Kevin's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow that he contacted on MySpace.  Little does he know, she's really a 27 year old man.
Name: Kevin Ramon / Donald King
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

Hello Angel,
How are you doing there,I am Kevin by name i am 49 years of age,I have been Divorced for 5 years,i had a son ever since the Departure of my wife i have been so Lonely i need someone to be there for me and Love me for whom i am
I Loving,Caring,personate,optimistist,I need someone that has the idea opf relationship how to Treat a Man in the right way...I am a kinda person that's full on fun....I will Love to get to know more about you...Hope to hear back from you soon,I don't know if you have Yahoo Msg you can add me or send me an Email on

Kevin: hello
Joyce: Hello
Kevin: how rae you doing ?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Kevin: am kool
Kevin: my name is kevin
Kevin: and you?
Joyce: The name is Joyce
Kevin: good
Kevin: am from houston in tx
Kevin: u?
Joyce: Wilmington, NC
Kevin: well okay
Kevin: am 49 yrs yrs old
Joyce: I'm 50
Kevin: am divorce since 5 yrs ago
Joyce: I've been a widow since since 1998
Kevin: am so sorry
Joyce: It's okay.  It was a long time coming
Kevin: i have a kids
Kevin: he is called timmy
Joyce: I one adult son. 
Joyce: His name is James
Kevin: you halso have only one kids?
Joyce: Yes. Just him
Joyce: I wanted to have more but he was a large baby and he did some damage down there
Kevin: my son is now 15 yrs old
Kevin: he live with me in tx
Joyce: My son lives in Raleigh
Kevin: not with you ?
Joyce: No
Kevin: i will like to get to kno you b cos so lonely
Joyce: Why are you lonely?
Kevin: i have no one to talk to
Kevin: know one to love
Joyce: What about Timmy?
Kevin: i need a last lover
Joyce: Oh okay. Timmy wouldn't be good for that
Kevin: timmy will be good for my lover?
Joyce: I said WOULDN'T
Joyce: That kind of behavior is frowned upon
Kevin: okay
Kevin: i need a wife
Kevin: not just only person
Joyce: Oh.  Okay
Kevin: and i will like to know more about you
Joyce: What would you like to know?
Kevin: any thing you what to tell me
Joyce: If you want to know, you've got to ask
Kevin: Ohh ok
Kevin: how many son did your mother give bath to ?
Kevin: there names?
Joyce: Just me
Joyce: No sons
Kevin: sure?
Joyce: Yeah.  I think I would remember them
Kevin: that means you are one and only
Joyce: Yes.  Just Joyce
Kevin: well okay
Kevin: babe
Kevin: so will you also like to know about me
Joyce: Are you an only child?
Kevin: hope
Kevin: we are two
Kevin: in number
Kevin: the other one is called reffy
Kevin: he is woring in african
Kevin: pamently
Kevin: he lives there also
Joyce: Okay.  I think I understood some of those words
Kevin: what did you do for a living
Joyce: I'm a book supplier
Kevin: okay
Kevin: where to where?
Kevin: you travel a lot
Joyce: Not so much lately
Kevin: okay
Kevin: i deal with sellingcomputers and shipping cars in and out..
Joyce: You ship cars?
Kevin: yeah
Kevin: that is why am now in african
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: Do people in Africa drive?
Kevin: yeah
Kevin: they do
Joyce: I always thought Africa was a poor country
Kevin:  know not a poor cuntry
Joyce: Oh... I meant poor continent
Kevin: they are so rich
Joyce: Okay
Kevin: yeah
Kevin: I am a loving caring honest and faithful man that have been a divorce for 5 years but i am about to be tired of life because since i am divorce i have been alone i know that love really exist and i am look for that kind of love woman that would love me with all is heart i am really tired of lonelyness
Joyce: Thanks for the recap
Kevin: i am a christian and i am gently i am very trust worthy and honest i can go to any length in love.AM A perfect gently man and i need a woman to be in my life to be cared love and taken care of for the rest of my life am ready to go to any lenghth with her so far she is nice, shape or beauty does not matter just her character alone and her thinking so go on am waiting......
Joyce: Nice.  I think Martin Luther King said something similar
Kevin:  I'm honest, sincere, loving, loyal, and a true romantic. I believe in treating people as i would like to be treated. With kindness and respect. I think men and women are equal and should treat each other with mutual respect and understanding.....
Joyce: Yep.  You're another MLK
Kevin: really?
Joyce: Yeah.  And that makes us both winners
Kevin: . i must tell you that i'm an easy going,honest, faithful and a one lady's man .....
Joyce: Thanks.  Me too
Kevin: who is seriously looking for a long term relationship and probably getting married i describe
Joyce: I'm looking for a serious relationship too, but not marriage.
Kevin: okay
Kevin: so sweetie ...if u are sure of what u want and u are in for something nice .....
Joyce: Something tells me I'm in for something good
Kevin: and i must state that i do dislike liers and if u are any of such pls leave...
Joyce: I'm neither a liar or cheater
Kevin: okay
Kevin: i hoping and looking for a lady who is kind ,honest and faithful.... someone who is not afraid to tell the truth at all times ....if ever if it hurts..
Joyce: The truth is all I know
Kevin: I am not searching for money it never determines love i am in search of a good woman who had really know all about life and who is ready to settle down with me
Joyce: That's good to know.  I'll remember that
Kevin: really?
Joyce: Yes.  I'm like an elephant and I never forget things
Kevin: when have you been dating online?
Joyce: I haven't dated online before
Kevin: when
Joyce: I just said I haven't
Kevin: okay
Kevin: how many dating site are you in?
Joyce: None
Kevin: okay
Kevin: have you been hurt with any man before
Joyce: Everyone's been hurt before
Kevin: what is yours?
Joyce: My arm
Kevin: okay
Kevin: so what will you like for me?
Joyce: What do you mean?
Kevin: i like good for you
Kevin: u ?
Joyce: Yeah.  Good is good
Kevin: thanks babe
Kevin: i love that
Joyce: Thanks
Kevin: brb
Joyce: Where are you going?
Kevin: nothing i wainting to re boot
Joyce: It's okay
Joyce: I need to sign off now anyway
Kevin: will you be back ?
Kevin: rigth now
Joyce: Maybe later
Kevin: hope
Kevin: dont go yet
Kevin: babe
Kevin: i need you
Joyce: I'm sorry, but I can't stay online all day
Joyce: We'll chat again another time
Joyce: Bye

