Edward's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson

The loveable Joyce is a 61 year old widow.  She is also the proud mother of one son, James.  Eddy found Joyce on MySpace.  You can view Eddy's Myspace profile here.  He also has a profile at the cheap MySpace knock-off Tagged.

I'd like to have a chat with you on yahoo messanger.

Thanks a ton!

Eddy: Hi joyce
Joyce: Hello
Eddy: how are you doing?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Eddy: i am very busy this period og the year and i hardly come online
Joyce: Why are you so busy?
Eddy: so what have you been up to?
Joyce: Nothing much.  Why are you so busy this time of year?
Eddy: oh i see..you have not really told me about yourself
Joyce: You haven't told me anything about yourself
Eddy: what do you want to know?
Joyce: You can start by answering the question that I asked you twice already
Eddy: what question is that?
Joyce: Don't be difficult
Eddy: ofcourse i am not
Joyce: I asked you a question twice
Eddy: when?
Joyce: I guess you're just trying to take the mickey out of me
Eddy: oh..why i am so busy?
Joyce: Yes
Eddy: i am on Hiv mission in Africa and i'd to come with my girls and its really not been easy for me
Joyce: AIDs in Africa?
Joyce: That's news to me.
Eddy: if you say so
Joyce: How is the mission going?
Eddy: when ..we have been to 5 diff. countries and still plan to visits more before finally get back home
Joyce: You must be having the greatest road trip of all time
Joyce: I bet you hope it never ends!
Eddy: nope..we hope to get back  this month or next
Joyce: Probably a long drive home
Eddy: no place like home
Joyce: Ain't it the truth. 
Joyce: Ain't it the truth.
Eddy: what else do you want to know about me?
Joyce: Where are you from?
Eddy: i am a Texan
Joyce: I am a North Carolinian.
Eddy: wow..how old are you now?
Joyce: I'm 61
Eddy: wow..do you live alone?
Joyce: Yes
Eddy: i guess you're retired though
Joyce: No
Eddy: what do you do?
Joyce: I'm co-owner of a seafood restaurant
Eddy: are you married?
Joyce: No
Eddy: any kids?
Joyce: I was married, but my husband passed away in 1998
Joyce: I have one son
Eddy: where is he ?
Joyce: My husband?  Hopefully Heaven
Joyce: But he did some things that may make that kinda difficult
Eddy: where is your son?
Joyce: He has a place of his own here in town.
Eddy: oh i see..i guess you see hyim often
Joyce: Yes
Eddy: cool
Eddy: love that..child should not be far from there parent
Joyce: Yes.  Especially when there are chores to be done.
Joyce: How old are your kids?
Eddy: they would be 7 by oct 28
Joyce: They're twins?
Eddy: yes
Joyce: Really?
Joyce: Because the one daughter in your picture looks a year or two younger than the other
Eddy: i told you..they are twince
Joyce: Okay.  Maybe one was just a bit malnourished as an infant
Eddy: ok
Eddy: did you ever engaged in any relationship after your hubby died
Joyce: Yes. I just got out of a relationship about a month or so ago.
Eddy: what happned?
Joyce: He took out on a date to the flea market then he left me for another woman
Eddy: i'm sorry ok
Joyce: It may have been my fault.  If I was the one wearing the giant novelty hat, maybe he would have stayed
Eddy: ok
Joyce: So what's the story with you?
Eddy: my wife died too..
Joyce: Any relationships since?
Eddy: nope..
Eddy: do you love kids?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I especially love it when they kinda look alike
Eddy: thats very good
Joyce: Yes
Eddy: so what do you think of me?
Joyce: You seem like a really great guy.
Joyce: I think I might write an essay to nominate you for Father of the Year
Eddy: Thanks..you're so sweet
Joyce: You're welcome
Eddy: so should we start something?
Joyce: Do you mean like a relationship?
Joyce: or do you mean like a street gang?
Joyce: I guess that means relationship
Eddy: yes sweetie
Joyce: I've never been involved in a long distance relationship before
Eddy: distance not goingb to be a barrier for now
Joyce: I hope so.  Because I would love to meet you and your daughters
Eddy: yeah...its no problem
Eddy: we shall work that out very soon
Joyce: Okay.  I'm looking forward to that.
Eddy: there is a problem?
Joyce: What's the problem?
Eddy:   my DICK  is 7 inches long;)
Joyce: Goodbye
Eddy: lol

Note from James:  I sign off at this point.  I enjoy fucking around with these scammers, but I don't like discussing fucking with them.  Sure, there are plenty of dick jokes on these chat transcripts, but I just don't care to go into a serious dick discussion. 

