Cleff's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 61 year old widow.  She's self employed and has one son.  Little does the scammer know, she's really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer...
Name:  Cleff Smith / Charles Cleff Smith / Beck Lloyd / Chris Smith
Real Name: Quasim Oloritun
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

Hello pretty.....
I'm smith 63 years old of age,i have a son name is mike 15 years
To best describe myself I'd say that I am
a person with an intense passion for life. I try and live
each day with the understanding that each moment is too
precious. My friends would describe me as honest, funny,
sarcastic, generous and loyal.
This is the first time I have ever tried anything of this
nature. I have always felt that my soul mate is somewhere
out there, but not necessarily in my area. So I thought
this would be a great way to meet new you. I am sweet,
compassionate, loving and a romantic at heart,
I am looking for someone who is ready in developing a serious relationship, but we have to attract and love each other. In my mind, a good relationship based on mutual understanding, open communication, and same life goal. I am looking for a person who is honor,humorous, friendly, reponsible,thoughtful, honest..,trustfull...,caring...,loving.., and know how to take care man for a long term relationship . I would like a lady who appreciates and know the important or values of love and relationship . You bring the sense of humor, I'll bring the patience. I love a lady who likes to try out new things and is willing to experience something that she has never done before I am Optimistic, Adventurous, Happy, Kind, loyal, modest, Friendly, Forward Thinking, Innovative, Reliable, Honest, Kind, Romantic, Funny, Confident with great Business Scene, Reliable, Committed, Responsible, Communicative, sensitive, gentle, optimistic, Intelligent, Purposeful, I try to be Gentleman at all to chat with you...
Here is my yahoo id
More about me::::: Like intellegent conversation,like to teach sometimes,dislike drunks,greedy people and time wasters. Having the ability to travel and great sense of humor would be an asset

Joyce: Hello
Cleff : how are you doing
Cleff : am charles
Joyce: I'm Joyce
Cleff : from sturgeon bay
Joyce: Where's that?
Cleff : wisconsin
Cleff : so are you married
Joyce: No
Cleff : so what are you doing for a living
Joyce: I'm a book supplier
Cleff : that is very nice
Joyce: How about you?
Cleff : am a businessman
Cleff : i supply computers
Joyce: So you must be very smart with computers?
Cleff : hello how are you doing
Joyce: Chatting with someone else?
Cleff : no
Joyce: Then why did you just greet me again?
Cleff : am not chatting with anyone
Cleff : ok
Joyce: If you're not chatting with anyone, then how come you are chatting with me?
Cleff : so how long have you been  on yahoo
Joyce: I'm new to this stuff
Cleff : ok
Cleff : have you date anyone on here
Joyce: No
Joyce: I mostly just type things and look at the little smilie faces
Cleff : ok
Cleff : i divorced 5yrs ago
Cleff : and i have a son of 15yrs
Joyce: My husband passed away in 1998
Joyce: and I have a 27 year old son
Cleff : ohhhhhhhhhh
Cleff : sorry to hear that
Joyce: It's okay. I love my son very much
Cleff : what are you looking for in a man
Joyce: Honesty, intelligence and swordsmanship
Cleff : it seems we both are here for the same purpose
Cleff : for me i want Like intellegent conversation,like to teach sometimes,dislike drunks,greedy people and time wasters. Having the ability to travel and great sense of humor would be an asset
Joyce: So you don't drink?
Cleff : i do drink but not alcoholic
Joyce: Okay.  We will agree to disagree about this
Cleff : that is nice
Cleff : so tell me since you lost your husband you have not met anyman either on here
Joyce: I've dated plenty since his passing
Cleff : where are they now
Joyce: Not in my life
Cleff : sorry to ask
Cleff : is it on here
Joyce: No.  I've never dated online
Cleff : it ok
Cleff : so i thank god for bringing you to me
Cleff : i promise to make you happy always
Joyce: You're the kindest man in the world
Cleff : you think that
Joyce: Yes. I know it
Cleff : i am looking for a woman who can care  for the husband
Joyce: Oooooh
Joyce: We've got a problem
Cleff : take good care of the husband
Joyce: I don't wish to remarry
Cleff : then what
Joyce: I'm looking for a relationship.
Joyce: not a husband
Cleff : it ok
Cleff : but we can be together
Joyce: Okay, but not as man and wife
Joyce: but like Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon
Cleff : it ok
Cleff : i have hard you
Joyce: Good
Cleff : you seem to be a very nice woman
Cleff : lovely and caring
Joyce: Yeah. I'm the best at it
Cleff : and i will be happy to have someone like you in my side
Joyce: That will be nice.  I'd love to be inside you
Cleff : ty
Joyce: yw

Cleff : that is my son
Joyce: Fine looking boy you've got there
Joyce: Takes after the old man
Cleff : and so is your son
Joyce: How would you know?  You haven't seen my son or his old man?
Cleff : ohhhhhhhhh
Cleff : so are you staying with your son
Joyce: No
Cleff : alone
Joyce: Just me and my dog
Cleff : did you own your house
Joyce: Yes.  Same house for almost 30 years
Cleff : that is nice
Joyce: Thanks
Joyce: I'm sorry, but I will need to sign off soon
Cleff : why??
Joyce: Because it's late
Joyce: and I have to go to bed
Cleff : it ok
Cleff : i will talk to you later
Joyce: Tomorrow
Cleff : yea
Joyce: Goodnight
Cleff : thank you so much
Cleff : wish to talk to you by tommorrow
Cleff : bye
Joyce: Bye

Three days later...