The next day...

Joyce: Hello
Kevin: Good morining my love
Joyce: Good morning
Kevin: how are you doing honey?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Kevin: am kool my love
Kevin: i can wait to see you babe
Joyce: Me too.  I want to see you, and hold you, and you give me a piggyback ride
Kevin: yeah
Kevin: it i ll be so soon my love
Joyce: Great!
Kevin: okay
Kevin: so babe how was you nigth ?
Joyce: It was great.  How was yours?
Kevin: i dream about you
Joyce: What was the dream about?
Kevin: your love
Joyce: Thanks for the vivid description
Kevin: ty
Kevin: my love
Kevin: babe what have you go trouth in live?
Joyce: What?
Kevin: have you go tthrouth in live?
Joyce: I don't understand what you're trying to say
Kevin: okay
Kevin: what did you like that has happen to you before
Kevin: and what you dont like
Joyce: What kind of question is that?
Kevin: i mean what has hurt you before
Joyce: I once fell off of the roof of my home
Kevin: okay
Joyce: That hurt a lot
Kevin: okay
Kevin: im also before hurt before
Joyce: How?
Kevin: my mother and my father died in aciendent in us ca
Joyce: When?
Kevin: i was still a kid than
Kevin: in 1970
Joyce: Who raised you after their death?
Kevin: my bother has married than
Kevin: i live with he in houston in tx
Joyce: Okay
Kevin: i want to used the rest of my live with you
Joyce: You make every word sound so sweet, even when it doesn't belong in the sentence
Kevin: really?
Joyce: Yes
Kevin: have you cam ?
Joyce: No
Joyce: Do you?
Kevin: hope
Kevin: yeah in state
Joyce: Okay
Kevin: i want to know more about your family also?
Joyce: The only family I have now is my son
Kevin: okay
Kevin: that is nice
Kevin: and cool
Joyce: Yes.  Cool and nice
Kevin: okay
Kevin: my love
Kevin: my full name is ramon kevin
Kevin: u?
Joyce: Joyce Nelson
Kevin: nice to hear
Kevin: you are now mrs kevin
Joyce: No.  I'm still Joyce Nelson
Kevin: why?
Kevin: my love
Joyce: Two reasons
Joyce: 1.  We're not married
Joyce: 2.  I don't plan on getting married
Joyce: 3.  I doubt I would take your name if we did
Kevin: i really care about you
Joyce: I care about you too, but those are my terms
Kevin: why?
Joyce: Why what?
Kevin: you dout what to married me?
Joyce: I don't want to marry any one right now
Joyce: I'm just looking for a relationship here
Kevin: okay
Kevin: but am plane to be with you in state
Joyce: Okay.  That will be nice, but don't expect me to marry you when you arrive
Kevin: relationship without sexy?
Joyce: What?
Kevin: you mean yiou what to have relationship with out sexy?
Joyce: We'll talk about that later, Borat
Kevin: Ohh ok
Kevin: when will it be that ?
Joyce: You tell me
Joyce: Our meeting all depends on you
Kevin: okay
Kevin: very soon
Kevin: will you like to meet me in african?
Joyce: No
Kevin: why?
Joyce: I'm not interested in visiting Africa
Joyce: and I can't just leave my job
Kevin: yeah you are rigth now?
Kevin: how much are you paid in your jod pay week?
Joyce: That's none of your concern
Kevin: i can give you the money
Kevin: that is why as aksing you
Kevin: my love
Joyce: No.  It's not a matter of money per week
Joyce: Leaving for one week would damage my business for months
Kevin: okay
Kevin: how msch are you paid
Joyce: That's none of your concern
Kevin: why sweety?
Joyce: I'm surprised you asked me that
Joyce: Adults usually don't ask each other that kind of question
Kevin: yeah i know  that
Kevin: just bcos i love you
Kevin: babe
Joyce: I love you too
Kevin: i will tell you mine
Kevin: will you hear from me
Joyce: I don't need to know
Joyce: Finances are a personal matter
Kevin: hope
Kevin: i want you to know all about me
Kevin: honey
Joyce: Okay
Kevin: seen you are my wife
Joyce: I'm not your wife, and I'd thank you not to say that again
Kevin: i love you babe
Joyce: I love you too
Kevin: i want to send your son some money will you give it to him?
Joyce: Why do you want to do that?
Kevin: to asurwe you i love you
Kevin: so much
Joyce: That's not necessary
Joyce: My son has his own job.  He doesn't need money
Kevin: okay
Kevin: if also i need money cant you give me?
Joyce: Do you need money?
Kevin: nope
Kevin: am just aksing
Kevin: if you will send me or not
Joyce: It depends on the situation
Kevin: okay
Kevin: that is good idea
Joyce: Thanks
Kevin: what did you heat this morining ?
Joyce: I ate a fish taco
Kevin: good
Joyce: Yes
Kevin: what will you this noon
Joyce: I don't know yet.  I'll get something while I'm out
Kevin: okay
Kevin: will you go with your car?
Joyce: Yes
Kevin: that Good
Kevin: wath is the maker of your car?
Joyce: I drive a 2004 Honda Civic
Kevin: ok
Kevin: Lol
Joyce: Is there something funny about my car?
Kevin: nope
Joyce: They why did you laugh?
Kevin: i will send you aother one
Joyce: why did you laugh?
Kevin: i dont like the car you are useing
Kevin: and bcos of the year of the car
Joyce: You're a jerk
Kevin: hope
Joyce: Do you think you're better than me?
Kevin: hope
Kevin: my love
Joyce: Then what's your fucking problem?
Joyce: There's nothing funny about my car
Kevin: good
Joyce: And I don't appreciate your attitude towards my car
Kevin:  am so sorry
Kevin: my love
Joyce: Bye
Kevin: I can be myself when I am with you
Kevin: i love you babe
Kevin: dont do that to me you are my last hope
Kevin: you make me feel like I have never felt before. I can tell you anything

The next day...

