Jackson's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow.  She has one son, and she's self employed.  Little does Jackson know, but Joyce is really a 27 year old man..  
About the scammer...
Name:  Jackson Harrison
Email:  engineer_harrison2008@yahoo.com
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

Hi Dear,
how are you? my name is jackson i am 50, am a european, originally from GERMANY but base in the atlanta georgia,am a civil engineer by profession,catholic by religion..I lost my wife with our unborn child 5 years ago in a car accident which has made me a widower..Am a very honest man, very real and down to earth, and want to meet someone who is real who don"t look at age, color, money, car, house, job,cos to me those r material things i want to meet the woman GOD made REAL.. Well i was just browsing through profiles when i came accross urs, dear, only God's creations can compare to the beauty that I see in you, though everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it, and the greatest gift to my eyesight is having my eyes set on you. I know there are fake people out there, i hope you are a nice and real woman bcos life is to short for game, it's time to live and be happy..
I enjoy music, camping, walking, playing air-hockey, i love to travel sight seeing..i don"t drame to old for that i just want to meet that real woman.....honest, down to earth that real unconditional love.....GOT TO BE REAL.....you can email me at jacksonlovinguy@hotmail.com /engineer_harrison2008@yahoo.com...Well i guess i have to stop here for now but before i go wanna let u know that am presently in WEST AFRICA for a project which i will be coming back to the state in 2 weeks time,and am also ready to relocate to where ever i find my soul mate.. will be looking forward to hear from u soon.. ....be safe and have a nice day..
warm regards,

Joyce N: Hello
Jackson: Hi Joyce..
Joyce N: Howdy
Jackson: am fine.
Jackson: and u?
Joyce N: I'm fine also
Jackson: nice to hear that..
Jackson: wahts ur real name?>
Joyce N: Joyce
Joyce N: Why would I make up a nickname like that?
Jackson: just asking babe.. well i like the smaile u r putting on..
Jackson: tell me r u single?
Joyce N: Yes
Jackson: have kids?
Joyce N: I have one adult son
Jackson: ohh ic..
Jackson: do u live alone?
Joyce N: Yes.  Just me and my critters
Jackson: ohh ic..
Jackson: whats ur profession.. am a self employed civil engineer
Joyce N: I'm a book supplier
Jackson: ohh ic..
Jackson: tell me dear, why r u up on here..?
Joyce N: Up on where?
Jackson: yeah babe... cos for me am here in search for a soul mate
Joyce N: Oh okay
Jackson: tell me whats r ur hobbies?
Joyce N: I watching TV, and watching movies, and watching stuff on the internet
Jackson: i love swimming, camping, and playing golf
Jackson: tell me when was ur last date and whats the name of the city and state u r right now?
Joyce N: My last date was about 2 months ago
Joyce N: and I live in Wilmington, NC
Joyce N: How about you?
Jackson: havent go on any date since i lost my wife and i live in atl georgia but presently in west africa for a project.
Joyce N: Oh
Joyce N: What type of project?
Jackson: contructing of a bridge..
Joyce N: Good luck with that
Jackson: ok babe..
Jackson: so tell me babe do u belive in love?
Joyce N: Absolutely
Jackson: would i like to go into a long term relationship if u find the right ,man?
Joyce N: Yes.  But looking gets me so tired
Jackson: same here babe..
Jackson: have u met any man online b4?
Joyce N: No
Jackson: do u mean am the first man u r talking to?
Joyce N: Yes.  You're the first stranger I've talked to
Jackson: same here babe...
Jackson: and i just hope u r for real?
Joyce N: What's that supposed to mean?
Jackson: cos am scared of been hurt..
Joyce N: I'm not in the habit of hurting people
Jackson: good..
Jackson: tell me dear, have u heardof anyone who finds his or her soul mate on the net? am asking cos am very new to this though my only sister did
Jackson: and she's living presently in japan with her chinese guy
Joyce N: Sounds like a match made in Heaven
Jackson: yeah babe.. and thats what i want GOD  to do for me as well,.
Joyce N: Keep seraching and you'll find your Chinese guy
Jackson: lol..
Jackson: babe am not looking ofr a chineses guy ok?
Jackson: am looking for a woman like u
Joyce N: I know.  It was a joke
Jackson: ok..
Jackson: tell me babe what r the qualities u wan ur man to poses?
Joyce N: A sense of humor would be nice
Jackson: thats nice..
Joyce N: ok
Jackson: tell me honey do u believe inlove?
Joyce N: We discussed this earlier
Joyce N: I'll be signing off now
Jackson: why babe?
Joyce N: You're obviously busy
Joyce N: or you've lost interest
Jackson: nope babe..
Jackson: just working on some files..
Joyce N: Then I won't disturb your work
Joyce N: Maybe we'll chat again another day
Jackson: ok babe..
Joyce N: Goodbye
Jackson: thanks for ur understanding

The next day...

