Mikel's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow.  She's self employed, very trusting and looking for a lover that won't blow her cover.  Her cover, you ask?  She's really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer: 
Name: Mikel Jonson
Real Name:  Mikel Samson Okoh
Accomplice:  Charles Okolie
Email: mikel_jonson@yahoo.com & mikel_jonson@hotmail.com
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Telephone:  234-803-3876789
Profile:  MySpace

A Message from James Pruitt:

A few of interest before you start reading.  This guy is a rarity among his scamming brethren.  Not only does he use his real pic, but he seems to be more affluent than your average scammer.  Judging from his English, spelling and grammar, he's had a good education.  Also, he's the first scammer I've seen to have the internet in his home.

This page may look long, but it's mostly due to the number of pics used.  If you have a slow connection, give it a couple of minutes to load.

It all started when he sent this message through MySpace...


My name is Mr. Mikel, 34yrs old and a System Engineer - fresh from High School and looking for job.I am desirous of pursuing my life endeavor abroad - and I am single and seriously looking.

A woman with extra flesh captures my attention, but could compact with any woman with intelligent with no attention to what her feature is like.My ideal dream date is to take my partner to Islands & Beaches around the globe.

My outstanding talent is that I am a Business Developer and I am comprehensively self trained in Entrepreneurial Studies.However,I am possessed with imaginations to conceive goals and finding ways of accomplishing them.Pls do e-mail me here:mikel_jonson@yahoo.con.

I will be looking forward to meeting you.

Cheers !


I sent the 34 year old recent grad a friend request on Yahoo Messenger.  He quickly accepted, and he immediately sent the following offline messages...

Mikel Jonson (4/22/2007 8:37:48 PM): hi
Mikel Jonson (4/22/2007 8:38:20 PM): what would you like me to call you ?
Mikel Jonson (4/22/2007 8:39:57 PM): Here is my Name:Mikel
Mikel Jonson (4/22/2007 8:41:10 PM): here is my home address-4 oriyomi street Ikeja lagos Nigeria
Mikel Jonson (4/22/2007 8:41:57 PM): this is my phone number...234-803-3876789
Mikel Jonson (4/22/2007 8:43:27 PM): so whatever you may need to know about me you are free.

I wasn't expecting a quick acceptance, and I didn't want to start a chat this late, so I decided to wait until the next day...

Mikel: Good morning sweet lady
Joyce: Hello
Mikel: How are you doing this morning ?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How about you?
Mikel: good here
Joyce: That's good to hear
Mikel: hope you have a nice sleep last night
Joyce: Yes. I slept well
Mikel: glory be to God we slept well
Mikel: tell me little about you
Joyce: What would you like to know?
Mikel: what you would love me to offer you in future
Joyce: A piece of cake
Mikel: is that all ?
Joyce: For now it is
Mikel: I will
Joyce: Nice
Mikel: yw
Mikel: which state are you in
Joyce: North Carolina
Mikel: ok
Mikel: can I call you my angel
Joyce: You can call me anything you like, sugar
Mikel: would you allowed me to install you in my soul
Joyce: That's a lovely way to put that
Mikel: you are so beautiful that I could make love with all the time
Joyce: Thanks
Mikel: are you married
Joyce: No.  Not anymore
Mikel: or have childeren
Joyce: I have one adult son
Mikel: how about his father
Joyce: He passed away in 1998
Mikel: ohh
Mikel: soul rest in peace
Joyce: Possibly
Mikel: what is your son name
Joyce: James
Mikel: and how old is he
Joyce: 27
Mikel: ohh
Mikel: thats good
Joyce: Yes.  He's a good son
Mikel: good
Joyce: It's good that you think that is good
Mikel: would you like me to have you as my wife
Joyce: No. 
Joyce: I don't want to remarry
Mikel: why ?
Joyce: Because of all the hoopla
Mikel: why ?
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: All that hoopla is the pits
Mikel: well that is your believe
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: If that's a problem, let me know
Mikel: it can never-but i still prefer that
Joyce: ok
Mikel: cam plz
Joyce: I don't have one
Joyce: Do you?
Mikel: yea
Mikel: but I am with friends now
Joyce: Okay
Mikel: maybe latter
Joyce: Okay
Mikel: how old are you
Joyce: I am 49
Joyce: How's about you?
Mikel: 34yrs
Mikel: how will you feel having a young man like me in your side
Joyce: It will expunge the sadness that resides within me
Mikel: you mean age is just number
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Something like that
Mikel: baby what is your name again
Joyce: Joyce
Joyce: and your name is Mikel
Mikel: yea
Mikel: how would you want us to start whole thing ?
Joyce: I don't know, but I'm willing to go along with anything you suggest
Mikel: ty
Mikel: and I will make sure I provide you with all you need
Joyce: Thank you very much
Mikel: yw
Mikel: all we need is trust and understanding
Joyce: Yes.  I understand that trust is important
Mikel: and would love to know what you like and what you dislike
Joyce: I like shiny things, and I dislike things that are murky
Mikel: all I have to promise is that I will give you what you like
Mikel: and put that happiness in you
Joyce: That's good because there are a lot of people in this world that want to put their evil inside someone
Mikel: I like honest
Joyce: Same here
Mikel: honesty is the best in life
Joyce: Honesty is the tops
Mikel: baby you are right
Mikel: when do you normally come online
Joyce: Late afternoon
Mikel: I am always here with my father laptop
Mikel: I am still looking for a job-and I believe i will get one soon
Joyce: What kind of field?
Mikel: Computer Engineer
Joyce: okay
Joyce: So you must be pretty good with computers?
Mikel: yes I am
Joyce: That's good
Joyce: Maybe you can help me fix this old laptop that I bought at the flea market
Mikel: tell me more about you
Joyce: What would you like to know?
Mikel: baby is your son still leaving with you
Joyce: No
Joyce: He lives in Raleigh
Mikel: hope he will not be upset with me when I come up
Joyce: I doubt it.  He only comes over when I bake a cake
Mikel: ok
Joyce: and I won't plan on baking one when you come over
Mikel: Please can I tell you i love you with all my heart ?
Joyce: Thank you
Joyce: You're very sweet
Mikel: how many people do you chat with
Joyce: Several
Mikel: I hope you are not going to share this love with any one else
Joyce: Of course not
Joyce: The only people I chat with are friends and family
Joyce: and I don't like them that much
Mikel: baby please you have to promise me you are not push me away after I had fall in love with you
Joyce: I won't push you away
Joyce: I will pull you towards
Mikel: is there any other things you would like to know about me
Joyce: Not at the moment
Joyce: I need to sign off now
Mikel: baby when are you coimg back online
Joyce: Maybe later this evening
Mikel: I will be here waiting for you alone
Joyce: Okay
Mikel: I love you so badly
Joyce: I love you too
Mikel: this is my kissing all over your body
Joyce: Thanks
Mikel: :-*
Mikel: bye my love
Joyce: Goodbye
Mikel: i will keep dreaming of my love

