A message from James Pruitt...

What you are about to read is unlike any other transcript on my blog.  This one was not conducted by myself.  My friend Jonathan Walker politely asked me if he could steal my idea. 

You can check out Jonathan's blog here.  I probably won't post his transcripts on mine. I prefer posting my own original material.

I created the logo, graphics and site design.  I also gave him some advice in handling scammers, but this is all his work.

I present to you...

About the scammer:
Name:  Jeff West / Jeff Chris Hamilton / Smith Pat
Email: jeffwest_00@yahoo.com
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Profile: MySpace
About the target...
Yvonne is a 51 year old Native American widow with one adult daughter.   Not only does she own a flower shop, but she is obsessed with flowers. Also, she's really a 26 year old man.
Note:  Jeff is the first victim of Jonathan Walker's Nigerian Adventures.

Hello dear and how are u doing today ? thanks so much for ur reply to my mail, i really do appreciate so u much with all my heart , well am new to online dating , i live in waco in texas , and i have a daughter like i said in my first email to u ,i will really like to get to know u and see if we could establish some kind of a relationship . well for now am on a trip with my daughter and am on a business trip and i will be back to the state soon , my daughter is 15 years of age ,am currently widower and looking for a lady to feel in the space in my life , i sent u the first mail because i wanted to get to know u better to see if we could develop some kind of relatioship but like i said earlier on i want to get to know u first, plz reply me back throuhg my yahoo id which is Jeffwest_00@yahoo.com, i will be looking forward to ur reply soon . take care of urself and continue to have fun .xxxx WELL DEAR YOU ARE JUST TOO SPECIAL .AND YOU ARE JUST TOO CUTE AND CAPTIVATIVE. TAKE CARE . CONTINUE TO HAVE FUN. XOXOOXOXOXOXOXO

thank you so much for the compliments, you made me feel so warm and gooey inside. you are a very handsome piece of man yourself...hope to talk to you again..bye bye
Hello Dear and how are u doing today ? i was just searching today when i sundenlly came across ur profile ... i was thrilled AND Stunned by your lovely picture and profile .,and baby i want to tell u that u have got a great look and and a great smile ...baby i will confess that u are really attractive and that what u use to capture my antension and i said to myself that i will be making a very big and hug mistake if i did not compliment u for that and i will really like to be a friend to u ,i don't know why but i think u've really caught my attention . i will be looking forward to ur reply soon . well a little about me ,my name is jeff and i have a daughter who is 13 years of age ,am widower for now and i am searching presently .take care xxxx ........baby i will be looking forward to ur reply soon.thx
God bless you dear .
Ones again you look so beautiful and you look so attractive and captivative.

Jeff_W: Hello babe \
Jeff_W: how are u doing?
Yvonne: hello
Yvonne: im fine im on a lunch break at work
Yvonne: how are you doing
Jeff_W: ohh i se
Jeff_W: How are u doing?
Yvonne: im good and you?
Jeff_W: am doing great
Yvonne: thats good
Jeff_W: \Got ur offline
Jeff_W: and i was happy
Jeff_W: it was so sweet bab e
Yvonne: well i thought i would send you a friend request after you sent the email on my myspace
Yvonne: it was a sweet message you sent
Yvonne: it made me feel bubbly inside
Jeff_W: ohh babe u are such a sweetheart
Yvonne: you are too
Yvonne: and good looking
Jeff_W: same here babe /..................ur such a princeess charming lady \
Jeff_W: u look so angelic
Yvonne: well i try to be
Jeff_W: do u have a webcam ?
Yvonne: not here at the shop
Yvonne: but i do have one at home on my digital camera
Jeff_W: babe u hav just charm my heart
Yvonne: well tell me about you
Jeff_W: ohh thats ok babe
Jeff_W: well am jeff chris hamilton
Jeff_W: am 47years of age
Jeff_W: am a widower
Jeff_W: my wife past 3years ago