Kevin: hello my love
Kevin: how are you doing today?
Joyce: Hello
Kevin: how are you doing my love?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Kevin: am not happy
Joyce: Why?
Kevin: bcos you dont what to talk to me yesterday
Kevin: so am not happy till today
Joyce: You made me angry with your haughty attitude
Joyce: so I left the conversation
Kevin: am so sorry
Kevin: my love
Joyce: I accept your apology
Kevin: thanks
Kevin: you now make me happy
Joyce: You're welcome
Kevin: babe
Kevin: why did you of  load my imvironment?
Joyce: What?
Kevin: i want to see love imvoronment
Joyce: What?
Kevin: what did you have for me?
Joyce: What?
Kevin: any thing you want to give for a lover
Joyce: What?
Kevin: my love any thing
Joyce: I can't understand half the things you say
Kevin: you have for me
Joyce: What are you trying to say?
Kevin: i mean what did you have for your lover .............. kevin
Joyce: That still doesn't make any sense
Kevin: i said what did you have for me
Kevin: a have a kiss for you
Kevin: u?
Joyce: Thanks
Kevin: u?
Joyce: Half a can of Sprite
Kevin: i love you joyce
Joyce: I love you too
Kevin: i cant wait any more to be with you
Kevin: but you told me that.......... you dont want to get married with any man yet
Joyce: That's right
Kevin: why?
Joyce: I don't believe in marriage
Kevin: why my love?
Joyce: It's for fags
Kevin: hope
Kevin: my love
Joyce: The word isn't "hope"
Joyce: It's "nope"
Joyce: Hope means "wishful"
Joyce: Nope means "no"
Kevin: yeah
Joyce: I just thought you should know since you've been misusing that word all this time
Kevin: yeah my love
Kevin: what did you hate this morining?
Joyce: Hate?
Joyce: The boy that delivers my newspaper
Kevin: eat
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: I had about a dozen Gorton's Fish Sticks
Kevin: okay
Kevin: my love........   my goods has not arrive yet
Joyce: What goods?
Kevin: i told you what i deal with
Kevin: computer shiping cars in and out
Kevin: i konw i told you that before
Joyce: Yes.  You told me
Kevin: it is about $250,000,000
Joyce: Oh really?
Kevin: yeah my love
Joyce: You must have more money than Bill Cosby
Kevin: yeah my love
Kevin: i want to be with you..... and by a house their so we can live together inperson
Kevin: will you like that?
Joyce: Yes. That's nice
Kevin: okay.....
Kevin: when my goods arrive i will sell......... and go to you in person
Joyce: That sounds great
Kevin: what should i bye for you when am going from african
Joyce: I will like anything that comes from you
Kevin: rose and flower
Kevin: will you like that ?
Joyce: No.  Anything except that
Kevin: okay
Kevin: what ?
Joyce: Anything you choose will be fine
Kevin: okay
Kevin: i need to go to the sea port to check if my goods is arrive
Joyce: Okay.  We'll chat again tomorrow
Kevin: No i need to tell you if my goods is arrive or not
Joyce: You can email me
Kevin: my love
Kevin: i have to go
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: See you tomorrow
Kevin: know babe
Kevin: by 6:00 pm your time
Kevin: wait for me
Kevin: okay
Joyce: I'm sorry, but that won't be possible
Joyce: We'll just chat tomorrow
Kevin: meet you tonigth
Kevin: by for now
Joyce: Talk to you tomorrow. Bye
Kevin: bye my love

The next day...