The next day...

Mikel: hello baby how are you doing today ? i am missing you so deeply much.
Mikel: I am in love baby
Joyce: Hello
Mikel: I miss you so much
Joyce: I missed you too
Mikel: hope all is well with you baby
Joyce: Yeah.  Everything's peachy
Mikel: thanks to God we all are alright
Mikel: I feel so happy that finally I've got some one that my heart says yes
Joyce: My heart always says yes, even when my mouth says no
Joyce: So you should always remember that
Mikel: some times I feel like holding you and doing some affectionate things with you
Joyce: You're so sweet. That's why I care for you
Mikel: thoughts of you drives me nuts
Mikel: then what effort are you doing
Joyce: That's nice
Mikel: but that is how I am
Mikel: I am a very simply person and downtoearth too
Joyce: Me too
Mikel: that is so nice of you
Joyce: Yes.  Being nice is usually nice
Mikel: the way you talk makes me want to have you the more
Mikel: I am just not getting enough of you
Joyce: Yeah.  I'm the same way with Doritos
Mikel: some things I wonder what I can do to make you happier
Mikel: If I may ask
Mikel: hope you won't get upset with me if I shoul ask
Joyce: I don't get upset easily
Mikel: if you ever feels randy
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Randy is the name of my mailman

Note from James:  Ordinarily, I don't discuss sex with the scammers.  It's already weird enough pretending to be an old lady looking for love.

However, at this point in the conversation, I got the suspicion that this was somebody I knew.  The grammar seemed too good, he used commas, and he used a few words that I often use. (Specifically, the word "randy").  For the record, Randy is the name of my mailman. 

Back on track, this wasn't someone busting my balls. Mikel is an authentic Nigerian scammer.

Mikel: some times whe having a look at your pic
Mikel: it gives me a serious hard on
Mikel: and I wish I should let you know the way I feel about you
Mikel: when I am crancky
Mikel: your pic comes to my mind
Mikel: as the day goes by
Joyce: Thanks for the descriptive information
Mikel: I could see myself being much addicted to you
Mikel: thoughts of you have dominated a larger part of my thinking
Joyce: Yeah.  Domination is a part of me that I sometimes like to express
Mikel: do you some times feel crancky like I usually do
Mikel: I just supposed I am in love
Mikel: and I would want to know how you feel about me
Joyce: What do you mean by crancky?
Mikel: randy
Joyce: Do you mean irritable?
Joyce: or addicted to crank?
Joyce: because sometime's it's both
Mikel: not at all
Mikel: squirm to feel tiltilated
Joyce: Yeah.  There's some squirming involved
Mikel: holding you close to me
Mikel: touching you in some warm places
Mikel: kissing you all over and doing so many affectionate things with you
Mikel: you are just my kind of woman
Joyce: I'm glad I meet your criteria
Mikel: and I could not hid the feelings any more
Mikel: I am the man that is meant for you
Mikel: honestly
Joyce: I agree
Mikel: you are sweet and beautiful
Joyce: You are very handsome and debonaire yourself
Mikel: ty
Mikel: my dear
Mikel: I longe to having you so badly
Mikel: to kiss you passionatly on your lips
Joyce: Thanks for longing
Mikel: I cant wait to let you feel me inside of you
Mikel: and I can assure you, it will feel so nice
Joyce: Yeah. I bet it will
Mikel: it is strong and a king size stuff, that will accomodate your kouchy kouchy
Mikel: I bet you, you will love it
Joyce: Yeah. I'm so used to Little Smokies. It will be great to have Coney Island for a change
Mikel: these are what goes on in my head most times when I admire your pic
Mikel: I promise ,I am gonna give it to you
Joyce: Thanks. I'm totally looking forward to receiving it
Mikel: I am all yours, baby
Joyce: Same here, sugar
Mikel: what you are saying to me is giving me a hard on here
Mikel: is making me to want you the more
Joyce: I hope it doesn't get in the way of the keyboard
Mikel: I am feeling as if you are feeling me inside
Joyce: Yep.  At first you probably didn't know it was coming, but in goes the pinky
Mikel: I am imagining my shaft screwing you up tight
Joyce: Yeah. That's shaft's a bad mother...
Mikel: I am already imagining it
Joyce: I am imaging things too
Mikel: I want to be touching you like that
Mikel: and I could feel your smooth hands caresing my balls
Joyce: I shall be so careful with those mighty boulders
Mikel: and kissing me softly on my dick head
Joyce: and using it like a microphone while I sing songs into it
Mikel: baby your talks are killing me
Joyce: Yeah.  This is totally turning into snuff
Mikel: and now one of my hands have moved up to reach your nipples
Joyce: Now you're killing me
Joyce: because I have super sensitive nipples
Mikel: I am lusting so badly for you
Joyce: I have such strong lust at the moment
Joyce: I feel like a sailor on shore leave
Mikel: I can't wait to suck on those your sensitive nipples
Joyce: Oh my. I think they are secreting milk
Mikel: I am licking up the milk that it secrets
Joyce: That's great, because I was wearing my best blouse and I don't want stains
Mikel: those boobs is for me,and me alone
Joyce: Yeah. No more touching from the mailman. It's all for you now
Mikel: I am scratching your pubic hair
Joyce: and I am dusting off the flakes that fall
Mikel: and the feeling of your navel feels so nice
Joyce: Keep feeling
Joyce: I think I dropped a grape earlier
Mikel: I will be the one to shave the hair when is due
Joyce: I will like that. It could use a trim
Joyce: It looks straight from 70s
Mikel: and I will be going you back and forth with my king size dick of 7 and half inches
Joyce: Wow
Joyce: That's practically a sword!
Mikel: you will love it when I will be putting it on you from the behind
Mikel: we could do the doggy style
Joyce: Sounds good, because I'm in heat right now
Mikel: while my two hands will be smooching your red nipples
Joyce: Yes.  My candy apple red nipples
Mikel: I love you baby
Mikel: you are my one and only
Joyce: You're the only man for me
Mikel: I am screwing you up already
Joyce: Yeah..
Joyce: This is very screwed up
Mikel: back and forth
Mikel: harder and harder
Joyce: Oh yeah
Mikel: I will continue untill you scream my name
Joyce: Mikel!!!!!!!!
Mikel: I love you
Joyce: I love you too