Jeff_W: am new online
Jeff_W: i was poted online on myspace by my lovely daughter rachael ...she is my life
Jeff_W: and i love an dcherish her so much
Yvonne: i am a widow myself and have a daughter
Jeff_W: babe am nothing without my babe rachael
Jeff_W: she is 25yrs of age
Jeff_W: opp 15
Jeff_W: she is 15
Jeff_W: typo error
Yvonne: my daughter is 26
Jeff_W: i own a business of my own
Yvonne: really what do you do
Jeff_W: i own a store in the state
Jeff_W: and from waco tx
Jeff_W: my store is 10miles from my house
Yvonne: what kind of store is it?
Jeff_W: and i am really looking for a serious relationship ,true love to start with a loveing carreing person like u babe
Jeff_W: i sells golds jewerys and cosmetics
Jeff_W: etc
Jeff_W: am new online
Jeff_W: you are the first that i will talk to
Yvonne: i own a flower shop here in town...i do not get out as much anymore since my husband died....
Yvonne: he committed suicide in 2003
Jeff_W: ohh sorry to hear that sweetie
Yvonne: so i get lonely alot and i get scared working alone in my flower shop some nights
Jeff_W: ohh what happend?
Yvonne: my husband killed himself in a parking lot at kmart
Yvonne: he had problems he couldnt controil iguess
Yvonne: but im moving on
Jeff_W: ohh sorry babe
Jeff_W: u have lost a great person
Jeff_W: well u have to take heart
Yvonne: i figure if i jsut work and keep my flower shop going like it is i will be ok
Jeff_W: and forget the past
Jeff_W: feel free to face the present
Yvonne: oh i am
Yvonne: i use to be a wild lady back in the day believe it or not
Yvonne: i know i dont look it
Yvonne: i think i look like a turtle
Jeff_W: ohh not at all babe
Jeff_W: u look so pretty
Yvonne: thank you
Yvonne: i dont feel so pretty today ive been working with plants all day and have cow fertilizer inside my finger nails
Yvonne: but i have to get the flowers done for hte poeple
Jeff_W: ohh kool
Jeff_W: how long do u stay there babe?
Yvonne: it depends....
Yvonne: i am hte owner but my hours are usually 8-5
Jeff_W: ok babe
Yvonne: dopends on the orders
Yvonne: which is alot lately
Jeff_W: ok
Jeff_W: so tell me do u have parent ?
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: i have a mother who is still alive
Yvonne: my father passes away
Jeff_W: good
Jeff_W: i have no parent
Yvonne: good my father passed away?
Jeff_W: my parent passed away long time ago
Yvonne: its ok my dad was a son of a bitch anyways
Yvonne: he always hit my mother
Jeff_W: i see
Jeff_W: thats bad
Yvonne: well she did ask for it sometimes
Yvonne: what have you been up to today
Jeff_W: nothing much babe
Yvonne: do you do much traveling
Jeff_W: not at all babe
Jeff_W: this my first one babe
Jeff_W: i dont like to order my goods
Jeff_W: if i should order it it wont be complete in returns
Jeff_W: so i decided to go myself to buy it
Jeff_W: babe i live in an hotel over here ...............
Yvonne: really
Yvonne: that sounds expensive
Yvonne: i live in a town house here
Yvonne: aznd i havea  spare room her in the flower shop
Jeff_W: house good
Jeff_W: good
Yvonne: so i crash here sometimes after i drink too much
Yvonne: its good to have two places
Jeff_W: do u live with ur daughter ?
Jeff_W: i see
Yvonne: no she is 26 and married
Jeff_W: nice
Yvonne: her husband is a manager at a bagel shop
Jeff_W: ohh babe u live alone
Yvonne: yes
Jeff_W: u really need a guy to make u fel happy and make u feel
just like a woman
Jeff_W: thats nice babe
Yvonne: well i do have my dogs lol
Jeff_W: does ur shop makes use of western union ?
Yvonne: we havea western union ion town here
Jeff_W: thats nice babe
Jeff_W: i love dog
Jeff_W: good babe
Yvonne: my dogs names are snickers....butterfingers....and oh henry
Yvonne: you would like them
Jeff_W: babe i will be back online in 3omins time ...........
Jeff_W: just kindly wait for me online
Yvonne: ok i need to check on some things here at the shop
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: ok jsut buzz me
Jeff_W: aare u going to be back
Jeff_W: good ok i will
Yvonne: yes my computer is here in the shop
Yvonne: i do orders on it all day

