About the scammer:
Name:  Matheuw Daniel / Odusanya Olumide Abiodun
Email:  matheuwdaniel@yahoo.com
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Profile: MySpace
About the target...
Yvonne is a 51 year old Native American widow with one adult daughter.   Not only does she own a flower shop, but she is obsessed with flowers. Also, she's really a 26 year old man.

How are you feeling today I sincerely
hope you are well and having a lovely day .
I would be pleased if your a firm believer of "love"
and the possibilities of two people that share
a unique goal for an aboundance life in the
future together. Because I feel now is the time to settle
down and consider the possibilities of having a serious relationship,
with an honest, sensitive, and loving woman that's
ready to make a commitment for the future are
just some of the qualities I would appreciate in a woman.
I'm interested in a family ,and I'll do any,and everything that's needed make and keep them happy.
I would be pleased if I can have that type of a
relationship with someone like you.......?
hope to hear from you okay,and i will be glad to hear from you as soon as possible okayand really hope u and i can really chat on here o r thruogh our mails ..



Matheuw & Yvonne have their first chat...

Matheuw: hey
Yvonne  : hi
Matheuw:  do not say that
Matheuw:  ok
Yvonne  : i was wondering if you were going to talk
Matheuw:  beauty they say is in the  hand of the beholder ok
Matheuw: well am here
Matheuw:  just wondering why u are talking like that
Yvonne  : thank yo uso much yo uare so sweet
Matheuw:  uare the only one onher i talk now  ok
Matheuw: ok
Yvonne  : well i dont think i amd pretty i think i look like a wolf or something
Matheuw: i dont play around and i dont expect you to  ok
Yvonne  : im not
Matheuw: ok
Matheuw:  tell me alittle about you
Matheuw: i will rally love to get to know you more
Matheuw:  can i call you someday ?
Yvonne  : well i own a flower shop here in north carolina...i have been working hard all month becasue of easter but it has all paid off
Yvonne  : my husband died 4 years ago at the fair on the gravitron
Matheuw: realy ?
Matheuw:  that is so wonderful
Yvonne  : so i have not been dating much
Matheuw: ohhh my God
Yvonne  : i tried but it is hard to find someone i can trust
Matheuw: ohhhh
Matheuw: so sorry abou that
Matheuw: am so sorry
Yvonne  : thats ok
Matheuw:  that is realy touching
Matheuw: i feel real sorry now
Matheuw:  my wife died too 2002
Yvonne  : oh
Matheuw: and she let me with six year old daughter
Yvonne  : she let you
Matheuw: with a great disabilty
Yvonne  : what did you do to her?
Matheuw: shes dead
Yvonne  : oh
Matheuw: well  all am looking or all my life si woman that will make me feel great and love me till breath elude me
Yvonne  : i am looking for a man to do the same but my last few dates have been terrible
Matheuw: and thatsi why i have being  here andsince you are here and we have the same predicament in life
Matheuw: tell me about your last few dates please
Matheuw:  i will liek to know  ok
Matheuw: i will like to know  please
Matheuw: since my wifes death have not date a single woman
Yvonne  : well the last guy smelled funny and he took me to a gas station for dinner....then he left me....the other ones hated flowers and they were scum
Yvonne  : so i have almost decided to give up on men
Yvonne  : and jsut concentrate on my buisness full time
Yvonne  : which i do
Yvonne  : and it is paying off
Matheuw: nooooo
Matheuw:  dont do that am here
Yvonne  : i love flowers so much
Matheuw: and i will never let that happen to you  ok
Matheuw: ok
Yvonne  : well you do seem nice
Yvonne  : do you like flowers?
Matheuw:  wel lcan i get you a lower ?
Matheuw: yea i  do
Matheuw:  should  i send one to you please
Matheuw:  and do u hav a cam ?
Yvonne  : no i dont have a cam
Yvonne  : my computer is connected through a local server here
Yvonne  : so its kind of slow and crappy
