Jeff's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow.  She is a widowed mother of one, and she's self employed.  Also, unbeknownst to Jeff, she is really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer...
Name:  Jeff Carter /  Layinka Jone
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace
Note:  A familiar picture, but entirely different scammer.  This is the third scammer on my blog to use pics of Steve from the Focus Hawaii modeling agency's website.

Pretty Angel

Hi Angel, How re u doing this wonderful sorry if i bother u with this email but its just that am a Kind of man who doesnt hide what he feels... my name is Jeffery Carter am 40yrs old single and never married i have no kids and a proffesional contractor......I find ur profile very intresting and ur picture so perfect u look so great...U re stunning i really hope to get to know alots more about will make my day to get an email from a sweet lady like u, i really hope to hear from u soon....if u dont mind u can email or im me at it will be so nice to hear back from u stay Blessed and keep being beautiful

Jeff C: hello
Joyce: Hello
Jeff C: How re u Joyce
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Jeff C: where have u been
Joyce: I've been everywhere, man
Jeff C: Oh ic
Jeff C: U never talked to me since i added u on here
Joyce: I've never seen you on here until today
Jeff C: Im here everyday
Joyce: Me too
Joyce: I just added you two days, but this is the first time I've seen you
Jeff C: Hmmm ic
Jeff C: What do u do
Joyce: I'm a book supplier
Jeff C: What Kind of Books
Joyce: Mostly textbooks
Jeff C: Oh ic
Jeff C: U own the Store?
Joyce: It's not a store, it's a business
Joyce: And, yes, I run the business
Joyce: How about you? What's your profession?
Jeff C: Am a contractor
Jeff C: Am single and never married am new to myspace
Joyce: I'm single, widowed, and I've been on MySpace for 11 days
Jeff C: Oh ic
Jeff C: But do u know u caught my Attention the Very First day i read ur Profile?
Joyce: No. I didn't know that
Joyce: MySpace didn't send me that notification
Jeff C: Am serious i really hope u would believe me
Joyce: I believe you
Joyce: and I'm flattered
Jeff C: Am so Glad u believe me
Jeff C: But there is a Problem
Joyce: What's the problem?
Jeff C: Right now am In africa i said earlier am a Contractor and am here for a contract and i hope to get back home as soon as am done
Joyce: Oh
Jeff C: And i was thinking u might need someone who is much closer
Joyce: When do you plan to return home?
Jeff C: When am done in some weeks
Joyce: As long as it's temporary, I have no problem
Joyce: Just clear it with me next time
Jeff C: yeah
Jeff C: Tell me a little about ur self
Joyce: What would you like to know?
Jeff C: Evrything about u
Jeff C: Re u married or Dating anyone at te moment
Joyce: No.  I'm not married, dating, or doing anyone at the moment
Joyce: How about you?
Jeff C: No am not
Jeff C: But i really would be so Lucky and feel great to have someone like u
Joyce: It sounds like I would be lucky to have a nice gent like you in my life too
Jeff C: Common
Joyce: What?
Jeff C: I find it Difficult to Believe that
Joyce: Why?
Joyce: Do you think that you're that uninteresting? 
Jeff C: Yeah
Joyce: So you think you are boring and uninteresting?  I would have to disagree
Jeff C: But not u re maiking me feel am Worng
Joyce: How so?
Joyce: You sounded very confident and sweet in your email, but now you sound like you have some self esteem issues.
Jeff C: Not really
Jeff C: Im just feel so Unusall
Joyce: Why?
Jeff C: Because am already having some feelings for u
Jeff C: And i think its too early
Jeff C: I wanna get to know u alots more
Joyce: Sometimes love moves quickly
