Michael's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow.  She's single and looking, and her fancy pants MySpace page is just the thing to lure in the lovers.  Little does Michael know, Joyce is actually a 27 year old man.
About the Scammer:
Name:  Michael Roberth / Michael Robert / Micky Rob / Jordan Paul
Real Name:  Micheal Oyegunwa
Email:  micky_rob4real@yahoo.com & westernoil_gasltd@yahoo.com
Location:  Victoria Island, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

Hello Dear

How are you doing i do love your profile and everything about you,you look so nice and am sure your way of living will be good enough to live and get together with.and i think this can lead to something serious that means if you are really serious about the Relationship.Well am Michael by name from usa,Im a graphics artist, bcos I had diploma in Graphics Arts & Visual Designing, am 5'9 hieght and 140 pounds, Cool, lovely,caring,playful and honest young man looking for a serious relationship,like going to beach for relaxment and like to do all the normal things that a human likes to do. I want to find my best friend and lover wrapped up into one.

I guess best friend and lover wrapped up into one really doesn't describe it the way I would like. I want to meet that life partner that I can not wait to wake up in the morning to see or get home from work to share smiles, laughs and good conversation. I want to be able to pick up the phone at work and tell that special somebody what the goofy person in the next office over just did. I would like to meet that one person that will love me as much as I love her. And show each other the love in little special ways. Tell me about yourself.You can reach me on my Private email micky_rob4real@yahoo.com or you can IM me on yahoo messanger.

I hope to hear from you soonest

I care

Michael: Hello sweetie how are u doing today
JoyceN: Hello
Michael: fine
Michael: and u
Michael: ?
JoyceN: Fine

Note from James:  No, nothing was lost.  I never asked him how we has doing.

Michael: so whats up
JoyceN: Nothing much
Michael: then what are u doing now?
JoyceN: Nothing really.  Just hanging out
Michael: ok.............. thats cool
Michael: baby do u know what
JoyceN: What?
Michael: I want u to be my queen
JoyceN: Okay.  It's good to be the queen
Michael: I'll promise I will do everything possible for u
JoyceN: I promise the same to you

Note from James:  Again, none of the conversation was lost or left out.  He just skipped all the "getting to know you" crap.... Not that I am complaining.  It speeds things up a lot.

Michael: I'm kind of man u will never regret going out with
JoyceN: I'll take your word for that
Michael: I want u to really understand one thing
JoyceN: Okay
Michael: out of everything ladies I have ever met in life........... u are outstanding
Michael: I mean different
JoyceN: I already knew that
Michael: I want to treat u in a very special way
JoyceN: Good.  I was just thinking how much I wanted something like that
Michael: bcos look cutie
Michael: and nice
JoyceN: You're mighty kind
Michael: very sweet dear
Michael: are u leaving alone
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: just me and my dog
Michael: nice then
Michael: I love everything single word that u say
JoyceN: Good.  My words have special meanings sometimes
Michael: that is why i wanna come into ur life
Michael: will u give me the chance
JoyceN: I will
Michael: what do u do for a lliving
JoyceN: I'm a book supplier
Michael: ok nice
Michael: will u want to come to me?
JoyceN: Where?
Michael: but how I wish I'm in the state now
JoyceN: Where are you?
Michael: western africa
JoyceN: Why are you there?
Michael: for my usual bussinesses
JoyceN: What kind of business?
Michael: Although...... I'm a Graphics Artist and Visual designer
JoyceN: What are you designing?
Michael: I'm also into oil & Gas
Michael: visual
Michael: visuals
Michael: calender, magazine, frames and so on.............
JoyceN: ok
Michael: but right now I'm into Oil & Gas bcos that is where money is in here
JoyceN: oh okay
JoyceN: Maybe you can draw me a picture sometime
Michael: baby I dont paint
Michael: I can only use computer to do all this
JoyceN: Fine.  You can make me a computer picture then
Michael: ok baby
JoyceN: Well, that's your assignment
JoyceN: I'll be expecting that soon I guess
Michael: ok baby
JoyceN: I'm sorry, but I need to sign off now
Michael: its just like I should be with u now
Michael: where are u doing
JoyceN: I have something I have to do
JoyceN: Talk to you again another time
Michael: ok baby
Michael: thanks so much
JoyceN: Take care
Michael: its a very nice thing talking to u
Michael: I love you
JoyceN: I love you too
Michael: have my kisses
JoyceN: Goodbye.  Take care

As you could tell, the scammer didn't quite have the knack for the romance scam.  The next day, he decided to switch gears...

