Michael's Potential Victim:

Joyce NelsonThe lovable Joyce is a 61 year old widow.  She is also the proud mother of one son, James. 
About Micheal...
Email:  micheal_stevens140@yahoo.com , pablo_smith001@yahoo.com
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Aliases:  Micheal Stevens, Kevin Chris, Dominic Martins, Brick Thomason, Pablo Smith, Joseph A. Obukohwo
Telephone:  +2340822265221
Profile: Myspace
Note:  Micheal didn't initiate contact with Joyce.  His email was forwarded to me by a reader.  Also, it's not a typo.  This idiot actually misspelled his own fake name.

how r u doing...my name is micheal stevens.isingle man,born in baltimore mary land.. but live and work in Africa at the moment,
well i am in search of real woman to spend my life with a woman i will love and
a woman we will share good time with and share good memories..
i am working for the British Goverment here in Africa in search of British houses.
i am very out going..love out doors such as camping,fishing,cinema,
cooking.dancing andlove to spend timewith kids.

micheal stevens i am ready to share tht love and care for tht special woman tht will understand wht tru love is all abt..tht woman who i will love all my life
tht woman to hold andhs with,to spend my time, tht woman to take my more close to God,
i read ur profile and i like it so i decide to send you a mail.. and i like to know if you are on yahoo so we can chat and get to know each other better...
i am a God fearing man who want to meet a God fearing woman..i am here to Build Love and trust..distance is not going to stop tru Love..this is not abt a head Game or dishonesty..i want a real woman..a woman who will make me feel like a man in Love.
i Lost my wife and son in a Car Accident.. 4yes Ago.. so i have been Lonly and Praying to God to show me my missing Rib..heaven helo those who help them selfs so i decide to make tht move to look for tht special Package God has for me..i am ready to share tru love and make my woman happy as far as we are together..

you can im me on my hotmail.tru my email Address.micheal_stevens140@hotm am 46yrs old ail.com

Micheal: hi dear
Joyce N: Hello
Micheal: how are u doing dear
Joyce N: I'm fine. How are you?
Micheal: we thank the lord dear
Joyce N: Yes, dear
Micheal: my were are u now
Joyce N: I'm home
Micheal: and wat country is that dear
Joyce N: The US
Micheal: my dear wat do u do 4 aliving
Joyce N: I am co-owner of a bakery
Joyce N: What do you do for a living?
Micheal: well dear i work with the brthish embassy dear
Micheal: as a contractor
Joyce N: Wow.  You're a real fancy pants big shot
Micheal: that cool dear
Micheal: do u have kids
Joyce N: I have one son
Joyce N: How about you?
Micheal: i asked u do u have kids
Joyce N: Yes, and I answered your question
Micheal: that nice how hold is ur son dear
Joyce N: He's 27
Micheal: well i lost my son and wife in a plane crash my dear
Micheal: that cool
Joyce N: I don't think plane crashes are cool
Joyce N: Especially when people die
Micheal: i am soory i mean ur son
Joyce N: My son didn't die in a plane crash.  He lives in Raleigh
Micheal: i mean your son is big
Joyce N: Yes.  Big where it counts
Micheal: k
Micheal: well dear do u like music dear
Joyce N: Yes.  I love music.
Joyce N: I especially love listening to it
Micheal: wat tyepe
Micheal: my dear
Joyce N: I like rock, classic rock, classic country, bluegrass, blues, and folk
Micheal: well my dear i love bules
Joyce N: Who's your favorite old black bluesman?
Joyce N: I like Taj Mahal
Joyce N: and John Lee Hooker
Micheal: well love don williams
Joyce N: Never heard of him
Micheal: my dear when is ur brithday
Micheal: my is this decmber dear
Joyce N: Mine was in October
Micheal: well dear imine is december
Joyce N: I know
Joyce N: You just told me 8 seconds ago
Micheal: i will love u to come
Joyce N: Where?
Micheal: my dear in africa dear
Joyce N: I can't do that
Micheal: why dear
Joyce N: Because my probation officer won't let me leave the county
Micheal: if u care abt me u can make it dear
Joyce N: That's just not possible
Micheal: ok dear can just come before my brithday dear
Joyce N: NO
Joyce N: I couldn't go even if I wanted to
Joyce N: And I wouldn't go even if I could
Micheal: i wll love to come to the us before my brithday dear
Joyce N: That would be nice
Joyce N: When is your birthday?
Micheal: my dear my company will love to send u a  cheque so u can help me cash dear
Joyce N: Why can't you cash it?
Micheal: none of the banks here cash it dear
Joyce N: Why me?
Micheal: i really need ur help so i can book the fligh to the swtates now dear
Joyce N: I'm going to have to say no
Micheal: no baby u dont have too
Joyce N: I'm sorry, but no
Micheal: why did u say tha baby
Joyce N: I just don't want to do that
Micheal: if u care and love me the way i do so tell me what stoping u to hlep me to i can get my flyth ticket home and spend  the Xmas with u befor my birstday
Joyce N: I'm not going to cash a check for you
Joyce N: So please shut the fuck up about it
Micheal: tell me what make's u say tha?
Joyce N: Contempt
Joyce N: And if you ask again, I will leave
Micheal: so love tell me how do u want me to be home with u and spend the Xmas with u
Joyce N: You're being too pushy
Joyce N: Bye
Micheal: hey dont leave
Micheal: can i ask u something
Joyce N: Then back off
Joyce N: I said no.  I mean no
Micheal: alright
Micheal: can i ask u something?
Joyce N: Ask
Micheal: tell ,me do u love me with all ur heart?
Joyce N: Yes.  You know I do
Micheal: and i love u more then anything in the work
Joyce N: More than staplers?
Micheal: yes
Micheal: u mean alot to me
Joyce N: Thanks
Micheal: so my love what would u give me on my birstday?
Joyce N: I don't know
Micheal: tell me what do u have in mind/
Joyce N: Telling you would ruin the surprise
Micheal: oh really
Joyce N: Yeah.  So you should probably quit asking about it
Micheal: so my love when will u get it cos i can't wait to hold u arm's around me
Micheal: cos right now am so lonely and i want to hold u and never let go off u
Joyce N: Thanks.  That sounds awesome
Micheal: i mean't every world i say to u cos ur what i called beauty
Micheal: and i will always love u for who u r and make the word understand how special u r to me
Joyce N: Thanks.  I feel special right now just because you said that
Micheal: k
Micheal: so my love can u get the gift and send it here cos am so lonely and i want to hold u and never let go of u till am home
Joyce N: I'll just wait until you return
Micheal: and can u send me ur pic so i can always put it in my office
Joyce N: Okay
Micheal: i mean can u send ur pic down here so i can always have u in my office and my home
Joyce N: I'll just wait until you return to send a gift
Micheal: Return to where baby
Joyce N: The US
Micheal: so how do u want me to celebrate here so i can show my friend ur pic and the gift i get from u and it will be great for me to have u next to me all night
Joyce N: I don't like how pushy you are
Joyce N: You're like a child, and little like a Nazi all rolled into one.
Micheal: my dear i love everything abt u
Joyce N: You're starting to annoy me
Micheal: well dear i wpould love to call u dear so we can talk
Micheal: i hope it is possible
Joyce N: No
Joyce N: It's not possible
Micheal: or u call me dear
Joyce N: That's not possible either
Joyce N: I don't have a long distance calling plan
Micheal: my dear i can call u dear
Joyce N: No you can't
Micheal: my love if u love me u wouldnt hurt me dear
Joyce N: You're being pushy again, and I'm staring to get angry
Joyce N: and you won't like me when I'm angry
Micheal: why are u doing this to,me dear
Joyce N: Why are YOU doing this to me?
Micheal: my dear i belive i can wipie ur tears away
Joyce N: If you keep acting like such a prick, you can just wipie my ass
Micheal: my love do ur son play soccer
Joyce N: No
Micheal: wat does he play dear
Joyce N: I'm not going to discuss my son

