Fred's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow.  She's self employed, very trusting, and willing to help out a friend in need.  Little does the scammer know, Joyce is really a 27 year old man.
Scammer's Name: Fred Scott / Joe Jame
Real Name:  Oroniran Opeyemi
Email: &
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Profile: MySpace & MySpace

Hello Am fred scott male 47 from fl but am in th uk working there. i will love to know you well. my yahoo id is

Fred : Hello Nelson
Joyce: My name is Joyce
Fred : Okay
Fred : How are you doing my love?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Fred : Am cool
Fred : Have you marry
Joyce: I'm not currently married
Fred : Why
Joyce: Because he passed away in 1998
Fred : Co's am looking for someone like you joyce?
Joyce: Thanks
Fred : What you mean?
Joyce: Thanks means kind regards for something was taken with pleasure
Fred : You mean you can?
Joyce: Yeah.
Fred : But Why now love?
Joyce: What?
Fred : Co's i love you joyce
Joyce: Thanks

Sort of an odd chat.  I'm guessing he ran out of time at his cafe and didn't realize until it was too late.  It's also fairly obvious that this scammer is inexperienced. 

Four days later, we chatted again.  It appears that he forgot which scam he was trying to pull...

Fred : Hello
Joyce: Hello
Fred : How are you doing?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Fred : am cool
Joyce: That's good to hear
Fred : k
Fred : Are you intrested in the job offer love
Joyce: What job offer?
Fred : We are looking for a representatives who is based in United States, Someone who his Faithful and Honest who will be helping us recieving payments from our customers based in the states.We are willing to pay $400 per everypayment you recieve from our clients on our behalf and you can still keep ur regular job while you work as it wouldn't affect your present state of job.
Joyce: No thanks
Fred : Why just to help us to recivce payment from our client
Joyce: Not interested
Fred : you will not have any problem
Fred : okay

All he had to do was push just a little more and I would have played along and accepted the job offer.  However, it looks as if he ran out of time again.

Two days later...

Fred : Hello
Joyce: Hello
Fred : how are you doing
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Fred : Am not feeling fine love
Joyce: Why?
Fred : Bcos i have a problem?
Joyce: What kind of problem?
Fred : i can't talk every welll?
Joyce: I can see
Fred : my brother has an accindent
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: I'm sorry to hear that
Fred : Thanks?
Fred : Love
Joyce: You're welcome
Fred : Love I need your help love
Joyce: How?
Fred : Can you do it for me love
Joyce: Do what?
Fred : I said that i need your need
Joyce: What kind of help?
Fred : Just to assist me
Joyce: Assist you how?
Fred : May you have some money to Assist me
Joyce: How much?
Fred : Like 300$
Joyce: If I loan it to you, will you pay it back?
Fred : Yes
Joyce: How soon could you pay me back?
Fred : when i get pay from my working place
Joyce: Do you swear that you will repay me?
Fred : i promise you love
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I trust you
Fred : When are you going to send it to me love?
Joyce: Maybe tomorrow
Fred : can you give me your home address
Joyce: 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Fred : Your full name
Joyce: Joyce Nelson
Fred : your cell phone
Joyce: You don't need that
Fred : k
Fred :  How the you send it to me love
Joyce: Do you want me to mail you a check or something?
Fred : what do you mean
Joyce: I mean mail you a check
Fred : Are you going to send me the money now?
Joyce: No.  Not now
Joyce: Maybe tomorrow
Fred : okay
Fred : Can give you the info now
Fred : ?
Joyce: okay
Fred : sender name  ::: fred
Recivcer  Name ::; scott
Address :::::  ipaja road
City :::::::   agege
State::::::;  lagos
Fred : You got it now love
Joyce: ok
Fred : The you know how to send to some one in wester unoin?
Joyce: Yes. I've used it before
Fred : okay
Fred : Send the info to
Fred : With the mtcn number
Fred : okay
Joyce: Okay
Fred : When
Joyce: Probably tomorrow morning
Fred : I have to go now lovw?
Fred : okay
Joyce: okay
Joyce: Goodnight

Late that night, I sent the following email with the standard fake info...

Hello Fred,

I'm sorry I'm late. I was hoping to catch you online, but I guess you went to bed. I sent the money, and here's the Western Union info:

MTCN: 7003681580
Sender: Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver: Fred Scott / Ipaja Road / Agege, Lagos, Nigeria
Test Question: Where do we chat?
Answer: Yahoo
Amount: $300

Love always,


Fred got the email early the next morning, and here's what I think went down.  He took the fake info to Western Union and, of course, was unable to claim the money.  He also found out that he would need identification to claim the money.  (Do to his obvious inexperience, he didn't realize he would need ID and he gave me his scam name, Fred Scott).  While he was there, I'm guessing the clerk told him the number was incorrect.

