Mike's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson A 50 year old widow with a pretty, pretty MySpace profile.  Little does the scammer know, Joyce is actually a 27 year old man. 
About the scammer:
Name:  Mike Albreen
Real Name: Oluseyi Adebayo
Email:  mikealbreen@yahoo.com
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace
Note:  When I added the scammer to Yahoo, it listed his nickname as "Omo Boy."  According to a former nemesis, this translates to "Baby Boy."

You have been the sweetest, most understanding person I have ever needed. well planing a trip to your loaction is not a problem it gonna work out.

Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart, don't measure the distance; measure the love.

Sweet words are easy to say, sweet things are easy to 2 buy,but sweet people like u are diffcult to find, hey if i could ask u 1 thing ? do u have a yahoo instant messanger, we could both chat there.

My yahoo id is mikealbreen@yahoo.com so just im me i get back to you ...iam online now so lets chatt okay

Mike : are u there can we talk now
Joyce: Hello
Mike : how are u doing today
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Mike : well cool as well too
Mike : are u kinda bussy
Mike : ?
Joyce: No
Joyce: Are you busy?  You took three minutes to respond
Mike : okay
Mike : so how are u doing today i just hope fine and cool
Joyce: Usually fine, always cool
Mike : so can u share the name with me pls
Joyce: Joyce
Mike : cool
Mike : am mike i hope u kow that
Joyce: Yes.  I know
Mike : well i am so glad to meet u
Joyce: Nice to meet you too
Mike : so can u tell me more about ur self
Joyce: Such as?
Mike : everything about u
Mike : what u do ur age and so on
Mike : ur marital status and so on
Joyce: I'm 50, single, and I am a book supplier
Mike : waooo
Mike : so nice
Joyce: thanks
Mike : so tell me what are u on here for
Mike : and have u gat kids
Mike : ?
Joyce: I have one adult son
Mike : of how old
Joyce: He's 27
Mike : humm nice
Mike : so tell me what happened to ur husband
Mike : ?
Joyce: He passed away in 1998
Mike : OMG
Mike : i am so sorry about that
Joyce: It's okay.  He knew he wasn't supposed to recreate those Jackass stunts
Mike : humm
Mike : well it is but i have to feel that sympathy for u
Joyce: Thanks anyway
Mike : so tell me what actually are u on here for
Mike : ?
Joyce: What do you mean?
Joyce: I just created a MySpace page.  You contacted me
Joyce: I should be asking YOU what you are on here for
Mike : so tell me how man have u talked to on here
Mike : ?
Joyce: I don't talk strange men.
Joyce: except for you this one time
Mike : oh ic
Mike : so tell me now do i still look like a stranger to u?
Joyce: Not really.  You look like my cousin
Mike : okay then
Mike : so pretty tell me what things u like best
Mike : ur likes and dislikes
Mike : ?
Joyce: I like watching movies
Joyce: and I like eating ice cream
Joyce: but I usually don't do both at the same time.  I try to make them separate events.
Mike : humm nice
Mike : so what are ur dislikes
Joyce: I dislike the movies that aren't very good
Joyce: and i dislike ice cream that isn't delicious
Mike : waoo
Mike : so all u mean is u so much care about movies and ice cream
Joyce: I never really thought about that before, but maybe you are right
Mike : so where actually are u located
Mike : ?
Joyce: North Carolina
Joyce: and you?
Mike : NY
Mike : so pretty tell me what if i really wanna discuss about us getting to be together with u
Mike : ?
Mike : how would u see that honey
Joyce: I wouldn't mind meeting you sometime and see if we really get along in real life
Mike : alright mama
Mike : thats so nice to hear from u pretty
Joyce: okay
Mike : well i hope i will meet u here back in like 1 hours time
Joyce: Are you leaving?
Mike : i need to go get somethings done now okay
Joyce: What do you have to do?
Mike : i hope u dont mind pls
Mike : so sory for the inconviniencies okay
Mike : i need to get to the store now to pick up my friend
Joyce: Sorry, but I won't be here
Joyce: Maybe another day
Mike : oh come on preety
Joyce: I'm sorry, but I have other things I have to do too
Joyce: I also have a friend at the supermarket
Mike : i need to talk to yah more okay
Joyce: Then you should stay for a while
Mike : okay what if i call u to come online
Joyce: I'm not a dog.  I don't come when called
Mike : i can understand u pretty
Joyce: We'll just chat again another day
Mike : okay but at least i can call u
Mike : pls
Joyce: No
Joyce: Give me your number and I'll call you
Joyce: Bye
Mike : u there pretty

The next day...