Michael: Hello Sweetie how are u doing today
JoyceN: Hello
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Michael: I'm alright
JoyceN: That's good to hear
Michael: u know God will never leave the righteous
JoyceN: That's nice to know
Michael: but sweetie did you still remember
Michael: the business I introduce to u
Michael: its really booming in here
JoyceN: That's nice
Michael: u could also be a member
JoyceN: How?
Michael: fine............. u could be a member or of the the board of directors
Michael: either of the two
JoyceN: How do I do that?
Michael: u will have to collect a form
Michael: and register
JoyceN: That's all?
Michael: u know what it means to be just member and to be one of the board of directors
JoyceN: Yes.  Everybody knows that
Michael: if u wanna register as member it is just 1,500$ and if u wanna be one of the board of directors is just 3,000$
Michael: then automatically u are a member of any position u which
JoyceN: I don't know about that
JoyceN: I will have to think about it
Michael: bcos I believe that every americans can be a millionaire
JoyceN: Yeah
JoyceN: But I will think about it
Michael: if u invested into this business
JoyceN: I know nothing about the business
JoyceN: What can you tell me about it?
Michael: its a new business
Michael: its a very oil shock
Michael: and if u invested into this business it will fetch u more than 150,000$ as time goes on
JoyceN: What's the name of the business?
JoyceN: I can't find their website
Michael: their just new
Michael: planning on website
JoyceN: Oh okay
Michael: that is why they need more people to be one of the board of directors
Michael: to bring ideals and advice
JoyceN: I wouldn't want to be one of the directors
JoyceN: That sounds like too much responsibility
Michael: know sweetie
Michael: u could be
Michael: bcos we have dormant and active directors
Michael: if u are a dormant director
Michael: then ur responsibility is low then
Michael: bcos is only active director that will take full charge of those responsibility
JoyceN: This sounds so interesting.  I am seriously thinking about it now
Michael: ok baby
Michael: just try and think about it
Michael: its a life time opportunity
JoyceN: I will consider it

Note from James:  I took a three or four minute break to ponder his proposal.

Michael: so sweetie,,,,,,,,, what are u saying about the Western Oil & Gas Investment
JoyceN: Well, I like the idea of this, but I don't want to be too involved
Michael: ok then I think member will be ok for u
Michael: now
JoyceN: Maybe
JoyceN: How long is the membership?
Michael: three to six months
JoyceN: That's not very long
JoyceN: especially for the money
Michael: know baby try to understand me
Michael: u can renew ur membership
JoyceN: That's what I don't like
JoyceN: I thought it would be a lifetime membership
Michael: bcos according to agenda on ground now
Michael: after that six months
Michael: all member will automatically be lifetime member
JoyceN: Without renewal?
Michael: yeah
JoyceN: That sounds better!
Michael: ok then
Michael: so sweetie which do u want to register now
JoyceN: I think I will just be a member
JoyceN: as long as it is lifetime membership
Michael: ok then
JoyceN: Can you guarantee that?
Michael: yeah
Michael: after u have register some forms will be sent to you via e-mail u will print this out and fill
JoyceN: okay
Michael: after u most have fill it u will have to scan it and send it back
JoyceN: okay
Michael: for recording keeping
JoyceN: I understand
Michael: then u will to keep the one with you
Michael: for ur reference
JoyceN: Okay
Michael: so sweetie when do u really wanna register
JoyceN: Any time
JoyceN: You can send it now if you have it
Michael: sweetie u have to make payment first
Michael: b4 any form is sent
JoyceN: Why?
JoyceN: That doesn't make sense
Michael: bcos everything has record
JoyceN: That's not how applications work
JoyceN: Have you ever purchased a membership from anywhere that requires payment before contract?
Michael: u know why this is like this?
JoyceN: No.  Tell me
JoyceN: I'm interested to hear why you do this backwards
Michael: we believe u are already a member as will send the form to u
JoyceN: That's not how I do things
Michael: we are not doing anything backward
Michael: dont misquote me sweetie
JoyceN: You are doing it backwards.  No form, no membership
Michael: ok now can I have ur email address?
Michael: then it will be send to u
Michael: ok
Michael: i gat u
Michael: the form will be send to u by tommorow
JoyceN: ok