Matheuw: ok
Yvonne  : but its cheap
Matheuw:  well let me tell you a littl about me
Matheuw: Well here is a little more about me. I am matheuw daniel, 38, and i work as a Project Supervisior with an International Construction Company..
Yvonne  : wow that sounds groovy
Matheuw: I have been posted to Lagos in Africa to Monitor one of their projects which involves the construction of a Tri-Power Damn Station which would serve the whole of West Africa
Yvonne  : wow im sure they need the water there
Yvonne  : is africa nasty and hot like i read?
Yvonne  : ive never been
Matheuw: The stations would be located in Ivory Coast, Republic of Benin and Nigeria. I head a team of 5 supervisors and i have been here for 4 months now. I have been having a swell time here, having to travel around three countries all in 1 week.
Yvonne  : where are you staying over there?
Matheuw: My wife is late now, she died of cancer in 2002 and i have a 6 year old daughter, she's with me here...
Matheuw: well am in a apartment here
Yvonne  : oh
Yvonne  : i have a town house here...and a loft above the flower shop
Matheuw: really
Yvonne  : i would love to show you the flower shop one day since you love flowers
Matheuw:  u stay alone ?
Yvonne  : yes
Matheuw: cool 
Yvonne  : i have one dasughter but she is married to a olive farmer
Matheuw: how much will it be to get a house near you ?
Yvonne  : well it depends
Yvonne  : on what you want
Matheuw: how much is a house there
Matheuw:  a duplex
Yvonne  : there are some trailers near here and old man mcdoogle is renting out his garage
Yvonne  : i dont know probably not that much
Matheuw: nope
Matheuw:  am not renting am buying
Yvonne  : brb ok
Yvonne  : i have to get the mail im expectinga letter
Matheuw:  i ahve bein all my life  looking a house to buy and all i  just need now is a good woman to love me for me
Matheuw: where are u going to please?
Yvonne  : opk im back
Yvonne  : i had to get the mail out of the mail box
Matheuw: ok
Yvonne  : i got a money order from lumberton that i was expecting for the flower shop i need to cash and file...and i got some KFC coupons
Matheuw:  do u have a number i can call you on
Matheuw: i iwll love to take this to the next level
Matheuw: i really eel u are the one for me now and there is no doubt in my mind
Yvonne  : well only if you are a local caller my computer and phone are hooked up locally and only accepts local calls
Matheuw: i feel it
Yvonne  : i would love to see you
Yvonne  : do you ever go to north carolina much
Matheuw:  can u call me on my computer now please
Matheuw:  really have north bein there
Yvonne  : i cant take you to pigfords for lunch then the bowling alley they are right beside each other
Matheuw:  ist here wher u are at the moment ?
Yvonne  : and tehy have a bar we can get some drinks
Matheuw: really
Matheuw: ummmmm
Yvonne  : do you like to drink
Matheuw:  well that will take sometimes ok
Matheuw:  well jsut a little
Matheuw:  but not aclholic
Yvonne  : oh well i love to drink
Matheuw: do u ?
Matheuw: well it ok
Yvonne  : it relaxes me and helps me not to shake
Matheuw: i really dont mind
Matheuw: ok
Yvonne  : good
Matheuw: do u smoke ?
Yvonne  : no
Matheuw: cool
Yvonne  : but i use to smoke weed
Yvonne  : in the 70's
Matheuw:  lol
Matheuw: that is a ong time agao
Yvonne  : yes i am old now
Matheuw:  well u mean i cant call you baby
Matheuw:  abd what do u realy want meto cal you
Yvonne  : well i would love for you to but its only local calling
Matheuw: i mean what name do u want me to be calling you
Matheuw: i mean name
Matheuw: becuase iwill really like to take this to the next level
Yvonne  : we have a local tower that gets a signal and it only has local calling for hte computer and phone
Yvonne  : i got the computer and phone package
Yvonne  : well most people call me yvonne
Matheuw: ok ] u mean u are new to the computer ?
Yvonne  : what can i call you
Matheuw: ok
