About the scammer:
Name:  Jeffrey Berman / William S. Richard
Email: jejbman@yahoo.com
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Phone:  011447024062024   &   011447024039655
Profile: MySpace
About the target...
Yvonne is a 51 year old Native American widow with one adult daughter.   Not only does she own a flower shop, but she is obsessed with flowers. Also, she's really a 26 year old man.

Hi Pretty,

How you doing? You look cute and good-looking, and I also like your profile.looking for a friend and a serious relationship...somebody we could live together and be happy till rest of our life. Getting friends is easy but hard to find a true love.

Honesty, trustworthy, kind and understanding is needed when it comes to having serious inter-course with the person you love.
Hope you don't mind if we can get to know more,from this way of communication? Once more you are cute and want to say some one is admiring you.Pls kindly add me to your messanger list on yahoo if you have one, if not quickly get one, cos its free out there. the yahoo thing makes it faster getting a better knowledge of one another. My screen name on there is as followed.. jejbman ... sames as the yahoo addy... jejbman@yahoo.com and my hotmail massanger is j.bman@hotmail.com we can also chat at msn.com you can also send me e-mail to my direct e-mail address j.bman@hotmail.com

Write back when you get a chance.
Warmest Regards,

Jeffrey : Hello
Yvonne: hi stud
Yvonne: how are you doing
Yvonne: i liked your email you sent me on myspace
Jeffrey : This is Jeffrey Berman from Chesterfield,Missouri
Yvonne: yes i got your lovely email
Jeffrey : Are you looking for the same
Yvonne: i have been trying but all i get is yelled at and feel icky the next day
Yvonne: so yeah i am looking for someone to complete me
Jeffrey : Thanks and i was just carried away when i saw your pics you are cute and i love your pics
Yvonne: i love yours too you remind me of hulk hogan without any hair
Yvonne: you look very strong
Jeffrey : Thanks
Yvonne: i bet you could pick me up and throw me across the room
Jeffrey : cool babe
Jeffrey : Can i know more of you
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: i am a owner of a flower shop
Yvonne: im here now
Jeffrey : I havde a kid name Roseline
Yvonne: well me first then you lol
Yvonne: i didnt mean ot confuse you
Yvonne: i own a flower shop here in north carolina
Yvonne: i have a daughter who is married now to a turnip farmer
Yvonne: she lives out in the county
Jeffrey : Ho is that your Jobs
Yvonne: the flower shop is da bomb
Yvonne: i love flowers
Jeffrey : mine daughter live with my mom in California
Yvonne: my husband died in 2002
Yvonne: it was terrible
Yvonne: not so much becasue i liked him just the way he died
Jeffrey : Ho my wife die when she deliverd my lil girl called Roseline
Jeffrey : I am sorry
Yvonne: thats ok
Yvonne: my husband was in sam's shopping and he wasnt buying much jsut eating the free samples and he choked on it
Yvonne: and they rushed him to the hospital
Yvonne: and was pronounced almost dead at the hopspice
Yvonne: so i am looking ot move forward in my life
Jeffrey : i am very sorry babe
Yvonne: its ok
Yvonne: but now i just work my bunz off in the flower shop and play with my cat Stevens
Yvonne: its very busy in the shop this month with easter and all
Yvonne: i have been sending and making orders all month
Yvonne: and i dont even celebrate it i only celebrate christmas
Jeffrey : that is nice
Jeffrey : i am a contractor and i travel a lot
Jeffrey : hope totravel with you some day
Yvonne: so tell me more about you stud muffin
Yvonne: i hope so would you like ot see my flower shop one day lol
Yvonne: you could lift all the heavy pots for me since you are so buff
Jeffrey : I am Jeffrey Berman from Chesterfield,Missouri I have a daughter called Roseline and she stay with my mom in California i am 39years and My wife die when after given birth to her
Yvonne: that is so cool
Yvonne: do you date much anymore
Jeffrey : since 9years now i not into relatiosnhip and i am very happy that i find you?
Yvonne: im happy i found you too
Yvonne: so are you in missouri now
Yvonne: with your daughter
Jeffrey : no my daughter is with my mom and i stay alone in Missouri
Yvonne: i sent some flowers to missouri once
Yvonne: oh
Jeffrey : my mom stay in california
Yvonne: i bet she has a nice tan
Yvonne: does she ever go to the eiffel tower there?
Yvonne: hello did you leave me because im stupid and ugly?
Yvonne: i though you were different than the rest
Jeffrey : Wow
Jeffrey : why did you said such speach to your self
Yvonne: i just think im stupid and no one will love me anymore
Yvonne: im used goods
Jeffrey : Why did you said that
Jeffrey : But i like use goods
Yvonne: i thought you left me becuse of that
Yvonne: really im like a old catchers mit does that matter
Jeffrey : i did not really belive in age
Yvonne: i dont either unless you are under the age of 14
Yvonne: then its gets creepy
Jeffrey : i can fine it that you are Honey and trust woman
Yvonne: i am very trustworthy
Yvonne: im jsut a little dirty now from making all the flowers today
Jeffrey : Ho dont matter babe
Jeffrey : Are a Citizen of USA
Yvonne: i sold over 600 bucks today in easter arrangements for a synagogue
Yvonne: in my shop
Yvonne: im very tired
Jeffrey : We are acitizen of Italians
Yvonne: wow i love italian food
Yvonne: low mein is great
Jeffrey : what Citizen are you
Yvonne: im from the US silly willy dilly
Yvonne: im a native american
Jeffrey : that is nice babe
Yvonne: does that matter to you that im a indian considering we did beat the italians in the war
Jeffrey : My mom and dad which is late now love america also
Jeffrey : Humm?
Jeffrey : well we need to love each other
Jeffrey : well it dose no really matter
Yvonne: well i could totally love a big feminine strong thing like you
Yvonne: you seem so sweet
Jeffrey : Thanks babe
Jeffrey : i would love to have you as a wife
Yvonne: well you would have to come see me lol
Yvonne: so we can make out first
Jeffrey : Hom really
Yvonne: yes
Jeffrey : We need to be sure of each other better
Yvonne: yes we do
Jeffrey : becuase i dont like lies and cheat
Yvonne: i hate liars and cheaters and all that mess
Jeffrey : yes? babe
Yvonne: all the men i knew were like that and called me gay and a stupid person who is no good and will shop at hills forever beside the high school and never move up to the other one
Yvonne: im glad you respect me for me
Jeffrey : Did you have anybody you love out there becuase i dont want to be hurt or heart brake is very bad?
Yvonne: my husband but he choked on a pringle at sam's remember?
Yvonne: it was more embarrasing than sad
Yvonne: so promise me you will never choke
Jeffrey : what babe
Yvonne: i never want you to hurt me
Yvonne: if we met i could make you  the best flowers in all of the township
Jeffrey : will you have my own daughter as your own
Yvonne: yes she can work in the flower shop and keep ,me company
Jeffrey : ope you wll not hurt me too
Yvonne: i work alone expect for a van driver to make the deliveries
Jeffrey : cool babe
Yvonne: she can run the cash register
Jeffrey : i guess you make a lot of money everyday
Yvonne: well i dont like to brag but i wipe my butt with the good soft toilet paper now
Yvonne: so i buy the best stuff now
Yvonne: but try not to brag
Yvonne: are u there stud
Jeffrey : i am hear
Jeffrey : i said i guess you make more money
Yvonne: well i work hard
Yvonne: i get up at 5 every morning at work at 6 and get hte plants done by 11
Yvonne: then i do the money orders on the computer and chat and take walk in customers
Yvonne: so what did you today for work
Yvonne: baby come back to me
Yvonne: well ill let you get back to work i know you area busy man
Jeffrey : cool
Jeffrey : did you love someone like me
Jeffrey : i am off
Jeffrey : becuase i have some trip to face next week
Jeffrey : you are so Romatic woman
Jeffrey : you are so sexy
Yvonne: you are off next week
Yvonne: where will you be
Yvonne: well ill talk to you later
Yvonne: i see yo uare not goign to talk to me yo must be busy
Yvonne: bye stud muffinz
Jeffrey : i am off work babe
Jeffrey : i am at home
Jeffrey : dont know yet
Jeffrey : my boss know better
Jeffrey : u there
Jeffrey : i am not
Jeffrey : you are busy
Jeffrey : i am not busy
Jeffrey : you are busy i guess
Yvonne: i rember seeing your mypsace profile thats what made me hot for you was your pics
Jeffrey : you make my day good by talking to you
Jeffrey : you are so sweet
Jeffrey : Humm
Yvonne: you are making my day brighter than my asian callolillies in the window here
Yvonne: which are 3% off today
Jeffrey : Ho you are so sweet
Yvonne: did oyu call me a ho
Jeffrey : know i mean HO?
Jeffrey : what did you want in a man babe
Yvonne: do you have a hairy chest?
Jeffrey : did you like hairy chest
Yvonne: i dont know it depends on what you have
Yvonne: mine chest isnt that hairy
Yvonne: but i am native american
Jeffrey : mine is?
Yvonne: yummy i love hair
Yvonne: i wish you could be with me and we go out to eat
Jeffrey : cool babe
Yvonne: im going to get some food take out after work
Yvonne: what should i get
Jeffrey : you are such wonderfull woman to me babe
Yvonne: what are yo ueating i w will eat that s owe can eat the same thing
Jeffrey : cool
Jeffrey : i will eat Fried Chichen
Yvonne: ok so that means i will have the steak
Yvonne: i will get it from a hip little joint here in town you would like it
Yvonne: they have a jukebox and beer
Jeffrey : yes babe
Yvonne: we could dance
Yvonne: can you do the charleston?
Jeffrey : i will like to be with you and work round the town
Yvonne: that would rule the school
Jeffrey : yes i love dance and anything out door
Yvonne: and you could check in on me and your daughter at the flower shop
Yvonne: i get lopnely and scared sometimes becasue im alone and i dont want to get robbed or felt up
Jeffrey : babe i will have to e with you babe
Yvonne: i like shooting bb guns outside do you?
Jeffrey : I am starting feeling in love babe
Yvonne: what kind of music do you like
Jeffrey : country music
Yvonne: really im playing randy travis on the loudspeaker here at the shop
Yvonne: do you like him
Yvonne: i saw him before at belk's
Jeffrey : hope to be there with you babe
Yvonne: and was like waaaa you shop here too get out of here
Yvonne: so what is stopping you
Jeffrey : did you own a house
Yvonne: yes i own a town house here in the valley
Yvonne: it has a deck we can grill out and watch the moon and shit like that
Jeffrey : i will also like to buy a house for us to live with my daughter
Yvonne: i would love to cook for you and party like a mofo i love to party and hang out at the house
Yvonne: we can but mine is very nice and big
Jeffrey : you are so sweety
Jeffrey : that should be nice and what about car
Jeffrey : i own a car in California
Yvonne: and it is near all the stores...food stores,banks,churches,schools,and my shop
Yvonne: i have two i have a van i have for work and i have a gremlin
Yvonne: brb hunk of a man phone call here at work wait for me
Jeffrey : that is call
Jeffrey : i am hear sweety
Yvonne: ok im back i got a call for 12 dozen dandy lions for friday for a bachelor party
Yvonne: so i will have to get them ready thursay
Jeffrey : Cool
Yvonne: i told yo uit is busy this time of  month
Jeffrey : and i hope to come and see how you do dis and help you out
Jeffrey : Ho baby that mean i will have to miss you badly
Yvonne: i w0old love that
Yvonne: i will let you fertilize my bushes
Jeffrey : hmmm?
Jeffrey : babe did you love someone like me
Yvonne: never there is no one like you im sure
Yvonne: or at least not here
Jeffrey : did not underatand babe
Jeffrey : yes or no
Jeffrey : did you love someone like me
Yvonne: oh yes i do iactually think i do and it scares me i havent felt this way in a long time
Yvonne: not since prom night
Jeffrey : i love a woman like you too
Yvonne: we can go to the new movie theatre here they jsut built
Yvonne: what movies do oyu like
Jeffrey : Really?
Yvonne: yes i watch movies all the time usually alone
Jeffrey : ho i would love to be there with you babe
Jeffrey : cant wait to meet you
Yvonne: i like ot sit around on hte couch in my nightie with some colt 45 and jsut watch dvd's
Yvonne: mayby you can snuggle next to me one day and watch some
Yvonne: i also can sing
Jeffrey : I love your world it make me feel you are around me
Yvonne: i will send you me singing one day here in a email when i get it
Jeffrey : cool babe
Yvonne: its at home
Jeffrey : can i tell you some things now
Yvonne: you can tell me anything dont be shy or embarrased
Yvonne: im here for you
Yvonne: for anyhting
Jeffrey : i dont like dubble dating babe and i know you will not
Jeffrey : love you babe
Yvonne: no i hate it i went out with one with my sister and she stole my man
Yvonne: but she moved away to ohio
Yvonne: and im glad
Yvonne: she is a turd
Yvonne: so what else do oyu want ot tell me
Jeffrey : Ho babe
Jeffrey : nobody will take you from me becuase i know i love you more than anything baby
Yvonne: and i you stud cakez
Jeffrey : what you mean?
Yvonne: you are a stud and you are sweet like a cake
Yvonne: so i called oy ustud cakes
Yvonne: becasue you are big and strong looking
Yvonne: are you there
Yvonne: are yo uok
Yvonne: did someone hurt you
Yvonne: are oyu there
Yvonne: well i need to go do some flower shop stuff so i can close up on time
Yvonne: ly babe bye ill talk to you later
Yvonne: when im home
Yvonne: bye