Later that day...

Jeff_W: Hi sweety
Jeff_W: am back for u
Jeff_W: hello babe
Jeff_W: am back
Jeff_W: missed u
Yvonne: hello
Yvonne: sorry had to put some orders out on the delivery van
Jeff_W: ok babe
Jeff_W: u went to deliver some flowers?
Jeff_W: right?
Yvonne: i didnt the driver did i jsut had ot get them right
Jeff_W: ok good darling
Yvonne: where did you go
Jeff_W: i went to see my supplier about my goods
Yvonne: oh
Jeff_W: and he has not gone to the port to get it at all
Yvonne: do you sell drugs
Jeff_W: but i promised that he will go to the port by thursday to get my goods
Jeff_W: and his going to spend one week there ....
Jeff_W: ok
Jeff_W: no i dont sell drugs.............i already told i sells golds jewelrys and cosmetics...etc
Yvonne: oh
Yvonne: thats sounds nice
Jeff_W: yea babe
Jeff_W: so tell me more about ur work ??
Yvonne: i already did
Jeff_W: do u have mades that work for u ?
Yvonne: no i do all the flower work and arrangements and all that
Yvonne: i jsut have a driver who delivers them
Jeff_W: good
Yvonne: we call him scallop
Jeff_W: thats a nice job babe
Yvonne: becasue he likes to eat them all the time
Yvonne: even not in season
Yvonne: it pays the bills
Yvonne: i work hard and it pays off
Jeff_W: ohh ok
Jeff_W: thats nice
Yvonne: flowers are my life they get me off
Jeff_W: babe u sounds so special to me
Yvonne: really
Jeff_W: so what are u looking for online babe .......
Yvonne: thank you
Jeff_W: yeah u
Yvonne: i dont know i like chicken but i can get that at the store and not online
Yvonne: so i dont do much shopping
Yvonne: online
Jeff_W: good
Jeff_W: so what quality are u looking for in a man ?
Yvonne: someone to spoon with after a long day of flowers
Jeff_W: u are really a careing lady that a guy like me really need to be with ...........lol
Yvonne: i ahvent had that in a long time
Yvonne: would you work wiht me in my flower shop lol
Yvonne: are you there
Jeff_W: am here with u babe
Yvonne: i thought you dumped me
Jeff_W: u are just special to me dearv
Jeff_W: i wont do that to u babe
Yvonne: so what were we talkoing about
Jeff_W: babe i want u
Jeff_W: and i will like to be with u as a partner
Yvonne: brb
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: ok im back sorry
Yvonne: a customer came in
Jeff_W: ohh ok
Yvonne: she needed a easter basket
Jeff_W: did she buy any flower ?
Yvonne: yeah she put a order in for a certain date
Yvonne: so i will fix it up for her
Jeff_W: i see
Jeff_W: thats nice babe
Yvonne: so thats what a i do
Yvonne: she spoke spanish so i had trouble
Jeff_W: how much do u sell it to her?
Yvonne: she got the easter package
Yvonne: which the cheapest retails at 59.99
Jeff_W: ohh thats nice
Yvonne: its buetiful
Yvonne: i have had orders up my ass all week
Jeff_W: i bet it is babe
Jeff_W: Trouble arrives in measures, and we stack it up real high,
until we're convinced, we have no reason to try. If you feel defeated,
you're absolutely wrong, for if you follow your dream, you could  ever
lose for long. Ignore the minor set-backs that pile up and trouble you,
Yvonne: that is pretty
Yvonne: sounds like what my counsler use to say to me
Jeff_W: ohh really?
Yvonne: yes i use to go to AA classes when i was younger
Yvonne: it helped me to be what i am today
Yvonne: but i still havea drink or two to settle down
Yvonne: do you like ot drink
Jeff_W: yeah
Yvonne: cool
Yvonne: what do oyu drink
Jeff_W: but i dont drink to get drunk
Jeff_W: champagne
Jeff_W: and wine
Yvonne: well its fun ot get drunk sometimes
Yvonne: jsut usaully i do it alone
Jeff_W: thats nice babe
Yvonne: or i end up in the back of a camaro listening to merle haggard
Jeff_W: hahahahahah
Jeff_W: that sounds so funny
Jeff_W:  or you will build a mountain, out of the stones hurled at
you. The future holds great promise, your destiny unknown, but God is
always helping, and you're never alone. Soar bravely toward your goal.
Let nothing darken the way. You can change your tomorrow, if you seek
your dream today.
Yvonne: i live in a country town so you can consider the kind of guys around here
Yvonne: what religion are you
Jeff_W: am a christian
Jeff_W: and u
Yvonne: i am a christian
Yvonne: but i dont go to church much
Jeff_W: thats ok
Yvonne: but i do sell flowers to churches so that is the same as going
Jeff_W: are u intereted in me ?
Yvonne: you seem so easy to talk to like a young schoolboy
Yvonne: are you interested in me
Yvonne: even though im not a model
Jeff_W: ohh yea i am babe
Jeff_W: I'm sitting here thinking about you
Yvonne: do you think im pretty
Jeff_W: yea u are babe
Yvonne: even though i dont have big boobiez
Jeff_W: and u are so sweet
Yvonne: guys like that shit
Yvonne: im nothing but nipples
Yvonne: i jsut try to be me and do my thing with my buisness and feed my dogs
Yvonne: it would be nice to have a man to feed too lol
Jeff_W: good
Yvonne: what do you like ot eat