Micheal signed off.  I thought he blocked me because I was being such an asshole.  That wasn't the case.  He and I had the following chat the next day...

Joyce N: Hello
Micheal: hi dear
Micheal: how are u doing
Joyce N: I'm fine.  How are you?
Micheal: my dear i am cool
Joyce N: Not as cool as me
Micheal: my dear my brithday is around the coner
Joyce N: I know.  You told me about 50 times yesterday
Micheal: my dear i would love to, celebrte it dear with my workers dear
Joyce N: Okay
Micheal: my dera i need assisttance
Micheal: i have aleast 500$
Micheal: but i sill need some abt to
Joyce N: How much?
Micheal: my dear 400$
Micheal: my dear my workers are pushing me to do it dear
Joyce N: Don't let your workers push you around
Joyce N: and don't make them make you pay for your own birthday party
Micheal: and my dear i dont kown wat to do dear
Joyce N: It's not your workers' decision
Micheal: i promise them that i will try and do it dear
Joyce N: You shouldn't let them influence you like that
Joyce N: You will always be a pussy in their eyes
Micheal: aligth dear
Micheal: i will be glad if u help me dear
Joyce N: Will you pay me back?
Micheal: yes dear i will when i get to the states
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: I'll help
Micheal: my dear u can help me send it though westernunion dear
Joyce N: Okay.  No problem.
Micheal: pls use this name kevlin chris
Joyce N: Kevlin?
Micheal: and send it dear
Micheal: destination lagos nigeria
Micheal: my dear when u send it u have to send the westenunioncontrol number
Joyce N: Have you even used Western Union before?
Joyce N: Because you're doing this all wrong
Micheal: text the qustion and answer
Joyce N: You have to provide me with the Name / Street / City / Country
Micheal: Dear,please let me make a confirmation on it,okay
Joyce N: Just forget it
Micheal: Why?
Joyce N: Forget I ever offered
Joyce N: You're starting to waste my time
Micheal: I said please
Micheal: It will not take any time,okay
Joyce N: You have no idea what you're doing, and I'm tired of waiting
Joyce N: I have a lot of things to do today, and I'm growing tired of chatting with you
Micheal: I was trying to give it to you,but you want the full confirmation.
Joyce N: That's what Western Union requires
Micheal: I don't want any mistake on it
Micheal: You know it a big money that you sending me
Joyce N: It seems like you may not even know your own address
Micheal: Nope
Micheal: I want all the confirmtion you asking for
Micheal: This not my country love
Joyce N: Just forget it
Micheal: Please baby
Joyce N: I don't even care anymore.  Make your workers pay for it.
Micheal: I have already mead the confirmation
Micheal: That's why i want you to have it in your e-mail,so you wount make any mistake on it
Micheal: If you really love me,you will help
Micheal: Thanks
Micheal: my dear i will be on line by ten dear
Micheal: i love u

Later that day...

Micheal: hi dear this is how u can send it dearit for methis is my co workers details dear name........brick thomason...........add.......100kudirat abiola way lagos nigeria and  send question and answers
Joyce N: I said to forget it
Micheal: thanksi care alot dear
Micheal: my dear pls i am sorry
Joyce N: It's too late now
Joyce N: I just don't care anymore
Micheal: plsdear i have orderd for drinks and food dear
Joyce N: That's the stupidest reason to ask for money
Micheal: my dear i need to do this becos i want to make a good impression of my self dear
Joyce N: You're being too much of a pussy.
Joyce N: You let your workers control everything
Micheal: this is the only oppuninty i can use so i could get promoted dear
Joyce N: If this were prison, you would be someone's bitch before you even got your orange jumpsuit
Micheal: my dear i am sorry if i have in convince u dear
Micheal: i never meant it to be that way dear
Micheal: i dont know wat to do dear u are all i have dear
Joyce N: Just forget about it
Joyce N: I'm not going to send money for some stupid party
Micheal: no dear isnnt a stupid party
Joyce N: It's in honor of a stupid man, therefore, it's a stupid party
Micheal: pls i promise to pay u back dear
Joyce N: What kind of party is so important that you have to borrow money?
Micheal: i have been hoping and praying for promotion at the end of the year
Joyce N: So what does that have to do with a party?
Micheal: want to give them a good impression
Joyce N: So it's no longer a birthday party, but instead it's a promotion party?
Micheal: my dear i am on my knees begging
Joyce N: Don't ask again
Micheal: so that thiswill be a big shame to me
Micheal: i promise to double it for u dear
Micheal: i am in need of help
Micheal: i just appied for my leave break
Joyce N: Why don't you just leave now?
Micheal: dear and they have apporved it dear
Joyce N: I meant leave the conversation
Micheal: my dear wat should i do dear
Joyce N: I have a suggestion
Joyce N: Go fuck yourself
Micheal: so i have ask the amount of the fligth ticket and my bta fee dear ok dear do u advice me to use the monry i save for my bta a
Micheal: becos dear the rush is too much dear
Joyce N: You're just being a whiney bitch
Joyce N: Are you sure you are even a man?
Micheal: amy dear i have payid for my bta
Joyce N: AMY?
Joyce N: Who the fuck is Amy?
Micheal: i am soory dear i made a roung spelling dear
Joyce N: There's a big spelling difference in Joyce and Amy
Micheal: if u care dear dear  u will help me
Joyce N: Ask Amy
Joyce N: Bye
Micheal: wat do u mean dear
Micheal: i hoped that we would have take dis to another step dear
Micheal: i am sorry if i hurt u
Micheal: is just that i have never do my brithday for a long time

Micheal is one of the worst scammers I've seen.  He doesn't even have a game plan.  I didn't care to continue chatting with Micheal, however he would occasionally send offline messages...