Matheuw:  i love that name
Matheuw: matt or u call me honey  ok
Yvonne  : well i work on one at work alot for orders and sending orders but the internet im a lil new
Yvonne  : can i call you snickers
Matheuw: cool
Matheuw: what u mean by that ?
Yvonne  : after my favorite candy bar
Matheuw: really
Matheuw:  u ahvea candy bar?
Yvonne  : yes
Matheuw: ok
Yvonne  : so what did you eat for dinner today i missed breakfast and lunch so im hungry
Matheuw:  well
Yvonne  : i would like to eat what you ate so we can eat as one even though we are miles apart
Matheuw: well
Matheuw:  some slice of bread and a a coffe
Matheuw:  am a light eeg to go with it  ok
Yvonne  : is that all...you will be getting skinny as hell and i like something to grab on to
Yvonne  : when i was younger i use to eat alot and my mother got worried bacuse i was not gaining weight and they found out i had worms
Matheuw: what can i eat to get fat
Matheuw: lol
Matheuw: lol
Yvonne  : well pasta..anyhting wiht alot of starch....and pork,,,,and big league chewing gum
Matheuw: ummmm
Matheuw:  u really ahve a good taste
Yvonne  : i think i will make something in tonite
Yvonne  : mayby some chicken
Yvonne  : and some rice or something
Yvonne  : with hot sauce
Yvonne  : i dont know yet i will see
Matheuw: well here is  boring with work  and there is no  so much fun on here in africa
Matheuw:  comapare to state
Yvonne  : i bet there isnt i read africa was dumb
Matheuw: how ?
Yvonne  : well thats waht i read
Yvonne  : they were hot dirty and poor
Yvonne  : but i would love to help them out
Yvonne  : people need others help when they can not get it
Matheuw: well i am begining to think somethings about  you now
Matheuw: am thinking about what u just said now ok
Matheuw:  well
Matheuw:  i feel  this way  or you now
Matheuw:  and i eel that u can bethe one or me
Matheuw:   ok
Yvonne  : and you for me
Matheuw: i mean u can be the for me
Matheuw: well i hope this will be all i ever wanted in my life
Matheuw:  and the reason fr me to be on here
Yvonne  : you seem so nice i can not wait to see you if i ever can
Matheuw:  i need a woman i can trust a true believer of love
Yvonne  : i probably never will which hurts me verily
Matheuw: definately u will
Matheuw: why do u say that ?
Matheuw:  off cousre i will be back ater my project on here
Matheuw:  ok
Matheuw: and if you and i get on well here
Yvonne  : you are so busy with work and in africa and im jsut little old me here in north carolina
Matheuw:  will be dinning when am back and that is why i said do u stay  alone ?
Yvonne  : well i dont stay alone i have my dogs lol
Matheuw: well i iwll be back home as soon as am thru here ok
Matheuw:  lol
Yvonne  : there names are butter cup frankie and avalon
Matheuw:  and that si one reason why i said when am paid ater this contract and project i should buying my own house too
Matheuw:  i want to move to anothere location
Matheuw:  and i feel yo uwil be the one to put me thru if north carolina is cooll ok
Yvonne  : well when do you get paid i hate long distance relationships
Matheuw: well soon as am thru here
Yvonne  : when is that
Matheuw:  it will be in 2months and 2weeks from now
Yvonne  : OMG
Yvonne  : that is so long
Yvonne  : i could die before then
Matheuw: well ist not its just the nature of my job
Matheuw: nevre u will not ok
Yvonne  : cant you takea leave of absence and say you are sick
Matheuw: ok
Matheuw:  ummmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!
Matheuw: tell me
Matheuw:  what do u really want to do
Matheuw:  i dont lie
Matheuw: i hate doing it
Matheuw:  but am a superioor here
Matheuw: and a supervisor
Yvonne  : i would love to meet you i have not talked to anytone eve nthough its one here taht understands me like you and can tell peronall things to
Yvonne  : i almost told you about my sisters abortion
Matheuw:  but where will i leave cherry to be ?