Jackson: Hi Angel..
Joyce N: Hello
Jackson: how r u doing today babe?
Joyce N: I'm fine.  How are you?
Jackson: cool..
Jackson: what tims is it where u r and how was ur night?
Joyce N: It's 1:06 pm here
Joyce N: And I had a nice night
Jackson: ohh ic..
Jackson: what r ur plans for today babe?
Joyce N: No plans yet.  Just relaxing for now
Jackson: dont u have to work?
Joyce N: I don't work Fridays
Jackson: ohh ic.. whats the nature of ur job?
Joyce N: I told you yesterday. I'm a book supplier
Jackson: ohh u told me that b4 m sorry..
Joyce N: It's okay
Jackson: so tell me dear, when was ur last date?
Joyce N: I told you that yesterday too
Jackson: nope babe..
Joyce N: Yep
Joyce N: You asked yesterday, and I told you January
Jackson: ok..
Jackson: sweetie, will u like to get maride if someone ask ur hands in m,arriege?
Joyce N: No.  I'm looking for a relationship, not marriage
Jackson: well i believe its all started with a relationship
Joyce N: Yes, and that's as we'll go because I'm not looking to remarry
Jackson: so tell me will like to go int a long term relationship with me if i ask u to?
Joyce N: Yes.  I would be willing to do that
Jackson: so tell me dear r u the kind of woman that will love her man for better and for worst?
Joyce N: Yes.  That's me for sure
Jackson: good.. well honey i just wanna let u know that i cought by ur profile when i first saw it
Jackson: just dont know what its is but from the way i feel i know u r thek ind of woman i will reallyl ikr to go into a relationsip with
Joyce N: Thanks.  You're a real sweatheart
Jackson: u r welcome....
Jackson: tell me dear, do u believe inlove?
Joyce N: Yes.  Of course
Jackson: same here my honey..
Jackson: sweetie onece am inlove with a woman no turning back
Jackson: so tell me will u love me for better and for worst?
Joyce N: Yes.  I will
Joyce N: Good times and bad times
Jackson: good..
Joyce N: I hope you feel the same
Jackson: with all my heart babe and for better and for worst..
Joyce N:  Then I guess we've got ourselves a deal
Jackson: sweetie, from the very first time isaw ur profile
Jackson: something tells me that u r the one have been searching for..
Joyce N: That makes me feel special
Jackson: will always make u feel special
Jackson: will always treat u like a lady..
Joyce N: Thanks.  I'll do the same for you
Jackson: sweetie cant u see there's lot of chemistry between us?
Joyce N: Yes.  We're like vinegar and baking soda, and our love volcano will start spewing it's lava all over the place
Jackson: ok my love..
Jackson: honey let me not use the word love for now cos it might sound too soon to ur hearin
Jackson: let me say i like u
Joyce N: I like you too
Joyce N: but I wouldn't have objected to the word love
Jackson: as time goes on babe we will both have object for that ok..
Jackson: but i believe its not going to be too long cos i believe we r both enough to know what we want and need in life
Joyce N: Yes.  I think you have your goals, and I have mine
Jackson: yeah babe..
Jackson: sweetie do u have ur own house or rent?
Joyce N: I'm a home owner
Joyce N: Same house for almost 30 years
Jackson: woow.. thats great..
Jackson: do u have a car?
Joyce N: Yes
Jackson: what modern?
Joyce N: I drive a 2004 Honda Civic
Jackson: ohh ic..
Jackson: well honey u r free to ask what ever u wanna know about me ok?
Joyce N: Where did you go to college?
Jackson: oxford london
Joyce N: Wow.  You must very smart to be accepted there
Jackson: nope babe.. my dad once live there
Jackson: b4 he died
Joyce N: Then I guess that makes you a legacy
Jackson: yeah babe..
Jackson: do u have families?
Joyce N: Just my son
Jackson: no borther no sister?
Joyce N: No.  I was an only child
Jackson: oh ic..
Jackson: what about ur parent?
Joyce N: They died at Altamont
Jackson: am sorry my love..
Jackson: mine also but still have my mum..
Joyce N: How old is she?
Jackson: 80
Joyce N: Does she live in a nursing home?
Jackson: nope babe she live in my fathers hous in BERLIN
Joyce N: Oh.  Okay
Joyce N: Is she German?
Jackson: yeah babe.. am a full born germany
Joyce N: An 80 year old German...
Joyce N: I hope she wasn't involved in that whole holocaust thing
Jackson: nope babe..
Jackson: thanks.
Joyce N: Good to hear that.  But still I think she needs questioning
Jackson: u r very caring babe.. thanks a million
Joyce N: Yeah...
Joyce N: You're welcome
Jackson: well sweetie i really hate to do this
Jackson: but thinki have to go for now
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: We'll chat again tomorrow
Jackson: ok babe..
Joyce N: I'll miss you
Jackson: i will miss u too honey..
Joyce N: Goodbye
Jackson: good bye lover