Several minutes later, an apologetic Eddy returns.

Eddy: hey
Joyce: I don't appreciate that kind of language
Joyce: That's not what I'm here for
Joyce: Goodbye
Eddy: ok..i m sorry  sweetie
Eddy: your still mad?
Joyce: I didn't appreciate what you said to me
Eddy: i'm sorry ok
Joyce: Why would you say something so disgusting?
Eddy: was all a joke:)
Joyce: I don't like that kind of joke
Eddy: its ok..not going to happen again
Joyce: Okay
Eddy: thanks
Eddy: i was actually thinking about it............
Joyce: Thinking about what?
Eddy: what you want to be to me
Joyce: What do you mean?
Eddy: are we just going to be friends or we going to start s relationship
Joyce: I need to go now
Eddy: but why that?
Joyce: Because I've got stuff to do.
Eddy: i just told you i am sorry
Joyce: I accepted your apology.
Joyce: But I'm still leaving
Eddy: ok
Eddy: talk to you later
Eddy: ok
Joyce: Bye.
Eddy: bye 4 now

The next day...

Eddy: Hi
Joyce: Hello
Eddy: how are you doing today
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Eddy: i am fine
Eddy: what do you plan to do today?
Joyce: I might go out a little later.  Maybe do a little shopping
Eddy: sounds very good
Joyce: How about you?
Joyce: What are your plans?
Eddy: i'll take my girls out later today
Joyce: That sounds like a lovely idea
Eddy: they love to be with me most times
Eddy: even when there mother was still alive
Joyce: They probably love to be you even more now that they're half-orphans
Eddy: yes..
Eddy: i was wondering if you ever travelled out of the state before
Joyce: Do you mean out of my state or out of the United States?
Joyce: I guess it doesn't matter, because the answer to both is yes
Eddy: where & where did you go
Joyce: Some friends and I went backpacking through Europe after college.
Joyce: First I went to Germany, then hitched our way to Israel, then took a train to Ireland, and then hiked to Australia, and then back to Germany to pick up my glasses that I left at the front desk of the hotel
Eddy: oh i see
Eddy: what period of the year do you prefer travelling
Joyce: I like to travel around Christmas.  That way I don't have to buy anyone any presents.
Eddy: ok
Eddy: i was wondering if sometimes you wish your not living alone
Joyce: Yes. All the time
Eddy: sorry i ask too many guestions..just out if curiousity
Joyce: I didn't think you were being invasive
Eddy: are you a christian?
Joyce: Yes
Eddy: really...catholic?
Joyce: No.  Protestant
Eddy: good
Joyce: How about you?
Eddy: i am a christian too...
Joyce: Really...Catholic?
Eddy: nope...Pentecostal
Joyce: Good
Eddy: are you a worker in the church?
Joyce: Yes. 
Joyce: I vacuum the Narthex every other Wednesday
Eddy: just wondering if your  dedicated to the church
Joyce: Yes, although I intentionally do a bad job so they will have to replace me
Eddy: what about sundays?
Joyce: No.  I think it would be too distracting to the preacher if I vacuumed the place during Sunday service.
Eddy: i dont miss sundays service
Joyce: I'm sure you're a fine, upstanding citizen
Eddy: ok
Eddy: do you still wish you have a man you can call your own?
Joyce: Yes.  That would be nice
Eddy: and what age are you looking for?
Joyce: Age really doesn't matter.  
Joyce: Unless they're so old they need a colostomy bag
Eddy: so what do you think about me
Joyce: You seem like a sweet, caring, church-going, travelling father
Eddy: Thank you...sorry how old is your son?
Joyce: He's 26
Eddy: ok..i am much older..i am 42 and your ?
Joyce: I'm 61
Joyce: Maybe I'm too old for you
Eddy: you dont look it though
Joyce: I don't feel it either
Eddy: your not too old for me
Joyce: Thanks.  You make me feel like I'm only 49
Eddy: have you got a cam?
Joyce: No
Joyce: Do you?
Eddy: its broken
Joyce: Yeah.  That's what happens when you let the kids play around with computer
Eddy: ok..what type of apt do you live?
Eddy: apartment to be precised
Joyce: I own my own home
Joyce: My late husband built it
Eddy: ok...when did he died?
Joyce: 1998
Eddy: sorry to hear that?
Joyce: Is that a question.
Joyce: If so, the answer is yes
Eddy: ok
Joyce: I'm back
Joyce: I'm sorry I took so long.
Joyce: Are you there?
Joyce: I guess you left.
Joyce: I enjoyed chatting with you.  I hope we can do it again soon.
Joyce: Bye, Edward

