Charlie's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow.  She made her own MySpace profile with no help at all.  Little does Charlie know, Joyce is really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer:
Aliases:  Charlie Burell / Charles Wiltford
Real Name:  Charles Oyebowale
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

hello babe how are you?am Charlie widowed and i have a son that is why am out here searching for someone to love me and be a good mom to my son and i did come across your profile,babe i must confess you are not bad as a lady and i would love to have a serious relationship with you that is if you don't mind hope to hear from you again.or better still you can hook me up on my yahoo im tail then be safe .Charlie

Charlie : hello
Charlie : how are you?
JoyceN: Hello
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Charlie : am coll babe what is groving?
JoyceN: Oranges
Charlie : lol
Charlie : what do you mean by that ?
JoyceN: If you didn't understand, why did you laugh?
Charlie : it okay babe
Charlie : so tel me what do you do for a lliving?
JoyceN: I am a book supplier
Charlie : as for me am a tourist and i work in tourism and travels
Charlie : and my name is charlie i have a kid
Charlie : and am widdowed
Charlie : how about you
JoyceN: Same here
JoyceN: except my name isn't Charlie.  It's Joyce
Charlie : lol
Charlie : joyce you are so funny
JoyceN: Thanks
Charlie : and you look nice there
JoyceN: Thanks
Charlie : yw
Charlie : so tell me are you married /single or havinfa serious relationship going on
JoyceN: Currently single
Charlie : okay
Charlie : ever had any experience?
JoyceN: Yeah
JoyceN: I was married for 18 years
Charlie : wooops
Charlie : tell me more
JoyceN: More about what?
Charlie : yourself and your marriage
Charlie : i mean if u really love the man you married
Charlie : why did you have to leave him
JoyceN: I didn't leave him.  He died in 1998
JoyceN: You shouldn't make assumptions like that
Charlie : aw
Charlie : sorry to hear abou this
JoyceN: okay
Charlie : so do you have any kid?
Charlie : and can you still make babe not compulsory though
JoyceN: I have one adult son
Charlie : okay ic
Charlie : and where is he now?
JoyceN: He lives in Raleigh
Charlie : and you live alone?
JoyceN: Just me and my dog
Charlie : hmm sound nice to me
Charlie : do you own your home?
Charlie : and how would you feel i and my son coming for a visit?
JoyceN: Yes.  I'm a home owner
JoyceN: I wouldn't mind you visiting some time
JoyceN: How old is your son again?
Charlie : he is 9 yrs
Charlie : we are both in Nigeria at the moment
JoyceN: Yes.  You told me before
Charlie : well tell me more about you
JoyceN: Such as?
Charlie : anything you think you would ;ike to tell me be it secrets your past e.t.c
JoyceN: I'll be glad to answer anything you want to ask
Charlie : okay tell me about your past
JoyceN: Such as?
Charlie : what is the special moment you ever had
JoyceN: I guess that would be the time I watched a grocery store burn down
Charlie : what
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: It was beatiful
Charlie : aww
Charlie : so tell me babe how old are you?
JoyceN: 48
Charlie : okay ic
Charlie : well you sure look like a sweet16
Charlie : iressistable
Charlie : and tempting
JoyceN: Thank you.  That's really nice that you consider me jailbait
Charlie : no babe you don't have to look t it that way
JoyceN: Yeah Okay
Charlie : have you any serious date online?
JoyceN: Not online
Charlie : you mean he is not online
JoyceN: I mean I haven't dated online
Charlie : now ic
Charlie : can you give me a trail
Charlie : trial?
JoyceN: Yes.  I'm willing to do that

Note from James:  A very long pause...

JoyceN: I'm willing to do that, but I'm not willing to wait here all night for a response.
JoyceN: Talk to you tomorrow
JoyceN: Take care
Charlie : but here is the rules do you know the more we chat the more our chances of meeting

Three days later...

JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : hi
Charlie : how are you?
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Charlie : am cool babe
JoyceN: Where have you been lately?

Note from James:  Another very long pause...

JoyceN: I guess we won't be chatting today either
JoyceN: Bye
Charlie : yes babe pls talk to you some other time okay
JoyceN: Forget it
JoyceN: You're off my Messenger list
JoyceN: and you're now on my doodoo list
Charlie : pls babe
Charlie : pls
Charlie : it just that today is my birthday
Charlie : so am busy for now
Charlie : and i know you would wish me a birthday gift
Charlie : am sorry i nevr told you all this while

Two days later...