Cleff : hello
Cleff : how are you doing
Joyce: Hello
Cleff : how are you doing babe
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Cleff : am ok
Cleff : where have you been
Cleff : i missed you so much
Joyce: I've been around
Joyce: I missed you too
Cleff : you know that you are the only one i have
Joyce: I'm proud to be your everything
Cleff : ok
Cleff : but i will like you to promise me something
Joyce: Anything
Cleff : that you will not date any otherman except me and me alone as i do for you
Joyce: Yes.  of course
Joyce: Any other man looks like a boy compared to you
Cleff : ok babe
Cleff : you are the only one in my heart babe
Joyce: Same here
Joyce: There's no aorta or ventricles in my heart.  Only your love
Cleff : thank you honey
Joyce: You're welcome
Cleff : so i will like to see you online babe
Joyce: I'm online now
Cleff : on cam,
Joyce: I don't have one
Joyce: Do you?
Cleff : no babe
Joyce: Okay.  No big deal
Cleff : i want to see you in person honey
Joyce: Me too.  That's my biggest wish
Cleff : same here babe
Cleff : so honey when am back from my journey i will be coming to spend my life with you
Cleff : this will be my last time of travelling
Joyce: Really?
Joyce: That's so great
Cleff : so i will be travelling soon
Joyce: Oh
Cleff : i will spend three weeks
Joyce: When do you leave?
Cleff : i will be travelling next weekend
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : so honey i hope you will not disappoint me
Joyce: What do you mean?
Cleff : i mean leaving me
Joyce: We'll see
Cleff : so did you promise me that
Joyce: Yes.  I promise that I probably won't leave you
Cleff : thank you honey
Joyce: You're welcome
Cleff : i promise you that i will never disappoint you
Joyce: I promise never disappoint, disrespect or dismember you
Cleff : you are sweet babe
Joyce: Thanks
Cleff : honey can you send me your phone number so when am online i will call you
Joyce: No
Joyce: But you can give me yours
Cleff : why dont you want to give me your phone numbert honey
Joyce: Because I don't give out my number
Joyce: If you want to talk, I'll call you
Cleff : why honey
Joyce: Because I don't like calls at odd hours of the day
Cleff : ok there is no problem with that honey
Cleff : but i will be online by tommorrow to talk to you
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'll be here tomorrow
Cleff : ok honey
Cleff : honey please i have to go now
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : talk to you later
Cleff : love you
Joyce: We'll chat again tomorrow
Joyce: Goodbye
Joyce: I love you
Cleff : bye

One week later...

Cleff : hello honey
Joyce: Hello
Cleff : how are you doing today
Joyce: I'm fine.  How about you?
Cleff : am cool
Cleff : i missed you so much honey
Joyce: I missed you too
Joyce: Where have you been?
Cleff : honey i told you i will be travelling
Cleff : so right now am in africa
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : in a hotel
Joyce: I'm so glad that you're okay
Joyce: When I didn't hear from you I thought you were slaughtered or something
Cleff : am so sorry honey
Joyce: It's okay
Cleff : ok
Cleff : everything is okay with me here just waiting for my container to arrive so i can sell the computers and come back to the state
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'm glad to hear that all is well
Cleff : nice honey
Cleff : you hold that special place in my heart
Joyce: Your love fills my heart with glee
Cleff : same here honey
Cleff : how are your family?
Joyce: My son is doing fine, I guess
Joyce: I haven't heard from him in a few days, but I assume he is doing well
Cleff : why honey
Cleff : cant you call him
Joyce: We don't talk everyday
Cleff : ok
Cleff : so honey i hope he will like me when am there with you
Joyce: It doesn't matter.  His opinion doesn't mean shit to me
Cleff : but you know he is your only son
Joyce: Yes, but he's not my boss
Joyce: I have only one boss in my life and that is Boss Hogg
Cleff : i understand
Cleff : can i ask you a question honey
Joyce: Ask me anything
Cleff : did you have any otherman  except me??
Joyce: No.  You are my only boyfriend
Cleff : ok honey
Cleff : i love that honey
Joyce: I hope I am the only woman in your life
Cleff : you are the only woman in my life
Cleff : i promise you that no other woman will take you away from my life because you are the life am living if anything happen to you it will affect me also
Joyce: I love you so much
Cleff : same here honey
Cleff : just waiting to kiss you and hug you in my arms
Joyce: I can't wait to hug and kiss your arms too
Cleff : so honey i will be back in one week
Cleff : just waiting for the container to arrive so i can sell them out
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'm glad to hear that you will be back so quickly
Cleff : i will honey
Cleff : as soon the container is here
Joyce: Fantastic
Cleff : you are so sweet
Joyce: So are you
Cleff : yes i am
Joyce: I'm glad we agree on your sweetness
Cleff : ok honey
Cleff : the only one i dream of all daysd
Joyce: I'm sorry, but i need to sign off now
Cleff : honey you know i love you
Joyce: I love you too
Cleff : so i dont want you to worry abut me
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : i will be fine
Joyce: I'm not worried anymore now that I know you are okay
Cleff : when the container arrive i will inform you
Cleff : ok honey
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : have a nice day honey
Cleff : love you with all my heart
Joyce: You too
Cleff : bye
Joyce: Goodbye
Cleff : i will miss you

The next day...

