Mike's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 61 year old widow.  The is also the proud mother of one son, James.  
Aliases:  Mike Embs / Allen Hallett
Location: Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Email: make_honest02@yahoo.com
Telephone:  011-234-802-342-9221
Profile:  MySpace

Hello sexy

I AM MIKE 51YERS FROM KY........................
I am a man that is in need of real and perfect love,
I need a man that can take me through, see ,
I have been hurt so many times by different woman and wouldn't want that to happen to me again.....
thats the reason why I said that I need love....
I am far from a millionaire and am not out for anything but love from someone.
Having someone that loves you and supports you in your life through
good and bad times and won’t give up on you is what I am looking for.
Honesty and trust are what makes a relationship work. I prefer to watch a movie or attend
the theater rather than read a novel. I also enjoy travel, experiencing different geographies and people.
I do not smoke.I do drink on social occasions. . and i do travelto india w/africa to get , right i am in west africa and right now i am in west africa 4 ANTIQUES and i will be coming back to state soon
distance is not a problem..if i find the right WOMAN..i dont mind relocating...
i have relocated before when i was in love..i dont mind during it again as long as i find
the right woman..
and i wouldn't mind if we could exchange mails or proberly have a
chat with you on any of the following email addresses below..hope to hear from you soon

Mike: Hello
Joyce: Hello
Mike: how are u doing?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Mike: kool
Mike: from myspace.. right?
Joyce: Yes
Mike: well.. i am 59 m from ky
Mike: u?
Joyce: I'm 55 from NC
Mike: ur name??
Joyce: Joyce
Mike: well... u married?
Joyce: Not anymore
Mike: u have kids?
Joyce: I have one son
Mike: me too ... i have son Frank he stay in uk .. but with me now
Joyce: How old is Frank?
Mike: 14yrs
Joyce: My son's name is James.  He's 27
Mike: well... wt do u do for living??
Joyce: I'm part owner of a cigarette outlet
Mike: ok
Mike: well.... i am in w.africa to get antiques and i sell them in state to make good money
Joyce: That sounds like interesting work.  I bet you find all kinds of nifty doodads and thingamajigs
Mike: yeah babe
Mike: well.... wt do u do for fun????
Joyce: I paint pictures of the moon. I collect vintage spurs from cowboy boots. I take empty jelly jars, fill each one with a different liquid, and then store them in my cellar
Mike: ok
Joyce: I also like puzzles
Mike: i like all that .. and i like swiming , fishing , dancing............
Joyce: That's great
Mike: good
Mike: tell .. me wt u like in man
Joyce: Honesty, kindness and neck muscles
Mike: good
Mike: i guess i can do that better
Joyce: Okay
Mike: I really found ur profile interesting..... I am totally down to earth,
fun & responsible Guy. Love movies, music & shopping,and am a pretty good cook..
Joyce: What's your favorite movie?
Joyce: Mine is Reservoir Dogs
Mike: i like comed
Joyce: What is Comed?
Joyce: I've never heard of that.
Mike: as in funny movie
Joyce: You mean comedy, and that wasn't what I asked.
Mike: I am looking for an attractive woman who loves music and sports as much as I do!
Joyce: I asked what your favorite movie was, not your favorite genre of movie
Mike: well... i am to good onTV progremm.....okay
Joyce: What's your favorite TV show then?
Joyce: Mine is The Office
Mike: oh really?
Mike: What part of the States were you raised in?  Tell me a little about your childhood.?
Joyce: I was raised in the South
Mike: ok
Mike: Tell me a little about your parents…brother or sister
Joyce: I was raised by mother.  My father was merchant marine and left as soon as he knocked up my mother.  My mother didn't want to raise a bastard child, so she left me on the doorstep of a church.  She made the mistake of including my birth certificate which also had her name on it.  Then the church left me on her doorstep.  Then she changed her mind and decided to love me.
Joyce: ...and now she's dead and I have no brothers and sisters.
Mike:   I guess the best way to discribe myself is that I'm a nice man who is cosiderate and respectful of other people's feelings. I am compassionate, a great listener, and not afraid to show my emotions.
Joyce: That's great.  I can tell you're great at listening
Mike: i am looking for  a honest woman
Mike: some one i can trust and spend the rest of my life with
Joyce: I pride myself on my honesty
Mike: Tell me about some of your jobs…How do you support yourself now or in the future?
Joyce: I have one job, and it's enough to support me
Mike: ok.................
Mike: Do you own a vehicle in the states, if not what type would you like ?
Joyce: Yes.  I own a 2004 Honda Civic
Mike: nice
Joyce: Thanks
Mike: What features turns you on about a man.
Joyce: Little beards. Specifically, Van Dykes
Mike: oh cool
Mike: I enjoy traveling..... it nice seeing new places and meeting new people from the world,Bedroom aerobics are great, and I consider that an important part of a relationship.
Joyce: Yeah
Mike: well.... i will like to meet u and i wanna get to know u better...
Joyce: Me too.  I totally want to meet you
Mike: it will be nice meet u babe
Mike: Anything else you wish to share, how about some photos of anything
Joyce: You share some of your photos, and I'll share some of mine
Mike: ok
Mike: cool