Charlie : hello darling how are you?
JoyceN: I'm fine.  How are you?
Charlie : am cool babe did you miss me?
JoyceN: Not really
Charlie : why babe but i do and why don't you come on here foten?
JoyceN: I come on when I feel like it
Charlie : well why not come often beacuse of me pls
Charlie : i do like having you around okay
JoyceN: Well I'm around now.  We'll see how much you like it
Charlie : okay ic
Charlie : do you have a cam?
JoyceN: No
JoyceN: Do you?
Charlie : no i don't babe
Charlie : so tell me babe where were you no my birthday?
JoyceN: What?
JoyceN: I didn't even know you had a birthday
Charlie : my brithdaybwas june 17 fathersday
Charlie : and i expected to see you online
JoyceN: Yeah.  I was busy then
JoyceN: I had my own birthday on Mother's Day

Charlie : okay ic
Charlie : babe can you spare me lil out of your time
Charlie : i mean can you conside me to be your resposiblities?
JoyceN: We'll see
Charlie : i really want you to my soul mate and do you know how much you mean to me i do think of you befor going to bed
JoyceN: That's nice
Charlie : yes abbe and this is for real
JoyceN: Good.  I only like real things
Charlie : yes and i really want you to place me special like i do to you
JoyceN: Okay. I agree to your terms
Charlie : so tell me can you sen dme few pics of your so i canm have something to look like if you don't come online
Charlie : why not send them to me email pls
JoyceN: Just save them
Charlie : you are such a damsel babe
Charlie : you ae not bad babe
JoyceN: Thank you very kindly
Charlie : yw babe
Charlie : so promise me you would be coming on here often
JoyceN: I come on when I can
Charlie : i know but rem you have someone heart
JoyceN: Yeah
Charlie : so you should always be safe and you should know someone really cares and think about you okay
JoyceN: Thanks

Note from James:  Yet another very long pause...

JoyceN: I'm going to sign off now
JoyceN: Talk to you another day
Charlie : okay babe
JoyceN: Bye
Charlie : love you babe and rem you are the best that eve happens to me okay

Three days later...

Charlie : hello how are you?
Charlie : are you on?
Charlie : hello how are you?
JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : and am glad to read
JoyceN: I'm glad you can read too
Charlie : yes babe
Charlie : so how is thew wqetaher back home
JoyceN: Sunny and warm
Charlie : well it rainy seriously here
JoyceN: Oh.  I hope you're not getting muddy right now
Charlie : how i wsih you were here with me
Charlie : so i could cuddle around you
JoyceN: That's very sweet
JoyceN: Where have you been lately?
Charlie : i told you am still in Nigeria why ask?

Note from James:  Actually, he didn't.  Lucky for me, we didn't have to go through the long, fake travel process...

JoyceN: I haven't seen you online lately
JoyceN: That is why I asked
Charlie : well the weathere here is bad
JoyceN: okay
Charlie : the thing is this am having a tight schedule and you know things are the same as it should so so i really have to like run around to make neds meet but mind you are alwaysd in my heart and thoughts
JoyceN: It's okay.  I understand
Charlie : so tell me what happened while we have not been talking?
JoyceN: Just normal stuff
Charlie : but you told me you arew running kind of business
JoyceN: Book supplying
Charlie : okay oc
Charlie : so how is it going fine?
JoyceN: Everything is fine
Charlie : do you kno i really don't know what has come over me to fall for you
JoyceN: That's sweet of you to say
Charlie : yes babe and am saying this from the bottom of my heart
JoyceN: I totally believe you
Charlie : i really want you and hld you tight to my bossom
JoyceN: I would like to suckle at your bosom
Charlie : well babe cos you are sweet and unforgettable
Charlie : you sure look like an angel
Charlie : to me i know you gonna turn my world around
JoyceN: I think so too

Note from James:  Charlie loses his internet connection briefly...

Charlie : am sorry i got booted okay
JoyceN: Is it because of the weather?
Charlie : yes i guess
Charlie : but at least it much better that the other time
JoyceN: What happened the other time?
Charlie : rem it keep on signing me in and out
JoyceN: okay
JoyceN: Does it rain a lot there?
Charlie : yes it rain alot here
JoyceN: I thought it would always be hot there
Charlie : well at time it hot and sunny
Charlie : but when it rained heavily
Charlie : and it sunny in essance too
JoyceN: Okay. Thank you for the geography lesson
Charlie : that is why people here are like gorrilass
JoyceN: Why are they like gorillas?
Charlie : vcos they black in complexion
JoyceN: You are a damn racist
Charlie : am not a racist okay
JoyceN: Don't start that racist shit around me
Charlie : but am just telling you
JoyceN: You just called black people gorillas
Charlie : okay am sorry if i sound babe
Charlie : see here we go you can some thing right in me you know
JoyceN: What?
Charlie : i said you can caution when am wrong oklay i really want to be submissive to you
JoyceN: I don't associate with racists
Charlie : am not okay
Charlie : will you belive me?
JoyceN: Okay.  But I don't want hear that again
Charlie : and i said am sorry okay
Charlie : will you find it in your heart to forgive me pls
JoyceN: I accept your apology on behalf of all the black people you offended
Charlie : babe and thanks for aceepting my apology
JoyceN: You're welcome
Charlie : so did i ever tell you about my kid?
JoyceN: Not much
JoyceN: Tell me about him please
Charlie : okay and i hope you did meet mine
Charlie : his name is tom
Charlie : babe do you know what may be i am gonna tell him about you what do you think?
JoyceN: Nice name
JoyceN: How old?
Charlie : thank you he is 9 yrs of age
Charlie : and i want you to know ever since i spoke to you i know you are the right one for me and i have been making plans to meet you in person
JoyceN: I would like to meet you too
Charlie : same here
JoyceN: Good
Charlie : i want to spend the rest of my life with you
JoyceN: Do you have any pics of Tom?
Charlie : well i do but they are at hoome not here with me okay
JoyceN: oh okay
JoyceN: I would like to see them when you get home
Charlie : babe are you there ?
JoyceN: Yes.  I'm here
Charlie : okay babe
JoyceN: are you still having connection problems?
Charlie : yes babe
Charlie : so do you have phone where i can reach you
Charlie : or can you call me now?
JoyceN: I'm not going to call Africa
Charlie : why babe ?
JoyceN: Because we're chatting here
Charlie : make me see reason
Charlie : don't you want to gte to know me
JoyceN: That's what we're doing here
Charlie : i really need something more intimate okay
JoyceN: I like chatting here
Charlie : well it okay your wish
JoyceN: Thanks
Charlie : but one thing i really want to trust you and you trust me okay
JoyceN: That sounds good to me.  Trust is imporant in everything in life
Charlie : yes babe
Charlie : and now am giving you my trust
JoyceN: I accept it
Charlie : thbnak you for accepting my trust and am glad to have yours too
JoyceN: Good.  That makes us both trustees, and that's about the most important thing in the world
Charlie : okay
Charlie : so i really have to go now
JoyceN: It's okay.  I was about to say the same thing
Charlie : talk to you later
JoyceN: I'll miss you
Charlie : me too babe but am gonna send you an email on this yahoo id is that okay?
JoyceN: That's fine
Charlie : well i really don't feel like leaving but io have to i love you babe
JoyceN: I love you too

Two days later...

JoyceN: Hello
Charlie : hello good morning how are you?
JoyceN: I'm fine. How are you?
Charlie : am cool my love
JoyceN: Same here
JoyceN: Cool as ice
Charlie : so did you miss me?
JoyceN: Yes.  I missed the mess out of you
Charlie : you are welcome
Charlie : am really tired of this ineternet date babe
JoyceN: Yeah.  Me too
JoyceN: It's the pits
Charlie : let figure a way out just for us to meet in person
JoyceN: Okay.  I will like that
Charlie : i thought about this all day babe
JoyceN: Well what are your thoughts?
Charlie : but the thing is this i really have to be frank with you i mean i got a report i won't be paid until i gte back to states
Charlie : but am thinking may be if i could sell ym house
Charlie : what doyou think i need your opinion on this
JoyceN: That's your decision.  I don't know enough about it
Charlie : nope you tell me what you think or is there aplce you could lona some money for me or may be you could help me with some funds to book my flight tickets and as soon as i have my pay i would return it back
JoyceN: Why do you need my money?
JoyceN: Don't you have money that you have saved?
JoyceN: or money that you brought with you?
Charlie : well am broke here babe the money i have brought with me is finishedi used it to pay the hotel bills since i thought i would be living nigeria this month not until i got the report
JoyceN: So you are asking me for how much?
Charlie : like 700 my love
JoyceN: You expect me to give you $700
JoyceN: How do I know you will even repay me?
Charlie : i will abbe trust me
Charlie : God bear me witness okay
Charlie : what should i say or do to make you believe me
JoyceN: Swear to God on your life
Charlie : i swear to God on my life babe
Charlie : and if i don;t God should punishe me and take my life
JoyceN: Now prick your finger and let a drop of blood fall to the floor
Charlie : lol
Charlie : how would you know if i did that
JoyceN: I'll just have to trust you
Charlie : yes babe
JoyceN: Good.  Because I trust you
Charlie : i mean do you know how much more you are putting a smile on my face
JoyceN: That's nice.  I'm glad you are smiling
Charlie : so babe when should i expect the money
Charlie : i really want to gte out fo here babe
JoyceN: Maybe tomorrow
Charlie : okay should i send you the information to send it to ?
JoyceN: Okay
Charlie : i mean i want you to send it via western union
JoyceN: No problem
Charlie : and i believe in you babe but don't let me down okay
JoyceN: I won't let you down.  A promise is a promise
JoyceN: I just want you to remember your promise too
Charlie : i will babe why not
Charlie : Last Name:oyebowale

First Name:charles

country :Nigeria




text question:who is to recieve the money


JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: I'll write that down now
JoyceN: What is the last name?
Charlie : well how is work going now?
Charlie : Oyebowale
JoyceN: I thought your last name was Wiltford
Charlie : yeah you are right this information is the hotel manager own
JoyceN: oh
JoyceN: Why do you want it sent to him?
Charlie : cos mine is an american passport
Charlie : and not of Nigeria
Charlie : and it has to tally witht he western union ifnormation
JoyceN: Oh okay.
Charlie : should i send it to your email too?
JoyceN: No.  I've got it
Charlie : okay babe
Charlie : well today si gone already here
Charlie : can i havew your phone number may be i might be opportuned to tet you
Charlie : text you know i do think of reaching you anytime am on bed
JoyceN: I don't understand your last sentence?
JoyceN: Text?
Charlie : yes a text message
JoyceN: I don't have that
Charlie : okay ic
Charlie : so tell me how is your son?
JoyceN: He's fine.  Thanks
Charlie : and i really can't wait to meet you and your son in person
Charlie : what agreat day it will be
JoyceN: I hope he likes you
Charlie : well i hope so too babe
Charlie : cos my son already did
Charlie : i told him about you my love
JoyceN: I'm glad to hear he approves
Charlie : yes babe
Charlie : so tell me which one is the airport nearest to you babe
JoyceN: There is only one airport in town
JoyceN: Wilmington International Airport (ILM)
Charlie : okay why ams asking this is that as soon as am having the money i could go and book y flight ticket okay JoyceN: oh okay
Charlie : and give you the departure information so you can come pick us up at the airport or what do you think?
JoyceN: Okay.  That will be fine
JoyceN: I need to step out for a few minutes
JoyceN: BRB
Charlie : okay babe
Charlie : hello babe i will be leaving now okay pls send me a mail or an offline time that you would be online so i can come on here to talk to you

When I returned, Charlie had signed off.  That worked out pretty well since I already had everything I needed.

Late that night, I sent John the following email...

Hello John,

I'm sorry if I'm late.  I forgot about the time difference between us.  I have sent the money and here is the claims details.

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Charles Oyebowale / Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401
Test Question:  Who is to recieve the money?
Answer:  Charlie
Amount:  $700

I hope to chat with you again later after work.  Take care.

Love always,


Early the next morning I got an email from a very appreciative Charlie...

hello how are  you i am very grateful you reallymade my day i just want you to know chatting ewith you gladden my heart .you turn my life around and i know my life wil be worthlesswithout you i love you babe

Charlie then took the fake information to Western Union.  He obviously didn't receive any money, but he may have left with a well deserved parting gift...

thank for putting me in trobule okay i was so embbarrassed and beaten cos they were unable to locate where the money but they gave me another option option thta may be you inserted an initial when you were filling the form out or you wrote a kind of middle name well i really don't know what to do now untill i hear from you .Charlie

This isn't the first time a scammer has claimed to have been beaten when trying to claim money.  In fact, another scammer (Mike Morgan / Adedokun Lukmon) made a similar claim two days prior.  I questioned a few of my former adversaries about their experiences (click HERE for that).  A majority claims this actually happens regularly.  It's hard to believe anything a scammer says, but they have a common theme:  The bank teller suspects them of fraud, and they are assaulted.  (I'm guessing there may be some yelling and arguing from an angry scammer to cause the teller to lash out at them).

Back to Charlie... I was online when he sent the email, but I was invisible on Yahoo Messenger.  He then started sending messages.

Charlie : hello how are you?
Charlie : i sent  you an email okay
JoyceN: Okay
Charlie : hello how are you?
Charlie : what happened
JoyceN: I just got your email
Charlie : yeah i was ashamed
Charlie : and embarrassed at the bank
Charlie : so i really don't know where the mistake came from
JoyceN: You said they beat you?
Charlie : yeah my love they thoought i was lieing
Charlie : cos they said the money wasnt there and i told them it was
JoyceN: I don't know why they would do that
Charlie : me either
Charlie : now the hotel manager is in hospital
JoyceN: So who was beaten?
JoyceN: You or the manager?
Charlie : i and the hotel manager was beeten to coma okay
JoyceN: You're chatting pretty good for a guy in a coma
Charlie : see am very grateful for what you might have caused me and now am in double trouble
Charlie : who knows may be you sent the money anyway
JoyceN: Double trouble?
JoyceN: You know what's next?
JoyceN: Doube Secret Probation
Charlie : see tell me the truth did you really sent the money/
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: Do you think I am lying?
Charlie : i mean why the humilations e.t.c at the bank
JoyceN: I don't know.  That's so strange to be attacked by bankers
Charlie : so do you have the reciept there
JoyceN: Yes
JoyceN: Do you want to see the receipt?
Charlie : yes babe
JoyceN: Just a minute
JoyceN: I will scan it
Charlie : check it very well may be you mistaken a number or you wrote an intiial when you were filling it
Charlie : or you wrote a middle name
JoyceN: I didn't use an initial
Charlie : any middle name?
JoyceN: No. 
JoyceN: Just Joyce Nelson
Charlie : an you pls call the location where you sent it or call the western union
JoyceN: Just a sec.  Still scanning
Charlie : am waiting babe
JoyceN: One moment please
JoyceN: Okay
JoyceN: Here you go

Charlie : lo you really make me luagh babe
Charlie : uagh
JoyceN: I'm glad to hear that
Charlie : yeah babe
Charlie : wow how did you do that ?
JoyceN: I called Western Union and I asked if they had a surveillance tape
Charlie : okay nice to me babe
Charlie : so this is what you really wanted for me right
JoyceN: Thank you very much
JoyceN: I am very proud of my art
Charlie : yeah am not upset but i think IT not to trust someone like you
JoyceN: Why don't you trust me?
Charlie : cos look at what you've make go through my love
Charlie : do you know the pians you have cost me and the damages
JoyceN: Come on, baby
JoyceN: Your wounds will heal
Charlie : you caused it you never sent any money and you told me you did
JoyceN: If I was lying, then how come you have bruises?
JoyceN: Explain that!
Charlie : cios i coud never toy with your heart to d extent that i was beaten
JoyceN: Sometimes in the game of love, people get hurt
Charlie : is it because i never told  you to fuck off me
JoyceN: Hey!
JoyceN: Don't blame me for this.  I'm not the one that made you cry in the middle of the bank
Charlie : fuck you okay
JoyceN: Fuck you, mugu
JoyceN: I was doing you a favor
Charlie : i have had enough with the shit
Charlie : iya e mugu
JoyceN: A mugu is you
Charlie : your papa for house na mugu
JoyceN: Your papa wipes my butt at the movies
Charlie : and your mama suck my dick and kiss my ass
Charlie : were
JoyceN: Your mama and your papa each have fake MTCN numbers
JoyceN: and they will be receiving Western Union beatings this weekend