Note from James:  By this time, I had realized this was a real Nigerian.  Luckily, he started experiencing computer problems.

Mikel: the power just went off
Mikel: and I am using my back up now
Joyce: Oh.
Joyce: Okay
Mikel: so the computer could go off anytime
Joyce: That's because your balls are full of electricity
Mikel: but I would like you to know that Mikel loves you
Joyce: Joyce loves you too
Mikel: we will talk tomorrow
Mikel: my dear
Joyce: Okay
Mikel: before the power goes off
Joyce: I'll miss you
Mikel: I will be looking forward to joining you soon
Joyce: Me too.
Joyce: I love you so much
Mikel: so we could love each other the way we want
Mikel: bye
Joyce: Goodbye
Mikel: sweet dreams
Joyce: You too

The next day...

Joyce: Hello
Mikel: My love
Mikel: how was your night
Joyce: Very nice
Mikel: hope you dreamed about your love
Joyce: I've been thinking of you all day
Mikel: I can't keep my eyes off your pic
Mikel: and with a lot of imaginations going on in my mind
Joyce: Yeah. My pic is pretty amazing

Note from James:  Mikel invites me to view his webcam...

Joyce: You are so handsome
Mikel: ty
Joyce: yw
Mikel: I fix the cam cos of you
Joyce: I'm glad you did
Mikel: As I am talking to you right now that how I am feeling you inside me
Joyce: How sweet
Mikel: I was visualizing
Mikel: your sensitive nipples
Mikel: your pretty face
Joyce: Your 7 and a half inch wiener

Mikel: Thoughts of you have given a long hard on
Mikel: I couldn't control
Mikel: I was just wanting to be with you
Joyce: Yeah.  I have that effect I guess
Joyce: It's a blessing and a curse.  But mostly a blessing for me
Mikel: I couldn't take my mind off you
Mikel: I dreamt where we were making love in an Island
Mikel: me and you alone
Mikel: and just necked like adam and eve
Joyce: or John and Yoko
Mikel: and I want to be where my love is
Mikel: I am itching to have you
Joyce: Me too, and I can't find my little comb
Mikel: I want you to feel me inside
Mikel: To be putting it on you from back in a doggy way
Joyce: Yeah.  Good thing neither of us are neutered
Mikel: rubbing on your nipples
Joyce: They are like little erasers on the pencils when they are aroused
Mikel: and caresing you down your navel
Mikel: I will suck on them so passionatly
Joyce: And I will be timing you to make sure each nipple gets equal attention
Mikel: how I wish you are around me now to quell the pressure of my dick
Mikel: is so hard and stiff
Mikel: and is pulling my pant apart
Joyce: Like the Incredible Hulk
Mikel: the way it will be forcing down your cunt
Mikel: when we will be doing our thing
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: The Wild Thing
Mikel: baby, I can't get enough of you
Mikel: all day

