Larry's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow.  According to her MySpace profile, she's single and looking.  Little does the scammer know, Joyce is really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer:
Name:  Larry Ray / Kelvin Smith
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Telephone:  011-802-983-3218 & +447045704136
Profile:  MySpace

Am Larry...I went through your profile and i liked everything i read from it. You have got a great picture and you also look charming. I am single,cute,caring,loving and so i would like us to meet online so we could chat and get to know more about one see what develops. I might be flying a kite with you..... who knows....Moreover, I would like you to please reply on my private e-mail address because I don't use this site often, my e-mail and the Messenger's ID is larry1669luv I would like to meet you soon.....and i think you are what i have been waiting for. You can also send your e-mail address and i would send my pictures to you.
I want a kind hearted woman in whom i can lay my heart on and i would love her back with the whole of my heart

Larry: hi
Joyce: Hello
Larry: how are u doing there ?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?

Note from James:  Very long pause

Joyce: Goodbye
Larry: Am so sorry am on phone talking to a client
Larry: are u mad at me ?
Joyce: I'm not going to beg you to chat with me
Larry: oh
Larry: know i knpow u are mad at me
Joyce: No.  Just annoyed
Larry: Oh am so sorry i have said okie
Joyce: I accept your apology
Larry: ty
Larry: so am larry and u ?
Joyce: I'm Joyce
Larry: oh nive meeting joycee
Joyce: Nice to meet you too
Larry: so can u tell em more about u if u dont mind babe
Joyce: What would you like to know?
Larry: well wht do u do for a living ?
Larry: and do u have kids
Larry: wh do u do for fun and u have any boyfriend ?
Joyce: I'm a book supplier
Joyce: I have one adult son
Joyce: and I am currently single
Larry: k
Joyce: How about you?  Same questions
Larry: well am larry as i have said and i have 2 kids and am single know
Larry: i work as computer builder
Joyce: Oh.  Cool
Joyce: I built a robot once
Larry: lol
Joyce: I'm not joking
Joyce: so there's no need for LOL
Larry: yea i know
Joyce: So what's with the LOL?
Joyce: Something funny?
Larry: well
Joyce: Do you doubt my robot building abilities?
Larry: wht do u love in man
Joyce: I'll tell you what I don't like...
Joyce: When people don't answer the questions I ask
Larry: Hmn..i see
Larry: What do you care for in man ?
Joyce: Good attributes
Larry: Hmm ..That Nice
Joyce: Yes
Larry: how long have you been to internet dating and online stuff ?
Joyce: I'm not into internet dating.  I just made a MySpace and you sent me an email
Larry: Oh i see
Larry: have you dated any one here online
Joyce: No.  Tom is my only online friend
Joyce: Have you dated Tom?
Larry: Nop ..I'm new to this internet dating
Joyce: Oh.  Okay
Larry: My good friend told me about myspace cos he start a good relationship here and end in marriage ..He was blessed with kids ..
Larry: I love this and i wish i could be part of this great deal
Joyce: He sounds very lucky
Larry: Yeah
Larry: I want that as well
Larry: What are you looking for here online
Joyce: I was hoping to use my MySpace page to start a good relationship and end in marriage and be blessed with kids
Larry: How do you go about this ?
Joyce: Well, I created the MySpace page
Joyce: So that takes care of step one
Larry: Hmm ...what really you want out of this ?
Joyce: I don't know.  I'm just going along for the ride
Larry: Oh i see
Larry: brb
Larry: i gat a call to receive
Joyce: ok

Two days later...

Larry: Hello
Joyce: Hello
Larry: How are u doing today ?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Larry: Am great
Larry: I look for u online last night but u are not on
Joyce: I was busy last night
Larry: Oh okie
Larry: How is ya doughter
Joyce: I don't have a daughter
Larry: Oh ma sorry ya ground son i mean
Joyce: i dont' have a grandson either
Larry: wht
Joyce: Yeah
Larry: But u told me u have one ?
Joyce: I never said that
Joyce: I'm pretty sure I would remember if my son gave birth
Larry: Oh
Joyce: You must be confusing me with someone else
Larry: No i dont chat with any body than u and my client ...i only have ya id on my id and my copeint
Larry: client
Joyce: okay
Joyce: So you must have just imagined a daughter and grandson
Larry: Oh that great
Joyce: What is great?
Larry: Talking to you has make me a great man
Joyce: and a forgetful man

Note from James:  Long pause

Joyce: Are you busy?
Larry: No just chating with my client here
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Then I won't disturb you then
Joyce: Goodbye
Larry: So wht u up to today
Larry: Nop you are not baby

Two days later...

Joyce: Hello
Larry: Hi sweety
Larry: How are u doing today ?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Larry: Am great
Joyce: That's nice
Larry: How i wish i was there with u
Joyce: That would be nice also
Larry: Yea
Larry: But son babe
Larry: I want to feel ya touch
Joyce: Okay, but only over the clothes
Larry: Or can u come down to african to meet me?
Joyce: That's not going to happen
Larry: Oh why
Joyce: I'm not interested in going to Africa
Larry: Why dnt u want to ..what about me here
Joyce: and I couldn't go even if I wanted to
Joyce: I have a job and responsibilities here
Larry: Yea we all have that but still u can take the permission to
Joyce: No.  It wouldn't be an option for me
Larry: Oh ....and i will eb so happy if u can come down here
Joyce: I can't leave my job without a lot of planning ahead
Larry: yea but u can still make the plane now hon
Joyce: I can't
Joyce: I just told you that
Larry: Oh i see

Note from James:  Long pause

Larry: well hon
Larry: What is your favorite color?
Joyce: Green
Larry: oh me blue
Larry: What is your favorite meal?
Joyce: Collard Greens
Larry: really
Joyce: Oh yeah
Larry: me  I love spaghetti with meat sauce and salad and garlic bread
Joyce: Throw in a half pint of milk and a stale cookie and you've got yourself a school lunch
Larry: yea
Larry: Lol....
Larry: What is your favorite road to drive on in Daytona?
Joyce: What?
Larry: have u been there before?
Joyce: No
Larry: oh i se
Larry: see
Larry: S.R. 92, where all the shopping is.
Joyce: Why would you think that?
Larry: Lo... just wanan knwo maybe u have been there before
Larry: What is your favorite restaurant?
Joyce: Sea World
Larry: Oh
Larry: Carrabba’s Italian! And 2nd favorite is Outback 
Joyce: Nice
Joyce: I got choked on a buffalo wing there once
Larry: What is your taste in clothing, are you a business casual person? Or jeans and t-shirt type?
Joyce: Karate clothes all the time
Larry: I dress casual for work, and when home, I am usually in jeans and t-shirt, lately I’ve been trying to expand my wardrobe and try new styles.
Joyce: ok
Larry: What is your favorite sport?
Joyce: I don't play sports
Joyce: and I don't watch sports
Larry: Oh
Larry: babe why
Joyce: Because I am compelled to gamble on them
Larry: Ohokie
Larry: What is your favorite restaurant?
Joyce: You already asked me that question
Larry: Oh yes
Larry: am so sorry
Joyce: It's okay.  I will change my answer to Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles
Larry: can u tell me your favorite type of kiss?
Joyce: Hershey's
Larry: Really
Larry: me
Larry: The long sensual one that builds to feverish passion
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: That's nice and all, but I really need to go now
Larry: oh okie
Larry: I will be missing u hon
Joyce: I will miss you too
Larry: Take care and be save for me ....also have a blessed day
Joyce: Goodbye
Larry: Good by ehon

Two days later...

Joyce: Hello
Larry: Hi hon
Larry: How are u doing today
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Larry: AM cool
Joyce: That's good to hear
Larry: I look for u online last night when am back from work but i cant see u on
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: I was busy last night
Larry: Oh ...but u keft ma affline
Joyce: What?
Joyce: Buckwheat?
Larry: I mean why dont u left me offline ...i cant slept cos i have not see u online
Joyce: I just told you
Joyce: I was busy
Larry: Oh okie
Larry: Hon on phone ...brb
Joyce: okay

Note from James:  Brief pause

Larry: Back hon
Joyce: Welcome back
Larry: It's a call from a friend i told u about in the state ....just told me that he has traveled out to china for business
Joyce: okay
Larry: And think this is gona affect my coming back to state ...
Larry: Oh my god
Joyce: How?
Larry: Cos i cant able to access my acount here and also they dont do online banking here he is the one who i want to send my check to to cash it for me so i can come back to state ....know he told me that he has an ugent call from china
Joyce: I'm not sure I understand
Larry: I mean he wana cash my check for me ...
Joyce: okay
Joyce: Why do you want someone else to cash your check?
Larry: I do cos i was paying to my account straight
Joyce: Okay
Larry: i mean the company i work for do pay to my bank in the state
Joyce: So what's the problem?
Larry: And herre is bad cos they dont do online banking ..ho i wish they do
Joyce: Okay
Larry:  Hon wht the name of ya bank
Larry: i mean the bank u bank with ?
Joyce: My bank is Mordor Regional Bank
Larry: Hon Dont u have BOA account
Larry: He Used BOA and that the obnly palce he can help to wired money to
Joyce: What's that?
Joyce: A snake?
Larry: I mean Bank Of American
Joyce: No.
Joyce: I don't use them
Larry: Oh okie...but hon can u just try and get one so when the money has been wired u can have ur money back
Joyce: No
Joyce: I'm not opening a new account
Larry: Hon dont get me wrong okie ....
Joyce: I'm not getting you wrong
Joyce: I'm just refusing
Larry: Just to get the money and come back home
Joyce: No.  I'm not going to be doing that
Joyce: You can find another way
Joyce: or you can find someone else to do this for you
Larry: No hon how do u mean
Larry: i cant
Larry: and am not going to
Joyce: I'm not opening a new bank account
Joyce: so just forget about it
Larry: Ok hon
Larry: that mean u gona help to cash my check
Larry: But hon u have to promised to be honest as u have been
Joyce: I thought your friend had your check?
Larry: No i ave it here with me
Larry: i just wana send it to him
Joyce: okay
Larry: Hon u have to give me your full name and full adress so that the check can get to u
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Can you change the name on the check?
Larry: Hon u going to have the check by your name
Larry: i mean am going to write ya name on the check
Larry: so that u can have it cahsed
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: If I'm going to cash it at my bank you will have to use the name A.G. Cooper
Joyce: That was my late husband's name, and his name is still on my account
Larry: U think that will work out hon
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: That's how my bills are addressed
Joyce: and that's how my checks are made out
Larry: Oh okie
Larry: hon can u give me the full name know and address
Joyce: Name:  A.G. Cooper
Joyce: Address:  9001 Mail Service Center
Joyce: City:  Raleigh
Joyce: State:  NC
Joyce: ZIP:  27699-9001

Note from James:  This is the name and address to North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper.  Mr. Cooper takes online scamming very seriously, and he has founded the website

Larry: ok
Larry: HOn do u have ATM card ?
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: Why?
Larry: Good
Larry: Hon do u have credi card ?
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: Why do you ask?
Larry: I contacted a client and he said he can help to wired money to it so that i can use it for my booking
Larry: I mean fliet booking
Joyce: That's not how credit cards work
Larry: Well i dont really know but that wht he told me
Joyce: You don't wire money to a credit card
Larry: Hon but he said he can
Joyce: Your client is stupid
Joyce: You can't do that
Larry: Hon he mean it
Joyce: Credit cards don't contain money, they contain a line of credit
Joyce: The only thing that can be added is a reversal of a charge, and that is only from the one that charged the money
Larry: Hon can u give me a min to call the client
Joyce: okay
Larry: Hon back
Larry: i told him that u said they cant but he said he can
Joyce: He sounds like a moron to me
Larry: Well hon
Larry: Me too
Joyce: But that doesn't matter anyway
Joyce: I wouldn't let him do it
Larry: Hon think i have to be patient till i confirm my ballance has been paid to my account in the state then
Joyce: Okay
Larry: Then i can right u the check
Joyce: okay
Joyce: That will be fine
Larry: yes
Larry: hon brb
Larry: get top get sopme on fire
Larry: food
Larry: okie
Joyce: Okay
Larry: Hon do ur payment pay all yah bill
Larry: I mean ya salary
Joyce: What?
Larry: I mean did ya salary pay all ya bill
Joyce: Yes
Larry: Good
Larry: Hon i will have to go know
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'll miss you
Larry: I will be missing u hon
Joyce: Take care
Larry: Talk to u latter
Larry: u too
Joyce: Goodbye
Larry: and be save for me alone
Larry: Bye

Three days later...

Larry: Hello my love do u get my mail
Joyce: Hello
Larry: How are u doing today ??
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Larry: AM cool
Larry: U just back from work ??
Joyce: No
Joyce: I don't work Fridays
Larry: Oh okie
Larry: so u are at home since morning
Joyce: Yes
Larry: Good
Larry: Hon diid u get the check?
Joyce: No
Larry: Oh and i got a amess from the clkient that u will get it today
Joyce: Did the client give you the tracking number?
Larry: no
Joyce: So how would they know if I will get it?
Joyce: There was no check in my mail today.  Did they use a different courier besides USPS?
Larry: He said is USPS
Joyce: USPS has already been here
Joyce: I didn't get it
Larry: watch out
Joyce: Watch out for what?
Larry: the check
Joyce: okay
Joyce: I was afraid you saw a snake
Larry: Oh well hon wht teh time right know there ???
Joyce: 1:35 pm
Larry: Hon am trying calling him okie
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'll wait
Larry: Hon not going through ma tired
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Try to find out soon if he really mailed it
Joyce: Because I don't think he did
Larry: Well think i get through with him then i will know hon
Joyce: Okay
Larry: can u call him know
Joyce: What is his number?
Larry: okay i will give it to u know okay
Joyce: okay
Larry: +447045704136
Larry: that's it hon
Larry: call him now for me okay
Joyce: What kind of number is that?
Larry: That the number u call him know for me okay
Joyce: International?
Larry: yea i told u hon UK
Joyce: What's his name?
Larry: Smith
Joyce: Full name
Joyce: I'm not calling someone without knowing their name
Larry: I just tol du smith kelvin
Joyce: You didn't tell me Smith Kelvin
Joyce: You only told me Smith
Larry: OK call him now
Joyce: Hold on
Larry: OKay
Joyce: You gave me the wrong number
Larry: wht ?
Joyce: Wrong number
Joyce: I called and a lady answered

Note from James:  I didn't really call.

Larry: wht num,ber u call ?
Joyce: +447045704136
Larry: it go hon
Joyce: It didn't
Joyce: are you sure you didn't make a mistake with his number?
Larry: yea i dont
Joyce: Obviously you did
Joyce: A lady answered and when I asked to speak with Smith she told me I had the wrong number
Joyce: Call it yourself and see
Larry: wht ?
Larry: wht does she said ..and why dont ask who she is ?
Joyce: I did the second time I called
Joyce: and she hung up
Larry: i will now hon
Larry: okay
Joyce: okay
Larry: hon it's keeps going to voice mail
Joyce: Man or woman's voice mail?
Larry: woman
Joyce: I told you
Larry: woman voice mail
Larry: but it's voice mail hon
Joyce: She answered when I called
Larry: but it's voice mail here
Joyce: Not a few minutes ago
Joyce: Maybe she didn't answer because I had called her twice
Joyce: and she didn't want to waste any more minutes
Larry: can u jst keep on trying it while am trying it aswel here ?
Joyce: I'm not going to call again
Joyce: It's the wrong number
Larry: no why u doing this to me
Joyce: I'm not going to waste more money on a long distance call on a wrong number
Larry: okay
Larry: Hon
Larry: Where so ever you go, go with all your heart.
Joyce: Thank you.  I will
Larry: You can’t make someone love you, all you can do is be someone who can be loved, the rest is up to the person to realize your worth.
Joyce: Good advice
Larry: If God is the DJ, then Life is the dance floor; Love is the rhythm, and You are the music.......Lol
Joyce: Sounds true
Larry: Hon
Larry: As food is needed for the body, them same way love is needed for the soul. Food strengthens the body while love strengths the soul. A person is incomplete without love
Joyce: Lucky number 8, 15, 23, 14, 12
Larry: wht this hon
Joyce: Fortune cookie joke
Larry: lol
Joyce: Will you be online later today?
Larry: not sure hon
Larry: u wana go ?
Joyce: Yes.  I need to sign off now
Larry: Oh am gona missed u my love
Joyce: I will miss you too
Larry: where are u going to my love
Joyce: I have to go to the farmer's market
Larry: Oh ok
Larry: How i wish i was there to assist u my love
Joyce: Me too
Joyce: Take care
Joyce: Goodbye

Three days later...

Joyce: Hello
Larry: Hi hon just log on know and went to toilet to pee how are u doing today hon
Joyce: I'm fine
Joyce: How are you?
Larry: am great
Joyce: That's good to hear
Larry: How was ya weekend going on ?
Joyce: Going great.  How about yours?

Note from James:  Long pause

Joyce: Busy?
Joyce: or did you go back to the toilet to squeeze out some more pee?
Larry: yea my weekend was goinmg on fine
Larry: lol
Larry: why do u have to say this hon
Joyce: Just bustin' your chops
Larry: lol okay
Larry: hon didu here from my client yet ?
Joyce: No
Joyce: Is he supposed to contact me?
Larry: Well hon
Larry: do u have walmart bank close to u ?
Joyce: Walmart bank?
Joyce: Walmart is a store, not a bank
Larry: yea
Larry: Okay cos am talking to him on phone now and he said the only thing he can do from where he is is that he can send u monay order
Larry: how do we do that hon ?
Larry: cos i have to find my way back hon u understand
Joyce: I don't understand what you are asking
Larry: i cant wait to be back homke and meet u hon
Larry: i mean he said is gonna send u money order that u will get it cash at walmart okay
Joyce: I know Wal-Mart sells money orders, but I don't think they cash them
Larry: so its a wallmart money order and u can cash it rite at any Bank
Joyce: Yes
Larry: i know wat am saying
Larry: Dont U know that wallmart works with banks
Joyce: No they don't.
Joyce: That's just stupid
Larry: call wallmart and ask them
Joyce: Maybe later
Larry: so do U understand now
Joyce: I understood the whole time
Larry: so am ganna send it soon ok
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Make sure they have a tracking number this time
Larry: Am ganna post it
Larry: lets say U should have it anytime from Friday
Larry: Can U plz Kindly give me the full correct add and name cos i dont wanna make any mistake this time around
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Same name and address as before
Joyce: A.G. Cooper / 9001 Mail Service Center / Raleigh, NC 27699-9001
Larry: Are U sure that add is very correct
Joyce: Yes.  I know my own address, Larry
Larry: ok
Larry: And its that your Full name
Larry: And do u have an Identityon that name?
Joyce: That is the name on my bank account.  It was my husband's name
Larry: Ok
Joyce: If I'm going to cash it at my bank, that's the name that should be on the money order
Larry: I would U be able to get it cashed out on that name
Joyce: It's worked for over 30 years
Larry: Ok sweetie
Larry: And how soon would it take U to get it cashed out?
Joyce: It depends on what day it arrives
Joyce: If it arrives on Friday, I can do it same day
Larry: ok
Larry: better
Larry: it should arrive by friday
Joyce: okay
Joyce: Which courier will the client use?
Larry: usps
Joyce: okay
Joyce: Tell them USPS Priority Mail
Larry: ok
Joyce: with Delivery Confirmation. 
Joyce: Delivery Confirmation is only 70 cents
Larry: ok good
Joyce: Tell the client to give you the Delivery Confirmation number after it has been sent
Joyce: that will prove if he really sent it
Larry: ok
Larry: good
Joyce: ok
Joyce: If your client prints postage online, Delivery Confirmation is free
Joyce: But it's okay if he doesn't do it online, because it is very cheap
Larry: Hon am back here
Joyce: Hello

Two days later, I received an email from Larry.  The email simply reads "Get back to me if u like it or not - Larry".  He is referring to two MP3's that he had attached.Chicago's "I Don't Want to Live Without Your Love" & Bread's "Baby I'm a Want You".  

I don't know if he downloaded these himself, with the intention of sending them to me (and also the others he's attempting to scam), or maybe someone sent him the love songs and he's recycling their idea.  It's probably the latter, because downloading two 5 MB songs, and uploading them to Yahoo Mail would take hours due to the slow internet connections used in Nigeria.

Later that day...

Joyce: Hello
Larry: Hello
Larry: How are u doing today ?
Larry: i just sign in know
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Larry: am great
Joyce: Thank you for the lovely songs
Joyce: I enjoyed them both
Larry: good am so happy u love them all
Joyce: Thank you for thinking of me
Larry:  for u alone hon
Joyce: You're mighty kind
Larry: i will be so glad to have some from u
Joyce: You want me to email you some music?
Larry: yea i do
Joyce: Okay.  I've got a few discs here with mp3's
Joyce: What type of music do you want?
Larry: okay
Larry: i love ur type of musics
Larry: feeling hearth musics
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Let me see what i have here
Larry: okay
Larry: waiting
Joyce: Check your mail

Note from James:  VSensing that he wanted to recycle my songs, and send them to another of his lady friends, I decided to send a couple of "inappropriate" love songs that I have saved on my hard drive:  Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" & Guns N Roses' "I Used to Love Her (But I Had to Kill Her)".

Larry: okay
Larry: am dowloading them now okay
Joyce: I hope you like them
Larry: still dowloading hon
Joyce: ok
Larry: it's so slow here hon
Larry: i dont know hy
Larry: still dowloading
Joyce: BRB
Larry: oh ok
Joyce: I'm back
Joyce: Sorry for the wait
Larry: I love u so much sweetie and am using this time and this moment to declear my love to U
Joyce: I love you too
Larry: And baby i would love to ask U a question?
Joyce: You may ask
Larry: How many days would it take u to have a check deposited in your Bank?
Joyce: I don't know.  When I get paid at work, it's usually direct deposit
Joyce: I would guess two days
Larry: so it should not take more than 2 days to have it deposited ....wat ever the amout is Rite?
Larry: or does the amout determines how long?
Joyce: The amount probably doesn't matter
Joyce: unless it's unusually high
Larry: High like wat amount ?
Joyce: I'm guess $5000 or more
Joyce: but that's just a guess
Larry: wat about 7500 or so?
Joyce: I really don't know.  I don't cash checks often
Joyce: I get paid with direct deposit
Larry: Oh okay
Larry: they are sending to 7500 due to some lilttle thing i will need to but when i get there
Joyce: Sending where?
Larry: I mean the u gonna reaceived
Larry: when i email my client that was the reply i had from Him
Joyce: Is this the same client from before?
Larry: yes
Larry: i email Him
Joyce: Oh okay
Larry: so i told Him to issue it 7500 due to the fact that when i get to the state and ganna need to buy something u know
Larry: so his sending a check of 7500 ok
Larry: And he should send the tracking to my email by tuesday ok and ill have it email to u so that u would know when to have it
Joyce: Okay.  I understand
Larry: so they might have u deposited it for some days Right
Larry: ?
Joyce: It should be in the account a few days after deposit
Larry: ok so u can have it withdraw out then  rite
Joyce: Yes.  It shouldn't take too long for the transaction
Larry: maybe u deposited it into your ATM so that so it could be credicted to your acct withing 24 hours
Joyce: We'll see
Joyce: I'll find out the best way to get it done quickly
Larry: Yea cos i cant wait to be withg u any more
Joyce: I can't wait to be with you too
Larry: hon have u eaten ?
Joyce: No.  I'm about to start cooking in a minute
Larry: okay
Larry: well hon i have to go and get some thing eaten hope to talk to u soon online
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I will miss you
Larry: I will missed u too
Larry: and am missing u already
Larry: but i know soon we gonna see and meat in person
Larry: kisssssssssssssss
Joyce: Take care
Larry: ty bye for now and pls take good care of ur self for me okay
Larry: be bless
Joyce: I will
Larry: bye
Joyce: Bye

Two days later...

Larry: Hello my love are u doing ?
Joyce: Hello
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Larry: am great
Joyce: That's good to hear
Larry: so where are u know honnie ?
Joyce: Home
Larry: SO did u went to work today?
Joyce: Yes.  I've been back for a few hours
Larry: ok
Larry: how was the work today ..hope not stress
Joyce: No.  Only taco day is stressful
Larry: good to hear that
Larry: well i got a call from the client that u get teh check baby
Larry: did u ?
Joyce: No
Larry: Oh but he called me and told me u get it
Joyce: When?
Larry: am mad at him now
Larry: he called me himself
Larry: thsi morning
Larry: he called me in the morning
Joyce: When did he say I was supposed to receive it?
Larry: and evn he swear for me
Joyce: I don't believe this
Joyce: Did he have any sort of tracking?
Joyce: or Delivery Confirmation?
Larry: he called me this orning and said u get it today
Larry: that wht he told me and said i should ask u
Larry: and i told him am gonna ask u
Joyce: Can you call him now?
Larry: yes i can
Larry: but i will need to get calling card first
Larry: i only have little credit on my cell
Joyce: Do you want me to call him?
Larry: yes i wil be very happy if u can
Joyce: okay
Larry: did u have his # with u
Joyce: No
Larry: oh okay
Larry: 011-802-983-3218
Larry: ls call him now
Joyce: this is an international number
Joyce: I thought your client was from the US?
Larry: yes i told u that b4 thathis not in the state
Joyce: I don't want to make any international calls
Joyce: I'll just let you sort that out since you know him and I don't
Larry: Oh okay
Larry: well how i wish u could talk to him and let him know u dont have the check
Joyce: You can email him
Joyce: and let him know
Joyce: and tell him to prove that he sent it.  Ask him for the delivery confirmation number
Larry: yes i do email him and aswell call him
Joyce: This worries me
Larry: me too
Joyce: BRB
Joyce: Hi
Joyce: I'm about to step out for a little bit
Joyce: Can you wait about 10 minutes?
Joyce: BRB
Larry: How ar u doing baby
Larry: where u ?
Larry: did u got the check
Larry: ?
Larry: here is the tracking number
Larry: J192 2983 801
Larry: UPS
Larry: track it now
Larry:  just rush onine to inform u that the check has been Delivered

Note from James: The package originated from Phoenix, Arizona, meaning that he was working with someone within the US.  They overnighted the package on 6/27, and it arrived early the next morning.  Click HERE to track the package.

Joyce: Back
Joyce: I'll track it now
Larry: plz do
Larry: i need to now wats gong on
Larry: Am waiting
Joyce: That's odd
Joyce: It was delivered on 6/28
Joyce: Let me check my calendar
Larry: plz do
Joyce: Is your client named Valentine?
Larry: No
Larry: that was the person that singn for it when it arrive
Larry: do u know any name  by that name
Larry: ?
Joyce: I do not know anyone named Valentine
Joyce: What is your client's name?
Larry: Do u hve any check with U
Joyce: No
Joyce: I do not
Larry: My clent sent his secrtary to send it
Larry: so i dont knw the name they have on it
Larry: so plz check from your nabours
Joyce: My neighbors are named Peterson
Larry: Ask them or u call Ups
Joyce: okay
Joyce: When is the last time you talked with your client?
Larry: He sent me an emal today with the tracking
Joyce: okay
Larry: so its very important u find out wth ur nabour or u call ups
Joyce: I think I know the problem
Larry: How do u mean?
Larry: wats the problem?
Joyce: I think your client sent it to someone else
Larry: How do u mean is that nt your add
Larry: he dint sent it to smene else cos it has your name on it
Larry: so plz call Ups now or u go and ask any of ur naours now
Joyce: No, it had this guy's name and address:

Larry: Wats the pics all about?
Joyce: Tell your client that she mailed the fake checks to the police
Larry: why would u give me someone elose add€?
Joyce: It was the police's address
Larry: Wats this all About?
Joyce: and she sent counterfeit checks across state lines
Larry: Wat are U talking About?
Joyce: You heard me
Joyce: Attorney General Roy Cooper and I are good friends

Larry: Stop joking ok
Larry: Enough of this
Larry: ok
Larry: lets be Frank?
Joyce: Okay, but can I still be James?
Larry: Wat do u mean?
Larry: Talk 2 me nd tell me wats going on?
Joyce: Your friend is going to jail
Joyce: Mailing fake money orders
Larry: its not a money order my dear
Larry: its a check
Joyce: Doesn't matter.  It's still counterfeiting
Larry: ok
Larry: so wat the fuck u talking about
Joyce: I'm saying you fucked up
Larry: ok
Larry: listen
Larry: Definately u  wanna stil m money Right?
Larry: Why would U give me a police Add?
Joyce: So you and your client will go to jail
Joyce: You know the address I gave you?
Joyce: What do you have to say now?
Larry: i have to call U a lier
Joyce: I have to call you a mugu
Larry: Wats the meaning of mugu?
Joyce: Look in the mirror

Note from James:  Mugu is a word in the Nigerian language of Yoruba.  It translates to "fool" and it is probably their biggest insult.

guy how run they go na
Joyce: Are you challenging me to a foot race?
Larry: buy talk my money na
Joyce: Your money is gone
Larry: guy wetin dey na
Larry: folllow me talk
Larry: how far the ewe
Larry: he chop abi ?
Joyce: If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all
Larry: who did u think u are talking to
Joyce: a mugu
Larry: me i dont rich for this job na
Larry:: i just want to know if we can deal together but u fomboo
Joyce: Fomboo?

The angry scammer signed off and blocked me before he could tell me the meaning of "fomboo."