Lyke's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 55 year old widow.  The is also the proud mother of one son, James.  Also, she is completely ficticious.
About the scammer...
Name: Lyke Odinye
Actual Name:  Odinyeo Ikechukwu
Location: Enugu, Nigeria
Profile: Page deleted by MySpace
Note: This scammer's alias is likely Iyke.  He seems to have trouble differentiating "L" and "I" on the keyboard.  I used "Lyke" throughout the chat because that's how he had it listed on MySpace.

     How is everything with hope all is well,but before i proceed i will like to ask you about your healthy which is the most fundamental thing in human life
equally hope that your OK, if so i will Thanks king of king who make it possible for you and me to remain in the land of life. Dear Brigh Morning STar ability is my pen,while fantastic is your peek up my pen from my bag of my edicat will not be
awest to you. I,have been willing to write to you for a long time ago. hoping that every thing is moving
well.This letter is to inform you of a special love I have in you.
I,know that you will not be amaze to this messive coming to you,it is noting but an act of love and likeness developing in me and for you. Theword"love"meansfriendness pre-eminent kindness,benevolnce,leverebial regarit or an object of affaction,then love letter means a messive or coment showing an act of love that I have in you.mention word then wen we playing the game of love,the people in field write letter and such letter is call"love letter" I have been waited to tell you this, but thinking about it.please reply to me i'm single.i love u.l am male 28 years old.l am waiting to hear from you
lyke odinye

Aren't you just ADORABLE!!!

my dear sweat joy,how are you today,l hope ure are bubbling.l want to let you know that l like you,ure looking like morning star,l am slim and tall l have a nice body kiss you soon,please reply,l am waiting to hear from you soon,l love you

It was very kind of you to get all dressed up and have your photo taken just for me.

Love always,


joyce,how are you,l want to let you now that l received ure email,l love you,l want this our relationship to be for ever and ever in Jesus name Amen,l love you,l will like you to be my woman ok.l like ure picture,this is my private phone number please call me on phone +23480-5334-2801, l will be happy to received ure call ok,please reply,l am waiting to here from you

Sorry, Lyke.  I can't make or receive international calls.  We'll have to find another way to communicate.

Love always,


l will like to be ure lover ok,l have a long dick,you need some one to stay with.and l will like to marry you,l will be warching ure dress and cooking for you.think about it and reply ok,l am waiting to hear from you

With a potty mouth like that, you won't be hearing from me again.  So just watch it, pal.

joyce,ure looking like morning stay,l like you ok.l am hear to make you happy,please give me a chance,you will enjoy knowing me,please add my on my yahoo messenger list hope to see you there.

Lyke : hello
Joyce: Hello
Lyke : how are you
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Lyke : l am happy honey
Lyke : l hope u know me
Joyce: Yes.  I've been reading your messages on MySpace
Lyke : wow
Lyke : l love you
Lyke : kiss
Joyce: Thanks
Lyke : do you go to work today
Joyce: Yes
Lyke : do u know that l love you\
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Thanks
Lyke : ure my swaert heart
Joyce: I'm glad to know that piece of information
Lyke : l am single and l am happy to have a sweart heart like you
Joyce: Same here
Lyke : do you have a boy friend
Joyce: No.  Just you
Lyke : are you single
Joyce: Yes
Lyke : wow
Lyke : can you talk me as ure boy friend
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Consider me your girlfriend
Lyke : l am happy to have you kiss
Joyce: Thanks
Lyke : l will go to church in the next 40 min\
Joyce: Church on Thursday?
Lyke : yes
Lyke : l have a programme there today
Joyce: Okay
Lyke : l like music
Joyce: Me too
Joyce: I especially like listening to it
Lyke : l used to sing as the church
Joyce: Maybe you can sing me a song sometime
Lyke : yes l will do that
Joyce: I'd like that
Lyke : do0 u live alone
Joyce: Yes
Lyke : wow
Lyke : can you come to nigerian
Joyce: No
Lyke : why
Joyce: Because I don't want to
Lyke : you have to come many usa are here
Joyce: No thanks
Lyke : how can we see
Lyke : l will like to see you face to face
Joyce: Maybe some day
Lyke : hope ure with my phone number
Joyce: I can't make or receive international calls
Lyke : why honey\
Joyce: Because I only have a local calling plan
Lyke : ok
Lyke : l will like to here ure voice at phone
Joyce: I just told you
Joyce: no internatonal calls
Lyke : do you still want to marry
Joyce: Maybe
Lyke : but l love you
Lyke : age is noying
Joyce: Okay.  Very convincing arguement
Joyce: I now agree with you
Lyke : l love you
Joyce: I love you too
Lyke : kiss
Joyce: fart
Lyke : what is fart
Joyce: A passionate kiss
Lyke : wow
Lyke : l age is 28
Lyke : u
Joyce: 55
Lyke : l love you
Joyce: i love you too
Lyke : thanks
Lyke : l will put you in prayer ok
Joyce: Thanks
Lyke : you need male at your side
Joyce: You will be that male
Lyke : ure my chioce
Joyce: Thanks for choosing Joyce Nelson
Lyke : l am proud of you
Lyke : are you proud of me
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Very proud
Lyke : wow
Lyke : what kind of job are you doing
Joyce: I'm a roustie
Lyke : what is roustie
Joyce: A roustabout
Lyke : what is A roustabout
Lyke : l don;t no it
Joyce: I do various grunt work at carnivals
Lyke : ok
Lyke : l can be there helping you
Joyce: That will be great
Joyce: Management's always looking for new hands
Lyke : l want to live with you
Lyke : u will enjoy me alot
Joyce: I can already tell
Lyke : l love you
Joyce: I love you too
Lyke : do u have cam
Joyce: No
Joyce: Do you?
Lyke : no
Lyke : l need cam
Lyke : can you seed it for me
Joyce: What?
Lyke : can you seed me webcam
Joyce: Seed?
Lyke : yes
Lyke : cam
Lyke : l need it
Joyce: You mean 'send' ?
Lyke : yes
Joyce: Why don't you get one yourself?
Lyke : it is costly
Joyce: And it would even costlier to ship it to Africa
Lyke : it wil
Lyke : wait
Lyke : l don;t want you to spend alot of ure money
Joyce: Okay
Lyke : tomorrow
Lyke : l will talk to you
Lyke : don;t spend ure money now ok
Joyce: I wasn't planning on it
Lyke : you spend alot by sheeping it
Joyce: I know
Lyke : l will tell you what to do ok
Joyce: What do you mean?
Lyke : to get the webcam here
Joyce: I'm not sending one
Lyke : but you wanted to get it for me there and sheep it
Joyce: I'm not going to spend $150 to ship a $12 item
Joyce: I don't care if you have a webcam or not
Lyke : l promised you that l will go to the net cafe and view my self ok
Joyce: Really?
Lyke : l will give then some money and talk to you there
Lyke : on cam
Joyce: When?
Lyke : tomorrow
Joyce: Okay. I'm looking forward to it
Lyke : please honey be here
Joyce: I will
Lyke : l love you
Joyce: I love you too
Lyke : kiss
Lyke : l want to go now
Joyce: Goodbye
Lyke : sleep well
Lyke : have a woderfull dream
Joyce: You too
Lyke : you will see me on cam tommorrow ok
Joyce: That will be awesome
Lyke : l am going to pay there
Joyce: Yeah
Lyke : and don;t spend alot ok
Joyce: Okay
Lyke : hope you save ure money
Joyce: What?
Lyke : l hope you save ure money
Joyce: How I spend my money isn't your concern
Lyke : yes
Lyke : because ure my honey
Lyke : l don;t want you to spend alot ok
Joyce: Mind your own business
Joyce: I'll spend my money the way I want
Lyke : ok
Lyke : l cook rice and meet
Lyke : do u want to it
Joyce: No thanks
Joyce: I'm a vegetarian
Lyke : ok
Lyke : l have to go now
Joyce: Bye
Lyke : bye
Lyke : talk care of ure self
Joyce: ok
Lyke : kiss

I wasn't counting on him following through on his webcam promise, but the next day I got a surprise...

Lyke :  honey
Joyce: Hello
Lyke : how are you honey
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Lyke : l am ok
Lyke : yesterday l pray for you
Joyce: Thank you
Lyke : l tell GOD to guard and protect you that your going out and comeing in shall be ure blessing
That's very kind of you
Lyke : hope you like my prayer
Joyce: Yes.  Very much
Lyke : after church l was comeing back home my hand set phone fail down and break
Joyce: I'm sorry to hear about your phone
Lyke : l am at the net cafe now
Lyke : l want to pay for the webcam ok
Joyce: Thank you.  I will like that

Lyke : do you love me
Joyce: I love you a lot
Joyce: Do you love me?
Lyke : yes
Lyke : age is noting
Lyke : ure my sweart heart
Joyce: You are my everything
Lyke : kiss you honeyt
Lyke : ure my everything
Joyce: You such an amazing young man
Joyce: I am lucky to have you in my life
Lyke : ok
Lyke : l want you topo
Lyke : l want you too
Joyce: I'm so glad you could show me yourself on a webcam
Joyce: You must be very smart with computers
Lyke : yes
Lyke : l paid for it
Lyke : because of you
Lyke : l love you
Lyke : ure my wife
Joyce: You are my husband
Lyke : yes
Lyke : l am happy alot honey
Joyce: Wave to me on camera

Lyke : kiss you honey
Joyce: Thank you
Lyke : age is noting
Joyce: You are very right about that
Joyce: Age is only a number
Lyke : yes honey
Lyke : love is blend
Joyce: Yes.  A rich mocha blend
Lyke : l will talk good care of you
Joyce: I need that
Lyke : do u have cam
Joyce: No
Joyce: I wish I did
Joyce: This is fun
Lyke : l love you
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: I want you to make a kiss face for me.
Joyce: Then I will kiss you on the screen

Lyke : hope u received my kiss
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: That was so very sweet
Lyke : every thing l have is for you
Joyce: I would do anything for you too
Joyce: You are my special someone
Lyke : ure my heart desire
Lyke : thank GOD l have seen me honey
Joyce: That's a nice jersey you are wearing
Lyke : yes
Lyke : l like big jersey because l am slim and tall
Joyce: Can you flex your arm muscle for me?
Lyke : yes
Lyke : like this

Joyce: yes
Lyke : do u like my muscle
Joyce: Do you work out with weights?
Lyke : no
Lyke : do u like my muscle
Joyce: Yes. You're like a gladiator man
Lyke : yes
Lyke : ones you see ure heart
Joyce: You're the only one in my heart
Lyke : ure my honey
Lyke : don't ever talk to any male again
Joyce: You're the only male I need
Lyke : ure the only female i need
Lyke : whice state are you in usa
Joyce: I'm in NC
Joyce: North Carolina
Lyke : ok
Lyke : l have deceaded to come to ure house and stay
Joyce: That makes me so happy
Lyke : but l want you to settle the bill from ageance to process my trip to usa
Joyce: How much?
Lyke : it will cost like 2,000 dollar
Joyce: That's a lot of money
Lyke : honey l want to stay with you
Lyke : l want to come please
Joyce: I do too, but $2,000 is very expensive
Joyce: I don't know if I can afford that
Lyke : if l come then l will start work
Lyke : we live together ok
Joyce: I want that, but I can't afford $2,000
Lyke : how much can you afford
Joyce: $500
Joyce: That's more than enough for a plane ticket
Lyke : the agaence will process every thing both plane ticket
Lyke : please joyce l really want to live with you
Lyke : l love you

Joyce: I feel the same way, but $2,000 is impossible
Lyke : how can we do it now
Joyce: Trust me, $500 will cover everything.
Lyke : l love you
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: and nothing will every change that
Lyke : yes noting will change it
Lyke : let my show you my phone that fail down

Lyke : see my phone that fail down
Lyke : this is my sim card
Joyce: I feel sad for your phone
Lyke : hope u see my sim card
Joyce: Yes.  I saw the poor little guy
Lyke : please buy another for me honey
Joyce: I'll get you a new one when you come to see me
Joyce: I promise
Lyke : yes
Lyke : l want to be there
Lyke : you said that it cost 500 dollar
Lyke : for the plane
Joyce: Yes
Lyke : ok
Lyke : how can l get the money because l want to be in ure house this feb
Lyke : this month
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Just let me know when
Lyke : l want to be in ure house next week
Joyce: Fantastic!
Lyke : send the money true western union
Joyce: Okay
Lyke : please joyce
Lyke : send the money tomorrow so that l will meet them
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: What information will I need?
Lyke : can you call them on phone
Joyce: I will a name and address
Lyke : can you call the western union now
Joyce: I'll just go to a gas station. 
Joyce: In the US, we have Western Union in every gas station and supermarket
Lyke : can you go there now if l send you my name and address now
Joyce: Yes