Joyce shares some of her pictures...

And Mike shares some of his...

Mike: that my son Frank
Mike: he is all i have
Joyce: How sweet.  He looks just like you
Mike: i am just looking for a cool woman
Joyce: You're in luck, because I'm the coolest person in town
Mike: and i like ur pic that why i mail u ....
Mike: u look good
Joyce: Thanks.  You look very handsome yourself
Mike: babe u really look good to me and i will like to meet u .....
Joyce: I'd love to meet you too
Mike: good
Mike: i will going to getting something eat and ,, i will be back soon ,,. will u be online later?
Joyce: I don't know.  I need to go out later.
Mike: and i will like u to mail me time to time ..if i am not online,....
Joyce: Okay
Mike: will u like call me on the phone.???
Joyce: What's your number?
Mike: 011-234-802-342-9221
Joyce: Oh my.  That's an international number?
Mike: yeah babe ,, i told u .. i am in west africa ..and i will be coming back to state pretty soon
Joyce: I can't make international calls.  I only have a local plan
Mike: ok
Mike: i will call u later when i get a calling card....
Joyce: Okay
Mike: well..... it real nice talking to u babe
Joyce: I enjoyed talking with you too
Mike: and i will like to soon
Joyce: Tell Frank I said hello
Mike: ok babe
Mike: pls take good care of ur self for me alone....
Mike: ok
Joyce: I will
Joyce: Thanks

The next day...

Mike: hey how you doing today?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Mike: i am great
Mike: how was your nite
Mike: mine was good and i hope yours was also great
Joyce: Yes.  I slept very well because I drank so much yesterday
Mike: Oh really
Joyce: Yeah.  Like I always say... Booze: Better Than Sleeping pills
Mike: babe it real nice talking to u babe
Joyce: Yes.  I enjoy talking with you as well
Mike: and i will like to get to know u better
Joyce: Same here
Mike: wt is ur full name?
Joyce: Joyce Nelson
Mike: i can see u have good feeling for me babe
Joyce: Yes. A great feeling
Mike: bec u so sweet and cute
Joyce: Thanks
Mike: my son like ur pic some and willing to meet u too babe
Joyce: That's great.  I would love to meet Frank
Joyce: I'll bring him a shirt
Mike: good
Mike: babe u so good and niec looking babe
Joyce: Thanks
Mike: it will be a great thing to me ..loving u for the rest of my life...
Joyce: I promise to love you back for the rest of your life
Mike: and i will never hurt u babe
Joyce: I will never hurt you either
Mike: good
Mike: i willdo all i can to make u happy
Mike: and we both start new life together
Joyce: I have a few things I need to do right now
Joyce: I'll be back in about 5 to 10 minutes
Mike: ok
Mike: iwill waiting for u babe
Mike: and i will like to u on phone babe
Mike: ok
Mike: pls brb 
Mike: hold on

After 3 or 4 minutes of waiting, Mike signed off.  We resumed chatting the next day...