A few days later...

Yvonne: hello sweet hunk
Yvonne: sorry i havent been on i have been sick
Jeffrey : Where have you been
Yvonne: i think i must have a poisnous plant at the shop or something
Jeffrey : Ho honey what happen to you babe
Yvonne: i felt like doo doo ballz all day
Yvonne: but im a little better now i hada few beers
Jeffrey : sorry babe
Jeffrey : You drink a lot
Yvonne: no i only drink to hide the pain
Yvonne: but i like sa nip every now and then
Jeffrey : So how are you doing sweetie
Yvonne: im ok tired from work
Yvonne: it was another busy day at the shop
Yvonne: alot of orders
Jeffrey : I wish to be there with you and help you must time babe
Jeffrey : you are so sweet
Yvonne: i was so sick one lady walked in and i was about to throw up and i threw up in my mouth and had to swallow it
Yvonne: i wish you were here too
Yvonne: we could be watching tv right now perfect strangers is on
Jeffrey : cool babe
Yvonne: then comes on alf...its a good one about when he goes back to melmac
Yvonne: when are you coming ot see me
Jeffrey : i will come with my daughter
Yvonne: good
Jeffrey : and she is in california right now
Yvonne: i know you told me
Jeffrey : i will have to planned for her to be hear with me before coming to see you babe
Yvonne: well when can she see you
Jeffrey : when did you want us to come babe
Yvonne: youre in missouri now arent you
Yvonne: anytime
Jeffrey : yes
Jeffrey : when did you want us to come babe
Yvonne: when is good for you
Jeffrey : ho thanks babe you are sweet
Jeffrey : i will have to planned or that
Yvonne: how was the weather today in missouri
Jeffrey : last night is snow
Jeffrey : what about you over there babe
Yvonne: really i iddnt know it snowed in march over there thats weird
Jeffrey : what about there babe
Yvonne: it was sunny here
Yvonne: my nose is very snotty today i wish you were here to blow it
Yvonne: are good at blowing
Jeffrey : nice
Jeffrey : yes i will help you out
Yvonne: thank you you are so sweet
Jeffrey : well can we talk about our self babe
Yvonne: yes by all means
Jeffrey : did you own your house
Jeffrey : becuase i want to buy a house for our leaving
Yvonne: yes i own it
Yvonne: and i have a big upstairs room above the flower shop
Jeffrey : did you want me to buy a hpuse or leave with my daughter togeth as family
Yvonne: family is good
Yvonne: i can make her work in the flower shop all day while i do otyher things
Jeffrey : cool babe?
Jeffrey : becuase must time i travel
Yvonne: i understand you are very important
Yvonne: whbat did you do today
Yvonne: for wiork
Jeffrey : just get back from the office with a meeting with my boss becuase i have a trip to go
Yvonne: oh
Yvonne: where are you going
Jeffrey : dont now yet babe?
Yvonne: will it be inthe us
Jeffrey : maybe and i will be happy for that becuase i travel to china last month and i get a lot of stress at there airport becuase there population is much
Yvonne: yes those slant eyes are rampid over there
Yvonne: hello
Yvonne: if you are too busy to talk to me i can leave
Yvonne: im going to bed soon anyways
Jeffrey : i am hear okey
Yvonne: well you aint talkin'
Jeffrey : so you want to keep me hear babe
Yvonne: yeah
Yvonne: well im going to go get naked and take a shower then sleep naked
Yvonne: it makes me feel better when im sick
Jeffrey : that is nice babe
Jeffrey : i wish i cold feel the whole babe
Yvonne: my butt hole?
Jeffrey : yes babe
Jeffrey : and roll you rom up to down like a bowl
Yvonne: oh i dont know waht the hell that means but ok it sounds sexy
Jeffrey : humm?
Jeffrey : when will you be online again
Yvonne: i will be onlinme tomorrow
Yvonne: i open the shop up at 8
Yvonne: and will be onlime around noon
Jeffrey : okey babe
Jeffrey : Love you?
Yvonne: love you too sweety mcnuts
Yvonne: tty tomorrow
Yvonne: bye
Jeffrey : bye babe
Jeffrey : care about you
Jeffrey : always show online for me to know you are online babe

Jeffrey apparently ran out of time at his internet cafe.  I guess he purchased more time and returned a few minutes later...