Micheal: (12/3/2006 11:13:05 AM): hi joyce how are u doing today dear well how is ur weekend like i was hoping we could start there i thank god dear giver never lack dear as i keep on crying day to day and praying that u can assit me dear i look forward to talk to u thanks pls u can reach me at this moblie phone dear +2340822265221 thanks may god bless u

Micheal: (12/5/2006 3:27:05 AM): hello dear
Micheal: (12/5/2006 3:27:38 AM): how are u doing
Micheal: (12/5/2006 3:28:39 AM): how was ur weekend dear i hope it was wonderful dear
Micheal: (12/5/2006 3:29:32 AM): well i missed u dear that was why i had to just write u dear
Micheal: (12/5/2006 3:30:04 AM): i hope to hear from u dear
Micheal: (12/5/2006 3:30:30 AM): take care of ur self
Micheal: (12/5/2006 3:30:47 AM): i care alot bye

Micheal:(12/7/2006 8:20:47 AM): hi dear how are u doing well dear my brithday is just some days to go dear as i am i dont know wat to do but i have made a misstake already dear but i have no choice dear than just do a little get together becos my company manergers will be dear and my fellow workers too dear and my pay check wii be paid dy the 22nd of december dear by then i would have paid u back pls help and i wouldnt let u down dear thanks god bless u
Micheal: (12/7/2006 8:22:57 AM): thanks pls reply me or give me an offline dear
Micheal: (12/7/2006 11:58:48 PM): hi dear how are u doing dear pls call me dear i am in ther hospital dear very sick the doctor says it is tyforiod dear so pls call me this is my doctors number +2340822265221 thanks alo0t the day is just very close dear pls help me and i wil not let u down

About a month after the last message, Micheal starts messaging Joyce again...

Micheal: hi dear
Joyce N: Hello
Micheal: happy newyear
Joyce N: Happy New Year
Joyce N: Where have you been?
Micheal: i am sorry i have been ill
Joyce N: I hope you're feeling better
Micheal: well dear i am cool now
Joyce N: That's good to hear
Micheal: my dear how was ur hoils
Joyce N: Hoils?
Micheal: i mean ur hoildays
Joyce N: Everything was swell
Joyce N: How about you?
Micheal: it was  cool
Micheal: how is bissness
Joyce N: Everything's going great
Micheal: my dear mine is horrieble
Joyce N: I'm so sorry to hear that
Micheal: well i will need ur assistance dear
Joyce N: How?
Micheal: i have some hospital bills to pay dear
Joyce N: How much are the bills?
Micheal: 1500$
Micheal: but i have paied part of it dear
Joyce N: How much have you paid?
Micheal: 500$
Joyce N: Are you asking me for $500?
Micheal: no dear i have paid 500$
Micheal: i just bougth drugs and durgs are very expensive
Joyce N: $1000 is too much money to lend.  Especially if you're going to blow it all on drugs
Micheal: my dear..
Micheal: how much can you rise to hlep?
Joyce N: A lot less than that
Micheal: hun...
Micheal: my dear i will not want to stay in the hospital
Micheal: the bill to expensive
Joyce N: $1000 is expensive for me
Micheal: i know there pls i really need ur assitanst dear i promise to pay u back as soon as i leave he hospital
Micheal: i  have money in the bank but i cant just move out of here like this to the bank
Joyce N: I just can't do $1000
Micheal: okay dearie
Micheal: what can you do?
Joyce N: $250
Micheal: yeah dear
Micheal: thats really kool
Micheal:  i appreciate it
Micheal:  but can you make it 700$
Micheal: pls!!
Joyce N: No
Joyce N: I'll go $300
Micheal: honeynyou need to understand what i am in too now
Joyce N: I understand, and I feel that $300 is a fair sum
Micheal: pls i really need you to do this for me
Micheal:  i promise i'll make it up to you
Micheal:  as soon as i get outa here
Micheal: sweety
Micheal: can you make it five for me so i can atleast get outa here
Micheal: hunn...
Joyce N: $400.  Final offer
Micheal: just do dis baby
Micheal:   you really want me out of here right
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: You know I do
Micheal: so we can be togetter riht
Joyce N: Yes
Micheal:   if you can not do this for me i will so much appreciate it and will really treat you like a real woman
Joyce N: $400 will be good enough start for the womanly treatment
Micheal: okay dear
Micheal: can you do that right way
Joyce N: I'll do it later today
Micheal: ok
Micheal:   wat time is it there
Joyce N: 4:50 pm
Micheal: pls dear
Micheal: can you do it be4 5.30pm
Joyce N: Probably not
Joyce N: I'm cooking dinner now
Micheal: ok
Micheal:   wat time will do it soon i know wat to do and tell the hospital
Joyce N: I have no idea.  It will definitely be before 8:00 pm
Micheal: will the bank till be on till then ?
Joyce N: The bank?
Joyce N: How am I supposed to send this?
Micheal:   i'll give the information to use
Micheal:   you will go to western union money transfar so you write the money there
Joyce N: Okay. No problem
Micheal: i'll give you the doctors name and info now okay
Joyce N: Okay.
Micheal: name- dominic martins
zipe code-23401
taxt-question  who do u love
anwer- micheal stevens
Joyce N: I'm writing it
Joyce N: I've got it
Micheal: just sent it the way i gave it to you okay h0ney
Joyce N: Okay
Micheal: thanks sweety
Joyce N: You're welcome
Micheal: i will really make it up to you
Joyce N: I know you will
Micheal: sweety when you do sent it
Micheal:   you pls get back to me with theinformations that you used so i can  be able to get it here with it ok
Joyce N: I'll email it to you
Micheal:   you're the greatest
Micheal: go do your cooking and make it up
Joyce N: Don't rush me
Micheal: ok
Micheal: the doc just call called now
Micheal:   they need me to come take my medications
Joyce N: Okay.  It's probably a good idea to listen to him
Micheal: will be back i 3hours time ok
Joyce N: I'll have sent the money by then
Micheal:   takecare of you for me sweety
Micheal: love you so much sweety pie
Joyce N: I love you too
Micheal: bye now let me go take my medications
Micheal:   bye now sweety
Joyce N: Bye
Micheal: love you sweety
Micheal: bye
Joyce N: I love you too
Joyce N: Bye

The next morning...

