Craig's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 61 year old widow.  She is also the proud mother of one son, James.  Also, she is a figment of my imagination.
About the scammer...
Alias: Craig Tunde
Real Name: Ashiyanbi Abayomi
Location: Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Telephone:  +2348023687439
Profile:  MySpace

Am craig by name i read thru ur profile and i too much intrested in you will be happy if we both can chat on this yahoo id will be happy if u can add me to your yahoo list hope to hear from you sooner..........

Craig: hello
Craig: are u there?
Joyce: Hello
Craig: how are you?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Craig: cool
Craig: what ur name?
Joyce: Joyce
Craig: am craig
Craig: did u have a cam?
Joyce: No
Joyce: Did you?
Craig: nope
Craig: an new on net
Craig: just want to get one
Craig: where are u located
Joyce: I'm in NC
Craig: kay
Craig: can u tell me more about you?
Joyce: Where are you from?
Craig: am from usa denver
Craig: can i know more about you?
Joyce: What would you like to know?
Craig: just anything
Joyce: Ask a question, get an answer
Craig: okay
Craig: what didu do for a living?
Joyce: I'm a book supplier
Craig: oh really?
Craig: lol
Joyce: What's so funny about that?
Craig: yes it funny i think
Joyce: Why is it funny?
Joyce: Do you think my job is comical?
Craig: nope
Craig: but as u put it downt to me
Craig: is nice
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: What do you do for a living?
Craig: am into building and constrution of roads
Craig: why?
Joyce: You said LOL at my job, so I did it back to you.
Craig: oh
Craig: ur so funny i think
Joyce: Some people think so
Craig: okey
Craig: what have u really experience online?
Joyce: What do you mean?
Craig: i mean what have u experience on net?
Joyce: A wealth of information
Craig: about what?
Craig: can u tell me pls?
Joyce: Everything
Craig: yes
Joyce: Are you busy?
Craig: well yes
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Bye

Two weeks later...

