About the scammer:
Name:  John Benson / Johnson Benson / Frederick Johnson Benson / Caroline Steve
Email:  john_benson300@yahoo.com 
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  Deleted by MySpace
Note:  This scammer is using the pic from the monkey faced-hairplug-headed Steve from the Focus Hawaii modeling site.

About the target...
Yvonne is a 50 year old Native American widow that owns her own flower shop.  She loves flowers and she loves men.  Also, she's really folk hero Jonathan Walker.

Yvonne: hello sexy head
John B.: How are u doing hon
John B.: Where have u been all this while sweetie
Yvonne: im tired as hell i have been doing these flowers orders all morning and day
Yvonne: i got so tired i threw up
Yvonne: but then i had a dr pepper and im ok now
John B.: It alright abbe
John B.: So what good
Yvonne: what have you been doin?
Yvonne: have you been working
John B.: Yeah
John B.: I have been working on my contract
Yvonne: oh
Yvonne: that sounds boring
John B.: Why babe??
Yvonne: so are you planning on doing some travleing
John B.: Yeah and that is coming to u babe
John B.: Ok
Yvonne: really
John B.: Yeah
Yvonne: i would love that
Yvonne: i need some help ion the flower shop
Yvonne: and i need some man love
John B.: Hmmmm...I thinki i can help do that love
Yvonne: good
Yvonne: so when are you coming
John B.: I guess by next two weeks
Yvonne: i wish it  was sooner i would do anyting for that
John B.: I feel the same here hon
Yvonne: why cant you jsut cancel everthing and come sooner
Yvonne: im having a racket ball tournament next week and i would love for oyu to see me in it
John B.: Hmmm...Hon that is my work and i need to do it bcos i have gotten paid already
Yvonne: awww
John B.: Hmm...Then i guess i should try and get to u love then
Yvonne: too bad
John B.: OKAY
Yvonne: yes try
Yvonne: im sorry if i scared you by wanting you so bad
John B.: Am here with u sweetie
Yvonne: why arent you talking
Yvonne: are you with another woman who is sexier than me
John B.: Noo.lol
John B.: I am still at work..just trying to get out of work
Yvonne: oh me too
John B.: Alright my love
Yvonne: well ill let you go then
John B.: No am still much here with u sweetie
Yvonne: well im doing money orders on the computer now for easter baskets....so that is why im on....i will talk to you later on when i get off work
Yvonne: i want to get all these done so i can work half day friday
John B.: Hon what money order??
Yvonne: for the shop
John B.: And what kind of money order is that babe??
Yvonne: its money orders for the flower shop that i have
John B.: Okay...Hon am having a little problem with me connecting fee sweetie...Can u help me with that??
Yvonne: what connecting fee
John B.: I mean my internet fees
John B.: I want u to help me pay for it sweetie
Yvonne: are you staying in a hotel
John B.: Yeah babe
Yvonne: so is it there computer or your laptop
John B.: No hon..It my laptop and i need to always pay for the connection sweetie
John B.: Okay
Yvonne: you dont have any money
John B.: I only have the check of $4.5million  that they gave to me my love
John B.: And i wont be able to get it cashed untill i get to u my love
John B.: OKAY
Yvonne: how much is hte bill
John B.: Hon it is just $450 my love
Yvonne: hmmm
Yvonne: let me check my accounts
Yvonne: i have a couple so i might have some that i can draw from tazes so it wouldnt cost me much
John B.: Am going to get it back to u as soon as possible my babe gurl
John B.: Alrigt my love
Yvonne: you have to make it up in kisses
Yvonne: and yard work
John B.: Alright love
Yvonne: ok i can loan that to you sweet buns
Yvonne: how would you get it
Yvonne: where would i send it
John B.: Thanks hon
John B.: I will want u to send the to the connection operator
John B.: OKAY
Yvonne: okay
John B.: Let me give u the information my love
Yvonne: please do then you can talk to me forever on here till you come here and hump me
John B.: And u will be sending it through western union my love
John B.: Alright lobe
John B.: love
Yvonne: ok i will send it this eveioning htough after work
Yvonne: thats the only time i can do it and when they arent busy
John B.: Let me give u the info now
Yvonne: ok
Yvonne: please do
John B.: Name...Caroline Steve
Yvonne: ok let me write it down
John B.: Alright my love
Yvonne: well let me get done with these orders i have then after work when i go to the store to get some chitlens to cook tonite i will send it
John B.: So what time will u be back to give me the information my love
Yvonne: i odnt know ezact time i will send it out tonite...i have to go to my daughters recital at 8 and i will send it after that is all done
Yvonne: ok love slave
Yvonne: i will email you the claims info when im done
Yvonne: is that ok
John B.: yeah  my love
John B.: Did u get that
Yvonne: yes sweetumz
Yvonne: wel lelt me get done working and closing down here at the flower shop and i will do that tonite
John B.: That good love
Yvonne: im glad i can help you out
John B.: Do u promise love
Yvonne: and when i see you you can help me out in other ways
John B.: Thanks my babe gurl and i promise u will never regret this my love
Yvonne: why would i lie to you....do u think im a liar
John B.: I promise am going to get it bck to u with intrest my love
Yvonne: im doing this becasue i love you and i really need my yard mowed
John B.: No...i trust u my babe gurl
Yvonne: good
John B.: I did understand my love
John B.: I love u so much hon
Yvonne: well i will email you later tonite when it is done ok
Yvonne: i will talk to you later
John B.: ok
John B.: Love u
Yvonne: love you honey bread
John B.: bye
Yvonne: bye