Jeff_W: hmmmmmmmm
Jeff_W: lol
Jeff_W: i will like to eat u babe
Jeff_W: i wont rest until i wins ur heart
Yvonne: i can cook alot of meals
Yvonne: really what if i taste like squash
Yvonne: do u like squash
Jeff_W: i dont mind babe
Jeff_W: i will love ua nd cherish u
Jeff_W: babe i will love to eat with u
Jeff_W:  I'm trying to concentrate,
but these fantasies of you,
hold me at bay.
I'm imagining how great
it would be if you
gave yourself to me.
Yvonne: will you massage my feet after a long day of  playing with plants
Jeff_W: babe once again are u interested in me?lol
Yvonne: will you squeeze my tomatoes
Yvonne: yes
Yvonne: i never talk on here that much
Jeff_W: ohh thats good
Yvonne: and you are so easy to talk to
Yvonne: i can be me
Jeff_W: good
Jeff_W: ohh thank u
Yvonne: and say things and you dont call me stupid
Yvonne: i like ot get wild and crazy
Jeff_W: babe are u ready to start a strong and tight relationship with me?
Jeff_W: same here
Yvonne: we should go out to chuckee cheeze one day and rave
Jeff_W: whenever i will see u on cam .....i will amke u feel wild
Jeff_W: and i will make u feel like a lady
Yvonne: do you havea cam too
Jeff_W: yeah babe ........but
Jeff_W: i forgot mine in the state when i was comeing over to nigeria ..........am sorry babe
Yvonne: it doesnt matter i would rather see you in person face to face with your hot breathe blowing in my nostrel holes
Yvonne: they arent that much you could get one
Jeff_W: wow that got me speachless babe
Yvonne: they have them here at the five and dime for cheap
Jeff_W: am living in a rural area here
Jeff_W: and they dont sell cam here
Yvonne: well i live in north carolina
Jeff_W: plz understand babe
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: all the guys here like pissing on horses and eating
deer balls
Yvonne: its ok dont be mad at me i undertand
Jeff_W: babe have u talk with anyone from nigeria b4?
Jeff_W: am not mad at u babe
Yvonne: not that i know of
Jeff_W: and i cant be mad at u at all
Yvonne: i never been there
Yvonne: is it nice
Yvonne: i bet they have great plants
Jeff_W: ohh ok babe
Jeff_W: its warm
Jeff_W: here
Yvonne: its a high of 80 here today
Jeff_W: i will tell my daughter about you babe
Yvonne: my butt hole is sweating but it could be from working
Yvonne: really that is sweet
Yvonne: i bet she loves her daddy
Jeff_W: babe i bet u ...she will love u
Jeff_W: she is my pet
Yvonne: i love kids
Jeff_W: i never let her go sad
Jeff_W: if she does i will kill myself
Yvonne: i love my daughter too but sometimes you have to
whip them to get them to listen
Yvonne: does she act up liek a fool sometimes
Yvonne: kids will
Yvonne: from time to time
Jeff_W: thats true
Jeff_W: not at all
Jeff_W: babe whats the time now there?/
Yvonne: she must be a cherry blossom and we have those on sale today
Yvonne: it is 3:20 pm
Jeff_W: 8:08pm evening
Jeff_W: babe she is my matchmaker
Jeff_W: i see
Yvonne: i get off work around 5
Yvonne: then i go home and i havea computer htere too
Jeff_W: and i guess u will close by 5pm ur time right?
Yvonne: but i might go get some supper after work
Jeff_W: good
Yvonne: what do you suggest i eat
Jeff_W: good
Jeff_W: plz do eat ok
Yvonne: tell me what do you sugest i eat
Yvonne: i dont know what ot get
Jeff_W: chicken and fried rice babe
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: they have that at the chinese place here
Jeff_W: i want to go and have a  meeting with the hotel management now
Jeff_W: so i have to go babe ..............
Yvonne: ok what about
Yvonne: are you having problems
Jeff_W: but b4 i go
Jeff_W: go to a site called ./........worldtimeserver.com
Jeff_W: not really
Yvonne: ok i will try
Jeff_W: just want me to know some glues about the hotel
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: if i have time before i close
Jeff_W: and if there is any problem i will tell u
Yvonne: ok when will oyu be back on
Jeff_W: i will be back online tomorrow 4pm afternoon my time ......
Yvonne: well jsut message me
Yvonne: if im on ill talk
Jeff_W: babe u know what once its morning .....................over there
Jeff_W: from 5to 6am in the morning there
Jeff_W: just live ur system on
Yvonne: i wish you were here when it was morning here
Yvonne: you could look at my stuff
Jeff_W: cause i might be online to come and see how u are faring
Jeff_W: babe i feel the same here
Jeff_W: ohh yea
Yvonne: i will be here lonely and probably drinking some steel reserve
Jeff_W: thats why i want to catch u at home morning ur time
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: take care and tell that little apple blossom i said
Jeff_W: just live ur puter on from early morning ur time
Yvonne: my cooter
Yvonne: my puter sounds like my butt lol
Jeff_W: babe i have to rush ........now and see my daughter as well :-h
Yvonne: ok tell her i said weeeeee
Yvonne: bye