Note from James:  At this point, I get the following email...
Date:     Thu, 28 Jun 2007 12:33:51 -0700 (PDT)
From:    Send an Instant Message "MICHAEL ROBERTH" <micky_rob4real@yahoo.com> 
Subject:    the form will be send to u soon
To:    [REMOVED]

The form will be send to you soon............    WESTERN OIL & GAS LIMITED

Michael: did u see my message
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: Thanks
Michael: sweetie I wanna leave now
JoyceN: Oh okay
Michael: could u please pray for me
JoyceN: I will
Michael: bcos I believe prayer is the master key
Michael: to every situation either good or bad
JoyceN: Yes.  You so right
Michael: back to business
JoyceN: Take care
Michael: ok then
Michael: bye
JoyceN: Bye
Michael: and have a wonderful time with urself
Michael: may the God in heave grant u all ur heart desire
Michael: as u are doing HIS will
Michael: may HIM guide u against ur foe
Michael: bye
Michael: have a nice time
Michael: God bless
JoyceN: Thank you
JoyceN: Goodbye

The next day...

Hello Ma,

This form is from Western Oil & Gas, We believe Mr. Michae has explain the process to you.

Please the form is in attachement, we urge you to download and fill it.

We hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Jordan Pual

Attached to the message was the application.  I completed the form and emailed it back to the scammer (I had to shrink the image to conserve my webspace)...

Later that day...

Michael: Hello Sweetie
JoyceN: Hello
Michael: How are u doing today
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Michael: cool
JoyceN: That's good to hear
Michael: and sweetie how was ur day
JoyceN: My day is going fine
Michael: yeah
Michael: good to her
Michael: hear
JoyceN: Thanks
Michael: have u received any message yet from Western Oil & Gas
JoyceN: Yes.  I got an application, and I filled it out and sent it back
Michael: ok
Michael: so when did u tell them u are going to pay for the form
JoyceN: I didn't.  They didn't mention how to pay
JoyceN: They only sent a form
Michael: ok them
Michael: I thing u are going to make payment via western union money transfer
Michael: and did u ask
JoyceN: No.  I only sent back the form
JoyceN: I was waiting for further instructions
Michael: ok then
Michael: u can contact them on how to make payment
Michael: but I think the best way is via western union money transfer
JoyceN: I'm sure they will respond with that after they receive the form
Michael: when did u send the form
JoyceN: This morning
Michael: and they haven't reply yet
JoyceN: Not yet
Michael: check ur mail
Michael: i think my now they must have reply u
JoyceN: Okay.  I'll check

Note from James:  At this point, Mr. Jordan Paul's email magically is delivered.  (The email will be posted below this chat)

Michael: and know reply
Michael: maybe they have tight schedule
JoyceN: They replied now
Michael: u mean just now
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: like 20 seconds ago
Michael: ok then
Michael: u dont mean it
JoyceN: Are you calling me a liar?
Michael: oh sweetie
Michael: I'm not saying that u lie
Michael: I'm just asking
JoyceN: Oh okay
Michael: ok then
JoyceN: Okay. I have printed the info he sent
Michael: what did u print
JoyceN: The email that I just got from Jordan Paul
Michael: ok
Michael: did he tell u that he is the MD/CEO
JoyceN: Yes.  He mentioned that
Michael: ok then
Michael: nice
Michael: u just try and get back to them as soon as u can
JoyceN: Okay.  I'll probably do that on Monday
Michael: ok sweetie
JoyceN: I guess you had to sign off.
JoyceN: Talk to you another time
JoyceN: Take care
JoyceN: Bye

Below is the aforementioned email from Jordan Paul...