Kevin: Hello my love
Joyce: Hello
Kevin: so.. what are you up o today?
Joyce: Nothing much.  Just hangin' out
Kevin: good hun
Joyce: I won't be on long
Joyce: I'm about to go to lunch
Kevin: okay
Kevin: will you give me some food to eat?
Joyce: Yeah.  I'll mail you some oatmeal
Kevin: LOL............... you make ma laugth
Kevin: will you call me rigth now?
Joyce: I told you before that I only have a local calling plan
Kevin: babe i need to here you
Joyce: Well I can't make or receive long distance calls
Kevin: but i need to hear you
Joyce: I think I just explained that to you
Kevin: i know you do
Kevin: i can just explained my feelings to you
Joyce: I accept your apology
Kevin: yeah my love
Kevin: i feel you always
Joyce: Thanks.  Me too
Kevin: i you do
Joyce: okay
Kevin: wil you mail. your feelings?
Joyce: Yeah... along with the oatmeal
Kevin: i just dont know what to say any more
Joyce: Yeah.  I have that effect on people
Kevin: i reallylove you joyce
Joyce: I love you too
Kevin: mine is so mush
Joyce: Enjoy the mush, Alfalfa
Kevin: okay............... my love
Kevin: love
Joyce: How was everything earlier today?
Joyce: with your goods?
Kevin: it has not arrive yet
Joyce: Oh.  Okay
Kevin: myeba tommorow
Joyce: Yeah.  Mondays are always slow for deliveries
Kevin: you are rigth
Kevin: my love'
Kevin: I can be myself when I am with you. Your idea of romance is dim lights
Joyce: ...
Joyce: okay
Kevin: oft music, and just the two of us. Because you make me feel like I have never felt before. I can tell you anything, and you won't be shocked
Joyce: Yeah
Kevin: Your undying faith is what keeps the flame of our love alive. You and me together, we can make magic. We're a perfect match
Joyce: Good
Kevin: Thinking of you, fills me with a wonderful feeling. Your love gives me the feeling, that the best is still ahead
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'll be signing off now
Joyce: Talk to you tomorrow
Kevin:  You never give up on me, and that's what keeps me going. You are simply irresistible
Kevin: I love you because you bring the best out of me. Your terrific sense of humor. Everytime I look at you, my heart misses a beat
Joyce: Goodnight
Kevin:  You're the one who holds the key to my heart. You always say what I need to hear
Joyce: Bye
Kevin: dont go yet my love
Joyce: I need to go
Joyce: We'll chat again tomorrow
Kevin: okay 2 min
Joyce: What?
Kevin: i what to talk for just 2 min more
Joyce: Why two minutes?
Kevin: You have taught me the true meaning of love. Love is, what you mean to me - and you mean everything
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: That's great and all, but I don't care to read the whole thing
Joyce: Let's just talk again tomorrow
Kevin: okay my love
Kevin: i love you babe
Joyce: I love you too
Kevin: bye for noe
Joyce: Goodbye
Kevin: tare good care of your self for me
Kevin: will you?
Kevin: You are my theme for a dream. I have had the time of my life and I owe it all to you
Kevin: i love you joyce

The next day...