Joyce: and sometimes it takes about 7 or 8 minutes
Jeff C: Yeah but i dont think u re feeling the same way
Joyce: You never know until you go with the flow
Jeff C: U need a special man to Handle ur sweet and loving heart
Joyce: You could use a special lady to handle your man-junk
Jeff C: Am  just being honest
Joyce: Thanks.  I likes me some honesty
Jeff C: Joyce
Jeff C: U have stolen my heart totally
Joyce: Really?
Jeff C: yeah
Jeff C: U re the sweetest woman i've ever met all my Life
Joyce: Thanks. Sweetness is a blessing, but also a curse
Jeff C: I really wish i could Hold ur Hands
Jeff C: And then u will know what am talking about
Joyce: I will hold your hand so tightly, no one will ever defeat us at red rover
Jeff C: I cant Believe i could still make a woman Happy even when am so Far away from her
Joyce: Me too.  I didn't know pheromones were that strong
Jeff C: U re the Besat thing that has Happend to me
Jeff C: I guess my Wish is Begining to come true
Jeff C: Yesterday was My Birthday and i Made a Wish
Joyce: Oh
Jeff C: And its Coming Through already
Joyce: I know it's late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Joyce: I owe you one cake
Jeff C: No its never too Late if its coming from a Special and sweetheart Like u
Joyce: I hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday
Jeff C: No
Jeff C: But am Enjoying it Now LOL
Jeff C: I was so Busy with work
Jeff C: And i had alots of Thoughts in my mind
Joyce: What kind of thoughts?
Jeff C: Hoping and wish i get to know u better
Joyce: That's so much better than my birthday wishes.
Joyce: Mine usually involve ponies
Jeff C: We have two Different Thoughts
Jeff C: Right
Joyce: What do you mean?
Jeff C: I was thinking u dont want that
Jeff C: Maybe u want us to Be Just friends
Joyce: No.  I think we have planted the seeds to a beautiful relationship tree
Jeff C: Wow!!!!
Jeff C: Yeah I think we can work things out
Jeff C: I feel Like Giving u a BIG HUG
Joyce: I would like that
Jeff C: U seem to Like everything am offering u
Jeff C: lol
Joyce: That's because I like the person that's offering.  LOL
Jeff C: wow
Jeff C: THats a  sweet answer
Jeff C: Honey u re so sweet
Joyce: You are sweetly welcome
Jeff C: Thank u
Joyce: You're welcome
Jeff C: Can i ask u a Question
Joyce: You can ask me anything
Jeff C: How do u know when u re Falling inlove
Jeff C: What do u feel
Joyce: A pain in me gulliver
Jeff C: What do u feel for me Already?
Joyce: Gulliver pains
Joyce: (I think that means love)
Jeff C: Wow
Jeff C: I feel the same way but just Stronger that what u re Feeling
Joyce: Well, you're probably physically stronger than me.  But pound for pound, my love may be stronger
Jeff C: And my feelings for u re so Strong
Joyce: I think we've both found our rainbow connection
Jeff C: Me too sweetone
Jeff C: babe re u there?
Joyce: Yes.
Joyce: I'm here
Jeff C: Re u thinking of anything
Jeff C: Be Open to me
Jeff C: U can tell me if anything is Bothering u
Joyce: Nothing is bothering me
Jeff C: Ur Problem is mY problem
Joyce: I'm quite happy
Jeff C: Oh
Jeff C: what re u Going to Do for the rest of the day?>
Joyce: I need to sign off.  I have to start cooking dinner
Jeff C: Ok babe
Jeff C: I really hope to talk to u again soon
Joyce: We'll chat again tomorrow
Jeff C: Ok
Joyce: Yes.  I would like that very much
Jeff C: babe can u try to call me here in africa
Joyce: I'm sorry, but I can't
Joyce: I only have a local calling plan
Jeff C: Its ok
Jeff C: Just wanted to know
Joyce: I'm glad you understand
Jeff C: Babe I hope am going to get an email from u
Jeff C: I will miss u so much
Joyce: Yes.  I will miss you too
Jeff C: Ok
Jeff C: Peace Out
Joyce: Goodbye

The next day...

Joyce: Hello
Jeff C: Hey babe
Jeff C: How re u Doing babe
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Jeff C:  I have missed u so much
Joyce: I totally missed you too
Jeff C: Oh really
Joyce: Why did you not accept my friend request on MySpace?
Jeff C: I have been trying to do it
Jeff C: But its Keeps bringing Up an Error Page
Jeff C: I dont know why
Jeff C:  I think its the Connections
Joyce: Try again. I want you to be my friend
Joyce: You look so lonely on your page with no friends
Jeff C: I will
Jeff C: I might be LOnely on my page but im not In my Heart
Jeff C: I have u
Joyce: Great answer!
Jeff C: and u have Occupied all my Heart
Jeff C: Thats enough for me
Joyce: I like the heart stuff, but still I'd like to be on your MySpace
Jeff C: Ic
Jeff C: Re u GOing to work now?
Joyce: I'm at work now
Jeff C: Oh ic
Jeff C: I guess u need to Get busy Right
Joyce: Nope.  I've got all the time in the world
Jeff C: Ok
Jeff C: DO u have a cam?
Joyce: No
Joyce: Do you?
Jeff C: No i dont
Jeff C: But its ok
Joyce: Okay with me too
Jeff C: Do u care so much about me Because am Handsome or am i handsome because u Care ?
Joyce: I care for you even though you say some really idiotic things like this
Jeff C: I wanted to make u smile
Jeff C: and i Guess i just did
Joyce: Yeah. 
Jeff C: Babe
Jeff C: Im feeling something really strong
Joyce: Your bicep?
Jeff C: I have very Strong Feelings for u
Jeff C: An Undying Feelings
Joyce: I feel strongly for you too
Jeff C: Do  u think ur Feelings can turn To LOVE?
Joyce: I think they already are love
Jeff C: wow
Jeff C: I feel the same way too
Jeff C: But i just wanna be sure
Jeff C: I want to see it when am very very very sure
Jeff C: Am already Very very Sure
Joyce: One step to go
Jeff C: There is a major difference between like and love i really dont know the one am Feeling for u right now
Joyce: Which one are you leaning towards?
Jeff C: LOVE
Joyce: Me too
Jeff C: oH
Joyce: I love you
Jeff C: U love me?
Joyce: Yes
Jeff C: U mean it?
Joyce: Yes.  I do
Jeff C: Wow!!!I found the one my heart loves
Joyce: I'm so glad that we found each other.  My heart is now complete
Jeff C: U re the missen Piece of my Heart
Jeff C: I have never loved, 'til I first met you, i feel like a New Born Baby
Joyce: And newborns need spankin's
Jeff C: Not Even Death can come Between us
Joyce: I agree whole heartedly.  Death is a coward and I mock it
Jeff C: Pls Joyce don't say you love me unless you mean it because I might do something believe it
Joyce: I mean it, baby
Jeff C: Oh
Jeff C: Thank u so much
Joyce: You're welcome
Jeff C: I cant help it but to cry
Jeff C: But dont worry
Jeff C: its a Tears of JOY
Joyce: Oh, but men usually don't cry
Jeff C: AM a Different man
Jeff C: very emotional
Joyce: My uncle was the same way.
Joyce: He had to let the neighbors know every time he moved
Jeff C: Ok
Jeff C: I will always do all i can to Help u
Jeff C: In every way i can
Joyce: I shall do the same for you
Jeff C: Thank u so much for coming into my Life
Jeff C: I wish i could Hold and Kiss u right now
Joyce: Will you be online later?
Jeff C: Do u have to Go now?
Joyce: Yes. I'm afraid I have to sign off now
Jeff C: Ok
Jeff C: When do u want me to Come back here?
Joyce: I don't know.  I'll try to be on later this afternoon
Jeff C: How many Hours from now will that be
Joyce: I don't know.  I can't give a specific time. 
Jeff C: Ok
Jeff C: Babe will u promise me to email me
Joyce: Yes. I will
Jeff C: Ok babe
Jeff C: we will talk later
Jeff C: I will miss u so much
Joyce: I'll miss you too
Joyce: Goodbye
Jeff C: No
Joyce: I love you
Jeff C: Never say GOODBYE
Joyce: That's what I always say
Jeff C: U have to Change LOL
Joyce: Why?
Jeff C: Because i dont ever wanna say GOODBye
Jeff C: I want to be with u FOrever
Joyce: Well, that's my parting message
Joyce: and I'm sticking with it
Jeff C: Ok
Jeff C: Its ok
Jeff C: My Hands re on the Screeen
Joyce: and I'm puttin' 'em on the glass
Joyce: I need to go now
Jeff C: Ok
Jeff C: Talk to u later
Joyce: Goodbye

The next day...

Jeff C: Hi Honey
Joyce: Hello
Jeff C: How re u Doing babe
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Jeff C: am good
Joyce: That's good to hear
Jeff C: I have missed u so much
Joyce: I missed you too
Jeff C: I Tried to send u an email this morning am not sure if u got it
Joyce: Yes.  I got it a minute ago
Jeff C: Wow
Jeff C: I just wanted to try
Jeff C: I didnt know it willwork
Joyce: Why wouldn't it work?
Jeff C: I didnt know that was ur email
Joyce: Emails and Yahoo ID's are always the same
Jeff C: Well thats ok
Jeff C: Babe Im sure u Get alots of Emails From Guys on myspace riht
Joyce: No.  Just my friends mostly
Joyce: Why do you ask?
Jeff C: Because im thinking i might LOse u
Joyce: You will never lose me
Jeff C: I dont know why am having such Bad feelings latlely
Joyce: What kind of bad feelings?
Jeff C: THat U might Find Someone Better than me
Jeff C: And then  u will Dump me
Joyce: That probably won't happen
Jeff C: I hope so JOyce
Joyce: There is no one better than you
Jeff C: Oh thats so sweet to know
Joyce: How is everything going on your trip?
Jeff C: Babe right now am Very Broke
Jeff C: Am just managing
Joyce: How did that happen?
Jeff C: Im just Broke
Jeff C: I have Exhuasted all i have with me here
Joyce: Yeah, but how did you get broke?
Jeff C: And i cant get any more from my accout because they cant Transfer Money to me here in africa they dont work with the Banks here
Joyce: So why not use a credit card?  That's what most people do when they travel?
Jeff C: U know am in africa A very local area
Joyce: That makes no difference
Jeff C: there is noMuch Technology
Jeff C: It does
Joyce: They seem advanced enough to have internet service
Jeff C: The USa Credit card doesnt work here
Joyce: What kind of card doesn't work there?
Joyce: Most cards are international
Jeff C: Im using american express and it doesnt work here
Jeff C: Joyce dont worry about me
Joyce: Okay.  I won't worry
Joyce: I'll trust that you know how to handle everything
Jeff C: Its my Problem i just thought i could share it with u
Joyce: Shouldn't your company being paying expenses?
Joyce: After all, it is a business trip
Jeff C: Well u wont Understand
Jeff C: But i will try to make u Understand
Joyce: Okay
Jeff C: Before i came here for the Contract a cheque was sent to my account
Jeff C: Thats the half payment of what i asked for to get the work done
Jeff C: and the rest will be paid to me after the job is Done
Joyce: Yes.  I understand
Jeff C: So i just came here with some Little  amount i didnt know i was going to stay here for thiis LLong so what i came here with is No Finished
Jeff C: There is Going to be an Election in the Country NEXT Mont, thats wats Keeping the JOOb slow
Joyce: I think I understand
Jeff C: AM glad u do
Jeff C: Joyce PRay for me
Jeff C: Ok
Joyce: I always pray for my loved ones
Jeff C: I have alots of LOVED onces I pray for
Jeff C: But believe me U re ONE of my Life
Joyce: Thanks for making me #1
Jeff C: I really hope i would get through this Hard times
Jeff C: Its really hard for me
Joyce: I wish you the best
Jeff C: Soon my internet will be Cut off
Joyce: Please don't let that happen
Jeff C: THats my greatest Fear now
Joyce: Me too!
Jeff C: Cos thts the  oNly way i get to talk to u
Joyce: Please don't let that happen
Jeff C: It would if i dont Pay
Jeff C: Am trying not to
Jeff C: AM so sorry
Joyce: Please try
Joyce: I don't want to lose you
Jeff C: Babe i dont want to lose u too
Jeff C: Its really Add for me
Jeff C: Believe me
Jeff C: Will u be mad at me if the Internet get Cutoff
Joyce: I will be heartbroken
Jeff C: Oh GOD
Joyce: What are you going to do?
Jeff C: I dnt know
Jeff C: Maybe go out there andBEG
Joyce: You should ask your company
Jeff C: they wnt help
Jeff C: I asked already
Joyce: This is a business trip and businesses always pay expenses
Joyce: If they don't pay, you have grounds for a lawsuit
Jeff C: Babe u wont understand
Joyce: I understand business law.  I studied it for two semesters in college

Note from James:  Jeff "signs off"

Joyce: Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joyce: Please come back
Joyce: I hope your internet hasn't been disconnected already
Joyce: I hope to chat with you another day
Joyce: Bye
Joyce: I love you

Note from James:  I called his bluff and I pretended to sign off

Jeff C: Honey am so so so sorry if i have hurt ur feelings in anyway i didnt mean to, but u wont Understand what am Going throuhg at the moment things re really Tight for me and the People am working with Wouldnt  Help me
Jeff C: Am so sorry I left without saying GOODBYE
Jeff C: Pls Forgive me

Note from James:  I sign back in.

Joyce: You're back?
Jeff C: Am sorry for hurting u
Joyce: Why did you do that?
Jeff C: Because am not happy
Joyce: So you pretended to sign off?
Jeff C: im Mad at my Self
Jeff C: No
Jeff C: I signed OFF
Jeff C: I never Pretend
Joyce: You signed off but you can back the second you thought I left
Jeff C: Yeah \
Jeff C: I couldnt Help but to come back to u sweetie
Jeff C: am sorry
Jeff C: Im just having a Bad time now and i cant help it
Joyce: I accept your apology
Jeff C: I love u
Jeff C: Thank u so much
Jeff C: I just wish i wont hurt u more than i have
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: I know you didn't mean to hurt me
Jeff C: i was Way Out of line
Jeff C: I was really insensitive, i was just a fool to have eva Hurt u
Joyce: No argument here
Jeff C: OK
Jeff C: My Greatest Fear now is If i can Get the Internet
Jeff C: Am so scared
Jeff C: I dont wanna Break ur heart
Jeff C: it will hurt me
Joyce: Please don't give up.  I enjoy our chats so much
Jeff C: Babe i might not be Able to help
Jeff C: I need u
Jeff C: I need u More than u can ever Imagine
Joyce: I need you too
Joyce: I don't ever want to lose you
Jeff C: am so sad right now
Jeff C: I cant Help but to Be sad Cause i know soon the Internet Will be Gone and i dont wanna break ur heart but believe me there is nothing i can Do
Jeff C: Im very very Broke
Joyce: So what are you going to do about it?
Jeff C: I really dont know
Jeff C: I wish i do
Joyce: Just ask
Jeff C: ask who?
Joyce: Ask
Jeff C: Ask?
Jeff C: I dont Understand
Joyce: Yeah
Jeff C: what Should i ask for and who should i ask
Jeff C: Pls Make me Understand
Joyce: I see what you're hinting at
Jeff C: what do u mean
Jeff C: Am Lost here
Joyce: Don't play dumb.  I don't like that
Jeff C: Are u saying i should ask u?
Jeff C: Is that what u mean?
Joyce: Isn't that what you're hinting at?
Jeff C: It will be nice if u can help me but i dont want u to think Otherwise
Joyce: I'm not thinking otherwise
Jeff C: I dont want u to think am After money
Joyce: I don't think that.  I just think you're down right now
Joyce: We've all been there before
Jeff C: Yeah
Jeff C: Babe is there anything  u can do to help?
Joyce: What do you need me to do?
Jeff C: I dont know
Jeff C: How do u think u can help me
Joyce: You tell me.  It's your dilemma right now
Jeff C: I need Money to get going
Jeff C: Im so Stranded right now
Joyce: How much do you need?
Jeff C: Anyamount
Joyce: That's not an answer
Joyce: I asked how much was needed
Jeff C: 400 will do
Joyce: $400 for internet?
Jeff C: No
Joyce: or is this for something more than internet?
Jeff C: I will Get the Internet and get some Foodstuffs too
Joyce: Okay.  You're definitely going to need some foodstuffs for sustenance
Jeff C: Things re very expensive here
Joyce: Yes. I understand
Jeff C: am glad u understand
Joyce: It's okay.  I know how it feels to struggle, and I know how hard it is to ask sometimes
Jeff C: Thank u so much
Joyce: You're welcome
Jeff C: Babe re U going to help me?
Joyce: Yes.  I will help
Jeff C: Wow
Jeff C: babe thank u so so much
Jeff C: Wow
Jeff C: Do u know how Happy u have Made me?
Jeff C: Thank u so much
Joyce: You're welcome very much
Joyce: Ordinarilly, I would insist on sending a check, but I don't think that would work out here
Jeff C: Yeha
Joyce: Are there any wiring services there?
Jeff C: Babe u can send me cash through western Union
Jeff C: I will get it Immediately
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: That's probably fastest and safest
Jeff C: Yeah
Jeff C: Is there anyone close to u
Joyce: Yes. Western Union is in every gas station
Jeff C: Ok
Jeff C: Babe when re u Going to send it
Joyce: I'll have to send it tonight
Joyce: I  hope that's okay with you
Jeff C: Very Okay my Love
Jeff C: U will need some Info to send it to right
Joyce: Yes
Jeff C: U can send it to my assitant
Jeff C: His so nice to Me
Joyce: Why can't I send it to you?
Jeff C: Because i dont have their National Id
Joyce: Okay
Jeff C: U will need it to Get the money
Jeff C: its ok with him
Jeff C: very Safe
Joyce: Okay.  If you trust him, I don't mind
Jeff C: we will go to the Bank together and get it
Jeff C: Ok
Jeff C: His a Nice friend
Jeff C: He Knows about u
Jeff C: I told him everything
Joyce: Okay
Jeff C: His Name is...........Layinka Jone
Jeff C: Address.........21 allen Rd
Jeff C: State...........Lagos
Jeff C: Country.........Nigeria
Jeff C: Did u get the Info?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I've got it now
Jeff C: I guess thats all u need
Joyce: Yes.  That should be everything
Jeff C: Honey he said  u will be give a Number
Jeff C: It is Called the MTCN
Joyce: Yes.  I know there is a claims number you will need
Jeff C: and also U will be asked to use a Security Question and answer
Joyce: Okay
Jeff C: am also Going to Need ur name
Jeff C: I mean the one u will use in sending it and also ur address
Joyce: Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Jeff C: I think that is all we need
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I'll email you the claims number and security info after it has been sent
Jeff C: thank u so much babe
Jeff C: am so happy
Joyce: You're welcome
Jeff C: babe i will pay u back when i get Home ok?
Joyce: Okay.  I trust you
Jeff C: I love u so much
Joyce: I love you too
Jeff C: Babe why have u decided to always make me Happy
Jeff C: Why
Joyce: Because I know you would do the same for me
Jeff C: I will always do all i can to make u happy too
Jeff C: I promise u
Jeff C: am going to do the same and even more
Joyce: I will hold you to that promise
Jeff C: I just need u
Jeff C: Pls HOLD ME REAL tight
Joyce: I will
Joyce: and I'll never let go
Jeff C: Now u gonna make me Cry
Jeff C: I Never Knew i was Goint to meet someone To love me as much as u love me
Joyce: Please don't cry.  I'm not there to wipe the tears away
Jeff C: babe
Jeff C: i Cant help it
Jeff C: U have made me so happy
Jeff C: and i wish it would be forever
Joyce: It will be forever

Note from James:  At this point, Jeff started experiencing computer problems.  I had already gotten everything I needed for the day, so I took this opportunity to leave.

Joyce: I'll need to sign off now.  I have a busy day ahead
Joyce: I need to go now
Joyce: Bye
Joyce: I love you
Jeff C: Joyce
Jeff C: AM sorry i got booted
Jeff C: Honey  i will Try to come back today and see u
Jeff C: Ok
Jeff C: I will miss u so much Until then
Jeff C: ANd thank u again
Jeff C: FOr Helping me
Jeff C: LOVE U alots

Jeff then sent the following email...

Honey am sorry i got Booted it started Raining Heavily and i got booted, But i came back to Notice u've left already.... sweetie i will try to get back on later until then  i will miss u so much and i hope to talk to u again soon...........Thank u so much once again for being there for me when i needed u most that shows how much u love and want to be with me and i promise u i will  never let u down..........Love always James

Notice that he signed the wrong name on his email.

I avoided him for the rest of the day, and late that night, I sent the following email...

Hello Jeff,

I'm sorry I'm late.  I was hoping to catch you online, but I guess you went to bed.

I sent the money, and here's the Western Union info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Layinka Jone / 21 Allen Rd / Lagos, Nigeria
Test Question:  Where to we chat?
Answer:  Yahoo
Amount:  $400

Love always,


Jeff took the fake info to Western Union the next morning.  He came back empty handed and looking for answers...

Honey  i Have a Bad News, i went to the western union office this morning and i couldnt get the money because the MTCN number u Gave me is not Correct,  I need u to Check The paper they Gave to u at the Westen union office there and correct it...... I hope to hear from u pretty soon, missing u so much.........
Love always

Jeff apparently spent all day online waiting for me, as I had received dozens of offline messages.

Later that day, we had the following chat...

Jeff C: Hi
Jeff C: how re u Doing
Joyce: Hello
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Jeff C: am not fine
Jeff C: Why did u embrace me
Joyce: Embrace?
Jeff C: I went to the western union and they said there was no Match found with the money u sent to me
Jeff C: They said it was not there
Jeff C: i was so Embaraced
Joyce: Oh
Jeff C: what happend?
Jeff C: I thought u said u sent the money
Joyce: I did
Jeff C: then whats Going on
Joyce: After I read your email I did some investigation
Jeff C: Investigation on what?
Jeff C: and what did u find out
Joyce: Here's everything I found:

Note from James:  No need to follow the link.  Here's what was on the page...

Jeff C: whats that about
Jeff C: Joyce will pls Explain to me
Jeff C: Am totally Lost here
Jeff C: And i need some explanations
Jeff C: Who is James
Joyce: You tell me
Jeff C: I dont Understand
Jeff C:  I SWEAR
Joyce: That's how you signed your email
Jeff C: Which email
"Honey am sorry i got Booted it started Raining Heavily and i got booted, But i came back to Notice u've left already.... sweetie i will try to get back on later until then  i will miss u so much and i hope to talk to u again soon...........Thank u so much once again for being there for me when i needed u most that shows how much u love and want to be with me and i promise u i will  never let u down..........Love always James"

Jeff C: Honey But i told u my Other name is Jame s
Joyce: Your other name?
Jeff C: james is just the names my schhol mate call me
Joyce: Why the fuck are you in school?  You're supposed to be a grown man
Jeff C: and the reason is bcos my dad second name is james
Jeff C: that was then
Jeff C: then when i was in school
Jeff C: am sorry i never said anything about it
Joyce: You signed the wrong name and you got caught
Jeff C: no no
Jeff C: am not so dump
Jeff C: how can i make the mistake of my name?
Jeff C: is not possible
Jeff C: the only mistake is i never told they called me james too
Jeff C: that all
Joyce: You've made lots of mistakes, scammer
Jeff C: what?
Joyce: Mistake #1: You used a pic of America's most beloved male model, Steven
Jeff C: I dont Seem to Understand wat u re talking about
Joyce: I'm saying you're the scammiest scammer in Nigeria
Jeff C: Well then Joyce am very sure there is nothing i can say or do to make u believe or to trust me
Joyce: Yeah.  It's hard to trust a scammer anymore
Jeff C: But i want u to know that i love u and i will neever Stop Loving u
Joyce: Guess what? 
Jeff C: what
Joyce: I never sent any money
Joyce: The number was fake
Joyce: Are you there?
Joyce: Are you crying?
Jeff C:  U re making me Cry already
Joyce: I guess that means you're a scammer and a pussy
Jeff C: Pls can i ask u for a Favour?
Joyce: What's the favor?
Jeff C: Can we still be Friends
Joyce: Why?
Jeff C: Because i want us to be friends
Joyce: Why would you want to be my friend?
Joyce: I only pretended to send you money
Joyce: My only goal was to make you look like a fool, or possibly get you arrested

Jeff signs off and blocks me.