Franklyn's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 61 year old widow.  She is also the proud mother of one son, James.  Franklyn contacted Joyce through Tagged, the lowball version of MySpace.  
About the Scammer...
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Aliases: Franklyn Collinsbell, Godwin Ojo, Muritala Muhammed, Ikelil Hassen, Dare Williams
Email address:
Profiles: MySpace and Tagged
Note: Franklyn is just one of many scammers that has ripped off pics from Steve from the Focus Hawaii site.  If Steve ever found out, I'm sure he would be ripping the hair plugs right out of his stupid monkey head.

my name is franklyn collinsbell i was born in spain in madrid why my dad is from
united state but i was rase in united state in brooklyn i am looking for a serious relationship but as at now i am bact to spain u can get to know each other more by talking in my yahoo messanger in or by sending me a mail to my inbox

Joyce N: Hey, Frank. How's it goin'?
Franklyn: as pls
Joyce N: What?
Franklyn: who are u pls
Joyce N: When someone sends an email asking to chat, I kinda expect them to know who the person is
Joyce N: or do you just send a bunch of random emails to strangers on Tagged?
Franklyn: ohh sorry ok
Franklyn: who are u pls
Joyce N: Forget it
Franklyn: how u doing
Franklyn: and what is ur name
Joyce N: Piss off.  You don't even know who you send emails to
Franklyn: but why u talking like this i was at my working place i mean i was in my office for a hole day
Joyce N: Do you even speak English?
Franklyn: \yeap
Joyce N: Who taught you?  Borat?

Despite a rocky start, Franklyn never blocked Joyce.  He contacted her again the next day...

Franklyn: Hello
Franklyn: Honey
Franklyn: ??
Joyce N: Hello
Franklyn: How are u doing
Joyce N: I'm fine. How are you?
Franklyn: Cool as well
Franklyn: and how was ur day looking like Honey
Joyce N: It's going pretty good
Franklyn: Oh that Great
Franklyn: wat did u do for living
Joyce N: I'm semi-retired
Franklyn: Ohh
Franklyn: so Great
Joyce N: I am part owner of a bakery, but I no longer work there full time
Franklyn: I Love that
Joyce N: Me too.  Free donuts.
Franklyn: Ok
Franklyn: so did u employe many worker there
Joyce N: Not many
Joyce N: About 30
Franklyn: Ok
Franklyn: and u still single??
Joyce N: Yes
Franklyn: u have any Kids??
Joyce N: I have one son
Franklyn: Wow
Franklyn: Like my as well
Franklyn: i have one also
Joyce N: How old is your son?
Franklyn: 21 years Old
Joyce N: My son is 27
Franklyn: so tell me a little more about u
Joyce N: What would you like to know?
Joyce N: BRB
Franklyn: Ok
Joyce N: I'm back
Franklyn: so tell me wat up with u now
Joyce N: Just feeding my dog
Franklyn: that Great
Franklyn: so there one that my Mom want to give out for some that will take care of her
Joyce N: Do you live with your mother?
Franklyn: Yea
Franklyn: In west africa for now
Joyce N: I didn't know that
Franklyn: i was posted here by the managing director of the organisation
Joyce N: So you took your mother on a business trip?
Franklyn: Yea
Joyce N: That's just weird
Franklyn: why
Joyce N: Usually men take their mistresses
Franklyn: Yea
Joyce N: Taking your mother is something Norman Bates would do
Franklyn: It cos she too Older to talk care of her self
Franklyn: that is why
Joyce N: So you took an elderly lady to a third world country
Joyce N: That makes a lot of sense
Franklyn: Ok
Franklyn: well i think i have to go and clean Room i will be back in 3 hours time Ok
Joyce N: We'll chat again tomorrow
Franklyn: why tomorrow
Franklyn: i mean tonight
Joyce N: Because I'll be busy later
Franklyn: Ok
Franklyn: i will see u then
Joyce N: Bye
Franklyn: byee
Franklyn: Honey

The next day...