Several days later...

Eddy: Hi
Joyce: Hello
Joyce: Where have you been?
Eddy: my computer has been having problems lately
Joyce: I'm just glad you are alive. 
Joyce: Because I was starting to think you caught AIDS during your mission and died
Eddy: i am alright
Eddy: miss you though
Joyce: I miss you too
Eddy: do you have others you chat with on here apart from me?
Joyce: I chat with friends
Eddy: oh i see
Eddy: do you like to transact business apart from your own personal business
Joyce: What do you mean?
Eddy: i mean do you like to do other business outside what you do normally
Joyce: I occasionally sell things on eBay
Eddy: ok
Eddy: have you done anything like s contract business before?
Joyce: No
Eddy: ok...i normally do business with a oil company every year..its a contract business though and  its pays very good
Eddy: but the contract is a very big one this time and i need someone to work with..not sure if your interested?
Eddy: i will forward all the necessary documents to you if your intereted
Joyce: I don't know anything about oil
Eddy: its does not matter...what matter is your educated
Joyce: The only oil I know about is Canola Oil, but I think your oil is something different
Eddy: we are not dealing with oil..just a contractor with the oil company..i got this conection from my late father
Joyce: Oh.  Okay
Eddy: so if your interested..i will send you the contract certificate and other necessary documents to prove the contract is legits
Joyce: What exactly would I be doing?
Eddy: this time they asked me to supply them computers worths $15mUS ...and cant do this alone so i need someone to work with 50/50
Joyce: About how much do you think this would pay?
Eddy: according to my estimations...our take home will be about $9mUS
Joyce: Wow!!!!!
Eddy: yes....i have done the market survey and other necesarry things
Joyce: What exactly do you need me to do?
Joyce: Because I'm very interested.
Eddy: you will supply half while i supply half too...all you need do is to follow instruction...and you dont even need cash to do this..they pay us $10mUS to start the business and atvthe end they balance up
Joyce: Count me in.
Eddy: i plan to supply them Dell desk tops and you could  go for compaq
Eddy: give me your email address and i will forward the necessay documents to you as soon as possble
Joyce: [REMOVED]
Eddy: phone number
Joyce: Sorry, but I don't give that out
Eddy: ok the phone number would not be necessary for now...
Eddy: its going to be a joint business thing so i'll need your name too
Joyce: My name is Joyce Nelson
Eddy: ok
Joyce: How soon will we be starting?
Eddy: very soon...i will have to let them know your working with me and they will contact you via email immediately
Joyce: Okay.  That sounds great
Eddy: what of what we do now  is a documents thing now..do alot of signing and next thing they pay trhe money into our bank account and we start the work
Eddy: its really a very big thing
Joyce: Bank accounts are involved?
Eddy: Well....they will need a bank account where they can Transfer the money...thats no prblem i believe....
Joyce: It's a problem for me
Joyce: Because I'm not going to give out that information
Eddy: let me explain how this works...no one mon this earth will give out his or her bank information to a stranger or even a relations...all you need do is to open a fresh bank account
Eddy: do you understand that
Joyce: Why?
Eddy: I'll never give out my banking details too
Eddy: they can transfer all the money into my bank account and i will transfer your own $5mUS to you ..how do you want it..i have been doing this for years
Eddy: i know how this works
Joyce: In order for you to do this, you would need that bank account info
Eddy: anytime i am doing a contract business..i need to open a fresh bank account for the business
Eddy: i dont use my old bank acount information
Eddy: thats the proceedure anywhere
Joyce: This doesn't sound like it's for me
Joyce: I think I'll pass
Eddy: ok..how do you intend to get the money from them to do the business?
Eddy: maybe you have a better plan
Joyce: When bank accounts get involved, I don't want to be a part of it
Joyce: I'm sorry
Eddy: i just asked you a question
Joyce: And I already told you my decision
Eddy: that means your not ready to do business
Joyce: Not this way
Eddy: and what way doyou want?
Joyce: Just forget it
Joyce: I don't do anything that requires a bank account
Eddy: even if i get all the money into my own bank account..how do you intend to get your part...ok you will drive down to Californian and put $5mUS in your car boot?
Joyce: The second you said the words "bank account," you lost me
Eddy: so..its inevitable when doing  business which involves larg amounts...its not possible anywhere in the world..you have to provide a bank account where money can be transfer into.
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Then I pass
Eddy: but i must get something clear to you..its not necessary you provide your old bank account information..you can always open a new one just to get the money...thats how i do mine....what are you reallt afraid of?
Joyce: I've made my decision
Eddy: ok
Eddy: i need to run now..talk to you later
Joyce: Bye
Eddy: bye...Thanks for the time

