Kim's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow.  She works as a book supplier.  Is that even a real job?  Probably not, because little does the scammer know, Joyce is actually a 27 year old man.
About the scammer:
Name:  Kim Harris / Frank Smith
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

Hello Gorgeous

How are you doing?I hope you get this mail and it finds you well in Goodshape.I was glancing through profiles when your gorgeous picture got me attracted while your lovely words had me write really was marvelled reading your profile and i enjoyed doing so.The first thing that came to my mind when i saw your picture was..''re drop dead i thought i'ld take out time to introduce myself.

I'm Kim Harris 44yrs 5'9inches tall" 170lbs brown hairs,blue eyes.Originally from berea,Ohio but presently embarked on a business trip to the western Central Africa.Widowed ,was born by a british woman from London,UK with a white man from berea,Ohio .I relocated to staying in Los angeles California after i lost my dad...died an Asthmatic Patient,but grew up with mum in London,UK.Studied in (oxford university London) had degree in Arts And Sculpture.I'm a proud contractor,deal in making arts piece and antiques.I receive the most compliments on my eyes (Blue), legs (shapely/muscular) and my thoughtfulness (very).

I consider myself very versatile and I have to be because I have friends and business associates of all races, ages and socio-economic backgrounds. I'm very laid-back and down-to-earth. I'm also very old-fashioned when it comes to my respect and treatment of women...As for my hobbies...Hhhh

Like camping,fishing,golf,watching movies,not much into sports but also do the side like spending time with loved ones,i don't smoke and i don't drink .I really don't have much time for the common 'traditional divorced scene' but thought i'ld give it a try,besides, i have a few friends who have had good experiences.I'm an honest and straight forward man not into playing games.

Seeking a woman with the entire provabial package,beauty and morals.With self respect,understanding caring heart and not into games.Looking for a serious woman to settle with spend the rest of my life with,would take things easy but if sparks fly,then so be it.

Sorry for the lengthy note,however my aim is to give you a full picture of who i am.But I would be very glad if you respond with the hope of corresponding,and also hope we get to know each other better as i look forward to reading from you soon.Till i hear from you,have a blissful time and stay with God's blessings. i got im on yahoo u can aslo reach me on there on if u have yahoo u could aslo let me know so we can chat there ok.

Many Thanks
KIM Harris

Joyce: Hello
Harris: How are you doing?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Harris: am doing pretty great
Harris: so tell me what your name?
Joyce: Joyce
Harris: where are you from?
Joyce: Wilmington, North Carolina
Harris: WOW!!
Joyce: What is so amazing about that?
Harris: Well it's a nice place to live?
Joyce: Yes, but I don't think that is wow-worthy
Harris: am in Berea Ohio
Joyce: Ooooh.  I guess compared to Beria, Ohio, Wilmington is very much worthy of a 'wow' and a couple of exclamation points
Harris: Okay
Harris: do you have a cam?
Joyce: No
Joyce: Do you?
Harris: mine have been broken
Joyce: Mom always says don't play ball in the house
Harris: tell me more about you?
Joyce: What would you like to know?
Harris: All about you..for how long have you been online dating..and what do you do for a Living..Have you been Married?
Joyce: I was married for 18 years
Joyce: but that ended in 1998
Joyce: I work as a book supplier
Harris: Ohhhhhhhh that nice job you have?
Joyce: Thanks
Harris: so do you have a pics i can see
Joyce: Yes.  Can you show me some of your pics also?
Harris: Okay...

Harris: Wow You Look so Cutie
Joyce: Thank you very much
Harris: Your Welcome
Harris: so tell me..what happen to your last Marriage
Joyce: He passed away in 1998
Joyce: He died of scurvy
Harris: you have kids?
Joyce: I have one adult son
Harris: Okay..i do have a kid named dave..and he's Presently Here in Africa with me
Joyce: Who is the kid in your pic?