I don't have any way of supporting this theory.  I'm making this assumption after re-reading the chat you are about to read.  Plus, after doing this to over 100 scammers, I'm think I'm pretty knowledgable of both Nigerian Western Union policies, and also the mind of the average Nigerian scammer.

Fred : How are you doing?
Fred : Hello
Joyce: Hello
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Fred : Am cool
Joyce: That's good to hear
Fred : Have you send the money
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Did you not get my email earlier?
Fred : Can resend it love
Joyce: Check your inbox
Fred : I mean the address that i give you is not good love
Joyce: That's the address you gave me yesterday
Fred : What is the time there now
Joyce: 10:06 am
Fred : Okay
Fred : I want to give you the address to resend the money again?
Fred : k
Joyce: What?
Fred : I mean i will give you another
Joyce: I'm not giving you any more money
Fred : Why
Fred : I mean i will give you another address
Joyce: $300 was enough
Joyce: I will not give you more
Fred : Nope love
Fred : All what i'm talking about is just that i want you to go back to western union and get that ur $300 back and i will give you another information to send the money coz i misplace my id card and i want you to send it to one of my friend that work in Western union location here ??
Joyce: What is the new address?
Fred : Plz My Love
Joyce: What is the new address?
Fred : My Friend Information That I Want You To Send The Money Too??
Joyce: Okay
Fred : All What I You Have To Do Is To Just Go Back To That Location You Send The Money And Get Ur Money Back And You Will Tell Him That You Wanna Send It To A New Information.
Fred : You Got That Right?
Joyce: ok
Joyce: Will Western Union let me edit the info over the phone?
Fred : Nope.. Plz I Want You To Go Back To That Western Union Outlet.
Joyce: What is his address?
Fred : Name :: Oroniran Opeyemi
Address :: 23 Uniond Rd
City :: Ikeja,
State :: Lagos
Zipcode :: 23401
Country :: Nigeria
Text Question :: I Love You.
Answer  :::   Joyce
Fred : I Want You To Get A Pen And Get It Writting Down.
Joyce: Writing now
Fred : OK.
Joyce: okay
Joyce: I've got it
Fred : When you Get To Western Union Outlet What Will You Tell Them?
Joyce: I think I will call them
Joyce: I don't want to go back there
Fred : Why?
Joyce: Because I'm at work now
Fred : Oh I C.... They Can't Complete The Transaction Fully On Phone.

Note from James:  Yes, they can.  Fred doesn't want me to call Western Union because the customer service representative might tip me off about Nigerian scammers.

Joyce: Then I guess you will have to wait until tomorrow
Fred : Ohh Ok. But You Know That I Need The Money Urgentlly And I Guess You Can Just Send Me The Money Online Via Western Union And You Will Go And Get That Back Tommorrow?
Fred : Or What Do You Think About That Sweetie?
Joyce: Tomorrow
Joyce: I don't use my credit card online

Note from James:  Again, he's afraid a Western Union employee will tip me off.  I'm guessing he's receiving some coaching right about now.

Joyce: and I'm going to get my original $300 back first
Fred : Why Sweetie?
Joyce: Because I said so
Fred : Ok.. So Once You Get That Ur $300 What Will You Do Next?
Fred : My Love?
Joyce: I'll resend it to the new address
Fred : Thanks And God Bless You Sweetie.
Joyce: You're welcome
Fred : But I Guess Your Time There Should Just Be 10.30am So You Can Still Send The Money In The Afternoon Or Night Time Today Babe?
Fred : So That The Money Can Get Pick Up First Thing Tommorrow Morning
Joyce: Probably not
Joyce: I'll do it before work tomororw
Fred : Plz Try To Do It In The Evening Time So That The Money Can Get Pick Up First Thing Tommorrow Morning.
Fred : Plz I'm On My Knee Right Now
Joyce: I'll do what I can
Fred : Plz Promise Me That You Will Get It Done In The Evening??
Joyce: I'll do it when I can
Fred : As soon as you get the money sent i want you to scan the receipt that the gave you and the information needed to my e-mail address
Joyce: okay

Note from James:  This is where I knew for sure that he really went to Western Union with the fake number.  I knew I couldn't send him back, so it was time to turn things around.