Several days later...

Eddy: Hi
Joyce: Hello
Eddy: how r you dear?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Eddy: i am cool
Eddy: you hardly come online this days..are you shopping for Xmas?
Joyce: No.  Not yet
Joyce: I'm online everyday.  I just don't see you here
Eddy: oh! maybe we miss each other must times
Joyce: I was afraid something was wrong
Joyce: Because I hadn't seen you online a several days
Eddy: same here my dear...nothing was wrong..still the same Eddy for you
Joyce: I'm glad to hear that
Eddy: its just that i couldn't still figure out your business mentality
Joyce: What do you mean?
Joyce: I'll have you know that I am very successful when it comes to business.
Joyce: I don't need to be schooled at this
Eddy: i introduced you to a business and you said your not interested just becos of a norminal issue
Joyce: Let me tell you something, pal
Joyce: I've forgotten more about business than you will ever know
Eddy: its ok my dear
Joyce: I didn't like the sound of your proposal, so I declined
Eddy: i understand that
Joyce: Okay.  So hopefully you know understand that I'm not interested in your business venture
Eddy: i spoke to the head of the contruct dept of the oil company and your bank accountcomplain
Eddy: and he asked me to ask you that how do you intend to get this done in your own way..we all learn everyday
Joyce: I won't get it done in any way
Joyce: I declined your offer
Eddy: ok
Joyce: Okay
Eddy: have you been to Texas before
Joyce: Yes. I went to summer camp in the Dallas-Forth Worth area
Eddy: ok..
Joyce: Why do you ask?
Eddy: what if i invite u to to pay us a visit
Joyce: You're in Texas now?
Eddy: nope....will be back very soon
Joyce: Oh. Okay
Eddy: what do you want to know about me?
Joyce: How long have you been on your mission?
Eddy: its about 3 months now..we dont intend to stay this long though but one of my daughter got ill and was in the hospital for a while and by the time she was well..our plane ticket had already expire and my international passport si i need to apply for a new passort from here and its a long process
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: I'm so sorry to hear that
Eddy: evrything is going to work out for us very soon
Joyce: Is your daughter okay now?
Eddy: yes
Joyce: I'm glad to hear that
Eddy: thank you my dear
Joyce: You're welcome
Eddy: it was really hard on us becos she was in the hospital for about a month
Joyce: What was wrong with her?
Eddy: typoid fever..
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: I was afraid it was HIV
Eddy: nope
Eddy: just bad water
Joyce: That's good.  Typhoid is treatable
Eddy: yeah but i guess it was a cronic type
Joyce: She's very lucky.  Chronic kills
Eddy: i really thank God is over now
Eddy: had to pay alot for the hospital bill and my medical insurance does not work here
Joyce: But you daughter is healthy now, and that's the important part
Eddy: yeah
Eddy: so what else do you want to know about me?
Joyce: Where did you go to college?
Joyce: Are you there?
Eddy: sorry got disconnected
Eddy: i went to the university of texas at austin
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: What was your major?
Eddy: bible and relegion
Joyce: Okay
Eddy: and you?
Joyce: I graduated from DeVry with a degree in Business Administration
Eddy: nice
Joyce: Thanks
Eddy: sorry brb
Joyce: It's okay
Joyce: I was about to sign off
Joyce: We'll chat again another day
Joyce: Bye

Several days later...

Eddy: how are you doing?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Eddy: and very fine
Eddy: we are set to get back home now
Joyce: That's great!
Joyce: I'm glad to hear that your mission is over
Eddy: but there a little problem
Joyce: What's the problem?
Eddy: our plane ticket has expired
Joyce: How did that happen?
Eddy: becos of the illness of my daughter (jane) we tend to stay more than we planned
Joyce: Oh
Eddy: i aid i need your help this time
Joyce: What kind of help?
Eddy: since my benefactor can not send money to us..i suggest he have it send to you and you can send to us here
Joyce: How will that work?
Eddy: just need cash to buy plane ticket
Eddy: i can have him send you cash via western union or money order thru mail and you can just send the cash to US using western union
Eddy: His not allow to send more money to Africa
Eddy: I will really appreciate that if you can help us
Joyce: No problem.  I will be glad to help.
Eddy: we really need to get back home before Xmas
Eddy: Thank you so much. you're a dearling
Joyce: Families should be home during Christmas, and I know your daughters wouldn't have much fun spending Christmas in some shitty country
Eddy: your very right
Eddy: I will need your mailing address and name
Eddy: so that i can forward it to my benefactor to send you the money
Joyce: Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Eddy: ok
Eddy: if hes sending a check..it should be issue to Joyce Nelson ..right and mail to:615 N. Front St. 
Wilmington, NC 28403
Joyce: Yes
Eddy: ok..i will keep you posted my dear...you should get it next week
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'll let you know when it arrives
Eddy: ok
Eddy: my daughters are here with me
Joyce: Tell them I said hello
Eddy: they're saying Hi
Eddy: jane and shirley
Joyce: Those are lovely names for two lovely girls
Eddy: they're giving you Hi 5
Joyce: That's so sweet!
Joyce: Tell them I'm giving them the finger
Eddy: ok
Eddy: Thanks dear
Eddy: so what do you intend to do today..Friday  u know
Joyce: I'm going to start Christmas shopping
Eddy: wow..I really envied you
Eddy: can't do any shopping until we get back home
Eddy: thats crap
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: A big bunch of bullcrap
Eddy: i really wish this can be done very fast
Joyce: Me too
Eddy: thats cool
Eddy: my girls are crying for ice cream now
Eddy: i need to take them to the ice cream store right away
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Be careful
Joyce: Ice cream stores are filled with unsavory characters late at night
Eddy: ok
Eddy: i hope we can get to talk when i get back
Joyce: I don't know.  Now you're making me want to go to the ice cream store
Eddy: when r you going to get back online
Joyce: I don't know.  I need to run some errands and do some chores and bunch of stuff.
Eddy: ok dear
Eddy: thanks one again for the offer to help us
Joyce: I'm glad I could help in your time of need
Eddy: talk to you later
Eddy: bye
Joyce: Bye

Several days later...