Joyce N: Hello
Micheal: good morning angel
Joyce N: Good morning
Micheal: how r u doing this morning
Joyce N: I'm doing fine.  How are you?
Micheal: when i look at ur face it make's me feel real good
Joyce N: I feel the same way.  That's why I keep mirrors all over the place
Micheal: so baby did i got the money sent?
Joyce N: I don't know.  Did you?
Micheal: sorry?
Micheal: did u get the money sent i mean?
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: Did you pick it up yet?
Micheal: u did not give me the information tha i could use and get it baby
Joyce N: Yes I did
Micheal: u did where did u send the information too?
Joyce N: Are you joking?
Micheal: no i did not get any email from u
Micheal: where did u get it
Joyce N: It wasn't email

Note from James:  I then pasted the following chat transcript.  This, of course, never happened.
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:19:26 PM): hello
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:19:37 PM): how you doin
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:19:48 PM): I'm doing fine
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:19:59 PM): I sent your money
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:19:54 PM): oK
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:20:16 PM): can you give me the information please?
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:20:23 PM): Okay
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:20:29 PM): oK
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:20:45 PM): THANKS ALOT
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:20:48 PM): MTCN # 7003681580
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:20:55 PM): Sender's name:
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:22:07 PM): Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St / Wilmington, NC 28403
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:22:29 PM): test question?
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:22:55 PM): Same one you gave me
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:22:29 PM): tell me again please
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:22:55 PM): Question: Who do you love?
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:22:59 PM): Answer:  Michael Stevens
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:21:17 PM): OKAY
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:21:20 PM): SEE U LATER
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:21:22 PM): Wait!!
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:21:29 PM): Aren't you going to thank me?
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:21:23 PM): OK
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:21:28 PM): THANKS BABE
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:21:29 PM): You're welcome
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:21:46 PM): i need to go now
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:21:46 PM): i need to get the money before it is too late
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:22:55 PM): It's okay.  I understand.
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:23:46 PM): thank you
micheal stevens (1/19/2007 7:24:02 PM): byeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:24:55 PM): Will you be back later?
Joyce (1/19/2007 7:24:59 PM): Bye

Micheal: brb hold on for a mins baby
Micheal: and pls dont go no where
Joyce N: Okay
Micheal: when did u send the money ?
Joyce N: Yesterday evening
Micheal: after e finished talking
Joyce N: About 45 minutes after the first time we chatted
Micheal: do u mean after u finished cooking
Joyce N: Yes. The receipt says it was sent at 6:37 pm
Micheal: what is the date on the receipt
Joyce N: Yesterday.  1/19/07
Micheal: tell me when u wrote me the information did we chat on did u see me online
Joyce N: What?
Micheal: has u wrote me the information yesterday did we chat
Joyce N: Yes.  I just showed you the chat
Micheal: k
Joyce N: What are you talking about?
Micheal: nothing baby just wanna be sure i did get it right
Micheal: so my love how much did u send
Joyce N: $400
Micheal: really
Joyce N: Yeah
Joyce N: You mean you didn't claim it?
Micheal: no i have to call the doctor now so he can go get it okay
Joyce N: Okay
Micheal: well i have to call the doctor now and tell him so he can go get the money and when he get's the money i will give u a call
Micheal: what ur number baby
Joyce N: I don't give out my number
Micheal: why baby
Micheal: if u say u love me why not
Joyce N: I just don't.  It's nothing personal
Micheal: if u care and love me the way u said give me ur number my love
Joyce N: Don't be such a douche
Joyce N: I said I don't give it out
Micheal: just wanna hear tha sweet voice
Joyce N: I don't give it out, and you're going to have to respect that decision
Micheal: okay has soo has i get the money i will email u to let u no okay
Joyce N: Okay.  I'll be online later if you want to chat
Micheal: tell me once more tha u did sent the money
Joyce N: Are you calling me a liar?
Micheal: yes i will chat with ya anytime
Micheal: oh not just kinding u baby
Micheal: love u
Joyce N: Wait a damn minute
Joyce N: Why would you say that?
Joyce N: YOU are the one acting all strange about this
Joyce N: You're the one that asked me for the info a SECOND time today
Micheal: no i never got the infor till i just me okay
Micheal: not untill now u gave it to me
Joyce N: Then what about last night?
Micheal: yes am the one talking to u tha u said ur gonna send it after 3hor;s
Joyce N: Then why did you just now say that you got the info today?
Micheal: yes maybe after u sent it yesterday i was not online and i have been having some litte problem with my laptop
Joyce N: You're really confusing me
Micheal: baby after we finished talking lastnight i went off to bed and i never came back til now and i have been having problem with my laptop
Joyce N: This conversation is giving me a headache
Joyce N: We'll chat again later
Joyce N: Bye
Micheal: okay
Micheal: has soon has i get the money i willemail u okay
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: Goodbye
Micheal: bye

Here's what's going on... There are at least two Nigerians posing as Micheal.  One scammer does most, or possibly all of the chatting so far. The other is in charge of the money; likely because he's the one with the fake ID claiming to be Dominic Martins.

Micheal #1 doesn't seem too frantic about someone stealing "his" money.  My guess is that he thinks there was a lack of communication with his partner... or maybe he suspects a doublecross.  Regardless, he believes he knows who "took" it, and he either expects to get it back, or he's just afraid of the person.

Later that day, we had the following chat...

Joyce N: Hello
Joyce N: Are you there?
Micheal: i have receviced the money
Joyce N: That's great. I hope it helps out.
Micheal: thanks
Micheal: well dear it will
Joyce N: I'm glad to hear that
Micheal: u just saved me dear
Joyce N: I'm glad I could help in your time of need
Micheal: my dear the the doctor said that it was typiod and marlaria
Joyce N: Both?
Joyce N: That sounds pretty serious
Micheal: yes dear
Joyce N: I hope you're feeling better now
Micheal: he said that i must buy some durgs dear
Joyce N: I'm sure the $400 I gave you will come in handy
Micheal: my dear it covers the hospital bills alone
Joyce N: Okay. Like I said, I hope it helps
Micheal: my dear the durgs they are tellimg me to take is the promblem
Micheal: i am distrubed dear
Joyce N: Why?
Micheal: the hospital are requesting me to buy durugs dear
Joyce N: Just say no
Micheal: and take some injections dear
Micheal: i mean tablets
Micheal: and thet are charging me for the tablets and if i dont finish my dozage i wont leave the hospital
Joyce N: So what's your point?
Micheal: mydear they told me too bring some amt dear i am soorry that i am in covenicing u dear it just that i have to get beeter if not it will get bad dear
Joyce N: So just because I gave you money yesterday, you're gonna keep asking over and over?
Micheal: no dear i am soorry dear
Micheal: it just that the doctor just adviced me dear
Joyce N: I'm advising you to use the $400 I gave you
Micheal: pls tell me wat i should do dear
Joyce N: That's your call
Micheal: so wat are u doing now there
Micheal: how was ur day dear
Joyce N: My day was awesome as usual
Micheal: my dear i belive u have a nice heart
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: I do

This was a little confusing at first.  I thought he was baiting me, but that wasn't the case.  Micheal apparently thought there was a communication breakdown between himself and another of the Micheal's.  The fake MTCN and info was given to Fake ID Micheal and they expected an easy pick-up of the money.