Franklyn: hi
Joyce N: Hello
Franklyn: how u doing
Franklyn: i miss u babe
Joyce N: I'm doing fine.  How about you?
Franklyn: as well ok
Franklyn: what have u been eating then babe
Joyce N: A bucket of chicken
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: that nice i luv that too babe
Joyce N: Yeah.
Franklyn: u busy
Joyce N: No.  You signed off for a minute
Franklyn: nope i told
Franklyn: bcos my mum system was having a bad connection babe
Joyce N: Okay
Franklyn: and how was ur kids doing are home now lol
Joyce N: My son doesn't live with me
Franklyn: dont he call u
Joyce N: No.  He usually speaks to me through his attorney
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: but dont u go tio ur breakry to day
Joyce N: I went to the bakery for about an hour or so
Franklyn: that nice bcos u need to be going to there ones in a while
Joyce N: Thank you, but I know how to run things on my own
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: sorry for putting my then ok
Joyce N: Yeah.  I'll make the schedules around here
Franklyn: alright
Joyce N: I didn't
Joyce N: I'm a widow
Franklyn: OK
Franklyn: i said when did u date a man last then
Joyce N: I was dating a man last year, but we ended that relationship around Thanksgiving
Franklyn: what happent that makes u to end the relationship
Joyce N: It's personal
Joyce N: And I would rather not discuss that right now
Franklyn: why
Joyce N: Because it's personal
Franklyn: are u hiding something from me
Joyce N: Fine
Joyce N: He raped me
Franklyn: wow such a stupid thing
Joyce N: I was the stupid one...
Joyce N: Wearing those tight sweaters and all
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: alright
Franklyn: but are u now ready for a serious relationship now
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: As long no one touches me
Joyce N: Ever
Franklyn: yeap ok
Franklyn: u sound like a good women asapt in a good carring as well
Joyce N: Thank you very much
Franklyn: do u know what
Joyce N: What?
Franklyn: u woman need to be pamperd but some men dont know that bcos they dont know how to take care of a women as well
Joyce N: That's very true
Franklyn: bcos u woman deserve the best
Franklyn: bcos u are made to be pride in life from jesus
Joyce N: Thanks. Very sweet
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: i forgot to tell u today is my birthday babe
Joyce N: Really?
Joyce N: Tomorrow is my son's birthday
Franklyn: thats great
Joyce N: Yes.  He'll be 27
Franklyn: we are born in the same date
Joyce N: No. A day apart
Franklyn: i mean i with ur son babe
Joyce N: Yeah, and it's a day apart
Joyce N: Yours today, his tomorrow
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: but i cant celebrate my babe
Franklyn: i mean my birthday
Joyce N: I'm so sorry to hear that
Franklyn: alright babe dont worry abt that babe ok
Joyce N: Okay
Franklyn: but can u try and be sending me a poem in my inbox babe
Joyce N: A poem?
Franklyn: yeap
Franklyn: i luv that so much
Joyce N: Okay.  I'll send you one
Franklyn: thnxs
Joyce N: You're welcome
Joyce N: I need to go now.
Franklyn: alright i will miss u babe
Joyce N: I'll miss you too
Franklyn: ok luv u babe
Joyce N: Goodnight.  I love you too
Franklyn: goodnight babe

The next day, I did as Franklyn requested and sent him a poem.  It was The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.  Later that day, we had the following chat...