Later that night...


I have sent the money.  Here is the claims info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Caroline Steve / Lagos, Nigeria
Test Question:  Where do we chat?
Answer:  Yahoo
Amount:  $450

Talk to you tomorrow

Love always,


The next day...

John B.: Hello my love
John B.: Hello sweetie
Yvonne: hello honey bear
Yvonne: i jsut got to the computer and you popped upo
John B.: How are u doing my babe gurl
Yvonne: been working all morning
Yvonne: i got so shitfaced last night i sent the money late but i sent it
John B.: Hmmm...Well am also right now at work my love
Yvonne: really
John B.: Alright love...But there is a mistake on the money my love
Yvonne: really
Yvonne: there cant be
Yvonne: i sent it
Yvonne: what did they say the problem was
John B.: Okay give me the infor again love
John B.: They said the mtcn
Yvonne: hmmm
John B.: Yeah my love
Yvonne: hold on let me look
John B.: Alright my love
Yvonne: MTCN:  7003681580
John B.: Hon that was it and they said it was not found hon
Yvonne: really are you sure you went to the right place
Yvonne: did you go or someone else
John B.: I want with the operator
John B.: Hon did u sent the money online
Yvonne: are yo usure she didnt steal it operators can be slimey
John B.: No my love...I was there with her my love
Yvonne: that is weird
John B.: Hon did u send the money online??
Yvonne: i went to the western union
Yvonne: it was at the pumping station
John B.: Hon do u have a web cam??
John B.: Put on ur cam
Yvonne: i dont have one here at work
Yvonne: that would be unproffesional
John B.: Hon the money is not there...Okay can u track it online and see urself
John B.: Hon am telling u the truth
Yvonne: i know you are
Yvonne: but i sent it
Yvonne: and i even havea reciept a the house
Yvonne: hold let me track it
John B.: Okay scan the recipt now  and it to me now
John B.: Okay\
Yvonne: brb
John B.: Alright my love
Yvonne: the reciept is at home
Yvonne: i will send it later on after work
John B.: Hon where are u right now??
Yvonne: im at work
Yvonne: im fixing flowers
Yvonne: i will send oyu the reciepot and fix it all when i get home ok love bunz
John B.: That good...And what time will u be going home my love??
John B.: Hon u know what??
Yvonne: about 5 or 5:30
Yvonne: mayby sooner it depends on the orders
Yvonne: and customers
John B.: Okay love...But honw why dont u just track the money online to be sure urself
Yvonne: i did
Yvonne: i saw it wasnt htere
Yvonne: and it hurt me
John B.: Alright my love
Yvonne: so i will get hte reciept and do waht i have ot do when i get home
Yvonne: thats where all my info is
John B.: Hon what was the message that was there?/
Yvonne: i dont know
Yvonne: i will fix it after work ok
Yvonne: im sure your computer will not turn off till then so you can pay the bill
John B.: Yeah my love...
Yvonne: well let me get things done here at the flower shop so i can close early and get this done for oyu
John B.: Hon how much did u use in sending it?/
Yvonne: 450
Yvonne: well let me go fisnsih my work so i can leave early
John B.: And how much fee did they collected from u to send the money??
Yvonne: i will talk to you later love you bye
John B.: hello my love
John B.: U know what??
John B.: Are u there??

Later that day...

Yvonne: hello sexy mcnipple face
Yvonne: are you there
John B.: Am here love
John B.: How are u doing
Yvonne: i just got back home
John B.: Alrihght my love
Yvonne: i went out shopping and stuff hada few drinks then i got that stuff taken care of
John B.: Okay my love
Yvonne: i talked to a western union represenative and they fixed the problem
Yvonne: i will send you the new reciept

Yvonne: are you there sugar dick
John B.: Am here love
John B.: So hon give me the mtcn now
Yvonne: i gave you the reciept be a big boy and read it
Yvonne: its all on there
John B.: Yeah love
Yvonne: you can at least say thank you i went through alot of trouble to do that...i even stubbed my toe on the way in western union and it bled through my toe nail
Yvonne: now the nail has that black thing on it
John B.: Thanks my love
John B.: Hon did u go to the western union outlet??
John B.: Omg...Am very sorry for that hon
Yvonne: its ok i put a bandaid on it and took a flintstone vitamin
John B.: Hon i just tracked the money agian and there is no money found again love
Yvonne: well you need ot go to the western union then
John B.: Hon can u pls track it urself my babe gurl
Yvonne: they fixed it
Yvonne: you cant track it
Yvonne: i just got back fro mthere
Yvonne: you need to print the reciept out and bring it to them
John B.: Ok my love
John B.: Hon i want to beg u for something???
Yvonne: what my sex hole?
Yvonne: you will get that
John B.: Yeah i know i will as soon as i get hom hon
John B.: Hon can u get today and let chat all night...I will lovr that
John B.: Am very happy today is friday
Yvonne: can i what today
John B.: I mean i will want u to saty online and let chat althrough the night
John B.: Okay
Yvonne: well let me go fix some supper and water the plants
Yvonne: and i will
John B.: Alright my love
Yvonne: im going to go cook some rice and chicken for supper tonite
John B.: And when will u be back love??
Yvonne: after im done
Yvonne: i have ot eat so i can take my pills
John B.: Hon i want to ask u something
Yvonne: what
John B.: Hon when u went to the western union office..What did they tell u why they did not send it yesterday??
Yvonne: i dont know i dont work there i only do buisness there
Yvonne: i have the receipt now so you can take it up there
Yvonne: anyways let me go eat and take my pills befiore i start to bleed again
Yvonne: i'll ttyl ly bye
John B.: Okay hon u know what??
John B.: Hello my love
John B.: Are u there

The next day, John sent the following offline messages...

John B.: Well i will love to info you now that there is no money there again this time that we have gone there with the recipt..
John B.: So now babe i wll want u to go there and collect the money back and go to money gram and send it to the same name and address that i gave to you
John B.: Hope to hear from u
John B.: Where are u hone

The next day...