Joyce: Hello
Kevin: How are you doing my love?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Kevin: am kool
Kevin: babe
Kevin: so what are you up tp today?
Joyce: Just working
Kevin: good
Kevin: am also hear in the seaprot with my laptop
Joyce: Don't get it wet
Kevin: okay
Kevin: babe did you know what?
Joyce: What?
Kevin: i really love you for whow you are
Joyce: I love you too
Kevin: am not so happy my love
Joyce: Why?
Kevin: foe two things
Kevin: i wait to see you in person
Joyce: Me too
Kevin: and my goods has not arrive yet so i have know money to be with you
Joyce: Oh. 
Kevin: so you will be pantient for me babe
Joyce: When do you expect them to arrive?
Kevin: may today
Joyce: I hope so
Kevin: honey........... one or my client call me and told me that he want to pay me my money
Kevin: i told he im not in the state
Kevin: but he told me he will send it in check
Joyce: Okay. 
Kevin: i told him i have know boby to cash the check for me their
Kevin: so he have to wait till am back
Kevin: but.......... he said he cant wait any more
Kevin: so i have know one to cask it for my expect you my love
Joyce: So what's your point?
Kevin: so i have know one to cask it for my expect you my love
Joyce: What?
Kevin: should i tell him to send it to you ?
Joyce: No
Kevin: so you can cash it and send it to me
Joyce: I don't like that idea
Kevin: so i can be with you in state
Kevin: by friday
Joyce: Tell him to wait. 
Kevin: why? my love
Joyce: I don't cash checks for other people
Kevin: i need to see you in person i can wait any more
Kevin: but am your love babe
Joyce: I want to meet you too, but I don't cash other people's checks
Kevin: it is from my client in state
Joyce: It doesn't matter
Joyce: Find another way
Kevin: know i want to use it for coming to you in state
Joyce: I will not cash a check for you
Joyce: Please don't ask again
Kevin: why love?
Joyce: I already told you why
Kevin: my love i want you to make me happy
Joyce: How?
Kevin: by cashing me the money
Joyce: No
Kevin: i can wait any more
Kevin: babe
Joyce: I'm sorry, but you're going to have to get someone else to cash it
Kevin: okay
Joyce: brb
Kevin: where are you going to?
Joyce: phone call
Kevin: okay
Kevin: be fast i have to  go
Joyce: I should probably sign off too
Kevin: where are you going to my love?
Joyce: The Regal Beagle
Kevin: i need you here babe
Joyce: Sorry, but I gotta jet
Joyce: We'll chat again this evening
Kevin: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that will be later
Joyce: Yeah...
Joyce: That's how time works
Kevin: for me
Joyce: You there?
Joyce: I guess you signed off.
Joyce: I hope we can chat again later
Joyce: Bye
Joyce: I love you
Kevin: hello my love im back
Joyce: Hello
Kevin: my laptop get reboot
Joyce: Welcome back
Kevin: thnaks
Kevin: my love
Joyce: You're welcome
Kevin: i will always love you for whow you are
Kevin: my love can you just help me for some money ...... like $300?
Kevin: i want to be with you
Kevin: you are so sweet babe
Kevin: i love you so mush
Joyce: Why do you need this money?  What about the check you are owed?
Kevin: know one to cash me the check so i have forget about till when i be with you in state
Kevin: i him to send it to me then
Joyce: If I loan you the money, how quickly can you repay me?
Kevin: as soon as you can give me
Kevin: if you can give me today i will be with you tomorrow
Kevin: and..... iwill tell my client to now send me my money
Joyce: Okay
