Mark's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow.  She's self employed, and she has one son.  Little does Mark know, but Joyce is actually a 27 year old man.
About the Scammer...
Name:  Mark Leo / Victor William
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace
Note:  This scammer is hard to find online.  He doesn't seem to be online as often as most. I'm guessing he spends a lot of time in jail.


A week or two after adding him to Yahoo Messenger, we finally meet online...

Mark: Hello
Joyce: Hello
Mark: How are  doing
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Mark: I am cool
Mark: that today that  am talking to u
Mark: smile
Joyce: That's nice to hear
Mark: U no that u have add me now for a week
Mark: smile
Joyce: Yes.  This is the first time I've seen you online
Mark: Yes i am Busy work
Joyce: Okay.  Should I not disturb your work?
Mark: So i am Mark
Joyce: I am Joyce
Mark: U no that the day i writte u that i am in Nigeria so that the first week i am busy now i am about goin for the sec week now
Mark: So are u at work now
Joyce: No.  I don't work Fridays
Mark: Oh that Cool
Mark: Where are u 4rm in the state
Mark: smile
Joyce: NC
Mark: U have a good smile
Joyce: Thanks.  That's because I brush often
Mark: Oh that Cool
Mark: smile
Mark: So are u a divorced
Mark: Do u have kids
Joyce: I'm a widow
Joyce: I have one adult son
Mark: And are u a christian woman
Joyce: Yes
Mark: Ho long ahve u been a date site
Joyce: I'm not on a date site
Mark: In loveandseek
Mark: Oh okay
Mark: where did i meet u
Joyce: You wrote to me on MySpace
Mark: Oh that cool
Mark:  no that u have a Good smile
Joyce: Yes.  I've heard that before
Mark: And i see that u are a happy woman
Mark: smile
Joyce: Yep.  Smilin' and happy
Mark: Yes i see that light of happyness in u
Mark: smile
Mark: I am 45 my age me
Joyce: I'm 49
Mark: Oh that cool
Mark: Age isin the mind
Mark: smile
Joyce: Yeah
Mark: So how long ahve u been myspace
Joyce: 4 days
Mark: That cool
Mark: Bcs this week will mark me Two weeks
Mark: smile
Joyce: That's great.  Smile
Mark: Do u live alone
Joyce: Yes.  Just me and my dog
Mark: Really
Mark: smile
Mark: So do u what some to be there with u
Mark: smile
Joyce: Yes. Smile. It would be nice. Smile
Mark: Okay that Sweet
Mark: Are u my pic
Mark: see my pic
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Very handsome
Joyce: You look like Michael Chiklis without the masculinity
Mark: Thank u
Mark: U no that u are happy and i am handsome so that mean that will can make a good family dont u think so
Mark: smile
Joyce: I think so too
Mark: Oh that love lly
Mark: smile
Mark: lovelly
Mark: So have u meet any one online that thatu too are talking how to meet
Mark: now
Joyce: No.  I don't chat very often.
Mark: Bcs i have meet no one that why i am ask u that
Mark: This my first time doing this online some date
Joyce: Me too
Mark: U no that inam in AFRICA FOR NOW IN NIGERIA
Joyce: Yes.  You told me
Mark: But i will be back in 4weeks time
Joyce: Okay
Mark: And iwill like to come and see u in person first
Mark: if i am live here
Joyce: Sounds nice
Mark: what is the name of the JOB u do
Mark: in the office
Joyce: I'm a book supplier
Mark: Oh that cool
Mark: that nice your own book
Mark: or u work for someone
Joyce: I'm self employed
Mark: Oh okay that nice
Mark: Do u have a cell phone or home phone so that will can be call eachother on the phone so tat will be get in touch or time
Joyce: No
Joyce: I don't own a cell phone
Mark: nd do u come online all day
Joyce: I come online everyday, but not all day long
Mark: Okay that cool but u have a house home that i can call u
Joyce: I have a home phone, but it has local calling only
Mark: oky but i call u  smile
Joyce: It will not work if you are outside of the continental U.S.
Mark: if u will like me to call u
Joyce: I just told you, it's local calling only
Mark: Oh okay
Joyce: When you're back in El Paso, it won't be problem
Mark: But can i try if i can get true
Joyce: Do you understand the concept of local calling plans?
Mark: Yes
Joyce: Then you should know that it won't work if you're outside the U.S.
Mark: I no that but some times it work
Joyce: Be my guest
Joyce: 910-641-0745