Fred : Can you do that for me my love?
Joyce: Will you be able to receive mail this time?
Fred : How do you mean?
Fred : Put me right
Joyce: You didn't receive the email I sent last night
Fred : I got it babe.
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: Okay
Fred : Just make sure you scan the receipt and the information needed to get the money pick up to me.
Joyce: Okay
Fred : I will be very very happy and excited if you can get it done today.
Joyce: I'll do it when I can
Joyce: Don't rush me
Fred : I'm very sorry
Joyce: You are starting to annoy me
Fred : Plz don't be mad at me
Fred : Plz Plz Plz Plz
Fred : I'm Very Very Sorry
Joyce: Then stop acting like a fucking baby
Fred : lol
Joyce: It's not funny
Joyce: It's quite sad actually
Joyce: You're behaving like a child
Fred : Ok.. I'm Very Very Sorry
Fred : Don't be mad at me
Fred : Can you track the money online ur self and see if it's still available for pick up.
Fred : Track it online urself sweetie.
Joyce: I already cancelled it
Joyce: on the phone
Joyce: I didn't want you to claim both
Fred : With Who?
Joyce: Western Union
Joyce: 1-800-325-6000
Fred : Hun
Fred : You Calling Them
Joyce: I already did
Fred : Hang Up The Phone.
Joyce: Why?
Fred : Hang Up The Phone.
Joyce: No
Joyce: Why?
Joyce: You wanted to claim BOTH
Joyce: That's why
Fred : Stop Calling Them.
Fred : You will complte the transaction tommorrow
Joyce: No.  I will see if I solve this issue now
Joyce: brb
Fred : On what issue is that???
Joyce: OH MY GOD
Joyce: Are you a scammer?
Fred : No No Sweetie
Fred : What is that babe??
Joyce: They said so
Joyce: Nigeria and scams
Fred : No No Babe
Joyce: Then they asked for a name
Joyce: and I said the only name I could think of was Oroniran Opeyemi
Fred : I Can't Lie To You Babe
Joyce: and they said that sounded like an African Nigerian Scammer Name
Joyce: and then I got upset
Fred : That Is My Friend Name
Fred : That Will Help Me To Recieve The Money
Joyce: There will be no money now
Fred : Babe Common I Can't Lie To You.
Fred : How do you mean sweetie?
Joyce: I am not sending it
Joyce: They refunded my original $300
Joyce: and I will not send anymore
Fred : My Love I Can't Rip You Off
Joyce: That's right
Joyce: Because you TRIED but you FAILED
Fred : Why Are You Talking Like This?
Joyce: Because you tried to scam me for money
Fred : Nope.\
Fred : I'm not trying to scam you.
Fred : I won't
Fred : Trust Me Plz.
Fred : I'm Begging You Sweetie.
Fred : Plz Plz Plz Plz
Fred : Plz Talk To Me Sweetie.
Joyce: BRB
Fred : why my love?
Joyce: I'm praying
Fred : what about my love?
Fred : I was praying for you to die
Fred : No Hunnnnnnnnn
Fred : Why are you saying this to me love
Joyce: Because you tried to steal me pot of gold
Fred : What are you talking about?
Fred : Hun
Joyce: You're a scammer
Joyce: Everybody in Nigeria is a scammer
Joyce: and they are all going to hell
Joyce: even the babies
Fred : Nope Sweetie.
Fred : I'm Not
Joyce: Western Union already said you are going to hell
Fred : Ohh KNow Babe
Fred : I'm Not Here To Play Any Kinda Game
Joyce: Go away, scammer
Joyce: There is no more money for you
Joyce: Shew! Shew!
Fred : Plz am so sorry
Fred : okay love
Joyce: I want you to do me a favor
Fred : what love
Joyce: I want you to go into the street and find a way to die
Fred : So You Want Me To Dieee?
Joyce: Yes.  Immediately please
Fred : That's Bad
Joyce: Not as bad trying to steal $300
Fred : I'm Not
Joyce: Good
Joyce: Because you aren't getting it
Fred : Ohh It's Very Very Bad That You Don't Trust Me
Joyce: No
Joyce: It's bad for you
Joyce: No Trust = No Money
Fred : Why are you saying this to me love
Joyce: You should sign off now
Fred : Why Love
Joyce: It's time for you to die now
Fred : Plz And Plz
Fred : You are my everthing love
Joyce: You are nothing to me
Joyce: I don't love you
Joyce: I hate you
Fred : Why love
Fred : Plz
Joyce: I don't have to explain anything to you
Fred : plz you know that i love you
Joyce: I will block you now
Fred : Plz
Fred : Not block me
Fred : okay
Joyce: Bye forever
Fred : Plz

I had no intention of really blocking him.  Since the Western Union trip didn't go completely as planned (not enough crying from Fred), I decided to try something else...