Jeffrey : Hello
Jeffrey : I cant leave you babe
Yvonne: well you did
Yvonne: i kept trying ot say hello
Yvonne: and you wouldnt talk
Yvonne: i thought you hated my face
Jeffrey : How babe
Jeffrey : My laptop is fulty
Jeffrey : babe
Yvonne: i thought you found another hot piece of ass
Yvonne: oh ok
Yvonne: thats ok then
Jeffrey : Humm
Yvonne: you are great i forgive you hunk
Yvonne: so what have you been doing all day
Jeffrey : How are you doing
Jeffrey : I am just lonely babe
Yvonne: im good jsut glad its the weekend i dont have to work and i can get shitfaced
Jeffrey : just need some rest today?
Yvonne: even though im home alone lol
Jeffrey : Hope i am there with you now
Yvonne: you are in my dreams and my bloomers
Yvonne: i wish you were here in person
Yvonne: why arent you?
Jeffrey : My Boss keep fixing things for me?
Jeffrey : and i hope so baby
Jeffrey : and i have told my Daughter about you and hse love flawers
Yvonne: i will do anything to have you beside me to watch dvds and eat rice cakes and cuddle
Yvonne: thats great she will be my little flower one day
Yvonne: as long as she doestn have thorns
Jeffrey : She will love that
Yvonne: im jsut realxing with a glass of wine and listening to some classical music
Yvonne: do you like danzing
Yvonne: its hte best classical music
Jeffrey : Yes babe
Yvonne: awwww that is so sweet yo uare very knowledgeable
Yvonne: about everyhitng
Yvonne: what music are you listening to lately
Jeffrey : Country Music
Yvonne: really
Yvonne: whoi is your favorite singer
Jeffrey : Don More
Yvonne: there is a eddie rabbit concert here next friday i wish we could go it would be my treat
Jeffrey : I would okey
Jeffrey : I promise i will come down there with y daughter
Yvonne: i know
Yvonne: so how is buisness
Yvonne: no problems or anytrhing
Jeffrey : Know babe
Yvonne: i have had so many orders this week which is hard but its alot of moeny but i am so tired
Jeffrey : just missing you
Yvonne: i have had to be on the copmputer all morning sending out reciepts and money orders to myrtle beach south carolina for a flower arrangement for a funeral
Yvonne: but thats work
Yvonne: and i love what i do
Yvonne: brb phone
Jeffrey : waiting babe
Yvonne: ok im back sorry that was my daughter she is at the store and she was telling me about a sale on tampons...3 for a dollar
Yvonne: so i told her to pick me up a case
Yvonne: i like ot buy in bulk
Jeffrey : okey babe
Jeffrey : i will be happy to meet them all
Jeffrey : can i ask you
Yvonne: yes
Jeffrey : what about there father? hope if i am there he will not have problem with me and my daughter
Yvonne: i told you about him dont you listen
Yvonne: he died in 2003 at hardees
Jeffrey : I am sorry babe
Yvonne: that s ok you must of forgot i try to forget but at least i got his insurance lol
Yvonne: he was a dick anyways
Yvonne: never home and shit
Jeffrey : Sorry about that babe
Yvonne: its ok i didnnt like him
Jeffrey : Both of us are the same babe
Jeffrey : I hope we are meant for each other
Yvonne: we are i know it and feel it and smell it and can even taste it a little bit
Jeffrey : cool babe
Jeffrey : come online i need to see you face babe
Jeffrey : love to see your face babe
Yvonne: ok
Jeffrey : You are mine babe
Jeffrey : you are so cute
Yvonne: i know
Jeffrey : how can i know if you are online when you will be invisible
Yvonne: i always say hello and talk to you my sexy man when im on
Yvonne: even if im invisible
Yvonne: i love you
Jeffrey : love you too babe
Jeffrey : always thinking of you babe
Yvonne: i know
Yvonne: well i think we need to move forward in our relationship
Jeffrey : yes and i belived is little by little babe
Jeffrey : if not for the distance
Jeffrey : we ar5e for each other babe
Yvonne: i know
Yvonne: why cant oyu come ot see me now
Yvonne: i would pay anythting for you to come
Jeffrey : i would but my boss is there
Jeffrey : i am the secound to my Bpss babe
Yvonne: well tell him you are sick and need to recover
Jeffrey : i am planning on how to own a company of my won
Jeffrey : he will have to take me to anywhere becuase i am the key to the Busines
Jeffrey : dont worry we must seen each other fast
Yvonne: how much would it cost for oyu to come see me
Jeffrey : what you mean babe?
Yvonne: i was wondering how much it would cost for you to drop everthing and come be wiht me for a few days
Jeffrey : dont worried babe
Jeffrey : I love you so much and i understand that you love me okey
Jeffrey : what is the nearest airport to your home babe
Yvonne: about 45 minutes
Jeffrey : what is the name
Jeffrey : i will check with the Airline tomorrow
Yvonne: brb phone
Jeffrey : My Passport as so many country Visa on it and i am free to travel babe
Jeffrey : okey
Yvonne: ok
Yvonne: im back
Yvonne: it doesnt matter you cna go tyo whichever one in NC
Yvonne: there are so many i dont know
Yvonne: i could pick you up in any of htem
Jeffrey : Welcame love
Jeffrey : okey will have to ask babethe nearest one okey and i will e-mail you
Yvonne: its wilmington international airport
Yvonne: you should look now and see how much so yo ucan come soon if not i will die
Yvonne: are yo uthere milk cheeks
Jeffrey : No babyI love you so much
Jeffrey : dont do that to me please
Jeffrey : yes babe
Yvonne: well yo uwerent talking and i thought oyu left me like the many men before you
Yvonne: but i know you want hurt me and dissapoint me
Jeffrey : I cant babe
Jeffrey : i have never been in love since 9years
Yvonne: well when can you come here to bust me wide open
Jeffrey : you are my life right now and who my heart really want
Jeffrey : i will have to check it babe
Yvonne: when
Yvonne: dont be slow like corky
Jeffrey : hopefully next week babe
Jeffrey : Humm?
Yvonne: i cant wait that long
Yvonne: i would rather die than wait that long and long to be wiht you
Jeffrey : okey will check this out?
Jeffrey : please wait for me please dont do this to me i am scared please dont
Yvonne: i would even pay for your flight if you could come in the next  few days
Yvonne: i need you so bad it hurts like warts on my thing
Jeffrey : babe dont worry
Jeffrey : i will come and see you
Jeffrey : let me confuse my boss okey
Jeffrey : Love you babe
Yvonne: well until then i am going to go into hiding and silence
Yvonne: and i will not eat or work at hte flower shop
Yvonne: the flowers can all die and wilt
Yvonne: i will be  a nun or someting like htat
Jeffrey : please dont will
Jeffrey : just be your self
Jeffrey : and take good care of your self for me babe
Yvonne: you must tell me when and soon or  i will do someting drastic
Jeffrey : Please dont hurt my feeling for you babe
Jeffrey : and i hope you also understand that i really love you and care for you babe
Yvonne: i love oyu too thats why it hurts so bad
Yvonne: what can i do for oyu to get you here
Yvonne: i can help you out
Yvonne: that way you wouldnt loose any money from your buisness
Jeffrey : i will figure things out with my boss babe
Jeffrey : i would come before friday babe
Yvonne: ok that makes me fell better
Yvonne: can you find out by toorrow
Jeffrey : yes babe
Jeffrey : i am going to visit my boss babe
Jeffrey : and fill things out
Yvonne: i have to run to the bank to get 20 dollars out im having papa johns pizza tonite and watchiing the little rascals marathon
Yvonne: im going ot get a meat lovers and a bread stick
Yvonne: pizza is good
Jeffrey : can you fine the cost of ticket cost online
Yvonne: i mihgt can
Yvonne: do oyu want me too
Yvonne: cant oyu afford it
Jeffrey : find out first babe
Jeffrey : i would
Yvonne: how much do oyu think it will ne
Yvonne: be
Yvonne: you travel more htan i do
Jeffrey : I only new about intanationaly
Jeffrey : London,Cyprus and China
Yvonne: ok so im on hte site it sais to type in your destination to mine
Jeffrey : Dont know ithing State and i travel by my car must time when visit my mom
Yvonne: so where ezactly are you
Yvonne: so i can type it
Jeffrey : Chesterfield,Missouri
Yvonne: ok hold
Jeffrey : did you get it babe
Yvonne: its loading hte rates
Yvonne: i want ot get he best for oyu
Yvonne: ok i got it
Jeffrey : Thanks
Yvonne: it isnt much
Yvonne: since we are both on the side of the mason dixon line it will only be $62.12
Yvonne: thats for one way round trip is 125 bucks
Jeffrey : Okey babe
Jeffrey : is not much
Jeffrey : i will have to make it happen babe
Yvonne: ok well im going ot go get some money so i can go get some pizza  tonitte
Yvonne: im so hungry for pizza it hurts
Yvonne: so i will talk to you later on
Yvonne: ok love
Jeffrey : cool babe
Yvonne: bye love you
Jeffrey : Love you babe

Several days later...