Mike : hellobabe
Joyce: Hello
Mike : how are u doing today
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Mike : welli am cooland u
Joyce: I'm fine
Mike : i am so sorry for not having time to talk to yah taht much yesterday okay
Joyce: I accept your apology
Mike : cool
Mike : i am now happy
Joyce: Me too.  Accepting apologies makes me happy
Mike : are u on cam?
Joyce: I don't have one
Joyce: Do you?
Mike : well nope just at home
Joyce: You are not at home?
Mike : u mean now
Joyce: Yeah
Mike : yeah  i am home
Joyce: You just said you had a cam at home
Joyce: So where is it?
Mike : do u?
Joyce: No.  Do you?
Joyce: You just said you had one at home
Joyce: Then you told me you are at home now
Mike : are u there babe?
Mike : talktome
Joyce: I'm talking
Joyce: but you're avoiding my questions
Mike : no i am at home now
Mike : but i was asking u if u had a cam
Joyce: I said no.  Then I asked if you had one
Joyce: Then you said "just at home"
Mike : yah i said i was just at home and that was after u said u were at home too
Joyce: No. You said that after I asked about your cam
Mike : well i am home and i have no cam okay
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I don't care anyway
Mike : belive me i would not tell u lies okay
Joyce: okay
Mike : good
Joyce: I'm just saying that didn't make sense
Mike : so tellme how is ur son doing i hopefine
Mike : ?
Joyce: Fine, I guess
Joyce: I haven't spoken to him lately
Mike : oh so u mean he does not stay with u
Joyce: No.  He's an adult
Mike : oh ic so who do u saty with
Mike : u mean u stay alone
Joyce: Just me and my dog
Mike : lol
Mike : u and ur dog so tellme the name of yah dog
Joyce: Jessicho
Mike : waoonice
Mike : so babe tell me what u really feelabout me
Joyce: You seem nice
Mike : really
Mike : welli think its timeformetomake bold of my self
Mike : and also to disclose my feelings to u
Joyce: Sounds nice
Mike : cool
Mike : welli think i have totellu what i feelabout u
Mike : and for u
Joyce: Thanks for the kind words
Mike : can we be togethere
Mike : imean i want u to be mine
Joyce: I think that is possible
Mike : awww u really seriouse
Mike : are u sure about that
Mike : honey plsi dont want anything like games okay
Mike : \and i really hope u are the trusted and reliable type
Mike : ?
Joyce: I'm not into games
Joyce: Except Zelda, and for that I am very protective of my rupees
Mike : hummm
Mike : so tellmenow pretty can u marry me
Mike : ?
Joyce: I'm not going to marry you
Mike : why pretty?
Joyce: I haven't even met you
Mike : am areal bussiness man
Mike : i ama building contractor
Joyce: Well, I'm tempted to change my answer now that you said that
Joyce: but I think I will not accept any proposals until we meet
Mike : okay but atleast we can still be togethere for each othere right
Mike : ?
Joyce: Yes.  Of course
Mike : i travellalot for contract and so on so i am usalyy bussy imean somuch bussy
Mike : okay i love thatthen honey
Joyce: Okay
Mike : so tellmeabout ur job
Joyce: I'm a book supplier
Mike : howmuch dou earn on that kind of  a job?
Joyce: That's none of your business
Mike : oh comeon iwanna know babe
Joyce: Do you like asking rude questions?
Mike : i earn close toabout 20 to40 thousand $ if i get a good contract
Joyce: I don't care what you make
Joyce: It's rude to ask that
Mike : sorry if its rude but i feel i shouldknow
Joyce: I feel you should shut the fuck up
Mike : okay its okay
Mike : lets forget that k
Joyce: Good
Mike : honey u are hard on me comeon
Joyce: You were being rude, so I had to take you down a peg
Mike : sorry okay
Joyce: Apology accepted
Mike : so honey when next will i meet u on here
Mike : i wanna go seeif i can get some of the contracts i got been signed
Joyce: okay
Mike : ty so much honey
Joyce: We'll chat again some other time
Mike : i got a contract for a big company in africa
Joyce: ok
Mike : andi really wanna seeif i couldget themsigned okay
Mike : i love u somuch honey
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Can you tell me a little about the job?
Mike : i won a contract
Mike : and i will have to travelle out of the country
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: Contratulations
Mike : yah ty so much
Joyce: You're welcome
Mike : i will be going to africa
Joyce: What will you be doing there?
Mike : building contractor
Mike : inspect a giant building under construction
Joyce: Oh okay
Mike : yah
Mike : so once i am ready to leave i will let u know okay
Joyce: okay
Joyce: When should that be?
Mike : humm not really sure now okay
Mike : but i will let u know as soon as possible okay
Joyce: Okay
Mike : i hope i will meet u on here
Joyce: Where?
Joyce: You will still have internet when you are there?
Mike : well maybe lets see
Mike : okay
Joyce: Okay
Mike : i will be back soon okay i need to rush some where now okay
Mike : i love u honey
Mike : so take good care of ur self okay
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: Bye

Three days later...

Joyce: Hello
Mike : honey how are u doing
Mike : missed u so much honey
Mike : how was ur day today
Mike : ?
Joyce: I'm fine. 
Joyce: I had a good day.
Joyce: I hope you did too
Mike : well we thank God
Joyce: Yes
Mike : did i tell u about my trip out of town
Joyce: Yes.  You told me
Joyce: How did it go?
Mike : well i think i have to inform you that i am now in africa as i talk to u
Joyce: Wow
Joyce: I did not expect you to have internet access there
Mike : lol
Mike : why not
Joyce: I didn't expect a poor place like Africa to have internet
Mike : well i decided to go to the cyber
Mike : and infact now its 1 37 am
Joyce: Wow.  You are up late tonight
Mike : can u call me i wanna here ur pretty voice
Mike : ?
Joyce: You want me to make a long distance call to Africa?
Mike : yah honey
Joyce: I think think chatting here is fine
Mike : oh come on
Mike : i want u to call okay
Mike : even if its just for 1mins lol
Joyce: I'd rather just chat
Mike : well its okay honey
Joyce: okay
Mike : i am really missing the state now
Joyce: Yeah.  It's the place to be
Mike : so baby tell me do u really love me
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Of course I do
Mike : can u realease the key to ur heart to me
Joyce: I can't, because I released it to you last week
Mike : okay so u mean i can trust what u have aid to me hun
Joyce: Of course.  Trust is very important between two lovers
Mike : yah honey
Mike : babe i really think i should say this to u
Mike : i dont know how u will feel
Mike : and if u can do anything to help me out
Joyce: What is it?
Mike : will u be able to help me out honey
Mike : ?
Joyce: Help with what?
Mike : i am so sorry if this will sound some how to u but i think it will be the best if i make u know
Joyce: I have no idea what you are trying to say
Mike : okay
Mike : i have to make some payment out here for my car
Joyce: You rented a car?
Mike : yah
Mike : so i can hasting my mobility
Joyce: So why do you have no money?
Mike : and now all i have gat left is about 400
Mike : and i nedd some like 350 to balance up
Mike : so i wanna find out if u really can help me out with something
Mike : 7 to 8 miles away from my hotel thats where i have the site where i work
Joyce: So you need $350?
Mike : yah honey
Joyce: If I lend you the money, do you plan on repaying me?
Mike : sure
Mike : if u lend me definately i will honey
Joyce: This is a one time only thing?
Mike : and i will really be so glad if u can
Mike : yah honey i will surely pay u back okay
Joyce: I will help you out this once
Joyce: but this will not be a regular thing, you know
Mike : oh honey come on
Mike : no it wont
Joyce: oooooooh
Joyce: You're saying you're planning on asking for more later?
Mike : its just that its compulsory i get the car so i can have a real fast mobility okay
Mike : nope
Mike : i will not jst this once okay
Joyce: I was just saying this will be a one time only thing
Mike : yah understood my love
Mike : trust me like i trust u hun
Joyce: Okay.  I'll help you this one time
Mike : honey ty so much i realy love u so much
Mike : am so glad honey
Mike : u really a derling
Joyce: Thank you kindly
Joyce: yw
Mike : so baby how is it gonna be now
Mike : can u still have it sent to me today so i can pay off
Joyce: Today?
Joyce: You know it's late here
Mike : whats the time over there now
Joyce: 9:00 pm
Mike : oh ic
Mike : then can u do it online
Joyce: I don't use my credit card online
Mike : okay its okay honey what about tomorow morning
Joyce: I'll try to do in the morning before work
Mike : waoo thats so nice of u honey
Mike : i appreciate that honey
Mike : so u mean u will loan me 350
Mike : waoo so sweet of u honey am so happy now
Joyce: Remember it is a loan
Joyce: I expect you to pay it back in a timely manner
Mike : sure honey i will i promise okay
Mike : so how do u get it sent to me pls
Joyce: I assume you want it wired to you?
Mike : nope WU
Joyce: That's what wiring is
Mike : lol
Mike : i know honey just want u to be sure of what i mean
Mike : pretty i really love u u are really a derling to me
Joyce: I love you too
Mike : so how do u get it sent to me now
Mike : can i snend u the infos u will need
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I have a pen
Mike : cool
Mike : hold on let me get one of the attendat who can cash it out for me here okay
Joyce: okay
Mike : brb