Hello Nelson,
             Good day ma, in accordance with our previous e-mail, below is the Company financial officer information where you will be sending the money to via western union money transfer.
Receiver's name: Micheal Oyegunwa.
Address:  Suit 104 Victoria Avenue
               Victoria Island.
                Lagos,Nigeria 23401.
Mrs Nelson when you are sending the money at the western union office,you will be ask for a security question and answer...Please use this as the question  (WHAT MONEY) Then use this as the answer (FORM)
And also after the money has been sent you will have to get all the details to us like:
Sender's name
Amount sent
Control number (MTCN)
Text question and answer..
With all this information the financial officer will be able to pick the money up at the bank.
We hope to hear from you soonest.
Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Mr. Jordan Pual

Late Sunday night (which is early Monday morning in Nigeria), I sent the following email...

Hello Mr. Paul,

The payment has been sent and here are the claims details.

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Micheal Oyegunwa / Suit 104 Victoria Avenue / Victoria Island, Nigeria 23401
Test Question:  What money?
Answer:  Form
Amount:  $1500



The scammer received the email early the next morning, and he then took the fake info to Western Union.  After wasting his time and humiliating himself, he then takes the Western Union Walk of Shame back to the internet cafe.  He then sent the following email...

Hello Mrs Nelson,
Good Morning to you over there, we received your payment information yesterday, but when our financial officer get bank this morning he found out that the information you sent was wrong.
We urge you to please re-confirm the information you sent to us and get back to us as soon as you can.
Jordan Paul

I didn't respond to this email.  Instead, I decided to wait until Michael came back online...

JoyceN: Hello
Michael: Hello Sweetie
Michael: how are u dong
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Michael: cool
Michael: and u
JoyceN: Fine.  And you?
Michael: cool
JoyceN: I'm also cool.  How about you?
Michael: I am feeling great in here
Michael: bco God is with me
JoyceN: That's good to hear
Michael: I was inform u sent wrong payment information to Western OIl
JoyceN: I know.  I got the email too
JoyceN: I didn't see it at first because Mr. Paul's emails were sent to my Junk Mail Bulk folder
Michael: ok
Michael: and have u sent them the real control number
JoyceN: No.  not yet
Michael: why?
JoyceN: I am waiting for him to apologize
Michael: who?
JoyceN: Jordan Paul
Michael: ok then
Michael: have u reply him to do so
Michael: ?
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: He wrote me a rather rude email
JoyceN: I insisted that he apologize of else
JoyceN: No response yet
Michael: ok then
Michael: but sweetie have u reply him to do so?
JoyceN: Yes
Michael: ok
Michael: I'm sure he will do that
JoyceN: I hope so
Michael: but sweetie have u re-comfirm from WU
Michael: and why do they gave u wrong control number initially
JoyceN: It wasn't the wrong number.  One number looked like another number
JoyceN: due to an ink smear or stain
JoyceN: It wasn't really anybody's fault.  Anyone would have made the same mistake
Michael: but have u re-comfirmed it?
JoyceN: Yes
Michael: ok then
Michael: I would love u to be call Angel of my life
JoyceN: Thanks
JoyceN: Just call me angel of the morning
Michael: God in heave uses angels to accomplish his taght
JoyceN: Yes.  I think that's in their job description
Michael: and God love them so much
JoyceN: Yes.  I think so too
JoyceN: Do you know if Jordan Paul uses Yahoo Messenger?
Michael: no
Michael: not at all
JoyceN: okay
Michael: any problem
JoyceN: No.  I was just curious
Michael: ok
Michael: But I will just advice you to always check ur junk mail as well
JoyceN: I will
JoyceN: I usually don't get anything in there except real junk mail
Michael: ok then

Note from James:  I had something planned but he didn't immediately take the bait.  Instead, he sent an apology letter that was miraculously delivered after Michael's reminder...
Date:     Thu, 5 Jul 2007 13:54:59 -0700 (PDT)
From:    "Jordan Paul" <westernoil_gasltd@yahoo.com>
To:    "Joyce Nelson" <REMOVED>
Subject:    We are sorry for that