Cleff : hello sweetheart
Joyce: Hello
Cleff : how are you doing
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Cleff : it ok honey
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : am worried honey
Joyce: Why?
Cleff : the container has arrived here since yesterday night so they contacted me yesterday
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : but there is problem honey
Joyce: What's the problem?
Cleff : they sized the five containers
Joyce: What?
Cleff : i dont know what to do honey
Joyce: I don't understand your problem
Cleff : those are the efcc here
Joyce: Ohhhh
Joyce: you mean "seized"
Cleff : yes honey
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Why did they seize them?
Cleff : i dont know honey
Joyce: I'm sure they had a reason
Cleff : they said i have to pay them before they can be released
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: So this is a customs thing?
Cleff : yes honey
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : am just confused

Note from James:  Obviously, he's about to ask for money.  He seems sort of weak, so I decided to toy with him first to make him feel inept as a scammer.

Joyce: So why are you making a big deal about it?
Cleff : they said i have to pay some amount of money
Joyce: Pay it
Joyce: That's how customs work
Cleff : infact honey i am very sad here
Joyce: Why are you sad?
Cleff : they money they said i should pay here
Cleff : before they can release my containers
Joyce: Pay the money.
Joyce: You knew you had to pay customs
Cleff : but it has not happen to me before honey
Cleff : that is why
Joyce: Everybody pays customs when they ship internationally
Cleff : they told me that
Joyce: So why are you acting like a moron?
Cleff : what did you mean by that honey
Joyce: Everybody pays customs
Joyce: but you act like you've never heard of it before
Cleff : i know of that
Cleff : but not knowing that it will happen here
Joyce: Why wouldn't it happen?
Joyce: You're in another country, so of course you're going to have to pay
Cleff : i told them that they should just release one of it so that i can sell it and  pay them the money but they refused
Cleff : just dont know what to do right now
Joyce: Me neither
Cleff : i  paid 2000doll for my hotel bill so as am here am broke
Joyce: Do customs accept credit cards?
Cleff : i told them that honey they said they dont need credit card
Cleff : they told  me that they need cash
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : just dont know what to do now
Joyce: I don't know either
Cleff : so honey please is there any way you can help me with this
Joyce: I don't know how I can help
Cleff : i beg of you dont be angry with me
Joyce: I'm not angry
Joyce: but I'm surprised that you didn't plan ahead
Cleff : i dont know that it will happen
Cleff : i dont espect this before coming here'
Joyce: Come on
Joyce: Everybody that ever ships or receives anything knows about customs
Cleff : i know honey
Joyce: So how could you say you didn't know?
Cleff : that it all over the world
Joyce: That doesn't make sense
Joyce: Customs occur when you ship from one country to another
Joyce: of course it would be all over the world
Cleff : that is what they told me here honey
Joyce: Don't be angry
Joyce: but I don't think you are a very good business man
Cleff : am not honey
Joyce: That's what I thought
Cleff : so please can you help me in anyway so  to pay them up so that they can release my containers
Joyce: Are you asking me for money?
Cleff : i lust need your help because i dont the amount of money they requested for
Cleff : just
Joyce: How much are you asking for?
Cleff : Honey all they requested from me is 1,600
Cleff : Honey right here with me all i have was just 1,000
Joyce: So you need $600?
Cleff : Yes honey
Joyce: Here's the thing
Joyce: I don't like lending money
Joyce: Sometimes people don't want to pay it back
Joyce: and friendships are ruined
Cleff : But honey i want to promise you as soon i got the containers i will send you the money
Cleff : I promise you honey
Joyce: How soon would you pay it back?
Cleff : As soon i get the containers release i will send you back the money and after i sell all the computers i will be right there with you my love
Joyce: Do you swear to God on your life that you will repay me?
Cleff : Yes honey
Cleff : I swear to God who keep our love together and that will always be forever
Cleff : I want you in my life and this part of me being with you honey
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: That's good enough for me
Cleff : Thanks honey i love you more and more
Joyce: I love you too
Cleff : I will always love you for the rest of my life and my love will always be there for you
Joyce: Same here
Cleff : Ok honey do i ask when will you send me the money?
Joyce: Tomorrow?
Cleff : Because i really want to get the containers and sell the computers so i can meet you but first thing is i will send you the money
Cleff : I want you come so close to me
Joyce: How am I supposed to send it?
Joyce: Wire it to you?
Cleff : Ok western right ?
Joyce: Do you mean Western Union?
Cleff : Yes honey because the manager of the hotel will help me cash the money out
Joyce: Why the hotel manager?
Cleff : Yes because i dont have the info here to cash the money
Joyce: All you need is any form of ID
Joyce: Driver's license, passport, credit card.
Cleff : Ok here is the info
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : Recievername:beck lloyd
Text question..colour
Text answer
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Got it
Cleff : i love you
Joyce: I love you too
Cleff : Honey what time is it now
Joyce: 5:20 pm
Cleff : Ok that good
Cleff : because it night here honey....and im really tired
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'll let you go to bed
Cleff : Thanks
Cleff : Im almost sleepy
Joyce: Goodnight
Cleff : Night
Cleff : Love ya
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: Goodbye
Cleff : Ok bye honey
Cleff : I got to sleep

Late that night, I sent the following email...