Eddy: How are you doing my dear
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Eddy: well...I'd to rush shirley to hospital this morning
Joyce: OMG
Joyce: Why?
Eddy: typoid fever
Joyce: Is she okay?
Eddy: the doctors are asking for so much money
Joyce: But is she going to be okay?
Eddy: hopefully..but i dont even have the money..they need the money for medicines
Joyce: I'm so sorry to hear that
Eddy:   i am not sure if you can be of help this time..huh/
Joyce: What do you mean?
Eddy: i mean finacially...
Joyce: Are you asking me to send money?
Eddy: Well..we are expecting a check very soon but not sure when and we need money urgently
Joyce: How much?
Eddy: we're expecting $4800
Joyce: How much are you asking me for?
Eddy: $500 and i'll pay pack when the check arrives
Joyce: Tell Shirley everything will be okay
Joyce: Joyce is gonna help her
Eddy: Alright dear
Eddy: i am so happy your ready to help
Joyce: I'm happy to help out in your time of need
Eddy: your such a generous and nice person
Joyce: I know you would do the same for me.
Eddy: yes ofcourse..so how do you intend to get the money to us? can you send it via western union
Eddy: i hope that wont be a problem
Joyce: No problem
Eddy: have you got a wesern union oulet close to you....if you send the money today ..i'll get it right away
Joyce: Western Union is in every gas station
Eddy: Do you have my info to send the money?
Joyce: No
Eddy: ok..get a pen please
Eddy: Edward Daniels
23 Allen Ave.
Zip coe:23401
Eddy: Thats al the info you need to send the money to me via western union
Joyce: I've got it
and let the western union test question and answer be:
Question:what is the money for?
Answer: Hospital bill
Eddy: as soon as you send the money..send me an email for the MTCN cntrol number
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'll send it in a shortly
Eddy: I pray everything goes perfect for you..ok
Eddy: and i really appreciate your effort
Joyce: Thank you.  I won't let you down
Eddy: whats the time there now..
Joyce: It's 11:00 am
Eddy: ok
Eddy: if you give me the time you will send it..i'll be my the pc
Joyce: I'll be going out soon, but I should be back online around 1:00 pm
Eddy: lets say in 2 hours time
Joyce: I should be back by then. 
Eddy: alright dear
Eddy: much hugs and kisses
Eddy: Thanks a ton
Joyce: No problem, Ed
Joyce: Talk to you soon
Eddy: bye for now
Joyce: Goodbye

Eddy: Hi
Eddy: i am here
Joyce: Hello
Eddy: so how did it go
Joyce: It went fine. 
Joyce: The money is ready for pick-up
Eddy: ok
Eddy: please email me the western union info ok
Joyce: 7003681580
Joyce: That's the MTCN
Joyce: You will also need my address
Joyce: Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Eddy: yeah! i have your address before
Joyce: Okay
Eddy: please hold on
Eddy: ok got it..what is the test question and answer
Joyce: The one you gave me
Joyce: Q; What is this for? 
Joyce: A;  Hospital bill
Eddy: ok
Eddy: Shirley was very happy..when i told her your helping us financially
Eddy: Thanks a ton dear
Joyce: I'm glad I could bring a smile to her precious little face
Eddy: i really appreciate your generousity
Joyce: I'm glad I could help.
Joyce: Seeing sick children always makes me sick to my stomach.  But unlike those commercials on TV, I can't change the channel because this is real life.
Eddy: As soon as i get the money out of the western union..i will go and pay the doctures to preceed with the treatment and medicines
Joyce: They make you pay first?
Eddy: something like that..but i'd giving them all the money i have before
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: But I don't understand why they would make you pay before treating her
Eddy: Its crap
Joyce: Yeah.  A big pile of crap
Eddy: i am not sure myself
Joyce: I'm pretty sure it's illegal.  You should call the authorities about this
Eddy: i think i should be able to pick the funds right away
Joyce: Okay.
Joyce: Let me know when you get it
Eddy: Alright dear..i will definitely let you know
Eddy: Thank you so much once again
Joyce: You're welcome
Eddy: You put :) in my girls face again
Joyce: That put a :) on my face to hear that
Eddy: gotto go now dear..
Joyce: I'm sure you have a lot to do today
Joyce: You've been on the computer for a long time.  It's probably time to go back to the hospital to check on your sick daughter.
Eddy: ok
Eddy: talk to you later
Joyce: I'll miss you
Joyce: Bye
Eddy: same here..bye for now...

Later that day...