Hello Joyce,
Good day to you overthere, we believe everything is going smoothly with you and we are very sorry for getting back to you late is due to my travelling because I have a conference this afternoon in the next 1 hour I just decide to check my mails because since yesterday I could not.
So Joyce we are also sorry for the mails that got to your Junk, We believe that you will understand this problem it might be internet error so we are very sorry once again for that.
So now, when should we be expecting the correct information about your payment.
Thanks for you co-operation
Jordan Paul

JoyceN: I'm glad you mentioned that
JoyceN: He just wrote back now
Michael: ok
Michael: what is he talking about?
JoyceN: I think he just sent it
JoyceN: I don't like him
JoyceN: He seems very rude
JoyceN: I want my money back
Michael: i dont understand what u are talking about
JoyceN: He wrote another hateful email
Michael: like what?
JoyceN: I think he was angry about something
JoyceN: This is what he wrote:

Hey bitch.  You owe me some fuckin' money, and I want my fuckin' money right fuckin' now.  You heard me, bitch.  Get on the ball.

You have until Friday to give me the loot or I'm gonna start bustin' skulls around here, and yours is gonna be skull #1 that gets busted up in this joint.

No wonder your husband is dead.

- JP

Michael: I dont believe this
Michael: u must be joking
JoyceN: I am serious
Michael: this is about business i cant be saying this
Michael: may be u formulate this
JoyceN: formulate what?
Michael: maybe I will tell him to send me a copy
Michael: of the letter
JoyceN: Okay.  Do that

Note from James:  At this point, I replied to Jordan's email...
Date:     Thu, 5 Jul 2007 14:06:48 -0700 (PDT)
From:    "Joyce Nelson" <REMOVED>
To:    "Jordan Paul" <westernoil_gasltd@yahoo.com>
Subject:    Re: We are sorry for that

What is your problem?  I said I was sorry.

Jordan Paul <westernoil_gasltd@yahoo.com> wrote:

Hey bitch.  You owe me some fuckin' money, and I want my fuckin' money right fuckin' now.  You heard me, bitch.  Get on the ball.

You have until Friday to give me the loot or I'm gonna start bustin' skulls around here, and yours is gonna be skull #1 that gets busted up in this joint.

No wonder your husband is dead.

- JP

Michael: but the mail thing is have u went to WU to re-confirm the correct info.
Michael: ?
JoyceN: Yes. 
JoyceN: I misread the number due to a smearing of the ink
JoyceN: One number looked like another
Michael: can u send it to me?
JoyceN: No
Michael: so that I will just forward it to them
Michael: since they have the information
JoyceN: No
JoyceN: That man cursed at me
JoyceN: I refuse to give him anything
Michael: ok then
Michael: i have to go
Michael: bye
JoyceN: I don't think we will chat again
Michael: why?
JoyceN: You are acting strangely
JoyceN: This is confusing me
Michael: know baby
Michael: I told u
Michael: I\m tired
Michael: sorry this his sweetie
Michael: my angels
JoyceN: Would you be upset if I changed my mind about the Western Oil?
Michael: sweetie please
Michael: lets discuss this later
Michael: Im so sorry
JoyceN: You don't come online often lately
JoyceN: Later probably means "next week"
Michael: not at all
Michael: what is time over there now?
JoyceN: 5:15 pm
Michael: sweetie please
Michael: I want you to be online by 3:15
JoyceN: when?
Michael: tommorrow
JoyceN: Maybe
Michael: I will be online from 3:15 pm to 5:15pm
Michael: bye
Michael: talk to u tommorow
JoyceN: Maybe
JoyceN: Bye

I thought he was leaving out of frustration, possibly figuring out this was all a joke.  That wasn't the case.  It appears he just ran out of time at his internet cafe.

The next day I received the following email from Jordan Paul...

Hello Joyce,
I think we need to talk more better on instant messenger. I dont usually talk to people through IM but I think for your own case I need to do it.
Even the phone number u provided on your form is out of service.

When I signed in to Yahoo Messenger, I saw a friend request from Jordan Paul.  I accepted the invite, and he was online waiting for me...