Franklyn: hello
Joyce N: Hello
Franklyn: thnxs for what u wrote to me
Joyce N: You're welcome.  I wrote it with you in mind.
Franklyn: how was ur day Love
Joyce N: My day just began
Franklyn: can i have ur phone number so that i cam call u now Love
Joyce N: I'm sorry, but no
Franklyn: Ohh why
Franklyn: i wanna call u now u calling me Ok
Joyce N: I don't have a long distance calling plan
Franklyn: Ohh i see
Franklyn: Just Checking to hear ur Voice
Joyce N: Okay
Franklyn: so how is everybody doing
Joyce N: Everyone is fine
Joyce N: How's everything with you?
Franklyn: Cool as well
Franklyn: Just that am so sad a liitle with Mom situation
Franklyn: i ruch her to the Clinic today
Joyce N: That's not cool
Franklyn: she so sick
Joyce N: What's wrong with her?
Franklyn: she so sick
Joyce N: Yeah, but what's the sickness?
Franklyn: she was admmited Right Now
Franklyn: they haven't check that yet since there is no bill pay Yet and i have to pay Honey
Joyce N: You shouldn't pay any bill until they diagnose her illness.
Franklyn: i was Charge some amount of $900 and i only have $300 with me i dont know wat to do Nest
Joyce N: Oh
Joyce N: What are you going to do?
Franklyn: i do no wat to do Honey
Franklyn: i have no money Right Now
Franklyn: u there
Franklyn: why so Quiet
Joyce N: I was just crying about your mother
Franklyn: Ohh i see
Joyce N: I'm so worried about her and I hope everything works out
Franklyn: i need someone to help me out i donnt wanna loose her like i lost my DAD
Joyce N: I know the feeling.  I lost both my parents too
Joyce N: the same time
Joyce N: the same elevator explosion
Franklyn: Ohh my Word
Franklyn: can u help me out with any amount Honey
Joyce N: Oh
Joyce N: I'll be glad to help
Franklyn: so tell me can u send me the little amount u can Love
Joyce N: How much?
Franklyn: $500 i will try i get the remain Ok
Joyce N: No problem
Franklyn: so can i email you the western union informatiion
Franklyn: place to send the money
Joyce N: Just send it right here
Franklyn: Ok
Franklyn: TALK TO ME
Franklyn: DID U SEE THAT
Franklyn: ??
Joyce N: Okay.  I'm writing it
Franklyn: oK
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: Sure thing, Frank
Joyce N: I'll do it later
Franklyn: oK
Joyce N: No problem
Joyce N: Okay.  Tell her I said howdy
Joyce N: And tell her everything is going to be okay
Joyce N: Joyce is coming to her aid!
Franklyn: OKAY
Franklyn: SEE U LATER
Joyce N: Okay
Franklyn: AMEN
Franklyn: BYEE LOVE
Joyce N: Goodbye

Later that day...

Franklyn: Hey
Franklyn: Talkto me
Joyce N: Hello
Joyce N: I'm here
Franklyn: have u sent the money
Franklyn: ???
Joyce N: Yes. I sent it earlier this afternoon
Franklyn: Ok can i have the Ibnformatyion'
Franklyn: Information
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: MTCN # 7003681580
Joyce N: Sender's name:
Joyce N: Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St / Wilmington, NC 28403
Joyce N: Test Question: What is my color?
Joyce N: Answer: Pink
Franklyn: also can i have the reciever name
Joyce N: Godwin Ojo / 20 Surulere Road / Mushin, Lagos, Nigeria
Franklyn: that Great
Franklyn: i think in will have to go to Clean today Love
Franklyn: ??
Joyce N: Aren't you going to thank me?
Franklyn: Oh i will Love
Franklyn: Thanks alot Love
Joyce N: You're welcome
Franklyn: Ok
Franklyn: i think Doctor will Start Treatment Fast IOk
Franklyn: ok
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: I hope so

Note from James:  At this point, Franklyn signs offline for about 8 seconds, then returns.

Franklyn: I called and he says everythibng will be oK
Joyce N: Okay. I'm glad to hear that
Joyce N: It sounds like you have a great doctor
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: alright my luv
Joyce N: I'll talk with you tomorrow
Franklyn: ok my luv thnxs
Franklyn: i luv u with all my heart
Joyce N: I love you too
Joyce N: Bye
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: i luv

As expected, Franklyn goes to Western Union bright and early the next morning with the fake information.  I awake to find the following offline messages...