Later that night, I received an email from Dr. Dominic Martins (Fake ID Micheal).  His email was registered as Pablo Smith.

Subject:  Hello mrs Nelson am doctor dominic marthins
Sender:  Pablo Smith < pablo_smith001@yahoo.com >

hello joyce nelson,how r u doing today and how is the family and everyone hope all is well,well am sorry to say this micheal steven's told me about my infomation tha he gave to u for sending the money..so he can pay his hospital bill's so he can leave here soon,well yesterday i told him tha i have gotting the money which  bank's here dose not open on sunday's so i have no uption than to tell him i got the money cos if i did tell him i did not get the money his illness will conitunies so i have to tell him i got it.well i was at the bank this morning to get the money but thing's did not go the way we expected and i was so embrassed at the bank they told me the transaction was no macth found so all i want u to do if u did sent the money send me the correct information so i can go get the money befor bank closed here...this is the information u gave to micheal steven's tha he gave to me has well......MTCN # 7003681580 and at the bank here the will ned ur sender's name and infor so they can give me the money
Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St / Wilmington, NC 28403
Question: Who do you love
...so u can send me the right information or u call the westanunion money transfar to ask them about it and they should give u the right 10digit number....u can write me back cos ur husband can even talk at the moment and we r trying our best so have can leave here so pls show him tha u care and love him cos all night he keep's calling ur name all night nelson and i wonder who could tha be...it say's what god has joined together let no man or woman put has onder so hope to hear from u soon ake sure u get the write information befor u write back okay do take care and have a wonderful great day and god bless u..once more am so sorry for not telling him i did not get the money so get back soon take care...bye and one thing i would like to get ur cell # so i will be calling u to let u no what s going on okay

I responded back by simply saying, "I'll be glad to send you the receipt just as soon as you prove to me you're a real doctor."  I was hoping for some kind of hilarious response from him, but he never wrote back.

The next day...

Micheal: are u there?
Joyce N: Hello
Joyce N: I'm here
Micheal: how r u doing
Joyce N: I'm fine. How are you?
Micheal: am ok
Micheal: did you get the mail from the doc?
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: I responded to him
Micheal: hve u sent the right information to the doctor?
Joyce N: I thought you said that you arleady claimed the money
Micheal: the doctor told me his going to get the money for me while i was sleeping..bank dont work here on sunday..have been sleeping all day...the doctor went to the bank to get the money and i was told the money is no mor there....
Joyce N: Yeah, but you told me yesterday you got the money
Micheal: the doctor gave me a sleeping tablet..so have been sleeping all day..and bank dont work here on sunday so i thought the money..not until today he told me the money is no more there
Joyce N: His problem is that he went to the bank
Joyce N: I sent the money through Western Union. Not the bank
Micheal: i know
Joyce N: Western Union isn't a bank
Micheal: do you have the information with you?
Joyce N: Yes
Micheal: can i have the info again....
Joyce N: Just a sec. I'm scanning the receipt
Micheal: send it to me
Joyce N: Ok

Note from James:  Micheal never noticed the crudely drawn peepee and balls in the upper right corner.

Micheal: hold let me call the doctor?
Joyce N: Okay
Micheal: honey can u track the money and see if it still there pls right now the doctor is really mad at me fr what happend to him this morning or u call the western union to ask if the money still there okay love
Joyce N: I'll just call them
Micheal: k
Micheal: thx my love and tell them to give u the right information okay love u
Joyce N: BRB
Micheal: k
Joyce N: I'm speaking with someone now
Micheal: what do they said?
Joyce N: Are you sure you gave them the info exactly as I gave it to you?
Micheal: tha what i have here baby MTCN # 7003681580 Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St / Wilmington, NC 28403 Question: Who do you love Michael Stevens
Joyce N: They want to know if you're certain you went to a Western Union union location
Micheal: yes the doctor did tha today and he came back and told me all he went true
Joyce N: The doctor's email said he went to a bank
Joyce N: You can't claim Western Union funds at a bank. You can only claim them from a Western Union location.
Micheal: yes here in west africa they do have western union in the bank's here in west africa all the bank's here has western union inside
Joyce N: Oh. Okay
Joyce N: Do you have a printer?
Micheal: yes baby
Joyce N: They said for you to print the receipt and take it with you
Micheal: the western did they guve u the right infor
Joyce N: Yes. They tracked it and said it's still unclaimed
Joyce N: They said for you to print the receipt, and take it with you when you claim the money
Micheal: let me ask the doctor
Micheal: brb
Micheal: love he said they do tha here all u need to do is take the information to the westernunion and get ur money tha all
Joyce N: What?
Micheal: tha what the doctor said
Joyce N: Well, I think Western Union knows more about their policies than some doctor that can't even claim money by himself
Micheal: og baby just dont no what wrong
Joyce N: Then you should listen to what they say
Joyce N: Because either you or the doctor don't know what you're doing
Micheal: baby can u give me the westernunion number so i can call them ?
Joyce N: 1-800-325-6000
Micheal: is tha the number
Joyce N: Yes
Micheal: my love did u track the money and it say's the money is still there to be pick up right\
Joyce N: The person on the phone tracked it.
Joyce N: They said it was available for pick-up
Micheal: hold brb
Micheal: i am crying in pains dear
Joyce N: Why?
Micheal: the injections is painful dear
Joyce N: I'm so sorry to hear that, but you're going to have to be a man about this
Micheal: and the doctor priscribed
Micheal: that i should by some dozeage
Micheal: that is panadol and procold medicine
Joyce N: Okay
Micheal: my dear the dozage is expensive dear
Joyce N: Yeah.. Too bad your doctor is too much of an idiot to claim the money I sent
Micheal: and i have to take it dear
Joyce N: Okay
Micheal: as i talk to u i dont know wat to do
Micheal: becos i have no choice than to wait till i have got some money
Joyce N: Well I just sent you $400 two or three days ago
Micheal: i need u
Joyce N: Just do what Western Union suggested.  Then you will have plenty of money for better treatment
Micheal: ok
Joyce N: Go back, and if they give you any problem, show them the sender's receipts I gave you
Joyce N: It is Western Union's policy to always honor sender's receipts
Micheal: ok love
Micheal: angel tell me what u thinkj abput me
Joyce N: I think you're super
Micheal: tell me more
Joyce N: and great
Micheal: angel u are the queen of my hearth
Micheal: angel i cant wait to be bye ur side
Micheal: to tell u sweet poems
Joyce N: That would be great
Micheal: tell me one first
Joyce N: Right now?
Micheal: yep am waitinnnnnnnnnnnnn
Joyce N: I keep a close watch on this heart of mine
Joyce N: I keep my eyes wide open all the time
Joyce N: I keep the ends out for the tie that binds
Joyce N: Because you're mine
Joyce N: I walk the line
Micheal: angel am urse urs urs usr urs
Joyce N: I'm yours too
Micheal: angel gusse bwhat i cant wait to be with u
Joyce N: Me too. I want us to be together so badly
Micheal: ok
Micheal: can u come spend some time with me down here
Joyce N: Where?
Micheal: west africa
Joyce N: Of course not
Micheal: why love?
Joyce N: Because my job and my family are here
Micheal: well do u want me to come over?
Joyce N: I thought that was our plan
Micheal: ok
Micheal: but wen do u want me to come?
Joyce N: Any time you are ready
Micheal: i will love to come after i get my health fully ok
Joyce N: I would love that
Micheal: so any time next month
Micheal: how much is the cost of ticket over there
Joyce N: The average flight? About $100 - $125
Micheal: i mean to come over here
Joyce N: About the same. Maybe $20 more.
Micheal: ok...