The next day...

Joyce N: Hello
Jackson: Hi..
Jackson: how r u doing babe?
Joyce N: I'm fine.  How are you?
Jackson: cool
Jackson: do u have to wok today?
Joyce N: No
Joyce N: I don't work weekends
Jackson: ohh ic.. well  am still in the office but will be going back home in the next 2 hours
Joyce N: You have a home over there?
Jackson: nope
Jackson: am living in an hotel..
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: So how has your day been so far?
Jackson: well honey my day has been good from the very frist day u walk into my life.
Joyce N: Then I guess you've had a great two days then
Jackson: sweetie, last night i had a dream of me and u
Jackson: standing together in the beach
Jackson: holding hands and gazing to the morning sun as its rises from the easth
Joyce N: Wow
Joyce N: Really?
Jackson: its was really amazing... thought it was real untill reality hit  me up
Jackson: and only to dis it was a dream...
Jackson: tell me joyce, will u help me make this dream come true
Joyce N: I will do all in power to make this come true
Jackson: honey , this might really sound too soon to ur hearing
Jackson: but just wanna let u know that i love u with all my heart..
Joyce N: Wow
Joyce N: I'm so glad to hear that
Joyce N: Because I love you too!!!
Jackson: M,mmmm, really?
Joyce N: Yes.  I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it
Jackson: so tell me love. will u marry me if i ask ur hands in marriege?
Joyce N: I'm not interested in marriage.  I told you this before
Jackson: sorry
Jackson: relationship
Joyce N: We will simply have relations
Jackson: then i will have no option than to agrees with u
Jackson: honey A man's love cannot be satisfied by beauty alone; you're more than beautiful and that's why I love you
Joyce N: Thank you.  I'm am so enthralled by your man-love
Jackson: i love u joyve and i mean it with every single beat of my heart..
Joyce N: I love you too, baby
Jackson: tell me love.. what r ur plans for today?
Joyce N: I have to go grocery shopping
Jackson: ok my love..
Jackson: remember one woman for one man
Jackson: so no man should touch ok?
Joyce N: Okay.  I'll stop letting them do that
Jackson: good..
Jackson: i love u joyce..
Joyce N: I love you too
Jackson: sweetie dont u think we r surpose to talk on phone to prove that we r both for real?
Joyce N: Well that will be a problem since you are out of the country
Jackson: dont u have a long dis on ur phoine?
Joyce N: No.  I only have a local calling plan
Jackson: ok.. let me have ur cell #
Jackson: i will try and call u ok
Joyce N: The number is 980-867-5309, but if you're not dialing from the continental U.S., it won't go through
Jackson: ok babe..
Jackson: i love u babe..
Joyce N: I love you too
Jackson: wel sweetie i have to let u go get other stuffs done while i continue with my files ok
Jackson: though am going to miss u but i will be fine cos i have some great and special like u to miss
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: I'll miss you
Joyce N: and I'll think of you always
Jackson: i love u honey..
Joyce N: I love you too
Jackson: bye my love..
Joyce N: Goodbye
Jackson: good bye babe..
Jackson: i love uuuuuuuuuuuu

The next day...