Note from James:  This is the number to Arby's

Joyce: But don't blame me when it doesn't connect
Mark: Okay let me try now okay
Joyce: I'll wait
Mark: i am call now
Joyce: Okay
Mark: I am try again
Joyce: Okay
Mark: The num u gave me is a wrong num
Joyce: No
Joyce: I told you that I have local calling
Mark: Some pick it up
Mark: now
Joyce: Yes. That's how it works
Joyce: I have the domestic rights to the number.  Someone else with a different provider may have the same number
Joyce: It depends on the carrier
Mark: okay
Mark: Okay i guss will be get in touch here
Mark: smile
Joyce: Okay
Mark: So how tall are u
Mark: smile
Joyce: 5'5
Joyce: How about you?
Mark: That Cool and i am 6.1 smile
Joyce: Okay
Mark: So are u going to be online later in the day by your own time
Joyce: Maybe
Mark: But tell me the time u normal be online
Joyce: I don't schedule my day around the internet
Mark: Oh okay that cool
Mark: So now i no that i have some one now that i will be tinking about here nw in my heart
Mark: Do u been live in love
Joyce: Thanks, Smiley
Mark: So i will like to grow old with u and i wil like to be there for u no just u again and the Dog
Joyce: Yeah.  He'll love you
Mark: Yes smile
Mark: Yes u no is not good see some going to bed all time just alone in the cold and when is not cold u have to hold some with u altime
Joyce: Yeah.  You will be my winter coat
Mark: are u still sleep
Joyce: What?
Mark: I men do u what to sleep now
Joyce: It's only noon
Mark: Oh okay
Mark: smile
Joyce: What kind of fun things are you doing in Africa?
Mark: I build tractors
Joyce: I mean for fun
Joyce: Are there any places for tourists there?
Mark: No thing i am just lonely here
Joyce: Oh.  I'm so sorry to hear that
Mark: i will brb okay
Joyce: Okay
Mark: So Sweety i  will miss u now but i will come omline to talk to u later okay i miss u
Joyce: Okay.  I hope to talk to you again soon
Mark: Okay i will be online to check for u later okay
Joyce: Goodbye
Joyce: I'll miss you
Mark: I miss u too
Mark: but i wil promiss u that alreally day now i will come and talk to u online okay
Mark: have a bless day
Joyce: Thank you
Mark: Okay
Mark: \Bye

Three days later...

Mark: Goodmorning Sweety
Mark: Prayers for special people like u :- (1) You will find favour with someone you don't expect, Amen (2) You will be too relevant to be ignored, Amen (3) You will encounter God and you will never remain the same, Amen (4) The grace for completion will come on you. You shall be blessed till the blessed call you blessed, Amen (5) The hand that will send this message to others shall not labour in vain, Amen (6) The mouth saying "Amen" to this prayer shall laugh forever Amen. Very Very soon, I say Very Very soon, God is going to do a miracle that will make you halla, "ah! Father, You are too much!" Remain in God's love as you send this prayer!!! REMAIN BLESSED
Joyce: Good morning
Mark: Oh u are there
Joyce: Yes.  I was invisible when you were typing the entire Bible for me to read
Mark: Okay
Mark: How are u doing did u sleep well
Joyce: Yes.  Thanks
Mark: Oh okay
Mark: I wil be back pls
Joyce: Okay

Note from James:  Mark leaves me waiting for about 10 minutes

Joyce: I guess you're busy
Joyce: Chatting with someone else?
Joyce: I'm sorry, but I can't wait here all morning
Joyce: We'll chat again another day
Joyce: Bye
Mark: I am  back
Mark: sorry pls
Mark: are u mad at me now
Joyce: No
Joyce: What were you doing?
Mark: Oh phone
Mark: with my daughter
Joyce: Oh.  I'm sorry to interrupt
Joyce: How is your daughter?
Mark: just good thing ps okay i love u
Mark: mile
Joyce: I love you too
Mark: So u make me now i have smile and i have deam onmy sleep and i Look happy now that i am talking to u smsile
Mark: So i told that if i amlive here i will like to come to u first
Joyce: Yes.  You told me and I really love that idea
Mark: so will u give me your address so that if i am living here i will fily to u first to see u
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Mark:  and yoor nmae is Joyce Nelson that your full name
Joyce: Yes
Mark: Okay i have it with me now
Mark: thank u
Mark: smike'
Joyce: You're welcome
Mark: I will make it up to u i promis that okay
Mark: and i will make u happy again
Mark: I life
Joyce: I'm already happy, but thanks all the sam
Joyce: I love you so much
Mark: So Sweet will u still be online
Mark: I what to go to the store here i will be back to talk to u
Joyce: Maybe
Joyce: I'm not to stay here all day
Mark: Okay i will check on u later okay
Joyce: Okay
Mark: my be in 3hours time okay
Mark: or 2
Joyce: We'll see
Mark: Okay Sweet i love u
Joyce: I love you too
Mark: And i will be with u really sooon
Mark: Imiss u
Joyce: I miss you too
Mark: Long live the Queen
Joyce: Wrong country
Mark: Smile
Mark: U are funny
Mark: smile
Joyce: You are too

Five days later...