At the beginning, Micheal needed money for a party.  That didn't work, so he changed his story to needing money for hospital bills.  Now that's not going according, so he's changing it again.  He's setting it up so he can ask for money for a plane ticket.

The next day...

Micheal: Hello Swetie.
Joyce N: Hello
Micheal: How are u doing????????
Joyce N: I'm fine. How are you?
Micheal: am fine Baby just that the Dotor is mad at me.
Joyce N: Why?
Micheal: Bcos he was unable to pick the Money bcos the information is not right.
Joyce N: Come on
Joyce N: The information is correct.
Joyce N: He is just an idiot
Micheal: Baby that is not true.. Look i Guess the mistake is from mthe western Union.
Micheal: can you go and pick up the Money and re-send it again or you call the western Union and recheck the information if there is any mistake
Joyce N: Did he even take the receipt to Western Union like they suggested?
Micheal: Yes baby they said is not correct.
Joyce N: Hmmmm
Joyce N: I thought doctors were supposed to smart.  How can this guy keep screwing up so much?
Micheal: Baby you know what to do for me can you go and pick up the Money back and resend it back bcos i Guess the Doctor himself is not telling me thr truth bcos i know you will never tell me lie bcos i beulive you and the Doctor might be the person telling lies.
Joyce N: WHAT?
Micheal: sorry bcos i beilive the Doctor is telling lies sorry it was a Mistake
Joyce N: Look...
Joyce N: Here's the problem
Joyce N: Your doctor is fucking idiot, and so are you if you deny it
Micheal: Baby should i give you abother information to re-send the Money to
Joyce N: If you expect me to go back there, wait in that long line and do this all over again, then you are sadly mistaken. That won't be happening.
Joyce N: If I have to go back to Western Union, I'll be leaving with the $400 in my pocket
Micheal: Baby check out the receipt very well and go through the name and confirm if there is no Mistake
Joyce N: There are no mistakes. We went over this many times before
Joyce N: I even sent you the receipt
Micheal: Ohh Baby i figured out that the mistake is from the western Union not you
Joyce N: I figured out it's your doctor, not me or Western Union
Micheal: tell the person that did the transaction for you to check the name bcos they might have been having mistakes on the system over there
Joyce N: This is getting ridiculous
Joyce N: Maybe this is all one big mistake
Micheal: Baby give me the number again i will i will follow him to the western Union tommorow
Joyce N: Forget it
Joyce N: Your doctor just cost you $400
Joyce N: I rescinded the payment
Micheal: Baby did you call the Money back?
Joyce N: Yes
Micheal: when was that today?
Joyce N: Just now over the phone
Micheal: Baby Ok can you send it to this information plz bcos I'm very sure if you send it to this information i will get it bcos i trust this Guy so Much. you know if i wasn't ill i wount be having this problem with the Doctor i wil be the one to get the Money myself
Joyce N: No
Joyce N: That's ship has sailed
Micheal: Darling you know I'm very sick and you must understand that it bcos of my illness that is why I'm having this crap from the Doctor
Joyce N: Since you think your doctor is so smart, let him think of a way for you to get $400.
Micheal: But now that I'm a little bit strong i can get it myself with the information i want to gve you
Joyce N: That money sat unclaimed for days.
Joyce N: You had the opportunity, but you chose to let some idiot doctor do as he pleased
Joyce N: I'm starting to doubt this guy is even a doctor
Micheal: But Darling you know i was in the Hospital
Micheal: i was so down and cant even walk around has it been i was nown i will find my way to get it.
Micheal: Joyce I love you so much. I love you for your kindness, for your caring and giving nature, for your beauty - both inner and outer, and most of all I love you because you are you. The fact that you show me who you really are and not what you think I may want. Sweetie, let this letter be a testament to my true feelings for you. The whole world can see and know how I feel for you. I love you
Micheal: Baby he is but i want you to Change the informations and send it to another name but since you said you cant i dont want to Bother but I'm sick and i want you to know that when you say things like you're not going to send the Money it makes me sick more and more bcos if i dont pay this Bills they wount let me go
Joyce N: Not gonna happen
Joyce N: Be sure to tell your "doctor" that this was his fault.
Micheal: Baby i know but for the sake of our love not for the Doctor.
Micheal: you know You're doing it for me not for him.
Joyce N: Then why is money in his name?
Micheal: he is just trying to help me out
Joyce N: He's doing a piss poor job of it. He just cost you $400
Micheal: Bcos we are paying it to him and bcos i was so sick
Joyce N: Here's the thing... I don't think he's your doctor
Joyce N: He seems to be your errand boy
Joyce N: No doctor would go to Western Union on his own time
Joyce N: And besides, I read his emails. This guy is fucking moron
Joyce N: He writes like a child
Micheal: I've never been so certain of anything in my life like I am of us. You have totally changed my outlook in life and I thank you for that. I never thought that someone could love me like you do, but guess what? I love you that much too. I feel as if I'm walking over clouds just thinking about you. You make my life complete.
Micheal: Baby i need to get out of here so i can be preparing to come Home before the Val so we can meet and stay to celebrate the Val together
Joyce N: I don't think that will be happening
Joyce N: I also rescinded my invitation
Micheal: Baby I'm ready for that
Micheal: thank God every day that He brought you into my life.
Micheal: Baby is time for Med i have to take my Med and it makes me sleep so after this Med i will have to get some rest bcos it makes me feel sleepy
Micheal: Baby even if you dont want to help me anymore i just want you to know that i love you always till Enternity
Micheal: Love@};-you@};-Joyce@};-always

The next day...