Joyce K Nelson: Hello
Mr. Jordan Paul: Good Afternoon Madam
Joyce K Nelson: Hi. 
Joyce K Nelson: It's still morning here
Mr. Jordan Paul: ok then
Mr. Jordan Paul: good morning overthere
Joyce K Nelson: Thank you
Joyce K Nelson: Good morning to you too
Mr. Jordan Paul: you are welcome
Mr. Jordan Paul: I saw ur message and I apologise
Joyce K Nelson: I accept your apology
Mr. Jordan Paul: but in ur reply u were saying another things
Mr. Jordan Paul: why?
Joyce K Nelson: I thought your message was very rude
Joyce K Nelson: I didn't know if you were blaming me for the mistake, or if you were just trying make me feel bad
Mr. Jordan Paul: not at all
Mr. Jordan Paul: I'm not blaming you at all
Joyce K Nelson: Oh okay
Mr. Jordan Paul: I just want you to understand that it might be internet error
Joyce K Nelson: Okay.  I accept your apology
Mr. Jordan Paul: on behalf of the management I apologise onece again
Joyce K Nelson: Thank you
Mr. Jordan Paul: we are very sorry
Joyce K Nelson: Apology accepted
Mr. Jordan Paul: Mr Michael
Mr. Jordan Paul: even ask me to forward the letter to him
Mr. Jordan Paul: but I refused
Mr. Jordan Paul: because it's confidential issue
Joyce K Nelson: I understand.
Joyce K Nelson: He can be very pushy sometimes
Mr. Jordan Paul: why?
Joyce K Nelson: He doesn't know how to mind his own business
Joyce K Nelson: and he asks too many questions
Mr. Jordan Paul: about what?
Joyce K Nelson: Everything
Joyce K Nelson: Religion especially
Mr. Jordan Paul: oh okay
Mr. Jordan Paul: I think is religious
Mr. Jordan Paul: he likes talking about bible
JoyceN: That is why I am breaking up with him
Mr. Jordan Paul: madam
Mr. Jordan Paul: dont let that brake you up
Joyce K Nelson: I need to
Mr. Jordan Paul: I will just advice you to let him understand you view concerning that
Mr. Jordan Paul: right
Joyce K Nelson: He is too churchy for me
Mr. Jordan Paul: then let him understand your points
Mr. Jordan Paul: I believe he wouild understand
Joyce K Nelson: This doesn't involve you
Mr. Jordan Paul: ok madam
Mr. Jordan Paul: so madam,.......... in our message to you we state there that the information u sent was wrong
Joyce K Nelson: Yes
Mr. Jordan Paul: so madam what are you doing to retify this mistake
Joyce K Nelson: I decided not to join
Mr. Jordan Paul: why?
Joyce K Nelson: Michael
Joyce K Nelson: It's hard to work somewhere when your ex also works there
Joyce K Nelson: It makes things very awkward
Mr. Jordan Paul: hello dont misquote this issue
Mr. Jordan Paul: Micheal is not working with us
Mr. Jordan Paul: or did he tell you that is working with us?
Joyce K Nelson: He said he works with you
Mr. Jordan Paul: not at all
Mr. Jordan Paul: is not working with us
Mr. Jordan Paul: He is a graphics artist
Mr. Jordan Paul: and we are planning to consult him for some designs
Joyce K Nelson: Is he a good graphics designer?
Mr. Jordan Paul: yeah
Joyce K Nelson: Really?
Joyce K Nelson: He didn't seem very talented to me
Joyce K Nelson: This is what he drew for me

Mr. Jordan Paul: ok
Mr. Jordan Paul: what are u now saying about him?
Joyce K Nelson: He doesn't seem like a very good graphics designer
Joyce K Nelson: That picture looks nothing like me
Mr. Jordan Paul: but he uses computer very well
Joyce K Nelson: I just don't see it
Mr. Jordan Paul: ok
Mr. Jordan Paul: did he always talk to you
Joyce K Nelson: Yes
Joyce K Nelson: A lot
Joyce K Nelson: but not much lately
Mr. Jordan Paul: wow
Mr. Jordan Paul: so madam.......... when should we be expecting the correct infor about the fund
Joyce K Nelson: I don't think so
Mr. Jordan Paul: why?
Joyce K Nelson: I told you I don't want to work there
Mr. Jordan Paul: madam you are not going to work here
Mr. Jordan Paul: just be a life time member
Joyce K Nelson: Well I don't want to be a member either
Joyce K Nelson: I changed my mind
Mr. Jordan Paul: and as time went on\
Mr. Jordan Paul: we are planning to setup a branch in europ and US
Mr. Jordan Paul: to broden our firm
Joyce K Nelson: I think I will pass
Joyce K Nelson: Unless you are willing to offer me something
Mr. Jordan Paul: what?
Joyce K Nelson: I want you to make me President
Joyce K Nelson: President of Western Oil & Gas
Mr. Jordan Paul: u know what?
Mr. Jordan Paul: u can be the president there is nothing wrong about that
Joyce K Nelson: Huzzah!
Mr. Jordan Paul: let me analise
Mr. Jordan Paul: something to you
Mr. Jordan Paul: membership is 1500$              while directorship is 3,500$

Note from James:  I should have acted sooner.  A seat on the board of directors was only $3,000 a few days ago.

Joyce K Nelson: How much is Presidency?
Mr. Jordan Paul: is 7,500$ only
Joyce K Nelson:: oh
Mr. Jordan Paul: yeah
Joyce K Nelson: That's a lot of money
Mr. Jordan Paul: yeah
Mr. Jordan Paul: So madam what is happening now?
Joyce K Nelson: I'm thinking about it
Mr. Jordan Paul: ok
Joyce K Nelson: If I were made President, could I possibly change the company logo?
Mr. Jordan Paul: if were made president yeah it is possible.... but you have to talk to the board of directors first
Joyce K Nelson: I have have a logo that I want to use
Mr. Jordan Paul: ok

Mr. Jordan Paul: lets get things more serious madam
Joyce K Nelson: I am being serious
Joyce K Nelson: That shall be our new logo
Mr. Jordan Paul: what
Joyce K Nelson: If you say that I am not serious, I will fire your ass so fast
Mr. Jordan Paul: I'am not saying that
Joyce K Nelson: Good
Joyce K Nelson: I don't allow my workers to talk that way to me
Joyce K Nelson: Am I making myself clear?
Mr. Jordan Paul: i do not understand you
Mr. Jordan Paul: what?
Joyce K Nelson: Go clean out your desk
Joyce K Nelson: You're fired
Mr. Jordan Paul: ok
Mr. Jordan Paul: I can now see it that u are joking
Joyce K Nelson: I am not joking
Joyce K Nelson: Leave or I will have security escort you out of the building
Mr. Jordan Paul: and I believe u dont have to be joking with me
Mr. Jordan Paul: bcos this is business
Joyce K Nelson: I know this is business, and I don't appreciate you fucking it up
Mr. Jordan Paul: I have a lot of thing do in the office
Joyce K Nelson: You don't have an office anymore
Joyce K Nelson: Your office will be turned into a janitor's lounge
Joyce K Nelson: it already smells like kitty litter soaked with vomit
Mr. Jordan Paul: are u really seious about this business/
Mr. Jordan Paul: i dont think you are
Joyce K Nelson: I'm damn serious about this, Jordy

Note from James:  After a brief silence, I decided to pull him back in by displaying "View My Webcam."  No scammer can resist it.  Jordan tried twice to view it, but I declined both times.

Joyce K Nelson: Webcams are for employees only
Mr. Jordan Paul: the phone number u feel on the form is out of used
Joyce K Nelson: It works.  It just doesn't work if you're calling from an internet cafe
Mr. Jordan Paul: I called you with my personal number and it was not going
Mr. Jordan Paul: why?
Joyce K Nelson: That doesn't matter
Joyce K Nelson: You have lost your phone priveleges
Mr. Jordan Paul: what are u talking about
Joyce K Nelson: You are no longer an employee of this company, so the corporate phones will no longer be of service to you
Joyce K Nelson: Now get the fuck out of the building
Joyce K Nelson: You are being watched, so don't try to make a scene, and don't try to steal anything