Joyce:  It looks like I'm getting you all hot and bothered
Joyce:  or maybe you've got a case of the snots
Mikel: no baby
Mikel: how do you mean ?
Joyce: You seem either sweaty or sick
Mikel: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
Mikel: not at all baby
Mikel: i am okay
Joyce: That's good
Joyce: Normally it's contact that gets people sick, not talking about it
Mikel: baby I love ya
Joyce: I love ya too
Mikel: we will make babies ?
Joyce: Oh.  I don't think that is a good idea
Joyce: I think I am too old to do that.  It wouldn't be safe for me or the child
Mikel: ok
Mikel: But you know I am still young
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: but my uterus is beat up like an old potato sack
Mikel: and I could have loved it so much, had it been there is a possibility for us to have a baby
Joyce: It would be too risky
Joyce: The baby might fall out of the uterus because of the unsafe working environment
Mikel: I can understand
Mikel: but I am a realist
Mikel: so I must always tell you what is on my mind
Joyce: I'm a realist too and I realize the hazards of my womb
Mikel: I am an honest man
Mikel: and I know we will need a sort of bond to preserve our love
Joyce: Yes.  We need a sacred ritual to bond us together in blood
Mikel: You have not given me your address and phone number
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: 703-867-5309
Mikel: I wanted to talk to you in the morning when I woke up, cos I needed you so badly then
Joyce: I was at work this morning
Joyce: I couldn't come online then
Mikel: I C
Mikel: what do you do for a living ?
Joyce: I'm a book supplier
Mikel: Educational books ?
Joyce: Mostly
Mikel: or multivational
Joyce: College textbooks mostly
Mikel: i..c
Mikel: I love reading books alot
Joyce: Me too
Joyce: Mostly Marvel as of late, but also some DC
Mikel: I can't get enough of knowledge
Joyce: Me too.  Like Brainiac
Joyce: I try to learn something new every once in awhile to keep the mind sharp
Mikel: very nice dear
Mikel: I love you
Joyce: I love you too
Mikel: I should start planning from today on how I will procure my visa to join you
Joyce: Oh really?
Joyce: I would love it
Mikel: and I can assure you, I will spend all my life savings to make sure I have that dream to come to reality
Joyce: I hope you don't spend too much
Mikel: we have a lot in common and we are as well very compactible
Joyce: I completley agree.  Compactibility binds us together
Mikel: whatever, hence it will be within what I could afford
Mikel: I will do anything baby, to be with you
Joyce: Me too
Joyce: I will do whatever it takes for us to start our lives together
Joyce: Our fantasies will become realities
Mikel: I have also read alot about company incorporation in the USA
Mikel: Business methods and requirments
Mikel: I know a couple of things about how to do business in the States and succeed
Joyce: I can help you when you need it
Joyce: I can help set you up with a job if that's what you are looking for
Mikel: part of what I am gonna do when I come over is toestablish a business in a free tax zone like Delaware
Mikel: it will cost less than $500
Mikel: and with such an establishment,one could do a whole lot of business
Joyce: What kind of business are you planning on?
Mikel: and even raise Venture Capital from Investors, Banks and International Lenders
Mikel: Mybe Real Estate Brokerage Services
Joyce: Do you have realtor's license?
Mikel: I will get all that ,after I might have registered the company in the USA
Joyce: Okay

Note from James:  Mikel copies and pastes the following paragraph below.

Mikel: Small business is a big contributor to the nation's economy, generating 50 percent of the private, nonfarm gross domestic product (GDP), according to a study released today by the Office of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Note from James:  While I'm pretending to read it, he's taking care of some other important business.

Mikel: You see that massage
Joyce: Yes.  I totally saw that brain massage
Mikel: so you know what I mean
Joyce: Yes.  I know all about small businesses.  That's how I got my start
Mikel: Good
Mikel: I love that
Joyce: Well I love you
Mikel: I love you too
Joyce: Good.  That's why we're lovers
Joyce:  Because of all the lovin'
Mikel: shold I tell you a joke
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I love jokes
Mikel: ok
Mikel: Two men drove to a gas station for a fill-up because they heard about a contest being offered by the station to patrons who purchase a full tank of gas. When they went inside to pay, the men asked the attendant about the contest.
Mikel: "If you win, you're entitled to free sex," said the attendant.
Mikel: "How do we enter?" asked the first man.
Mikel: "Well, I'm thinking of a number between 1-10, if you guess right, you win free sex."
Mikel: How was that one ?
Joyce: Where's the punchline?
Mikel: tell me what you feel
Joyce: I feel like you forgot the punchline. 
Mikel: If it is your time, love will track you down like a cruise missile
Joyce: The missile hits the gas station?

Note from James:  Have you noticed that door in the background of his pics?  Well it just opened.  I couldn't see if it was a man or woman, but I'm guessing they said "get your ass off that computer" because that's what he was about to do.

Mikel: I have to allow you to rest
Joyce: Okay
Mikel: I will go to the embassy tomorrow
Mikel: and I will brief you of the out come when I come back
Joyce: That will be great
Mikel: I love you
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: I should probably sign off
Joyce: I need to rest
Mikel: ok
Joyce: Goodbye
Mikel: ok
Mikel: bye

Three days later, we exchanged the following offline messages.  During the first batch (dated 5/15), Mikel was showing up online, but uncharacteristically, he didn't instantly greet me with a hello...

Joyce (5/15/2007 7:38:39 PM): Hello
Joyce (5/15/2007 7:40:09 PM): I haven't heard from you in a few days
Joyce (5/15/2007 7:40:34 PM): I hope all is well
Joyce (5/15/2007 7:43:35 PM): I know you are online
Joyce (5/15/2007 7:58:05 PM): Are you ignoring me?

Note from James:  Here's a clever trick I use to see if someone is really online.  I send a message and immediately click "Photo Sharing."  If they are ignoring your messages, they will likely close the window.  if they close it, Yahoo shows that they have declined your Photo Sharing request.

Mikel, or the person using his computer, did just that.

