moses: ooh
Moses: wish you where here with me...
Joyce : I wish you were back home where you belong
Moses: me too baby
Moses: am planing for my comming back to states tomorrow...
Joyce : So you will be leaving tomorrow?
Moses: yes i will
Joyce : That's great to hear
Moses: cool
Moses: baby are we goin to meet for real when am back to states..?
Joyce : I truly hope so
Moses: wish you can come and peak me up at airport...?
Joyce : You're coming here to Wilmington?
Moses: yes baby
Joyce : Oh!
Joyce : Of course I will pick you up!
Moses: i love you baby
Joyce : I love you too
Moses: what is time there now..?
Joyce : 11:48 am
Moses: ok
Moses: i will go to Embassy to check the next available ticket to your town...
Joyce : That will be fantastic
Moses: i will let you know the that i will arive..
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : Let me know the ETA and I will pick you up
Moses: ok
Moses: i will let you know..
Moses: i got all i want now
Moses: the goods have been sent to my patner in UK..
Moses: and the one in Africa...
Joyce : That's good to hear
Moses: am goin to leave here tomorrow by 12am...
Moses: what time will that be over there..?
Joyce : 6 pm
Moses: ooh ok
Joyce : Four hours from now
Moses: good
Moses: will you be there waiting for me..?
Joyce : Waiting where?
Moses: at airport...
Joyce : Once you let me know the ETA
Moses: ok...
Moses: what youn mean by ETA..?
Joyce : Estimated Time of Arrival
Moses: OK..
Moses: i think fligh from here down to your place is 4hours..
Joyce : That's not what an ETA is
Joyce : And a flight from Africa to the US is going to take much more than four hours
Moses: ok..
Joyce : Have you ever flown on an airplane before?
Moses: yes..
Moses: am arrive by 4pm..
Joyce : You won't know until you purchase the ticket
Joyce : and if you arrive at 4pm, that would mean that your flight was 22 hours
Moses: ok baby
Moses: i love you so much..
Joyce : I love you too
Moses: you are all i have...
Joyce : Thanks
Moses: can't wait to hold you and kisses all over you
Joyce : Yeah
Moses: i love you so much
Joyce : I love you too
Moses: talk to you later..
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : Be sure to let me know the ETA before you leave
Joyce : otherwise, I won't know when to pick you up

Three days later...

Moses: hello
Joyce : Hello
Moses: how are you doing my love..?
Joyce : I'm fine.  How are you?
Moses: am doing great
Joyce : Where have you been?
Moses: i missed you so much...
Joyce : I missed you too
Moses: have a good news for you baby
Joyce : Really?
Moses: yeah..
Moses: am back to states...
Joyce : That's great!
Moses: we goin to have a lot of time for each other now
Joyce : When did you get back?
Moses: i missed you so much..
Joyce : Me too
Moses: i can't wait to meet you for real...
Joyce : This is a dream come true
Moses: yes baby
Joyce : This is the best news I've heard since I went to the mole doctor
Moses: oo baby
Moses: i have been goin through alot of stress..
Joyce : Why?
Moses: so it has not been easy to shipped the goods and put everything to other
Joyce : Okay
Moses: wish i could just fly over there now
Joyce : Me too
Moses: what did you have for me ...?
Moses: to welcome me...?
Moses: LOL
Joyce : I'll have a nice gift waiting for you whenever you're ready to see me
Moses: oo baby
Moses: wat will that be..?
Moses: LOL
Joyce : I dont' know yet
Joyce : Maybe a baby
Moses: LOL
Moses: i like that..
Joyce : When do you think you can visit me?
Moses: well, i think that will depend on you
Joyce : Why me?
Joyce : I have an open schedule
Moses: ooh realy..?'
Joyce : Yeah
Moses: well, as you can se ...
Moses: i just get back from one trip..
Moses: i will like to rest for some days..
Moses: can we make it on friday..?
Joyce : Friday will be fine
Moses: cool
Moses: well, can i reach you through phone..
Joyce : Yes
Joyce : Now that you're back in the US, I can accept your calls now
Moses: you mean i can get through to you now..?
Joyce : Yes.  I couldn't do it before because you were out of the country
Joyce : Now that you're back in California it won't be a problem
Moses: that nice..
Moses: i can't wait to hear your voice..
Joyce : My number is 910-641-0745

Note from James:  Reminder:  This number is for Arby's.  I not only gave him this number because I think Arby's is a good punchline, but because the people working at this particular Arby's are angry, stupid bitches.