Joyce: Hello
Mark: Did u sleep well
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I slept very well
Mark: Thank God
Mark: I miss u sweety
Joyce: I missed you too
Mark: One thing i believe about u now is that Maybe God has a bigger plan for me than I had for myself, like this journey never ends. Like you were sent to me because I'm sick ... you're my angel
Joyce: You're sick?
Joyce: Is that why you are bald in your pic?
Mark: No
Mark: smile
Mark: Do u understand now
Mark: smile
Mark: i am not sick
Mark: smile
Joyce: Oh.  I was afraid you were sick from all the smiling or something
Mark: what is it mean is that i have been single foe so long now i have dreams now again that i have some one that what i mean
Mark: U are my angel
Joyce: Thank you
Joyce: So what's new with you?
Mark: Not much new the only thing is that i am about get done with my Job and after tat iwill come and see u inperson
Joyce: I will love that!
Mark: That what i am tinkin so althis will be over
Mark: i will not me saying good morning online here
Mark: i will looking in to your eyes and siad honey Good morning
Mark: smile
Joyce: That will be amazing

Note from James:  Mark is quiet for several minutes

Joyce: Are you busy?
Mark: No i am here with u
Mark: I am happy to meet u
Joyce: Yeah.  When we meet in real life we're going to have a blast
Joyce: Okay.  You're obviouly busy
Joyce: I need to go now.  I'll be back later this afternoon
Mark: Okay i will miss u but pls if u dont see me writte me a mail pls
Joyce: I will
Mark: ThanK U
Joyce: Goodbye
Joyce: I love you
Mark: I love u too
Mark: Have a bless day

One week later...