Joyce: It shouldn't take very long
Joyce: Maybe 10 minutes at the most
Lyke : you really love me
Joyce: I love you more than anything
Lyke : GOD l worship you
Lyke : GOD you are not a fail GOD
Lyke : GOD so ure like this
Lyke : thanking for giveing me joyce

Joyce: Yep.  I'm thankful for you too
Lyke : hope l will wed with you
Joyce: I hope that too
Lyke : l will like to wedd with you at the church
Joyce: I hope you will sing at the ceremony
Lyke : yes because ure my honey
Lyke : he who find a wife find a good thing
Joyce: You're goodest thing in the world
Lyke : u too
Lyke : ok
Lyke : let me write my name and address to u now ,and you go to the western union and send it,l will be here waiting to hear from you as you come back
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Write it while I find a pen
Lyke : ok wait now let me write it now
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Okay


Lyke : did u received it
Joyce: I'm printing it so I won't make any mistakes
Lyke : ok good
Joyce: I got it
Lyke : my full name is there and my address is there and my zip code is there
Joyce: Yes.  I have it printed
Lyke : go now and send it why l will be here waiting for you
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: There's a gas station at the end of the block.  I'll send it from there
Joyce: I'll be back as quickly as I can
Lyke : if you finished with them send it to my email box
Lyke : ok
Lyke : what time are you going to come back at home
Joyce: It should only be 10 minutes
Joyce: But I'll hurry
Lyke : please l want you to come back on time because l paid for 8 hours because of you
Joyce: I promise I will hurry back
Joyce: I hope you didn't pay too much for those 8 hours
Lyke : and l will talk the details from you for the money
Lyke : l paid
Lyke : l love you
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: I'll be back soon
Lyke : ok l wait for you now
Lyke : l will prepare my self to travel ok
Joyce: Okay
Lyke : bye honey
Joyce: Bye
Lyke : ok
Lyke : go honey
Lyke : honey
Lyke : l love you
Lyke : ure my angel

Note from James:  At this point, I took a 10 minute break.  Lyke took a break of his own...

Joyce: Hello
Joyce: I'm back
Joyce: Are you there?
Lyke : hello
Lyke : honey
Joyce: Hello
Lyke : ure back
Joyce: Yes
Lyke : have you send the detail to my email
Joyce: Not yet
Joyce: I have one small rule before you visit my home
Joyce: You must wash your hands

Note from James:  I do a lot of photoshopping on this blog, but this pic is 100% real.

Lyke : ok
Joyce: I caught you picking your nose
Lyke : yes honey
Lyke : u caught me
Joyce: Yeah. I caught you with a handful of boogers
Lyke : hahaha ure a wopderfull joyce
Joyce: Thanks
Lyke : were is the details
Joyce: Right here

Note from James:  At this point, I opened photo sharing.  I can't show you the photo I sent to him.  This page is hosted on free web hosting from my internet provider, and uploading a graphic image like this would result in my pages being deleted.

I sent Lyke a photo of myself mooning the camera, however it wasn't typical mooning.  It was a variation of mooning known as a "fruit bowl."  For those unfamiliar with the fruit bowl, think of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs if he mooned someone in that one scene.

Below is a censored version of the pic. And, no, I will not email the uncensored photo to anyone.  That's just for Lyke.

Note from James:  This is Lyke's reaction to seeing the pic... and realizing he's not getting any money... and realizing he's paid for 8 hours at an internet cafe for nothing.

Lyke : joyce
Lyke : what did they asked you at the western union
Joyce: I didn't go
Joyce: I pissed out a couple beers for about 2 minutes
Joyce: Then I downed another for the next 8 minutes
Lyke : what kind of picture did you send to me here
Joyce: what does it look like?
Lyke : ure male
Joyce: You just passed Biology!
Lyke : why did you told me that ure female
Joyce: Females don't have them things
Lyke : bye
Joyce: Don't leave!
Joyce: Do you want me to put them on the glass?

Lyke spent the remainder of his 8 hours spamming people on MySpace.  How do I know this?  Because his account was deleted the next morning.  He also blocked me.

I took a shit load of pics during this chat.  I obviously couldn't post them all, and the ones used here were shrunk to conserve web space.  If you'd like to see all pics in their original sizes, click here.