Moses: ok..
Moses: what is the area code...?
Joyce : 910
Moses: cool
Moses: am goin to call you as soon as we finish talking here
Moses: ok
Joyce : I'll be waiting
Moses: ok
Moses: and am goin to call my partner to no if the goods has got to him..
Moses: or receive it
Joyce : Okay
Moses: wish you have cam
Joyce : I don't have one
Moses: ooh baby
Moses: can you get one..?
Joyce : Do you have one?
Moses: no my love...
Joyce : Okay
Moses: are you going to buy one , just becouse of me..?
Joyce : I'll get one when you get one
Moses: why ....?
Joyce : because it's no fun unless two people have one
Moses: but you can get one..
Joyce : And so can you
Moses: why that baby
Moses: dont say that..
Joyce : Because I don't waste money on toys
Joyce : If you want one, get one.  Maybe I will after you
Moses: ok
Moses: it will be nice to meet you soon
Moses: and hold you and walk around with you
Joyce : That will be so nice
Moses: i wiill call soon
Moses: ok
Joyce : Okay
Moses: am sorry i have to sign out now
Moses: ok
Joyce : Okay.  I'll talk to you later
Moses: i will speak with you onphone..
Joyce : I'll be waiting
Moses: cool
Joyce : Bye
Joyce : I love you
Moses: i love you too
Moses: se you latrer

The next day...

Moses: hello
Joyce : Hello
Moses: How was your nigth without me baby..?
Joyce : Lonely
Moses: same here too
Moses: so how is everything with you./..?
Moses: and what happen to your number..?
Joyce : What do you mean?
Moses: I tried to get to you
Moses: but couldn't reach you
Joyce : When did you call?
Moses: Since i sign out talking with you yesterday..
Moses: i have been trying your number since we talk
Joyce : I was home yesterday after we chatted
Joyce : My phone never rang
Moses: Am so sad when i could not reach you
Moses: i tried that many times..
Joyce : Are you sure you called the right number?
Moses: What did you mean ....? Do i call a rigth number..
Joyce : Are you sure you called the number I gave you?
Moses: of course...
Moses: what kind of qeustion is that..?
Joyce : Just asking
Joyce : There must be a reason why my phone didn't ring
Moses: so what do you think will be the reason..?
Moses: becouse am very sad and feel like you are giving me a wrong number..
Joyce : I didn't
Joyce : Where did you call from?
Moses: Damn
Joyce : What?
Moses: California of course..
Joyce : Why did you just swear?
Moses: am not swear..
Joyce : You said "damn".  And that's swear word #1
Moses: yes.. becouse of the qeustion you are asking me
Joyce : I'm just trying to figure out your problem
Moses: you where asking me did i call the rigth number
Joyce : Yeah.  You called and my phone didn't ring.
Joyce : Therefore, logic says you didn't dial correctly
Moses: ooh realy..?
Joyce : Yeah.  Wanna argue logic?
Moses: so why did'nt i reach you..?
Joyce : There's no problem with my phone, so the problem must be on your end
Moses: ok..
Moses: so where are you now..?
Joyce : I'm at work
Moses: cool
Moses: how is your day going..?
Joyce : So far, so good
Moses: baby can you came  to California..?
Joyce : I would have to plan several weeks in advance
Moses: what did you mean..?
Joyce : I mean I can't just fly out any time soon
Joyce : It would require weeks of planning
Moses: ooh ic..
Moses: and why is that..?
Joyce : Because of my job
Moses: ooh ok
Moses: so tell me more about the way you live...
Moses: do you have your own car..?
Joyce : Yes
Moses: house..?
Moses: or rentage one..?
Joyce : I'm a home owner
Moses: how can you describe your house..?
Joyce : Brick shithouse
Moses: ok
Joyce : How about you?
Joyce : What's your place like?
Moses: well, i rent an Apartment..
Joyce : That's nice
Moses: am sorry i have to sign out now
Moses: i will be back in a two minite time
Joyce : I need to go soon too
Joyce : We'll chat again another time
Moses: its oky
Moses: i love you
Joyce : I love you too
Joyce : Bye
Moses: and always rember that i care a lot about you
Joyce : I will always remember
Moses: and i will always be there for you
Joyce : I will be there for you forever
Moses: i love you
Moses: bye for now
Joyce : I love you too
Joyce : Bye
Moses: and have a nice day
Moses: talk to you later

The next day...