Yvonne  : i love kids and if you had ot go do buisness i could watch her at the flower shop there is always stuff to do there
Matheuw: listen yvonne
Matheuw: welll i am to come around  there
Yvonne  : like washing windows working hte reigister and cutting weeds and stuff
Matheuw:  how will i do that
Matheuw:  have not bein paid
Matheuw: and i dont like asking
Yvonne  : i would gues fly or take a boeat lol
Matheuw:  its hurt me
Matheuw: when i do that  ok
Yvonne  : well cant yo uask them for a loan
Matheuw: and i hate beging
Matheuw: and every weekend i need pay for nanny for cherry ok
Yvonne  : since you are a supervisor they will say snickers you are good for it
Matheuw: really
Matheuw:  u amaze me
Yvonne  : dont ever say hate that is a bad word jsut say what you have to say i will always love you
Matheuw:  and i feel a tention of paradise with you
Yvonne  : well what would it take for you to come to see me
Yvonne  : soon
Matheuw: well i  dont ahve much on me at the moment and i still will ahveto go pay cherrys nanny now
Matheuw:  and ist just 350$ ok
Yvonne  : ok
Matheuw:  she takes care of her when am at work  ok
Yvonne  : that is sweet she is like aunt b on mayberry
Yvonne  : rfd
Matheuw:  and sometimes work get so tedious that i  dont come home
Yvonne  : yes tedious
Matheuw: so i give her all the kudo
Matheuw: she is a very old woman
Yvonne  : yes she does get props for that it is hard
Matheuw:  i look for her when i came here
Matheuw: and she has be in wonderful since she knew cherry hasa little disabiliy ok
Yvonne  : what is wrong with cherry is she like corky from life goes on
Yvonne  : ?
Matheuw: well she cant really talk much
Matheuw:  i think she will get to soon
Matheuw:  she is seeing a doctor too
Yvonne  : well i will still work her in the flower shop
Yvonne  : so its ok
Matheuw:  and that si why i said my wife left when i need a woman most i n my lie ok
Yvonne  : i know
Yvonne  : so waht can we do
Yvonne  : i would love to see you soon
Yvonne  : and little cherry pie
Matheuw: u mean what u man that u will take care of her?
Yvonne  : what ?
Matheuw: i dont really know
Matheuw:  u know i dont have much on me
Matheuw: and i dont know how to do it
Yvonne  : its ok jsut do it like nike sais
Matheuw:  u seems to be the best i ever want to be with in my life
Yvonne  : and you to me to snicker face
Matheuw:  and thereason is now showing to me now that i have a life with someone again
Yvonne  : i totally want you
Yvonne  : well what can we do t osee each other and be in one anothers arms soon
Matheuw: u mean this ??????????
Yvonne  : and not 2 months form now
Yvonne  : that is so long i would die
Yvonne  : i hate waiting
Matheuw: well
Yvonne  : it sucks poon
Matheuw:  u tell me
Yvonne  : you tell me
Matheuw:  i you reallly want to see me
Matheuw:  it will really depend on you
Yvonne  : jsut tell me and ill tell you
Matheuw:  i hate to ask as i have my own job , and i hate to beg and that si why i struggle with life to get on
Yvonne  : dont worry about that snickers jsut ask
Yvonne  : i am here for you
Yvonne  : and cherry plumb
Matheuw: well all i will need will be just a token and iwill have to come back to duty here ok
Yvonne  : ok
Matheuw:  because am the supervisor on here
Matheuw: as i i told you i dont have much on me ok
Matheuw:  ok
Yvonne  : ok
Yvonne  : well waht do you need
Matheuw: just a plane ticket from here , will u like me to bring cherry along ?
Yvonne  : yes you can not leave her alone in africa she might get molested or someting down there
Matheuw: so i iwll be bringing her along and that will really cost a little more
Yvonne  : well what do you need i know you will pay me back when you get here
Yvonne  : in money and in love
Yvonne  : i can let you borrow 1000
Matheuw: well i eel its only me it will cost 850, plus what i have and since u said i will have to take cherry along it it will be 1250$, i really hate to do this , am really sorry if am inconveinient you in any way