Hello Smith,

I'm sorry I'm late. I was hoping to catch you online, but I guess you went to bed. I sent the money, and here's the Western Union info:

MTCN: 7003681580
Sender: Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver: Beck Lloyd / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Test Question: Color?
Answer: Blue
Amount: $600

Love always,


Cleff was delighted to receive the MTCN and sent the following offline messages...

smith cleff (5/1/2007 2:55:25 AM): Oh honey i just checked on my yahoo mail and you maik have been the mail first thing this morninig and i found that you have send me the money and i dont really no how to appreciate that but i want you to understand that i have the true feelings for you and i will always be right there with you always and not gonna live you

smith cleff
(5/1/2007 2:55:29 AM): \I LOVE YOU

Cleff then took the fake info to Western Union, only to leave empty handed.  Oddly enough, he didn't come back online that day.  I'm not sure why... Arrested? Devastated? Spent all his money anticipating a $600 payday?

The next day...

Joyce: Hello
Cleff : hello honey
Joyce: Hi
Cleff : how are you doing my love
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Cleff : Have been waiting for you online
Joyce: I'm glad you waited
Cleff : I just want to let you know that have been to the bank to confirm and al they said is that not money
Joyce: The bank?
Joyce: Why did you go to the bank?  I sent it through Western Union
Cleff : Yes honey....i mean the manager have been there and theres nothing right
Cleff : you can check it right
Joyce: You didn't answer my question
Joyce: Why would you go to the bank?  The money was sent Western Union
Cleff : What honey?
Joyce: You heard me
Joyce: You don't claim Western Union at the bank
Joyce: You claim it at Western Union
Cleff : Yes but the hotel manager have been and he couldnt get anything
Joyce: I knew I shouldn't have sent it to someone I didn't know
Joyce: I blame you
Cleff : Why
Joyce: You made me send it to someone else
Joyce: There was no reason to send it to a hotel manager
Cleff : Bu honey i told you he collected the money for someone right in the hotel
Cleff : I have a trust in him
Joyce: Yeah, but there was no reason to involve him in this
Joyce: This was supposed to be for you
Cleff : maybe you made a mistake while sending the money
Joyce: No
Joyce: The only mistake I made was sending it to the hotel manager instead of you
Cleff : But the hotel manager told me the day you sent that money was an holiday here in africa
Joyce: So?
Cleff : Oh no try to understand me honey
Joyce: I really don't care anymore
Joyce: I'm starting to regret sending it now
Cleff : Pls understand me
Cleff : but the manager cant get the money without not telling me
Joyce: So what am I supposed to do about it?
Joyce: It sounds like it's the manager's problem
Cleff : Oh i thought you made a mistake while sending the money
Joyce: The only mistake I made was sending it to the manager
Joyce: I should have never done that
Cleff : So tell me what will you do honey
Joyce: I don't know yet
Joyce: I'm starting to think the money has been claimed and someone's going back for seconds
Cleff : Nop honey that cant just be
Joyce: I hope you don't think I'm going to send it again.
Cleff : Oh yes honey but i just want you get back to the western office where you sent the money and verify
Cleff : Ok
Joyce: Do you swear to God on your life that you or the manager didn't claim this money?
Cleff : I swear to God who made me i cant lie to you my love
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'm going to call them to be sure
Cleff : But honey dont you believe in me anymore
Cleff : Because i know the manager didnt get the money because if he did i will found out that very day
Joyce: All questions will be answered after I call Western Union
Cleff : Ok honey
Joyce: brb
Cleff : are you calling them know
Joyce: Yes

Note from James:  About two minutes of silence pass

Joyce: Where do you live?
Joyce: It's not a hard question
Cleff : Do you mean right here in africa ?
Joyce: Are you saying that's where you live?

Note from James:  Another two minutes of silence

Joyce: Answer the question, chowder head
Cleff : wisconsin
Joyce: City?
Joyce: I'm on the phone here.  I need an answer
Joyce: I think Western Union is right about you
Joyce: I will not waste anymore time waiting for you
Cleff : but the server does that
Cleff : Im sorry
Joyce: Funny how it fixed itself right when I said I'm leaving
Cleff : But honey are you mad at me ?
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: I know you are a scammer
Cleff : Pls im begging on you
Joyce: The lady on the phone told me
Cleff : What do you mean a lady on the phone that might have been a girl working in the hotel
Joyce: No
Joyce: I'm talking about when I called Western Union
Cleff : But why are you telling me all this
Cleff : Are you just trying to hurt my feelings
Joyce: No
Joyce: I'm saying it because it's true
Cleff : and she did told you im a scammer did she see me ask her pls
Joyce: She said you live in Nigeria
Cleff : But honey that cant be true
Joyce: She said it
Joyce: and I believe it
Cleff : Do you realise what your talking about
Joyce: I know now
Cleff : Oh you dont have to believe what she told you
Joyce: She said everbody in Nigeria is a scammer
Cleff : what do you mean you believe it
Joyce: Because I looked it up
Joyce: on Wikipedia
Cleff : Oh and u do believe that >
Joyce: Yes.  Wikipedia is never wrong
Cleff : So you dont trust me and you do trust the lasy someone that have just talk with you for a day is that right
Joyce: Yes
Cleff : and who the hell i am
Joyce: A black Nigerian man
Joyce: in an internet cafe
Cleff : :((
Cleff : what do you mean a black nigeria man are you talking about the hotel manager and i have already told you im going on a trip
Joyce: no
Joyce: YOU
Cleff : dont tell me i live in africa after all i dont have any family here and how do i live here
Joyce: You don't live in America
Joyce: That's for sure
Cleff : Oh im disappointed in you honey
Joyce: I'm disappointed too
Joyce: You almost stole my money
Cleff : Oh that just cant be true
Cleff : Its like you drunk
Joyce: Only a little, but I'm sober enough to see a scammer
Cleff : I dont expect this from you baby
Joyce: Do you want to prove you are American?
Cleff :
Cleff : Yes if you have anything comeone believe me baby
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Who is this American icon?

