John's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widowed mother of one.  She's self employed and very trusting.  Little does the scammer know, she's really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer...
Names: John Lappa / Richard John Lappa / Smith Williams
Telephone:  +2348053639655
Location:   Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

Hello ,
How are you Doing ? I am john from usa , I am 40years old, i am a mixed race ....That's African/American Birth on July 15 1977, My Zodiac is Capricorn i am 6'7 feet 185 inches in Height 145 kg 150 Ibs in Weight Brown in Eyes, Dark in Hair, im a Grad student i am, Highly in Education, christianity single.
I am seeking for %100 LOVE I am Not here to Seek for a woman That will be Playing Games Or Toying with My Heart...So Babe I am seeking for a woman That is willing and Serious, Romantic, someone That I will Spend The Rest Of My life with, someone That will stand By me when I am Good and During My Times of Needs and Difficulties and That is Really Ready for A woman in His Life and Ready to Take Actions on What he wants and Needs in His Life But to seek for Love, A long term relationship and Possibly Marriage Hopefully If THINGS Works Out, a person to be with for the rest of my life, a person who is nice, Compassionate,Loyal,Faithful, caring, trustful, worthy and also down to earth, Honest, understanding ,simple loving ,above all sense of homour. i am fun if these person has these qualities.
I am English in Spoken my personal traits are smart, honest, modest, kind, loyal, elegant, gentle, cheerful, optimistic,romatic, I like these kinds of Music Classical,Jazz,Pop,New age , I usually read Love Novel and playing , i Like going out to Theater, cinema, concerts, disco,parks,meeting with a Good nature.friends,nature,travel, my Favorite cuisine African Italian and PortugueseI like travelling,Gym and Billiiard , i am respecful, independent person with a Good nature ... I'm very dynamic and easy going,I have a very calm personality.I love travelling and meeting People with different culture . I want to make friends and I really would love to find a lovly Soulmate, my Age of Group of a partner that doesnt matter to me okay .... so for more chat and to get to know each other better you can contact me at that my yahoo id and i will like to know ur s if you have it care to ear from you again okay bye