Jeffrey : I have been sick about you
Jeffrey : and i told you about how i feel babe?
Jeffrey : you do all this to my life
Yvonne: awwww that is so sweet
Yvonne: well
Yvonne: i have been sick lately
Jeffrey : still i left state to London babe you never been online
Jeffrey : that is the contract i have in London right now
Yvonne: and i have been so lonely tonite and drinking schlitz malt liquor and chasing it down with coors lite
Yvonne: i wish you were here to rave with me'
Jeffrey : you couse it babe
Jeffrey : i cant wait to meet you babe
Jeffrey : i really love you a lot babe
Yvonne: i cant wait ot meet you too honey comb
Yvonne: honey comb want you be my baby honey want you be my gal
Jeffrey : i am now in london
Yvonne: i have nothing to do this weekend i feel so lonely and wish you were here to play withm me and make me happy
Yvonne: ahhhh
Yvonne: how is the weather there
Jeffrey : is cold in morning and later on worm
Jeffrey : have you read the attach i send you
Yvonne: what time is it there in london
Yvonne: yes
Jeffrey : 12:35
Jeffrey : what about over there babe
Jeffrey : am
Yvonne: no it isnt its 1:42 over there
Yvonne: its 8:42 here
Jeffrey : not hear in London i guess it should be some where in Manchester City
Yvonne: is that in london
Yvonne: its still 1:44 there
Yvonne: i looked it up
Yvonne: i think your clock is wrong
Yvonne: you might need to get a new one
Jeffrey : wait let me check it with the bar?
Jeffrey : brb
Yvonne: its not hard to look at a clock
Yvonne: can you tell time?
Yvonne: i can i learned in first grade
Yvonne: i hope you will learn time when you meet me so you can get up on time to clean my flower shop and stuff
Yvonne: i cant wait ot have you with me all day
Yvonne: and at night to rub me
Yvonne: i hate waiting...i think im going to die if i have ot wait anymore
Jeffrey : i am back
Jeffrey : sorry my time is wrong
Jeffrey : i am sorry babe
Yvonne: i know
Yvonne: so how are thingsd in englanmd where are you saying
Jeffrey : i am in an hotel called
Jeffrey : Radisson Edwardian Marlborough Hotel   9-13 Bloomsbury Street London, WC1B 3QD United Kingdom
Yvonne: ahhh
Yvonne: that sounds nice
Jeffrey : hear is my new number hear sweety
Jeffrey : 011447024062024 OR 011447024039655
Yvonne: are those limeys over there giving you any trouble
Yvonne: i bet they have bad teeth
Jeffrey : humm babe
Jeffrey : i am ot happy about you
Yvonne: what
Yvonne: how dare you say that
Yvonne: i thought you loved me
Yvonne: that hurts me and pisses me off
Jeffrey : no
Yvonne: i love you how could you say that
Jeffrey : babe you told me that  you will come online and talk to me
Jeffrey : i have been sick about you abbe
Jeffrey : i really love you babe
Jeffrey : cant do with out you babe
Jeffrey : want to meet you
Yvonne: i have been sick and working on easter baskets at work
Yvonne: there have been so many orders here i had to fill and get them out
Yvonne: and collect the money orders
Jeffrey : okey babe but why can you send me offlines massages
Yvonne: ill be glad when easter is over
Yvonne: becasue i wasnt on
Yvonne: and you are in my dreams
Jeffrey : did you want to kill me babe
Jeffrey : you are always in my mind i cant do with out thinking of you babe
Yvonne: why would i kill you
Yvonne: if i wanted ot do that i would feed you bad flowers
Yvonne: but i wouldnt do that i long for your touch
Yvonne: when can you come and see me
Yvonne: im tired of long distance relationships
Jeffrey : if i am coming back from London i would spend a week with you before we planned for our life babe
Jeffrey : can you call me babe
Jeffrey : 011447024062024 OR 011447024039655
Yvonne: i told you my phone doesnt accept or call international calls
Yvonne: my phone is hooked ot my internet and it is local
Jeffrey : okey babe
Jeffrey : f i am coming back from London i would spend a week with you before we planned for our life babe
Jeffrey : if i am coming back from London i would spend a week with you before we planned for our life babe
Jeffrey : hope you dont mind
Yvonne: i dont
Yvonne: i jsut wihs oyu could leave this week
Yvonne: i would love for that
Yvonne: ar3e things ok at the hotel and work
Jeffrey : what did you mean babe
Yvonne: i wish you could drop everything get on a plane or something and see me soon
Yvonne: i didnt know if everything at work was ok where you could do that for me
Yvonne: i totally want you in the worse way
Jeffrey : babe i would come to you when coming back please
Yvonne: ok
Yvonne: i guess i can wait
Yvonne: buit i dont know for how long
Jeffrey : what is the nrest airport you you sweetehart
Yvonne: wilmington airport
Jeffrey : next week i guess babe?
Yvonne: you better hurry
Jeffrey : give me your home address babe
Yvonne: i will when you book the flight
Yvonne: that way i can meet you at the airport and pick yu up
Yvonne: and we can go out ot eat at chuckee cheese thay  are really good
Jeffrey : hope you will come online to chat with me then
Jeffrey : okey sweetie
Yvonne: i will but you will have ot hurry things up
Yvonne: im not one ot wait
Yvonne: how long have you been in the hotel there
Jeffrey : i am planning on how to set up my own business too
Jeffrey : just two days now
Yvonne: ahhhhh i would love ot start a buisness with you...i could have my flower shop and out buisness together
Jeffrey : yes babe?
Jeffrey : you must be the accountant babe hile i do the must work babe
Yvonne: is the hotel much or is buisness paying for it
Yvonne: oh im use to being hte accountant i work with all my finances at work everyday
Yvonne: you have ot when you own your own shop
Yvonne: ans i do all my taxes
Yvonne: so i have alot of write offs and extra money
Yvonne: i was good in math at school
Jeffrey : humm
Yvonne: my teacher was mrs crutchfield do you know her?
Jeffrey : what school babe
Yvonne: primary school
Jeffrey : okey
Yvonne: it must be nice having work pay for your trips...i wish i could do that
Yvonne: and go to england
Yvonne: i can write off stuff as buisness trips
Jeffrey : we can all go togther sweetie
Yvonne: so is the food good in the hotel
Yvonne: what did you eat today
Yvonne: ?
Jeffrey : well i am not good when eating hear
Jeffrey : I only eat Chicken Pizzad that is my favorite food
Yvonne: ohhh
Yvonne: well that sounds good
Yvonne: if you like bad food
Yvonne: i ate corn dog nuggets and beeforoni today
Yvonne: do you like that
Yvonne: it was good
Jeffrey : i also ate spagheti today with chicken
Jeffrey : did you like it
Yvonne: so oyu like chicken huh
Yvonne: you must eat that alot
Yvonne: i make a hell of a chicken and rice
Jeffrey : lol
Jeffrey : would love to eat that
Yvonne: and it taste really good with a michelobe ultra light beer
Yvonne: i can not wait ot cook for you and drink
Yvonne: we can party and go out and dance at the beach and go shagging
Yvonne: do you like ot shag
Jeffrey : yes babe
Jeffrey : you
Yvonne: of course it is big down here
Yvonne: how many times do oyu go shagging a year
Yvonne: i go about every 3 months
Jeffrey : humm maybe 2time in a year
Yvonne: so are you staying at hte hotel all alone?
Jeffrey : yes babe
Jeffrey : me and my Laptop and phones
Yvonne: you must get really horny have you got any hookers
Yvonne: i know men get lonely
Yvonne: im lonely here and want you
Jeffrey : i dont like what you said to me okey
Jeffrey : i am no kind of man
Jeffrey : if  some love me and i love her i will be trye with her?
Yvonne: i jsut do not want you to be sexually frustrated
Yvonne: so that is why i am trying ot get you to me soon
Jeffrey : i understand babe
Yvonne: becasue io am getting that way
Yvonne: over you
Jeffrey : I really love you and cant wait to be with you sweetie
Jeffrey : a day can go with out thinming of you
Yvonne: tomorrow at work i have to send out 43 orders of easter baskets
Yvonne: i had ot get them all done today before 5
Jeffrey : out the state
Yvonne: some yes
Yvonne: most in north caroliona
Yvonne: i do do alot of out of state orders
Jeffrey : you mus have a good money ?
Yvonne: yes i make very good money since i own the shop and i am my own boss
Yvonne: but i do not like ot brag
Yvonne: lol
Yvonne: and i get alot of plants and flowers from all over the country and world that i sell
Yvonne: i sell alot of roses to dingle berries to anything
Jeffrey : cool babe
Jeffrey : i am also surplier internationally
Yvonne: ahhh
Jeffrey : i would love to have you as wife babe
Jeffrey : and planned our family better
Yvonne: really i have sent one specialty small tree plant internationally a few times when they were in stock
Yvonne: a company bought some
Yvonne: i would love to have you as a man husband
Jeffrey : good babe?
Jeffrey : have you ever been surplier to London before or any where
Yvonne: not london no
Yvonne: but i would love to one day
Jeffrey : really
Jeffrey : i hope when i am there with you we can talk better swetie
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: we will do more than talk
Jeffrey : yes honey
Jeffrey : love you
Jeffrey : can i have your #
Yvonne: i love you too...i love you so much it makes me bleed and its only march
Yvonne: it wouldnt do any good it dsoesnt except international calls becasue i have local internet and phone dial up
Yvonne: so the phone goes through them
Jeffrey : you are so kind and understand love i have never seen before babe
Jeffrey : love you babe
Jeffrey : can do with out you sweetie
Yvonne: i love you too you except me for me
Yvonne: which is not like any other man
Yvonne: i bet you wouldnt care if i did not wash for a week you would still love me
Jeffrey : what did you mean honey
Yvonne: i bet you would love me if i did not wash for a week becasue you love me for me
Jeffrey : i love you for who you are not what you have bebe
Yvonne: would you love me if i ever got sick and make me chicken since it is your favorite
Jeffrey : hummm?
Yvonne: you wouldnt make me a chicken pizza if i was sick
Jeffrey : i will be sick if you are sick babe
Jeffrey : i cant be happy babe
Yvonne: would you love me if i got crabs
Jeffrey : I love you period
Yvonne: even on my period?
Jeffrey : humm
Yvonne: so waht are you going to be doing in england
Yvonne: are you going to see the eifel towers
Jeffrey :  am hear for Business babe?
Jeffrey : npt for something else babe
Yvonne: i know that doofus i was wondering what you are going ot do in your spare time
Jeffrey : always busy  and i amm very happy that i hav you s my life pertner
Jeffrey : love you babe
Yvonne: is it a nice hotel yo uare at or a shitty one
Yvonne: does the bathroom have one of those things that after you are done pooping it shoots water up your but
Jeffrey : yes
Yvonne: i think its called something
Yvonne: bidet
Jeffrey : i have pool indoor
Yvonne: in your room
Yvonne: do you ever swim naked?
Jeffrey : i have pool indoor
Jeffrey : i am only one hear
Yvonne: i have a pool here at my house....i sit out there all day and paddle
Yvonne: what do you wear when you sleep?
Jeffrey : i sleep neked babe
Yvonne: really me too except for my FUBUS
Yvonne: that means for us by us
Jeffrey : humm babe
Yvonne: its a north carolina thing
Jeffrey : did you naked also
Yvonne: yes i do not wear underwear either
Yvonne: i hate them
Yvonne: i dont even wear them on my monthlies
Yvonne: and i wear a dress alot
Jeffrey : cool babe
Yvonne: me talking to you about these things are totally turning me on big time
Yvonne: im getting goose bumps
Yvonne: or should i say chicken bumps for oyu
Yvonne: you
Jeffrey : same hear too babe
Jeffrey : humm
Yvonne: so what do you think about president bush?
Jeffrey : humm well is good?
Jeffrey : you
Yvonne: i hate his guts
Yvonne: so i guess when i meet you i will have to tell you more
Jeffrey : i guess Bush  doesn't seem to know which way to go concerning Iraq
Yvonne: well iraq is stupid and everyonme from over there dont you think
Yvonne: they need to fight for themselves and stop being foolish cock s
Jeffrey : yes babe?
Yvonne: you are so so great
Yvonne: i want a lock of your hair so i can grow my own jefferey in jar
Jeffrey : What do you think of Arnold Scwartzenegger as a Governor
Yvonne: i think he was right when he legalized public urination
Yvonne: so are you doing work on yourt lap top tonite as well
Jeffrey : He's done alot of good in Cali
Yvonne: as talking ot me
Jeffrey : when i am finish with you babe
Jeffrey : i am going too bed
Jeffrey : i have meeting tomorrow
Yvonne: about waht
Jeffrey : about business babe
Jeffrey : hope you are hear babe?
Yvonne: what kind of buisness
Yvonne: i tell you about mine tell me what you are going ot do
Jeffrey : i have told you i am a Computer Contractor
Jeffrey : I surplier of computer babe?
Yvonne: did you have anything to do with the danberry account i read about
Jeffrey : what happen to it babe
Yvonne: i dont know it said continue on page 9 and i didnt want to
Jeffrey : humm babe?
Jeffrey : my boss use me a lot of time on my work?
Yvonne: well bosses are like that
Yvonne: thats why im glad i am my own boss
Yvonne: so i make my own rules
Yvonne: and pay all my own bills
Yvonne: and all that
Jeffrey : hope to come over with you and have my own Jobs babe
Yvonne: i actually got together all my orders tonite and will send them off tomorrow
Jeffrey : cool babe
Jeffrey : Love you?
Yvonne: some pay by debit and some pay money orders
Yvonne: i like it when tyhey jsut come in to the shop and pay as tehy go its ewasier
Yvonne: but ill take it as i get it
Yvonne: just like men
Yvonne: i love you too
Yvonne: chicken pizza face
Yvonne: im going ot call you that now since i know it is your favorite
Jeffrey : humm
Jeffrey : hope you are not stress your sef sweetie
Jeffrey : can i have your e-mail
Jeffrey : i would love to send you e0mail
Yvonne: yes its a_river_of_flowers@yahoo.com
Yvonne: why wont oyu add me as a frined on myspace it hurts me that yoiu didnt