Joyce: Hello
Craig: am cool]
Craig: and you?
Joyce: I'm fine
Craig: i really miss you alot
Joyce: I missed you too
Craig: have been all bad all day
Craig: just bcos i had a little problem in getting back to state
Joyce: What's the problem?
Craig: i told you am out of state
Craig: is that taken?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Took
Craig: i went to africa for my job
Craig: i went there to wok for the government
Craig: i was payed totally but am not happy
Joyce: Why aren't you happy?
Craig: i was payed my check
Craig: and i cant cash it here until i get to state
Joyce: Take it to the embassy
Craig: that what bothering me for now
Joyce: You can cash checks at the embassy.  It's really easy
Craig: i went there but i was advise not to cash it here bcos there alot of bad people hre
Craig: i was told they will help me to state
Joyce: The embassy will cash it.  That's their job.
Craig: they didnt
Joyce: They will
Craig: the embassy here are bad
Craig: i dont really know why
Joyce: The embassy is run by Americans
Joyce: Americans aren't bad
Craig: yes
Craig: i was advise not to cash it here
Joyce: Whatever
Craig: bcos i may be robb
Craig: bcos it alot of money
Craig: up to $8500
Joyce: So what's your point?
Craig: i cant cash it here to avoid robbery
Craig: the embassy told me they will help me with the flight
Joyce: Okay
Craig: i was very happy
Craig: but i need to pay my hotel bills before i take my leav
Craig: that what bothering me for now
Craig: i dont have any other money to pay my hotel bills with me
Craig: am really sad
Joyce: I'm sorry to hear that
Craig: i dont really know what to do by now
Joyce: I don't know either
Craig: am really fed up
Craig: it makes me sad often
Joyce: Being sad is the leading cause of sadness
Craig: oh dont be
Craig: okay
Craig: i know you really care alot
Joyce: Yes
Craig: but i dont know how to ask you
Craig: bcos i dont know what i will meet in your mind
Craig: can u really render this help to me plz
Craig: i will be very grateful
Joyce: How can I help?
Craig: just try to help me with my hotel bills and i will be very grateful to pay you back in state
Joyce: How much?
Craig: how much can u afford to help me with
Joyce: That's not an answer
Joyce: I asked how much you were asking for
Craig: well mall the money is $520
Craig: so can you help me with that
Joyce: Will that cover all of the bills?
Craig: i think so baby
Joyce: okay
Craig: so can you pls try and send me the money next day
Joyce: How do I send it?
Craig: did you have any western union offfic there that clos to you there
Joyce: No, but Western Union is in every gas station
Joyce: and there are tons of gas stations around
Craig: ok
Craig: that good
Craig: baby can i give you the information now
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I've got a pen
Craig: so that you could send it now
Joyce: I won't send it now
Joyce: I'll send it a little later when I go out
Craig: Name:::::Ashiyanbi Abayomi
Craig: City::::::Ikeja
Craig: Sate
Craig: State::::::Lagos
Craig: Zipcode::::::23401
Craig: Country:::::Nigeria
Craig: can you get that now
Joyce: i'm writing it
Craig: ok that good baby
Craig: baby i will be more than great if you can help me out
Craig: ok baby
Craig: sorry baby forgot something there
Joyce: What did you forget?
Craig: the question and the anws
Craig: here is that
Craig: Question:::::::what is my name
Craig: Anws:::::::::::yomi
Joyce: Got it
Craig: baby it will take you how many hour to send it
Craig: today
Joyce: I don't know.  I'm going somewhere later and I'll send it while I'm out
Craig: ok baby
Craig: baby thanks for helping me out
Joyce: You're welcome
Joyce: I know you would do the  same for me
Craig: yes baby
Craig: what say the time there now
Joyce: 3:20 pm
Craig: so when are they going to close in western union
Joyce: Gas stations don't close
Craig: yes baby the is ture
Joyce: Yes
Craig: baby i need to rest now
Joyce: Me too
Joyce: We'll chat again tomorrow
Craig: baby can you call me now to here your lovly voice
Joyce: I only have a local calling plan
Craig: i want to hear you
Craig: pls baby try and called me now
Joyce: Local calling
Joyce: I can't make or receive international calls
Craig: ok
Craig: that ok baby
Craig: i need to go on my rest bed
Joyce: Goodnight
Craig: talk to you later
Joyce: Bye
Joyce: I love you
Craig: i love you too honey
Craig: bye honey

Late that night, I sent the following email with the standard fake info...

Hello Craig,

I have sent the money.  Here is the info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Ashiyanbi Abayomi / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Test Question:  What is my name?
Answer:  Yomi
Amount:  $520

Talk to you soon.

Love always,


A few hours later, Craig received the message and took the fake info to Western Union.  If I am to believe him, something hilarious happened while he was there...

craigneedlove (2/26/2007 3:40:48 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 3:40:53 AM): hello honey
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 3:40:57 AM): are you there?
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 3:41:33 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 3:43:09 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:15:47 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:15:47 AM): hello my love
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:16:39 AM): i was arrested at the bank today just bcos of the wrong information you gave me
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:16:39 AM): why you dothis tome'
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:16:39 AM): why u sending me wrong information
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:16:43 AM): why did you do this to me
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:17:21 AM): i was discharge when i have to pay a money tothe police here
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:17:24 AM): it unfair
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:17:27 AM): okay
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:17:50 AM): you get me in trouble that all what you did to me
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:17:52 AM): okay
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:19:24 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:19:34 AM): jasi omo naija
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:19:42 AM): u fuck me up
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:19:51 AM): naija guyssss
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 6:04:26 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 6:04:33 AM): hello are you there?

Judging from his reaction, I think he may be telling the truth.  Normally, a scammer will politely ask me what the problem is in hopes of getting the correct info.  This guy is probably a hot-head that went crazy at Western Union when they wouldn't give him "his" money. 

Later that day, we had the following chat...