Note from James:  A 30 second pause while he "asks" the "attendant"

Mike : yah one is here okay honey
Mike : are u there honey
Joyce: Yes.  I am ready
Mike : okay
Mike : NAME
Mike : Oluseyi    John    Adebayo
Mike : City.....Ikeja
Zip code.....23401
Joyce: Got it
Joyce: You still there?
Mike : yah honey i am typing so i can send it to ur mail okay
Joyce: I don't need it in my email
Joyce: I wrote it down
Mike : well i just did that should in case okay
Joyce: okay
Mike : cool
Joyce: I will be signing off soon.  I have to get to bed
Mike : so honey once u get it sent then u can send me all the infoes to my email
Joyce: okay
Joyce: I'll try to do that tomorrow morning before work
Mike : okay and pls make sure u send it first thing in the morning okay
Joyce: I said I will try
Mike : okay honey ty so much
Mike : so how much are u gonna send
Joyce: You said $350
Mike : couse after all the paymet i will be left with nothing
Mike : lol
Joyce: okay
Joyce: I'll try to get it done early in the morning before work
Mike : so i will await all the infos in my email okay
Joyce: Okay.  I'll leave early in the morning to get it done before work
Mike : okay honey
Joyce: I'm going to sign off now.  It's getting late and I'm going to bed
Mike : well i will be expectinag all the infos in my email as early as u can okay so we can still meet up with the time to pick up here at the bank okay
Mike : okay sweetie
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Talk to you tomorrow
Mike : love yah hone
Mike : and pls let there be no mistakes okay
Joyce: I don't make mistakes
Joyce: Goodnight
Mike : take good car of ur self and sleep tite okay i so much love u
Mike : bye
Joyce: Bye

Late that night, I sent the following email...

Hello Mike,

I'm sorry if I'm late.  I have sent the money and here's the claims details you will need.

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Oluseyi John Adebayo / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Test Question:  Where do we chat?
Answer:  Yahoo
Amount:  $350

I hope to chat with you again later after work.  Take care.

Love always,


Early the next morning, Mike came online and sent the following message...

Hello Honey
    How are u doing Goodmorning i am so glad u sent me the $ ty so so much ...now i will be able to pay off and then i can get my mobility i appriciate u so much honey ty okay i really have to rush to the bank now with the picker okay have a good okay love u pretty.

Mike then took the fake claims info to Western Union and, of course, left empty handed.  He took the Western Union Walk of Shame back to the internet cafe.  The first few messages below were offlines, although he wasn't aware that I was actually online reading them.  I signed in a minute later...

Mike : honey how are u doing
Mike : am so glad u sent me the $
Mike : but there is a problem is like the stuff is not available for pick up
Mike : so try to see into that okay
Mike : i love u so so much honey
Mike : and have a good day at work okay
Mike : u can try to track it online if u still have the infos with u okay
Mike : i will wait to hear from u
Joyce: Hello
Mike : hi honey did u get my offlines now?
Joyce: Yes.  I am reading them now
Mike : okay
Mike : so honey pls whats the problem about it
Mike : so pls try to check on it okay
Mike : i was actually trying to drop u offlines
Mike : i just got back from the bank
Joyce: so you went to the bank, and they would not give you the money?
Mike : yah
Mike : they said to me it was not availabe
xJoyce: Yes!!!
Joyce: My plan worked
Mike : honey
Mike : what do u mean i dont understand u
Joyce: My experiment
Joyce: it was a success
Joyce: Thank you very much for your cooperation
Mike : how do u mean baby
Joyce: I developed a scientific experiment
Joyce: Would you like to see the blueprints?

Joyce: I gave you a fake MTCN and waited for you to go to the bank
Mike : 
Mike : why did u do that honey
Joyce: For Science
Mike : but i thought u wanna help me
Joyce: Well, you ended up helping me
Joyce: I'm totally winning next week's science fair
Mike : humm
Mike : what are u trying to say honey
Joyce: You were much cheaper than a guinea pig
Joyce: although the smell was comparable
Mike : so try to let me know if u really can help me okay
Joyce: Why would I really help you?
Mike : honey i really have to get the car for my fast mobility okay
Joyce: Please don't call me honey
Joyce: I am not really a woman
Mike : so what are u ?
Joyce: I am a scientist
Mike : humm so now tell me whats going on
Mike : ?
Joyce: I already told you. 
Joyce: It seems that I will have to perform another experiment
Joyce: ...removing the shit from your brain
Mike : ooo
Mike : were ni e
Mike : iya baba ee

According to a former nemesis, the last three lines translate to "Oh" "You are Crazy" "Your mother and your father."

Then he blocked me.