The next day...

Jeff_W: Hi sweety
Yvonne: hello
Yvonne: how are you
Jeff_W: How are u doing?
Jeff_W: send ur cam babe
Jeff_W: missed u so much yesterday
Yvonne: im at work at my shop i dont have one
Jeff_W: am doing fine and u ?
Yvonne: im good i was doing some inventory here
Yvonne: almost about done and then will go next door to get some lunch
Jeff_W: ohh good
Yvonne: wish you could come havea sandwich with me
Jeff_W: babe promise u will bring the cam to the shop tomorrow
Yvonne: if i can find it
Yvonne: you will have to bring yours too
Yvonne: i only share
Yvonne: and thats ifd i can find it i dont even know if i do
Jeff_W: ohh that would have been nice
Jeff_W: its ok babe
Jeff_W: well i already told u about mine yesterday
Yvonne: well
Yvonne: so what else are you doing
Yvonne: ive been working on plants all morning did some inventory and cleaned up a lil
Yvonne: had to put some fresh urinal cakes in the lavratory
Jeff_W: thats nice of u babe
Jeff_W: ok
Jeff_W: i told rachael about you honey
Yvonne: well it is my store have to keep it up nice for the customers
Yvonne: really thats friggin sweet
Yvonne: did she hate my guts
Jeff_W: thats true babe
Jeff_W: ohh yeah really
Jeff_W: she was happy
Yvonne: thats nice
Yvonne: im glad
Jeff_W: that i could later find a soulmate
Yvonne: well i hope so
Yvonne: that would be awesome
Yvonne: i would love to meet her and take her to the zoo and shit like that
Jeff_W: am really happy about finding u babe
Yvonne: and i you
Jeff_W: good babe
Jeff_W: well she says she will like to talk to u someday
Yvonne: ok
Yvonne: so things are  going good for you and her there
Jeff_W: ohh hopefully ...
Jeff_W: but i just have a little mis understanding with the hotel manager
Yvonne: really thats not good what about
Jeff_W: well honey dont worry about it ......i dont wanna bug u and i dont wanna stress u
Jeff_W: its my problem babe
Yvonne: oh yoiu would never do that
Yvonne: well we all have problems
Yvonne: we just have to deal wioth them
Yvonne: just like when fell and hurt my leg i never went back to that fair again
Jeff_W: babe i wanna love and keep u
Yvonne: so do i
Jeff_W: ohh sorry to hear u hurt ur leg
Yvonne: its ok it  was a long time ago
Yvonne: those bumper cars at the fair really do bump
Jeff_W:  babe honestly ever since yesterday i have strong feeling for u and me and my daughter
Yvonne: awww thanks
Yvonne: i have strog feelings for you too
Yvonne: they make me feel so warm and moist
Jeff_W: ohh babe ....to cut my long story short ...................................i simply ......love u
Yvonne: i think i love you too
Yvonne: i would love for us to go to disney world together one day
Jeff_W: thank u sweety
Jeff_W: i will love u and keep u for eternity
Yvonne: and i will love  and keep u fool and satisfied
Jeff_W: great
Jeff_W: love talking to u babe
Yvonne: me too
Jeff_W: i cherish u babe
Yvonne: not as much as i cherish you
Yvonne: i cherish you like cherry plants and i have some here at the shop i think i will name one jeff after you
Jeff_W: ohhh babe ...............love u so much
Jeff_W: so how is work and how are the flowers?
Jeff_W: hahhahh ...............good
Yvonne: work is great and the flowers are happy and healthy like me
Jeff_W: love that babe
Yvonne: this one woman came in today and she was drinking a slurpy and spilled some on my floor so i made her clean it up
Yvonne: then by a plant
Jeff_W: good darling
Yvonne: i go to lunch in about 20 minutes
Yvonne: i think i will a sandwich with cheese mustard and parmesean cheese
Jeff_W: ohh i see
Jeff_W: was she annoyed ?
Yvonne: and stuff
Yvonne: no
Jeff_W: i was just thinking of u all night yesterday
Jeff_W: ohh ok then i will like u soon babe
Yvonne: you were thinking of me all night yesterday?
Yvonne: wow
Yvonne: no one has ever done that for me before
Yvonne: or anyone for that mattter
Jeff_W: ohh babe .....i care about u so much
Yvonne: and i you
Yvonne: you are my knight in shining pajama pants
Yvonne: i bet you are real strong too
Jeff_W: love u so much babe
Yvonne: love you too
Jeff_W: u are my first love ;)
Jeff_W: babe plz .....believe me about my webcam
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: you arent my first or my last
Jeff_W: i forgot it when i was comeing over to nigeria
Yvonne: i will love you forever
Jeff_W: believe me plz
Yvonne: i do
Yvonne: trust me seet thing
Yvonne: what did yo uforget
Jeff_W: love u for eternity babe
Yvonne: ill love you till the devil comes back and takes over the world then you can beat him up and take me to hell instead
Yvonne: what did you forget sweety?
Jeff_W: hahahahahha
Jeff_W: my webcam
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: well i better go by the bank and get some cash for my sandwich so i can take my pills
Yvonne: i will be back at the shop after lunch
Jeff_W: ok babe
Jeff_W: then i will be back in 1hrs time ok
Yvonne: love you talk to you later on bye
Jeff_W: bye for now sweety
Jeff_W: i will buzz u when i get back
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: i want you to buzz me all night long
Jeff_W: ohh ok darling
Jeff_W: :x:-*>:D<
Yvonne: bye

The next day...

Yvonne: hey honey syrup cakes
Jeff_W: ohh i see darling
Jeff_W: should i come and joing u eat some?
Yvonne: i would love it
Yvonne: but let me cook for you
Yvonne: im a hell of a cook
Jeff_W: ohh thats would be nice love
Yvonne: what do you like to eat
Yvonne: ill cook it
Jeff_W: ohh i will love to eat what ever u eat babe
Yvonne: do you like fried scrotons
Yvonne: its chinese
Yvonne: i took a chinese cooking class at the local college
Jeff_W: babe i insist what ever u cook for ur love babe
Jeff_W: i bet u i wil eat it
Yvonne: yes we will
Jeff_W: love u honey
Jeff_W: brb 5mins
Yvonne: ok think about me
Jeff_W: oh babe i love u so me
Yvonne: naked would be nice
Yvonne: i love oyu too
Yvonne: ill think about you while u are gone
Jeff_W: i taught about you always and ur always on my mind
Jeff_W: am back babe
Yvonne: thanks sweetnes
Yvonne: bye
Jeff_W: love u babe
Jeff_W: am back for u
Jeff_W: hope the flower are growing fine
Jeff_W: and hope enough customers are coming in to buy today?
Yvonne: they are
Yvonne: it was busy this morning i was up at 7
Jeff_W: good
Jeff_W: hope the flowers are moving and selling fine?
Yvonne: they are
Yvonne: sometimes i jsut cant grow the bastards fast enough
Yvonne: but i love what i do
Yvonne: and i keep my buisness going
Jeff_W: gr8
Yvonne: im the only one in town so its busy alot
Yvonne: i do alot of shiupping all over county and sate sometimes
Jeff_W: i will always pray for us and ur business
Yvonne: please do
Yvonne: we can work it together one day
Jeff_W: yeah darling
Jeff_W: i love u and i want to keep u forever in my arms
Jeff_W: my word is my bond babe
Jeff_W: @};-
Yvonne: i want to be in your arms
Yvonne: and i want you inside me
Yvonne: brb i need tyo do someting in hte shop brb in about 5-10
Jeff_W: k
Yvonne: ok im back
Yvonne: i jsut got a call fora flower arrangement
Yvonne: so i had ot fill it
Jeff_W: ok babe
Yvonne: i told her they will be ready for her prom saturday
Yvonne: they are so buetiful icant wait to make them i wish yu could make them wiht me
Jeff_W: i loev it babe
Yvonne: you are so sweet and sexy
Yvonne: you bring out the wild side of me again i havent felt since the 70's
Jeff_W: babe i cant do without you babe
Yvonne: i cant do without you wiht me and inside me
Yvonne: you are the best thing ever
Yvonne: you make me young again
Jeff_W: babe i love that
Jeff_W: u just got me speechless
Jeff_W: and babe i swear u have done the same to my life
Yvonne: awwww
Yvonne: you are so sexy
Yvonne: i cant wait to kiss your forehead
Yvonne: then your lips
Yvonne: then your thorny vine
Jeff_W: wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Jeff_W: u took my breathe away babe
Jeff_W: same here
Yvonne: thanks huney bun
Jeff_W: i love u so muich
Jeff_W: and i cant wait to be with u and cuddle u
Yvonne: me too we can dance all night
Yvonne: i like disco
Jeff_W: i can play with as many flowers as i want
Jeff_W: i love flowers
Jeff_W: do u have rose flowers?
Yvonne: yes i have a plethora of them
Jeff_W: :x>:D<:-*
Jeff_W: nice and lovely of you babe
Jeff_W: i will love to see a picture of ur shop honey
Yvonne: well my pic on here and om mypspace is me in the shop
Yvonne: i would love to show you the shop
Yvonne: and then take a pic wiht you and me hoildiong my plants
Jeff_W: ohh really?
Jeff_W: wow
Yvonne: of course its a dream now i wihs would come truew
Jeff_W: that will be so wonderful honey \
Jeff_W: i love u and trust u and i believe u forever .......
Yvonne: the same here
Jeff_W: i swear babe it will surely come true
Jeff_W: Do u believe me and trust me?
Yvonne: till i cant breathe or scream anymore i will always believe in you
Jeff_W: wow ...............same here darling
Jeff_W: i love u so much
Yvonne: awww you are so sassy and sweet
Yvonne: the same here
Yvonne: i want oyu so bad
Jeff_W: ever since i got ur mail to me in myspace .............i will captured and it was as if u charmed my heart babe
Jeff_W: i want u so badly too
Jeff_W: and i believe ur the right mom for my daughter \
Yvonne: youre making me go crazy like a short school bus
Yvonne: i know i am
Yvonne: and you are the right man for my parts
Yvonne: you are awesome
Jeff_W: i cant with to cuddle u honey
Yvonne: i cant wait for you to grab me and touch me all over with your nails
Jeff_W: wow
Jeff_W: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Jeff_W: ur just too sweet babe
Yvonne: no you are
Jeff_W: am really happy that i found u darling
Yvonne: im glad yo uare in my life
Yvonne: you are like a good book
Yvonne: and i want you to put your bookmark in me
Jeff_W: no babe u are my special one
Yvonne: well lets be special togheter
Jeff_W: i will make the flowers sell very well if i pray babe
Yvonne: you will
Jeff_W: =D>=D>=D>
Yvonne: it will be great to work wiht someone i love and lust for
Jeff_W: for u babe
Jeff_W: and we shall be one and only
Yvonne: we might have to close early one day and mate or someting
Jeff_W: hahahah
Jeff_W: great babe
Jeff_W: Common destiny We were meant to be Me and you
Jeff_W: Like a perfect scene From a movie screen We're a dream come true
Jeff_W: Suited perfectly For eternity, me and you Flower03f4.gif (4916 bytes)
Yvonne: you are like shakespeare
Yvonne: you are so sexy
Yvonne: what would you do if we were out at a bar and a guy tried to take me home?
Jeff_W: @};-@};-@};-@};
Jeff_W: @};-@};-@};-@};
Jeff_W: @};-@};-@};-@};
Jeff_W: @};-@};-@};-@};
Jeff_W: @};-@};-@};-@};
Jeff_W: @};-@};-@};-@};
Jeff_W: lov u so much darling
Yvonne: would you fight for me
Jeff_W: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Jeff_W: dont say that again lol
Jeff_W: i will do morethan fighting
Jeff_W: i will skin him alive babe
Jeff_W: i will do anything just to make us happy darling
Jeff_W: i will do anything for u
Yvonne: will you skin him alive really?
Yvonne: that is so sweet
Yvonne: would you wear him as a necklace
Yvonne: so when i look at you i know you did that for me
Jeff_W: yeah i will
Yvonne: youre are so bitchin
Jeff_W: the way for you and me I've known you just a week or two But baby I'm so into you can hardly brea
Yvonne: you are great to me
Jeff_W: loev u babe
Jeff_W: And I'm in So totally wrapped up Emotionally attracted So physically actin' So recklessly I need you So desperately sure as the sky is blue Baby I love you I love you
Yvonne: i want to jump through this computer and ride you like a lost stallion in tabor city
Jeff_W: and i truely know that u can do anything to make me happy as well
Jeff_W: wow ...........
Jeff_W: love u so much honey
Yvonne: me too
Yvonne: how are things over your way are getting by ok
Jeff_W: never knew that I could feel like this Can hardly wait till our next kiss You're so cool If I'm dreamin' please don't wake me up 'Cause baby I can't get enough of what you do.............i love u so much @;-
Jeff_W: @};-
Jeff_W: And I'm in So electrically charged up Kinetically actin' Erractically need you Fanatically get to me Magically sure as the sky is blue Baby I love you:x:-*>:D
Jeff_W: ok love
Yvonne: hold on a second babe i need to send this order i have through my computer
Yvonne: brb
Jeff_W: just that i have spent all i broghth here on my goods .............. i paid for it and i have just a little with me that am using to feed myself and rachael.................
Yvonne: really that is terrible
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: the order can wait tell me more
Yvonne: i hope you do not go hungry
Yvonne: you need your strenghth
Jeff_W: ohh babe ................i brought 6000$$ here for my goods ..........
Jeff_W: and now i have paid 5500for it
Yvonne: o my god what will you do
Yvonne: you have no more in your account
Jeff_W: and the supplier is going to the port to ship the goods next 6days from now
Yvonne: or credit card
Jeff_W: and i have just 500 left that am using to feed myself and rachael
Jeff_W: we are just managing
Yvonne: well did you eat lobster
Jeff_W: love u so much babe
Yvonne: that can get expensive
Yvonne: i love you too
Yvonne: i sont want you to go hungry i likea thick man
Jeff_W: same here hon
Jeff_W: i dont even have a credit card ....
Jeff_W: nothing else babe
Yvonne: i feel so sad my heart is dying
Jeff_W: just 500 and myself and rachael
Yvonne: it feels like scabees
Jeff_W: no babe dont die...........
Yvonne: well i wish i could give oyu my flowers so you could at lesaty eat them
Yvonne: i feel like such a pig becasue i ate that sandwich today knowing you needed it
Jeff_W: and the hotel manager is giving me some warning about my rent as well
Yvonne: that bastard
Yvonne: tell him he can wait
Yvonne: yo uare good for it
Jeff_W: and he gives me somedays to pay him..................
Jeff_W: yeah
Jeff_W: am just cooling him down
Yvonne: what will you do?
Jeff_W: thats what i dont want to tell u ealier today
Yvonne: i understand
Jeff_W: babe dont really know
Yvonne: dont feel like you cant tell me anything
Jeff_W: and i will not like to be chased out
Yvonne: i will tell you everything including my sexual past
Yvonne: anyhting so you will love me and trust
Yvonne: me
Jeff_W: cause i dont want rachael to cry nor suffer at all
Yvonne: that would kill me
Yvonne: if she did
Yvonne: i hate to see the people go hungry
Yvonne: what will yo udo sweetnes
Jeff_W: babe i just dont really knwo
Jeff_W: and moreover he is asking for small money
Jeff_W: and i dont have it
Jeff_W: and rachael is scared some how ..........
Yvonne: i wish you were here wiht me soi could take care of my beastly man
Jeff_W: and i dont want rachael to be stressed
Yvonne: i dont either
Jeff_W: i love and i can understand u babe
Yvonne: i know and me you
Yvonne: i wish i could help
Yvonne: i wish i was there to kill that hotel man
Jeff_W: babe he is asking for 300$$
Yvonne: really
Yvonne: that isnt much
Jeff_W: yea ............
Yvonne: what to do?
Jeff_W: babe can u do something to help me .................plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Yvonne: i will try
Jeff_W: i hate to bug u babe
Yvonne: what do you need squeezable
Jeff_W: plz dont feel i am stressing u ok plzzzzzzzzzz
Yvonne: you may look likea rolly polly but you are as sweet as a bug
Yvonne: i will try to help
Yvonne: you arent
Jeff_W: so when can u send that to me ?
Yvonne: let me get off of here and check my acount staus at the bank and i will see what i can send
Yvonne: please stay on line and i will im you back ok
Yvonne: baby im worried about you
Yvonne: im going ot check and see what i have
Yvonne: i jsut want yo uin my flower shop wiht me
Yvonne: yu and your daughter
Jeff_W: ohh babe wait while i give u the info to send it to
Jeff_W: how long will u take u?
Yvonne: ok but i still need ot check my account to see if i have enough
Yvonne: can i run and check and im you back
Yvonne: i want ot make sure i have enough in the bank
Yvonne: then i will tell you how much
Yvonne: i might could send more or at least htat
Yvonne: i ned to check the status and make sure i have enough for flower shop bills
Yvonne: but i will check ok
Jeff_W: ohh i can understand iok babe
Yvonne: let me run out real quick the bank is a few blocks awat
Yvonne: will you be on in about 15-30 minutes
Jeff_W: ok babe am here waiting for u
Yvonne: i will messagfe you then
Jeff_W: love u babe
Yvonne: ly talk to you then
Jeff_W: do u mind me giving u the info to send it to if u have more ?
Yvonne: let me run out to check what i have to send then i will let you know
Yvonne: i have ot shut down the shop so let me run
Jeff_W: ok babe
Yvonne: i will be right back in 15-30
Jeff_W: love u babe
Yvonne: ok hun
Jeff_W: am online waiting for u
Yvonne: ly tty in a few
Jeff_W: ok