Joyce (5/15/2007 7:00:28 PM): Okay. Now I know you are online. You just declined my photo sharing.
Joyce (5/15/2007 7:00:49 PM): So now you can tell me why you don't want to chat anymore
Joyce (5/15/2007 7:07:05 PM): It seems as if you don't plan on explaining yourself to me
Joyce (5/15/2007 7:07:13 PM): Fine
Joyce (5/15/2007 7:07:14 PM): BYE

Mikel Jonson (5/15/2007 9:50:37 PM): Hi my love
Mikel Jonson (5/15/2007 9:51:41 PM): Plz., forgive me for not being here with you, for this long
Mikel Jonson (5/15/2007 9:54:33 PM): It has been a very busy week, I guess you should know that
Mikel Jonson (5/15/2007 10:28:58 PM): Congratulations ! baby
Mikel Jonson (5/15/2007 10:31:06 PM): I picked up my visa yesterday, and all the efforts I made to reach you on phone failed
Mikel Jonson (5/15/2007 10:32:17 PM): Call me if you could, or drop me an offline and tell me when you will be online - so we can take it from there
Mikel Jonson (5/15/2007 10:33:42 PM): I love you baby, and have missed you greatly - as much as I know ,you missed me too - but I promise to make it up to you
Mikel Jonson (5/15/2007 10:35:03 PM): I will keep trying your number, to give you a kiss and celebrate with you over this break through
Mikel Jonson (5/15/2007 10:35:15 PM): I love you, and bye

I thought Mikel had discovered the truth about Joyce, but that doesn't seem to be the case.  As I mentioned earlier, Mikel appears to be one of the few scammers that has the internet in his home.  Apparently, he left his Yahoo Messenger online while someone else was using his computer.

The next day...

Joyce: Hello
Joyce: Are you there?
Mikel: Hi love
Mikel: Yes, I am
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: I'm glad to see you online again
Mikel: I missed you so much
Joyce: I missed you too
Mikel: I have been runing around for my visa
Joyce: Oh okay
Joyce: I was concerned
Joyce: Who was using your computer?
Mikel: Did anybody chat with you in my absent
Joyce: No
Joyce: But someone was there
Mikel: My computer is most times on
Mikel: even when I am not there
Joyce: Someone was definitely using it two days ago
Mikel: If you insist someone did, I have to find out
Joyce: Yes.  I tricked them into responding
Mikel: won't you tell me, my love
Mikel: so I could use that to prove to the person that he actually did
Joyce: I invited the person to Photo Sharing.  They closed the window and Yahoo said they declined
Joyce: I did this about 8 times
Mikel: ok
Mikel: What is your favorite color, if I may ask
Joyce: Plaid
Mikel: Good
Mikel: and want to know also, if you have a nick name
Joyce: No. I don't really have a nickname
Mikel: what would you prefer me to be calling you
Joyce: Ladybug
Mikel: Ladybug
Mikel: my love
Joyce: Yes.
Joyce: Not only are ladybugs the most beatiful insect, but most people usually don't kill them
Mikel: my nick name is Johnny
Mikel: and some friends fundly call me Johnson
Mikel: Long John = cos of my height
Mikel: My real names are :
Mikel: Okoh Mikel Samson
Mikel: cos that is what you will see in my passport
Joyce: I never saw your passport yet
Mikel: and is good to let you know that now
Mikel: I will scan it to you
Joyce: Okay
Mikel: with the visa page
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I would like to see it
Mikel: could I send you a copy of the visa through this medium ?
Joyce: Okay

Note from James:  Mikel used Photo Sharing to show me copies of his "Visa"

Note from James:   A somewhat convincing photoshop job, although the pic isn't angled, a lot of the typing isn't aligned on the second one, and you can see pixelation around the name and date.

Mikel: I was given a 3 months visa to USA
Joyce: That's great!
Mikel: I had been trying to reach you on phone without success
Joyce: I had several hang-ups on my voice mail
Joyce: but no message
Mikel: I wouldn't allow it to get to the voice mail , before I stop the call
Joyce: Okay
Mikel: maybe next time
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: So how have you been doing these last few days?
Mikel: is not been easy for me atall
Joyce: Why?
Mikel: I have missed you very seriously
Mikel: and I was trying to see how I could recoupe some money for BTA
Joyce: What is BTA?
Mikel: Basic Travelling Allowance
Joyce: What is that?
Mikel: apart from my ticket, the money that I will need to travel with for my sustenance
Mikel: while I will be in States
Joyce: I have never heard that term before
Mikel: is very popular here
Joyce: Okay
Mikel: Every traveller must have his or her BTA
Joyce: Okay.  I understand that now
Mikel: I had been full of imaginations, the day I got the visa
Mikel: it was like an illusion
Joyce: I hope they aren't bad there.
Mikel: They are
Joyce: Sometimes our people are mean to foreigners

Mikel: But I don't think I will have any problems with them
Joyce: Okay. That's good
Mikel: I can't wait to hug you from the Airport
Mikel: down to the house
Mikel: kissing you passionatly
Joyce: That will be nice
Mikel: and having you all over me
Joyce: Are you there?
Joyce: It seems you are having some computer problems
Joyce: I'm not sure if you're getting my messages now
Joyce: I will need to sign off.  I haven't started cooking dinner yet
Joyce: but I am so glad to see that all is well with you today.  I was so worried for the last few days
Joyce: We'll chat again tomrorrow
Joyce: Talk to you soon
Joyce: I love you
Joyce: Bye
Mikel: I had a phone call

The next day, we chatted again.  He was displaying "View My Webcam"...

Mikel: (5/23/2007 4:25:18 PM): Hi
Mikel: (5/23/2007 4:25:24 PM): Honey
Mikel: (5/23/2007 4:37:04 PM): I just need to hold you tight and make some sweet love with you baby,I love you so much
Mikel: (5/23/2007 4:39:32 PM): call me with this number when you come online.........234-803-3876789,just let me know when you are here

Note from James:  I then sign in.

Joyce: Hello
Mikel: Hello
Mikel: My baby how are you doing
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Mikel: I am alright too
Mikel: I love the way you are looking here
Joyce: So are you! 
Joyce: Lookin' Good!