John B.: Alright my love
John B.: So what good love
Yvonne: nothing much jsut enjoying being off work for hte weekend
Yvonne: and im drinking some wine now
John B.: That good my love
John B.: I have really miss u so much hon
Yvonne: me too
John B.: I waited for u online last night and u did not come back...why??
Yvonne: my daugheter came by and watned to take me out to the fish camp and we drank too much and she wouldnt let me come home so i stayed with her in New Hope
John B.: Alright my love
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: dont buzz me im here
John B.: Am sorry about that love
John B.: Hon am still having problem with the money u sent
John B.: I went to the western union outlet with the recipt and they said there is no money sent hon
Yvonne: what now i sent it and had the persons reciept they gave me
Yvonne: they told me it was taken care of
Yvonne: and i trusted them
John B.: But hon there said there was no money there
Yvonne: did you show them the reciept
John B.: Ic.....But guiess they lied to u my love
John B.: Yeah my love
Yvonne: so they lied to me and took my money
Yvonne: what criminals are they at the WEST
John B.: What do u mean love??
Yvonne: brb let me check this online ot see what is going on
John B.: Okay love
Yvonne: i want ot track it and call or whatever
Yvonne: ill be right back after i check ok
John B.: Alright my babe gurl
John B.: Alright love
Yvonne: well that is weird it hapened again...i htink it was becasue the western union was in a Harris Teeter store
Yvonne: i got your email i can send it money gram
Yvonne: they might be better and wouldnt hurt me like this
John B.: Yeah my love
John B.: Just go send it money gram,...I guess that will be nice my love
Yvonne: ok let me go and i will go do it now
Yvonne: i will get back on here when im done just let me put on some clothes i dont have on any right now
John B.: Alright my love.....And when will u be abck love
Yvonne: when i get back duhhh
John B.: Hon i dont want u to listen to what ever they tell u..Just ask them to give u ur money and let u go
John B.: Okay
Yvonne: ok bye
John B.: Alright
John B.: i love u
John B.: bye

The next day...

Yvonne: hello
John B.: Am cool hon
John B.: How are u doing
Yvonne: sorry i have not been online i have been sick to my stomoach and i almost shit blood so i had to take alot of antibiotics
John B.: Omg...Am very sorry to hear that my love
John B.: So how are u feeling now sweetheart
Yvonne: i went to the place ot send the money
Yvonne: and this is what happened

Yvonne: they raped me and stuff
Yvonne: it felt so good it hurt
John B.: Omg....,.....Am and whatb did u do my love
Yvonne: and you know the worst part about it....?
John B.: What love??
Yvonne: well it all started out with me lying ot this nigerian scammer who kept sending me messages and fake information and i saved it all so i could turn it into the police
Yvonne: and i have a dick and balls and oyu are a nigerian fool
Yvonne: you scammer ass fool
John B.: What do u mean hon??
Yvonne: dude i have a dick
Yvonne: im not a woman
Yvonne: you are a fool
Yvonne: i have all your informatiuon
Yvonne: and im sending it off evertime i talk ot you
John B.: What do u mean babe
Yvonne: i mean when i was born i had a dick and some testicles
Yvonne: and now i screwed you in your ass
John B.: ARE U MAD
Yvonne: im not a bitch who owns a flower shop i scamm the nigerian scammer and get there info and send them
Yvonne: ummm yeah you are
Yvonne: you prooved that
Yvonne: you fool
Yvonne: i guess its true what they say about nigerians you do smell and you are stupid and you eat each others shit
Yvonne: really im not the fool who went ot hte western union all those times
Yvonne: and beleived i had a vagina and actually wanted you
John B.: Stop this babe
Yvonne: and i have all your info you sent me and saved it and sent it off
Yvonne: so yeah i win dickhead
John B.: Am not that /....I did have my passport with me and i canm send it to u if u want it babe
Yvonne:  stop calling me babe i have a cock
Yvonne: this is me
Yvonne: do you think im still pretty
John B.: I look at it fool
Yvonne: as mr t said i aint no fool only nigerians
John B.: are u mad foool
John B.: get lost
Yvonne: ok you are steraling my word becsaeu you are to foolish to think of one
John B.: bastard
Yvonne: you fool
John B.: get outy mad woman
John B.: fuck ass
Yvonne: well to make it up to you i can send you a real western union order
Yvonne: im done at my fake flower shop
Yvonne: im not a woman
Yvonne: im a man
Yvonne: that is not my real picture
John B.: Okay babe what should we do now
Yvonne: well stop calling me babe im a man
John B.: Am a real man and i have my passport with u
Yvonne: i am a man
Yvonne: i have a cock
Yvonne: are you such a fool you cant read that
John B.: Okay man...What do u think we can do togethere
Yvonne: how about you put a gun in your mouth pull the trigger and end your foolishness you damn fool
Yvonne: i  have seen some fools in my time but you are the biggest fool i have talked to
Yvonne: i bet you actually believe nigeria smells good and will be a flourishing country one day
John B.: hmmmmhhahahahahahaha
John B.: You most be a fucking bicth...Basterad
John B.: u dad will die and also ur mom
Yvonne: haha yeah they will die if they ever went ot nigeria and went ot one of those internet cafes and got aids like you
John B.: u mad fool....hahahahahahah
Yvonne: well have fun wiht your game while you can...but beware your next chat may still be me!!!!!!!!!!
Yvonne: have fun at western union you fool