Joyce: Hello
Mike: Hello
Mike: how are u doing babe
Joyce: I'm doing fine.  How are you?
Mike: good
Mike: imissso much and i wanna be with u very soon babe
Joyce: Me too.  I want  want us to be together forever and ever
Joyce: And I hope that day comes soon
Mike: soon babe
Joyce: Hopefully before Spiderman 3 comes out
Mike: yeah babe
Mike: hun u mean so much to me and iam so happy my my son like u
Joyce: I'm glad that your son approves
Mike: yeah babe
Mike: i tell him good about u babe
Joyce: Thanks.  I appreciate that.  Frank's opinion means so much
Mike: good
Mike: hun i will be coming back to state pretty soon .. i will go to the travelling agent and wt to do tomorrow.....
Joyce: Oh.  I'm so glad to hear that!!!!!!!!!
Mike: so i  will send u my booking comfirmation...
Mike: sou can pick me up at the airport...
Joyce: No problem
Mike: good
Mike: hun i will need ur address and nearest airport to u ...
Mike: so u can pick me up...
Joyce: My address is:
Joyce: 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Joyce: There's only one airport in town.  It's Wilmington International (ILM)
Mike: nice babe
Mike: ur full name right...Joyce Nelson ?
Joyce: Yes
Mike: good
Mike: pls wait
Mike: why i talk to the  travel agent on phone...
Joyce: Okay
Mike: hun i talk to the travel agent now.. i guess i am having little problem
Joyce: What's the problem?
Mike: i called tham now.... told thm iwill need ticket for me and my son and they said i will need topay for BTA .. bef they sendmy booking comfirmation
Joyce: What's BTA?
Mike: BTA.....basic travelling allowance
Mike: well... i guess i don t have that now.....
Mike: but it will be okay soon
Joyce: I'm glad to hear everything's okay
Mike: hun i guess u can help me ... bec to me ..i knwo can trust u babe
Joyce: You can trust me
Joyce: How do you need me to help?
Mike: just ...little found hun
Mike: and  i willpay u back as soon as i get there.....
Joyce: How much are you asking?
Mike: wt dou think babe???
Joyce: You tell me
Mike: $750... hun
Mike: so i can pay them up tomorrow and i will send u my booking comfirmation as soon as i get it
Joyce: That's just too much for me
Mike: ok
Mike: how do u think u can help me
Mike: soi will use it to sedn u my money orders....
Joyce: I can probably spare $500
Mike: good
Joyce: Will that help?
Mike: sure .. my love
Mike: when u get it u will sedn the money to the travel agent..
Mike: u will take back ur money assoon as u get it cashed and sen the rest to the travelagent .. and i will send u my booking comfirmation...
Mike: okay
Joyce: Okay.
Mike: good
Mike: can u go send the money now.... so i can send the money orders tomorrow..hun?
Joyce: I'll send it today
Mike: well...i guess u will need the infoto sedn the money ..too
Mike: u willsend it tothehotel manger for me
Mike: bec i will going to the KLM office tomorrow
Joyce: What's KLM?
Mike: that is the airline
Joyce: Okay
Mike: let me get u the travel agent info..
ZIP COSE...23401