The next day, I was online and I saw Fred sign in.  Fred quickly signed out and, as expected, a mysterious stranger came along...

joe_lookingforwoman: Hello
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: Hello
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: Who are you?
joe_lookingforwoman: I'm Joe Jame
joe_lookingforwoman: and you
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: Where did you get my ID?
joe_lookingforwoman: Myspace
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: Wrong
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: My ID isn't listed on MySpace
joe_lookingforwoman: What do you mean
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: MySpace doesn't list ID's
joe_lookingforwoman: What are you saying?
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: I'm saying you are a liar
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: Now go away

One minute later, Fred signs back in...

Fred : Hello
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: So that was you
Fred : What are you trying to say love
Joyce: You just can't stop lying
Fred : I not really know what you are saying love?
Joyce: Go away
Fred : Try to ear me well love?
Fred : plz?:-S
Joyce: I don't care to ear anything from you
Joyce: I don't trust you
Fred : But why love?
Joyce: I think you do this to lots of women
Fred : I just you want to remember the day our relationship
Joyce: That is over
Fred : Why Love?
Joyce: You are dead to me
Fred : Plz And Plz @};- love
Joyce: You have given me no reason to trust you
Fred : What love?
Joyce: You are a scammer
Joyce: I don't trust you
Fred : No let somebody to tell you anything about that love?
Joyce: I can never trust you
Fred : Why you want to trust me again love?
Joyce: I don't think anything will make me trust you
Joyce: I know you chat with lots of other women too
Fred : No Love?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: On Yahoo and Myspace
Fred : NO NO NO
Joyce: Yes yes yes
Fred : You are the only that i have in my messneger here
Joyce: I dont' believe you
Fred : love?
Fred : You are have make cry?
Joyce: I don't care
Fred : plz
Joyce: You have other women to chat with
Joyce: Go bother them
Fred : No Love Trust Me
Fred : Plz
Fred : Come Dwon Love Plz
Fred : Okay?
Joyce: No
Joyce: Ho chat with your other lady friends
Joyce: You probably have lots of them on your Messenger
Fred : No Love Plz
Fred : The i gave you  my password
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Let me see
Fred : Plz love?
Joyce: So you are not going to show me?
Joyce: Now I know you were lying again
Fred : No
Joyce: Okay
Fred : U there
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: BRB
Fred : U there
Fred : Yes Love?

At this point, I changed the password.  I wanted to be able to examine and change everything I wanted to without worrying about him regretting his choice and changing the password himself.

Judging from the chat below, he apparently thought I was only interested in his inbox, which contained almost nothing.   There were only three emails.  There was an ivitation to join some dating site designed for people with military backgrounds. There was also an email he sent to himself with a man's photo (the same photo used on his other ID, Joe Jame).  The third, and most important, email was his MySpace registration, which contained his MySpace password.

I checked out his MySpace account, but it was pretty bare.  He sent out numerous emails in the last two weeks, but only two replies.  One was a sarcastic remark from a lady ("Nice English"), and the other was a rejection for "job offer" scam he was doing.

From there, I decide to see if Joe Jame had an account, and he did.  Lucky for me, exact same password.  This MySpace was completely was apparently newly registered.  He had not even added a photo yet.  His Yahoo email inbox was empty too.

Oh, yeah... and I left numerous tags on both profiles.  Both feature this warnings prominently displayed, and both feature this...

If you want to check out their profiles, links are at the top of this page.

It took Fred a few minutes, be he finally realized that I had changed his Yahoo password...

joe_lookingforwoman: How The you change my password?
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: I'm sorry I changed it
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: Wait a minute
joe_lookingforwoman: Why Love
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: I'll change it back
joe_lookingforwoman: Plz that is my life
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: Okay
joe_lookingforwoman: What is the name plz joyce
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: Just one sec
joe_lookingforwoman: k
joe_lookingforwoman: Plz Joyce
joe_lookingforwoman: okay
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: Okay
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: I changed it back
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: Did you go back?
joe_lookingforwoman: What is the name love
Mrs. Joyce T. Nelson: [EDIT:  PASSWORD REMOVED]
joe_lookingforwoman: nice

I changed his password back, but not before I had a little fun with his Yahoo Messenger as well...

He had over a dozen women on his buddy list.  They were separated into four categories:  Lover (9 women), My Love (2 women, including Joyce), Nigeria (1 obvious scammer), and Woman Job (1 woman).