Johnson blocks Yvonne.  The next day, he is contacted by Joyce Nelson (AKA James Pruitt from the blog The War on Nigeria).

Joyce: Hi
John : Hello
John : How are u doing
Joyce: I'm good
Joyce: How are you?
John : Am cool
John : Do u care to chat with me??
Joyce: Sure
John : That nice
John : Where did u get my id from??
Joyce: You wrote to me
John : from where??
Joyce: So you don't remember me?
John : Pls tell me
Joyce: You tell me, Paco
Joyce: You wrote me an email, and now you're acting like you know nothing about it
John : I know i did but i cant rember..Bcos it been long i have been on here
John : So pls tell me joyce
Joyce: Forget it
John : Why??
Joyce: You apparently send out so many messages that you can't keep track of them
John : hahahahahaha...myspace
John : Are u there??
John : Hello

At this point, a "stranger" messages Joyce...
Joyce Nelson (3/28/2007 5:48:19 PM): Where did you get my ID?
kosbod900     (3/28/2007 5:48:52 PM): Well i just seach on yahoo
Joyce Nelson (3/28/2007 5:48:54 PM): No
kosbod900     (3/28/2007 5:48:55 PM): Why did u ask??
Joyce Nelson (3/28/2007 5:48:58 PM): I don't list my ID
kosbod900     (3/28/2007 5:49:16 PM): That is true...But it was just how i got it
Joyce Nelson (3/28/2007 5:49:24 PM): That's a lie
Joyce Nelson (3/28/2007 5:49:27 PM): My ID is unlisted
kosbod900     (3/28/2007 5:49:39 PM): Okay tell me....On which site are u??
Joyce Nelson (3/28/2007 5:49:44 PM): You're blocked
Joyce Nelson (3/28/2007 5:49:46 PM): Bye
kosbod900    (3/28/2007 5:49:56 PM): okay
kosbod900    (3/28/2007 5:49:57 PM): bye