Harris: Ohhhhhhh is the lady who works with  me Here?
Joyce: That is a child
Joyce: and the other pic is a teenage girl
Harris: Thats the same person?
Joyce: Are you saying you work with kids?
Harris: Ohhhhhhhhh Nope......that the lady who takes care of dave while i work
Joyce: How old is she?  She looks like she is 13
Harris: Ohhhhhhh she is 15yrs Old
Joyce: She is very young.  Are you sure you can trust a young girl to babysit your son?
Harris: Oh yes i do..
Joyce: Okay.  I wouldn't trust a boy crazy 15 year old with my kid
Harris: Well seens i dont have a woman in my life to take good care of him while i work?
Harris: and am looking for the rigth woman to relocates..?
Joyce: I am not looking to relocate
Joyce: I am happy where I am
Harris: Ohhhhhhhhhh Yes..but am loking for the rigth woman
Harris: cos i have been hurts in the past
Joyce: I was hurt yesterday when I fell and scraped my kneee
Harris: Ohhhhhhhh it's Alrigth
Joyce: Yes.  I put some Bactine on it
Harris: Well,i am a very sincere and honest when it comes to sharing feelings and emotions with that speical person..
Joyce: That's nice
Harris:  am Harris by name from berea,Ohio.down to earth honest about the things i say and do cause i dont like hurting peoples feelings,cause everyone has a chance to laugh,so why do i make them sad
Joyce: That's sounds nice to me
Harris: .i am really very easy to get along with,fun to be with and am very adaptive and communicative when it comes to conversant conversation
Joyce: Same here with me
Harris: and my life is based on the truth,Trustworthy and honesty of self personality
Joyce: Good
Harris: i would really like to get to know alot about you and learn somethings with you cause u seem to be kind of ready in getting to know my kind of person and hopefully we can meet in person soon
Joyce: Me too
Harris: with time we will get to know each others feeligs,motives and intensions towards each other and it will help us grow knowing each other and trusting each other
Joyce: I think so too
Harris: Cool
Harris: so what would you like to know about me?
Joyce: How much longer do you plan on being out of the country?
Harris: Well this my first time to Africa..never been there before...
Harris: i do travel to other country..but this my last Trip?
Joyce: oh okay
Joyce: Do you enjoy traveling for work?
Harris: Ohhhhhhhhh Yes..i do..
Harris: have you chatted with anyone that lives in africa..or working there..
Joyce: No.  I mostly chat with friends and family only
Joyce: and sometimes people in the wrestling chat rooms
Harris: Cool
Harris: cos i want you to be honest with me..
Harris: i want you to stop your search cos it's seems you"re the kind of woman am looking for on here and get to know you better
Joyce: Thank you for your kind words
Harris: So tell me would you like to be the kind of woman am looking for on here..and i dont want you to chat with anyone on here anymore
Joyce: I have other friends I chat with
Joyce: But they are only friends
Harris: Okay..and do you want me to trust you on wont talk to anyone that works in africa
Joyce: I told you before...
Joyce: I mostly chat with friends and family
Harris: Okay...
Harris: just wanna be honest with you?
Joyce: Yeah
Harris: Cool
Harris: Can you give me a call Now with the hotel number?
Harris: just wanna hear your sweet voice
Joyce: No
Joyce: I don't have international calling
Harris: you go get calling card and call
Joyce: I have my telephone service through my internet provider
Joyce: and it's a local outfit
Harris: Okay...i understand
Harris: it's Alrigth
Joyce: Okay
Harris: you Look so Bueatiful...fascinating?
Joyce: Thank you kindly
Harris: Your welcome
Harris: i"ll be with you for the rest of my life i promise
Joyce: Thank you. I appreciate your commitment

Note from James:  At this point, Kim Harris started copying and pasting corny lines from, a favorite site of most Nigerian scammers.

Harris: Yes..."Will I wait a lonely lifetime? If you want me to, I will.
Joyce: ok
Harris: Don't let your mind rule over your heart
Joyce: I'll remember that
Harris: Sweetie Where so ever you go, go with all your heart
Joyce: okay
Harris: Sweetie......Giving away a heart can hurt ... having a broken heart can be life threatening, even to the strongest people. But, receiving one is the greatest gift
Joyce: Thanks for the advice
Harris: If it is meant to be, our hearts will find each other when we meet. And if our hearts melt together so will our bodies and souls. Then every word and every touch will fuel our passion flame. I will be yours, you will be mine, and we will be one
Joyce: Thank you very kindly

Note from James:  I hate it when they copy and paste, but at least it means they have run out of things to say, therefore giving me a chance to leave.