Mikel: I can't wait to hold you
Joyce: I can't wait to be held
Mikel: Now, I know we will be together very soon
Joyce: I want that more than anything
Mikel: Yes,. My love I had really worked on that, just because of the love we have for each other
Joyce: I like that
Mikel: When would you like me to be joining you ?
Joyce: any time that you would like
Mikel: should it be next week ?
Joyce: Is that good for you?
Mikel: I am ready at any time you want me,Yes that will be very good
Joyce: Next week will be fine
Joyce: if you are serious about this, I will make arrangements
Mikel: baby please stop asking if I am serious,I did all this just because of you alone
Joyce: I believe you are serious.  I can see the seriousness in your eyes on your webcam
Joyce: You should smile more

Joyce: That's better
Mikel: it just cos i am missing you alot
Joyce: I always miss you too
Joyce: But I light up like a little schoolgirl when you come online
Mikel: I know my baby
Mikel: I am kissing you all over your body
Mikel: I love you my baby
Joyce: I love you too
Mikel: we will be together by next week
Joyce: I will like that very much
Mikel: I have been trying your number and is not going
Joyce: Did you ever leave me a voicemail?
Joyce: I've gotten a lot of hang-ups
Mikel: You mean on your phone ?
Joyce: Yes
Mikel: I need you badly baby
Joyce: I will always be your badly baby
Mikel: I love you my baby
Joyce: I love you too

Note from James:  Here's sort of an odd moment.  I don't even know how to describe it, so I'll just show you all the pics taken in this short video...

Joyce: Smell good?

Mikel: You are my angel
Joyce: You are so special to me too
Mikel: I am very tired,I went out there to collect some of my things
Joyce: Where did you go?
Mikel: I went to Ogun state
Mikel: is 3hours drive

Joyce: Are you alone?
Mikel: Am with my younger brother, he know you very well
Joyce: Tell him I said hello
Mikel: do you want to see him ?
Joyce: Yes.  That would be nice

Note from James:  The bug eyed, stone faced "younger brother" takes over the keyboard.  

Joyce: Hello
Mikel: Hello
Joyce: I'm Joyce
Mikel: I am Charles
Joyce: Nice to meet you, Charles
Mikel: TY
Mikel: is my pleasure as well
Mikel: I had always seen you, but not like this
Joyce: I'm glad you approve
Mikel: My brother told me everything
Joyce: Your brother is a good man
Mikel: sure
Mikel: He is ready for you, I am quite sure
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: It was nice chatting you, Charles
Mikel: and the way the whole thing worked out was miraclous
Mikel: is my pleasure
Joyce: Thank you very much.  You seem just as polite and friendly as your brother
Mikel: YW

Note from James:  Charles leaves and Mikel returns.

Mikel: Baby
Mikel: I am here
Joyce: Welcome back
Mikel: I would like to take my shawer now and come back to you
Joyce: Too bad you can't take your webcam in the shower!
Mikel: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Mikel: I would love to do that,but not posible
Joyce: Yes.  I know
Joyce: But a girl can dream, can't she?
Mikel: I love you Joyce
Joyce: I love you too
Mikel: Never you be worried about all this we will be together very soon
Joyce: Together forever!
Mikel: baby,can I go and take my shawer now ?
Joyce: Can I take one pic of you before you leave?
Mikel: yes
Joyce: Do a Thumbs Up
Joyce: and smile
Joyce: Come on.
Joyce: It will be a great pic

Joyce: That's my new computer wallpaper!
Mikel: please can I go now
Joyce: Yes
Mikel: plz
Joyce: You have my permission
Mikel: good
Joyce: Thank you
Mikel: You are always driving me crazy with your love,baby i am in love with you so much
Joyce: You are an incredible man and I enjoy every second we spend together
Mikel: baby please we will talk later
Joyce: I hope not too  much later
Joyce: I won't be online late tonight
Mikel: we still have to talk much better
Joyce: We will talk later
Mikel: good
Mikel: I love my baby
Joyce: I love you too
Mikel: and i am going to give it you soon
Mikel: like you never had before
Joyce: I'm looking forward to that
Mikel: plz,. my baby
Mikel: can i go right now?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Talk to you soon
Mikel: thank you my wife

Joyce: you're welcome
Mikel: ty

I came online the next to find four offline messages from Mikel.  It seems he's ready to go in for the kill.  He is also displaying "View My Webcam"...

Mikel Jonson (5/24/2007 9:40:08 AM): Good day my love - How was your day ? I can't leave to be dreaming off you, Now everything is getting set we need to talk about my ticket and BTA, My plan is coming over to you on sunday and we need to buy my ticket now so that I can book for my seat.
Mikel Jonson (5/24/2007 10:18:47 AM):  I went out this morning to check how much is ticket from KLM airline, and they told me the amount which is - $ 2,400 dollas - and they said that I must have up $1000 dollas as BTA, Baby we need this to be done so that we can get to each other by sunday, I want you badly my love.
Mikel Jonson (5/24/2007 10:20:49 AM): please get back to me as far as you get this message we have to do something serious about this.
Mikel Jonson (5/24/2007 10:21:05 AM): I love you very much

Note from James:  I then sign in.  I am greeted by a shirtless Mikel

Joyce: Hello
Mikel: Hi
Mikel: my love
Mikel: How are you doing today

Joyce: I'm doing fine
Joyce: How are you?
Mikel: I am here thinking about you
Joyce: I've been thinking of you too
Joyce: and thinking of Sunday
Mikel: can't wait to hold you at the airport
Joyce: While you are holding me I will reach down and grab your luggage