Jeffrey : Hope you check your e-mail everyday
Jeffrey : why
Jeffrey : i did  babe
Jeffrey : and my space i have not been there since i fined you
Jeffrey : i did maybe it becuase of my Laptop
Jeffrey : can you ad me again
Yvonne: well let me check your page to see if i am under your friends on there
Jeffrey : i have never been there again babe
Yvonne: i am totally not on there
Yvonne: there are women on there
Yvonne: you better go on there now and add me
Yvonne: i love oyu and i know you love me so you need to go there and add me
Jeffrey : okey sweetie i would had you?
Yvonne: well do it now i will wait
Yvonne: i want to make sure you do it
Jeffrey : send to me babe
Yvonne: send oyu what
Yvonne: you log on to your myspoace and add me
Jeffrey : send me add invitation
Yvonne: here is mine http://home.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user&MyToken=c60aa238-8607-4c96-bf82-61f32eb4de79
Yvonne: so you add me
Yvonne: so i can look at your face at work and dream of you holding me and doing it to me hard
Jeffrey : i am going there right now
Yvonne: ok chicken pizza breathe
Yvonne: are you having trouble?
Yvonne: i cna help you
Jeffrey : i am getting it babe
Yvonne: well i will help
Yvonne: im not dumb i know computers i work on them everyday at the shop
Jeffrey : add me
Yvonne: what is your log in name and password do oyu know it
Yvonne: are you having trouble wiht that
Yvonne: i do not have your profile on here anymore i lookeds at your email and deleted it
Yvonne: i jsut want ot be on your site
Yvonne: and oyu on mine
Yvonne: that would be sweet
Jeffrey : add me from your please
Yvonne: i dont have your site to add you
Yvonne: do you have your log in stuff i can add you then
Jeffrey : send me an e-mail with my massges i send you before
Yvonne: if i had that i could add you silly
Yvonne: i only had your emnail and i loked at that and then dleeted it
Yvonne: im so hurt i cant be on your page
Yvonne: it makes me want ot cry
Yvonne: that is what lovers do
Yvonne: everyone else has there man on theres and there woman on theres and i have noone but doo doo
Jeffrey : why did you have to delete my e-mail
Jeffrey : did you reply back
Yvonne: i checked it in my inbox to see your progile and it said save or delte i thought i was on your friends since you loved me and i was your girl
Yvonne: what is your log in info
Yvonne: ill sign in and add you
Yvonne: all you have ot do is sign in and add me
Yvonne: do you not know it
Jeffrey : give me your id in mypsace
Yvonne: did oyu forget yours
Jeffrey : jejbman
Yvonne: you are not here wiht me and wont be here this week and all i wanted was for us to have each other on our myspaces
Yvonne: is that your login name
Yvonne: what is your password
Yvonne: that will log oyu in
Jeffrey : i have send you e-mail
Yvonne: ok
Yvonne: is it aadding me to your myspace
Jeffrey : did you see it
Yvonne: if you do not want to add me to your myspace becasue you are ashamed of me jsut say it
Yvonne: i will understand
Jeffrey : if you can reply me back on there it would be better
Jeffrey : that is what i can do
Jeffrey : or what is you id up there
Yvonne: im already a myspace meber and you are too
Yvonne: wehat is your password
Yvonne: im online on ther now
Yvonne: i dont have your profile or i would
Yvonne: this is very upsetting i think you are ashamed of me :(
Jeffrey : why would i be
Yvonne: you will not add me
Yvonne: jsut log in
Yvonne: if not i will log in for you
Jeffrey : i am online there since
Yvonne: well you know your name and password
Yvonne: dont you
Yvonne: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=166676335
Yvonne: tyhis is my site
Yvonne: add me
Yvonne: or ill add me for you
Yvonne: please honey if you dont want ot add me tell me
Yvonne: ill let you go
Jeffrey : i am online at myspace
Yvonne: well add me
Jeffrey : how
Yvonne: click on my link and click on add me
Yvonne: if not i will for you if oyu love me
Yvonne: mayby if i was prettier you would add me i guess
Yvonne: i know i look like dan connor but i still love you
Jeffrey : i have allready add you sweetheart
Yvonne: YAY!!!!!!!!!!
Yvonne: finallly
Yvonne: so now that that is over.....what are you wearing lol
Jeffrey : i love you babe i am trying my best to add you sweetie
Yvonne: yo udid
Yvonne: and i got it
Yvonne: thanks so much pizza chicken
Jeffrey : what attack did you add babe
Yvonne: what
Yvonne: are you talking about my picture
Jeffrey : did is what i see in your pics
Jeffrey : me a couple of days before the attacks
Yvonne: well
Yvonne: i was in big lots shopping and this man grabbed my pocket book behind the alley in the gutter and said im going to kill but not before i take your purse....and i said no you aint...and he hit me in the ears and my ears rang for 3 weeks...and the doctor said you were lucky you only lost your pocket book you almost lost your ears....
Jeffrey : Ho Really
Yvonne: yes it was terrible
Yvonne: they finally found the guy later
Jeffrey : at where babe
Yvonne: he was at the sonic burger buying a chubby checker with cheese with my money
Yvonne: but i did not press charges
Jeffrey : sorry about that babe
Yvonne: well i guess im too nice...the guy must have really been hungry
Yvonne: i would of given him the money before i let him hurt my ears with his talons
Jeffrey : how much he stole from you
Yvonne: hmmmmm i had about 400 in cash on me...
Yvonne: i was going to heilig meyers to look at water beds
Yvonne: and all my credit cards
Yvonne: from work and personel
Yvonne: and some money orders from work
Jeffrey : hope you get your cards back
Yvonne: oh i did
Yvonne: this was long time ago
Yvonne: and they got them back at the sonic
Yvonne: he only used 4.50 bucks for a burger some fries and a diet cherry shasta
Jeffrey : sorry sweetie
Yvonne: but i am a very giving person
Yvonne: so i would of gave him the money ot buy him food
Jeffrey : Mushnik's Flower Shop.
Yvonne: i hate to see someone hungry or wanting
Jeffrey : i love that name babe
Yvonne: thanks
Yvonne: its a family name
Yvonne: even though im not happy with all the women on your site
Yvonne: it saddens me verily
Yvonne: i know they must have some good poonannie
Jeffrey : they are friend not reall love like you babe
Yvonne: can you delete them
Jeffrey : did you want me to delet them babe
Yvonne: i am so jealous i am crying after reading there wsite
Yvonne: i dont want you to if oyu dont want to
Yvonne: but if oyu loved me you would
Jeffrey : i am going to have this done rightn now
Yvonne: i am jsut scared someone will come and steal you away from me
Jeffrey : nobody babe
Yvonne: i would hate to kill a bitch
Jeffrey : brb let be delet them all
Yvonne: but i would if they touched my man
Jeffrey : i ant to close the site i dont know how to close it babe
Yvonne: what
Yvonne: i dont uinderstand
Yvonne: do you not know how to delete them
Jeffrey : i will try my best babe
Yvonne: its east to do
Yvonne: y
Yvonne: if oyu want to keep them incase we dont work out i will inderstand
Yvonne: i will delete them for you
Yvonne: im jsut scared of loosing oyu
Jeffrey : i am trying now sweetheart
Jeffrey : when will you called me sweetie
Yvonne: when will oyu see me
Yvonne: thats when ill talk to you then kiss you then jump your damned bones
Yvonne: i am still looking ot see if oyu delete them soon
Yvonne: i trust you and know you will
Yvonne: i must trust a man 100%
Yvonne: and i do you so i know you will
Jeffrey : Debbie is a friedn of mine
Yvonne: how
Jeffrey : is just a casual friends love
Jeffrey : check my friend now
Yvonne: thats ok im also into friends of yours watching us if they wanted
Jeffrey : you are my love and also my wife okey
Yvonne: well not legally your wife....YET
Yvonne: so is everyone nice there at the motel
Yvonne: to you
Jeffrey : humm? are you trying to pull my legs
Yvonne: waht
Yvonne: i will spread your legs
Yvonne: and do my buisness
Yvonne: what are you talking about chicken pizza
Jeffrey : i dont know how to delete babe
Jeffrey : let me know how to delet babe
Yvonne: well i will
Jeffrey : teach me please
Yvonne: i cant talk ot someone wiht so many women
Yvonne: it makes me feel likea whore
Yvonne: and this is not 1989
Yvonne: anyore
Yvonne: im not that way
Jeffrey : how would i delet them
Yvonne: jsut delete them
Yvonne: i know how ot do it but cant explain it
Yvonne: they must be deleted or i will be so hurt
Yvonne: im already hurt
Yvonne: so i want you to
Yvonne: if not i will
Yvonne: anthing jsut do it
Jeffrey : yes i would
Jeffrey : that is what i am trying to do right noow
Yvonne: well let me know if you can or cant
Yvonne: you better do it quick i will not have a woman that is whoring after my chicken pizza dinner
Jeffrey : i can but i am looking for a way to close this site up right now
Yvonne: no you will delete those bitches of here
Yvonne: i have never let a man have otyher women
Jeffrey : I would babe
Jeffrey : just wait let me figure it out
Yvonne: let me log in i will dlete them i will not have them on your site and still talk to you......i thoughy you loved me
Jeffrey : yes i do
Jeffrey : you?
Yvonne: i dont care as long as they are gone away from you and me so we can move on
Yvonne: we are almost together
Yvonne: i jsut hate other women coming between us
Jeffrey : i understand
Jeffrey : wait let me delet them
Yvonne: toher men have cheated on me in the past
Yvonne: well hurry
Yvonne: if not i will think you wnt them o nhtere
Jeffrey : no
Yvonne: well are they gone
Yvonne: if they arent then i am
Yvonne: it will hurt me but it will have ot be
Jeffrey : please babe
Jeffrey : understand me that i am trying to delet them but dont know how to do this babe
Jeffrey : tell me how?
Yvonne: i am ready to lay my body out to you
Yvonne: just delete them
Jeffrey : i really love you babe your happiness is mine so wait if you dont want to tell me
Yvonne: i will dlete them i will figure it out i dleted my x brother in law on here before
Jeffrey : i am trying my best please
Yvonne: i know i sound crazy but i cant not stand other cunts to be on your site....if i did not love you i would not care
Yvonne: and if you loved me you would do anting ot get them off
Yvonne: so we can meet and love and marry and flower some pots and vacation
Jeffrey : i yes i am doing it right now
Yvonne: are you sure
Yvonne: becasue i can not be up all nite
Jeffrey : i have did babe
Jeffrey : I really care about you babe
Yvonne: ok so debby is the only one and she is a friend
Yvonne: that is good you do love me i love you so much
Yvonne: i would do anyhting foir oyu to like you have done for me
Yvonne: i would kill for you
Yvonne: kill them dead
Yvonne: anyhting
Jeffrey : Honey i need to get marry to you babe
Jeffrey : Please I cant do with your feeling
Yvonne: ok meet you tomorrow and we will lol
Jeffrey : your happiness is mine babe
Yvonne: but first we need to hump and hump hard
Yvonne: you are so manly
Yvonne: and you love chicken pizza
Yvonne: how can anyone compare to you
Jeffrey : you are kind and understanding woman i have meet for the pass 9years been single now you are part of my life babe
Yvonne: well you still have on your site you are here for serious realtionships and you are single
Yvonne: that must change too or you will get women from all over trying ot get my chicken pizza ass
Jeffrey : what should i change it too babe
Yvonne: duhhh single
Yvonne: or if oyu loved me and are not embarrased
Yvonne: you love me
Yvonne: but yo ucan do that later
Jeffrey : yes
Yvonne: you have done enough
Yvonne: all iwant now is you
Jeffrey : did you love me too babe
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: i totally am hot for you
Jeffrey : cant wait to meet you Love of my life
Yvonne: its getting late and i have to give my van driver from work the work orders and money orders for the easter baskets at 12 tomorrow
Yvonne: ill be glad when this month is over
Yvonne: its good money but the orders are too much
Yvonne: i have 20 htings ot do
Yvonne: at once
Jeffrey : okey babe
Jeffrey : love you babe
Yvonne: i will try my best to be on tomorrow
Jeffrey : you are so kind and undertanding woman to my life babe
Yvonne: i cant promise i have alot of things ot do
Jeffrey : okey love and make sure you called me tomorrow babe
Jeffrey : care about you
Yvonne: i have the orders and the bank orders and i have to go shopping for hte month
Yvonne: i need to pick up some tube steak and beans and stuff
Jeffrey : NICE BABE
Yvonne: and i think i will make a chicken pizza just for you
Jeffrey : will you call me on my phone number babe
Yvonne: and call it chicken berman
Jeffrey : lol?
Jeffrey : i feel sleepy?
Yvonne: i would but i told you my intenet connection is local and goes to my phone on dial up and wont let me
Yvonne: well let me come pick oyu up and take you out for some warm milk
Yvonne: i will buy
Yvonne: lol
Jeffrey : give me your phone number sweetie
Jeffrey : Lol?
Yvonne: i would totally buy you a one way ticket for oyu to be with me in my bed tonite
Jeffrey : love you sweetie
Jeffrey : will be with you soon
Yvonne: we will see
Yvonne: i weill be hoinest
Yvonne: if we can not see each other soon i will rahter be alone this is too much for me to wait
Jeffrey : care about you a lot?
Jeffrey : i will come soon babe
Yvonne: it isnt good for my heart i have heart pressure and when i was 8 i had heart worms
Jeffrey : after i am done with work babe
Yvonne: well this must lead somewhere soon or i will go into solitude again
Yvonne: i have been there for so long now it will not matter
Yvonne: so you need ot make your move
Yvonne: anyways im going to bed naked and also going top eat some corn on the cobb
Jeffrey : just have some day babe
Jeffrey : cool babe hope ki am there to help you out babe
Jeffrey : love you babe
Yvonne: well get your stuff togheter so you will not loose me
Yvonne: byue

Later that day...

Yvonne: hello how did your meeting go]
Jeffrey : Am just coing back Sweetheart
Yvonne: really
Yvonne: have you been away from the computer
Jeffrey : yes?
Jeffrey : yes?
Yvonne: i got oyur offliine message so you been on a while
Jeffrey : i am on phone with my boss to explain how the meeting go?
Yvonne: oh
Yvonne: how did it go
Jeffrey : yes babe that is when i came back babe
Yvonne: explain it to me
Jeffrey : still going on monday sweetie
Jeffrey : there price is low?
Jeffrey : need to hear from Boss and go back to the meeting on monday?
Yvonne: so everything is going good for oyu over there then?
Yvonne: well i am tired of waiting for you and your boss i have needs to dan burnit
Jeffrey : yes becuase i dream of you sweetie?
Yvonne: im tired of dreaming im ready to move forward if not then i will move on no matter how much it hurts my stuff
Jeffrey : give me your number sweetie
Yvonne: what part of my locxal internet and phone does not take calls that are not local do you not understqnd
Yvonne: or are you just not listening to me
Yvonne: men always never listen to me thats why tehy  hurt me
Jeffrey : i cant call you?
Yvonne: you could if you were local
Yvonne: i was hoping to see you soon but i guess that is not happening
Yvonne: cant you tell your boss you are taking time off
Yvonne: or something
Yvonne: if you love someone you make sacrifices for them
Jeffrey : I also have it in my office and we recieved call from outsite the country?
Jeffrey : I also have it in my office and we recieved call from outsite the country?
Jeffrey : Can we make a fast deal babe?
Yvonne: waht is it huney bunches
Jeffrey : i am having a meeting on monday this is the final meeting
Jeffrey : hope to come and meet you on wednesday
Yvonne: yeah
Jeffrey : hope you dont mind babe?
Jeffrey : what is the name of the Nearest Airport babe?
Yvonne: i dont
Yvonne: wilmington airport
Jeffrey : International or local
Yvonne: i guess internatioanl
Jeffrey : that is good becuase they will not stop if it should be local
Yvonne: it is a big city so its ok
Jeffrey : Your full name is Yvonne Coble
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: why
Yvonne: hello
Yvonne: are you dead
Yvonne: well if you are not there i will talk to you some other time then
Jeffrey : just asking
Jeffrey : what aboout your middle name?
Jeffrey : I am Jeffrey John Berman
Jeffrey : what is your Middle name
Jeffrey : I am Jeffrey John Berman
Jeffrey : i am hear
Jeffrey : answer me
Yvonne: i do not have one
Jeffrey : really?
Yvonne: dont tell me to asnwer you liek a dog i am a woman and you love me
Yvonne: no in the indian community it is common not to have one
Yvonne: my family or immediate family does not have one either
Jeffrey : okey
Jeffrey : hope to meet them all
Yvonne: you will
Yvonne: they will love you
Yvonne: so you cant make plans for sooner
Jeffrey : yes babe?
Jeffrey : come online when is 7pm hear
Yvonne: i would help ypou out then pick you up
Yvonne: then take you home
Yvonne: to my house
Jeffrey : i will leave on Wenesday babe
Jeffrey : i will try all what i can to make sure i am with you
Yvonne: i dont know if i will be on at at that time my nieghbors are having  a pot luck dinner tonite and i am going
Yvonne: well you need to do it sooner
Yvonne: what if i paid for a earlier flight and you paid me back when you came
Jeffrey : did you check your e-mail?
Yvonne:  not yet
Jeffrey : i will come on tuesday?
Yvonne: i jsut dont know anymore
Yvonne: !!!!!!!
Yvonne: i just dont know!!!!
Jeffrey : and spend 11week with you babe
Jeffrey : I really love you babe
Yvonne: 11 damn are you moving in
Jeffrey : one week
Yvonne: oh
Yvonne: well i will see this is jsut getting ot much for me
Jeffrey : I will spend 1 week with you babe
Yvonne: i hate waiting
Yvonne: all guys i ever had made me wait and i am tired of it
Jeffrey : hope to feel you babe?
Yvonne: will shave my legs and water my flowers and cut my toe nails and eat my cooking
Jeffrey : i want you to come online on Monday and we shall talk and finish everything babe
Yvonne: ok you promise
Yvonne: i will be on monday
Yvonne: about 4 or 5 when i get off work
Jeffrey : what time babe
Yvonne: read i said 4 or 5
Jeffrey : tht should be 10pm hear
Yvonne: i guess
Jeffrey : okey
Jeffrey : hope to meet you sooner babe?
Jeffrey : Love you babe?
Yvonne: well i am going to have a few drinks before i go see my neighbors so i can deal with them and eat there pot roast
Yvonne: i will think of you the whole time
Yvonne: i hope i do not cum all over there table cloth when i do
Yvonne: anyways talk to you later on
Jeffrey : take good care of your self babe
Yvonne: love yo ualot bye
Jeffrey : bye