Eddy: hi dear
Joyce: Hello
Eddy: what is the western union senders name?
Joyce: Joyce Nelson
Eddy: they say no money for me to pick up
Joyce: What?
Eddy: maybe i didn't get the mtcn  number correct
Joyce: That's what the person working there said?
Eddy: please check if the mtcn number is correct
Joyce: The number I gave you is correct.  Are you sure you gave them the number I gave you
Eddy: i have it correct
Eddy: they told me that i should contact the sender
Joyce: You should have demanded to speak to the manager
Eddy: and i tracked it online right now..its say the money for me
Joyce: Did you track it or did you actually go to Western Union?
Eddy: i went t the western union
Eddy: you can track it too online to see for yourself
Joyce: You went to Western Union and filled out the claims form and everything?
Joyce: Have you ever used Western Union before?
Eddy: yes ofcourse...
Joyce: Then you should know that their site isn't updated instantly
Joyce: It can take over 12 hours for info to be updated.  I only sent the money 2 or 3 hours ago
Eddy: please call the place yu send the money to check if the tracking is intact
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Hold on
Joyce: Just a sec.  I'm on hold
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: They tracked it
Joyce: They said transfers are instant and you should have been able to retrieve it
Eddy: well i couldn't pick it
Joyce: What else should I ask?
Eddy: lets wait till tomorrow  ok
Joyce: He wants to know if you are positive you gave them the correct number
Eddy: 7003681580
Eddy: ofcourse i do
Joyce: He wants to know if you're positive you went to Western Union
Eddy: ofcourse i do
Joyce: He wants to know if you're positive you gave them my correct name
Eddy: joy nelson
Joyce: No
Eddy: i am not sure i wrote joyce or joy tho
Joyce: There's your problem
Joyce: You didn't even know my name
Eddy: :D
Eddy: its in my front
Eddy: ofcourse i know your name
Eddy: I'll check back tommorrow dear..ok
Eddy: i am so sorry if the mistake was from me
Eddy: ok
Eddy: are you still there?
Eddy: i am so so sorry ok
Eddy: please talk to me
Eddy: are you upset?
Eddy: are you getting my messages
Eddy: please talk to me if you're there...you know its hard on me now..my girl is in the hospital
Eddy: please talk to me hun
Joyce: It's over
Eddy: i am sorry
Joyce: I went  out of my way to help you out.  Then I found out you don't even know my name
Eddy: i swear i wrote it all right
Eddy: please dont do this to me
Joyce: Oh really?  "i am not sure i wrote joyce or joy tho"
Eddy: i wrote joyce
Joyce: " i am not sure i wrote joyce or joy tho"
Eddy: i wrote joyce...plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Joyce: It's over
Joyce: I cancelled the transfer
Eddy: u know it hard on me
Eddy: but you cant do that to me now dear
Eddy: this is the time i need you the most
Joyce: Luckily, I found out the truth while I was still on the phone.
Eddy: what did you find out?
Joyce: That you don't even know my name
Eddy: OMG
Joyce: It was a mistake to send you money. 
Joyce: I am very thankful that I found out the truth before you were able to take it
Eddy: ii chrished you all my life..ever since i met you
Eddy: i loved you
Eddy: i may just collapsed right away
Joyce: Maybe you and your daughter could have a double funeral
Joyce: and then you both can arrive in Hell together
Eddy: why you say that?
Joyce: Because you're dead to me
Eddy: why...
Eddy: please why?
Eddy: i am so sorry joyce
Eddy: please forgive me
Joyce: Never
Eddy: well...
Eddy: i pray to God you change your mind and forgive and forget
Joyce: That won't happen
Eddy: ok
Eddy: bye

The next day...

Eddy: Hi dear
Eddy: How was your nite
Joyce: Not good because of you
Eddy: oh ..i am sorry hun
Eddy: mine was not good either
Eddy: I was in the hospital all night...sigh!
Joyce: I hope you spend a lot of time with your daughter
Joyce: Then maybe she can give you Typoid

Eddy: whats that?
Joyce: Hopefully a prediction of the future
Eddy: Thats me and my girls
Eddy: the green stuff on it?
Joyce: Yes.  A big ol' puke party
Eddy: ok
Eddy: Never mind..gotto go now ok
Joyce: To clean up the mess?

Note from James:  At this point, Eddy signs off.  I take this opportunity to leave him a comment on his Tagged profile.  I posted the pic below, along with a link to my blog.

Tagged sent Eddy an email notifiying him of a new comment to his profile.  He viewed it, then immediately signed back into Yahoo...