Joyce: That was totally you
John : Yeah
Joyce: So why did you feel the need to lie to me?
John : But no problem..U dont want to talk to me
Joyce: That's because I think you sent me that email at random
John : Just bcos u dont want to open up to me and am really wanting to talk to u..Bcos u are the first person that will ever talk to me on here
John : The problem with me is that it was a friend that help me on this place and help me open much site...So iu never knew which of it u from that why i did that
John : Am sorry
John : But u dont u just pls tell me
Joyce: What the hell?
Joyce: I didn't understand any of that
John : I mean it was a friend that introduce me on the internet and help me log on to so many dating site....And u are the first person that am reciving responde from....So the problem is that i dont know which of the dating site u from
Joyce: I'm sorry, but it seems you don't speak English well
John : If u can just do this for me.i will go log of them and be serious with u
John : it just the way i type am sorry about that
John : Okay
Joyce: I'm sorry, I'm chatting with someone else now
John : Pls talk to me and tell me more about u
Joyce: BRB
John : Pls talk to me...U dont need to be scared of me or to be upset joyce
Joyce: I'm not scared
Joyce: I'm just talking with someone else now
John : And who is the person??
Joyce: I don't think that's any of your business
John : why are u upset with me??
Joyce: I'm not upset at all
John : shit happens....So pls talk to me and let get to knpw eachother better
Joyce: I don't chat with potty mouths
John : So am i a potty mouths??
Joyce: You just said a swear word
John : how??
Joyce: Don't play dumb with me, George Carlin
John : Am joyce
John : Am not at all
Joyce: Okay
John : So can we chat now??
Joyce: I guess so
John : Alright...Thanks and god bless
John : M here 35,enterprise,Alabama
John : And u??
Joyce: You're 35?
John : Yeah
Joyce: I'm 50
Joyce: Why did you contact me if you're so much younger?
John : Age does not matters to me...Bcos age is just a number
Joyce: Okay
John : yeah
John : So tell where u from ??
Joyce: Richmond, VA
John : That great
John : Am frederick by name
Joyce: So why does your ID and Yahoo both say Johnson Benson?
John : Yeah ....My name is johnson frederick benson
Joyce: So why do you go by your middle name?
John : Yeah...Bcos i did love the name and my friends call me by that...johnson
Joyce: You know your friends are making fun of you, right?
John : No babe...It just bcos they love that name joyce
Joyce: Johnson means penis
Joyce: So either your friends love penis, or they're making fun of you
John : hahahahahahaha
Joyce: I hope this isn't the first time you've heard this

Long pause...

Joyce: LOL. You didn't know?????!!!!!!!!
John : Well u are the first person telling me this
Joyce: Where did you grow up? Nazi Germany?
John : i grew up in enterprsie
John : Well let forget am that for now and let talk better
Joyce: No...
Joyce: Let's talk about this
Joyce: How could you not know?
Joyce: Every 11 year old knows this
John : no no non
Joyce: yeah
Joyce: Here's proof: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/johnson
John : Alright babe
John : So joyce what do u do for living
John : Am a bulding and construction engineer
Joyce: I'm a toll booth operator
John : That lovely
John : Am divorced
Joyce: Also divorced
John : That great
Joyce: If you say so...
John : If i may ask.,.....Why did u divorced ur husband??
Joyce: Fleas
John : Hmmmm...Am sorry to hear about that...
John : So do u have any children??
John : Well i did have a girl and she is just 16yrs
Joyce: I have one son. He's 27
John : IC...that great and where is he and what is name??
Joyce: His name is James. He lives in Raleigh, NC
John : That nice
Joyce: My glasses
John : What do u really mean by ...My glasses??
Joyce: So I can see better
John : Okay........
John : But i mean what really are u looking for on the internet??
Joyce: I need my glasses to read what's on the internet
John : Go get it and let talk...Pls be serious with me joyce
Joyce: What do you mean?
Joyce: Do you think I'm not a serious person?
John : Am sorry...Am just trying to let u know more about me
Joyce: I accept your apology
John : Thanks

Note:  Joyce is displaying "View My Webcam" on Yahoo Messenger.  Johnson twice requests persmission to view, but the request is denied.

John : Joyce pls put on ur cam
Joyce: No
John : why??
Joyce: Someone else is viewing it
John : does not matter
Joyce: Yes it does
Joyce: Because I'm naked
John : Hmmmmm
John : So can i see u pls??
Joyce: No
John : okay
John : brb
Joyce: Have you ever Googled your own name?
Joyce: and your ID?
John : No....And why did u ask??
Joyce: Because I just did
Joyce: and I found your site
John : And what about it??
Joyce: http://home.earthlink.net/~mrjamespruitt/JohnsonBenson.html
John : i never own any site bye and never contact me anymore
John : okay
Joyce: LOL
Joyce: Somebody did a number on you
Joyce: Bye, Mr. Nigerian Man

After being viciously burned by that last remark, John blocks Joyce.