Richard: hello
JoyceN: Hello
Richard: wow
Richard: how are u doing
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Richard: i am doing fine
Richard: i am richard by name
Richard: and you
JoyceN: My name is Joyce
JoyceN: If your name is Richard, how come Yahoo says it's John Lappa?
Richard: ye i love using my last name
Richard: my first name john lappa
JoyceN: That's two names
JoyceN: You can only have one first name
Richard: where are u from pls
JoyceN: I'm from NC
JoyceN: Where are you from?
Richard: I am from usa and west Afrca
JoyceN: Must have been a long labor
Richard: ur pics look so beautiful
JoyceN: Thanks
Richard: are u married
JoyceN: No
Richard: ohh
Richard: same to me
Richard: i am single too but loking for the honest man i will spend the rest of my life with
JoyceN: Oh
JoyceN: You're gay?
Richard: nope i am not
JoyceN: You just said you were looking for an honest man
Richard: oh sorry misatake
JoyceN: So you're into both?
Richard: u not see my pics ?
JoyceN: Yeah, but I also saw your words
Richard: not can you tell me about ur self cos i guess you must me my lucky woman just they way you quickly respond to me i am very inpres
JoyceN: Yeah.  I got your email a few minutes ago
Richard: Yes i sent it to you cos my mind choose to send it to you
JoyceN: Your mind must have a good search engine
Richard: have u ever been married
JoyceN: Yes.  I was married for 18 years
Richard: ohhh
Richard: Are u now divourced ?
JoyceN: No.  I'm a widow
Richard: Ohhh
Richard: IC
Richard: What do you do for livng
JoyceN: I'm a book supplier
Richard: Good
Richard: have u see my pic
JoyceN: Yes.  I see it
JoyceN: Very handsome
Richard: i am not cute enough right
JoyceN: You look okay I guess
Richard: thanks
Richard: but i am shy
JoyceN: Yep.  You've got demure written all over you
Richard: ok
Richard: joyce do you have acam ?
JoyceN: No.  Do you?
Richard: Nope
Richard: do you have a mobile phone
JoyceN: Yes
Richard: ok can i have ur number cos i will like to hear ur voice now
JoyceN: No you may not
JoyceN: You can give me your number
Richard: ok
Richard: but do you think ur phone can call africa now?
JoyceN: Oh
JoyceN: I didn't know you were out of the country
Richard: +2348053639655
JoyceN: I can't make or receive internation calls.
JoyceN: I only have a local calling plan
Richard: yes cos i am here in africa for a purpose but soon i will be back
JoyceN: What's the purpose?
Richard: ohh
Richard: i have here to collect the money my late dad safe in the banbk when he was alife
JoyceN: Okay
Richard: so after i get the money then i will come back to state
JoyceN: I understand
Richard: so what are you up to joyce
JoyceN: Just totally rocking the Easter holiday
Richard: ok
Richard: happy easter
JoyceN: Thanks, John
JoyceN: I mean Richard
JoyceN: I mean Mr. Lappa
Richard: ok
Richard: joyce but how many chat do you tal to onlne
JoyceN: I have a few friends that I chat with
Richard: ok
Richard: how are they to you
JoyceN: Good, I suppose
Richard: are they want to date with you
JoyceN: No. They are usually my opponents while gaming
Richard: ok
Richard: so are u realy seriouce with me
Richard: cos i like to have  a date with you
JoyceN: That's going to be hard to do with you out of the country
Richard: ohh it never matter do you live alone ?
JoyceN: Yes.
JoyceN: Just me and my dog
Richard: ok
Richard: same in live alone in the state too
Richard: but here in africa i live with grandma
JoyceN: How old is she?
Richard: she is 73 years old
Richard: how old are you
JoyceN: I'm 49
Richard: ok
Richard: so i think dating eachother will never hard between me and you
JoyceN: Okay.  If you say so
Richard: since you live alone
JoyceN: I already answered that
Richard: so its let for you to tell me if you will like to come and stay with me or what
JoyceN: No.  I'm not looking to relocate
Richard: why