Eddy: ok..i got the email you sent..Thank you ok
Joyce: Email?
Eddy: Do you have any prove?
Joyce: What do you mean?
Eddy: that you called me a scammer
Joyce: No I didn't
Eddy: so why calling me a scammer
Joyce: Did you have any proof that I did?
Eddy: yeah..its in email
Joyce: Oh well.  I guess you have proof that I called you a scammer
Joyce: So, in turn, that equals a confession from you that you are a scammer
Eddy: i am not even ready for this anyway
Joyce: I have a question
Joyce: Have you started making the arrangements yet?
Eddy: what arrangements?
Joyce: For your fake daughter's funeral?
Eddy: who says shes fake?
Joyce: Common sense.  You already tried the sick daughter trick once before.
Joyce: I hope she dies during fake surgery
Joyce: Or she has a fake allergic reaction to her fake medication
Joyce: So I could see the look on your stupid face
Eddy: you says am stuipid
Joyce: A lot of people will soon be saying the same thing when this goes on my blog
Eddy: your wrong about me ok
Eddy: you can be right about every other person
Eddy: nice to meet you anyway
Joyce: Nice to meet you too, Scammy Davis, Jr.
Eddy: you dont even have a concret prove
Joyce: Yes I do
Joyce: You know that check you sent?
Joyce: Guess where it was sent?
Eddy: i am going to sue you to court when i get back to the US
Eddy: I bet you
Joyce: Do it, bitch
Eddy: mark my word
Joyce: Bring it on
Eddy: check me out very soon
Joyce: I will be waiting, but I know something...
Joyce: You will never come to the U.S.
Joyce: Because you don't live here
Joyce: So sue me!
Joyce: One last thing...
Joyce: I want to give you a gift
Joyce: I want to show you your missed opportunity

Joyce: This is $500 that you will never collect
Eddy: can we still be friends
Joyce: Nope
Eddy: dont be afraid
Eddy: dont you wanna know me
Joyce: I know enough
Eddy: i just removed your name from my ignore list
Eddy: so i mean business
Joyce: What kind of business
Eddy: help you to aprehend Nigerian scammers
Joyce: Not interested
Eddy: i am serious
Joyce: How could you possibly help?
Eddy: i dont know...
Eddy: have you got any idea?
Joyce: Let me think about it
Eddy: but you know i get so much money in this scam
Eddy: alot of money
Eddy: i am so rich here
Eddy: i live very large
Joyce: I have an idea
Joyce: I know you're in an internet cafe right now
Joyce: Does your cafe have a web cam?
Eddy: i am in My house
Joyce: Come on
Eddy: i am talking to you on my macbook pro
Joyce: I know you're in a cafe
Eddy: connected with internet
Joyce: I guess you don't want to help
Eddy: i dont go to cafe...i have internet connected in my house
Joyce: Come on!
Joyce: If you're going to bullshit me, I'm not going to waste my time with you
Eddy: i am too big to go to a cafe
Joyce: What do you mean by too big?
Joyce: You're too much of a fat ass to fit through the doors?
Eddy: i am a big time scammer
Joyce: A big time scammer would have taken his money and left Nigeria
Eddy: i get so much money from you guys
Eddy: i have my built my own house
Eddy: i got all themoney from you guys
Joyce: Sure...
Eddy: I know your loop holes
Eddy: i know how to catch you and collect money
Joyce: If you were a good scammer, you wouldn't have believed my lies
Eddy: your lies?
Joyce: I gave you a fake number, a fake name, a fake receipt
Eddy: its a lie
Eddy: if you think you can trace me..i am IP ID is from Kenya
Joyce: I bet
Eddy: my game is tight
Eddy: all you can see around here are holes
Joyce: Holes?
Eddy: lovely bitches
Joyce: Holes!!!!!!!!!!!
Eddy: i fuck 3 times a day
Eddy: i love holes
Joyce: I'm going to start saying that
Eddy: but you know what i am taking about
Joyce: Yeah.  You're talking about ho's.
Joyce: But holes is much funnier
Eddy: bye..i need to fuck now
Eddy: its noon
Joyce: Don't put it in the wrong hole!

The End