Mikel: You are right,my sweet heart
Mikel: I will hold you and make some tight kiss with you
Joyce: I will have to bring a camera with me
Mikel: Yes please come with camera
Joyce: I will need to buy one first
Mikel: Good
Mikel: plz get one now
Joyce: I'll get one this weekend
Mikel: good
Mikel: baby I am like crying to meet you right now
Joyce: You shouldn't cry yet
Joyce: You should be happy now
Mikel: Yes, I guess is over happines
Joyce: Good.  Happy tears are the most delicious
Mikel: yes
Mikel: You are very sweet
Joyce: So are you
Mikel: ty
Mikel: did you read my offline message
Joyce: Yes.  I just got it
Mikel: That all I need to get to you
Joyce: You need it?
Mikel: Yes
Mikel: my ticket
Joyce: You mean you can't afford it?
Mikel: I am trying,but still need help
Joyce: How much help do you need?
Mikel: Baby,whatever you can do so that I can get my ticket and BTa
Mikel: Today I went out to get some help from friends
Joyce: Were your friends very helpful?
Mikel: Yes two of them try they best
Joyce: That's nice of them to help out
Joyce: Was it Charles?
Mikel: No, is Mikel here
Joyce: I know
Joyce: I was asking if Charles helped
Mikel: Charles is my younger brother-and he is about coming out from school
Joyce: I didn't know he was still in school
Mikel: yes,he still
Mikel: My great day will be on sunday
Joyce: Sunday will be the greatest day in the history of time
Joyce: Just let me know what I need to do to make that fantasy a reality
Mikel: We will make love all over from the airport
Joyce: Maybe even in the airport

Mikel: Baby I am in love with you I never do in my life
Joyce: I love you too and I always will
Mikel: I promise to give all my love to you
Mikel: I will suck you and dick you well with all I have
Joyce: You are so romantic
Mikel: Baby
Mikel: I need my ticket tomorrow so that we can have my seat before sunday
Joyce: Okay

Joyce: Nice ring
Mikel: I bought it for you
Joyce: Thank you for getting me that lovely ring that you decided to wear
Mikel: hol'on plz
Joyce: Okay
Mikel: ty

Note from James:  Mikel steps out for a few minutes and then returns

Joyce: So you decided to put on a shirt
Mikel: Yes, I am feeling cold

Joyce: Is that the suit you will be wearing on Sunday?
Mikel: That what I will be puting on on sunday
Joyce: Very stellar
Mikel: Oh
Mikel: How did you know
Joyce: I just guessed
Mikel: I love you too much
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: You're the best
Mikel: Thank you my baby
Mikel: And you are my great wife
Joyce: I think you are great too
Joyce: Maybe the greatest
Mikel: This how it will be working in your pusy

Joyce: I'm putting it on the screen
Mikel: I love you Joyce
Joyce: I love you too, and I can't wait to say that to you in person
Mikel: By monday morning
Mikel: I will leave here by sunday morning and get over monday morning
Joyce: I shall count the minutes
Mikel: Baby, I spent alot of money for my visa,Now I still need some money to come
Joyce: How much do you need?
Mikel: My ticket money
Mikel: Now I have $ 900
Mikel: I need you very badly,that the reason I am doing all this
Joyce: So how much would you need from me?,
Mikel: Baby whatever you can do for your love to make sure he is with you by monday morning
Joyce: I know I can spare $1000
Joyce: That is my emergency fund that I saved

Note from James:  Mikel smiles and says something to someone else in the room; likely Charles.

Mikel: I know that I will pay back when I start doing something
Joyce: Don't worry about it
Mikel: Thank you baby
Joyce: You are welcome
Mikel: I love you too much
Mikel: Is my baby there
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: I'm sorry.  I went to the kitchen
Mikel: What are you cooking ?
Joyce: I'm not cooking yet.  I just went to get something to drink
Mikel: by monday morning we will be eating and drinking
Joyce: Good, because I start drinking early on Mondays
Joyce: Hope you like Guinness!
Mikel: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Mikel: how did you know what I love ?
Joyce: Maybe you're Irish too
Mikel: Baby, I love it too much
Joyce: Me too
Joyce: That's what I said when I got the DUI but it wasn't a valid excuse
Mikel: I love you
Joyce: I love you too
Mikel: Now I have to get my ticket tomorrow
Mikel: so that I will have my seat
Joyce: Yes.  You should get it as soon as possible
Mikel: WILMINGTON, North Carolina
Mikel: this where I will land
Joyce: Yes

Note from James:  Judging from the all caps, it seems he was browsing my MySpace profile.  

Mikel: ok
Mikel: Give me your full address,cos that what will be on the ticket
Joyce: 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Mikel: what is the name of your airport
Joyce: Wilmington International Airport (ILM)
Mikel: I am writing this down,plz hol'on

Joyce: Okay
Mikel: I am through
Mikel: So now I will get my ticket in the morning,If I can have the $ 1000 from you
Joyce: How soon in the morning?
Mikel: by 8:30am
Mikel: my time
Joyce: I'll send it as soon as I can
Joyce: So I should wire to you
Joyce: Western Union or Money Gram or what?
Mikel: Western union will be more better
Joyce: Good.  Because I can send the money throught a gas station that way
Joyce: BRB
Mikel: Again you use my younger brothers name,because I cannot work along with my passport, he will use his passport to get it
Mikel: You know I have Visa on my,I never want anything to happen to my visa
Mikel: Charles Okolie
Mikel: and too I keep it save not at home here, is with my uncle, So you use Charles Okolie
Joyce: I'm sorry.  I'm starting to cook now
Joyce: I'll be back in about 5 minutes
Joyce: I'm so sorry about that
Joyce: Oh.  It sems you've signed off
Joyce: I'll be back later on

I almost considered skipping the Western Union Walk of Shame trick because I thought Mikel would be too smart to fall for it.  So much for that idea.  He wasn't even smart enough to give me the full info to send the money.  He told me a name, but no address and no test Q&A.  Regardless, he gave me enough info to work with.  If I really was to send money, all I needed was the name and country anyways.