Craig: naija guy how far
Joyce: What is your problem?
Craig: honey i went to the bank to cash the money but i was told there is nothing about the information provided
Craig: why
Craig: i was arrested by the police here tha i wanted to fraud
Joyce: Oh my
Joyce: I'm so sorry to hear that
Craig: why did u give me the wrong information then?
Joyce: I didn't
Joyce: I gave you the correct information
Craig: honey can you attcah the information given to you at the western office and send it to me
Joyce: No
Craig: can you do that for me?
Joyce: No
Craig: why?
Joyce: You were very rude to me
Craig: why am i rude to you?
Craig: what did i do to you?
Joyce: You said horrible things to me
Craig: can you tell me what i did?

craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:17:50 AM): you get me in trouble that all what you did to me
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:17:52 AM): okay
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:19:24 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:19:34 AM): jasi omo naija
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:19:42 AM): u fuck me up
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 4:19:51 AM): naija guyssss
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 6:04:26 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 6:04:33 AM): hello are you there?
craigneedlove (2/26/2007 9:03:40 AM): naija guy how far

Joyce: That hurt my feelings
Craig: i was annoyed that why
Craig: bcos i though you were lying to me
Craig: did you have a cam?
Craig: so that i can see you?
Joyce: No. Do you?
Craig: nope
Craig: can i call you now
Craig: or you call me
Joyce: I'm at work
Craig: but honey why did you give me the wrong information then?
Joyce: I didn't!
Joyce: Do you want me to send you a copy of the receipt?
Craig: yes honey
Joyce: Okay
Craig: i want you to do that now
Craig: so that i can print it out then i take it to bank
Joyce: Just a sec
Joyce: I'm scanning it
Craig: am waiting
Joyce: Here you go

Craig: okay honey?
Joyce: Okay

Note from James:  Notice anything different about this receipt?  Check out the lower right hand corner.  This, of course, isn't a real credit card number.  This is my Nintendo Wii friend code.  I intentionally blurred part of the expiration date to see what reaction I get from Craig.

Craig definitely noticed this.  He didn't say anything for several minutes.

Craig: it okay honey
Craig: is printed out
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Now you can see the information is correct
Craig: yes my love
Craig: i see it now
Craig: it okay
Joyce: Yes
Craig: will love to visit you when i get to state
Craig: you want me to?
Joyce: I would love that
Craig: really my love
Joyce: Yes.  That will be so great
Craig: honey i really apprecaite all what you have done to me
Craig: okay my love
Craig: may God reward you for it
Joyce: Thank you
Craig: can i maill you my flight information?
Joyce: Okay
Craig: i will do that tonight have to get something to eat now
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: We'll chat again later
Craig: okay my love
Craig: love you with all my hearth
Joyce: I love you too
Craig: okay
Craig: bye then
Joyce: Bye

Two days later,

craigneedlove (2/28/2007 5:16:48 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 5:17:32 AM): hello my love
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 5:17:54 AM): you dont usually send me an offlines message
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 5:18:00 AM): why
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 5:18:12 AM): i love to read you offlines message when am not online everyday
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 5:18:15 AM): okay my love
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 5:18:32 AM): just had a alittle problem will discuss with you later about it
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 5:18:34 AM): okay my love
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 5:18:39 AM): byeeeee
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 5:18:42 AM): miss you alot
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:26:37 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:26:50 AM): hello my love
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:26:56 AM): what are you not online
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:27:16 AM): i waited for you online to discuss something with you but i cant found you here
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:27:23 AM): i miss you alot my love
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:27:27 AM): talk to me?
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:27:28 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:28:30 AM): my love are you there?
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:28:36 AM): miss you alot
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:39:19 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:50:29 AM): hello my love
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:50:32 AM): are you there
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:50:35 AM): talk to me
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 7:51:39 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 8:00:06 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 8:00:36 AM): talk to me my love are you there?
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 8:05:13 AM): <ding>
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 8:05:22 AM): i love you with all my hearth
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 8:05:31 AM): i love you more than you know my love
craigneedlove (2/28/2007 8:05:40 AM): just dont know how to express my love to you

Later that morning...