Joyce: I will not use that question
Joyce: What's that question supposed to mean?
Mike: boom.....in africa that mean ... honest
Joyce: Are you a terrorist?
Mike: lol....
Mike: no.... hun
Joyce: I will not send money to terrorists
Mike: boom .. in africa it mean honest
Joyce: Look...
Joyce: I don't want any trouble with the law
Joyce: I'm not going to aid a terrorist
Joyce: Forget I offered to help
Mike: hun .... no.... in africa that mean honest
Mike: ok
Mike: ok.... use this... my love
Mike: ok
Mike: text question,...purpose
Mike: answer.....my love
Mike: ok
Mike: hun u there.....
Mike: hun do i scard u off?
Mike: hun wt is going on
Mike: talk to me
Joyce: You have 5 minutes to prove to me that you are not a terrorist
Mike: hun boom in africa is honest
Joyce: That's not a good enough reason
Mike: hun i can never lie to u
Mike: iam wt u saying
Mike: i am a honest man..... i am only using that u so can ask me the mean .. so i can tell u little about africa
Mike: pls trust me
Mike: i am not wt u calling ms
Mike: pls trust me
Mike: if  i am a  teriorist .......i never talkto u this way hun
Mike: ilove u so ,much and iwillnever doanything to hun
Mike: i am doing that  make u smile
Mike: ok
Mike: pls try and on standard me..pls
Mike: if u can call me now
Joyce: I will not call a terrorist.  The goverment would tap my phones for life
Mike: i am not
Mike: ok
Mike: u stop calling me that..okay
Mike: it bec iasku for me that why u calling me such name
Mike: why that
Joyce: BOOM
Joyce: Boom means explosion.  Such as blowing up buildings
Joyce: And I can't support that
Mike: OK
Mike: making me cry
Mike: why are u doing ..this to me
Mike: bec i said ilove u
Mike: is that why u call me names
Mike: why babe
Mike: is better foru to tell me u can help me then calling me name
Mike: well...good i know now u don t love me
Mike: why ...
Mike: and now Frank is here crying talku don t wanna to me ...
Joyce: I'm crying too
Joyce: A terrorist group now has my home address
Mike: hun i am telling u them true
Mike: and if u can trust me good
Mike: BOOM ..here mean honest.....
Joyce: I want you to say something that a terrorist would never say
Mike: ok
Mike: hun i love u and u know i will never do anything to hurt u babe
Joyce: That's not what I meant
Mike: sowt?
Joyce: I want you to pledge your undying love and support to President George W. Bush
Mike: wt u mean?
Joyce: You heard me
Joyce: I want you to proclaim that there is one true ruler in this world and his name is Bush
Joyce: As an American, you should have no problem saying this
Joyce: Only a terrorist would refuse.  So pledge allegiance to Bush or I'm gone
Mike: yeah i do pledge allegiance to Bush
Joyce: If you pledge your love and support to President Bush, I will know that you are an honest man
Mike: trust me hun
Mike: my love to you as aslong to bush
Joyce: I want you to say "There is one true ruler and his name is George Walker Bush"
Mike: i mike Embs ACCEPT There is one true ruler and his name is George Walker Bush"
Joyce: I accept your pledge of allegiance
Joyce: Now I want you to do one last thing
Joyce: Find a piece of bacon
Joyce: and eat it
Mike: OKAY
Joyce: Terrorists don't eat bacon.  It's like their Kryptonite
Mike: O
Mike: OK
Mike: i will do just that
Joyce: Okay.  I will trust that you have eaten / will eat a piece of crispy bacon
Joyce: And I will trust that you are not terrorist
Mike: hun u need to trsut me .. i can never anything to hurt u
Joyce: I trust you now.  Please send my apologies to Frank as well
Mike: can u trust me the way u do bef....
Joyce: Yes
Mike: good babe
Mike: i am so sorry for that
Mike: ok
Joyce: I'm sorry I went all Jack Bauer on you.  I was only acting the way a responsible American would do.  I hope you understand that
Mike: ok
Mike: hun i love u so much ,.... i am really crying down here .. bec i thro.. i have lost u......
Joyce: Don't cry anymore
Mike: do u want me tomail u the info now...
Mike: and i will take away the BOOM
Joyce: Okay
Mike: good
Mike: hun i guess u will do ur best as soon as u get the money orders... and take ur money u sending to me today from it..bef u send it tothe travelling agent...
Joyce: No problem
Mike: good
Mike: can u go do the sending soon?
Mike: and i will send u my money orders as soon as i pick up the money tomorrow
Mike: ok
Joyce: Okay
Mike: when u send pls mail me all the western union info
Mike: ok
Joyce: What time is it over there?
Mike: 6;09pm......here babe
Joyce: So Western Union is already closed then?
Mike: hun no.,..... i can get it from the airport here
Mike: they work 24 hours
Joyce: Okay
Mike: so how many hour dou need to do this my love.....?
Joyce: How much longer will you be online?
Mike: iwill come back online when u want me back babe?
Joyce: If you want to wait about 15 minutes I can send it now
Joyce: There's a gas station two blocks away, and I can send it there
Mike: ok
Mike: iwill waiting for u here then
Mike: ok
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'll be back shortly.
Mike: ok my love
Joyce: Bye
Mike: ok my love bye

About 15 minutes later...