Micheal: hi
Micheal: how are you today?
Joyce N: I'm fine. How are you?
Micheal: horrible
Joyce N: Why?
Micheal: cos I am still in the hospital
Micheal: going through embarrassment daily
Joyce N: Why?
Joyce N: Because of the assless gowns?
Micheal: no
Micheal: cos I ve not been able to settle my bill
Joyce N: Your doctor should be the one embarrassed
Joyce N: He was proven to be a huge idiot
Micheal: u r correct no doubt
Micheal: I believe that he wants me to stay more in the hospital so that my bill will accumulate
Joyce N: That's terrible
Micheal: that was why he said he couldn't claim the money u sent to me
Joyce N: He is an evil doctor
Joyce N: He probably inhales laughing gas all the time and slaps around his girlfriend
Micheal: well I will leave him to God
Micheal: and now my bill is increasing everyday
Micheal: I do not know what to do
Joyce N: How much is the bill right now?
Micheal: it is $1600 now
Micheal: it was $1500
Micheal: but I have spent more time
Joyce N: Yeah. That's how it works in the hospital business
Micheal: the bill is affecting me psychologically
Micheal: do u know how it feels staying in the hospital when u know that you are supposed to be out working?
Micheal: it feels horrible
Joyce N: Yes. I know the feeling
Joyce N: I had to spend a week and a half when I had my hysterectomy / colostomy combo operation
Micheal: ok
Joyce N: What are you going to do?
Micheal: I do not know
Micheal: I am confused
Joyce N: I have an idea
Micheal: what?
Joyce N: Why don't you ask Dela or Debbie or Lisa for help?
Joyce N: After all, they are your friends on MySpace
Micheal: can't u help me, I will pay back as soon as I resume office
Joyce N: Do you want to explain the MySpace thing?
Micheal: do we have to go through that?
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: You and I have been chatting for a long time, but apparently you like to chat with other women
Micheal: no
Micheal: I chat with you most of the time that was why I didn't bother to add u there
Joyce N: So why did you add them?
Joyce N: They weren't your friends when you wrote to me the first time
Micheal: they r just on myspace and not on my messenger
Micheal: so I don't chat with them
Joyce N: I want you to delete them from your page and I want you to add me
Micheal: I will do that if that will make u believe me
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: I'm waiting
Micheal: no problem
Micheal: can u still see them?
Joyce N: They're gone. Thanks
Micheal: u r welcome
Micheal: I'm sorry for not adding u before now
Joyce N: It's okay
Joyce N: I'm glad you added me now

Note from James:  I really was glad.  I was now able to leave a comment on his page.

Micheal: u r the order in my chaotic existence
Micheal: my Godsent
Micheal: my angel
Micheal: the angel of my life
Joyce N: That's very sweet
Micheal: it's just this place
Micheal: that makes me sick
Micheal: I wish I were outside of this hospital
Micheal: I need to get out of here
Micheal: please help me
Micheal: so that I can make preparations to come to you
Micheal: before valentines day
Micheal: cos I can't wait to meet you
Micheal: to hold you in my arms
Joyce N: How do you want me to help this time?
Micheal: just lend me the money I need darling
Micheal: I promise to pay back
Micheal: I know that you r upset because of what the doctor did
Micheal: but I would make the payment through the accounts department
Joyce N: Okay. Anybody except the doctor
Micheal: I trust the accounts department
Micheal: they r reliable
Joyce N: Okay.
Micheal: can u give me some time let me confirm the name of their receiving officer?
Joyce N: I'll wait
Micheal: thank u dear
Joyce N: You're welcome

Note from James:  Here's what's happening right now... Micheal is calling his partner with the fake ID.  He's telling him to sign in under his account.  Micheal #1 has not signed out at this point.

Micheal: I'm back honey
Joyce N: I'm here
Micheal: ok
Micheal: can I give u the name now?
Joyce N: Yes. I'm ready

Note from James:  Now Micheal #1 signs out.  Micheal #2 (Fake ID Micheal) signs in immediately.

Here's how I figured it out.  I immediately became suspicious when he BRB'd me right before the address.  Then I became more suspicious during the sign in / sign out.  Then I noticed that Micheal could now type much faster than before.  Plus there were little differences in his writing style (the use of the words "cos" and "thanx," and his use of commas).

Micheal: hello
Joyce N: Hello
Micheal: so what do u say?
Joyce N: I said I'm waiting
Micheal: ok
Micheal: the name of their receiving cashier is; Mr. Joseph A. Obukohwo
Micheal: so u can make the payment through him
Joyce N: okay
Micheal: the country code is; 234
Joyce N: ok
Micheal: I will soon be taking my rest
Micheal: cos I need it
Joyce N: That's incomplete
Micheal: what more do you need?
Joyce N: Street, city, state, country
Micheal: STREET:10, Odunukan Street, CITY: Ikeja, STATE: Lagos state, Country: Nigeria
Micheal: is there more?
Joyce N: No. That's everything
Micheal: ok
Micheal: thanx
Joyce N: You're welcome
Micheal: so how soon do I wait honey
Joyce N: How much longer will you be online?
Micheal: cos I can't wait to leave here
Micheal: I can't stay long
Micheal: I have to go to sleep now
Joyce N: I was going to send it now, but I guess I'll wait until tomorrow
Micheal: no
Micheal: u know we have a time difference
Joyce N: Yes. I know
Joyce N: But if you're going to bed, I'll just do it another time
Micheal: u can send it now then they will pick it up first thing tomorrow morning dear
Joyce N: Why now if you're not going to claim it now?
Joyce N: I'll just wait until a more convenient time for me
Micheal: I am not the one that is going to pick it up
Joyce N: So there shouldn't be a problem with waiting
Micheal: so dear if you send it now, I will just go and tell them so that upon confirmation from you, they will handle it
Joyce N: I'm doing it tomorrow
Micheal: u do not understand honey
Joyce N: You don't understand
Micheal: ?
Joyce N: Listen, pal. I'm doing YOU a favor by doing this
Joyce N: That means you get the money whenever I decide to send it
Micheal: I'm sorry honey
Micheal: I thought I was just trying to make a point
Joyce N: You're getting a little bossy for someone that was just begging for money
Micheal: I'm sorry honey, I didn't mean it that way
Micheal: I guess it's the excitement knowing that I will soon leave this place
Joyce N: Yes. I hope you will be leaving as soon as the money is picked up
Micheal: immediately they confirm pickup
Micheal: I will leave without delay
Joyce N: That's great
Micheal: yeah
Micheal: I love u dear
Joyce N: I love you too
Micheal: I don't know what I would do without u
Joyce N: I'm just glad I could help in your time of need
Micheal: thanx
Micheal: I would like to call u as soon as I come online again
Joyce N: You know that's not possible
Micheal: okay
Joyce N: Are you the same person I was talking with earlier?
Micheal: why do u ask?
Joyce N: You're very different
Micheal: how?
Joyce N: Prove to me that you are not someone else
Micheal: how?
Micheal: I will do anythong
Micheal: I will do anything
Joyce N: Tell me something only the real Micheal would know
Micheal: like me promising u that I would come to you on Valentine
Joyce N: Where do I live?
Micheal: u have a family with kids
Joyce N: WHERE do I live?
Micheal: but u did not tell me all these
Joyce N: I did. Many times over
Joyce N: Where is Micheal?