Craig: hello my love
Joyce: Hello
Craig: i miss you so much
Joyce: I missed you too
Craig: have been here since waiting for you to come online\
Craig: honey i really want to hear your voice
Joyce: I just read your offline messages
Craig: can you do me one favour
Craig: ????
Joyce: What's the favor?
Craig: hoey i want to hear your voice
Craig: i really want to
Craig: can you call me now or i call you
Joyce: I'm at work now
Craig: let me have your number
Craig: whats the time there now my love?
Joyce: 8:46 am
Craig: okay my love
Craig: what work is that?
Joyce: I'm a book supplier
Craig: okay my love
Craig: honey i hope the money you sent to me did not affect your business
Joyce: Not if you pay me back like you promised
Craig: okay my love
Craig: i will okay
Joyce: When?
Craig: when am back to state
Craig: but just have a little problem now my love
Joyce: What's the problem?
Craig: honey can you give me a number to call you too?
Joyce: I'm at work now
Joyce: What's with your obsession with calling me?
Craig: but u have a phone at work
Joyce: We don't make personal calls at work
Craig: i want to hear your sweet voice
Joyce: Are you trying to get me fired?
Craig: oh my love
Craig: nope my love
Craig: so when you get home my love?
Joyce: You're trying to get me fired because I got you arrested.
Craig: did u have an intend to get me arrested?
Joyce: Of course not
Craig: why you taking like this my love
Joyce: Because you're acting strangely
Joyce: Just tell me what your problem is
Craig: can you give me your home number so when you get home will try to call you my love
Craig: or you call me hun?
Joyce: My home number has local calling only
Joyce: I told you this many times before
Craig: okay my love
Craig: can you call me then?
Joyce: No. Local calling
Craig: okay
Craig: honey i told you i had a little problem
Joyce: What's your problem?
Joyce: and it better not be phone related
Craig: honey i had a fabrics here with me
Craig: and the flight agent told me i have to pay for the fabrics to get to state
Craig: the fabrics is so many
Joyce: Why don't you wear the fabrics?
Joyce: Or put them down your pants?
Joyce: That would save money
Craig: oh honey it not done like that
Craig: i promise to pay you all when back to state
Craig: as i told you i have a check of $8500
Joyce: You haven't paid me back yet for the original
Craig: i promise to pay you back my love
Craig: i will my love
Craig: will pay you all my love
Craig: i promise you for the sake of love
Joyce: How much this time?
Craig: how much can you afford to help me with
Joyce: That's not an answer
Craig: okay honey i need $1500
Joyce: Too much
Craig: honey i dont think you really know what is going on
Craig: honey we will be very rich i know everything is not about money
Joyce: I can't afford $1500
Craig: but just to get us stick together forever with anyproblem
Joyce: If you let me borrow $1500, I might be able to loan it to you
Craig: then how much can you afford i will talk 2 my lawyer
Craig: Yes
Craig: that is good
Craig: and honey
Craig: look i have a plan fo
Craig: for this relationship
Craig: i have a big plan
Craig: not just some sex or some other things
Craig: but been happy and very rich
Craig: no problems no stress
Joyce: All I read was the word sex
Craig: we will have sex for sure
Craig: but for the sake of love and happly married and rich in life
Craig: not just some mear relationship
Craig: i really need your help my love just do it ok and it has to be frieday ok
Joyce: I just can't do $1500
Craig: try and loan it
Craig: try your best remember we have no body
Joyce: It's too much money for me
Joyce: and maybe for you too
Craig: honey if possible you can do this the next day i will be home and pay the whole bills
Joyce: I can't
Craig: how much do you have now?
Joyce: I have a bag of mixed change
Joyce: mostly nickels
Craig: good
Craig: then you mean you can sell them and get money
Joyce: Maybe
Joyce: It's gotta be worth at least $79... Maybe 80
Craig: oh my God
Craig: that will not go anywhere on this issue
Craig: honey find something at list 1000
Joyce: I don't know what I could sell
Craig: honey this is our life... will you watch me lose everything??