Franklyn (1/18/2007 4:14:20 AM): Hello
Franklyn (1/18/2007 4:14:52 AM): i went to western Union this Morning and they said the Number is Not Match
Franklyn (1/18/2007 4:15:06 AM): can u pls call them and ask wat is going On
Franklyn (1/18/2007 4:15:21 AM): and get back to me with the Real MTCN #
Franklyn (1/18/2007 4:15:50 AM): <ding>
Franklyn (1/18/2007 4:16:52 AM): ii will be Glad If u can called the Western Union and get back to me with Real MTCN #

Later that day...

Franklyn: How're u doing?
Joyce N: Hello
Joyce N: I'm fine. How are you?
Franklyn: I am fine and u?
Joyce N: I'm fine
Joyce N: How about you?
Franklyn: I just got to the bank this morning to receive the money and they told me that the Information did not match at all
Joyce N: But that doesn't make sense
Joyce N: How can it not match?
Franklyn: Please can you call the bank you sent the money through Immediately?
Joyce N: I didn't send it through a bank. I used Western Union
Franklyn: Yes you can call them or to the Western Union Office now
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: I'll call now
Franklyn: Alright
Franklyn: Should I wait???
Joyce N: BRB
Franklyn: OK..
Joyce N: Okay
Joyce N: Are you sure you used the correct number?
Franklyn: YEAP
Joyce N: That's not necessary. He said the money is available for pickup
Joyce N: Are you sure you gave them all the correct info?
Franklyn: OK
Franklyn: ALRIGHT
Franklyn: OK
Joyce N: What?
Joyce N: No. That's completely unnecessary
Joyce N: I'll scan you the receipt
Joyce N: Yes.  Just a sec.
Franklyn: THNXS

Franklyn: OK HONEY
Joyce N: Okay. Let me know when you pick it up
Franklyn: OK..I got to check with the bank again
Joyce N: Okay
Franklyn: I love you
Joyce N: I love you too
Franklyn: bye
Joyce N: Bye

The next day...

Franklyn: u there babe
Joyce N: Hello.
Joyce N: I'm here
Franklyn: are u just coming back fron bakery or are at home
Joyce N: I'm home now
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: i miss u honey
Joyce N: I miss you too
Franklyn: my son bright said hello to u bcos his with me here
Joyce N: Tell Bright I said hello
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: i will honey
Franklyn: he said he luv u and he will be praying for u and i so that u can be his mum
Joyce N: How old is he?
Franklyn: abt 24
Joyce N: That's a little old for someone to want a new mommy
Franklyn: alright honey
Franklyn: do u like to be his mum honey
Joyce N: He's a grown man
Franklyn: yeap
Joyce N: Why would he need a mum at that age?
Franklyn: does that mean honey
Franklyn: just bcos he said he luv u when seen u in first time
Joyce N: That's just weird
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: alright
Joyce N: BRB
Franklyn: OK HONEY

Note from James:  I left Franklyn waiting for several minutes...

Joyce N
: I'm back
Franklyn: ok honey
Franklyn: where did u went to then honey
Joyce N: I had an auction ending on eBay
Franklyn: u mean u get a shopping there honey
Joyce N: Yes, but I didn't win the auction
Franklyn: alright honey i luv u with all my heart and from the depth of my soul honey
Joyce N: I love you too, but...
Joyce N: I need to ask you something
Franklyn: ok honey
Joyce N: Did you claim the money yet?
Franklyn: i told u that then
Franklyn: when getting to the bank the westerunion have been close and i will be there by tomorrow to claim that honey
Joyce N: Thank God
Joyce N: I really need to get the money back
Franklyn: why honey
Joyce N: I really need $500 immediately
Joyce N: I hope you don't mind if I get a refund

Note from James:  Franklyn disappears for several minutes.  I'm sure he was frantically trying to find a way to claim the $500.

Joyce N: Please. I need you to say it's okay
Joyce N: Talk to me. Please
Joyce N: I will take your silence as a "Yes. I don't mind."
Joyce N: Thank you for understanding
Joyce N: I love you

Note from James:  Franklyn returns a few minutes later.

