Capprin's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 61 year old widow.  The is also the proud mother of one son, James.  Also, she's completely made up.
About the scammer...
Real Name: Chukwuemeka
Aliases: Capprin Landrum, Cappryn Landrum, Capprin Williams, Cappryn Williams, Williams Capprin, Williams Cappryn, Wills Cappryn, Frank Coker
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Telephone: 044701150116
Profile: Deleted by MySpace but available here
Note:  Yet another scammer that can't stick with one fake name.

Hello Dear,

How are you doing? I strongly believe you are perfect judging from the looks on your pics here on your profile...and i love the smile you are puting on dear...your gorgeous picture got me attracted while your lovely words had me write I really got marvelled reading your profile and i enjoyed doing so. The first thing that came to my mind when i saw your pics was..''re drop dead so i thought i'ld take out time to introduce myself. My name is Engr. Williams Capprin,am 51, quite New to this page..A friend of mine Jeff introduced me to this page and promised me that If I remain here i can find what I am looking for... he got married some months back and guess what? They both met here on and I was really amazed that such could happen..i never believed my it..
Well, If you must know a little about me, I have a daughter, lost my wife after some tarrible time illness and since then I have been trying my best to make my only daughter loved...But its just so bad that I cant be a mother and also a father at the same just cant work out for me.... I loved my wife but she..each time i have to talk about her,it makes me go into deep pains, I missed her so much and I have been so busy that I am unable to find a woman whom can fill this great vacuum in my heart..

I am a man with a pure and fragile heart and I know I dont need a womanheart breaker...I have been like this for long but now, I am ready to settle down with a woman whom I will love as my friend and as a wife.... as i believe that love doesnt just grow like first sight..But this has to be gradual process... I want to be your friend and may be from there we can see where this will take us..I want to see if I can find Joy In YOUR ARMS...I want to see if I can find solace IN YOUR ARMS..I want to see if I can find the true meaning of friendship and maybe thereafter true love IN YOUR ARMS..

Please dont ignore my mail. I want to say..I am sorry.... if i may have gone again your principles with this email message. Ireally wish to have your response to this please..i wish to know you the more..I wish two know you beyound what i think ..I wish to know how true this can be..I wish to feel loved..I wish this wishes could come true..and i pray it will come true....

I expect to read from you soonest....if you would want me to get your response sooner than expected, Please mail mem on
You can send me more of your pics..

Thank you for reading this, i will so appreciate it, if you find out time to read this once more agian ...
Thanks alot, stay in the atmosphere of love and God bless you

Capprin: hello
Capprin: are you there
Joyce   : Hello
Joyce   : I'm here
Capprin: sorry i cant remember ya name again
Joyce   : That's okay
Joyce   : Because it's not important
Capprin: no pls
Joyce   : Forget it
Capprin: pls remind me................. its name here that am confusd about
Capprin: no pls
Capprin: tell me
Capprin: am sorry
Capprin: i different name is dsplaying here so i cant figure out the owner of the id
Capprin: pls tell me
Capprin: am sorryok
Capprin: are you there
Joyce   : No longer intersted.  Piss off, please.
Capprin: am sorry
Capprin: plsssssssssssssss
Capprin: forgive me ok
Capprin: a different id is showing here
Joyce   : Bye
Capprin: nooooooooo
Capprin: dont go plssssssssssssss
Capprin: did you go
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : Now it's your turn to go
Capprin: tell me
Capprin: u mean u cant forgive me?
Capprin: hello
Capprin: so u cant firgice me still
Capprin: so bad
Capprin: Joyce am so sorry pls
Capprin: u came with a different id
Capprin: and u never sent it to me
Capprin: i just read your invitation to tagg before i got to know you are the one with the stange id
Capprin: pls am sorry
Capprin: hw are you doing?????????????
Capprin: its not fare at all
Capprin: well i will try to talk to you on the phone probably to apologise to u ok
Capprin: nice day to you

A few days later, Capprin tried again.  I decided to give him another chance.  However, he seems to have Joyce confused with someone else he is chatting with;  Possibly another woman named Joyce...

Capprin: hello are you there?????????
Joyce   : Hello
Capprin: hw are you doing today
Capprin: hope you had a nice week end?
Joyce   : I'm fine. How are you?
Capprin: doing fine as well, but my daughter's health isnt improvong yet
Joyce   : I'm so sorry to hear that
Joyce   : What's wrong with her?
Capprin: oh............. i thought i have told you all that
Capprin: she is to embark on liver suggery
Joyce   : I hope hoper sugary liver goes well
Capprin: that i have been praying my dear
Capprin: she is all i have
Joyce   : I understand. My son means very much to me too
Capprin: hw many kids do you have?
Joyce   : Just one
Capprin: are you there still
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: had a i little proble here with my computer
Joyce   : It's okay
Capprin: but you promised you were gonna call me ?
Capprin: u remember?
Joyce   : No I didn't
Capprin: did you send me your number?
Joyce   : No

Capprin quickly signs off, likely because he has run out of time at the internet cafe.

A few days later, we chat again.  He still confuses Joyce with someone else...

Capprin: hello Joyce
Joyce   : Hello
Capprin: hw are you
Joyce   : I'm fine.  How are you?
Capprin: did you write me an email?
Joyce   : No
Capprin: that i have not repklied on my space?
Joyce   : No. 
Capprin: you did not send me an email on my space?
Joyce   : What did message say?
Capprin: i want to send you wat the masseaGE READS
Joyce   : I'm waiting
Capprin: do you have a web cam?
Joyce   : No
Joyce   : Do you?
Capprin: here is the massage
Capprin: that is it
Joyce   : That definitely wasn't from me.  I already have Yahoo.
Joyce   : And I have better grammar
Joyce   : And I wouldn't offer to call you
Capprin: and this
Capprin: I am sorry. MY COMPUTER HAS BEEN DOWN, i had to get a new one. I HOPE TO STAY IN TOUCH WITH U NOW. i hope you and your daughter are during fine
Joyce   : Again, not me
Capprin: really
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : It must be someone else that you chat with
Capprin: i dont whom the person is
Capprin: if i know her i wouldnt have asked you
Joyce   : Can't help you there, chief
Capprin: its ok
Joyce   : Okay
Capprin: so tell me about your self
Joyce   : What would you like to know?
Capprin: everything
Capprin: marriage, eduaction, sex, religion infact everything
Capprin: hope i have not asked much
Joyce   : I'm single, I graduated from Princeton, I'm female, and I'm a Christian
Capprin: i see
Capprin: your age
Joyce   : 55
Capprin: have you been married
Joyce   : I was married for 16 years
Capprin: and wat happed?
Joyce   : He died in the war
Joyce   : His platoon was slaughtered by Gypsies
Capprin: so sorry
Joyce   : It's okay. The nightmares have ended
Capprin: any child?
Joyce   : One son
Capprin: age?
Joyce   : 27
Capprin: great
Joyce   : Yes.  He's a great son
Capprin: have you been meeting men since he pased
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: yea
Capprin: have you been dating
Joyce   : My son?  Of course not!
Joyce   : That's gross!
Capprin: no
Capprin: have you been meeting men since he pased
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: are you dating any now
Joyce   : No.  Not currently
Capprin: great
Capprin: i dont get fine to talk to most ladies online cos of what happens on the internet this days
Joyce   : What do you mean?
Capprin: people lie so much this days on the internet
Capprin: a lady said she wasnt dating till his boy gave me a threatning call
Capprin: i decided not to talk to any one online again
Joyce   : Are you accusing me of something?
Capprin: not at all dear
Joyce   : Sounds like you're calling me a liar
Joyce   : or possibly a whore
Capprin: am only stating why i have not been meeting people online
Joyce   : Yes.  Just me and that one lady with the broken computer
Capprin: i want to belive you and tell you about me
Capprin: ??????????????
Joyce   : What?
Capprin: would you like to know about me?
Joyce   : Marriage, education, sex, religion.  In fact, everything
Capprin: mmmmmmmmmmm
Capprin: you must be very funy
Joyce   : Some people think so
Capprin: lol
Capprin: am 52
Capprin: handsome as they will always say
Capprin: have a child shelly
Capprin: 12
Capprin: my wife died some 3 yrs back
Capprin: cancer
Capprin: a christian
Capprin: i attend assemblies of God
Capprin: have some of my decrees in UK
Capprin: am a certified engineer
Joyce   : How is Shelly doing?
Joyce   : Is she feeling better?
Capprin: she is fine
Capprin: good of you, you have just asked as if you know her very well
Capprin: do you
Capprin: have i told you about her illness before
Capprin: ?
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : You and I chatted a few days ago
Joyce   : Then you went offline without telling me goodbye
Capprin: oh sorry
Joyce   : It's okay
Joyce   : I thought you were probably busy or something, so I let it slide
Capprin: i ahve been here for quite a long time
Capprin: well its nice to knoe you
Capprin: do you have a job?
Joyce   : Yes.  I'm a book supplier
Capprin: thats great
Joyce   : Thanks
Capprin: pls can i talk to you latter
Capprin: i have got an emergency businesses to emberk on pls
Capprin: i really will like to talk to yoi much better
Joyce   : Me too
Joyce   : We'll chat another time
Capprin: who knows if my luck will shile this time
Capprin: ok dear
Capprin: am glad you  must be such a wonderful lady
Joyce   : Thank you very much
Capprin: talk to you some other time ok
Capprin: you are welcome Joyce
Capprin: is my emailing addres
Capprin: do send me some of your recent photograph ok
Capprin: i will like to view you over and over
Joyce   : We'll trade pics sometime
Capprin: ok dear
Capprin: you have a great day
Capprin: bye
Joyce   : Bye