Joyce : Hello
Moses: How are you doing my love..?
Joyce : I'm fine. How are you?
Moses: Am doing great..
Joyce : That's good to hear
Moses: but am not in a good mood rigth now
Joyce : Why?
Moses: baby am not Happy...
Joyce : Why aren't you happy?
Moses: am not happy becouse of the goods that i shipped to my partner in uk..
Joyce : What about them?
Moses: my patner called me lastnigth ..
Moses: and told me that, the goods has not been deliver to him
Joyce : Ok
Moses: becouse of some document on the goods and the money they are demanding for is too much..
Joyce : Sorry to hear that
Moses: and he said that i have to come  over to UK 
Joyce : Why?
Moses: becouse my patner  does not have the money  and the document..
Joyce : Can't you wire the money and fax the document?
Joyce : Making a trip to the UK to deliver something like that seems kinda wasteful
Moses: yes..
Moses: i can send the document and the money to him
Joyce : Okay
Moses: but i dont have that money to send to him..
Moses: you no i just came back...
Moses: am really broke  now
Joyce : I'm so sorry to hear that
Moses: if you can help me with money...
Joyce : Don't you save money?
Moses: you can help me send the money to him
Moses: so that i wount have to go to UK
Moses: to waste my time.. and money for ticket..
Joyce : How much?
Moses: i have used all the on i save for the trip..
Joyce : How much are you asking for?
Moses: $800
Joyce : Why doesn't your company pay for it?
Joyce : It's a business expense, not a personal expense
Moses: baby i told you this before that we are three doing this busines..
Moses: we are not working with company...
Moses: i can't wait to be with you
Joyce : If I help you, are you going to pay me back?
Moses: yes am goin to pay you back..
Joyce : How soon before you can pay me back?
Moses: next week monday..
Moses: is that too long my love..?
Joyce : No
Joyce : That will be fine
Moses: thank you my love..
Joyce : You're welcome
Moses: i love you from the bottom of my heart
Joyce : I love you too
Moses: and i promise not to let you down...
Joyce : I'll never let you down either
Moses: baby can you send the money to him today..?
Moses: or when can you send it..?
Joyce : Yes
Joyce : I can do it today
Moses: ok...
Moses: how are you goin to send it..?
Joyce : What do you suggest?
Moses: i think you can send it thruogh wester uniou...
Joyce : Okay.  That's probably faster and easier
Moses: yes..
Moses: i love you so much
Joyce : I love you too
Moses: this is the infor you are goin to use to send the money...
Moses: NAME ;Hellen jojo
COUNTRY; England
city; London
text qeustion...who do you love
Answer ;   joycey
Joyce : Ok
Joyce : Hellen Jojo?
Joyce : Is your business partner a circus monkey?
Joyce : Are you there?
Joyce : Come on.  I was just kidding

Note from James:  I thought Moses may have gotten suspicious, or possibly angry.  That wasn't the case.  He was having connection problems.  He was constantly signing on and signing off for several minutes.

Moses: baby are you still there
Joyce : Yes.  Still here
Moses: cool
Moses: did you get my last message...?
Joyce : I got the address
Moses: why are you queit....?
Joyce : You're having connection problems
Moses: yes i am..
Moses: did you saw my message..?
Joyce : Yes
Joyce : I think so
Moses: hi
Joyce : Hello
Joyce : Did you fix it?
Moses: yes..
Joyce : I'm glad.  It was getting annoying
Moses: ok..
Moses: so did you get the information that i send to you
Moses: ?
Moses: to send the money...?
Joyce : Yes
Joyce : I wrote it down
Moses: that my you my l,ove
Joyce : You're welcome
Moses: when are you goin to send it..?
Joyce : I'll send it later today
Moses: cool
Moses: i love you with all my heart
Moses: i will be back soon
Moses: i need to work on the system...
Joyce : I love you too
Moses: i dont like the way it hanging
Joyce : I understand
Moses: thank you my love
Moses: i will be here soon to talk with you
Joyce : Okay
Moses: bye for now
Joyce : Bye
Moses: and rember to go and send it ...
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : I'll do it a little later
Moses: OK
Joyce : Bye
Joyce : I love you

Late that night, I sent the following email with the standard fake info...