The next day...

Jeffrey : what did you want me too talk
Jeffrey : you keep me hear now stranded
Yvonne: well you messaged me i was wondering if oyu wnated to
Jeffrey : i miss my flight becuase of your promise
Yvonne: well that isnt my fault i begged you to come see me
Yvonne: what did i promise
Yvonne: i tried everyitng ot get you to come and rub on my bodacious body
Yvonne: what can i do?
Jeffrey : to come online but you did not
Yvonne: how did i keep ypou stranded
Jeffrey : can you help me right now to be in state?
Yvonne: im sorry i have been working i own my own flower shop and it has been busy as shit this week with the last week of easter
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: what can i do
Jeffrey : i want to be in state right now if you can just send me the sum of $2300 to Jeffrey Berman in London,Uk and i will give you back as soon as my paycheck is given to me
Yvonne: dont you have the money i thought you went ot all those buisness meeting s you told me about and you work so hard
Yvonne: you dont have it?
Jeffrey : yes i do but my paycheck have not yet paid
Yvonne: you do not have a savings account
Yvonne: i have one and keep a good budget
Yvonne: you should too
Jeffrey : yes but i have but i also send money to my mom
Jeffrey : you a nice by asking this okey
Yvonne: what is her name
Jeffrey : just help me out right now
Yvonne: well what is hte 2300 hundred for
Yvonne: i just bought a new dirt bike the other day and it wasnt that much
Jeffrey : to settle my Bill at the Hotel and have my ticket apid for
Yvonne: how much is the ticket honey bunch
Jeffrey : My mom name is Sandra Lee Berman
Jeffrey : i depend babe
Yvonne: sandra lee like the lady who makes those delicious cakes and frozen yummies i buy
Jeffrey : are you sending the money to me babe
Jeffrey : give me your e-mail address to e0mail you the information to send it
Yvonne: well just tell me on here
Jeffrey : okey
Yvonne: and let me check to see how much i can send
Jeffrey : Recievers Name: Jeffrey Berman
Yvonne: how do you want me to send it western union?
Jeffrey : Location: Radisson Edwardian Marlborough Hotel   9-13 Bloomsbury Street London, WC1B 3QD United Kingdom
Jeffrey : yes babe?
Yvonne: they have one all over here...there is one in the gas station that i buy funyons at all the time
Yvonne: i even call the guy at the station funyonz
Jeffrey : you will only send me the mtcn and senders name
Jeffrey : shpuld i wait hear to recieved the information babe?
Yvonne: well i can only send 1000
Yvonne: that is all i can do with out going over i bought alot of dvd's lately
Yvonne: they had pp's in them becasue i was lonely
Yvonne: and that new dirt bike
Jeffrey : babe please help me out?
Yvonne: i jsut told you i would for 1000
Jeffrey : hope i will see it soon babe?
Yvonne: if you do not want the 1000 thats ok
Yvonne: you can take a loan out
Jeffrey : i am not in state babe
Jeffrey : and i am only forigner hear
Yvonne: well is 1000 ok
Yvonne: i could give more but i would have to wait till tomorrow when i go to the bank to talk to my accountant
Yvonne: his name is troy
Yvonne: he likes legos
Jeffrey : babe send the 1000 today and let me bul for the flight to Wilmington Airport
Jeffrey : and tomorrow maybe i can pay for the rest
Yvonne: well it will be tomorrow it is 10 at night here
Yvonne: somy tomorrow is your tomorrow too
Yvonne: so it will all work out
Jeffrey : you have to go right now to send the 1000
Jeffrey : and i will wait till tomorrow
Yvonne: well its 10 at night everything is closed here....unless i broke into it
Yvonne: i can go tomorrow when i go to work
Jeffrey : lol babe
Jeffrey : okey sweetie
Jeffrey : Love you?
Yvonne: i love you too
Jeffrey : okey will you make it $2300 babe
Yvonne: i will see what i can do when i go to the bank
Jeffrey : thanks sweetie
Yvonne: you must pay me back and work in my flower shop and dress up in clothing for me
Jeffrey : sure babe i would
Jeffrey : have you write down the informations
Yvonne: Recievers Name: Jeffrey Berman
Yvonne: Location: Radisson Edwardian Marlborough Hotel   9-13 Bloomsbury Street London, WC1B 3QD United Kingdom
Jeffrey : Yes honey
Yvonne: how are you eating since you have no money
Yvonne: cant your boss loan you any he must be a real dick ass
Jeffrey : when you are back from Western Union office you will have to send me the MTCN for me to recieved it hear
Jeffrey : i am eating from them too
Yvonne: i will send you the reciept and number so you can see it
Jeffrey : he dose not know i am still in London
Jeffrey : i yell him i am coming to your home
Yvonne: well you said you met with him the other day for a meeting
Jeffrey : yes he is back in state?
Jeffrey : Honey will you e-mail me
Yvonne: email you waht
Jeffrey : the reciept
Yvonne: yes of course dumb face crouton lol
Yvonne: i told you i would
Yvonne: that is how you will get it lol
Jeffrey : okey sweetie
Jeffrey : did you have my e-mail with you?
Jeffrey : or should i give it to you sweetie
Yvonne: i will send it to you on here
Yvonne: ill see if you are on
Jeffrey : okey
Jeffrey : when will you be on tomorrow
Yvonne: it might be tomorrow afternoon at latest
Jeffrey : what time sweetie
Yvonne: but i PROMISE i will be on tomorrow becusae im totally horny for your red shirt on my floor in the mornings to come
Yvonne: anywhere from 12 till 5
Jeffrey : okey sweetie
Jeffrey : i will be waiting on hear
Yvonne: as soon as i see how much more i can send at the bank then get to teh western union
Yvonne: then send it to you
Jeffrey : by friday morning i will be in Wilmington Airport
Yvonne: well i will send it so be on through out hte afternoon to dusk
Yvonne: i hope so i will be there waiting and wearing my new moo moo i got with nothing under neath
Jeffrey : hope you will come and pick me up sweetie
Jeffrey : humm babe
Jeffrey : you ae so sweet
Yvonne: thanks
Jeffrey : Love you?
Yvonne: and you are so manly
Yvonne: i cant wait for you to knock me up
Yvonne: i will cook you a great meal that night
Yvonne: wht would you like?
Jeffrey : i would like Chicken Pizza
Yvonne: i knew it
Yvonne: i will make a extra large
Jeffrey : humm babe
Yvonne: with extra chicken gizzards
Jeffrey : you must feed me on it sweetie
Jeffrey : i cant wait to meet you sweetie?
Yvonne: well i think its jsut that you were meant for me and its finally happening and it hurts becasue it feels so good
Yvonne: wel llet me go and get ready for bed so i can get up and do all this by the time im off work and ill send you the info
Jeffrey : That is why you are so special to me and i love you so mush cant do with out you?
Jeffrey : okey sweetie
Jeffrey : i am going to bed also
Yvonne: ok love you chicken pizza head
Yvonne: i will talk to you tomorrow with the stuff
Yvonne: love you bye
Jeffrey : love you sweetie
Jeffrey : love you too
Jeffrey : bye for now