Joyce N: Hello
Jackson: Hi love..
Jackson: how r udoing today?
Joyce N: I'm fine.  How are you?
Jackson: well have to say fine now that u r here..
Joyce N: Thank you very much
Jackson: waht r ur plans for todsay?
Joyce N: After I finish up here at work, I have to get my driver's license renewed
Jackson: thats great..
Joyce N: Not really.  I hate the DMV and everybody that works there
Joyce N: But I have to get it renewed so I don't get arrested next time I get a DUI
Jackson: ohh ic.. babe plz try and renewd it as sson as u get off work ok
Joyce N: I will
Jackson: ok..
Jackson: i love u honey..
Joyce N: I love you too
Jackson: honey i really wish u were here with me
Joyce N: Yes.  I hope that soon you and I will be together
Jackson: soon babe..
Jackson: sweetie can i ask u for a little fav?
Joyce N: Anything
Jackson: honey am having problem with the hotel manager where i lodge
Jackson: and he wants to trow me out just bcos i havent clear my bills interent and taxes
Joyce N: Why haven't you paid?
Jackson: sweetie remeber i told u am a self emplyed here.. and have beenliving with my first payment
Joyce N: Yes
Jackson:  and now am out of cash
Jackson: and am not geting paid untill this project is done
Joyce N: Oh
Joyce N: When will the project be done?
Jackson: in 2 weeks time my love..
Jackson: sweetie i really need ur help and i promise to pay u back as soon as i get paid
Joyce N: How much do you need?
Jackson: sweetie all i need is just 300$ i promise to pay u bakc as soon as i get paid ok?
Joyce N: I trust you
Jackson: and i trust u too babe..
Joyce N: I will loan you the money, as long as you promise to repay me
Jackson: i will babe..
Jackson: thanks my love..
Jackson: i love u honey..
Joyce N: I love you too
Jackson: sweetie, is there any western union close to u
Joyce N: Western Union is in every gas station
Joyce N: and there are tons of gas stations nearby
Jackson: ok..
Jackson: what about moneygram money transfer?
Joyce N: Not that I know of
Joyce N: I think most gas stations do Western Union only
Jackson: ok..
Jackson: let me forward u all the info u needed to send me the money ok?
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: Just type it here.  I can't open a web browser at the moment
Jackson: ok my love..
Jackson: sweetie can u plz try and get it sent after work so u can give me all the info to collect it tonight?
Joyce N: I already told you I'm going to get my license after work
Joyce N: I'll send it tonight
Jackson: ok my love.....
Jackson: thanks my love..
Jackson: i love u honey..
Joyce N: I love you too
Jackson: ok my love.. well am going to be online at about 5 or 6 pm ur time ok
Joyce N: It will be much later than that when I send it
Jackson: ok my love..
Jackson: well i will be online from to 6am my time
Jackson: so i believe u would have been back by then
Joyce N: What time will that be here?
Joyce N: 1:00 am?
Joyce N: Yeah.  That will be fine
Jackson: ok babe..
Jackson: here r the info r u with a pen to write it out?
Joyce N: I've got a pen
Joyce N: Got it
Joyce N: But my pet's name isn't Billy
Jackson: lol..
Jackson: whats ur pet name my love?
Joyce N: Honcho
Jackson: Mmmmmmmm thats a lovely name babe..
Joyce N: Thanks
Jackson: sweetie i will really ove to hear ur voice if not for ur phone not having a long dis access
Joyce N: Me too
Joyce N: But soon we will be together, and we'll chat face to face
Jackson: yeah babe..
Jackson: sweetie i want u to send me the name of the neasert airport to u so i can book my flight strait to u
Jackson:  b4 going home if u want me to
Joyce N: Really?
Joyce N: I would love that
Jackson: yeah babe..
Joyce N: There's only one airport in the area.  Wilmington International Aiport (ILM)
Jackson: ok babe..
Jackson: well i want u to send the western union info with ur airport inf along ok?
Joyce N: I will
Jackson: do u have my email?
Joyce N: Yes.  Emails and Yahoo ID's are always the same
Jackson: goo..
Jackson: well let me give it to u again?
Jackson: engineer_harrison2008@yahoo.com
Joyce N: I have it
Jackson: thanks my love..
Jackson: sweetie i  really hate to do this but have to go get some files done b4 leaving the office ok
Joyce N: It's okay.  I need to go too
Jackson: i will miss u joyce..
Joyce N: I'll miss you too
Jackson: i love u my wife to be
Joyce N: I love you too
Jackson: bye my love.. i love u too,,,
Joyce N: Goodbye

Later that night, I sent the following email...