Franklyn: hello u there
Franklyn: talk to me honey
Joyce N: I'm back
Franklyn: wat wrong honey
Joyce N: Nothing.  I was just on the phone with Western Union
Franklyn: alright but why do u wanna take the money back honey
Joyce N: It's an emergency
Joyce N: The money I sent you was from my emergency fund. I didn't think I would need it so soon, but I do need it now
Franklyn: ohh.................i see honey
Franklyn: but how are my going to save my mums life honey pls
Joyce N: I don't know.  That's for you to decide
Franklyn: pls dont take it back honey pls
Joyce N: I already did
Joyce N: You didn't say anything.
Joyce N: I thought that meant "yes"
Franklyn: pls dont take it back honey pls
Joyce N: I'm sorry, but I already did.  I already called Western Union and they voided the transfer
Franklyn: pleess honey my mums life is in danger honey pls
Joyce N: I asked if you minded.  All you had to say was no. 
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: all right honey
Joyce N: Thank you for understanding
Franklyn: but when are u now going to send me that back then honey
Joyce N: I don't know.  The cash I gave you was from my emergency fund.  Now that's gone.
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: all right but what emargency is that honey
Joyce N: The eBay auction I was bidding on
Joyce N: The guy had another item just like it, and the current bid is $449
Joyce N: Now I need to bid at least $500 to win it
Joyce N:

Note from James:   You don't need to click the link.  Below is a pic of the item Joyce was interested in...

A life size replica of Yoda

ohhh  honey
Franklyn: is that what u are building on honey
Joyce N: Yeah.  Freakin' awesome, isn't it?
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: alright honey
Joyce N: That's totally gonna be mine!
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: all right honey that nice
Joyce N: It'll look even nicer in my bedroom, with his face pointing towards my pillow so he can watch me as I sleep
Franklyn: ok i luv u honey
Joyce N: I love you too
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: all right babe
Franklyn: but when are u going to work on me been there with u honey
Joyce N: It goes both ways. You need to work on it too
Franklyn: yeap u and i need to work on it honey ok
Joyce N: Yeah
Franklyn: but when do u wanna let us start working on that honey
Joyce N: How about now?
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: whould u like me to give u the travelling agent email so that u can email them and make an enquiry for me honey and u and i will pay for that honey
Joyce N: Yeah. Go ahead and do that
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: here is there email
Franklyn: thatr is there email honey
Joyce N: Okay
Franklyn: are u writting that down
Franklyn: or are u going to email them now honey
Joyce N: Just a sec. I'll do both
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: but let me know when ever u email them so that i can know abt that honey ok
Joyce N: Just a sec
Franklyn: but do u right the travelling agemail down
Joyce N: Yeah, and I already responded
Franklyn: u mean u send it to the travelling agent honey
Joyce N: Yes

Note from James:  Here is what Joyce emailed to the airline...

I would like to inquire about booking a flight from Nigeria to the United States (Wilmington, NC).  Please tell me any info I will need.


Joyce Nelson

Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: ok honey thnxs
Joyce N: Ok
Franklyn: alright my luv

Note from James: Franklyn didn't say much for a few minutes.  Can you guess what he's doing?  I had a feeling I was about to hear back from Muritala Muhammed Airport.

Franklyn: u there honey
Joyce N: I'm here
Franklyn: ok my luv
Franklyn: when ever they mail u back honey u get me informed ok
Joyce N: Okay. I'll let you know

Note from James:  Joyce has mail.... Insanely hilarious mail...
Welcome to muritala Travels & Tours, We are a travel agency which is constantly striving to provide its clientele with the best travel service available in our region. We are situated at Falomo Shopping Centre in Nigeria which is in proximity to most of the international airlines, And our approach to business is to give you complete client satisfaction. Our services include Reservation and Ticketing,

 Hotel Booking, Visa and Immigration advice, Airport Services, Car Hire Services, Tickets Delivery and a Domestic Courier Service. We are fully licensed IATA agents and are stocked with most of airlines tickets such as: British Airways, Swissair, KLM, Alitalia,Lufthansa, Ethiopian Airlines,
Cameroon Airlines, Ghana Airways, Air France, and Bellview Airlines.