Joyce: I enjoyed chatting with you again, but I will need to sign off now
Harris: Ohhhhhhh why
Joyce: I have a lot of things I to do this evening
Harris: Okay
Harris: so tell me when will you get back online
Joyce: Tomorrow
Harris: what time will it be here my time..cos i dont wanna miss a day with you
Joyce: I don't know. I don't schedule my day around the internet
Harris: okay
Harris: sweetie i would like to send you the Antiques i have already bougth here
Joyce: What kind of antiques?
Harris: Wooden Furnitures
Harris: you there
Joyce: Why do you want to send it to me?
Harris: just wanted you to see
Harris: what i came here for?
Joyce: You mean pictures?
Harris: Yes..
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: You can send it to my email
Harris: okay..what your email address
Joyce: [REMOVED]
Harris: okay
Harris: will be thinking of you?
Joyce: I will be think of you too
Joyce: Take care
Harris: you
Joyce: Bye
Joyce: I love you too
Harris: bye

The next day...

Harris: hello how are you doing today..are you there
Harris: Hello Honey?
Joyce: Hello
Harris: How"re You doing today..and how was your nigth hope you sleepwell lastnigth/?
Joyce: I am fine.
Joyce: How are you?
Harris: Honey am Pretty great now am talking to you?
Joyce: Thanks
Harris: My Angel, my all, I almost lost myself in the reality of my dream tonight.?
Joyce: Oh really?

Note from James:  And he starts immediately with the copying and pasting again...

Harris:  Knowing that I am far away from your embrace, I cannot stop staring at the first evening star knowing that you are also looking at it with your own lovely eyes.
Joyce: Nice
Harris: Sweetheart...... Let me share a kiss with you as you read these words with your own lips, my beloved. So many dreams have gone wasted for every moment we are apart and all I ever have are the words from my own heart to accompany you. Let my pen draw you closer to me, my angel.....:)
Joyce: Thanks for your kind words
Harris:  so that I can clearly picture you on this writing tablet I made special with your name.
Joyce: So very sweet
Harris:  No longer do I have justification for my own life, but your will is more than a reason for me to utter a prayer for another tomorrow. I will soon be with you, my love.
Joyce: Thanks.  I'm glad to hear that
Harris: It may not be tonight nor tomorrow, but I promise you that it will be the day when you will hear our song again.
Joyce: What is our song?
Harris: Well will lets you know honey?
Joyce: If you do not know, then why did you say we had a song?
Harris: Lol
Joyce: I choose 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald' by Gordon Lightfoot
Harris: Thats Nice
Joyce: Good
Joyce: That will officially be our song
Harris: Okay Honey
Harris: I know I could never be any happier. But then again, I know that the day will come when I will be able to spend my every waking moment with you and I won't have to lose sleep.
Joyce: Nice
Harris:  I even miss you when I am sleeping. I love you, Babe. You are my first and my only love and I thank you for be so kind with my heart. Hopefully, soon I won't have to hate missing you.
Joyce: I hope so too

Note from James:  The scammer briefly signs off.  He returns about 3 minutes later...

Harris: Honey am booted?
Joyce: Oh okay
Joyce: Are you having computer problems?
Harris: Ohhhhh Yes Honey
Harris: brb
Joyce: okay
Joyce: I'm sorry but I'm not going to wait here all day
Joyce: We'll chat again another time
Joyce: Take care
Joyce: Bye

The next day...

Harris: hello,how"re you there?
Harris: Hello Honey
Joyce: Hello
Harris: how"re you doing today?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Harris: am doing pretty great now am talking to you?
Joyce: Thanks
Harris: honey what have you been doing lately?
Joyce: I was at work earlier but I am home now
Harris: Okay..honey will you be online tonigth?
Joyce: Probably not
Joyce: I am usually too busy or too tired to come online at night
Harris: Okay honey
Harris: Honey am planning to be with you in the state?
Joyce: That will be nice.  I would love to meet you in person sometime soon
Harris: yes...i willl still be with you soon just have to get things done fast?
Joyce: Okay
Harris: i just what you to get patient with me
Harris: i"ll be with you as soon as possible
Joyce: It's okay.  I am a patient person
Harris: Okay honey
Harris: honey what will you do when we meet
Joyce: I think it will be a happy moment
Joyce: I am looking forward to that
Harris: yes honey and i think it will be a very good moment?
Joyce: Yes.  We both agree that it will be something very memorable
Harris: Yes!!
Harris: i want to spend the rest of my life with you...
Joyce: Me too.  Forever and ever
Harris: i want to make love with you all nigth?
Joyce: Thanks
Harris: and dave aswell
Joyce: Dave wants to make love to me all night long?
Harris: Ohhhhhhhhhhh Yes honey
Harris: hold on

Note from James:  Before I could transition that insanely idiotic remark, he signed off, but he returned quickly.  I'm guessing he got a call from a woman he is also attempting to scam, and she told him to meet her online.  He probably chats with her on a different Yahoo ID, and he needs to sign off now to chat with her...