Hello Jackson,

I'm sorry I'm late.  I was hoping to catch you online, but I guess you went to bed.

I sent the money, and here's the Western Union info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Jackson Harrison / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Test Question:  What is your pet's name?
Answer:  Billy
Amount:  $300

Love always,


Bright and early the next morning, Jackson takes the fake info Western Union.  I later found out, he took the number to every Western Union in the area.

He came back and sent the following email...

Good morning love,
    how r u doing this morning, hope u r having a nice and warm morning, well sweetie i was really disapointed with the info u gave me, i went to all the western union on here and they said that sender did not even send any money.. tell me honey is it true u did not send any money cos thats what the whole western union i went to said, or did u send the money and made a mistake in the mtcn #?well sweetie i want u to contact the western union u sent this money or check the reciept again if u were the one who made a mistake in the mtcn # ok.. i love and miss u babe.. willbe looking forward to hear from u soon..
wamr regards,

Later that day...

Jackson: Hi love..
Joyce N: Hello
Jackson: did u get my message?
Joyce N: Yes.  I got it
Joyce N: I don't understand what your problem is
Jackson: sweetie tell me the truth did u really send me that money?
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: Why would I lie about something like that?
Joyce N: Do you think I'm some kind of liar or something?
Jackson: sweetie, am not calling u a lier
Jackson: and i know u cannot lie to me..
Jackson: plz go to www.westernunion.com and click tracking u will see what am talking about
Joyce N: Did you go to Western Union this morning?
Joyce N: or did you just track it online?
Jackson: i went to all the western union here in lagos..
Jackson: sweetie they all told me the same thing no match found..
Jackson: they said the sender did not even send them oeny
Joyce N: That is ridiculous
Joyce N: Why would they say that?
Jackson: its really amazing babe.
Jackson: i gave them the info u gave me sweetie
Jackson: u can track it urself to see what am talking about ok?
Joyce N: Okay
Jackson: do that right away am still here ok..
Joyce N: Okay
Jackson: did u get the western union page i forward to u?
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: I got an error message
Jackson: have to send u that, if u r doubting me let me send it again ok
Joyce N: I saw it
Joyce N: I'm so confused
Joyce N: What happened to my money?
Jackson: sweetie nothing happens to ur money ok?
Joyce N: Something happened to it or you would have it in your pocket now
Jackson: sweetie after sending the money do they gave u reciept?
Joyce N: Yes
Jackson: r u still with thje reciept or left it at home?
Joyce N: It's at home
Joyce N: I didnt' think I would need it at work
Jackson: yeah babe..
Jackson: just call the western union u sent the money from and ask for ur money and resend it ok
Joyce N: I'll do that after work
Jackson: well i just want u to know that am saying nothing but the truth..
Jackson: sweetie, i was really stress out today running from one western union to another..thinking that this people dont wanna give me the money u sent me
Joyce N: I just can't understand why this happened
Jackson: sweetie where did u send this money from?
Joyce N: A Texaco gas station
Jackson: is it close to ur work?
Joyce N: No.  It's close to home
Jackson: well thats not a problem ok... u can go there and  ask for ur money.. and resend it ok
Joyce N: I will do that.  I want to find out where my money is

Note from James:  At this point, I invite Jackson to view my webcam

Joyce N: Somebody has the money somewhere
Joyce N: and I wil find it
Jackson:  r u the one on this webcam?

Joyce N: Yeah
Jackson: why wrap with money?
Joyce N: Oh!!!!
Joyce N: There it is !
Joyce N: You found it!!!!
Jackson: lol..
Jackson: let me see ur face
Joyce N: How about I show you my finger

Jackson: u r such a big fool
Jackson: get the fuck out of the net
Jackson: idiot..
Joyce N: You're the fucking fool that went to every Western Union in town!
Jackson: basterd
Joyce N: Your parents must be ashamed.  They raised a fool
Jackson: ur parent will die b4 the end of this year..
Joyce N: My parents can beat up your parents
Jackson: fuck u
Joyce N: You better hope your folks don't Google your name
Joyce N: They might find this:  http://home.earthlink.net/~justpruitt/MarkHarrison.html
Jackson: lick my ass hole

Jackson signs off and blocks me.