 This will make the issuance of tickets to our office easy and prompt.
Here are the information you requested for. for a visa and passport to Us. APPLICATION FEE.................$500
 PASSPORT FEE.......................$500
 VISA FEE..................................$700
 TICKET FEE...............................$800 TOTAL.......................................$2,500
N.B --- Currency In Americans

Currency In Americans Dollars, Usa Currency.
  Below are the WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER payment
   1,Sender's name : Thats your full name
    2, Address: Thats your Address
    3,Total Amount you sent
    4,Western Union MTCN #.(10 digits numbers)
    5,Recievers name : dare williams (my Lawyer)
    6,Text Question : My Love
    7,Answer :Joyce Nelson
    8,Reciever's Address: 114,industrial.avenue ilupeju.
lagos Nigeria 23401
Kind Regards
Dollars, Usa Currency. So it will take us two weeks to get the passport ready, About the visa we will start the process , So we can help him get the Us visa , Also when it through you will be called from the Norwegian embassy here in Nigeria to confirm if truely he's is coming to meet you in US. As soon as the paymnet is done we will start the processing well all you ,
 Need to do is to send us the money through western union money transfer, Which we believe is the fastest way to receive money worldwide. We dont accpet wire transfers and cheques , Due to fraud,

 And fake cheque, So please we will like to hear from you as soon as possible.and when you want to start the processing of passport.Thank you so much for doing business with us.

 Please Get Back To Us So That We Can Know What Your Opinon Is And Then We can Start The Pocessing Once,We sincely hope to hear from you soonest. Kind Regards Management. muritalaTravels 114, Industrial Avenue, Ilupeju, Lagos State, Nigeria 23401
whever we receive the payment we will start processing his travelling ok

Franklyn: have the visiting agency email u back yetr or not honey
Joyce N: Yes
Joyce N: I wrote them back
Franklyn: ok honey

Note from James:  Here's Joyce's response...
Dear Sir,

Your rates are ridiculous.  Fuck you.


Joyce Nelson

i luv u honey
Joyce N: I love you too
Franklyn: what are the travelling agent talking abt honey
Joyce N: They gave me some ridiculous figure
Franklyn: how much is the fund they gave u honey
Joyce N: Too much
Joyce N: They obviously don't realize how much a real ticket costs
Joyce N: A family of 5 or 6 could fly for that amount
Franklyn: ok
Joyce N: Don't use them
Joyce N: They don't seem right
Franklyn: honey i think that they dont know what to do yet abt that ok
Joyce N: Yeah.  They don't know shit.
Franklyn: should i give u my second travelling agent i travelled with thenhoney
Joyce N: If you want
Franklyn: u got that honey
Joyce N: Okay
Franklyn: alright my luv
Joyce N: I just emailed them

Note from James:  I sent the same email as before

Franklyn: ok my luv
Franklyn: i luv u honey
Joyce N: I love you too
Joyce N: I need to go now

Note from James:  Again, there was little communication from Franklyn.  I knew the other "airline" was about to respond

Franklyn: have u mail the travelling agent yet honey and what abt there service
Joyce N: Wait.  Let me check my mail.
Joyce N: They wrote back

Note from James:  The second airline responded back.  No need to post it as it was exactly the same email.  Franklyn only changed the name of the airline and lowered the price to $1,500.

do u like there service or not honey
Joyce N: No.
Joyce N: I told them to shove it

Note from James:  Below is Joyce's exact email.
Cancel that.  Upon further inspection, I am unable to find any information about your company.  I was unable to find a website, address, telephone number, fax, or any piece of information about Ikehasstravels Travels & Tours. 

That's very unprofessional.  I hope all of your planes crash.