Harris: Honey am back
Joyce: Welcome back
Harris: did you miss me
Joyce: You were gone for like 20 seconds
Harris: Lol
Joyce: but I still missed you
Harris: Okay
Harris: i Love you?
Joyce: I love you too
Harris: honey i will be back online tonigth just got a call from my clients?
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: We'll chat again another time
Harris: i will be online tonigth
Joyce: We'll probably chat again tomorrow
Harris: in an 3hours time
Joyce: I'll miss you.  Talk to you tomorrow
Harris: i cant just miss you honey
Harris: i want to talk to you online tonigth concerning our furture
Joyce: Well, I told you earlier that I usually don't come online at night
Harris: pls
Joyce: It will be okay.  We can chat tomorrow afternoon as we usually do
Harris: Okay honey.....
Joyce: I'll miss you
Harris: i"ll miss you too
Joyce: Take care

Note from James:  Playing hardball works...

Harris: but honey i want to ask you for something
Joyce: What is it?
Harris: honey am broke i dont have fund for food stuffs and dave is really feeling bad here honey
Harris: i just wish you could get me some little funds
Harris: ok
Joyce: Why are you broke?
Harris: honey i have use all i have to get this antiques
Joyce: Oh
Harris: and i"ll still get my hotel bills cleared up
Joyce: You never sent me the photos of the antiques
Harris: ohhhhhhhhhhh i forgot
Joyce: I would love to see them
Harris: okay
Harris: honey this are the one i have already bougth

Joyce: Wow
Joyce: They are beautiful!!!
Harris: Thanks Honey
Harris: i would love to get more of it
Joyce: That is some fine craftsmanship
Harris: Yes honey
Harris: they are so expensive here...
Joyce: The good thing about antiques is they they always increase in value over time
Harris: yes honey
Joyce: I have some old folk art
Joyce: Maybe you can help me determine the value sometime
Harris: ohhhhhhhhhh that would be nice
Harris: sure honey
Joyce: That's great.  I will take some photos of them
Joyce: I have had them for about 20 years, but they appear to be much older
Harris: okay
Joyce: Cool.  Let's do that tomorrow
Harris: so honey how much can you get so i can get my food stuffs
Harris: you know how it has been hard for me and dave
Joyce: How much are you asking for?
Harris: honey it's about $750
Joyce: oooh
Joyce: That's much more than I thought
Harris: Ohhhhhhhh honey you know things are so hard and expensive here
Joyce: I thought you were only going to ask for about $200 or $300
Harris: how can you get by tommorrow
Harris: Ohhhhhhhh honey you know things are so hard and expensive here
Joyce: Do you plan on paying me back?
Harris: yes honey i will
Joyce: How soon?
Harris: as soon as i get paid for my job
Joyce: When do you expect that to be?
Harris: i want you to get it sent by tommorrow
Joyce: I will send it tomorrow, but on one condition
Joyce: I want you to swear to God on your life that you will repay me
Harris: Yes sweety i will pay you back
Harris: you know how much i do love you
Joyce: You must swear to God on your life that you will repay me
Harris: yes honey i will repay you back
Joyce:  Say it
Harris: i swear to god i will pay you back honey
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I believe you
Harris: okay honey
Harris: how much are you sending?
Joyce: Do you really need that much money?
Harris: yes honey
Harris: and i need to give you the informationg that you will use to send the funds
Joyce: okay
Harris: okay my love
Harris: You will have to send it to the hotel management... okay
Joyce: Okay
Harris: honey as soon as you get the money sent just give me the MTCN
Joyce: Okay. This is Western Union?
Harris: okay
Joyce: okay
Harris: Frank Smith,33 Allen avenue,ikeja,Lagos,Nigeria, 23401
Harris: honey here is the informationg that you will use to send the funds..
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Let me write this down
Harris: and as soon as you get it sent just give me an Offline with the text question and answer..with the MTCN
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I will
Harris: okay honey
Harris: i think you have to go now..or what the time now?

Note from James:  Yet another reason why I think he has a lady waiting for him on another ID.  It's not often you see a scammer try to push the victim away, especially when she's offered to send money.  Regardless, I'm not complaining.  I usually try to sign off after agreeing to help.

Joyce: It is 4:00 pm
Harris: ok
Joyce: Yes.  I have a few things I need to do
Harris: okay
Harris: i love you so much
Joyce: I love you too
Harris: honey when do you think you can  get back to me with the western union information
Joyce: I'll try to send it early tomorrow morning before work
Harris: Okay honey..and what time will it be here my time
Harris: to pick it up
Joyce: I do not know the time difference between us
Joyce: but I will try to do it early tomorrow morning
Harris: okay
Harris: when you do it send me the information on it
Harris: okay
Joyce: I will
Harris: i want to go now okay..
Joyce: Okay
Harris: i will be back
Joyce: Tell Dave I said hello
Harris: ok
Harris: i love you
Joyce: I love you too
Harris: bye for now
Joyce: Bye

Late that night, I sent the following email...

Hello Harris,

I'm sorry if I'm late.  I have sent the money and here are the claims details.

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Frank Smith / 33 Allen Avenue / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401
Test Question:  Where do we chat?
Answer:  Yahoo
Amount: $750

I hope to chat with you again later after work.  Take care.

Love always,


Early the next morning, Kim Harris came online and received my message.  The thankful scammer then sent me the following offline messages...

kim harris (7/31/2007 6:54:27 AM): hello..and good are you doing today..are you there
kim harris (7/31/2007 6:56:56 AM): hello my sweetie..good morning......
kim harris (7/31/2007 6:57:46 AM): hello..and how"re you doing?
kim harris (7/31/2007 6:58:34 PM): Hello baby how are you doing today..i anm
kim harris (7/31/2007 7:07:57 PM): i am glad to have yuur email and i am really happy about what you did baby
kim harris (7/31/2007 7:08:39 PM): honey am so happy for you so much
kim harris (7/31/2007 7:09:23 PM): and i will be looking forward to talk to you later
kim harris (7/31/2007 7:09:27 PM): Okay
kim harris (7/31/2007 7:09:32 PM): Ttyl
kim harris (7/31/2007 7:09:38 PM): love you?

He then took the fake claims info and attempted to claim the nonexistent funds. After being turned away, and being publicly embarrassed, the scammer takes the Western Union Walk of Shame back to his internet cafe.  He then sent the following email which he titled "Urgent Reply Needed"...

hello hw are u doing today sweetie well i just want u to know that the MTCN to the funds is not correct its seems there is a mistake so i will be waiting for u to give me the info again i will be hopping to hear back from u soon take care and have a nice day

Later that day...

Harris: Hello Honey
Joyce: Hello
Joyce: I am glad you are here
Harris: yes honey
Joyce: I need to ask you something important
Harris: ok
Joyce: You know a lot about antiques
Joyce: Maybe you can help me with this
Harris: okay
Harris: honey you know what?
Joyce: Can you help me determine the value of a few things?
Joyce: I have a few old antiques
Harris: ok..but you know what
Joyce: and I took some pics

Harris: honey you know what?
Joyce: How much do you think they are worth?
Harris: Well honey i guess about $1,500
Joyce: Each?
Joyce: or all together?
Harris: each
Joyce: That is great!
Joyce: I have a ton of these things!
Joyce: Would you please appraise some more?
Harris: yes
Joyce: Thank you so very much for your expertise!
Harris: honey
Joyce: If one individual antique is worth $1,500, does that mean this one is worth $3000?

Joyce: What about this guy?
Joyce: Is he worth more than $1,500 because he has many faces?

Harris: okay..honey you know what happen?
Joyce: What happened?
Harris: honey on the western union today..i went there with the informations you gave to me..but they told me match not found
Harris: maybe you made a mistake some where
Harris: i have not pick up the money yet
Joyce: I am so sorry to tell you this...
Joyce: I had to take the money back last night
Harris: Ohhhhhhhhh why?
Joyce: I needed the money to buy these antiques
Harris: ohhhhhhhhh honey why did you do this to me..after all
Joyce: I said I was sorry
Joyce: Geez!
Harris: i understand
Joyce: Back to the appraisal...
Joyce: How about these?