Yvonne  : i checked my stuff and that is waht i can do
Yvonne  : is that ok
Yvonne  : that is all i can spare
Matheuw: yes baby
Matheuw: that is lovely
Yvonne  : well i usually send them western union
Yvonne  : is tha tok
Matheuw: :-*
Yvonne  : thats what i do at work
Matheuw: ok
Yvonne  : well i can send it out eoither sunday night or monday morning
Matheuw: ok
Yvonne  : they are closed here for easter till then
Yvonne  : so it will have to be then
Yvonne  : i will be on line till then then i will send it and send yo uthe eamil
Matheuw: well it al depend on you ok
Yvonne  : waht is you info
Matheuw: ok
Matheuw: wait
Matheuw: do u mean ll this
Matheuw:  this is too fast\
Yvonne  : well i mean where do i send the wester union
Matheuw:  its like a miracle to me
Yvonne  : so u can get it
Matheuw: what si  going on ?
Yvonne  : what
Matheuw: yvonne
Yvonne  : if you do not want ot see me
Yvonne  : i wont send it
Matheuw: i do want to see you
Yvonne  : i thought we had someting special
Matheuw: ok
Matheuw:  but am so suprise this is happening to me
Matheuw: well yea
Yvonne  : its happening ot both of us
Matheuw: ohhhhGod
Matheuw:  u are wonderful
Yvonne  : no you are
Matheuw: wait can cherry stay with you while am here to finish the contract
Yvonne  : well you have to come first with her the ni can watch her till yo uget back
Yvonne  : she can work in the flowers shop
Yvonne  : i can teach her how to talk
Matheuw: ohhhh
Matheuw:  u mean  u can
Yvonne  : yes
Matheuw:  i will  be so much greatul to yo uand i swear i iwll ove you till internity
Matheuw: i swear iwill cherish you till jesus come and make your my royal queen in heaven
Yvonne  : well waht is your info so ica nwrite it dopwn and do it sunday night or monday morning
Yvonne  : whenver they open up
Matheuw: go get a pen
Yvonne  : i have one i have my mortimer ikibod pen with me
Matheuw:  i have a an assistant on here that do that for  me hehas collected a western union for me befor , from a friend in germany ok
Yvonne  : ok
Matheuw: here is the information
Matheuw: let me see my inbox or it ok
Yvonne  : ok let me know when yo uget it
Yvonne  : ok
Yvonne  : ok snicker bar i got it
Matheuw: then u will get back to me with the following
Matheuw: i will ahve to take the information to him in the office ok
Matheuw:  we dont ahve holiday
Matheuw:  and as soo nas u send it he wll get it for me ok
Matheuw: u will have to send it to my email address  ok
Matheuw:  do u  have it
Yvonne  : its ok i will send it sunday night or monday morning
Matheuw:  so u get back to me with the following information
Yvonne  : and i will email you the info ok snicker dick
Yvonne  : is that ok
SENDER NAME......????????
Yvonne  : sont worry
Matheuw: SENDERS ADRESS????????
Yvonne  : i will send it im use to doing htis
Yvonne  : i do iyt all the time at the shop
Matheuw: well
Yvonne  : my god dont worry i know waht i mdoing i should ive been doing it for 4 years
Matheuw:  that is how he gave it t me to give my friend in germany ok
Yvonne  : well im going to go to harris teeter grcery to get some chicken for my rice
Matheuw:  and thats iwhy am jsut doing it rightly ok
Yvonne  : i will be back on later if you are on
Matheuw: ummmmm
Matheuw: do u wnat me to be here ?
Yvonne  : till then i love you and i will talk to you later on and can not wait ot see you
Yvonne  : i will talk to you later on if you are on
Yvonne  : bye
Matheuw: Gdo know i adore  you
Matheuw: God knows i do
Matheuw:  u are an angel yet untold about
Yvonne  : ok love you bye
Matheuw: bye
Yvonne  : i have to go before they re closed
Yvonne  : bye
Matheuw:  what time will u be back
Matheuw: ?
Yvonne  : im starving lol
Matheuw:  what time will u be back
Matheuw: ?
Matheuw:  what time will u be back
Yvonne  : ummm later tonite after i eat and setlle down and after wrestling goes off
Yvonne  : ly ttyl
Yvonne  : ill buzz you
Yvonne  : bye
Matheuw: ok
Matheuw: all my love for you  ok