Joyce: Hello
Joyce: I'm back
Mike: hello mylove
Joyce: I sent your money
Joyce: Here's the info:
Mike: ok
Joyce: MTCN # 7003681580
Joyce: Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N Front St / Wilmington, NC 28403
Mike: ok babe
Joyce: Test question:  Purpose
Joyce: Answer: My love
Joyce: Okay
Mike: good
Mike: good
Mike: ty for ur love babe
Joyce: You're welcome
Mike: hun i willpay u back..okay
Joyce: I know you will
Joyce: I trust you
Mike: good
Mike: hunn i am so happy
Joyce: Me too
Mike: i never thinki will found woman like u on here
Joyce: Yes. I'm one in a million
Mike: ok
Joyce: Be sure to let me know when you book the flight
Mike: hun iwill let u know assoon asi get it
Joyce: Thank you
Mike: ok my angel
Mike: hun i am happy u did  this for me
Joyce: I'm happy to help
Mike: babe i willkiss u andlet every one know i love u babe
Joyce: Everyone will know all about our love one day soon
Mike: good
Mike: and i will never do anything to hurt u babe
Joyce: I'll never hurt you either
Mike: good
Mike: i am so  happy babe
Joyce: Me too
Mike: and i will make sure i send u the orders.... and i will give u the tracking number soon as i get it
Joyce: Thank you very much.  I will appreciate that
Mike: that nice
Joyce: I need to go soon.  We'll chat again later
Mike: will u be online tonite
Joyce: I'll probably be on late this afternoon
Mike: oh okay sweet heart
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I have to go now
Mike: ok hun
Mike: love u so much babe
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: Bye
Mike: pls take good for me alone
Mike: love u babe

Early the next morning, Mike sent Joyce the following email...

hun .. wt is going .. i send the hotel manager to the western union today to pick up the money ....
only fine out that no match found .... i trust u bec i know u send it.....
and i will like u to go to them ask wt is going on with the money u send ,......okay love u so much and get the real info from and sedn it to me so i can pick up the money on time ...
love u babe

He also sent the following offline messages...

Mike: (1/25/2007 7:02:05 AM): <ding>
Mike: (1/25/2007 7:02:13 AM): hun u there
Mike: (1/25/2007 7:03:19 AM): <ding>
Mike: (1/25/2007 7:03:30 AM): how are u doing my love
Mike: (1/25/2007 7:03:38 AM): pls we need to talk pls...........
Mike: (1/25/2007 7:08:38 AM): <ding>
Mike: (1/25/2007 8:48:58 AM): <ding>

Later that day...

Mike: hello
Joyce: Hello
Mike: how are u doing babe?
Joyce: I'm fine. How are you?
Mike: how are u doing my love?
Mike: good
Mike: do u get my mail???
Joyce: Yes. What was that all about?
Mike: when i got to the western union with the hotel manager they said no match found babe
Mike: i guess u need to talk to them ....
Joyce: Are you sure you did everything correctly?
Mike: yeah babe
Joyce: Hmmm... I wonder what you did wrong?
Mike: hun do u havethe western union receipt with u babe
Joyce: Yes
Mike: sorry for the strees
Mike: can u scan it for me pls
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Just a sec
Mike: scan and sedn it pls
Mike: ok
Mike: why i wait for u here
Mike: ok
Joyce: Here you go...

Mike: fuck u
Mike: goat
Joyce: No... fuck YOU, terrorist
Joyce: BOOM
Mike: wt goat????
Joyce: That's the sound of the shit bomb exploding out of your ass right now
Mike: why mrs goat???????????/
Joyce: Because I just won the war on terror
Mike: oh good for u goat
Joyce: Mission Accomplished

Mike: then fuck u..............................
Joyce: Your people will welcome me as a liberator
Mike: ur papa
Joyce: The people in your country shall throw parades in my honor, and cover the streets in flowers
Mike: wt country goat??
Mike: wait u mean ????
Joyce: You know exactly what I mean
Joyce: That fake number I gave you will be printed on your new currency
Mike: scammer
Joyce: I'm the scammer?
Mike: u gave me that number so i can send u my money orders
Joyce: Did you send them?
Joyce: You did!
Mike: no i didn't
Joyce: I know what you're doing now
Joyce: and it's too late
Joyce: The money orders are on their way

Mike signs off quickly, apparently to try and stop the stolen / fake money orders from being sent.

I don't always post these things, but I sometimes send follow-ups to scammers to see if they blocked me, and to possibly coax them into doing something else stupid.  I had no intention of posting this, but a recent event made it necessary...

James (1/26/2007 12:10:14 PM): I legally have to tell you this, but I'm publishing all of your info in my book.
James (1/26/2007 12:10:58 PM): I was wondering if you could please send me one more money order?
James (1/26/2007 12:11:49 PM): I don't want to cash it.  I just need a visual for the chapter about you.
James (1/26/2007 12:12:29 PM): I should have scanned your original money order before I cashed it
James (1/26/2007 12:12:41 PM): Thanks in advance!

Mike apparently blocked me, but our paths would cross again.  Click here to read my transcripts with Capprin Landrum.  Capprin is not Mike Embs, but there is a Mike Embs connection.