Joyce Nelson

Franklyn: ok
Joyce N: Where do you find these places?
Franklyn: bcos when going to check my mum in the clinic there is one of her freind that just came back from the united state from florida she told me that she will give me the email of the travelling agent that she normally travelled out with there service
Franklyn: and she said u will like there service as well honey
Joyce N: Do not trust her friend
Joyce N: Those aren't real agencies.  I looked into it.
Franklyn: but honey lets try that ok
Joyce N: No. Those places aren't real
Joyce N: Trust me
Franklyn: ok
Joyce N: I called the police to report them
Franklyn: what are u not wanna let us do then honey
Joyce N: Find a real airline company
Franklyn: i will find that honey ok
Joyce N:   Okay
Franklyn: i luv u honey
Joyce N: I love you too
Joyce N: Goodnight
Franklyn: goodnight

The next day...

Franklyn: hi honey
Franklyn: how u doing
Joyce N: I'm fine.  How are you?
Franklyn: ok
Franklyn: i missed u honey
Franklyn: how was ur day honey
Joyce N: My day just began about an hour ago
Franklyn: ok
Joyce N: I need to ask you something
Franklyn: ok honey u can ask me
Joyce N: And I want you to tell me the truth...
Joyce N: Do you have a website?
Franklyn: website abt what honey
Joyce N:

Note from James:  No need to click the link.  This is what is shown on the site...

Hello ladies...

May I interest you in some BALLS?

Franklyn: that was when i am still in moderling ok honey
Joyce N: What were you modeling?  Your balls?
Joyce N: That's just disgusting
Franklyn: ok i am sorry for that honey ok
Joyce N: Why would you make a video of you playing with yourself?
Joyce N: Are you some kind of pervert?
Franklyn: nope honey
Franklyn: that was when i dont know what to do in my life then but as at now i can do such a thing anymore honey ok

Note from James:  Franklyn apparently believed that Steve from Focus Hawaii actually posed for an animated GIF of him shuffling his balls.

Joyce N: I can never respect anyone that plays with their balls
Joyce N: ...and films it
Joyce N: ...and then creates a website about it
Franklyn: but i am sorry for that honey
Joyce N: I lost so much respect for you
Franklyn: ok honey i am sorry for that ok pls
Joyce N: I'm sorry, but it's over
Joyce N: We won't be chatting again
Franklyn: why honey
Franklyn: but i said to u that i am sorry
Joyce N: You can stuff your sorries in a sack
Joyce N: a nut sac
Franklyn: nope honey pls
Franklyn: i am sorry for that honey
Joyce N: It's too late
Joyce N: We are finished
Joyce N: I don't want to be involved with a chronic masturbator
Franklyn: but honey dont u wanna forgive me
Franklyn: nope honey that wont happend ok
Franklyn: nope honey that wont happend ok
Franklyn: nope honey that wont happend ok
Franklyn: u mean to break my heart inst it
Joyce N: More like kick you in the balls
Joyce N: Since those are the only things you truely love
Franklyn: nope honey but i said i am sorry for that ok pls
Franklyn: nope honey but i said i am sorry for that ok pls
Franklyn: nope honey but i said i am sorry for that ok pls
Franklyn: honey pls
Joyce N: It's over, Franklyn
Franklyn: pls
Joyce N: I hope you find someone else that you will love as much as your balls
Franklyn: nope
Franklyn: pls i said that is a mistake honey ok pls
Joyce N: Give it up.  It's over forever.
Franklyn: why honey
Joyce N: 1.  You can't keep your hands off your balls.
Joyce N: 2.  Judging from the pic, you tend hide behind trees and bushes while you handle the merchandise
Joyce N: 3.  You get this sick look in your eyes while you do it.  You have the eyes of a sex criminal
Franklyn: ok
Joyce N: Leave me alone before you find some way to rape me through the internet
Franklyn: alright and thnxs bye
Joyce N: Bye forever
Franklyn: ok