About 30 minutes later...

Jeff_W:  am online waiting for u
Yvonne: ly tty in a few
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: hello sweety
Yvonne: you there
Yvonne: baby are you there im back
Yvonne: i hope you arent dead or soemthing i went there as fast as i could
Yvonne: please maeesage me when you are back
Yvonne: ly
Yvonne: hello
Yvonne: hi i was wondering where ytou were
Jeff_W: Darling am back
Yvonne: thank jah
Yvonne: i thought someting happened to you
Jeff_W: ohh babe i just went to inform my daughter about u rendering a lovely help to us
Jeff_W: she is full of joy and happiness
Yvonne: well i talked ot the bank and i can send 300
Yvonne: but i will have ot go to the bank this evening after work to do it
Jeff_W: ohh good darling
Yvonne: where do i send it i hate for oyu not to be able to eat and live like you should
Jeff_W: babe u know what
Jeff_W: dont send it through the bank
Yvonne: you can make up for it by when you meet me eating a extra helping of my corn fritters i will make you
Yvonne: why
Yvonne: you were going ot send me a link to send it
Yvonne: i want you to eat tomorrowa and be safe like a seal in a tank
Jeff_W: babe just go to the bank ..get the money cashed, and go to any store that makes use of western union ...that is nearer and closer to you
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: hold on i got a call here at the shop
Yvonne: im still herte so keep typing
Jeff_W: thats the best way i want it to be sent ....ok
Yvonne: ok i can do that sugar bear
Yvonne: what info do i need
Jeff_W: just go get it drawn from the bank....and make it sent through the nearest store
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: well i need to know whewre to send it too
Jeff_W: babe how many minutes is the nearest store that is near u from ur shop /
Jeff_W: babe i will give u the info to send it to now
Yvonne: ok its down the roiad i will send it this evening
Yvonne: after work
Jeff_W: babe how many minutes is the nearest store that is near u from ur shop ......?
Jeff_W: honey cant u make it 350 or 400 ............sorry if that annoys u ............can u ?
Yvonne: no i already drawn 300 that was all from the store account i can do
Yvonne: for now
Jeff_W: ohh good love
Jeff_W: hope u are not mad at me?
Yvonne: no babe i love you
Yvonne: i yurn for you
Jeff_W: thank u babe
Yvonne: so where do i send it
Jeff_W: Go get a pen and a book ready while i give u the info to send it to ..............and all i need to get it send
Yvonne: i hate for you to go hungry uyou need some chicken fried steak or something
Jeff_W: love u so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Yvonne: ok i have one over a the register hold honey nuts
Jeff_W: i yurn for u as well
Yvonne: ok i got it
Jeff_W: ok
Jeff_W: wait ok
Yvonne: i will wait forever fore you
Jeff_W: NAME...... Smith Pat ADD......... 1 Johnson Street STATE....... Lagos CITY...........Ikeja ZIPCODE....... 23401 COUNTRY...... Nigeria..... And after sending the money... infor to get it from the western union are as follows Senders name: sender address: phone number: MTCN MEAN MONEY TRANSFER CONTROLLING NUMBER TEXT QUESTION: AND TEXT ANSWER in the text question just write.....who do u love ... while in the text answer ...write jeff.
Yvonne: yes honey muffins
Jeff_W: u gat it all babe
Jeff_W: please honey .............no mistakes
Jeff_W: write accordingly plz
Yvonne: im not retarded i know how ot do it
Jeff_W: i love u so much
Jeff_W: no mistakes
Jeff_W: dont miss even a letter
Jeff_W: ok
Yvonne: i will do it for yu and your little thing
Yvonne: i lvoe her too
Yvonne: hold a minute and let me write this dow nok sweety bun nuts
Jeff_W: love u
Jeff_W: ok darlin
Jeff_W: immediately u get it sent ....Send this info to my yahoo addy so that i can use it to get the money cashed ..........they are as follows.....Senders name: sender address: phone number: MTCN MEAN MONEY TRANSFER CONTROLLING NUMBER in the text question just write.....who do u love ... while in the text answer ...write jeff..............................................................
Yvonne: you wont need my phone number ill email you the info after i send it
Jeff_W: ok ....
Jeff_W: yeah thats true
Yvonne: i feel so good im helping the man i love
Jeff_W: babe i will be online tomorrow to write it out so as to go to the western union and get the money cashed
Yvonne: ok
Yvonne: honey
Jeff_W: babe plz dont send it to money gram ......once again western union ....and western union is 10digit control number
Yvonne: i will do it as soon as i can after work
Jeff_W: love u
Jeff_W: ok darling
Yvonne: i want you to be fool of chicken and rice and fruit and stuff like that
Yvonne: well baby cakes let me go get the store situtated and closed down soon
Yvonne: ill send it after im done and ill talk to you when you are on again
Jeff_W: ok babe
Yvonne: i hope soon
Jeff_W: bye
Yvonne: bye
Jeff_W: ok bye
Jeff_W: give the the correct details
Jeff_W: bye darling
Jeff_W: love u
Jeff_W: bye babe
Jeff_W: i cant stop dreaming about you

Later that night, Yvonne sent Jeff the following email.

Dear Jeff,

I have sent the money.  Here is the info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Yvonne Coble / 322 Shipyard Blvd / Wilmington, NC 28412
Receiver:  Smith Pat / 1 Johnson Street / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 28412
Test Question:  Who do you love?
Answer:  Jeff
Amount:  $300

Talk to you soon.

Love always,


This info is completely fake.  Jeff wrote it down and took it to Western Union early the next morning...

Yvonne: hello
Jeff_W: hi darling
Yvonne: glad ot hear from you
Yvonne: today
Jeff_W: babe u sent a false cotrlol number
Yvonne: what
Jeff_W: the infons not correct
Yvonne: are you sure
Jeff_W: i have been here wainting for u darling
Yvonne: no id didnt
Yvonne: thats so sweet
Yvonne: i have been working all morning
Jeff_W: BAbe just resend all the mails like mtcn
Jeff_W: i want to cross cheack it babe
Yvonne: did you go to western uniom
Jeff_W: yeah love
Yvonne: what did they say
Jeff_W: babe after they tracked everything ...and it says No match found
Jeff_W: babe just track it online urself
Jeff_W: through westerunion.com
Yvonne: were you wearing a tie it helps sometimesd to look nice
Jeff_W: ohh i see
Jeff_W: so what are u going to do now ?
Jeff_W: whats all this all about love
Yvonne: i sent the money
Yvonne: baby
Jeff_W: i was really embarrased in the bank and thats annoying u know
Jeff_W: and why is it saying No match found?
Jeff_W: Honey i just look like a little babe going into the western union and nothing was to be found ...................
Yvonne: i dont know
Yvonne: i send it i gave the money ot the nice young boy at he front desk
Jeff_W: soo what are we going to do now darling............?>
Jeff_W: i feel like crying babe
Yvonne: babe i sent it
Yvonne: would you like ot see the picture of the boy at the western union
Jeff_W: ohh yeah babe
Jeff_W: i want to see him
Yvonne: there he is

ohh ok
Jeff_W: this is a kid babe ..................
Yvonne: well thats who i gave the money too
Jeff_W: ok no problem love
Jeff_W: hope u were there when he was sending and doing the workings to send it ?
Yvonne: i havea picture of me there too
Yvonne: do u wnat to see it

Jeff_W: helllo honey ...what u need to do is make correction ...i dont need pictures
Yvonne: YOU FOOL
Jeff_W: u know if i hd got the correct information what will be my gain if i am lying to u
Jeff_W: i just want u to make correcdtions please
Jeff_W: hey what do u mean ?
Jeff_W: what do u mean
Yvonne: are you that stupid
Yvonne: you fool
Yvonne: im not a woman
Yvonne: i have guy parts
Yvonne: im only 12
Yvonne: so why are you kissing at a 12 year old boy
Jeff_W: its ok
Yvonne: youre going to jail now
Jeff_W: so why do u lie to me at first ?
Yvonne: im turning this in to george bush jr and sr
Yvonne: becasue you are a fool
Jeff_W: idiot
Jeff_W: bye