Joyce: They look really mean, and I think head once that Mean = Money
Harris: ok
Joyce: or maybe it was Greed is Good.  I forget which, but I remember Michael Douglas was holding Skeletor when he said it
Harris: so what do you want me to do now
Joyce: Hmmmm
Joyce: I don't really know
Joyce: I probably should have told you before you went to the bank
Harris: yes honey
Harris: but now am so much comfuse
Joyce: That was probably embarrassing
Harris: yes it was
Harris: i really need this money honey you know?
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: And I really needed these antiques

Harris: i know honey but you couldn"t have done this to me
Harris: you know how i really need this funds
Harris: and now you are telling me all this honey
Joyce: You don't understand my feelings
Joyce: I NEEDED these things
Harris: ok
Harris: and how much do you have now..?>
Joyce: Do you mean money or antiques?
Joyce: Because I have a whole lot more antiques for you value for me

Harris: i mmean the money
Joyce: Ohhhh.  I spent all that
Joyce: I bought about 300 of these rare antiquities
Joyce: and with the money left over, I went to Long John Silver's
Harris: ohhhhhhhhh i see

Note from James:  For some reason, the scammer seemed fascinated by this action figure, particularly the one on the right.  He browsed the dozen or so pics currently shared, but throughout the rest of the chat, he kept going back to this one.  It seems he even saved it to his hard drive. (I assume he saved it because he right clicked the photo and, seemingly accidentally chose 'show pointer' which is listed on the 'save as' menu.)

Harris: honey do you know that you have hurt my feelings now
Joyce: This isn't all about you
Joyce: Stop being such a drama queen
Harris: honey what do you mean?
Joyce: You are acting like you are the only one with problems
Joyce: I have problems too
Harris: ok
Joyce: I have to clean each of these!
Joyce: It looks like some kid really played the hell out these things throught his childhood

Joyce: and maybe a little into his early adulthood
Harris: yes honey..but now am so much comfuse
Joyce: It shouldn't be confusing anymore
Joyce: The money was there, but now it is not
Joyce: It's quite simple
Harris: ok
Harris: now what do you intend to do
Joyce: I'm probably going to play with these antiques for a while
Joyce: then I'll rest for a little while
Joyce: Then I'll play with them again later
Harris: and what about the money?
Joyce: Well, you said these things are worth money
Joyce: and some day when I am old, I will sell them
Harris: i mean when do you think you can get me the money
Joyce: Hmmmmm
Joyce: I think I would rather invest more money into more antiques
Joyce: There are many varieties of antiques. Maybe I'll branch off into a different type.

Harris: ok
Harris: and wont you send me the funds anymore
Joyce: I doubt it. 
Harris: why?
Joyce: I think you should be more supportive of my hobbies
Harris: k
Harris: now you have hurt me
Joyce: A lot of people get hurt in the antique world
Harris: k
Harris: cant you get a loan
Joyce: GREAT IDEA!!!
Joyce: Then I could buy even more antiques!
Joyce: and maybe a shelf to place them on!
Harris: good
Harris: so do you think you can be able to get some funds sent me?
Joyce: I'll tell you what.
Joyce: I don't have the money...
Joyce: But I'll send you this...

Joyce: I've been told it's worth $1,5000
Harris: yes....but i need this money
Joyce: Well, you're in the antique business.
Joyce: You probably know a guy that would gladly buy it
Harris: honey do you still love me
Joyce: I love you
Joyce: ...but I love antiques more
Harris: i understand you don't care about me anymore
Joyce: I care about you
Joyce: but you are like #11 or #12 on the list of things that are important to me
Harris: why you doing this to me
Harris: ?
Joyce: Believe me.  I care about you
Joyce: If I didn't care, would I have given you that fake MTCN?
Joyce: Of course not! 
Harris: i c
Joyce: If I did not care, I would not have made this website devoted entirely to you...

Note from James:  This is the link to the page are viewing right now, minus, of course, this chat.  Harris stays silent for about three minutes while he checks out the page...

Harris: damn
Joyce: Is that a good damn or a bad damn?
Harris: fool

The scammer signs off and blocks me.