JoyceN: I'm comfortable with my current living situation
JoyceN: If that's a problem, I need to know
Richard: now do you know soon we may leed to husband and wife ?
JoyceN: no...............
JoyceN: You've got the wrong idea, pal
JoyceN: I'm not looking to remarry
JoyceN: Been there... done that
Richard: ohh ok
JoyceN: I'm just looking for a committed relationship
JoyceN: No marriage
Richard: do you need commited relationship ?
JoyceN: Yeah.  With no chance ever of marriage
Richard: ok no prob
Richard: i am verry happy for ur understanding
JoyceN: Thank you for agreeing to my terms
Richard: ok joyce
Richard: but promise u will never hurt me if we get in to the relationship
JoyceN: I guarantee that I will never ever hurt you.  I promise
JoyceN: and I expect the same in return
Richard: OK
Richard: I will never disapoint you
Richard: So what do you care to know about me
JoyceN: What's your employment status?
JoyceN: are you taking time off work while you're in Africa?
Richard: mechanical Enginearing
Richard: And you
JoyceN: I already told you about my occupation
JoyceN: and that's not what I asked you...
Richard: ohh what
JoyceN: I asked if you were currently employed
Richard: yes
Richard: but righ now i not work anymore
Richard: i just take care of my dad money
Richard: Cos my dad money 8.9 milliom $
JoyceN: Come on
Richard: so i now here in nigeria with my lawyer draging with the bank to realised y money
JoyceN: Why would he have that much money in Africa?
Richard: ohh i will eplain to you if yo care to know
JoyceN: Yeah... Please explain
Richard: ok
Richard: my dad has 2 manufacturing company in nigeria when he wanted to come and stay in usa for final so he sale the 2 companies and and some instrument so he save the money to the bank
Richard: a week after that he started sick so he called on the lawyer and tell him everything about that money and he also tell the lawyer that the money shall belong to me when he died but the lawyer should never give the money to but but if i am matured anough to handle the money
JoyceN: You're 40.  What' immature about that?
Richard: so that what brought me to nigeria so i called my lawyer and tell him about the money that i am matured enough so he when to the back to write a patetion about that so the bank invite both me and lawyer to bank so tha the lawyer can sign a papper
Richard: after that they can give the money to me
Richard: but i think i have to reason what to do with such money
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: Very interesting story
Richard: so by 16 we are going to curt for that
JoyceN: Good luck with all that
Richard: thanks
JoyceN: I think I'm goign to sign off now
Richard: why
Richard: are you going to some where
JoyceN: My favorite show is about to come on soon
Richard: ok so when are you comming back online
JoyceN: Tomorrow
Richard: ok what time tomorrow
JoyceN: I don't know.  I don't schedule my day around the internet
Richard: and i want you to give me ur cell phone number so i can call you online when i am here
JoyceN: I already told you that I have a local calling plan
JoyceN: I can't make or receive international calls
Richard: ok
Richard: so howdo you think we can meet online at a tme
JoyceN: I can't give you a specific meeting time because I don't schedule my day around the internet
Richard: ok
Richard: ok no prob
JoyceN: Good
Richard: so i talk to you tomorrow sametime
JoyceN: Probably not
JoyceN: I'm usually on earlier during the week
Richard: and also i need to recieved an advicefrom you about what i gato do wih the money
Richard: okay
Richard: butlatter
JoyceN: We'll chat again tomorrow
Richard: okay
Richard: sodone miss me baby try come online
Richard: you are very intresting
JoyceN: Thank you
JoyceN: Goodnight
Richard: ok joyce
Richard: good night
Richard: take care
Richard: bye

The next day...

JoyceN: Hello
Richard: hi joyce
Richard: how are you doing
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Richard: i am fime
Richard: where have u been
JoyceN: Work
Richard: i have been here waiting for you to come online
JoyceN: Some people have jobs
Richard: wow
Richard: i just want you to know that i have missed you alot
JoyceN: I missed you too
Richard: wow
Richard: but joyce i was trying to reach you but i couldnt get ur phone number
JoyceN: I told you that I can't make or receive international calls.
Richard: OHH IC
JoyceN: Yeah.  So you should have remembered.
Richard: you are so beauthiful
JoyceN: Thank you very much
Richard: you welcome
Richard: hun can i ask you a question
JoyceN: Ask me anything
Richard: ok
Richard: have you ever come to nigeria
JoyceN: No
JoyceN: I've never been to Africa
Richard: wow
Richard: nigeria is very beauthiful country
JoyceN: LOL
JoyceN: The only thing beautiful about Africa is Djimon Hounsou

JoyceN: and he left
Richard: yes
Richard: but i went to the nigeria beach past sunday
Richard: i was very hapy ...i missed you by not there by my side
JoyceN: I hope some day we will be together
Richard: sure hun
Richard: i love you
JoyceN: I love you too
Richard: hun do you have a cam to see
JoyceN: No.  Do you?
Richard: i have no one hun
JoyceN: It's okay
Richard: ok
Richard: but hun how long have u been on net
JoyceN: I've had the internet in my home for over 10 years
JoyceN: My son got it installed then
JoyceN: but I've only used it for about 4 years probably
Richard: well i want you to know that i am new to internet stuff
Richard: but hun have u ever meet anyman who love you on net ?????
JoyceN: No
JoyceN: I usually don't chat with anyone that I do not know in real life
Richard: ohh
Richard: ic
JoyceN: Have you ever met anyone online before?
JoyceN: or am I the first?
Richard: yes but she was not truthful and honest so i ignore on her
Richard: hope you are not the type
JoyceN: No.  I dislike people that are not completely honest and open
Richard: sure
Richard: but hun how do you think we can meert in person hun
JoyceN: That all depends on you
Richard: wow
JoyceN: I don't know your schedule
Richard: Smile
Richard: but hun you know iam in nigeia here for a purpose and i think if i am not ture with my purpose i will never be back to state
JoyceN: Oh
JoyceN: Why?
Richard: and will you want me to come to you or u come to me
JoyceN: I am not going there
Richard: cos i came here to withdraw my the money my late dad left for me in account here and the bank want me to get a lawyer so we both we go to the curt to prouve when they are going to relieased the money to me
Richard: that why i am here i have no time to spend here in nigeria
JoyceN: So what is your point?
Richard: my point here to collect my late dad money
JoyceN: Yes.  You told me that a few days ago
Richard: yes
Richard: that what still keep me here
JoyceN: Well thanks for the recap
Richard: so by thursday we will goto the curt
JoyceN: court
Richard: yes
Richard: do you have any question
JoyceN: Do you think you will receive a fair trial?
Richard: yes hun
Richard: all they want me to do is to get a lawyer
Richard: and my dad laywer then has died
Richard: so i need get a new lawyer
JoyceN: Why don't you represent yourself?
JoyceN: It's not like you're a defendent.  It should be very simple to present all the information yourself in this case
Richard: that their logic here in nigeria due to what explanation been given to me
JoyceN: Yeah, but property rights cases are the simplest types of cases.  You really don't need a lawyer at all.  You just need the proof of ownership
Richard: yes you are right
Richard: i understand you but they refuced listen to me i told them about this
Richard: they said finaly i must get a lawyer no prob
JoyceN: That doesn't sound like a fair trial to me
Richard: just to withness
Richard: so between now and thursday i need get a lawyer hun
JoyceN: Yeah.  I guess
Richard: yes hun
Richard: so what advise do you have for me
JoyceN: I gave you my advice already
JoyceN: but you want to do things the hard way
JoyceN: I'll let you make your own decision on this matter since you are the one involved
Richard: ok hun
Richard: but i am sure this money is gono be relieced to me
Richard: Am very sure
JoyceN: Okay.  I wish you luck in your case

Richard: thanks hun
Richard: pls hun you are free to ask me whatever you feel like asking me
Richard: okay
Richard: i am open to you
Richard: hello
JoyceN: BRB
Richard: you bussy
JoyceN: I'm back
Richard: ok hun
Richard: you are welcome
JoyceN: Thanks
Richard: i thought you wanted to go hun
JoyceN: I don't want to, but this is probably a good time to sign off
JoyceN: We'll chat again another time
Richard: ohh hun but i still want to b with you in a little time hun
Richard: but ones again hun
Richard: what is ur job all about
JoyceN: I already told you that I am a book supplier.
Richard: ohh ok
Richard: i need know my plan with you cos am gono be there with you when i gt the money hun
JoyceN: I have some things to do.  I'll be on later in the evening
Richard: so i need know my plan
JoyceN: Let me know your plan and we'll work out the details
Richard: so hun are you aware of chise bank
Richard: or wellsfargo Account
JoyceN: I'm aware of them, but I don't use them
Richard: WOW i am very happy hun
JoyceN: Why?
Richard: its mean my plans are going to work
JoyceN: What plan?
Richard: my plan with you to come over
JoyceN: Explain your plan
Richard: ok
Richard: I want you to get one of the account open but it should be saving and checking acount
JoyceN: I already told you I don't have an account there
JoyceN: We don't even have one in town
Richard: hun just i dont wanna ask you for money cos i dont like asking for money so this money he is going to transfer to that account is for you to send it to me so that i can make use of it cos i know the lawyer is gono request for money
JoyceN: That's not an option
Richard: and here i am broke i dont have much money
JoyceN: The only banks in town are regional banks
JoyceN: and that won't do any good if you aren't living in the area
Richard: the reason why i wnt you to open that is that when the money is been given to me it will just be transferd to that account direct cos cant come along with such money
Richard: hun try understand
JoyceN: You try and understand
JoyceN: I told you three times now that we dont' have a Wells Fargo in my town
JoyceN: the nearest one is probably in Raleigh, NC
Richard: ohh hun
JoyceN: and that's not near at all
Richard: And hun is there no how u can help me go there i will send ut transport fair to you when collect the money
JoyceN: I'm not going to open a bank account for you
JoyceN: I'm sorry
Richard: well that not matter alot
JoyceN: Okay
Richard: i still love but it botherd me to do that
JoyceN: No problem
Richard: i know if the bank is arround you you will surely help me out
Richard: but no problem okay
JoyceN: Yeah
Richard: i let you know whatever we discus at the court by thursday hun
Richard: i love you
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: I love you too
Richard: ok
Richard: but hun soon i will surely need some favour from you about the lawyer
Richard: okay
JoyceN: What kind of favor?
Richard: and dont worry when i come to you we shal suret it out
Richard: okay
JoyceN: What favor?
Richard: that should be when i found out how much the lawyer is going to take for the job
JoyceN: So what are you saying?
Richard: i mean if the little money i have will be enough for the lawyer and if not enough you gono asist me out so when i come back to state i will give it to you
Richard: okay
Richard: just i never know what to do about this now hun
JoyceN: Luckily for you, lawyers don't charge until after a case is over
Richard: i know hun
JoyceN: so by the time he send you the bill, you will have your inheritance
Richard: i just want you to know
JoyceN: Yeah, and I was just letting you know too
Richard: wow that why i love you
JoyceN: I love you too
Richard: Do I love you? My God, if your love were a grain of sand, mine would be a universe of beaches.
JoyceN: Thanks
Richard: You are like love; so irresistible..
JoyceN: Thanks again
Richard: but i want you to know that Lovers don't really need to 'give and take.' For once you give you should not expect anything in return
JoyceN: I think I should sign off now.  I have some things I need to do
Richard: ohh pls hun dont go yet
JoyceN: I'm sorry, but I needed to go about 10 minutes ago
JoyceN: I just stayed to hear you explain your problem to me
Richard: ok wait hun let me tell you something
Richard: Don't hold something in your arms that you could never hold in your heart
JoyceN: What do you need to tell me?
Richard: Love is knowing that no matter what is done at the end of day, you won't change your mind, it's only wanting what's best for that special person
JoyceN: I really need to go.  Tell me this crap tomorrow please
Richard: so hun i want you to be with me in this case and promise you i will never disapoint you when i collect the money
Richard: i will give more than what you give to me when i was in condition
Richard: so hun i need go get the lawyer so when are gon be back online so i can tell you whatever the lawyer will tell me hun
JoyceN: We'll discuss this another time.  I can't stay here all day.
Richard: ok when are u gono be back online
JoyceN: Tomorrow
Richard: ok hun
Richard: i will let you know whatver the lawyer say then
JoyceN: Goodbye
Richard: ok but try when you dont see me online you can leave an offline message
Richard: okay
JoyceN: Bye

The next day...

Richard: hello
JoyceN: Hello
Richard: hi love
Richard: how are you doing today
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Richard: i am doing fine my love
Richard: i wonder why you wasnt online last night
JoyceN: I was busy
Richard: ic
Richard: so how was ur day my love
JoyceN: Totally awesome
Richard: wow
Richard: that good to hear from you my love
JoyceN: Yeah.  Good for me
Richard: my love i want you to know that i missed you so much
JoyceN: I missed you too
Richard: love i have a good news for you today
JoyceN: What's the good news?
Richard: To me you are my rose; every day when I see a beatiful rose I think of you, and miss you, and hope to hold you in my arms
JoyceN: Thanks
JoyceN: So what is the good news?
Richard: you are welcome my love
Richard: i went to the high court of lagos today to make an enqiry for the lawyer
JoyceN: How did that go?
Richard: my love i make a dicusion with the lawyer about my situation
Richard: and the point is that he has agree to do the job
JoyceN: Since when does a lawyer turn down a simple property dispute anyways?
Richard: And he also told me about his work man ship
JoyceN: What about his penmanship?
Richard: yes my love but i ask him that'
Richard: what he told me was that .. it is the rule and regulation of the country
Richard: And my love i have no choice
JoyceN: That's great news!
Richard: so my love what he told me was that b4 the job get started i will pay him advance then after the job i pay him the balance but he promise he is gono make the job ok
Richard: i trust him
JoyceN: Oh yeah?
Richard: yes hun
Richard: so his total chrge is 500 $
Richard: but i need pay him 200 $ for the Advance
Richard: then after the job i balance up
JoyceN: I thought lawyers were paid by the hour
Richard: nope my love that was his explanation to me
JoyceN: That's just crazy. I've never seen a lawyer do that
Richard: And i dont have a choice you know
JoyceN: I guess not.  If the court system is that backwards, you have no choice
Richard: yes my love
Richard: And love i will never disapoint you when i get the money cash
Richard: okay cos i know you are the right woman
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: Thank you.  I know you are the right man for me
Richard: and i will be happy if you can do me this favour to get the money and when i get the cah from bank and when i come to state i will pay you double to surprise you my love
Richard: :-*..................I  LOVE YOU
JoyceN: what?
JoyceN: Are you asking for $200?
Richard: yes my love
Richard: just to pay the lawyer the advance my love
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: How soon could you repay me?
Richard: thanks my love
Richard: just as soon as i get the money from the bank
JoyceN: When do you expect that to happen?
Richard: i will repay to you after a week
Richard: And i will be happy if you can send the money to me b4 friday my love
JoyceN: How do I send it?
JoyceN: Do you want me to wire it to you?
Richard: my love you can send it to me through the western union my love
JoyceN: Okay.
JoyceN: No problem
Richard: ok my love
Richard: so when are you going to send it to me my love
JoyceN: I can probably do it tonight
JoyceN: I have somewhere I have to go, and I can send it while I'm out
Richard: Thanks my love
Richard: so love i just went to check my file to get you the bank address for you
Richard: to send the money into
JoyceN: So you don't want me to send it directly to you?
Richard: Nope my love i want you to send it through th western union my love that the easiest way my love
JoyceN: I know that
JoyceN: But you said something about a bank address
Richard: ok my love
Richard: yes
Richard: i will send it to you now
Richard: just go get a pen so that you can write it out my love
JoyceN: I have a pen
Richard: ok
Richard: that nice
Name.....smith williams
Address.....5d mobolaji bank anthony way
  text Question....Who is my lover
     Answer... joyce
JoyceN: Which is the first name?
Richard: smith...williams
JoyceN: No...
JoyceN: Which one is the first name?
Richard: you can use it that way
JoyceN: FIRST NAME, Costello.  Smith or Williams?
Richard: simth
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: That's a strange name
Richard: yes that the lawyer name and bank address
Richard: so you can send it to him
Richard: No problem
JoyceN: Okay.  I've got it
Richard: ok my love
Richard: so when are you send the money to him let me know my love
JoyceN: I'll send it while I'm out tonight
Richard: ok my love when you come back from bank you can just send the detail to my e mail my love
Richard: okay
JoyceN: No problem
Richard: ok my love
Richard: did you go to curch at the last sunday ?
JoyceN: No
Richard: but why
JoyceN: They were closed for Easter
Richard: ok
Richard: Our love shall never fade away, but shall always stay forever and ever and ever
JoyceN: Yeah.  Our love's for real and not fade away
Richard: sure my love
Richard: cos The world is a puzzle and we're two pieces that fit perfectly together
JoyceN: I love puzzles!
JoyceN: You and I should play Scrabble sometime!
Richard: OK
JoyceN: I think Yahoo calls it Literati, but it's the SAME GAME!!
Richard: that good
Richard: well my love i think i gato go for now
JoyceN: I was just about to say the same
Richard: cos i need goto lawyer to tell him my love is gono send the money to me so i can pay him the advance
JoyceN: Okay.  No problem
Richard: ok my love
Richard: so igo now
JoyceN: Goodbye
Richard: i be back latter 1 hour
JoyceN: I love you
Richard: goodbye my love
Richard: i love you too
Richard: bye
JoyceN: Bye
Richard: ok