Late that night...

Hello Jeffrey,

I'm sorry I'm late.  I have sent the money, and here's the Western Union info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Yvonne Coble / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Jeffrey Berman / London, UK
Test Question:  Where to we chat?
Answer:  Yahoo
Amount:  $1000

Talk to you tomorrow.

Love always,


Jeffrey took the fake info to Western Union, but came back empty handed.  He sent the following email...

Hello Sweetheart,
How are you doing my wife and i know all is well with you i want you to re-send the money becuase,The money you send was not fund at the Western Union and i want you to re-send the funds by going back to the western union office you send the money from and tell them to give you back your money and send it to my state becuase I show them my Passport and i was told that i should inform you if you can send it to my home address and i want you to send it to the Below information.
Reciever"s Name: Jeffrey Berman
Address: Chesterfield,Missouri
Amount: $1000
As soon as you send it to this information kindly send me the below information asap.
Sender"s Name:
Sebder"s Addresss:
MTCN Control Number:

Make sure you do this fast and go back to the Western Union Office and get the funds Back and send it to Missouri fast and they would allow me to pick it up hear in London as far as the funds is send to the address, Make sure you do this fast.
I want you to go write now to make the payment send to my Home address becuase i was told hear in Western union that you should send it to my state and i will use my International Passport to recieved the money over hear.
Love you sweetie...
Jeffrey Berman

Williams S. Richard
PO Box 285 Coventry
London, United Kingdom.
Head Branch London,United Kingdom:

Williams S. Richard
PO Box 285 Coventry
London, United Kingdom.
E-mail: jejbman@yahoo.com
Phone Number: +44-7024083581, +44- 7024083133
Fax: +44-7024084166

United State Of America Branch: 
    Agent Jeffrey Berman
    710 Chesterfield Village
    Parkway Chesterfield MO 63198 USA.

He also sent the following offline messages...

Jeffrey: (4/6/2007 7:46:28 AM): The money was not in western union office i want you to go back to the western union office and collect back your money?

Jeffrey: (4/6/2007 7:52:26 AM): Message (Ctrl+T) Jeffrey Jeffrey Berman: The money was not in western union office i want you to go back to the western union office and collect back your money? Jeffrey

(4/6/2007 7:52:33 AM): I ask the western union to help me out after telling them my situation and i was told that you should send it to my state.

(4/6/2007 7:52:44 AM): and i will pick it up from hear in london.

(4/6/2007 7:52:49 AM): go back to there office and have the money back and went back to another outlet, mean another western union office to

Early the next morning, I sent the following offline messages...

Yvonne: Hi Jeffrey.  I did as you asked.  I canceled the original transfer and got my money back.  I then made a new transaction
Yvonne: Here's the new info:
Yvonne: MTCN:4815162342
Yvonne: Sender:  Yvonne Coble / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Yvonne: Receiver:  Jeffrey Berman / Chesterfield, Missouri
Yvonne: Test Question:  Where do we chat?
Yvonne: Answer: Yahoo
Yvonne: Amount:  $1000
Yvonne: Let me know when the money has been picked up
Yvonne:  I hope to chat with you again soon I love you
Yvonne: bye

Again, Jeffrey returned to Western Union with a fake MTCN number, and again, he came back empty handed....

Jeffrey: (4/6/2007 12:08:20 PM): I went again they told me you did not send anymoney and the information is incorrect? If you really sure you send the fund go back and take back your money and move to another outlet to send the fund dont send it where you send the fund before change it to another outlet the western union hear told me that there system may not good go right now and collect back your money and send it in another shop if you are sure you send the funds

Jeffrey: (4/6/2007 12:08:40 PM): let me know when you send the fund and stop fooling me if you really love m...

Jeffrey: (4/6/2007 12:08:45 PM): <ding>

Jeffrey: (4/6/2007 12:09:21 PM): <ding>

Jeffrey: (4/6/2007 12:09:31 PM): Hello i am back have you chang

Later that day...

Jeffrey : Hello
Jeffrey : What is really going on sweetie
Yvonne: hello baby
Yvonne: well i have been semding everything
Yvonne: i dont know what was going on
Yvonne: i did not appreciate you saying i was fooling you
Yvonne: that hurt me
Yvonne: i went twice
Jeffrey : can you re-send it babe
Yvonne: but i have gone to antoher one i had to go to the next town for a new western union in mount pilot
Jeffrey : I am sorry becuase the Western union hear in London keep lo at me
Yvonne: let me send you waht i have

Yvonne: you are a fool....
Yvonne: im a man
Yvonne: and i saved all of our messages and emails from myspace to now
Yvonne: http://home.earthlink.net/~justpruitt/Jeffrey.html
Yvonne: and everytime you send something to someone they can do a google or a yahoo search for you and get this
Yvonne: i totally told everone at my fake flower shop about you and they said you were a fool too
Jeffrey : that mean you are a fool also
Yvonne: yeah im not the nigerian that went to western union
Yvonne: that is the fool
Yvonne: your scamming days are numbered
Yvonne: so who is the fool now
Yvonne: chicken pizza fool
Yvonne: do you still love me even though i have a cock and balls
Jeffrey : yes
Yvonne: what do oyu have to say for yourself
Yvonne: i totally researched you and you still made a fool of yourself
Yvonne: dont you think you should kill yourself now since you are such a dumb shit
Yvonne: after im done you will totatlly have to make a new name on here
Yvonne: becsaue everyone will know you
Yvonne: you MUGU
Jeffrey : where actually are you
Yvonne: im the one who scams you scammers puts alot of you fools in jail...and i have a penis he likes flowers too
Jeffrey : i am for real okey
Yvonne: do you actually think you are that smart you were one of hte easier fools
Yvonne: yeah wait till my site comes out you will see all you need to see
Yvonne: you will be hearing from me
Yvonne: would still like some money
Yvonne: i have another western union you can have so you can afford to get out of prison
Yvonne: this is me
Yvonne: the scamming buisness in nigeria and ghana and all those smelly nasty rice and chicken countries are getting so foolish
Yvonne: you are a joke
Yvonne: and i will take you out one by one fool
Yvonne: you were to easy
Yvonne: are you talking ot your fool supervisor
Yvonne: he can not help you
Yvonne: i might know him too
Yvonne: so till i get your site done rember who you scam they may have a jonathan walker penis waiting to stick down your foolish throat