I contacted each person, sans the scammer, and let them know about Fred.  I also included a link to this page.  I then deleted them all.

I checked out Joe Jame's Yahoo Messenger, but it was completely empty.

A few minutes later...

Joyce: Hi
Fred : Hello
Fred : Love have you forgive me now?
Joyce: Yes.
Joyce: I forgive you
Fred : Thanks love
Fred : Love I will not be here on tomrrow>
Joyce: Why?
Fred : Cos I want to go some where love?
Joyce: Where are you going?
Fred : To my mummy Place love?
Joyce: You're going to a tomb?
Fred : What are you saying to me love
Joyce: The Mummy's Tomb?
Fred : Yeah?
Joyce: Be sure to be respectful
Joyce: Because mummies often seek revenge
Fred : Thanks Love?
Joyce: You're welcome
Fred : I want to ask you one thing love?
Joyce: Ask me anything
Fred : Can i know your passwors love?
Joyce: No
Fred : Why Love?
Joyce: Because only an idiot would give someone their password
Fred : aH
Fred : Tell Me Now Love?
Joyce: No
Fred : Plz
Joyce: NO!!!!!!!!
Joyce: Why do you want it?
Fred : Just to see something your box
Joyce: Nope
Fred : bocs gave you my own now love?
Joyce: I don't share my password
Fred : Plz Love?
Joyce: Never
Fred : Okay
Fred : What are you asking my password for love
Joyce: I didn't ask
Joyce: You offered to give it to me
Fred : Why are you saying it to me love
Joyce: I think you are just upset with me and you want revenge
Fred : No Love
Fred : Why are you saying that?
Joyce: Because you changed your password again
Fred : Is That why
Joyce: Yes
Fred : What your password 1st before i gave you my own again
Fred : okay love?
Joyce: I will not give you my password
Fred : Ok
Fred : I will too
Joyce: You just want to delete all my friends
Joyce: like I did to you
Fred : No Love
Fred : I will Not delete them
Fred : Trust me Love
Joyce: No
Joyce: I will not give you my password
Fred : plz
Joyce: You are just upset because I contacted all your friends before I deleted them
Fred : Nope Love
Fred : I will not
Fred : Okay
Joyce: NO
Joyce: You will never know my password
Fred : Okay
Fred : Plz and plz love
Joyce: No
Fred : I will not delete
Joyce: and no
Fred : You that love is everything joyce
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I know
Fred : Okay
Fred : why Are you not gave it to me love
Joyce: Because I don't want to
Fred : What is that love?
Fred : Plz LOve?
Joyce: Please don't act this way
Joyce: This will be our last chat and it should be special
Fred : what do you mean
Joyce: We will not chat again
Fred : Is That Why?
Joyce: Because you are a scammer
Fred : Am not okay
Joyce: Yes, you are scammer boy
Fred : Love Stop That
Joyce: I saw all the ladies in your Messenger
Fred : Noep Love
Joyce: I wrote to all of them
Joyce: I told them about you
Joyce: and then I deleted them
Fred : yeah?
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: I still have all their addresses
Joyce: I proved that you are a scammer
Fred : I said stop that Joyce
Fred : NO
Fred : Have no address in my box okay
Joyce: I know
Joyce: I deleted them
Fred : Is only your address in my box?
Joyce: Now it is
Joyce: Because I deleted the "LOVERS"

Fred : How the you know that ?.
Joyce: Because I saw it
Fred : Cos i gave you my password
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Thanks for the password
Joyce: It let me know that you were a scammer
Fred : Plz forgive me ?
Joyce: I'm sorry, mugu
Joyce: but you lose
Fred : What do you mean my mugu?
Joyce: You know exactly what I mean
Fred : No Love
Joyce: Ask your parents
Fred : What Are you talking about?
Joyce: I think you are a child
Fred : Yes
Joyce: LOL
Joyce: I knew it
Joyce: 11
Fred : What do you mean
Joyce: I think you are 11 years old
Fred : No
Joyce: 10?
Fred : hey
Fred : Stop that
Joyce: I think I guess correct!
Joyce: 10 Years old!!
Fred : Am not here to play game here
Fred : okay
Joyce: Well I am
Joyce: and I won
Joyce: Winner = Me
Joyce: Loser = Oroniran Opeyemi
Fred : okay

After our break up, Fred went looking for more women.  He has sent out hundreds of emails to single women on MySpace, but he hasn't had much success.  In fact, most women don't even read his messages.  I guess it's because of his new profile pics: