Charlie's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 48 year old widow.  She has a good job, and a loving son.  Little does the scammer know, she's actually a 27 year old man.  
About the scammer:
Name: Charlie Cole / Akugue Monday
Location:  Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

hello angel,my name is charlie cole ,iam from united states,i registed into this site recently beause of a friend adivce,iam 47 years of age,i lost my wife couple of years ago in a ghastly mot or accident inculde my only daughter,i than remarried,but my second wife was sleeping with my best friend,i than doivced her ,i am in to textlies,inport and export to europe asia and africa, i am looking for a woman that will be faithful to me and ready to spend the rest of her life with me,and i promise to give me love to her,i saw your profile and i got attracted to it beliveing that you are the woman i have been looking for,please this is my yahoo id
get back to me

Charlie : hi
Charlie : you there?
Charlie : please when will you be on line?
JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : howare you
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Charlie : fine
Charlie : your name
JoyceN: Joyce
Charlie : good
Charlie : you look cute
JoyceN: That's because I am cute
Charlie : can ll talk?
JoyceN: You can
JoyceN: and you may
Charlie : good
Charlie : do you have children?
JoyceN: I have one adult son
Charlie : good
Charlie : how is him?
JoyceN: Him's fine, I guess
JoyceN: How about you? Any kids?
Charlie : nope
Charlie : i lost my only daughter years ago
JoyceN: Oh.  I'm so sorry to hear that!
Charlie : thanks
Charlie : so how is life with you?
JoyceN: Life's been good to me so far
Charlie : good
Charlie : iam charlie cole
JoyceN: I'm Joyce Nelson
Charlie : were did you lives
JoyceN: I lives in North Carolina
JoyceN: and you?
Charlie : in states
Charlie : texas
JoyceN: Cool.  You're probably a cowboy or something
Charlie : can will be friends that ll lead to marriage
JoyceN: I don't wish to marry again
JoyceN: Sorry
Charlie : ?
Charlie : why?
JoyceN: Because there are legal issues that need to be resolved between myself and my son's father
Charlie : what happened betten you and your son father?
JoyceN: He is missing and presumed dead
JoyceN: but he hasn't been declared dead yet
Charlie : ?
JoyceN: Apparenlty there's a waiting period before that goes through, but I am 100% sure that he died in the woods behind the movies
Charlie : ok
Charlie : please your age
JoyceN: I am 48
JoyceN: and you?
Charlie : good
Charlie : do you work?
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: I'm a book supplier
Charlie : good
Charlie : you look funny
JoyceN: So do you
JoyceN: with your stupid monkey face and big teeth

Charlie : why do you call me stupid
Charlie : ant thint worng?
JoyceN: You insulted me, so I insulted you back
Charlie : how do i insulted you
JoyceN: "you look funny"
Charlie : ?
Charlie : lol
Charlie : sorry
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: I accept your apology
Charlie : good
Charlie : what do you like in man?
JoyceN: I like a man with a lot of learnin'
Charlie : is that all
JoyceN: Yeah.  Mostly
Charlie : i promise i will do more than this.....okay
JoyceN: Sounds great to me
JoyceN: Good.  Because I was just thinking how I am a woman and I want to spend my life with somebody
Charlie : please will you accept me?
JoyceN: Okay.  I accept
Charlie : i ganna take good care of you.okay
JoyceN: I'm here for the taking
Charlie : tks
Charlie : i need a honest woman that can under stand me and beleive me
JoyceN: I understand you, and I'll believe anything
Charlie : good
Charlie : so baby you are so special
JoyceN: You are special too
Charlie : tks
Charlie : do you rented apartment?
Charlie : or you owen a house
JoyceN: I'm a home owner
Charlie : good
JoyceN: You never told me your job
Charlie : i am into textiles
Charlie : inport and export
JoyceN: which is your favorite of the two?
Charlie : i own  a company of my own
Charlie : what?
JoyceN: What's the company's name?
Charlie : johnny group
JoyceN: Nice name
Charlie : tks
JoyceN: but that's usually the term for a row of urinals
Charlie : yeah
Charlie : do you still have both parents?
JoyceN: No.  My parents died when I was a teenager
Charlie : sorry
JoyceN: It's okay. I was away at camp when that happened so it didn't bother me too much
Charlie : i lost my dad years back
Charlie : mom is still  alive
JoyceN: How old is she?
Charlie : by july 80
Charlie : years now
Charlie : but stay in uk
JoyceN: She's British?
JoyceN: or was she excommunicated?
Charlie : do you have bros and sists
JoyceN: No.  I was an only child
Charlie : ok
Charlie : i love your smile
Charlie : you smile great
JoyceN: Thanks. You have a big smile too
Charlie : tks
JoyceN: Your smile is so big because it seems you have extra teeth
Charlie : do you love my smile?
JoyceN: Yes.  But that's probably because I loved the Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Charlie : thanks
JoyceN: You're welcome
Charlie : you too
Charlie : so can i call you hon?
JoyceN: huh?
Charlie : what?
JoyceN: yeah?
Charlie : good
JoyceN: okay?
Charlie : i really need you......okay
JoyceN: Okay.
Charlie : i beleive you ll love me
JoyceN: Yes.  I think that will be possible
Charlie : hon,do you like travel?
JoyceN: No
Charlie : why?
JoyceN: I get car sick
Charlie : ok
Charlie : but some time i do tavel to uk for business
JoyceN: Oh.  That would be a long drive and I would get super car sick
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: I'm sorry, but I will need to step out again for about 5 - 10 minutes.  If you need to go before I come back it will be okay
JoyceN: BRB
Charlie : ok
Charlie : wll you be on line later?
Charlie : talk to you later

Two days later...

JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : hi
Charlie : how is to day?
JoyceN: Today is great
JoyceN: how is your today?
Charlie : good
Charlie : and your kids
JoyceN: I don't have kids, but all is well
Charlie : good
Charlie : please your age
JoyceN: I am 49
Charlie : were do you live ?
JoyceN: North Carolina
JoyceN: Have you forgotten me already?
Charlie : no
Charlie : can i see your pic
JoyceN: If you're that forgetful, I don't know if I want to chat with you
Charlie : no
Charlie : i can remember you.okay
JoyceN: Okay
Charlie : your pic plzzzzzzzzzz
JoyceN: It's right here, skeeter
JoyceN: ------------------->
Charlie : i can`t see it
JoyceN: I see it and that's all that matters
Charlie : do you see mine?
JoyceN: Yes
Charlie : good
Charlie : do you like what you see?
JoyceN: Yes.  I've always had a secret crush on Rick Ocasek from The Cars
Charlie : good
Charlie : so whats up
JoyceN: Nothing much
Charlie : can i know you batter?
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: Batter up
Charlie : tell me more about your self
JoyceN: You can start by asking a question
Charlie : ok
Charlie : frist and for most,what do you do?
JoyceN: I think i answered this the last time we chatted
JoyceN: I have the feeling you don't remember me at all
Charlie : i do
Charlie : can you tell me now
JoyceN: I'm not going to answer repeat questions
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: Can you tell me my full name?
Charlie : how many children are you?
JoyceN: I answered that two days ago also
Charlie : okay
Charlie : hon what do you like?
JoyceN: What do you mean?
Charlie : mean what you like and hete
JoyceN: I told you this two days ago
JoyceN: Here's the deal, Charlie
Charlie : cos, i hate lies
JoyceN: I hate repeating myself
Charlie : ok
Charlie : sorry
JoyceN: I also hate people with short-term memories
Charlie : cos, you were not on line
JoyceN: So you forgot things if you aren't reminded every day?
Charlie : lol
Charlie : but i  did not meet you on line
JoyceN: but's that no excuse to forget me completely
Charlie : no
Charlie : sorry
Charlie : i need to know you better
Charlie : and do you like travel
JoyceN: I answered that two days ago
Charlie : lol
JoyceN: You are either not the same person
JoyceN: or you're an idiot
Charlie : i am
JoyceN: okay
JoyceN: I'll accept "idiot"
Charlie : so will you like me to visit you in your state?
JoyceN: When?
Charlie : cos, i ll be flying to states in two weeks from now
Charlie : so that i can come to your place to see you in person
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: Maybe
JoyceN: or we can meet somewhere else
JoyceN: like a restaurant
Charlie : no
Charlie : i need to spend like three to five days in your place
Charlie : in a hotel
JoyceN: I'm not sure I want you in my home
Charlie : why?
JoyceN: You might wake up and forget how you got there
Charlie : lol
Charlie : no
Charlie : listen i really need you  .......okay
Charlie : cos, i need a woman that ll be ready to spend the rest of her life with me
JoyceN: I understand
JoyceN: I'm looking for a hunky man to fulfill my wildest fantasies
Charlie : good
Charlie : is a promise
Charlie : i am ganna treat you good all the day of your life
JoyceN: Thank you very much
Charlie : you too
Charlie : so will you accepct me to your home?
JoyceN: I will consider it
Charlie : thanks
Charlie : for that
JoyceN: You're welcome
Charlie : and you
JoyceN: ok
Charlie : what do you like to do in future?
JoyceN: Drive a flying car
Charlie : good
Charlie : do you have a car there?
JoyceN: Yes, but it doesn't fly
JoyceN: yet
Charlie : do you have a house?
JoyceN: Yes
Charlie : good
Charlie : you live alone?
Charlie : or with someone
JoyceN: Yes.  Just me and my dog
Charlie : do you have dog?
JoyceN: I just told you that
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: That's the quickest you've forgotten
JoyceN: 9 seconds
Charlie : not that
Charlie : i really have a lost of jobs today
JoyceN: Have you ever seen the movie Memento?
Charlie : some time
JoyceN: okay
JoyceN: Mabye you have
JoyceN: but you probably forgot
Charlie : i say i am sorry
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: I'm just bustin' your chops
Charlie : good
Charlie : have you marry before?
JoyceN: I was married for 18 years
JoyceN: I told you that two days ago
Charlie : so what happened?
JoyceN: I'm not explaining that again
Charlie : okay
Charlie : sorry
JoyceN: I'm sorry, but I'm ending this chat now
Charlie : why?
JoyceN: I'm tired of repeating myself
Charlie : sorry if i may offend you....okay
Charlie : please
JoyceN: Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow
Charlie : will you be on line tomorrow?

I was a little harsh on the scammer, but it's just a waste of time if he's not going to remember anything.

His memory was a little better the next day...

JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : hi
Charlie : howisyou today?
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Charlie : fine thank you
Charlie : how is the god?
JoyceN: Good
JoyceN: I thanked him for my food
Charlie : good
Charlie : what doyou dotoday?
JoyceN: I went to work
Charlie : ok
Charlie : how is job
JoyceN: Job is good
Charlie : love you
JoyceN: I love you too
Charlie : and i will always love you
JoyceN: Me too
Charlie : how is your son?
JoyceN: He's fine, I guess
Charlie : have you heard from him today?
JoyceN: No
Charlie : plzzzzzzzzzzzzz try and do so........okay
JoyceN: Why do you care?
Charlie : lol
Charlie : cos, you are fresh now
JoyceN: Yeah.  Funky fresh and fly
Charlie : ok
Charlie : try and do so
Charlie : your son is mine also
JoyceN: No he's not
JoyceN: His father was a miller who worked in the mill
Charlie : ok
Charlie : sorry
JoyceN: I accept your apology
Charlie : tks
Charlie : hon,do you beleive in love?
JoyceN: Absolutely I do
Charlie : good
JoyceN: Good for us both
Charlie : ok
Charlie : please i love true love
JoyceN: True love is the only love I do
Charlie : ok
Charlie : will ganna do it together..........okay
JoyceN: Okay
Charlie : i only looking for a woman like you who will faithfull to me
JoyceN: That's what I am.  Old Faithful
JoyceN: and I'm spewing my love for you all over the place
Charlie : ok
Charlie : good
Charlie : i will give you more than as you never expeceted
JoyceN: Thank you
Charlie : iam going to treat you good
JoyceN: I will do the same
Charlie : please don`t hurt me
JoyceN: I don't plan on it
Charlie : hon, iam very jealous
JoyceN: Jealous of what?
Charlie : i have to tell you this
JoyceN: But what are you jealous of?
Charlie : mean i don`t my woman having other love beside me
JoyceN: I understand
Charlie : are you too?
JoyceN: I'm not the jealous type
Charlie : ok..............really
JoyceN: yeah
JoyceN: Jealousy is a sin
Charlie : ok
Charlie : but GOD said he is a jealousy GOD
JoyceN: What the hell?
JoyceN: He never said that
Charlie : is in the bible
JoyceN: No it's not
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: What could God be jealous of?
Charlie : of the devil
JoyceN: Why is he jealous of the devil?
JoyceN: His pitchfork?
Charlie : i don`t know
JoyceN: Yeah
JoyceN: Because you just made that shit up
Charlie : lol
JoyceN: Dont' make up your own Bible, Charlie
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: I don't care to chat with blasphemers
Charlie : sorry honey
JoyceN: I accept your apology
Charlie : good
Charlie : have you taken your dinna now
JoyceN: No.  It's too early for dinna
Charlie : ok
Charlie : but try and doso
JoyceN: Okay.  I will do that soon
Charlie : are you ready to spend the rest of your life with me?
JoyceN: Yes.  I am
Charlie : i will do all that ll make you feel like a woman
Charlie : and i ll never let you down
JoyceN: I won't let you down either
Charlie : cos, a friend inneed is a friend in deed
Charlie : do you believe  that
JoyceN: I truly believe it
Charlie : ok
Charlie : thats good
JoyceN: Yes
Charlie : cos, we should be there to help in times of need
Charlie : doyou also agree to that?
JoyceN: I agree
Charlie : good
Charlie : you re blessed
Charlie : and thank you
JoyceN: You're welcome
Charlie : i have found my right partner
JoyceN: A fine partnership we shall be
Charlie : no matter the state of thing,i ll always be at your rihgt hand
JoyceN: I'll remember that
Charlie : and hold you with my hands
JoyceN: Thanks
Charlie : baby,primise  me you will do what so ever i asked you to do
JoyceN: I wont' promise that
Charlie : ?
Charlie : why???????????
JoyceN: What if you asked me to kill a guy?
Charlie : no
JoyceN: What if you asked me to rob a liquor store?
Charlie : i can`t ask you to do that
Charlie : cos,i am not a killer
JoyceN: I know
JoyceN: It would make me the killer
JoyceN: That is why I didn't agree to your terms
Charlie : no
Charlie : lol
Charlie : you re fun woman
JoyceN: Thanks
Charlie : is you son marry?
JoyceN: No
Charlie : age
JoyceN: 27
Charlie : baby,can i opened a branch in your state?
JoyceN: if you like
Charlie : so that you can take care of that
JoyceN: If that's what you want
Charlie : ok
Charlie : hon,can you get a cam?
JoyceN: I don't have one
JoyceN: Do you?
Charlie : i need to see you before i get back to you
Charlie : yea
Charlie : but in states
JoyceN: Oh
Charlie : i need to see your beauit
JoyceN: You see my pic, and that's good enough
JoyceN: Or do you not like my pic?
Charlie : hon,are you storeborn?
JoyceN: What do you mean?
Charlie : since you don`t adeer to whatever i say
Charlie : why?
JoyceN: I don't take orders from you
Charlie : lol
Charlie : why
Charlie : i can take order from you
Charlie : that is love
JoyceN: No.  It's called being a dick
Charlie : or you don`t believe in love
JoyceN: I don't like your attitude
Charlie : have i done any thing worng this time
Charlie : if so sorry
JoyceN: Yeah you've done something wrong
Charlie : what?
JoyceN: You called me stubborn
Charlie : no
Charlie : i don`t call you that
JoyceN: I know.  You misspelled it
Charlie : ok
Charlie : sorry
JoyceN: Apology accepted
Charlie : good
Charlie : love you hon
JoyceN: I love you too
JoyceN: but you need to be more respectful
Charlie : ok
Charlie : you too
JoyceN: No I don't
Charlie : why?
JoyceN: Because I'm plenty respectful
Charlie : ok
Charlie : ilove that
JoyceN: Good
JoyceN: I'm going to sign off now
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: I want you to go to your room and think about what you did wrong
Charlie : love you
JoyceN: I love you too
Charlie : have a nice sweet dream
Charlie : and take good care of your self for me
JoyceN: Goodnight
Charlie : please try andtake your dinna
Charlie : night
Charlie : bye

The next day...

Charlie : hi
JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : how are you today?
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Charlie : cool
Charlie : how is your son?
Charlie : and your dog
JoyceN: Both are doing great
Charlie : good
Charlie : baby,do you really want me to come and see you?
JoyceN: Yes.  You are welcome any time
JoyceN: Just let me know what you think and when
Charlie : good
Charlie : i really want to see you and spend some good time with you
JoyceN: I would like that too
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: okay
Charlie : baby,can i come  to your house or will are to a good hotel?
JoyceN: Hotel
Charlie : why?????
Charlie : hotel and not your house
JoyceN: I know you well enough now
JoyceN: but not enough to invite you into my home to stay
Charlie : why?
JoyceN: You are welcome to visit my home, but you will be escorted out by security after about 20 minutes
Charlie : means there is no love and trust
JoyceN: If you don't like it, you don't have to come at all
Charlie : baby,really do you from your heart love me?
JoyceN: Absolutely I do
Charlie : good
Charlie : cos,i really love you and i want to be with you forever.okay
JoyceN: I feel the same way
Charlie : ok
Charlie : guess you can come to the airport and pick me there
JoyceN: Not a problem
Charlie : good
Charlie : do you have a car?
JoyceN: Yes
Charlie : what type of car?
JoyceN: 2002 Honda Civic
Charlie : that lovelly
JoyceN: Yeah.  It's lovely and awesome
Charlie : good
Charlie : baby i love you
JoyceN: I love you too
Charlie : and i need you to love me too
JoyceN: I just said I did
Charlie : ok
Charlie : hon, what do you love most?
JoyceN: Ice cream
Charlie : ok
Charlie : just that
JoyceN: Hot fudge and sprinkles
Charlie : one thing
JoyceN: That's technically three, but if it's all in one bowl I would consider one thing
Charlie : you don`t love me
JoyceN: I already told you that I love you
Charlie : but you just said you love ice cream
JoyceN: You asked what i love the most
Charlie : ok
Charlie : lol
JoyceN: Okay
Charlie : baby,i just wanna be with you forever
Charlie : cos, you are great
JoyceN: I feel the same way about myself
Charlie : i will not let you down
Charlie : and be with you no matter what may happened
JoyceN: I will do the same
Charlie : ok
Charlie : will shall see to that .hon
JoyceN: Okay
Charlie : can you give me you cell phone number?
JoyceN: Can you give me yours?
Charlie : i will when i get back to you in states
JoyceN: Okay
Charlie : why i ask for it to call you when i get to your state
JoyceN: I'll give you mine when you get back to the States
Charlie : how can i call you when i come to your city?
JoyceN: I thought you wanted me to pick you up at the airport?
Charlie : i should call you and tell you the time i am coming
JoyceN: You will tell me the day you leave
Charlie : or you don`t want to give me
JoyceN: Why should I give you mine if you won't give me yours?
Charlie : i will give you,but now i am not right there in state
JoyceN: When you give me yours, I will give you mine
Charlie : baby you started again
Charlie : why?
JoyceN: You started by being secretive
Charlie : you should be happy that i need your phone
JoyceN: I never give out my number unless the other person is willing to give theirs
JoyceN: It's called O'Doyle's Rule
Charlie : not that
JoyceN: Well it's not important then
Charlie : is very
JoyceN: Unless you want to give yours, then you will not be getting mine
Charlie : ok
Charlie : no problem
JoyceN: Good
Charlie : do you go to church?
JoyceN: Sometimes
Charlie : ok
Charlie : but you believe in GOD
JoyceN: Yes
Charlie : good
Charlie : do you have a heart for for give
Charlie : if some one may offended you
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: Why do you ask?
JoyceN: Are you planning on offending me?
Charlie : thank GOD for knowing that
Charlie : no
Charlie : you offend me by not given me you numher
JoyceN: You offended me by not giving yours
Charlie : i ask frist
JoyceN: It doesn't matter.  I don't want you to have it now
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: I can see you are going to be pushy about it, and I don't like that
Charlie : ok
Charlie : are you ok with that
JoyceN: Yes
Charlie : hon,can i ask you this guestion?
JoyceN: Ask
Charlie : how much did you received in your work
JoyceN: None of your business
Charlie : lol
Charlie : why?
JoyceN: Not a joke
Charlie : cos, you can ask mw too
JoyceN: I won't ask
JoyceN: There are some questions adults usually don't ask each other.  
JoyceN: That's one of them
Charlie : if there is love will can ask each order guestion
JoyceN: What?
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: There were too many mistakes in that sentence to understand it
Charlie : if you real love me you can tell me an
JoyceN: My personal finances are none of your damn business so back off
JoyceN: Are you there?
JoyceN: I can't wait here all night
JoyceN: Goodnight

I'm guessing he signed off because he ran out of time at his cafe, not because he was pissed.

The next day...

JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : hi
Charlie : how are you?
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Charlie : fine
Charlie : i really missed you
JoyceN: I missed you too
Charlie : really
JoyceN: Yes
Charlie : brb

Note from James:  Charlie left me waiting for about 2 minutes.

Charlie : back
JoyceN: Welcome back
Charlie : hon,i just important call from my agent in africa
JoyceN: Okay
Charlie : i will be travel to africa tomorrow
Charlie : for my business
JoyceN: What kind of business would you be doing there?
Charlie : there are some new product in the market
Charlie : my business
Charlie : textiles
Charlie : africa textiles
JoyceN: How long will you be there?
Charlie : just a week
Charlie : coming down to you
JoyceN: Okay
Charlie : i will really missed you on line tomorrow
JoyceN: It's okay.  We'll chat again soon
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: I wish you luck in your venture
JoyceN: are you there?
JoyceN: I'm sorry, but I can't chat here all morning
Charlie : yea
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: Will you be online later?
Charlie : will you be on line later?
Charlie : yea
JoyceN: I won't be on tonight, but I'll be on later this afternoon
Charlie : time
JoyceN: I don't have an exact time
Charlie : why can `t you be on line tonite
Charlie : please
JoyceN: Because I'll be watching The Sopranos
Charlie : i really wanna talk to you before i live for africa
JoyceN: Sorry.  Not tonight
Charlie : please
Charlie : just do it fo me
JoyceN: I'm sorry, Charlie, but tough shit
JoyceN: I can't come online tonight
Charlie : hon you promise me you ll do what ever i ask you
JoyceN: I didn't promise that
JoyceN: I rejected that proposal
Charlie : please
JoyceN: I said NO
JoyceN: If you want to chat, try to come online earlier
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: I need to go now
JoyceN: Hope to see you a little later
Charlie : bye
JoyceN: Bye
Charlie : love you
JoyceN: I love you too

I had no intention of chatting with him later, and I planned on avoiding him for at least two or three days.  This was to speed up the begging process.  Over the next few days, we exchanged offline messages only...

Joyce (6/3/2007 7:11:09 PM): Hello
Joyce (6/3/2007 7:11:20 PM): Are you there
Joyce (6/3/2007 7:11:47 PM): I was hoping to chat with you before you left
Joyce (6/3/2007 7:12:07 PM): Have a safe trip and good luck
Joyce (6/3/2007 7:12:20 PM): I hope to talk with you again soon
Joyce (6/3/2007 7:12:22 PM): Bye

charlie cole (6/5/2007 5:11:25 PM): hi
charlie cole (6/5/2007 5:11:25 PM): you there?
charlie cole (6/5/2007 5:11:30 PM): were are you
charlie cole (6/5/2007 5:11:42 PM): get back to me
charlie cole (6/5/2007 5:33:46 PM): hunny,were are you?
charlie cole (6/5/2007 5:33:49 PM): get back to me

Joyce (6/5/2007 7:34:41 PM): Hello
Joyce (6/5/2007 7:35:00 PM): Are you still there?
Joyce (6/5/2007 7:37:37 PM): I didn't know you would have internet access there
Joyce (6/5/2007 7:37:45 PM): I hope we can chat tomorrow
Joyce (6/5/2007 7:37:52 PM): Take care and be safe
Joyce (6/5/2007 7:37:57 PM): I love you
Joyce (6/5/2007 7:38:49 PM): Bye

charlie cole (6/5/2007 8:44:36 PM): babe you here
charlie cole (6/5/2007 8:44:44 PM): were are you

charlie cole (6/6/2007 5:20:03 PM): hi
charlie cole (6/6/2007 5:20:06 PM): are you there
charlie cole (6/6/2007 6:48:58 PM): hi
charlie cole (6/6/2007 6:49:02 PM): were are you

Joyce (6/6/2007 7:43:24 PM): Hello
Joyce (6/6/2007 7:43:34 PM): Are you there?
Joyce (6/6/2007 7:43:51 PM): It seems we keep missing each other
Joyce (6/6/2007 7:43:56 PM): I hope to chat with you again soon
Joyce (6/6/2007 7:44:01 PM): Take care

charlie cole (6/6/2007 9:39:01 PM): babe,you there
charlie cole (6/6/2007 9:39:09 PM): <ding>
charlie cole (6/6/2007 9:39:17 PM): were are you now
charlie cole (6/6/2007 9:39:25 PM): i missed you

charlie cole (6/6/2007 11:56:29 PM): <ding>
charlie cole (6/6/2007 11:56:33 PM): hie
charlie cole (6/6/2007 11:56:35 PM): you here
charlie cole (6/6/2007 11:56:51 PM): when will you ganna be on line?
charlie cole (6/6/2007 11:57:03 PM): cos, i really missed you
charlie cole (6/6/2007 11:57:06 PM): love you
charlie cole (6/6/2007 11:57:18 PM): bye bye

The day after the last offline message, we had the following chat...

JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : hi
Charlie : how are you ?
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Charlie : cool
Charlie : babe were are you been?
JoyceN: I've been around
Charlie : ok
Charlie : but i don`t always met you on line
JoyceN: That's because you've been coming online too late
Charlie : ok
Charlie : how is life with you?
JoyceN: Everything's great
JoyceN: How's the trip?
Charlie : good
Charlie : i really missed you
JoyceN: I missed you too
Charlie : i will be coming to you this weekend
JoyceN: Good
JoyceN: So that means your trip is almost done?
Charlie : yea
Charlie : africa is so hot
JoyceN: The humidity probably makes it feel much hotter than it really is
Charlie : ?
JoyceN: Yeah
Charlie : so how are will going to meet?
Charlie : can you come and pick me in the airport?
JoyceN: It depends on the day and time
Charlie : i am living on sunday evening
JoyceN: Yeah.  No problem
Charlie : can you tell me the name of your airport?
JoyceN: Wilmington International Airport
Charlie : do you have a good car that will can used
Charlie : or i will buy a car there
JoyceN: You mean rent?
Charlie : no
Charlie : to buy
JoyceN: Surely you're not going to buy a car in a different state
Charlie : i need to buy a good one
Charlie : i need to buy one...okay
JoyceN: Why not buy a bicycle instead?  I have an extra horn and bell you can put on it
Charlie : cos i need it
JoyceN: Whatever
Charlie : ok
Charlie : can you give me your cell phone number?
Charlie : so that i can call you
JoyceN: Can you give me your number too?
Charlie : babe i am not here for games
JoyceN: Me too.  If I wanted to play games, I'd be whoopin' you at checkers right now
Charlie : whenever i ask you for your cell number
Charlie : you always refus me
Charlie : why?
JoyceN: Because you refuse to give me yours too
JoyceN: It's common courtesy, Charlie
Charlie : when i come to you i can give you mine
Charlie : i am not right there in states
JoyceN: I'll give you mine then too
Charlie : how can you call me
JoyceN: I won't.  I just wanted to store the number in my address book
Charlie : okay
Charlie : no problem
JoyceN: Good
Charlie : good
JoyceN: Same thing goes to any other personal info
JoyceN: If you want to know something personal about someone, always be willing to give your own
JoyceN: Otherwise, you end up looking like a jackass
Charlie : for get it
JoyceN: Fine
Charlie : have you take tyour dinna yet?
JoyceN: No. It's too early for dinna
Charlie : ok
Charlie : what are you going to do after will finished?
JoyceN: Probably start cooking dinna
Charlie : ok
Charlie : why you always take a long time to talk to me?
JoyceN: What do you mean?
Charlie : don`t you love me
Charlie : please i need to knoe
JoyceN: I love you
JoyceN: but what do you mean take a long time?
Charlie : you don`t spend enough time talking to me
JoyceN: I don't spend all day on the computer
Charlie : is not all to an hour
JoyceN: I have other things going on
JoyceN: the computer isn't the top priority
Charlie : meaning i am not important to you.....okay
JoyceN: Get used to it
JoyceN: I'm not online all day
Charlie : ok
Charlie : joyce i need to ask you this guestion
JoyceN: Ask
Charlie : can you do anything for love?
JoyceN: Yes
Charlie : good
Charlie : love you
JoyceN: I love you too
Charlie : kisses
Charlie : i believe you going to be specialto me
JoyceN: i think so too
Charlie : you are wonderful woman
JoyceN: I agree
JoyceN: BRB.  I may be 10 minutes or so.  Feel free to sign off if you need to.
Charlie : will you be back?
Charlie : talk to you later

The next day...