Later that night...

Hello Matheuw,

Please forgive me for not being on earlier.  I had a busy Easter weekend and I spent most of the day convalescing.  I  have been exhausted since Sunday and I needed the rest before going back to work in the morning.

As promised, I sent the money through Western Union just as you asked me to do.  Here is the transaction details:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Yvonne Coble / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver: Odusanya Ulimide Abiodun / 140 Osborne Road / Ikoyi Hotel& Apt / Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Test Question:  Where do we chat?
Answer:  Yahoo

Please let me know when the money has been claimed.

Love always,


Matheuw took the fake info to Western Union and made a fool of himself.  He then sent this email...

Hello yvonne
                       How are you this morning , i hope you had a lovley night rest?i saw  the details of the transaction in my email this morning and i was so happy that i will be coming to see you in state with cherry , and i copied it out and and gave it to mr odusanya olumide aboidun, to whom you sent the money , and who was meant to go and get the money out for me at work this morning,but a while ago he got back to me and said there was no macth found , that the transaction was not there at all, that the western union said they do not have such order with the control number you sent to me ..
                          i was really sad and mad at the same time and i felt pain that , i never wanted to ask you this money before , that why am i being playing games with ?i keep wondering why and what happen,and i have already told my cherry that we will be going back to the state for an holiday though she could not speak much but i know she can hear me vividly what i said and she was so happy and since then she has being moving around and playing which is very unsual of her , and i told her also that she will be meeting her new mom too.

         honey,  i really dont know what ahppen honey, i will love you to check the transaction your self too or resend it , since i have giving a letter for my absence at work this morning and i have already packed my luggage on seing the transaction in my email befor going to work to drop my letter of short leave .

i hope i hear from you if really u want me to be there and see you and u and i and really get to talk and make plans too....

This are the details you gave to me , maybe something is wrong some where or the mtcn number is not right and the middle name o the man to collect it for me , please do rectify....

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Yvonne Coble / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver: Odusanya Ulimide Abiodun / 140 Osborne Road / Ikoyi Hotel& Apt / Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Test Question:  Where do we chat?
Answer:  Yahoo




...and this email...

Hello honey
                 how are u doing honey i hope all is fine,honey , i justgo the western union information honey, honey can u come online please now honey just come online  ok .....ok honey


...and this email...

hello baby , well amd still waiting on your decision on this and let me know as soon as possible , how is work with you , i hope all is well with you , am really waiting on you now ok ...

all my love matheuw

Matheuw & Yvonne have their second chat...