Later that night...


I'm sorry I'm late.  I was hoping to catch you online, but I guess you went to bed.

I sent the money, and here's the Western Union info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Smith Williams / 5d Mobolaji Bank, Anthony Way / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Test Question:  Who is my lover?
Answer:  Joyce
Amount:  $200

Love always,


Early the next morning, the scammer took the fake info to Western Union.  He, of course, returned empty handed, humiliated, and looking for answers...

Richard: hi
JoyceN: Hello
Richard: hi
Richard: how are you doing
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Richard: i am not happy for you joyce
JoyceN: Why?
Richard: cos u lie to me about the 200$
Richard: i was upset from the western
JoyceN: WHAT!
Richard: cant belive that
Richard: ccos they told me the mtcn not match
JoyceN: Who told you that?
Richard: the wsetern union
JoyceN: So you are calling me a liar?
Richard: i never call u a lier
JoyceN: john lappa: cos u lie to me about the 200$
JoyceN: Joyce: I NEVER LIE
john lappa: cant belive that
Richard: i just want you to know that the western union say the mtcn not ok
JoyceN: Did you give them the correct number?
Richard: yes ofcurse
JoyceN: Tell me everything that happened
JoyceN: Are you busy?
Richard: yes
Richard: i am cry noe
JoyceN: Oh
JoyceN: Don't be upset.  We'll find out what you're doing wrong
Richard: i need ask you for that cos the fault from you
JoyceN: It's obviously not my fault.  You're just projecting
Richard: i dont know
JoyceN: Or maybe you're just saying this so I will send another $200
JoyceN: and then you will claim them both
Richard: but love i just want u know i am honest with you
Richard: but u nevr know
JoyceN: I know.  That was just my anger at Western Union talking
Richard: okay my love
Richard: i love you
JoyceN: I love you too
Richard: ok
Richard: i want you go check the details very well my love
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: MTCN 7003681580
Richard: ok
Richard: yes that what i took to the western union
Richard: but they told me it was not match
JoyceN: Did you ask them why?
Richard: i not know
Richard: why i m cry
JoyceN: How do we fix this?
Richard: i dont know
Richard: i am very upset when i eard western union say mtcn not match
JoyceN: I don't like this
Richard: me too i dont like
JoyceN: I promise I will fix this somehow
Richard: ok
Richard: are u going to resend it to me
JoyceN: Not until I find out where my $200 is
Richard: k
Richard: i still cry about my money in bank
JoyceN: Whatever you're doing wrong, I will find out and I help you fix it
Richard: ok my love

Note from James:  I then invited Richard to view my webcam.  The webcam was pointed to the lower part of my monitor, and the following animation was being shown...

JoyceN: You have it!
Richard: yes my love
JoyceN: So you admit that you have the money now?
Richard: nope i am truthful i never get it
JoyceN: But I see you with it on your webcam
Richard: i dont have a webcam
JoyceN: Yes.  I see you on your cam now
JoyceN: You're wearing your suit and tie!
JoyceN: and you have the money!!
JoyceN: and you're flaunting it!!!
Richard: u lie on me
JoyceN: You get down on your hands and knees and pick up that money right now, mister
JoyceN: and put it in your piggy bank where it belongs
Richard: koni da fune