Hello Moses,

I have sent the money.  Here is the info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Hellen Jojo / London, England
Test Question:  Who do you Love?
Answer:  Joyce
Amount:  $800

Talk to you soon.

Love always,


Moses received the info and, apparently, sent it to his friend with the "Hellen Jojo" fake ID.  Jojo came back empty handed, and Moses sent the following email...

Hello sweetheart
          How was your nigth without me baby ...i missed you so much and i love you with all my i really  need to get my goods out the sea partner called me lastnigth said the MTCN Number wasn't correct that i should ask you to check if the mistake is from you.pls check and send me the correct goods where just there without celling the goods i can't have money...hope you can understand me babay.
I love you and hope to you from you soon

Later that day...

moses kl (2/27/2007 5:17:34 AM): hello
moses kl (2/27/2007 5:17:39 AM): sweetheart\
moses kl (2/27/2007 5:18:03 AM): i missed you so much and i cann't wait to hear from you
moses kl (2/27/2007 5:19:59 AM): baby i really dont know what is wrong,my patner called me last and said that he could n't get the money from wester uniou...
moses kl (2/27/2007 5:20:32 AM): he said that the MTCN Number wasn't correct..
moses kl (2/27/2007 5:24:15 AM): i will like you to go through it and check if there is any mistake from you.....this was the MTCN number that you gave to me...7003681580
moses kl (2/27/2007 5:24:20 AM): <ding>
moses kl (2/27/2007 5:24:20 AM): i l,ove you
moses kl (2/27/2007 5:25:06 AM): pls my send the correct MTCN Number so that i can have the goods out from seaport...
moses kl (2/27/2007 8:05:54 AM): hello
moses kl (2/27/2007 8:05:54 AM): <ding>

Later that day...

Moses: hello sweetheart...
Joyce : Hello
Moses: how was your nigth baby...?
Joyce : Super duper
Moses: that sound so good
Moses: so happy to hear that..
Joyce : Thanks
Moses: did you got my off line message...?
Joyce : Yes.  I just got it a few minutes ago
Moses: cool
Moses: so what did you think we have to do...?
Joyce : I think your friend doesn't know what he's doing
Moses: how  do you mean..?
Joyce : The info I sent you matches the info on the receipt
Moses: baby can you send the info to me again..
Moses: ?
Moses: becouse he told you get the monbey out..
Moses: becouse the digit are not correct..
Joyce : The digits are correct
Joyce : MTCN 7003681580
Moses: baby pls be honest with me..
Moses: this was the number i send to him..
Moses: and said they said is incorect..when he got to wester..
Joyce : Are you calling me a liar?
Moses: no baby
Moses: i really don't no what is wrong..
Joyce : I told you what I think is wrong
Joyce : Your friend doesn't know how to claim money.
Joyce : He should have asked an adult for help
Moses: oo..
Moses: becouse i can't understad what is happen...
Joyce : Your friend made a mistake.
Joyce : Because the MTCN is the same one that I have on the receipt
Moses: have you check it very well baby
Joyce : Yes
Moses: you still chek it very well now
Joyce : I did
Joyce : Are you calling me an idiot?
Moses: am not baby
Moses: try to understand me..
Moses: you know i love you and i will never call you like that
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : I can scan the receipt if you want
Moses: can you do that and send it to my mailbox..?
Joyce : Just a sec
Moses: should i wait for that baby..?
Joyce : Here you go

Note from James:  I use the fake receipt trick a lot, but I decided to switch it up a bit.  Check out the bottom right hand corner.   That, of course, is not a real credit card number.  It's my Nintendo Wii friend code, which happens to be the same number of digits as a real credit card.  Moses totally noticed it.

Moses: cool
Moses: brb
Joyce : Wait!!!!!!!!!!!
Joyce : Are you still there?
Moses: ooh you are so sweet baby
Moses: iu love you so much..
Joyce : I love you too
Moses: i saw that now
Moses: pls dont be angry with me..
Moses: i think the problem is from my friend..
Moses: i have to go and call him now
Joyce : I need you to do me a favor
Moses: what favor is that baby..?
Joyce : I made a mistake with the receipt
Joyce : Please delete it
Joyce : Here's the correct one

Joyce : Have you done that yet?
Moses: done what baby..?
Joyce : I asked you to delete the first receipt I sent
Moses: ok baby
Joyce : Please do that now
Moses: ok i will do it now
Joyce : Thank you
Moses: you are welcome...
Moses: ok i have deleted it..
Joyce : Thank you very much
Moses: but the mtcn number is still the same number..
Joyce : I know
Joyce : It's the same receipt
Moses: ok baby
Moses: i will be back soon  to talkj with you
Joyce : I'll be here
Moses: have to call him and talk to him
Joyce : Okay
Moses: i will be rigth back my love..
Joyce : I'll wait
Moses: cool

Note from James:  Moses stayed online, but didn't say anything for about 15 minutes.  I have a feeling he was trying to purchase items using my Wii code.

Moses: am back baby
Joyce : Welcome back
Moses: thanks..
Moses: baby can you do me a favor...?
Joyce : What's the favor?
Moses: i have spoke with my friend
Moses: he said that they are still saying the same thing
Moses: what i want you do for is me is i want you wester uniou...
Moses: or you can track it online..
Moses: maybe they hold it...
Moses: i really dont not where mistake is come from...
Joyce : I think the mistake is from your friend
Moses: pls call them..
Moses: to no what is wrong
Moses: pls baby
Joyce : Ok
Moses: my goods is there they and the money i paid everyday on the goods is 50pounds..
Moses: pls i have to clear the goods so that my patner can it sell then i can return your money and have some money with also..
Joyce : I'm calling now
Moses: ok my love..
Moses: ask them and give them infor...
Moses: so that we can know where the problem is...
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : We pinpointed where the problem is
Moses: what did you mean baby..?
Joyce : I asked the lady at Western Union customer service
Joyce : She told me the problem
Moses: so what did she said the problem is all about...?
Joyce : Did you print out the original receipt I sent?
Moses: the second one...?
Joyce : Yes
Joyce : Compare that receipt to this...

Note from James:  I had to do some censoring so the pic and this website won't be deleted, but I think you know what's underneath.  And, no, I will not send anyone the uncensored version of this pic.

Moses: hey what is the meaning of all this...?
Joyce : Seek and you shall find
Moses: pls tell me what is going ..
Joyce : What do you not understand, baby?
Moses: who is this on picture..
Joyce : Who?
Moses: i saw a man with his cock..
Joyce : I don't see any mancock?
Moses: that is what am loking here
Joyce : I don't see anything like that
Joyce : Maybe you just have cocks on your brain
Moses: i guess you try to full me..
Joyce : Yes.  Full of cock
Moses: becouse i can't understand you at this moment..
Joyce : I don't understand your problem here?
Joyce : Are you making jokes at me?
Moses: what do you mean
Moses: what is goin with wester uniou
Moses: when you call did they say..?
Moses: or you did not send anything at all
Joyce : They said the money was not claimed
Moses: pls there no problem if you didnot send anything..
Joyce : If I didn't send anything, then how did I get a receipt?
Moses: then why are you show me that kind of picture..?
Joyce : What picture?  The receipt?
Joyce : I sent the receipt to help you
Moses: you send man picture to me holding his cock..
Joyce : I did not
Joyce : Sometimes people just see things they want to see
Joyce : One time I was in the hospital, but they would not let me eat any ice cream
Joyce : and everywhere I looked I would see ice cream
Moses: ok
Joyce : Maybe you're doing the same thing with penises

Later that day...

Moses: hi swetheart..
Joyce : Hello
Moses: baby i can't understand my self again..
Moses: am really confused..
Joyce : I know the feeling
Moses: becouse my patner couldn't get the money..
Moses: i want you to track the MTCN by your self...
Joyce : Okay
Moses: my patner is wating at the bank rigth now to get the correct MTCN...
Moses: they keep on saying it wrong..
Joyce : Maybe they are right
Joyce : and maybe you are wrong
Moses: i dont think they are wrong
Joyce : So you think I am wrong?
Moses: yopu migth have made a mistake some how...
Moses: or you call them to no if they hold the money or what...
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : Just a sec
Moses: ok.
Joyce : Is your friend still at the Western Union?
Moses: yes...
Moses: wating for the correct MTCN..
Joyce : Where is your Western Union located?
Moses: you know am not in UK rigth now
Joyce : I'm on the phone with them now. I need an answer
Moses: i really dont where is located
Joyce : Country
Moses: london. England
Joyce : Okay
Joyce : Western Union blocked the transfer
Joyce : Someone in Nigeria tried to claim it
Moses: did you meant that some one want to claim the money in Nigeria or a nigeria person want to claim it in UK...
Moses: ?
Joyce : She said someone in Nigeria tried to claim it.
Joyce : They said Nigeria is known for theft and fraud, and they blocked the transfer for our protection
Moses: but how i only give the information to my patner in UK..
Joyce : Did you give the info to a Nigerian man?
Joyce : or did your partner give it to someone in Nigeria?
Moses: MY PATNER IS NOT A Nigeria
Joyce : I didn't say that
Joyce : I asked if he gave it to one
Moses: no..
Joyce : Somebody did
Moses: oo..
Moses: can you tell them to give the money to the name person that i gave to you in UK...
Moses: or is there anybody claim to collect the money in nigeria...?
Joyce : Yes. Someone in Nigeria tried to claim it
Joyce : The countries didn't match and they flagged it
Joyce : and the transfer was blocked
Moses: my patner is not in nigeria..
Moses: the infomation i gave you is UK..
Joyce : Yes, but that's not where the claim took place
Moses: Call the bank and tell them to unblock the money and give it to my patner in UK now..
Moses: they should not give it to any body in nigeria..
Joyce : How do I know the Nigerian won't come back for the money?
Moses: it can never be giving to some one in nigerai..
Joyce : The Nigerian tried, but he must have been very stupid
Moses: ok
Moses: call them and tell them to release the money to name and adress that i gave to you
Joyce : It's released, but it can only be claimed in the UK
Moses: yes..
Joyce : and Hellen Jojo will need to provide valid ID
Moses: my patner is in UK NOW..
Joyce : We'll see
Moses: and is wating ...
Moses: call them to give it the person in UK with the information that i gave to you
Moses: with the ID..
Joyce : I already did. If that person tries to claim it in the UK, there will be no problem
Moses: ok..
Moses: have you tell them to give to the person with the infor...?
Joyce : Yes
Joyce : But it will given to the person ONLY if they are in the UK
Joyce : Do you understand?
Moses: yes
Joyce : The person must be in a Western Union in London, England
Moses: yes..
Moses: i can understand you
Moses: my patner is there
Joyce : Then there should be no problem
Moses: cool
Moses: i will be rigth back..
Moses: i have to call my patner now
Joyce : I'll wait
Moses: ok

About one hour later...

Moses: hi
Joyce : Hello
Moses: baby i want you to track it online
Joyce : I did
Moses: just check it now
Joyce : I guess your partner didn't pick it up
Moses: my patner in uk just go there now
Joyce : He didn't get it?
Moses: yes..
Joyce : Do you want me to call again?
Moses: yes...
Moses: can you give me there number..?
Moses: so that i will talk to them by my self..
Joyce : No... I think will call
Joyce : I want to see if another Nigerian tried to claim it in the last hour
Moses: no no
Moses: just gave me there number
Joyce : 1-800-325-6000
Moses: i will call them now
Joyce : I'll call too
Moses: brb
Moses: baby they said there is nothing like that
Joyce : You didn't call
Moses: i just spoke with them
Joyce : I'm speaking with them now
Joyce : In Lagos, Nigeria...
Joyce : a man tried to claim money again
Joyce : This isn't funny
Moses: it is
Joyce : Oh yeah?
Moses: you no what
Joyce : I guess it is funny.
Joyce : Because now you get nothing
Moses: go and get your money back
Joyce : Just did
Joyce : They processed a refund
Moses: and be save with your money
Joyce : Enjoy the taste, scammer
Joyce : These tasty morsels...

TRY and get your money back
Moses: i will get my goods soon
Joyce : Do or do not.  There is no try.