Craig: dont you think i have worked all my life for this... dont think i am here fornoting.. this is all i have plan for.. and i bet you.. you will never regret it
Joyce: Craig...
Joyce: ...sweetie
Joyce: Here's the problem I have...
Joyce: I sent you $520...
Joyce: Now you're asking for more money
Joyce: And when we're together, I know I will be bailing you out of jail all the time
Joyce: That's going to cost a lot of money
Craig: jail?
Craig: oh my God
Craig: dont say that
Joyce: You've got a criminal record
Craig: why
Craig: ?
Joyce: You said you were arrested for fraud
Joyce: A guy never forgets his roots
Craig: honey it just a little problem my love
Craig: honey did u pray i should be jail?
Joyce: No but I have nightmares about it a lot
Craig: about what my love?
Joyce: You being in jail
Joyce: usually Oz
Craig: honey just try to get this for me
Craig: honey just pray about it okay
Craig: honey did you want me to be jail???/
Joyce: Not really
Craig: oh that nice my love
Craig: just try to get this for
Joyce: I can't. I don't have a lot of money right now
Craig: i really want to be there with you
Craig: ok
Craig: Honey please how much did you have at hand now
Craig: so everthing will work out for good for our relationship
Craig: ?
Joyce: I have 19 dollars in my purse
Craig: Honey when will you have the money?
Craig: ?
Joyce: What's your phone number. I'll find a pay phone and we'll discuss it
Craig: +2348023687439
Craig: will you call me now?
Craig: pls call now
Joyce: Nevermind. The pay phone smells weird
Craig: Honey so when are you going to get the $1500 so i can be back honey??
Craig: and get all the money back to you my love?
Joyce: I don't have $1500
Joyce: Do you want me to whore myself?
Craig: Okay Love how much can you send to me now because my lawyer told me that he can only send me 499$
Craig: pls for the sake of our love
Craig: i have to get out of this shit
Joyce: Oh my
Joyce: I don't like that
Craig: what?
Joyce: You say bad words
Craig: Loneliness is not Life please my LOVE
Joyce: I can't get involved with a man that uses profanity
Joyce: What if we have kids? They'll grow up to be all fucked up
Craig: Love dont you Love me?
Craig: This can never happen
Joyce: Let me check my credit card info...
Joyce: I'll see what my credit limit is
Joyce: BRB
Craig: Ok my Love
Joyce: I'm back
Craig: My Love how will it go now
Joyce: I don't have a lot of credit left. I used the card when I sent the $520
Craig: How much is the limit of the Credit card
Craig: ?
Joyce: $42
Craig: I trust you my love
Craig: but is not up to what we are looking for
Joyce: I know...
Joyce: I never should have bought all those G.I. Joe's
Craig: how will we do it now
Craig: what i have belongs to you my love
Joyce: all your base are belong to us
Craig: So do all you could do for me to get the Money
Joyce: I just don't know
Joyce: I wish I knew how I could raise the money
Craig: So honey how much can u send now???
Craig: Honey how much did you have the Bank as at now
Craig: So we can join everthing together
Joyce: I have a lot in the bank, but I can't touch it
Craig: Why?
Joyce: My bank is a Christmas Club account
Joyce: They won't let me touch it until Christmas, no matter how much I want to
Craig: Tell them you will Return it in 3 days time
Joyce: That's not how it works
Joyce: They won't let you touch it until December
Craig: What of your other Account
Joyce: That's how I pay bills
Craig: My Love you have to stop the Bill for now
Joyce: I can't not pay my bills. Then I would be just like you
Craig: My Love i can not wait again till i have sex with you
Joyce: Would you still love me even if I had the clap?
Craig: Yes
Craig: Why wouldn't i Love you
Craig: After all this days
Craig: My heart is for you and it will be for you forever
Joyce: Will $800 help?
Craig: Ok my love
Joyce: Good...
Joyce: Because there's this guy in my office that really wants to fuck me. He offered me $800
Craig: Fuck u?
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: Don't worry. He's clean

Note from James:  On my other computer, I contact Craig as myself...

James Pruitt:  Don't worry, pal.  I'll have her back in one piece
James Pruitt:  ...more or less

Craig signs off and blocks us both.