Ordinarily, I would send the fake info late at night.  That doesn't work so good when the scammer is online for most hours of the day.  I decided to catch him early the next morning.  Again, he was displaying 'View My Webcam'...

Joyce: Good morning
Mikel: Morning My Sweet heart,How did you do

Joyce: I'm doing fine
Joyce: How are you?
Mikel: I'm alright,My baby
Mikel: I was all dreaming of you
Mikel: Thinking of you-I couldn't sleep all night
Joyce: Thoughts of you go through my head all day long
Mikel: You make me feel like new born babe
Joyce: Thank you
Mikel: I can't wait to hold you and kiss you very well,On monday morning
Mikel: You are so sweet in my soul
Mikel: I love you so much with all I had
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: Let me make sure I did this right
Joyce: I was supposed to send this to Charles Okolie
Joyce: right?
Mikel: Yes,My love
Joyce: I just wanted to make sure I did everything right this morning

Note from James:  Mikel seems to be realizing that Joyce sent the money.  Watch the reactions on his face as he sees that his scam was a success (or so he thought)...

Joyce: It was Charles Okolie and the country was Nigeria
Joyce: I didn't know if I needed a street address so I left it blank
Mikel: ok
Mikel: You are right
Mikel: You get everything correct
Joyce: Good
Joyce: I was afraid I made a mistake and I didn't want to go back
Mikel: You did everything correct - I love you too much,You are my star
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: I was about to email you with the claims details earlier but then you came online
Mikel: Is very good I'm online with you right now
Mikel: I will give you all love unti we die together
Joyce: I'm gonna love you forever
Joyce: Forever and ever amen
Mikel: I love you with all I have in me
Joyce: Did you want me to give you the claims info now?
Joyce: I didn't know if it was too late over there to pick it up

Mikel: yea
Mikel: I can get it right now
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: The MTCN number is 7003681580
Joyce: Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Joyce: He will have to answer a test question
Joyce: The question is 'Where do we chat?'
Joyce: Answer is 'Yahoo'

Mikel: ok
Mikel: hol'on
Joyce: okay
Mikel: Ty
Mikel: I have done that
Mikel: Honey,Let me go to the bank now
Joyce: okay
Joyce: What time is it over there?
Mikel: 2:45pm
Joyce: Okay.  I always forget the time difference between us
Mikel: I will be back soon

Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'll miss you

He had plenty of time before Western Union closed, but he didn't waste a second in getting there.  He and Charles took the fake Western Union info and attempted to claim the money.  A few hours later, Mikel was back...

Mikel: Baby
Joyce: Hello

Joyce: Welcome back
Mikel: I'm just coming from the bank right now, And they told me that control number is not correct
Joyce: Huh?
Joyce: Did you copy it correctly?
Mikel: 7003681580
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: That's the number on the receipt
Mikel: They said is not the right number
Joyce: Let me find the receipt
Mikel: ok
Joyce: Yes,  the number is correct on the receipt
Joyce: I can scan it for you if you want
Mikel: yes, plz do that

Joyce: Do you have that now?
Mikel: yes
Mikel: This is the correct number 7008661501
Joyce: Oh!
Joyce: Oh I'm so sorry
Joyce: The number on the stub said 7003681580
Joyce: Do you think they charged me twice?
Mikel: I will be right back
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I need to make sure I wasn't charged twice.  That can cause problems for me if that happened
Mikel: ok
Mikel: brb
Joyce: okay
Mikel: I love you
Joyce: I love you too

Joyce: I'm sorry if this was my mistake
Joyce: I think I see the problem
Joyce: I'm correcting it all right now
Joyce: BRB

The last few messages I sent were as a test to see if he was still nearby, and also as set-up to the big reveal.  At first, I was surprised to get one Western Union Walk of Shame from this guy.  I didn't expect to get two, but as it turns out, I did.

About 45 minutes later he returns.  It was nearing the 5:00 closing time in the Nigerian Western Union.  It seems that Charles was waiting at Western Union while Mikel came back to straighten out the mess....

Mikel: Baby,still the same
Joyce: just one sec
Joyce: found the problem
Joyce: fixing it now
Joyce: i'll explain in a minute
Mikel: Ok
Mikel: Go Ahead Sweet heart
Mikel: I love you
Joyce: I love you too
Mikel: ty
Joyce: May I see your cam while I'm waiting?

Joyce: Okay
Joyce: It seems there was a mistake made by either me or the clerk
Joyce: Two transfers were processed
Joyce: Each for $1000
Joyce: I paid with my credit card, and I didn't have enough credit to cover both transfers
Joyce: and a hold placed on the card, which blocked them both
Joyce: I called to cancel the second transfer (7003681580)

Mikel: Ok
Mikel: Which is correct ?
Joyce: That one
Joyce: It's hard to explain because Western Union made it so complicated
Mikel: Do you mean the money was not there before ?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: It was sent
Joyce: but there was a hold because they double charged me
Joyce: and my credit wasn't enough for both charges to go through
Mikel: Ok
Joyce: This will explain it better:  http://home.earthlink.net/~justpruitt/Mikel-J.html

Note from James:  No need to follow the link.  Here's what's on the page...
Note from James:  For those unaware, the word "mugu" is one of the biggest insults in the Nigerian language of Yoruba.  Underneath that video was this one...

Note from James:  I could show you a couple of pics of Mikel reaction, but I think it would be funnier and more effective to show you them in succession in this video...
Note from James:  He then shuts off his webcam, possibly ripping it from the USB port.