Cleff : I dont like they way your talking to me
Joyce: Answer me, fucker
Cleff : Oh im sorry if have ever done anything wrong
Joyce: I will accept that as "I don't know"
Cleff : Oh no
Joyce: Fine...
Joyce: Tell me the name of this American folk hero?

Cleff : If you want to go is just ok
Joyce: okay
Joyce: Bye
Cleff : i know you dont believe me and that was just because of a woman told you im not real
Joyce: And you proved it
Cleff : why cant you just believe me and listen to me
Cleff : why all this on me
Joyce: If I call you I will hear a black man with an accent
Cleff : Oh no
Cleff : Ok honey will you just call me pls
Cleff : Why dont you just believe me like i have been doing with you
Joyce: Fuck you and your phone
Cleff : Oh no
Cleff : why cant you just listen up to me
Joyce: I'll tell you what...
Joyce: I'll call you, but only if you tell me who THIS person is...

This was where it was supposed to end, and for two days I thought it was over.  This page was created and was ready to be posted on the main page of my blog...  Then Cleff came back. 

Since he seemed to still believe Joyce was real, and he still believed she sent money, I realized that there was more left to do.  I decided to go for a trick that worked only a few days before on another scammer...

Cleff : hello honey  how are you doing
Joyce: I'm not your honey
Cleff : please just try to understand  me
Cleff : ok
Cleff : you  are the only one in  my life
Joyce: No I'm not
Joyce: You have dozens of women on your Yahoo Messenger right now
Cleff : why are you talking like this
Cleff : no
Joyce: Yes
Cleff : if you want me to send you my pass word i will send you and you  will check it
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Let me see it then
Cleff : ok
Cleff : but promise me that you will not be angry with  me again
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: If you are being honest with me
Cleff : i am honey
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : honey did you promise me that
Cleff : am  not lieing to you
Joyce: So are you going to tell me the password or not?
Cleff : ok
Cleff : i will
Cleff : did you still love me  honey
Joyce: Not yet
Joyce: You didn't prove it to me yet
Cleff : ok
Cleff : my password is [REMOVED]
Cleff : ok
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : so did you trust me now honey
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I trust you again
Cleff : thank you honey
Joyce: You're welcome
Joyce: I feel bad about what I said to you
Cleff : ok honey
Joyce: Please forgive me
Cleff : it ok honey
Joyce: Thank you
Cleff : ok honey
Cleff : i was right here crying always
Cleff : thinking of you
Joyce: I am sorry for any trouble I caused
Cleff : when i discussed it with my hotel manager he feeled  so sorry
Cleff : i begged you but you could not listen to me honey
Cleff : you there
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I feel bad about the whole thing
Cleff : it ok honey
Cleff : but did you know  what really annoyed me most
Joyce: What>
Cleff : when you said am  living right here in africa am a 15yrs boy
Joyce: lol
Cleff : i feel embarrased
Joyce: I was just joshing
Cleff : it ok honey
Cleff : i still have my containers with them  because the money was not complete
Joyce: I hope things work out with that
Cleff : i told you that  i dont have the amount
Joyce: Yes
Cleff : so i still have some balance left
Cleff : honey please will you help me
Joyce: Not today
Cleff : when honey
Joyce: Not today
Cleff : when wshould  i be expecting it honey
Joyce: Well...
Joyce: You know today?
Joyce: Not that
Cleff : why honey
Joyce: cuz
Cleff : which meansd you dont still trust me
Joyce: I didn't say that
Cleff : but what will i do honey
Joyce: You should start by taking inventory of you life
Cleff : common honey
Cleff : I love you so much more and more
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: but I'm not sending anything today
Cleff : Ok honey will like talk with you tomorrow but i will like make that tonight with you
Joyce: Okay. We'll chat tomorrow then
Cleff : Oh yes honey
Joyce: I think I'll sign off now.  I've got some stuff to do
Cleff : Yes honey
Cleff : I will want get on the bed and have the sweet dreams right now
Cleff : Hope your rigth here with me
Joyce: Goodnight honey
Cleff : Good night
Cleff : Love you
Cleff : nice dreams

That was pretty easy.  I immediately signed into his email.  Lots of passwords (MySpace and the various knockoffs, dating sites, etc).  There was also an email titled "My Format" which contained the original email he sent to me, along with the pics he's uses.  The "format" was sent from a similiar address (, and of course, the password also worked for that account too.

One message in the Chris inbox was a format for a new scam that he wants to try out; An employment scam.  He made the mistake of sending the format to himself using his personal email account with this his real name,
Quasim Oloritun (  Unfortunately, he doesn't use the same password for this account

Another email was titled "my son pics" that he had just emailed to himself.  I deleted the message, then edited the pics, and then mailed them back.  Here are a few...