Matheuw: honey
Matheuw:  i did  not get it
Yvonne  : really
Matheuw:  i sent you amail honey
Yvonne  : i sent
Yvonne  : it
Matheuw: i did not get it
Yvonne  : i did not chreck my mail
Matheuw:  and u left me  thinking anat hta is why am online now
Matheuw: ohhhh
Matheuw:  honey
Yvonne  : what went wrong
Matheuw:  check now and see
Yvonne  : i had the reciept
Matheuw:  i have pack my bags
Matheuw: send me the reciept now and let  me see
Yvonne  : its the one i sent yo uin the email
Yvonne  : i dont have it with me
Yvonne  : what did they say
Yvonne  : at the western
Matheuw: well
Yvonne  : the lady told me at the union thank you like it went through she even complimented my new k swiss shoes i got
Matheuw:  when he came back he said ther was no match foud ok
Yvonne  : that is strange
Yvonne  : are yo usure you went to the right place
Matheuw: well honey
Matheuw:  i dont know
Yvonne  : well should i go back there and see waht is going on nad send it again
Matheuw:  and i have giving out my letter alread that i will be leaving for some days  now
Matheuw: well honey
Matheuw:  i have left a letter at my working place tha ti iwll be going to state or an holiday and cherry was so happy  ok
Matheuw:   that she will be going to meet her new mom  ok
Matheuw:  and i told her all about you
Yvonne  : wel ldo you want me to go back there and resend it
Matheuw:  though she could not talk
Yvonne  : i am going to what a burger for lunch today i can go cherck on it while im out for lunch
Yvonne  : i think i will have the lasagna
Matheuw: but she  was so happy and  she  has be in playing since 
Matheuw: well babay
Matheuw:  if you really want me to come
Matheuw:  all is set  ok
Yvonne  : can she talk at all?
Yvonne  : waht does she say when she stubs her toe
Matheuw: well baby
Matheuw:  u will have to se when we come to you
Matheuw:  i have already giving the address you sent the details with to the travelling agen honey  ok
Yvonne  : ok well i will go and see what went wrong with the reciept and if they make me send a new one i will send it to you on here when i get back ok
Matheuw: well do u want me to wait here
Yvonne  : let me go get some burger meat and i wil lstop by there
Matheuw: and is that your right address ?
Yvonne  : i will be back in about 30-45 minutes
Yvonne  : ok
Matheuw: should iwait  on her for you  or what ?
Yvonne  : if yo uwant the reciept today you can
Yvonne  : i will be back in less than 1 hour
Yvonne  : i only have 1 hour lunches
Matheuw: should i just wait
Matheuw:  i f you really want me to wait ok
Yvonne  : if you want it yo ushould
Matheuw: ok
Matheuw:  i iwll be here
Matheuw:  and iwil call the travelling agen t to get set
Yvonne  : wel llet me go cherck about it and eat and i will send it when i return
Matheuw:  is that address right ]
Yvonne  : ok love you talk to you in less than a hour
Matheuw: i mean your address you sent with the transaction details
Matheuw: ?

About 30 minutes later...

Yvonne  : hello
Matheuw: am here honey
Matheuw:  aare u back
Yvonne  : i was going to send you the info
Matheuw: ok
Matheuw:  am here now honey
Yvonne  : you need to accept photo sharing on here
Matheuw: i swear its not working on this laptop baby
Yvonne  : well then i can email you it
Yvonne  : what is your email
Matheuw: u are so ast about that
Matheuw:  did u have you food at all
Yvonne  : well it is just down the street
Yvonne  : yes i brought it wiht me
Yvonne  : matheuwdaniel@yahoo.com
Matheuw:  what did they tell you happen to the first one u sent ?
Matheuw: yes
Yvonne  : hold let me send it
Yvonne  : brb
Matheuw: am here
Yvonne  : ok i sent it
Yvonne  : it shold be there anytime
Yvonne  : check it
Yvonne  : when you get it
Matheuw: well baby
Matheuw:  wait
Matheuw:  did u confirm it was sent now
Matheuw:  ?
Yvonne  : yes check your mail
Matheuw: ok
Matheuw:  iwll do that now ok 
Yvonne  : i sent a photo of what they gave me
Matheuw:  and i will like to have your number so that i can call you ok
Matheuw: when he get it to me
Matheuw:  i mean the man i sent to get it for  me  ok
Matheuw: abd honey how much did u send  please let me know becuase he said u did not state  te amount send the last time honey ?
Yvonne  : did you see the photo and cherck it
Yvonne  : i got a new one
Matheuw: that is what i want to do now honey
Matheuw: ok
Matheuw:  let me see now ]
Matheuw: wait  please
Yvonne  : well check you email look at it
Matheuw: ok

Matheuw checks his email and find this message...