A few days later...

Capprin: hello
Capprin: are you there
Capprin: Joyce
Joyce   : Hello
Joyce   : I'm here
Capprin: good
Capprin: what are doing now
Capprin: are yoi so busy
Joyce   : Not busy at all
Capprin: hold on pls
Joyce   : Okay
Joyce   : I won't be waiting for you any longer
Joyce   : We're done
Capprin: pls on the phone can we talk leter.............pls
Joyce   : No
Joyce   : You had your chance to know me better
Joyce   : And now you've lost it
Capprin: dear pls try to understand i had an inportant call
Joyce   : That's not my concern
Capprin: and am still on it now
Joyce   : I won't be chatting with you again

Several weeks later...

Capprin: can i talk to you now
Joyce   : Are you actually going to chat this time?
Joyce   : I guess nothing has changed
Capprin: some thing like what has changed
Joyce   : You always act like you want to chat, but you always leave me waiting
Capprin: am really sorry
Capprin: am quite a busy person
Joyce   : Yep
Joyce   : Too busy for me
Capprin: once on the computer, i do a whole lots of work
Joyce   : Then I won't disturb you from your work then
Joyce   : Goodbye
Capprin: you are there gain
Capprin: but you cant go when i have not permitted you
Capprin: are you an autocrat?
Capprin: quite principled, well thats nice
Capprin: at least with your kind of character, no man can get on you and get away with it
Capprin: did you go again
Capprin: there you are
Capprin: well am sure it will work out for us one day
Capprin: kits not always easy to get hold of something good
Capprin: i see it that way
Capprin: am sorry, i work hard enough to make money
Joyce   : When I work, I don't play on Yahoo Messenger
Capprin: really
Capprin: are you working now?
Joyce   : I just said I don't and play on Yahoo at the same time
Capprin: i c
Capprin: can i talk to you on the phone..........coutesy demand pls?
Joyce   : No
Capprin: you keep thrilling me with you theory
Capprin: nice anyway
Capprin: do we go for a deal
Joyce   : It's so cute how you try to sound so intelligent
Joyce   : It's like when a little boy tries on mommy's dresses in order to look grown up
Capprin: not at all Joyce
Capprin: i think am like, probably not cos am a poet, but am natuarlly like that
Joyce   : Broken English isn't very poetic
Capprin: hw do you mean pls
Capprin: whats broken english?
Joyce   : Broken English.  It's when a foreigner learns to speak English improperly
Joyce   : It's not your fault.  You probably just had a shitty English teacher
Capprin: thats sounds african...................are you 1?
Capprin: thats a good stroke on me Joyce
Capprin: i enjoy it any way
Joyce   : No.  I'm not African, but I'm starting suspect you may be
Capprin: i see you are such a hard lady, but i enjoy ladies like you alot
Capprin: you know why
Joyce   : Why?
Capprin: i love solvingf hard issues
Joyce   : Good luck with that
Capprin: happy, you know why?
Joyce   : Why?
Capprin: i just got to know you have a good heart
Capprin: just the way you sounded
Joyce   : Thanks
Capprin: wonderful
Capprin: so why were you sounding so hard to me earlier
Joyce   : Take a guess
Capprin: well i know the answer
Capprin: well am sorry for all that ok
Joyce   : I accept your apology
Capprin: thanks alot
Capprin: am very happy
Capprin: and you will have to say sorry for telling me i speak broken english, cos i felt bad
Capprin: am waiting
Joyce   : I apologize for nothing
Capprin: pardon?
Joyce   : I stand by my words
Capprin: well, its ok
Capprin: remind me what last we talked about the day you angrily refused to talk to me
Joyce   : I didn't angrily refuse
Joyce   : You were saying something about your daughter's liver complications
Joyce   : Then you said BRB and never came back
Capprin: yes
Capprin: did i tell you i was in the uk?
Joyce   : You said you were out of the country
Capprin: yes
Capprin: i returnd to get some fund for the suggery
Joyce   : Did she ever have surgery?
Capprin: i will flying back there on thursday by God's grace
Joyce   : Where are you now?  And where is she?
Capprin: am here in the states FL
Capprin: and my daughter is in the hospital in the UK
Capprin: i cant wait to be with her
Capprin: she is all i have got
Joyce   : I hope everything goes well for you both
Capprin: it pains alot when her mother isnt there to help her
Joyce   : So she is in the hospital alone right now?
Capprin: yea
Joyce   : She must be so frightened
Capprin: i paid a nurse who is taking care of her
Capprin: the lady will help her till i arrive there by thursday
Joyce   : That's nice.  At least she has someone to talk to
Joyce   : ...the lady gives her the shots.
Capprin: exactly
Capprin: so Joyce remind me about your self
Capprin: lets talk may be you will have to go with me to UK to see shelly till her suggery is done
Capprin: hahahaha
Joyce   : I don't think that would work for me
Capprin: really
Capprin: why?
Joyce   : Because of my job
Capprin: i c
Capprin: am serious about it
Joyce   : and I'm seriously saying I can't
Capprin: ohh i c
Capprin: its ok
Capprin: but it would have been wonderful...............infact shelly would have Recuperated faster than expected
Capprin: cos she will be glad to have a mother by
Capprin: ok
Joyce   : Yeah
Capprin: i will be rushing back to the office to tidy some other things up ok
Joyce   : Okay.  We'll chat another day
Capprin: i dont wish to leave you, but its important i go
Joyce   : No problem
Capprin: but i will always be here to talk to you
Capprin: and plssssssssssssssss why dont you give me your number so that i could place a call any time am on line
Joyce   : I'm sorry, but I don't give out my number
Capprin: i c
Capprin: its ok Joyce
Capprin: talk to you later ok
Joyce   : Okay
Capprin: and do have a splendid day ahead
Capprin: and hope to have a more beaituful chating moment with you some other time ok
Capprin: bye dear
Joyce   : Goodbye

Capprin was trying hard to sound either intelligent or British.  He reminded me a lot of another idiot disguising himself as a sophisticate:

Guy Incognito

A few days later...

Joyce   : Hello
Capprin: are you there
Joyce   : I'm here
Capprin: how are you today
Joyce   : I'm fine.  How are you?
Capprin: graet
Joyce   : That's good to hear.  I was wondering where you were for the last few days
Capprin: i told you i was going to join my daughter right
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : I knew you were leaving on Thursday, but I didn't see you online
Capprin: yes
Capprin: you must be such a nice lady
Joyce   : That's very true
Capprin: well, i slept in the hospital last night and had to rest now
Capprin: shelly's health isnt getting better yet
Joyce   : I'm so sorry to hear that
Capprin: but i' m really praying she gets very better so that i can leave here soonest
Joyce   : I wish her a full and speedy recovery
Capprin: Amen
Capprin: you are not working today?
Joyce   : I don't work weekends
Capprin: oh................hope i have not forgotten your job?
Joyce   : No.  It's still downtown beside the Quizno's
Capprin: you make supplies right?
Joyce   : No.  I'm a book supplier
Capprin: is that lucrative enough
Joyce   : Yes.  It's a good living
Capprin: i c
Capprin: you must be smiling to the bank more often from youn decleration here
Joyce   : What's that supposed to mean?
Capprin: pardon
Joyce   : What are you trying to say?
Capprin: oh..............thats means you must be making good money from the business
Joyce   : It's a good living
Capprin: i c
Capprin: can you give me your number now?
Capprin: mmmmmmmmm
Joyce   : If you're still in the UK, it won't work
Joyce   : I have a local calling plan
Capprin: but i will call you
Joyce   : and it still won't work
Capprin: why
Joyce   : That's how local calling calling plans are
Capprin: 044701150116
Capprin: here is the number in my hotel room
Joyce   : Do you understand how a calling plan works?
Capprin: u mean you dont receive call out side the states?
Joyce   : No. I don't know anyone outside the US
Capprin: really?
Capprin: hole on let me pick a call
Joyce   : What?
Capprin: answering a call pls
Joyce   : Okay
Capprin: am so sorry Joyce, am asked to report at the hospital now
Joyce   : I hope nothing is wrong
Capprin: pls pray its well with my daughter ok
Capprin: i will reach you as soon as am bak
Capprin: and do send me your number so i coul;d place a call if you are not here ok
Capprin: its importnt to me
Joyce   : I thought I just explained that
Joyce   : Local calling plan
Capprin: its ok and you cant call me as well
Joyce   : No.  That's how local calling plans work
Capprin: i have alot with local calling plan and they receive calls from outside the states
Joyce   : You have a lot of what?
Capprin: talk to you later ok
Joyce   : Are you calling me a liar?
Capprin: not at all
Joyce   : Good
Joyce   : Because Joyce Nelson doesn't lie
Capprin: its ok
Capprin: gtg
Joyce   : Goodbye
Joyce   : Tell Shelly I said hello
Capprin: let me see why am called ok
Joyce   : Bye
Capprin: leter der

A few days later...

Capprin: hello
Capprin: hw are you doinbg today\
Joyce   : Hello
Joyce   : I'm fine.  How are you?
Capprin: and doing good dear
Joyce   : How is Shelly?
Capprin: my dear she is doing fine
Capprin: fine
Joyce   : Oh
Joyce   : I was so worried when you got that call last week and left
Capprin: did i tell you the date for the suggery
Joyce   : No.
Capprin: i was actually called to put signatory of acceptance before they will carry out the suggery
Capprin: hopefully by friday she will be going in for the suggery
Joyce   : I hope everything goes well
Capprin: that am praying dear
Capprin: can i tell you what i have concluded doing
Joyce   : Yes.  Please tell me
Capprin: am puting up plan to visit you as soon am thru here
Joyce   : Oh!
Joyce   : That's great
Capprin: really wanna bring her home
Capprin: want her to stay with me, or if am lucky enough to get a mum for her better
Joyce   : That's great
Capprin: hope you be glad to receive us
Joyce   : I will LOVE it!
Capprin: great
Capprin: shelly must hear this
Joyce   : Tell her I said I am looking forward to meeting her soon
Capprin: you are a great lady
Joyce   : Thanks.  I think I'm great too.
Capprin: you know, i have been a very busy man sonce my wife passed and has not been the type for ladies out there
Capprin: but i friend gave me this i dear to hook seek for some matured ladies who will be very helpful
Capprin: am just so glad that i adhered to that piece of advice
Joyce   : I'm glad that I can be there for you
Capprin: do you have a cam?
Joyce   : No.
Joyce   : Do you?
Capprin:  have one in my house in  fl
Capprin: you will do me a favor ok
Joyce   : What's the favor?
Capprin: i woild like you to get one a cam for me ok so that Shelly can see you through the cam
Capprin: are you going to do that for us?..........................ll
Joyce   : I don't know crap about computers
Joyce   : I'll ask my son about it
Capprin: ok
Capprin: hw many hrs do you work?
Joyce   : I'm self employed so I make my own hours
Capprin: i c
Capprin: dont you have an assistant?
Joyce   : No.  I don't need one
Capprin: i c
Capprin: wea are both self employed
Joyce   : Yes.  I guess so
Capprin: have i told you that before?
Joyce   : Yes.  You told me once before
Capprin: ok
Capprin: gtg now
Joyce   : Why are you leaving?
Capprin: Its time i go to see Shelly in the hospital
Joyce   : Tell her I said hello

The next day...

Joyce   : Hello
Capprin: how are you Joyce
Joyce   : I'm fine.  How are you?
Capprin: am doing fine
Joyce   : How is Shelly doing?
Capprin: she once asked me in they are gonna open  her body with shap object?
Capprin: and i didnt know what to answer
Joyce   : Tell her yes
Joyce   : Scalpels are very sharp
Capprin: Joyce
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: are you there?
Joyce   : Yes.  You just signed off
Capprin: i got rebooted again
Capprin: infact, i had just told the manager here that  the computer is not function fine
Joyce   : Oh..
Joyce   : They have computers in the hotel room?
Capprin: yes
Joyce   : That must be a fancy hotel
Capprin: nice one
Capprin: but the bill is quite much
Joyce   : I've never seen a computer included with a hotel room before
Joyce   : Maybe internet access, but not an actual computer
Capprin: oh.....there are many of them
Joyce   : Really?
Capprin: do you  use hotels alot?
Capprin: yes
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : Even the nicer ones didn't have a computer
Capprin: no, there are mnay i have been to even in  fl
Joyce   : If you say so
Capprin: are you home alone?
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: you live in a rented home or your house?
Joyce   : I'm a homeowner
Capprin: nice
Capprin: and you live in the whole house alone
Joyce   : Just me and my dog
Capprin: what breed is your dog?
Joyce   : Labrador
Capprin: i c
Joyce   : Do you have any pets?
Capprin: yea
Capprin: i used to have one bull dog and Labrador
Joyce   : Where are they now?
Capprin: Labrador for sh elly
Joyce   : Who is watching them while you're out of the country?
Capprin: i had to sell them since no one to take cre of them while  i was a way
Joyce   : That's awful
Capprin: i wil get another one as soon  as am back
Joyce   : Why didn't you just board them?
Joyce   : It's not very expensive and the vet would watch after them?
Capprin: i hadnt that time and did not even think that way Joyce
Joyce   : You had enough time to find a buyer for them
Joyce   : How could you sell your sick daugher's dog?
Joyce   : You are a monster
Capprin: i was so much tensed up while rushing to london and could hardly think of thing s like that
Joyce   : That's just sickening
Capprin: did you go
Capprin: whats happening?
Capprin: is your computer set ok?
Joyce   : My computer is fine
Capprin: why were you going off?
Joyce   : I didn't feeling like chatting with you anymore
Capprin: why
Joyce   : Your daughter is half dead and you sold her pet
Joyce   : If she found out, that would probably kill her
Capprin: and funny enough i have not told her yet
Joyce   : Yeah. Very funny
Joyce   : Acts of cruelty to sick kids are hilarious
Capprin: oh common you sound funny here
Joyce   : You sound like an asshole
Capprin: pls dont say that to me ok
Joyce   : Only a pathetic piece of trash would do that
Capprin: it hasnt gotten to that
Capprin: yes i know  she will be very sad
Capprin: you wont un derstand
Capprin: am not   heartless Joyce
Joyce   : I understand that you were too cheap to board the dog
Capprin: spear me that Joyc e
Capprin: pls lets talk some other things and leave thius pls
Joyce   : We will talk of nothing
Joyce   : I'm done here
Capprin: so bad of you
Joyce   : Not as bad selling a child's pet
Capprin: you are practically raining abuses on me.
Joyce   : You've earned it
Capprin: do you know that?
Capprin: and you are not been fair here
Capprin: you shouyld hav asked why?
Capprin: Joyce is enough of this pets issue pls
Capprin: you seem increasing my pains here
Capprin: through the way you are sounding to me

Two days later, we chatted again.  Capprin's computer at the internet cafe had a virus.  The virus would cause Yahoo Messenger to send out random links and messages without Capprin knowing.  Below is our chat.  The virus messages are in purple.

Capprin: ;) 1 of my vacation pictures <:-P
Joyce   : No thanks
Capprin: no thanks to what
Joyce   : The link you just sent
Capprin: did i send you any link
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : Capprin Landrum:  1 of my vacation pictures 
Capprin: its an autimatic stuff from yahoo and not me pls
Capprin: i did not
Joyce   : Yahoo doesn't send automatic links like that
Joyce   : You're not Capprin, are you?
Capprin: iwo lo mo
Capprin: ugwushi
Joyce   : I'm telling Capprin someone is using his account
Joyce   : And that person is using gibberish
Capprin: Do you realize who is in this image: . Just think for a moment and tell me soon ;))
Joyce   : I'm not going to click it
Capprin: am not the one sending it pls
Capprin: i just notice the computer has virus
Capprin: am sorry, ididnt send it ok
Joyce   : Change your password
Joyce   : and then run an anti-virus
Capprin: if i change my password will it stop?
Joyce   : I don't know.
Capprin: have you experienced i bfore?
Joyce   : No.  I run several different anti-virus'
Capprin: i c
Joyce   : Download these:
Joyce   : Spybot Seach & Destroy
Joyce   : Ad-Aware
Joyce   : AVG Anti-Virus
Joyce   : That should eliminate every virus on your computer
Capprin: :( the page cannot be displayed Something was wrong !!! Check it again and tell me later. THanks
Capprin: it had just sent again right?
Capprin: well am trying whta i can do to it
Joyce   : You're going to need to use the programs I suggested to clean out the virus
Capprin: i think so
Joyce   : After the virus is gone, you should probably change the password just to be safe

Capprin signed of for about 30 minutes.  I sent him an email with links to the anti-viruses I suggested...

Capprin: i saw you message
Joyce   : Still have the virus?
Capprin: pls am having a little problem here with fund
Joyce   : Just install everything I told you to
Joyce   : They're safe programs and they're all free
Capprin: yes am trying to do all that
Joyce   : Okay
Capprin: hot pics this week :x
Capprin: is there any way you can help
Capprin: did you remember today is shelly's suggery
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : I was going to ask about that but those virus messages were annoying
Capprin: any body i chat with complains of the same link
Joyce   : You chat with a lot people?
Capprin: shelly will be in for the suggery by 7:pm this evening
Joyce   : So she's going into surgery in an hour?
Capprin: by 7:pm
Joyce   : Your time or mine?
Capprin: london time here
Joyce   : Isn't 7pm an hour from now?
Capprin: yea, its a hour from now
Capprin: but am having some fund problem here now
Joyce   : Oh.  So that's why your child is alone before major surgery?
Capprin: i had just paid 1300 pounds this morning
Joyce   : I have a question
Joyce   : What's the difference between pounds and quid?
Capprin: m head is hurting
Joyce   : What exactly is quid?
Joyce   : I sometimes hear Brits say pounds, sometimes they say quid
Joyce   : It is slang for pound.  I just looked it up on Widipedia
Capprin: i;not a british Joyce
Joyce   : I thought you would know since you've spent so much time there
Capprin: i c
Capprin: could you do me a favor?
Joyce   : What's the favor?
Capprin: i know it wil sound very funny
Capprin: but you have to remember that i will be coming to your home immediately shelly gets well
Capprin: and will be meeting with you in person
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: but now i want you to please help me witha little fund to assist here ok
Capprin: i will really appreciate it
Capprin: i'm asked to make available another 700 pounds by that 7:pm
Capprin: of which i dont have upto that with me
Capprin: are you there?
Joyce   : I'm trying to convert pounds
Capprin: oh my god , i've won a 20000 usd lottery :O <<
Joyce   : How much is that in dollars?
Capprin: about $1500
Joyce   : How much are you asking me for?
Capprin: i have just about $600 with me now
Joyce   : I can't spare $900
Capprin:  i will so appreciate it Joyce, i will give you back as soon as am back
Capprin: or you make it $1000 so that we have it complete ok
Capprin: Miss World 2006: !! 
Joyce   : I can't do that
Capprin: please, you have to for my daughter's sake
Joyce   : It's just too much money
Capprin: i never knew of this development before now
Capprin: i will give it to you back ok
Joyce   : I know, but I just can't spare that much right now
Capprin: How much can you afford ?
Capprin: never click into the links like something in this image #:-S !!!
Joyce   : I don't know
Capprin: never click into the links like something in this image #:-S !!!
Joyce   : These links are getting annoying
Joyce   : You need to run a virus software
Capprin: very anoying
Capprin: hold on a moment pls

Note from James:  Capprin briefly signs out, apparently switching computers at the cafe.

Joyce   : Did you fix it?
Capprin: i have used one of the stuff you sent to me
Capprin: i thin k it works
Capprin: lets see any way
Joyce   : I think it's gone
Capprin: thank you all the same for sending me the antivirus
Joyce   : You're welcome
Capprin: so Joyce what are we sying
Capprin: i really will be glad for helping me ok
Joyce   : I just can't afford $1000 right now
Capprin:  i asked how much you can afford?
Capprin: yea, its not easy for a single mother like you to give out such amount of money, but what am saying is that i will give it to you back
Capprin: but not even that now, how much can you helo me with please
Joyce   : I have $400 that I have saved for an emergency, but I don't know if that will be enough
Capprin: i have less than 1 hr
Capprin: 400
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: ok can you quickly send it so that i can get it before 7:pm
Capprin: then i will tell the Dr. to expect the balance from me leter
Capprin: should i give you the name?
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: here is the address Joyce
Capprin: i dont have london driver;s licence
Capprin: so its the doctor's name am giving you
Capprin: Frank Coker
Capprin: pls are you sending it mow?
Joyce   : Okay
Joyce   : Am I supposed to use Western Union or what?
Capprin: yes
Capprin: do you have any one close to you?
Joyce   : Yes.  Western Union is in every gas station
Joyce   : and there are three different gas stations on this block
Capprin: pls, am waiting ok
Joyce   : If you want it sent, I suggest you find the complete address
Capprin: Do you mean zipcode and address?
Joyce   : Name / Street / City / State / Zip / Country
Capprin: ok got it
Capprin: Adress..... 29 Lincoln's Inn
Capprin: ZIPCODE.....WC2A 3EE
Capprin: U,K
Capprin: UNITED KINGDOM that means u.k
Joyce   : I know
Capprin: ok...
Joyce   : Frank Coker / 29 Lincoln's Inn / Hackney, London, UK / WC2A 3EE
Capprin: Yeah u got it
Joyce   : Huzzah!
Capprin: ok..You can go and do the sending now i'll be here waiting for you
Joyce   : Okay
Joyce   : It should only take a few minutes.
Joyce   : Maybe 5 or 10 at the most
Capprin: Ok..i will be online waiting for you then
Capprin: ok
Joyce   : BRB
Joyce   : Bye

10 minutes later...

Joyce   : Hello
Joyce   : I'm back
Capprin: yea
Capprin: do you have the information?
Joyce   : Yes, but we have two problems
Capprin: what and what pls
Joyce   : It's after 7:00 pm
Capprin: i have talked to the dr
Capprin: that we will be receibing the money
Joyce   : Okay.  I just wanted make sure they weren't pulling the plug on Shelly at 7:00
Capprin: ?
Joyce   : and one other problem
Joyce   : I only sent $350
Capprin: what
Capprin: 350?
Joyce   : I'm sorry, but I bought some things while I was in there and I only had $350 left
Joyce   : Today's Tuesday and that's new DVD day
Capprin: mmmmmm
Joyce   : I had to buy Flags of Our Fathers, Hollywoodland, Running With Scissors, and The Science of Sleep
Joyce   : I hope you will forgive me
Capprin: its ok, i will see what i can tell the dr
Joyce   : I'm sure he'll understand.  Those are supposed to be awesome movies
Capprin: can you give me the information pls
Joyce   : Here's the info:
Joyce   : MTCN: 7003681580
Joyce   : Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Joyce   : They also recommended a test question
Joyce   : Question:  Who is your daughter?
Joyce   : Answer: Shelly
Capprin: ok
Capprin: Joyce i Track the Money on the Westernunion Sistem now and it's Not there
Capprin: Wat Wrong?
Joyce   : I just sent it about 20 minutes ago
Joyce   : Tracking probably isn't instant
Capprin: was it comfirmed sent before you left
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : I was charged and given a receipt
Capprin: do you have the receipt?
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: so what could be wrong
Capprin: ???????????
Joyce   : It's only been 20 minutes
Joyce   : I doubt their tracking is going show up so quickly
Capprin: are you saying it would have been sent
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : Transfer is instant
Joyce   : Tracking probably isn't
Joyce   : Have you ever tracked a package using UPS or Fedex?  It takes several hours sometimes for it to show up online
Capprin: can you call them that it cant be tracked from there
Joyce   : NO
Joyce   : Don't be so anxious
Capprin: ok
Joyce   : the money was sent, it's just not trackable yet
Capprin: ok

Capprin: is that the receipt?
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: am trying to convince te dr to go for the pulling that the money could be there
Capprin: he said he has to be sure it tracks first
Joyce   : So Shelly's surgery has to wait?
Capprin: they cant toyb with my daughter's life
Capprin: i should expect them to commence once its 7:00 just as agreed
Joyce   : 7:00 was 40 minutes ago
Joyce   : This doesn't sound right to me
Joyce   : Something strange is going on and I don't like it
Capprin: what Joyce?
Joyce   : Everything
Capprin: like what and what
Joyce   : I don't like how any of this sounds
Joyce   : A doctor waiting for tracking
Joyce   : Paying before surgery
Capprin: pls tell me how you mean
Joyce   : A doctor that would actually claim money himself
Capprin: here is absolutely diferent
Joyce   : None of this makes sense
Capprin: i was not even expecting to pay the last payment i made........................things are not done this way in the states
Capprin: well, he has accepted to go for the pulling
Joyce   : BRB
Capprin: pls dont go far ok
Capprin: are you there
Capprin: oh , you are noit back yet
Capprin: still waiting for the Dr Frank
Joyce   : Waiting for him to do what?
Capprin: to get the money
Capprin: mean while the nurses are prepering
Joyce   : Did he leave to pick it up or is he still waiting?
Capprin: he left
Joyce   : Okay
Capprin: i assured him the must be there
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : When do you expect him back?
Capprin: soonest Joyce
Capprin: you know what?
Joyce   : What?
Capprin: i cant thank you enough for this kind assistance
Joyce   : You're welcome.  I'm glad that you are appreciative about it.
Joyce   : I know it's not as much you would like, but it's the best I could do
Capprin: you are great Joyce
Capprin: thank you so much ok
Joyce   : You're very welcome
Capprin: Joyce will happy to meet you i know
Joyce   : I'll be happy to meet her too
Capprin: ok
Capprin: it will be a wonderful experience
Joyce   : Surely it will
Capprin: gtg
Capprin: will get back to you soonest
Joyce   : Okay
Joyce   : Let me know how the surgery goes!
Capprin: ok dear
Capprin: i will
Capprin: bye
Joyce   : Bye
Capprin: yea
Capprin: pls dont forget to pray for uis ok
Capprin: us
Capprin: bye

Capprin and / or his scamming partner with the fake Frank Coker ID attempted to claim the money.  Of course, they came back empty handed.

The next morning...

Joyce   : Hello
Capprin: Good day to you dearest Joyce
Capprin: hw are you doing?
Joyce   : I'm fine.  How are you?
Capprin: it has not been easy with me here
Capprin: thank God my daughter survived
Capprin: i'm so glad she made
Joyce   : I'm so glad to hear that
Capprin: though it wasnt easy at all
Capprin: i' coming out from the hospital since the last time i talked to you now\
Joyce   : How is Shelly feeling?
Capprin: she is still asleep to alliviate the pains
Capprin: guess what hun
Joyce   : What?
Capprin: the dr could not get the money out till now
Capprin: they said he should contact the sender, but we had no time to contact you
Joyce   : So what is the problem?
Joyce   : Or have you already gotten it?
Capprin: that was he said, that the western union pple said he should conbtact the sender
Capprin: that money has not been approved
Joyce   : brb
Capprin: the dr had to continue with us cos he had already seen the comfirmation that money was sent
Joyce   : So did Western Union say what the problem was?
Joyce   : or did the doctor just not know what he was doing?
Capprin: i dont now Joyce
Capprin: but have you tried checking the availability of the money if it had been pulled ?
Joyce   : I'll check now
Capprin: pls do
Joyce   : I'm not seeing it
Joyce   : I'm getting an error message
Capprin: since yesterday, it has been giving error message and that i said, but you stated that it will not track instantly
Capprin: can you call pls
Joyce   : Just a sec
Joyce   : I'm checking my credit card balance to see if the charge is there
Capprin: ok
Joyce   : There was a pending charge, but it hasn't gone through yet
Capprin: you were not charged from your c/c?
Joyce   : No
Joyce   : Maybe it was cancelled by Visa?
Capprin: i c
Capprin: and you can make the sending with cash through any western union point
Joyce   : I don't keep that kind of cash on me.  That's why I used my credit card
Capprin: i c
Capprin: what do we do Joyce pls
Capprin: so that i could get the money first thing monday morning
Capprin: cos i had told the dr that you will be making the correction
Joyce   : Just a sec
Joyce   : I can call and ask them to approve the charge
Capprin: can you do that now pls
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: pls do so that i will see if i can still get it today ok
Joyce   : I'm calling now
Joyce   : brb
Joyce   : They have to manually process the charge
Capprin: i c
Capprin: i have limited time here
Joyce   : How much time do you have?
Capprin: very little time Joyce
Capprin: but i would loved to go with the conclusion so that i can tell the dr to check again since you have seen to it
Capprin: but even if them do am na til monday shebi
Capprin: i pray they do it today
Joyce   : Here's my idea
Capprin: yea
Joyce   : Since Shelly has already had her surgery
Joyce   : you wouldn't need my money
Joyce   : Just sneak her out of the hospital
Capprin: no, there is no way i can do that
Capprin: besides, she is not strong enough to work now Joyce
Joyce   : She's small, and frail.  Just wrap her in your jacket and carry her out
Joyce   : Or put her in a paper bag and everyone will think she's a baguette
Capprin: no
Capprin: she has to be here for some more day
Joyce   : The only reason I was helping was so she could have her surgery
Joyce   : But now she has already had it
Joyce   : I have decided to not to send it
Joyce   : This is just too much trouble for me
Capprin: pls am really so sorry for all that
Capprin: you have started it already ok
Capprin: do bear with me ok, atleast for my little daughter's sake
Joyce   : They told me the Western Union transfer was voided because of the block on the charge
Joyce   : They said I would have to go and resend the money again
Joyce   : I don't want to do that
Capprin: pls you will have to help me
Capprin: pls Joyce pls
Capprin: am so sorry for stressing you this much ok
Capprin: am really sorry
Joyce   : Why don't use just use the money you made from selling her dog?
Capprin: i have talk to vet that am picking them up as soon as back
Capprin: phone call
Joyce   : Yeah. I can imagine who
Capprin: i guess from the dr
Joyce   : Bingo
Capprin: hold on pls
Joyce   : Yeah
Capprin: pls see what you can do for us pls, my attention is needed at the hospital now
Capprin: i will be checking you back ok
Joyce   : I'm sorry, but I made my decision
Joyce   : I wish you the best of luck
Capprin: plssssssssss
Capprin: or can you do on monday morning?
Joyce   : No.  I'll be picking up my money in the morning.
Joyce   : I'm sorry
Capprin: pls i have to go now, i will be ok
Capprin: pls help me ok
Joyce   : Bye
Capprin: pls help me ok
Capprin: God will bless you
Capprin: bye
Capprin: i will check you back
Capprin: tke care and have a wonderful week end ahead
Capprin: bye

The next day we had the following chat.  We were both in for a surprise...

Capprin: hello Joyce
Joyce   : Hello
Capprin: hw are you today
Joyce   : I'm fine.  How are you?
Capprin: trying to be fine Joyce
Joyce   : I hope everything is going great with Shelly
Capprin:   yea, she can talk now
Capprin: the dr is not giving me any breathing space
Joyce   : I'm glad to hear that
Capprin: but some of feeding items meant for her condition, i cant get to provide money for them
Capprin: which is even very dengerous to her
Capprin: they have refused to  give proper attention to her cos i have not fulfilled the promise of making the other 700 pounds
Capprin: its been terrible with me Joyce
Joyce   : That's worse than terrible
Joyce   : It's bad
Capprin: Joyce, can i tell you something?
Joyce   : You can tell me anything
Capprin: from the first day i met you, i had a  strong feeling that         we definitrly must meet someday of which i pray that day come soon
Joyce   : That's nice
Capprin: one day while alone in the hotel room here, i went  back to what i suffered b efore i wopn my late wife's heart
Capprin: i rememberd too well  that she was always very hard at me, though i thought is was measures to scare mebut i persisted and did not grumble..................infact  my calmness to all her harshness won her heart for me
Joyce   : It sounds like you are still in love with your dead wife
Capprin:  that has actually though me a great deal of lesson when dealing with any female
Capprin: not that Joyce. but i leant alot from her
Capprin: naturally i dont enjoy hard attitude from female folks, but when it comes emotional attached issues, i take my time cos that could be my testing time
Capprin: what am i saying here Joyce
Capprin: are you there
Joyce   : Are you calling me difficult?
Capprin: not really Joyce
Joyce   : What's your point then?
Joyce   : Because you're all over the map right now

Note from James:  Here's where everything gets turned upside down...

I was preparing for the reveal.  Unless the chat turned in a different direction, I was planning on using this pic...

That's actually a picture of Zelda from Pet Sematary.  Yeah, not too clever, but that's all I had at the time.  Sometimes I come up with better ideas on the spur of the moment, and I was hoping for one of those ideas soon (possibly the thing about him still being in love with his dead wife). 

However, none of that was necessary.

Capprin signed off for about two or three minutes.  He came back and we exchanged a few Buzzes.

Joyce   : Are you there?
Joyce   : Are you having computer problems?
Joyce   : Are you there?
Joyce   : I'm getting buzzes from you, but not messages
Joyce   : Fake?
Joyce   : What are you talking about?
Capprin: Hey dont act as if you dont know what am talking about
Capprin: U are here to write a book
Joyce   : Who told you this garbage?

Note from James:  Capprin was tipped off from another scammer.  You'll find out who shortly...

Capprin: Do you think am a fool to go to westernunion to pick up a money that is not there lol
Joyce   : Apparently you did
Joyce   : Either you or the guy with the Frank Coker fake ID
Capprin: I didn't go
Capprin: U have to say you send $350 so i will be serious to get it lol
Joyce   : How did you find out?
Capprin: Am into the same game ok
Joyce   : Did I do this to you before?
Capprin: Am here to find out scammer
Joyce   : Come on... Who told you?
Capprin: Nobody
Capprin: What about the website
Joyce   : Was it Odinye?

Capprin: No i don't know him
Capprin: How did you get his picture?
Joyce   : He left his webcam on
Joyce   : I have 100 more pics of him. 
Capprin: But i dont think that someone that want to scam can use is real picture?
Joyce   : Yes.  Sometimes they do show real pics.
Joyce   : Did Samson tell you?
Capprin: I dont know who is samson
Capprin: Samson is a scammer?
Joyce   : Yes.  Samsun Ogunjimi

Capprin: What's that ?
Joyce   : Samson paid over $200 for me to ship him a PSP video game
Joyce   : I shipped him this instead
Joyce   : A 50 year old bottle of spray cleaner
Capprin: lol
Capprin: i work as an informate for the efcc
Capprin: who do you work for ?
Joyce   : I work for myself
Capprin: The picture u have up there is not real you 
Joyce   : No
Joyce   : I'm really a man
Capprin: The picture i have up there is not my picture
Joyce   : I know
Joyce   : I have three guys on my buddy list with the same pic
Capprin: Ok..
Joyce   : Who told you who I was
Capprin: Actaully am a psychology
Joyce   : Who told you about me and my book?
Capprin: The other person that u told about it
Joyce   : I told a lot of people. 
Joyce   : I've done this to 80 scammers
Capprin: Wow
Capprin: I dont know him very well....I just meet him online and he said i should contact this woman
Joyce   : Tell me the person and I will tell you what I did to him
Capprin: I got a hold on the person and the person told us everything
Capprin: Do you know mike embs ?????????????

Note from James:  Mike Embs was a scammer that I burned almost two weeks prior.

The Embs / Capprin connection is coming...

Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : I know him very well
Capprin: We arrest him
Joyce   : So Mike Embs told you about me?
Capprin: Yeah
Capprin: We have mike in our office now
Joyce   : I met Mike after I met you

Note from James:  Capprin contacted me in November of 2006.  Due to very long lapses between chats, it wasn't until mid February that he was burned.

Mike Embs contacted me in late January 2007, and he was burned a few days later.

Capprin: Yeah...Mike is avery big scammers
Capprin: Mike is using about 9cars
Joyce   : You're Mike
Capprin: no am not
Joyce   : I burned you twice in two weeks!
Joyce   : You have to be the same guy
Capprin: No am not the same guy
Joyce   : You wouldn't brag about some guy like that unless you were the same
Joyce   : or unless you two were gay for eachother
Capprin: I know you will not believe me

Note from James:  While it was very suspicious that he would be talking up Mike, I knew it wasn't possible for them to be the same.  No one could be stupid enough to fall for the same trick from the same person using the same pic twice.  The connection between the two is coming up...

Capprin: But mike dont know you are guy
Joyce   : Probably
Capprin: That we tell you am not mike
Capprin: I have a webcam but i left it at the office
Capprin: what about you ?
Joyce   : Tell the truth.  How do you know Mike?
Capprin: That's my company website
Joyce   : Do you know what I did to Mike?
Capprin: No just little
Joyce   : Would you like to read it?
Capprin: Yeah...
Joyce   :
Capprin: I love what you are doing
Joyce   : Thanks
Joyce   : A lot of people feel the same way
Capprin: U are the man with a red cloth ?
Joyce   : yes
Capprin: Who is the black guy that u are holding
Joyce   : That's a guy that sent me his real photo
Joyce   : I edited the pics to make us look like friends

Note from James:  He is referring to this pic:

For the record, the other man in the pic is a scammer who went by the name Roberto.  He was never posted on the blog because he disappeared without a trace.

The original pic is of Stephen Colbert and his black friend, Alan.

Capprin: Is the guy a scammer also ?
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: lol..u are very smart
Capprin: Why didn't you work for the fbi ?
Joyce   : I turned them down
Joyce   : How do you really know Mike Embs?
Capprin: Are you working for tom in myspace?
Joyce   : No, we're just friends
Joyce   : Is Mike in the cafe beside you?
Capprin: No..I didn't go to westernunion because i found out on phone
Joyce   : So how did Mike Embs tell you about me?
Capprin: He said you are the one that send him westernunion
Capprin: We get hold on him at the bank
Capprin: We are still looking for his brother

Note from James:  That confirmed my suspicions.  Mike Embs and Capprin Landrum are brothers.  Why else would someone brag about how rich and successful a scammer is?  And why would he mention a brother for no apparent reason?  More evidence came later to support my theory.

Joyce   : His brother, eh?
Capprin: Mike is about going to jail
Capprin: We found alot of things in mike house
Joyce   : Glad to hear it
Capprin: Ok...what is the book all about ?
Joyce   : My book is all about scammers.
Joyce   : It's mostly just my conversations with them
Joyce   : I also go into detail about the different scams they use
Joyce   : I have chatted with over 80 scammers, and I've seen probably every scam around
Capprin: Ok..
Capprin: Have you seem a fake lottery winner
Joyce   : I got an email about that
Joyce   : I'm still working on that one
Capprin: Ok..
Capprin: What about employment
Capprin: JOB OFFER ?
Joyce   : That's one of my favorites
Joyce   :
Joyce   :
Joyce   : He sent me a bunch of fake money orders
Joyce   : But I kept them
Capprin: What did you now tell him?
Joyce   : After I got them, I told him I quit and I was keeping everything
Joyce   : He got mad and threatened to sue me
Joyce   : Do you want to see the stupidest thing a scammer did?
Joyce   : I tricked a guy into singing me a song
Capprin: What type of song did the guy sing
Joyce   : Some love song.
Joyce   :
Capprin: from where
Joyce   : Ghana
Joyce   : Ghanan scammers are different from Nigerian scammers
Capprin: hw do you know all this
Joyce   : Because I've done this 80 times
Joyce   : Nigerian scammers want money.  Ghanan scammers want items
Capprin: from our coversation, can you te;ll my location
Joyce   : Nigeria
Capprin: i mean without been told
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : Lagos, Nigeria
Joyce   : Probably Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
Capprin: how do  you know
Joyce   : Because I've done this 80 times
Capprin: or do you know through the computer ip address
Joyce   : No.  I can tell from the way people chat
Capprin: but can you believe am not in africa at all
Joyce   : No
Joyce   : There are certain things Africans say that will always give it away

Note from James:  I highly doubt a scammer's gonna read all of this lengthy chat, so I'll let you know the key to spotting a scammer...

Scammers often drop the pronoun (I, am, he, she, it) when the verb is either "am" or "is."

To make it simpler... scammers will say something like "am hungry" or "am sad" instead of "I am / I'm."  That's usually the dead give away, since they introduce themselves that way most of the time ("am Capprin"). 

Also, you will see them say "is nice" or "is expensive" instead of "It is / It's."

Capprin: but i gave you london number
Joyce   : I know about the London connection too
Capprin: tell
Joyce   : Peckham
Capprin: am so much interested in your level of knowledge serious
Joyce   : I've done a lot of research
Capprin: really
Capprin: what your reward for doing this?
Joyce   : A successful book
Joyce   : I'm hoping to start an internet trend of this
Joyce   : If thousand of people do this, it will make scamming nearly impossible
Capprin: i c
Capprin: you make up  stories with them
Joyce   : No.  Everything is 100% true
Joyce   : I narrate in between chats to let the reader know what is going on, and how much time has passed
Capprin: i c
Joyce   : The only thing that is made up are the women
Capprin: are you marrid
Joyce   : No
Capprin: ya age
Joyce   : 27
Capprin: really
Joyce   : Yes
Capprin: 27??????????????
Joyce   : Thought I was older or younger?
Capprin: older
Capprin: can we deal together?
Joyce   : What do you mean by deal?
Capprin: you stand a chance of becoming a millionarie
Capprin: can i trust you
Capprin: i want to be  real to each other now
Capprin: are you ready?
Joyce   : I already know all the scams
Joyce   : It won't work
Capprin: this is not scam now, or should i say am not scaming you this time
Joyce   : What are you asking?
Capprin: i wan us to do deal together
Capprin: you sound more like a humanitarian
Joyce   : Joyce says that sometimes right before I shit all over the scammer
Capprin:  am serious
Capprin: what you reall name?
Joyce   : James
Capprin: mine is Chukwuemeka
Capprin: can we exchange number now?
Capprin: reall number now
Joyce   : Sorry, I don't do that
Capprin: really
Joyce   : I don't give out my real number or my real address
Capprin: you are damn serious about this James
Joyce   : Very
Capprin: but you are in NC
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : The address you have is for the local news channel
Joyce   : I give scammers the local news channel's address.  I want them to get curious about me and do a story on me
Capprin: really
Joyce   : Yes.  It's going to work eventually
Capprin: hw long have you been doing this?
Joyce   : About a year
Capprin: yea
Joyce   : I really need to go now.
Joyce   : We'll chat again tomorrow.
Capprin: ok James
Capprin: i will be glad to talk to you again ok
Joyce   : Bye
Capprin: i like you inteligence
Capprin: bye

The next day...

Joyce   : Hello Chukwuemeka
Capprin: James hw are you doing
Joyce   : Just preparing your section of my site
Capprin: what
Joyce   : You heard me. You're going on the blog with the rest of the scammers
Joyce   :
Capprin: i cant be when we are both in same line of job ok
Joyce   : I'm sorry, but management said that they're gonna have to let you go
Joyce   : They caught you on camera stealing staples and post-it's
Capprin: can we talk about all this later and remember we e supposed to discuss about lucrative deal
Joyce   : No thanks
Capprin: we have alot to do together ok
Joyce   : Let's discuss it now
Capprin: am kinda a busy now pls
Joyce   : No
Joyce   : You did this all the time to Joyce
Joyce   : You would always say BRB
Joyce   : That's why we stopped chatting for a long time
Capprin: lol
Capprin: mm
Capprin: and i remember that Joyce was always going crazt at me
Joyce   : Joyce was just on her period
Capprin: hahahahahaha
Joyce   : We'll discuss your idea now
Capprin: brb pls

About 30 minutes later...

Joyce   : Howdy
Capprin: cood and you
Joyce   : I'm good.  How's your brother?
Capprin: did you ask me about my brother
Joyce   : Yeah.  You heard me
Capprin: i told you i dont know any Mike
Joyce   : Yes you do
Joyce   : We discussed him a few days ago
Joyce   : You mentioned his name before I did
Capprin: yea
Joyce   : Do you have any other brothers that I can send to Western Union?
Capprin: hahahahaha
Capprin: lets talk about lucrative deal here James
Joyce   : Okay. Explain
Capprin: but i have to be sure you wont turn me down
Joyce   : I'm a reasonable man. I'll listen to what you have to say
Capprin: James, i want us to make money and get to meet each other
Capprin: lets put off this internet scam this on us
Capprin: there is always 1 way God uses to unit pple you get
Joyce   : How is that?
Capprin: frankly am in Nigeria, western africa
Joyce   : I know
Capprin: you also know that we are a very tough system here, my country has the money be comfortable and organised just america
Capprin: i like you for your intelligence
Joyce   : Thanks
Capprin: i wan us to make big money together, but am afraid if yiu can abide
Joyce   : I'm very interested to hear you explain this
Capprin: i want to get you involve in this act, but you are not in any way directly involved. All you have to do is to help deliver most instrument to most proposed clients fundly called as mugus here
Joyce   : How would this work?
Joyce   : And what exactly are the instruments delivered?
Capprin: payable know them very well James
Joyce   : What kind of clients?
Capprin: James everything is still scam act
Capprin: the people we convince in the verious areas of scam
Capprin: i will later send you most of the letters we send to them
Joyce   : Why would I want to scam people?
Joyce   : I have made scammers waste their own money plenty of times, but I have never taken any amount of money
Capprin: no
Capprin: we are not scamming people
Joyce   : Then what do you call it then?
Capprin: man its game
Capprin: i get you convinced spending my money and time and all that
Joyce   : What?
Capprin: its a game
Capprin: if america will legalise casino
Capprin: i see this as a game JAMES
Joyce   : Casinos are legal
Capprin: REALLY
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : Ever hear of Las Vegas?
Capprin: I C
Capprin: YEA
Capprin: James you have be open with me
Capprin: i want to blow up financially
Capprin: possible live here
Joyce   : Either this is one big scam, or you're horrible at explaining things
Joyce   : It sounds like you want me to do what most Nigerians are doing
Capprin: not really James
Capprin: i have been longing to meet an exposed american who could hook me up u knw
Joyce   : What is it you want me to hook you up with?
Capprin: agree do do the things i ask you to do, we are not scaming any individual here James
Joyce   : I want to know exactly what you want me to do
Joyce   : Send out generated emails to random strangers?
Capprin: not really
Capprin: i specialise in geting new pple then i agree to send the Checks and money oders of which the will cash take away % and remitt the bremaing to me
Joyce   : Come on...
Joyce   : I know the money order scam
Joyce   : I've made several scammers send them to me, and I never sent them the money
Capprin: what did you do with them
Joyce   : I had them sent to the Attorney General's office
Capprin: really
Joyce   : The Attorney General in NC has a huge No-Scam campaign. I knew he would appreciate it
Capprin: but in this case you are not to cash them you will help despatch them
Joyce   : I'm not going to get involved in counterfeiting
Joyce   : I know exactly how this works, and I could get serious jail time.
Capprin: but James am telling you, you wont have anything to be involved in here
Capprin: cos you are not the 1 to cash the MOs
Joyce   : No... Sending them out is just as illegal as cashing them
Capprin: what ?
Joyce   : It's the same as counterfeiting
Joyce   : I've seen this exact same scam done before.
Joyce   : There was a guy in California working with a scammer in Nigeria.
Joyce   : He would mail out the money orders via Priority Mail
Capprin: yea
Joyce   : I won't do that.
Capprin: you are afraid i guess
Joyce   : Afraid of committing fraud?
Joyce   : or counterfeiting?
Capprin: its game James
Joyce   : Dude... I'm unscammable
Joyce   : It won't work on me
Capprin: its not fraud James
Joyce   : It's fraud
Capprin: do you know hw many amricans that have made real money from it
Capprin: every 1 is scamimg even Bush and my president here
Joyce   : Yeah, but unfortunately, he won't be going to jail
Joyce   : and neither will I
Capprin: yes you wont go to jail James
Joyce   : It's illegal and I won't do it
Capprin: i c
Joyce   : Do you mind if I add you to my site this weekend?
Joyce   : Your section is already online, but I don't have it on the main page yet of the site yet
Capprin: as what James?
Joyce   : My site about scammers
Joyce   : Did I show you your page yet?
Joyce   :
Capprin: no dont do that yet
Joyce   : I will be updating the main page today
Capprin: dont James
Joyce   : Why?
Capprin: but its not fair James
Capprin: you wouls have tols me
Joyce   : You knew it was going to happen after Mike Embs told you about me
Joyce   : I will be adding you and another scammer
Joyce   : Unless you do one thing
Joyce   : Leave me a comment on the blog and tell me how great I am.
Capprin: i will
Capprin: but not now
Joyce   : Right now
Joyce   : and I will delete your page immediately
Capprin: i reall will have to coment you intelligence
Joyce   : Flirting won't chat things.
Joyce   : I'm still posting it
Capprin: you mean from the site?
Joyce   : Yes
Joyce   : Leave the comment now and I'll delete the page
Joyce   : Yes. That will work
Joyce   : But add something about how great my ass looks
Capprin: pls promise not to post my detail ok
Capprin: i will appreciate it
Joyce   : Leave the comment and I'll delete the page immediately
Capprin: i have to go may be i will finish it tomoorw ok
Joyce   : Sorry, but I owe my readers an update
Capprin: ii cant sign in there now
Joyce   : You better figure it out because once we finish this chat, it'll be added and uploaded
Capprin: i think i have to stop talking to you
Capprin: cos i cant trust you James
Joyce   : That's very upsetting
Joyce   : A scammer should always trust a guy that pretended to be a lady
Joyce   : ...and pretended to send money
Joyce   : ...and gave him a fake MTCN number
Joyce   : Still there?
Joyce   : Come on, Chuk
Joyce   : Don't stop trustin'