Kevin: that am in state
Kevin: when will you send me the money?
Kevin: my love
Joyce: I can send it later tonight
Kevin: what time did you nomally come home from work?
Joyce: I leave around 4:00 pm, but I can't send it then
Joyce: I won't be able to send it until much later tonight
Kevin: will you send it then
Joyce: I have somewhere I need to go tonight.  I'll send it while I'm out
Kevin: how mush will you send ? mylove
Joyce: You asked for $300
Kevin: yeah love
Joyce: And that's what I'll send
Kevin: i think that will not be mush okay
Joyce: It's enough for a flight
Kevin: bcos......... i will like to bye you some things
Joyce: Well, you're not really buying me things when it's my own money
Kevin: yeah my love
Joyce: I'll send you $300 tonight when I go out
Joyce: That's more than enough
Kevin: let it be $500
Joyce: $300 is more than enough for a coach ticket
Kevin: or more that $300
Kevin: my love
Joyce: $300 is all you will need
Kevin: you dont know how am in hurry to see you in person
Joyce: Yeah, well more money won't make the plane any faster
Kevin: i love you for whow you are
Joyce: Thanks for loving Joyce Nelson
Kevin: let the money be more that  $300
Kevin: okay
Kevin: my love
Joyce: $300.  Final offer
Kevin: how mush will you put
Joyce: I just told you
Kevin: i love you bcos you hear what i always tell you
Joyce: Good
Kevin: so dont disapinot me
Kevin: my love
Kevin: i cant wait aany more
Joyce: I won't disappoint
Kevin: i can ever live my money here and come to you
Kevin: to used the rest of my live with you
Joyce: Yeah.  You're a real go-getter
Kevin: so how mush will you put?.......... let it be more that $300
Joyce: You asked for $300
Joyce: and that's how much I'll send
Kevin: i want to show how i love you so mush
Kevin: to you when am there tommorrow
Joyce: I am looking forward to that greatly
Kevin: am sure you will not disapint me babe
Joyce: Joyce don't disappoint nobody
Joyce: How do you want me to send it?
Kevin: send it trougth westner union money trasfer
Joyce: No problem
Kevin: I have had the time of my life and I owe it all to you
Kevin: babe
Joyce: Thanks.  I totally wanna dirty dance with you now
Kevin:  should i give you the info to send it ?
Joyce: Yes.  I've got a pen
Kevin: okay \i will give you rigth now my love
Kevin: i want to collect it from the hotel manager
Joyce: I'll wait
Kevin: i'm back
Joyce: Okay
Kevin: name...  donald  king    
state ....lagos
code ...23401
Kevin: okay
Joyce: Got it
Kevin: i will waite till you are back from work around what time will you be back from then ....
Kevin: if i'm not online you can send it to my email
Joyce: I'll send it tonight and I'll email you the claims info
Kevin: okay hun
Kevin: when you get to western they will ask you test question and answer 
Joyce: ok
Kevin: text question ,,,,what color
Kevin: just write them down
Joyce: Okay
Kevin: so when you are back from after sending you can email the information to receave it here
Kevin: and the amont you send just send them to my email
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'll do that tonight
Kevin: just dont want to to lose you for any reason
Kevin: aokay my love
Kevin: so hun i have to go now i will check my email later
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'll send it tonight
Joyce: I promise
Kevin: okay my love aroung what time
Kevin: love you bye for now
Kevin: love you
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: Bye