i went to the western union and they said they had you on file on here
love you


Matheuw: what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yvonne  : you are a nigerian scammer....i have saved all your messages from the beggining and all your info...YOU FOOOOOLLLL...YOU FUCKING MUGU!!!!!i will turn you in to my boss now and you will be on all search engines so everyone knows who you are and what you are you FOOOOLLL
Yvonne  : http://blog.myspace.com/waterbugwalker
Yvonne  : here is some of my work
Yvonne  : you will have one soon
Yvonne  : im a guy and you are a fool who got screwed...and you call yourself a scammer....i laugh upon that thought fool
Matheuw: who is this ?
Yvonne  : now you should take that to the western union so they can see what a fool you are too
Yvonne  : you were so foolish it was too easy
Matheuw: who is this my God
Yvonne  : everyone laughed here at my fake flower shop
Yvonne  : you will see
Yvonne  : we will be in touch
Matheuw: how
Matheuw: who is this
Yvonne  : di you not see my site
Matheuw: what do u mean by all this 
Matheuw:  tell me
Yvonne  : i have others and you will have yours too
Matheuw:  hey
Matheuw:  waht do u mean by that
Yvonne  : regards from yvonne
Yvonne  : aka jonathan walker
Matheuw: who are u please
Matheuw:  ?
Matheuw:  tell me |
Matheuw: ?
Yvonne  : well i am a man who scams you mugu scammers for a living...and you sir are a fool
Matheuw: how do u mean please ?
Yvonne  : your scamming days are numbered...i take all you fools down one by one
Matheuw:  i dont understand you  please
Yvonne  : that is becasue you are dumb
Matheuw: how do u mean please i need to know ok
Matheuw:  hey dont say that to me ok
Matheuw:   ok
Yvonne  : i have all your info and have since the beggining now i send it off and let the big boys do the rest
Matheuw:  i need to know what you me an by all this ok
Matheuw:  i need to know ok
Yvonne  : anbother one bites the chicken and rice in that poor smelly country
Matheuw:  hey
Matheuw:  listen ok
Matheuw:  i can give you all my datas ok
Matheuw:   ok
Matheuw:   ok
Yvonne  : do not need it we have it all
Yvonne  : you will hear from me
Matheuw:  tell me all my data ok
Yvonne  : you will see
Matheuw:  how tell me
Matheuw:  i need to know please
Yvonne  : im not a fool like you i dont give info out like that
Yvonne  : this is what i do fool you fools
Matheuw: hey
Matheuw:  hey
Matheuw:  dont say that please
Matheuw:  ?
Yvonne  : too late i said it and will say it again you are a dumb nigerian fool
Matheuw: i dont do all tha twhen u check all those data u will see ok
Matheuw:  how
Matheuw:  tell me
Matheuw:  i need to know  ok
Yvonne  : too late you are already in the database
Yvonne  : we know who you are
Matheuw: am no nigerian
Matheuw: ok
Matheuw:  and u can come looking for me ok
Yvonne  : nigerian whatever they call you we know you as a fool
Yvonne  : or a mugu
Matheuw: hey am no nigerian ok
Matheuw:  please ok
Yvonne  : it doesnt matter
Matheuw:  hey wat do u mean by  that
Matheuw: ok
Yvonne  : you will see BYE FOOL
Matheuw:  i can give u all i ahve ok
Matheuw:  all my data and u go to super page and check all  ok
Yvonne  : if it makes you feel better yo ucan
Matheuw: ok
Yvonne  : we are all one step ahead of you
Matheuw:  tell me your address and i wil send all to you ok
Yvonne  : so ill let you feel like you are not a fool for 2 minutes
Yvonne  : yeah right...you are the fool here not me
Yvonne  : you can not scam a scammer fool
Yvonne  : this what i do
Yvonne  : you have already been sent off
Matheuw: how do u mean please tell me ?
Matheuw:  please
Yvonne  : and i will send this last conversation for the hell of it fool
Yvonne  : you willl see...so scam while you can...
Matheuw: how do u mean please ?
Matheuw: hey
Matheuw:  i dont do such ok
Matheuw:  ok
Yvonne  : im done talking i need to go get the taste of fool out of my mouth and off my weiner
Matheuw:  am no and will never do such in my lie ok
Yvonne  : BYE
Matheuw:  hey
Matheuw:  i dont do all that ok
Matheuw:  ok