Mark: Howare
Mark:  i miss u honey
Mark: pls i need to talk to u pls
Joyce: Hello
Mark: how are you doing
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Mark: i am fine
Mark: i have been thinking about you
Joyce: I've been thinking of you too.  I have missed you so much
Mark: and i have missed talking with you for a while now
Joyce: I'm so happy to see you online again
Mark: i am happier sweetie
Mark: are you working today
Joyce: Yes.
Mark: oh
Mark: i thought there is holiday
Joyce: No
Joyce: What holiday?
Mark: i am just asking
Joyce: What holiday did you think it was?
Mark: but ithought the Muslims are doing something today
Joyce: This isn't a Muslim country
Joyce: We don't acknowledge their holidays on a national level
Mark: ok
Mark: i know
Mark: but i am just being curious
Joyce: Okay
Mark: because there ia a holiday here today
Mark: but i am working
Joyce: Okay
Mark: i want to discuss smoething very important with you
Joyce: What do you want to discuss?
Mark: it is something that is really brothering me for a while
Mark: so
Mark: i had wanted to tell you since
Mark: but it is just that
Joyce: What is it?
Mark: we  haven't been much online
Mark: and we really have not talked much lately
Joyce: Yes.  But that's not my fault
Joyce: I notice that you come online at odd hours
Mark: i know
Mark: you know that we have alot of time difference
Joyce: Yes
Mark: and that is a big one
Mark: and most time that i will be home
Mark: yu will be at work
Mark: and when i am at work you are at  home
Joyce: Are you breaking up with me?
Mark: i am not breaking up with you
Joyce: Okay
Mark: i told you that
Mark: so that is just the problem
Mark: but things will normalise soon
Mark: i want you to spend the rest of my life with
Joyce: I'm glad to hear that
Joyce: I love you so much
Mark: you are truely a lovely woman\
Mark: the kin of woman I have lways pryed to God for
Joyce: I'm so thankful to have you
Mark: Honey
Mark: i would have been back
Mark: this week
Mark: but i had little problem when i went to the back on Friday
Joyce: What problem?
Mark: to cash my money orders
Mark: so i descovered that the banks here are not up graded
Mark: and they are not into foriegn transactions
Mark: secondly they are having election procedures here
Mark: so thay are not in inter banking
Mark: so it was really  big problem for me
Mark: now i can't py my workers
Joyce: I'm so sorry to hear that
Mark: and I need to get home soon
Mark: cos my Visa will expire oon
Mark: soon
Mark: So I will have you help me cash them and send it to me
Mark: so that i will be home next week
Mark: and meet you
Mark: nd pay my workers here
Joyce: I'm sorry, but no
Mark: you mean you can' hlp me out
Mark: i am so stranded here
Joyce: I don't cash checks for others
Joyce: I'm sorry
Mark: I know sweetie
Mark: I trust you
Joyce: Thank you for understanding
Mark: tht is why i ant you to help me out
Mark: you know that i don't have anyone else
Mark: who can help me out
Mark: i did know that the banks here are not up graded
Mark: i would have made proper arrangements before now
Joyce: I don't know what to tell you
Mark: I know sweetie
Mark: it is a big problem i am having
Mark: and
Mark: i can't ask you to give me money
Mark: because it is not fair if i ask you for money
Mark: and that is the only way i can ask you for help
Mark: iit is not good for me to ask you money
Mark: so that is why i just want you to help me out
Joyce: I don't understand what you want me to do?
Joyce: What are you asking?
Mark: ok sweetie
Mark: i will send you my money orders
Joyce: Hold it right there, cowboy
Mark: and you will help me cash them and send i
Joyce: No
Joyce: I already told you I won't do that
Mark: ok
Mark: cn you help me with little money
Mark: o that i will come back this week
Joyce: How much do you need?
Mark: how much can you help me with
Joyce: That's not an answer
Joyce: I ask how much you needed
Mark: i don't know how much you can help me with
Joyce: I have no idea what the money's for, so I don't know how much you need
Mark: i need it to get flight ticket ans BTA
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: You didn't purchase a return ticket when you purchased the original ticket?
Mark: and I will have to pay my workers here
Mark: i did
Joyce: Then you shouldn't need a flight ticket then
Mark: i sold it last week
Joyce: Why?
Mark: and i used the money to settle bills
Mark: when i went to the bank
Joyce: Okay
Mark: i couldn'tcash my orders
Joyce: How much are you asking?
Mark: i hd to sell it to settle bills here
Mark: the flight ticket is $1250
Mark: and i need $1000 for my workers
Mark: it is alot of money
Mark: that is wanted ou o helpme cash the orders
Joyce: Oh
Mark: i will be needing $2250
Mark: and it ia alot of money
Joyce: Yeah.  Thanks for adding that up for me
Mark: ok
Joyce: But I'm afraid that's too much money for me to lend
Mark: i know
Mark: that is why i didn't want to ask you earlier
Joyce: Yes.  I can understand why now
Mark: so
Mark: how much can you help me out with
Joyce: Nowhere near that amount
Mark: ok
Mark: just tell me how much atleast
Joyce: I don't think $200 or $300 would be enough for you
Joyce: but that's about all I can spare
Mark: ok sweetie
Mark: i will appreciate that
Mark: i will look for a way of making it up
Mark: honey
Joyce: Will that amount help?
Mark: i will have to look for a way of completing the money
Joyce: Okay
Mark: thanks  so much
Joyce: You're welcome
Mark: please can you send it today
Joyce: I'll try to do it tonight
Mark: ok sweetie
Mark: i will appreciate it
Joyce: Okay
Mark: do you have a pen and paper so that i will give you the sending informations
Joyce: I have a pen
Mark: honey
Mark: i will give you the information of the messanger in the office
Mark: who is in charge of that
Mark: i will be very busy when you send it
Mark: so i will have him pick the money for me
Mark: here is the sending informations
Joyce: Okay
Mark: you can write it down
Joyce: yes
Mark: Address: 23401 IKEJA LAGOS NIGERIA
Mark: Test Question: WHAT DOES MARK CALL ME
Mark: Answer: MY QUEEN
Mark: have you seen it
Joyce: I've got it
Mark: ok sweetie
Mark: when you send it
Joyce: I'll send it tonight
Mark: drop the information  for me online
Mark: with the MTCN
Joyce: What's that?  The claims number?
Mark: yes
Mark: is western Union close to you there
Joyce: Yes.  Western Union is in every gas station
Mark: ok
Mark: honey
Mark: i am so happy
Mark: and i really appreciate your kindness
Joyce: I'm glad I could help
Joyce: I know you would do the same for me
Mark: sure sweetie
Mark: I will tell VIctor William that you are sending $300
Mark: so that he will be aware
Mark: and make out time to pick it up
Mark: so that is why you will have to drop the informations for me
Mark: online
Mark: even if i am not online
Joyce: ok
Joyce: No problem
Mark: ok sweetie
Mark: i love you much
Joyce: I love you too
Mark: and i want to spend the rest of my life with you
Joyce: I feel the same way
Mark: i will have to go now
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I will miss you
Mark: I want to go back to work now
Mark: i realy apreciate
Mark: i am so happy
Joyce: I'm glad that I could make things easier for you in your time of need
Mark: ok sweetie
Mark: i am happy
Mark: and i will be counting on you
Mark: i want to go now
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Goodbye
Mark: later
Mark: i hate to say bye

Later that night, I sent the following email...

Hello Mark,

I'm sorry I'm late.  I was hoping to catch you online, but I guess you went to bed.

I sent the money, and here's the Western Union info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Victor William / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Test Question:  What does Mark Call me?
Answer:  My Queen
Amount:  $300

Love always,


The next morning, Mark recieved the fake info and took it Western Union.  After being humiliated, he came back online and sent the following email...

Hello Joyce,
How are you doing this morning,I hope you had a great night and things are going on well with you and you didn't have to work hard yesterday. Please I want you to always take care of yourself.
I always think about you being that you have occupied my mind and I always feel your presence when ever i read from you.
There comes a time in every life we find the heart we're looking for. If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one.
Honey I had problem collecting the money you sent to me, The informations were wrong, please check the MTCN numbers again and resend it to me, so that I will be able to collect it today.
Love always

I saw Mark online later that morning.  His computer at the internet cafe appeared to be having problems so he didn't receive my messages.  Later in the day, we were finally able to chat...

Mark: Hi
Mark: Sweetie
Joyce: Hello
Mark: How are u doing
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Mark: I am good just thinking about u
Joyce: I think of you always
Mark: honey did u get my mail that i send to u
Joyce: Yes.  I got it earlier
Joyce: I was going to ask you about it, but you didn't answer my message
Mark: I did get mail from u today
Joyce: It wasn't a mail, it was an instant message
Joyce: I saw you online, but you didn't answer back
Mark: Today
Mark: All what time
Joyce: It was just before 12:00 pm here
Joyce: So it must have been almost 5:00 pm in your country
Mark: Pls this  not my country
Mark: smile
Joyce: Yeah, but you know what I meant
Mark: So did u see that num is not the MTCN num
Mark: honey
Mark: did u track it online
Joyce: The MTCN is correct
Joyce: but it's not tracking online
Mark: Is not pls
Joyce: It IS correct
Joyce: it's just not tracking for some reason
Joyce: I know
Mark: why?
Joyce: I don't know
Joyce: Did you break it?
Mark: I track it they said no match find
Mark: In westernunion
Joyce: Did you go to Western Union or did you just track it?
Mark: i go to the westernunion
Mark: they said no money there that mean no match find
Joyce: Did you give them the correct number?
Mark: Yes
Mark: Go to the western union and check it if u really no that  u send the money
Joyce: What's that supposed to mean?
Mark: Bcs if u send money true western union i will see it
Joyce: Do you think I didn't really send it?
Mark: No i did say that
Mark: i dont no if u send it or not
Joyce: I know I sent it
Joyce: They took my money
Mark: who took it
Joyce: The clerk at Western Union
Mark: if some took it it will say pick up
Mark: if some one took it it will say pick up
Joyce: Yeah.  This is really weird
Joyce: I've never seen this happen before with Western Union.
Mark: call them that u send money to some one  and when u track it is showing u no match find
Joyce: Okay
Mark: I am waiting

Note from James:  At this point, Mark notices that I am displaying "View My Webcam" on Yahoo Messenger.  He requests permission to view the cam, and I accept.

Mark: can i see the receipt on yout cam now
Joyce: Oh dear God!

Mark: what is that
Joyce: I don't know
Joyce: But he's eating the money!!!

Mark: Can i see your  face
Joyce: Ahhhhhhhhhh!
Joyce: He's attacking me!!!

Joyce: I need you to do me a favor
Mark: what?
Joyce: Call the police and tell them I need their help
Joyce: I promise that I will not tell them that you are a scammer
Mark: u be MAGA
Joyce: You're the MUGU
Joyce: You went to Western Union with a fake number
Joyce: I made you look like an idiot
Joyce: Everyone thought you were the biggest fool in town
Mark: U are the fool
Joyce: YOU are the fool, and I totally pity you
Mark: Did u call me a fool like u
Joyce: No.  I called you a fool like yourself
Mark: MAGA
Joyce: Mugu
Mark: na him u be
Mark: u no say u be MAGA
Joyce: Glibby gloob glooby nippy nappy noopy la la lo lo
Joyce: I made you cry
Joyce: and you probably peed in your pants

Mark Leo signs off and blocks me.