The purpose of these pics were to scare off any women that were foolish enough to give out their Yahoo ID to this guy.

The next day...

Cleff : hello honey
Joyce: Hello
Cleff : how are you doing today
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Cleff : i missed you so much
Joyce: I missed you too
Cleff : am fine
Cleff : can i  have you password honey
Joyce: No
Cleff : why??
Joyce: Why do you want it?
Cleff : how many people did you have there in your contact
Joyce: None of your business
Cleff : why are you talking like this honey
Cleff : what is the problem again
Joyce: Because I don't like you asking for my password
Cleff : but  you have mine
Joyce: I didn't ask for your password
Joyce: you offered it
Cleff : that should not bring quarell
Joyce: Yeah
Cleff : something still bothered me honey
Joyce: What's bothering you now?
Cleff : did you really love me honey as i do for you??
Joyce: Yes.  Probably
Cleff : but why dont you want to send me your  password
Cleff : ??
Joyce: Because it's none of your business
Joyce: I have things in my inbox that you don't need to see
Cleff : wht are those things honey
Joyce: now back off
Cleff : you shouting on me?
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: So don't fucking ask again
Cleff : are you mad at me
Joyce: Getting there
Cleff : i dont understand you  anymore
Joyce: Maybe you should just go
Cleff : why??
Joyce: Because you're being stupid
Cleff : you said am stupid
Joyce: Yeah, and everything you say only supports that theory
Cleff : understand me ok
Cleff : you hurt me honey
Cleff : why
Cleff : ?
Joyce: Now you're being a pussy
Cleff : just understand me
Cleff : ok am sorry
Joyce: Okay.  Then please stop being stupid and pussyish
Cleff : ok honey
Cleff : did you forgive me now??
Joyce: Yes
Cleff : thank you
Joyce: BRB
Cleff : ok honey
Cleff : where are you going to honey
Joyce: I'm back
Cleff : OK
Cleff : where did you go to honey
Joyce: I had a phone call
Cleff : will you like me to call you honey??
Joyce: No thanks
Cleff : why honey??
Joyce: Not necessary
Cleff : what have i  done to you??
Joyce: You have done nothing
Joyce: Why do you ask?
Cleff : i want to hear your voice but you dont allow me
Cleff : is it because of what the lady told you
Joyce: No.  Not at all
Cleff : then what?
Joyce: I dont' want you to have my number
Joyce: You are very annoying
Joyce: and I don't want you calling my house all day
Cleff : oh honey
Cleff : i will not call you all days just to haer your voice
Cleff : how do i annoy you
Joyce: You are very pushy
Joyce: and you whine and cry when you don't get your way
Joyce: and you leave lots of offline messages at 2:00 am
Joyce: and if you ever called my house at 2:00 am I would fucking kill you
Cleff : yes i do trhat just to show you the love i have for you
Joyce: Well it's annoying
Cleff : it ok i will not send you an offline anymore
Cleff : i promise you that
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : are you still annoy??
Joyce: Not at the moment
Cleff : why not at the moment
Joyce: See...
Joyce: This is what I'm talking about
Joyce: You are like a fucking baby
Cleff : ohhhhhhhhhh
Joyce: If I ever met you in real life, I would probably punch you in the face for being annoying
Cleff : oh honey am so sorry
Cleff : i would not like you to do that to me
Joyce: Then start trying to act like an adult
Joyce: or a human
Cleff : i  am
Joyce: Okay
Cleff : can i ask you a question honey
Joyce: Ask me anything
Cleff : what will you do the first time you will see me
Cleff : ??
Joyce: Call the police
Cleff : why??
Joyce: I'm joking
Cleff : you scared me honey
Joyce: You're being a pussy again
Cleff : it ok
Cleff : honey i went to the custom office yesterday
Joyce: Why?
Cleff : my containers still with theem
Cleff : they said i have to balance them up before they can release it to me
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: You told me before
Cleff : i gave them the 100doll that was with me
Cleff : all they requested for was 1600
Joyce: You should give them that too
Cleff : i gave them the 1000 which was with me
Cleff : which i asked for your help which brought the misunderstanding between both of us
Joyce: I remember that
Cleff : honey please  can you still help me  ??
Joyce: I'm not giving you money
Cleff : why??
Joyce: Because I choose not to get involved
Cleff : you dont trust m,e honey
Joyce: It's not that
Cleff : but i told you am not living here in africa i told you when i was going there
Joyce: I know
Joyce: It has nothing to do with that
Joyce: I'm just choosing not to get involved in financial matters
Cleff : but honey you are the only one i have
Joyce: You have a son
Cleff : i beg of you honey please just do this for me 
Cleff : i have no one to go to
Joyce: Your son
Cleff : he is not working honey
Cleff : and you know that
Joyce: But he has access to your account information in the US
Joyce: he can send you what you need
Cleff : i have a son
Joyce: Yeah.  Did you forget about him?
Cleff : just a 15yrs old son
Cleff : boy
Joyce: Come on
Joyce: most 15 year olds have part time jobs
Cleff : no
Joyce: When I was 15 I had two part time jobs and kid in the second grade
Cleff :  just try to understand me honey
Joyce: It seems you are not understanding
Cleff : i do not give any information concerning my account
Joyce: Then I guess you're fucked
Joyce: because I'm not sending anything
Cleff : i did not say you should give me money just need your help
Joyce: There's not reason he can't help you
Cleff : how??
Cleff : he  is not working
Joyce: He has access to your account
Joyce: he can wire the money to you
Cleff : no he has no access to my account
Joyce: You give him access
Cleff : i have not given him any access to my account
Joyce: Call him
Joyce: and give it to him
Joyce: Or just tell him where you keep your extra check book
Cleff : which means you do not love me and you dont trust me
Cleff : you are hurting me honey
Joyce: It seems like you don't want to use your own money
Cleff : i want to
Joyce: Do it
Joyce: and leave me the fuck alone about it
Cleff : i just want you to lean me the money not to just give me
Joyce: Fuck you
Joyce: get your son to do it
Cleff : why is your behavour like this honey
Joyce: I'm sick of your shit
Cleff : no
Cleff : i told you my problem here
Joyce: You've got another problem now
Cleff : why??
Joyce: Because I have decided to block you
Cleff : what have i doine to you
Joyce: You're a fucking beggar
Cleff : so you dont believe me
Cleff : but why are you just hurting my feelings
Cleff : am not
Cleff : you start that again

I didn't block really block him, but I did sign into his Yahoo Messenger and I deleted every address but mine.  He thought he was clever by "hiding" the addresses.  (He removed them from the Messenger list, but left them all in the address book).

I did, however, leave the five addresses in his other Messenger profile (smith_chris000).  I didn't want him to know that I had access to that one too.  I left an offline message for the five people alerting them that Cleff was really a scammer.

The next day...

smith cleff (5/5/2007 4:22:38 PM): hello honey
smith cleff (5/5/2007 4:22:43 PM): how are you doing
smith cleff (5/5/2007 4:22:57 PM): talk to me
smith cleff (5/5/2007 4:38:48 PM): you there honey
smith cleff (5/5/2007 4:38:51 PM): talk to me
smith cleff (5/5/2007 4:38:59 PM): but why are you doing this to me
smith cleff (5/5/2007 4:39:31 PM): you deleted all contact there on my id and now yiou dont want to talk to me

Cleff was emailing over 100 women each day, however, he only received a handful of replies.  That's mostly due to the two words that appear under his pic...

This is where I wanted it to end, but for some reason, Cleff still believed that Joyce was real.  He was constantly buzzing me, and he was creating numerous new Yahoo accounts and sending friend requests.  How do I know it was him?  Because I was able to log into each account with the same password he gave me earlier.

I had to do something to make him believe.  Otherwise, he would never stop.

Cleff : hello ....................honey how are you doing today
Joyce: Hello Baby
Cleff : hello honey
Joyce: What's cookin'?
Cleff : who is this
Joyce: Joyce Nelson

Note from James:  Intead of using my normal photo (Joyce) on Yahoo Messenger, I was displaying the pic below of The Joker.

Cleff : are you sure
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Very sure
Cleff : honey are you back to me
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: I am here for you
Cleff : can i see your pics to know if you are the one
Joyce: No
Joyce: I don't use my pics anymore
Joyce: because of identity theft
Cleff : then how am i sure you are the one
Joyce: Because you know that I like vegetables
Cleff : ok
Cleff : i gave you my password
Cleff : right
Joyce: Yeah
Cleff : what was it
Joyce: I don't remember
Joyce: I didn't write it down
Cleff : but you deleted all my contact in the address book
Joyce: I'm sorry
Joyce: I was super drunk
Cleff : ok
Cleff : am so sorry for hurting your feeling in our last conversation
Joyce: It's okay
Joyce: I forgive you for being such a jackass
Cleff : thank you so much
Joyce: You are welcome
Cleff : i will continue to love you for the rest of my life
Joyce: Thanks
Cleff : honey am sorry to say this
Cleff : i regrete why coming to africa
Cleff : i wish i knew i will remain there in the state
Joyce: Me too.  The states are where the action is
Joyce: and by "action" I mean "gettin' it on"
Cleff : ok
Cleff : am missing you so much
Cleff : i want to be right there with you
Cleff : am so lonely here
Joyce: I hear that
Cleff : no one with me here
Cleff : am just trying my best here
Joyce: Just keep on keepin' on
Joyce: and keep on truckin'
Cleff : it ok honey
Cleff : just dont know what to do

Note from James:  I begin switching my status from online to offline repeatedly.  I removed the Joker as my display pic, and had no pic at all.

Cleff : what is happening to  your system
Joyce: I don't know
Joyce: I don't know
Cleff : ok
Cleff : you have to change it
Cleff : ok
Joyce: Change what?
Cleff : your system
Joyce: What the fuck does that mean?
Cleff : i mean you can buy another one instead of this giving you problems
Joyce: I'll tell you what's giving me problems
Joyce: YOU
Cleff : how am i giving you problem
Joyce: I'm going to change something now...
Joyce: but's not a system
Cleff : what is that
Joyce: Don't worry.  I'll change it back in about 3 minutes
Cleff : who are this guy s here
Cleff : you are putting up here

Note from James:  At this point, I changed Cleff password and kicked him offline by signing into his account.  I deleted three new ID's on his Messenger and added them to his ignore list.  I left Joyce's ID.  I then changed his password back, and he immediately signed in again.