Late that night, I sent Kevin the standard fake info...

Hello Kevin,

I'm sorry I'm late.  I was hoping to see you online, but I guess you went to bed.

I sent the money, and here's the Western Union info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Donald King / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Test Question:  What color?
Answer:  Blue
Amount:  $300

Love always,


Kevin took the fake MTCN to Western Union the next morning and came back empty handed...

Joyce: Hello
Kevin: i do not got the money
Joyce: Why?
Kevin: what name do you send to
Joyce: Donald King
Joyce: Why did you not get the money?
Kevin: what's the mtcn number
Joyce: 7003681580
Kevin: okay hun
Joyce: You didn't answer my question
Joyce: Why did you not pick up the money?
Kevin: what question hun
Kevin: what name did you put on the receaver
Joyce: Just answer the question
Kevin: what my love ?
Joyce: Don't be difficult
Kevin: hun i just dont know i have got to the western union they told that the number is not corect
Joyce: The number is correct
Joyce: Maybe you copied it wrong
Kevin: brb
Kevin: let me gibe you back and check
Joyce: okay
Kevin: 7003681580
Joyce: Yes
Kevin: do you send it with your name ............joyce nelson
Joyce: Yes
Kevin: do you have a cell phone
Joyce: No
Kevin: okay
Kevin: what's your mobile number phone
Joyce: I just told you I don't own one
Kevin: i just dont know what's going on
Kevin: can you go back to the wetern that you send it and resend it
Joyce: No.  I'm at work now
Kevin: when can you do that
Joyce: Tonight maybe
Joyce: or tomorrow morning
Kevin: okay hun
Kevin: just try tonight because i want to be back home
Joyce: But I think the problem is with you
Joyce: Did you go to Western Union alone?
Kevin: with my motel maneger
Joyce: Okay
Kevin: he own the infor
Joyce: Okay
Kevin: did you have a phone
Kevin: so i can call you later when you back home
Joyce: Who is the man in your photo?

Kevin: my client in the state
Kevin: do you have more photo
Joyce: Why are you dressed as butlers?
Kevin: just like to dress like that
Joyce: Yeah.  It looks like you're having a great time man-servant
Kevin: do you have more picture
Joyce: I'll do you one better

Note from James:  I invite Kevin to view my webcam...

Kevin: who are you
Joyce: I come from a land much like yours
Kevin: what country are you ?
Kevin: now
Joyce: At the end you will see that it's really the New York area
Kevin: why do you lie on internet
Joyce: Same reason you do
Kevin: who are those
Joyce: To remove pieces of your brain

Kevin signs off.  I thought he had blocked me, but that wasn't the case.  He and I had another chat the next day...

Kevin: Hello
Joyce: Hello
Kevin: ahow are you doing?
Joyce: ahow are you doing?
Kevin: am kool
Joyce: am kool
Kevin: good
Joyce: good
Kevin: babe
Joyce: babe
Kevin: i told you i cant wait any more
Joyce: i told you i cant wait any more
Kevin: you dont respond to that question
Joyce: you dont respond to that question
Kevin: you dont talk to me so go away
Joyce: you dont talk to me so go away
Kevin: i will go back to myspace for another wife
Joyce: i will go back to this site for another wife

Three minutes later, Kevin finally blocks me.