Note from James:  Micheal #2 signs out, and Micheal #1 immediately signs back in

Joyce N: You're trying to steal his money
Joyce N: And I won't let it happen
Micheal: I am Micheal Stevens
Micheal: believe me darling
Micheal: nobody has my password
Micheal: except me
Micheal: my love I do not know why u r talking like this
Micheal: u want to break my heart love
Micheal: u want to dash my hopes
Joyce N: I know that wasn't you
Micheal: honey it's me
Micheal: the one u love
Joyce N: It wasn't you a few minutes ago
Micheal: it was me honey
Joyce N: I'm not an idiot
Joyce N: I can tell two different people's writing styles apart
Micheal: it was the computer I was using honey
Joyce N: Don't you fucking lie to me
Micheal: I don't know what to say love
Micheal: To God and man that was me love
Joyce N: I guess you want to continue the lies
Micheal: what would I benefit from lieing to u
Micheal: u r getting me confused dear
Joyce N: It's obvious you gave someone access to your account to chat with me
Micheal: give my personal personal password to someone else?
Micheal: God forbid
Micheal: I do not trust anyone here
Joyce N: I'm feeling the same way right now
Micheal: my love
Micheal: please stop making me feel bad my love
Micheal: it is not good for my health now my love
Micheal: my guardian angel
Micheal: u r the order in my chaotic existennce
Micheal: u r suppose to give me peace
Micheal: can I go to bed now honey?
Joyce N: Yeah. And I hope you don't wake up
Micheal: so u want me to die dear?
Joyce N: I don't give a shit what you do
Micheal: I do not have anymore time
Micheal: I am a christian who will always uphold the truth honey
Micheal: I will not lie to you because of money honey
Micheal: never will I do that
Joyce N: You're dead to me
Micheal: I will always uphold my faith
Micheal: my love I know this problem started when I told you I was going to bed

The next day...

Micheal: hi honey
Micheal: how are you today?
Joyce N: Which Micheal am I speaking with?
Micheal: honey u broke my heart yesterday
Micheal: thanks to you that I am still here honey
Micheal: honey how are your children?
Joyce N: I don't have children
Joyce N: I guess I'm chatting with Micheal #2
Joyce N: Because Micheal #1 knows that I only have one son, and he's not a child
Micheal: I told you before that I am not Micheal #2
Joyce N: So you are Micheal #1?
Micheal: X-(
Joyce N: Did I make you angry?
Micheal: honey u r getting me more confused
Micheal: why can't you believe me for once?
Joyce N: If you really want to be angry, you should see this...
Joyce N: http://home.earthlink.net/~jimkalino/MichaelStevens.html
Joyce N: Whatcha think?
Micheal: explain to me what this means
Joyce N: It looks like you've got yourself an enemy
Micheal: who did that crap with my name?
Joyce N: Some dude
Micheal: r u using my name for scam?
Joyce N: I'm not
Micheal: cos what I just saw is making me more angry
Joyce N: It shocked the hell out of me
Micheal: then how come our conversation was on it if u didn't do anything?
Joyce N: That man paid me $40 for all my chats
Micheal: so someone paid u $40 so u could tarnish my image?
Joyce N: He said it was for charity
Micheal: I can't believe this
Micheal: so u mean u could betray me for $40?
Joyce N: It as originally supposed to be 30 pieces of silver, but then there was some haggling
Joyce N: Then we settled on $40
Micheal: so what will he be gaining by tarnishing my image?
Joyce N: I didn't ask questions. I was afraid he was in the mafia
Micheal: I loved u with all my heart
Micheal: I trusted u
Micheal: How could I have known that u could do such a thing to me?
Joyce N: $40 can change a person
Micheal: to betray me?
Joyce N: I'm sorry, but when he said $40 I got these big dollar signs in my eyes
Micheal: so how did you meet that dude?
Joyce N: He wrote me an email on MySpace
Micheal: I think someone is out to tarnish my image
Micheal: and they r doing that through u
Micheal: my love
Joyce N: I never meant to be used as a weapon against you
Joyce N: I don't even know why I was chosen for this mission
Micheal: u can tell me why cos u r a part of it
Joyce N: Hey... I'm just trying to make a buck
Micheal: a buck of what?
Micheal: at the expense of ur love?
Joyce N: I am so upset right now.  I had no idea our love was worth $40
Joyce N: I would have estimated $75 or $80
Micheal: u own the site dude
Joyce N: Not me.
Joyce N: Him

On my second computer, I begin chatting with Micheal as myself, James Pruitt

James Pruitt:  Stop it right there, cowboy.  You don't want to do this...

Joyce N:
I just sent him the chats so I could make $40.
Micheal: In order to combat this slew of savages, I created several fake MySpace accounts. I have so far created five different characters; Janet (an elderly mountain woman), Jane (a frumpy middle aged lady), Joyce (an elderly widow), Gazelle (an elderly African American) and Melora (a sassy black chick).
Joyce N: ?

James Pruitt:  I'm serious.  You don't want to do this

Micheal: stop playing games on me
Joyce N: Look... I just needed $40
Joyce N: I didn't mean to start a war over it
Micheal: u needed $40 then how were u going to raise the $1600 that you promised to send?
Joyce N: I never promised to send that much. I said $400
Micheal: u promised $1600 yesterday
Joyce N: No I didn't
Joyce N: Do you realize that sending the money the first time cost me $22.50?
Joyce N: If I was going to send the money again, it would cost the same.
Joyce N: That's why I accepted that man's $40
Joyce N: And since I found $5 in the crapper at Big Lots, I would be able to break even.
Micheal: so how do u play the 5 different roles
Joyce N: What?
Micheal: as Janet, Jane, Joyce, Gazelle, Melora
Joyce N: My name is Joyce

James Pruitt:  Don't do it
James Pruitt:  If she finds out she's imaginary, she may just disappear forever
Micheal: what is this a game?

Micheal: James Pruitt: Don't do it James Pruitt: If she finds out she's imaginary, she may just disappear forever
Joyce N: gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Joyce N: I'm melting
Joyce N: I'm melting
Joyce N: I'm melting
Micheal: who r u?

James Pruitt:  Thanks a lot, asshole.  You just fucking killed her

Micheal then blocked us both.