Cleff : honey what is going on here
Joyce: I am in control
Cleff : control of wehat
Cleff : so you are the one doing this to me
Cleff : you cant control my soul
Joyce: I can
Joyce: and I will eat it
Cleff : no
Cleff : can some one tell me what is going on here
Cleff : why is this happening to me
Cleff : why are you doing this to me

Note from James:  At this point I change my pic from The Joker back to Joyce

Joyce: It's not my fault.  It's the system
Joyce: I got signed off and it wouldn't let me sign in
Cleff : that is not what am talking about
Joyce: ?
Cleff : you said you want to control my soul
Joyce: WHAT???
Cleff : it not possible
Joyce: What are you talking about?
Cleff : what did you want to eat
Cleff : my soul??
Joyce: Why are you talking like this?
Joyce: Are you playing games here?
Cleff : you dont believe me\
Joyce: You will never change
Joyce: you will always be someone that enjoys playing games
Cleff : why are you doing this to me
Cleff : what kind of  game
Joyce: I don't know
Joyce: and I don't care anymore
Joyce: You don't seem to be a serious person
Cleff : check my yahoo id
Cleff : why are you doing this to me

We chatted again the next day.  Joyce was still displaying The Joker.

Cleff : hello honey
Cleff : how are you doing today
Cleff : please just try to understand how i feel about you
Cleff : why cant you understand me
Joyce: I understand stuff real good
Cleff : i think you have to change your password
Cleff : some guy is having your password
Joyce: I am the guy, idiot
Cleff : you are stupid
Joyce: If I'm so stupid, then how come I just made honor roll?
Cleff : who are you and what did you want from  me
Cleff : her
Cleff : how??
Joyce: Yeah!!
Cleff : why dont you just leave her alone
Joyce: She died yesterday
Cleff : it a lie
Cleff : i talked to her now
Joyce: No
Joyce: She died
Joyce: and I ate her soul
Cleff : i dont beleve you
Cleff : ok
Joyce: Believe this:
Joyce: her soul was delicious
Cleff : go to hell
Joyce: No...
Joyce: You can go to hell and visit Joyce
Cleff : can you tell me who you realy are
Cleff : please
Joyce: My real name is Quasim Oloritun

Note from James:  A very long pause from the scammer after I said this name

Cleff : what did you want from me
Joyce: I want nothing
Joyce: except to see you suffer
Cleff : but cant you go to another person
Cleff : why only me
Joyce: You're not the only one
Cleff : ok
Cleff : i beg of you
Joyce: No
Joyce: This will never end
Cleff : why??
Joyce: I have not finished with you yet
Joyce: It will not end until you are lying beaten in the streets of Ketu

Note from James:  Another long pause from the scammer after I said the name of his Nigerian hometown.

Cleff : just wait and see
Cleff : you know udeze
Cleff : right
Joyce: I know Udeze is a piece of shit
Cleff : cant you talk

Note from James:  Cleff signs off momentarily, I changed my pic back to Joyce.  He then signed back in.

Cleff : hello honey
Cleff : you there
Joyce: Hello
Cleff : how are you doing today
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Cleff : am fine honey
Cleff : i have been waiting for you here since
Cleff : honey am so  sorry about what happened yesterday
Joyce: It's okay
Joyce: It wasn't your fault
Cleff : honey please am sorry to ask you  this
Cleff : but who is this guy
Cleff : he has your password
Joyce: What guy?
Cleff : i will like  you to change your password
Cleff : he talked to me again today with your id
Cleff : did you know what he told me honey
Joyce: I changed my password earlier today
Cleff : right now am still worried
Joyce: I change it every day or two
Cleff : he even told me that you are dead sorry to say this
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: But I am dead
Joyce: I died yesterday

Note from James:  No need to follow the link.  Here's what was on the page

Cleff : ok
Cleff : you there
Cleff : you are dead??
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: but I prefer the word undead
Cleff : and you are still talking to me
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: my soul wasn't fully eaten
Cleff : i dont understand what is going on
Joyce: You wouldn't understand
Joyce: because you are not dead
Joyce: ..YET!
Cleff : whoi am
Cleff : who am i talking to
Joyce: Joyce's ghost
Cleff : you are dead and you are talking to me
Joyce: I am dead but I still walk the earth
Joyce: and I shall haunt you
Cleff : so shall it be
Cleff : and may your soul  rest in peace
Joyce: No.  It screams in agony
Cleff : did you forget the love i have for you
Joyce: I have not forgotten
Cleff : then why are you doing this to me honey
Joyce: Doing what?
Cleff : you dont want to tell me the truth
Joyce: the truth about what?
Cleff : what happened to you
Cleff : but when am back to the state how will i see you
Joyce: Visit the graveyard after dark
Joyce: we shall meet by the willow tree
Cleff : what graveyard
Cleff : i have to think  about this
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Don't strain your brain
Joyce: My people dine on them
Joyce: And by "my people," I mean zombies
Cleff : please honey am on my neel
Cleff : can you tell me who is talking to me
Joyce: My demon

Note from James:  I invited Cleff to view my webcam...

Cleff :
have to go
Cleff : talk to you later

Surprisingly, that was the end of it.  I waited over a week to see if he would return, but he never did.

What's most surprising (and hilarious) to me is that I took the guy's password, deleted his contacts, and had access to his personal information, but what really upset him was a simple ghost story.