Charlie : hi
JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : hi
JoyceN: You're on early today
Charlie : hunny,i have a problems
JoyceN: What kind of problems?
Charlie : i was robber yesterday
JoyceN: Oh
Charlie : in my hotel
JoyceN: That's horrible
JoyceN: Were you hurt?
Charlie : yes
JoyceN: How badly were you hurt?
Charlie : the rubbers take all what i have
Charlie : my money my passport
JoyceN: Did you report this to the police?
Charlie : yes
Charlie : the mander of the hotel was kill
Charlie : manger
JoyceN: Oh my God!!!
Charlie : so bad to hear
JoyceN: You are lucky to be alive!
Charlie : yea
Charlie : thet take away all my money
JoyceN: This is terrible
Charlie : right now i don
Charlie : have any thing to eat
JoyceN: Are you going to sue the hotel?
Charlie : i don`t have money to pay for another bill
JoyceN: what are you going to do?
Charlie : hunny i don`t knbow
Charlie : iam so tried right now
JoyceN: First you need to contact the US Embassy
JoyceN: and try to get another passport
JoyceN: Otherwise, you're going to have a lot of problems
Charlie : i need some money to take care of my self and my feeding
JoyceN: Tell it to the Embassy.  They are there to help
Charlie : i have told them
JoyceN: What are they going to do?
Charlie : but i don`t have money for feeding and to pay my hotel bill
JoyceN: You shouldn't have to pay a hotel bill
JoyceN: the hotel was responsible for the robbery
Charlie : i need some little money
Charlie : from you
JoyceN: From me?
Charlie : yes...please
Charlie : i will pay you back when i get to you
JoyceN: How much?
Charlie : a 1000$
JoyceN: Too much
Charlie : i need money to eat
JoyceN: You aren't going to a thousand dollars worth of food
Charlie : how much can you give to me?
Charlie : please
JoyceN: I can't give you anything today
JoyceN: maybe in the morning
Charlie : ok
Charlie : but i don`t know were to stay
JoyceN: Why can't you stay in the hotel?
JoyceN: The robbers probably won't come back
Charlie : cos i don`t have money for the hotel bill
JoyceN: You don't pay the bill until you check out
JoyceN: Were you planning on checking out today?
Charlie : the bill is been paid everyday
JoyceN: That's not how hotel bills are done
Charlie : here you pay frist
JoyceN: That's not how hotels work
JoyceN: Unless you're in whore house
Charlie : that is how is been done here
JoyceN: What's the name of the hotel?
Charlie : beasn hotel
Charlie : africa is so stupid
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: and gay
Charlie : they are robbers
Charlie : i don`t like them
Charlie : any more
JoyceN: Me too
Charlie : babe please i need money for feeding
JoyceN: There's nothing I can do for you today
JoyceN: Maybe in the morning
Charlie : i haven`t eat to day
JoyceN: I'm sorry to hear that
JoyceN: but it's just not possible for me to get out today
Charlie : please try and help me out of this troblem
JoyceN: I'm sorry, but there's no way in hell I can give you $1000
JoyceN: You would be lucky if I gave you even $100
Charlie : you can give me the one you have
JoyceN: $100?
Charlie : ok
Charlie : for my feeding
JoyceN: If I give it to you, are going to still ask for more?
Charlie : no
Charlie : GOD eill help me out of it
JoyceN: okay
JoyceN: What time is it over there?
Charlie : 6;55pm
Charlie : i really need to eat now
Charlie : but i don`t have moneu
JoyceN: Try to find something for your dinna
JoyceN: and I'll send you $100 early tomorrow morning
Charlie : ok
Charlie : thank you very much
JoyceN: You're welcome
Charlie : you are a friend in need is a friend in deed
JoyceN: Totally agreed
Charlie : you are so special to me
JoyceN: You too
Charlie : GOD i ll blessed you
JoyceN: thanks
Charlie : love you
JoyceN: I love you too
Charlie : i will pay you back
Charlie : when i get to you.okay
JoyceN: It's okay.  I don't mind helping
JoyceN: I just don't want this to be a regular thing.
Charlie : no
Charlie : i have enough money in states
Charlie : i have more than one hounder and fifty thousand dolla in my credit card
JoyceN: Why didn't the robbers steal your laptop?
Charlie : it was under the bed
JoyceN: Why didn't you hide under the bed?
Charlie : that is were been kept
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: You should have slept under the bed. 
Charlie : why?
JoyceN: The robbers wouldn't have seen you
Charlie : hunny don`t forget what you promise me
JoyceN: Yes.  I won't forget
Charlie : please i relay on you
JoyceN: I'll help. I promise
Charlie : ok
Charlie : thank you hunny
JoyceN: You're welcome
JoyceN: So how would I send it?
Charlie : ok
Charlie : can i give the lawyer name
JoyceN: Wait...
JoyceN: You can't afford to eat, but you can afford to hire a lawyer?
Charlie : i have one but he said i should pay him money
JoyceN: Okay.  That makes sense
JoyceN: What do I need to do?
Charlie : name, akugue monday
Charlie : adress 231 sapele road benin city edo state nigeria
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: Writing it
JoyceN: Got it
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: Why am I sending the lawyer food money?
JoyceN: Is he going to make you a sandwich?
Charlie : so that he can help me to correct the money in the bank
JoyceN: So he is going to help you access your account in the US?
Charlie : no
Charlie : i can`t correct the money my self
JoyceN: So what's the point of having the lawyer?
Charlie : hunny to help to holder the case
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: Just remember, this is a one time thing
Charlie : yea
Charlie : i will pay you back when i get to you
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: OKay
Charlie : GOOD blessed you
JoyceN: thanks
Charlie : i pary GOD will pay you back
JoyceN: Sounds good to me
Charlie : you are so dear to me now
JoyceN: I hope I was dear to you before this
Charlie : tks
JoyceN: I'm sorry, but I'll need to sign off now
Charlie : will you coming on line again
JoyceN: Maybe later
JoyceN: Maybe tomorrow
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: I'll do that thing for you in the morning
Charlie : please try and do so
Charlie : and GOD ll blessd you
JoyceN: Thanks
Charlie : time tomorrow
JoyceN: Early
Charlie : ok
Charlie : hunny,talk to you later
JoyceN: Goodbye
Charlie : love you
JoyceN: I love you too
Charlie : bye bye

Usually at this point, I would send a late night email containing fake Western Union claims information. However, when I signed in that night, Charlie was there waiting.  Since it would be three or four hours before the Nigerian Western Union would open, and I didn't want him to attempt to track the money, I decided to hold off until morning.

The next morning, I signed in and Charlie was, again, waiting online.  It was still early enough for him to make the walk to Western Union, but late enough so that he wouldn't likely waste time in the cafe...

Charlie : hi
JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : hunny how are you
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Charlie : and how was your nite
Charlie : not too bad
JoyceN: I'm glad to hear that things are improving for you
Charlie : babe have you got for the money
JoyceN: Yes.  I sent it
Charlie : ok
Charlie : tks
Charlie : please can you write the contro number
JoyceN: You will need this number to claim it.
JoyceN: MTCN 7003681580
Charlie : ok
JoyceN: Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
JoyceN: Test Question:  Where do we chat?
JoyceN: Answer:  Yahoo
Charlie : hunny iam really great
Charlie : thank you very much
JoyceN: You're welcome
Charlie : hunny how much is the money
JoyceN: $100
Charlie : ok
Charlie : thank you very much
JoyceN: You're welcome very much
Charlie : good
Charlie : i can`t not forget you in life to come
JoyceN: That's very nice of you
Charlie : you are my life and my queen
Charlie : i love you
JoyceN: I love you too
Charlie : kisses
JoyceN: I can't chat for too long.  I'll be back later in the day
Charlie : ok
Charlie : see you later
JoyceN: Take care

Charlie wasted no time in signing off.  He took the fake info to Western Union only to leave there empty handed.  He then took the dreaded Western Union Walk of Shame all the way back to the internet cafe.

Disappointed and humiliated, Charlie left the following offline messages...

charlie cole (6/11/2007 9:26:32 AM): hi
charlie cole (6/11/2007 9:26:38 AM): hunny you here
charlie cole (6/11/2007 9:28:19 AM): please hunny will went to the bank will told that the number is not okay
charlie cole (6/11/2007 9:28:43 AM): please can you rewrite the number again
charlie cole (6/11/2007 9:30:27 AM): are you here
charlie cole (6/11/2007 9:32:23 AM): babe were are you now?
charlie cole (6/11/2007 9:32:48 AM): i can`t collect the money
charlie cole (6/11/2007 9:33:08 AM): can you re write the number again
charlie cole (6/11/2007 9:33:31 AM): please i am here wating for you.......okay

charlie cole (6/11/2007 11:26:52 AM): <ding>
charlie cole (6/11/2007 11:27:01 AM): hi you here?
charlie cole (6/11/2007 11:27:23 AM): do you got my off line massenge
charlie cole (6/11/2007 11:27:37 AM): please get back to me
charlie cole (6/11/2007 11:53:37 AM): <ding>
charlie cole (6/11/2007 11:53:56 AM): hunny,when will you ganna be on line?
charlie cole (6/11/2007 11:54:27 AM): please drop the information again

Later that day...

Charlie : hi
Charlie : hunny you here
JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : how are you
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Charlie : good everning
Charlie : cool
JoyceN: That's good to hear
Charlie : hunny i can`t be able to correct the money
JoyceN: I got your messages about that
JoyceN: Did you lose the info?
Charlie : no
Charlie : can you re write it again
Charlie : please
JoyceN: 7003681580
Charlie : please check the slip well
JoyceN: I did.  That's the number
Charlie : ok
Charlie : but they refus to pay me the money
JoyceN: Why?
JoyceN: Did you not say please?
Charlie : yea
JoyceN: What was their reason?
Charlie : thy said the number was not correct
JoyceN: Did you copy it correctly this morning?
Charlie : yea
Charlie : hunny
Charlie : can you call the wenstren union
Charlie : and coform the number again
JoyceN: I'll call to find out the problem
JoyceN: but the problem isn't the number
Charlie : ok hunny
Charlie : is the number
JoyceN: It can't be.  I'm looking at it now
Charlie : ok

Note from James:  A few minutes of silence as I pretend to call Western Union...

Charlie : honey,you here?
JoyceN: on the phone
JoyceN: with WU
Charlie : ok

Note from James:  Another few minutes of silence...

JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: Tell me everything that happened there this morning
JoyceN: and that they said
Charlie : i was told that the number was not correct
JoyceN: You are skipping the first part
JoyceN: What happened once you walked in the door?
Charlie : what
JoyceN: You heard me
Charlie : yea
Charlie : is the number
JoyceN: Answer the damn question
Charlie : hunny what do you want me to answer?
JoyceN: Tell me everything that happened once you walked through the door at Western Union
JoyceN: and hurry up because they are waiting for an answer
Charlie : my lawyer fill the form
Charlie : i was told the number is not correct
Charlie : hunny i ll go there tomorrow
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: Did you do anything after that?
JoyceN: or did you just leave?
Charlie : nope
Charlie : i live
JoyceN: Your story is different from the one they told me
Charlie : what did they told you?
JoyceN: They said you went in there being all loud

Note from James:  I invite Charlie to Yahoo Photo Sharing

JoyceN: and crunching potato chips

Charlie : nope
Charlie : hunny not me
Charlie : iam not the one
Charlie : that is lies
JoyceN: That's what they're saying
Charlie : ok
Charlie : don`t believe them
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: Why would they lie abou that?
Charlie : africa is bad
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: This isn't an African I'm talking to
JoyceN: She sounds like she's from Boston
Charlie : hunny i don`t know
JoyceN: Me neither.  I didn't ask her where she lived
Charlie : after they told me that the number is not correct
Charlie : than i lift there
JoyceN: But at what point did you kick that old lady?

Charlie : i don`t kick any old lady
Charlie : okay
Charlie : that is lies
Charlie : please don`t believe that
JoyceN: Why would they tell me this?
Charlie : okay
Charlie : i don`t know
Charlie : i don`t do any thing like that
Charlie : please don`t believe them
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: I just don't understand any of this?
Charlie : don`t wirried i will go there tomorrow.............okay
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: Please try not to hurt anyone else
Charlie : i don`t do any thing
Charlie : okay
JoyceN: I hope so
Charlie : love you
JoyceN: I love you too
JoyceN: but I don't love the things you do
Charlie : tks honey
Charlie : hunny i don`t do such thing believe me
JoyceN: I want to believe you
JoyceN: but the lady on the phone swore on a stack of Bibles
Charlie : babe, i really want to be with you for live
Charlie : and i want to spend good time with you for live
JoyceN: No matter what bad things you do, I will always love you
Charlie : tks
Charlie : me too
Charlie : hunny what do you do today?
JoyceN: I sent the money, I went to work and I came home
Charlie : ok
Charlie : have you taken dinna?
JoyceN: Not yet.  It's too early for dinna
Charlie : ok huny
Charlie : im really want to see you smiling
JoyceN: I love to see you smiling too
JoyceN: because you appear to have some extra teeth in your mouth
Charlie : cool
Charlie : good
Charlie : you like that
Charlie : ?
JoyceN: Yes. 
JoyceN: I love freak shows
Charlie : good
Charlie : hunny when you see me you will like me very much
Charlie : cos, i am so charming
JoyceN: Yes.  I can see how charming you are
Charlie : you too charming that is why i love to be with you for live
JoyceN: I don't care how many old ladies you kick.  I know you will never kick me
JoyceN: and that's why I love you
Charlie : hunny i don`t kick any old lady,believe me
Charlie : i love you too
Charlie : have you hear from your son today?
JoyceN: No.
JoyceN: Not today
Charlie : why?
JoyceN: He's a busy man
Charlie : please try and do just that.......okay
JoyceN: He's a detective
JoyceN: he's been searching all over for a man that's been going around kicking old ladies
JoyceN: OH DEAR GOD!!!!!!
Charlie : hunny i don`t do that
Charlie : how can i kick old lady?
JoyceN: With your foot
Charlie : for GOD sake
Charlie : i don`t do that please
Charlie : stop saying that
Charlie : hunny
Charlie : i really don`t do that
JoyceN: Then why does your foot oatmeal?
JoyceN: You there?
JoyceN: Talk to me, Charlie

Note from James:  I figured it all was over.  I assumed Charlie was calling quits and ingoring me.  I then left the room, but I didn't sign off on Yahoo.  When I returned, I was suprised to see Charlie still here waiting...

Charlie : hunny sorry i was having problem with net work
Charlie : you here?
Charlie : talk to me
Charlie : you busy?
Charlie : hunny any thing worng?
Charlie : please why do you refus to talk to me?
Charlie : if i am done any thing worng i am so sorry
Charlie : please talk to me
Charlie : babe were are you
Charlie : i need yoy to talk to me..........please
Charlie : you busy?
JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : babe were are you
JoyceN: I'm here
Charlie : why you refus to talk to me?
JoyceN: I didn't realize I left Messenger on
Charlie : you back
JoyceN: Yes.  I'm back
Charlie : hunny,let me tell you iam in love with you
JoyceN: Same here
Charlie : and i can wait to see you
JoyceN: I agree
Charlie : i believe GOD has brought us together
Charlie : is for a propuse
JoyceN: If something ever happened to you I would be so sad
Charlie : tks you my love
JoyceN:   <------------- You dead
JoyceN:    <------------- Me crying because you died
Charlie : love you forever
JoyceN: Me too
Charlie :
Charlie : kisses all ove your body
JoyceN: Thanks
JoyceN: I like kisses all over
JoyceN: especially down there
Charlie : good
Charlie : i love that
JoyceN: I dig it the most
Charlie : hunny do you like making love?
JoyceN: Like it?  I LOVE it!
Charlie : i am ganna give it to you when i get back to you............okay
JoyceN: I am totally looking forward to that
Charlie : i will give you hot sex
JoyceN: I might invite my friends over to watch us make love
JoyceN: They like to watch me compete
Charlie : do you like that?
JoyceN: Yeah
Charlie : do will can`t do that
JoyceN: No problem.  We can just film it and put it on YouTube
Charlie : hunny can you sex me so hard?
JoyceN: Yeah
JoyceN: Right in your ass
Charlie : babe i am going to fuck you real good
JoyceN: You will fuck me as I scream fake MTCN numbers across the bedroom
Charlie : ???????????
JoyceN: I might moan them at first
JoyceN: but by the end I will be screaming out "7003681580"
Charlie : do you give me that fack???????????
JoyceN: What are you saying?
Charlie : do you give me fake mtch?
JoyceN: Are you accusing me of giving you a fake MTCN?
Charlie : no
JoyceN: Good
JoyceN: Because I will fuck you up if you say that
Charlie : why do you that to me
Charlie : means you hate me
JoyceN: Fake MTCN numbers don't mean that I hate you
JoyceN: It's part of the courting process
JoyceN: My parents did the same thing to each other
Charlie : so you make me going to the bank without sanding me money
JoyceN: I didn't want to
JoyceN: an older boy made me do it
Charlie : who?
JoyceN: Steve Peterson
Charlie : what if the police arrested me
JoyceN: That was a risk I was willing to take
Charlie : what is happened?
Charlie : what worng?
JoyceN: Nothing's wrong
JoyceN: You didn't go to jail this time
JoyceN: but there's always tomorrow
Charlie : fuck you
Charlie : bitch