Bill's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 43 year old widow.  She's self employed, sassy and very trusting.  Little does Bill know, but she's really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer...
Name:  Bill James
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  Bill & Shilon
Note:  This one's a bit unusual.  It all starts when a scammer contacts me using the wrong ID.  Then he brings some friends in on the action;  Not Nigerian friends, but Americans.

Hello, My name is Bill ,I was looking through when I went through your proile,I must say it really set an attraction to me,I would like to get to know you better,I really need a woman in mylife...

Hi Bill. I've bet you've got some sweet tits.

Talk to you soon,

Hello Jane,It me Shilon, My brother use my Page to email u and right now i am back too school, u Can email him back not here.. ...that why brother site..check him out and send him eamil there.. Thanks.
Hi Bill. I'm a friend of your sister, and maybe I can be a friend to you if you know what I mean.

You take it easy,

Tell me more about ur self and if u care to chat u can add me to ur yahoo list, or hotmail..

Joyce  N: Hi
BillJames: Hello
Joyce  N: I got your email.  Thanks
Joyce  N: It was very nice of you
BillJames: hellp
Joyce  N: Help?
Joyce  N: Is something wrong?
BillJames: thanks for IM me?
Joyce  N: are you okay?
BillJames: Yes sweetie
BillJames: I am fine and u?
Joyce  N: I'm doing fine
BillJames: That good to know
BillJames: I like ur pics on here sweetie
Joyce  N: Thank you very much
Joyce  N: You have a nice pic too
Joyce  N: with your hairless chest and all
BillJames: Lol
BillJames: So what new?
Joyce  N: Lost is new tonight
BillJames: Cool
BillJames: tell me more about ur self
Joyce  N: My name is Joyce and I likes to partay
BillJames: co0ol
BillJames: cool
BillJames: go one
Joyce  N: Feel free to ask anything
BillJames: cool
Joyce  N: I feel uncomfortable talking about myself at great length.  I'd rather just answer what you would care to know
BillJames: Oh i see
BillJames: kids?
Joyce  N: I have one adult son
BillJames: okay
BillJames:  u leave lon?
Joyce  N: Do I live alone?
Joyce  N: If that's what you're asking, the answer is yes
BillJames: okay
BillJames:  ur house or rent?
Joyce  N: I'm a home owner
Joyce  N: Same yellow house for over 20 years
BillJames: okay
Joyce  N: Do you have any kids?
BillJames: Nop
BillJames: never marry
BillJames: how old are u really
Joyce  N: I am 43
Joyce  N: How about you?
BillJames: 47
Joyce  N: Okay. You beat my by four points
BillJames: what do u do for living
Joyce  N: I'm a book supplier
BillJames: Oh yeah
BillJames: That a very good job?
Joyce  N: Yes.  I enjoy it
BillJames: i Inport good from UK to West africa
Joyce  N: What type of goods?
BillJames: Electronics
BillJames: and Cars
Joyce  N: Cars?
BillJames: yes sweetie
BillJames: Use cars
Joyce  N: Okay.  You must have pretty cool car like the Batmobile or the General Lee or something
BillJames: yes sweetie
BillJames: cool
Joyce  N: I wish I had a job as neato as yours.  All I do is smell old books all day
BillJames: very good job
BillJames: pay good money
Joyce  N: Yes.  The import / export business is usually profitable
BillJames: u are right
BillJames: how much do u make in a month?
BillJames:  i make close to 20 thounsand
Joyce  N: Is that a serious question?
BillJames: out of bils
BillJames: Oh sorry..if that a big Question for u
BillJames: but i just told u mine
Joyce  N: It's a personal question
BillJames:  it okay swetie
BillJames: just to know more about u
Joyce  N: Okay.  I know you didn't mean to sound so rude and invasive
BillJames:  I feel bad right now
Joyce  N: No. Don't feel bad
Joyce  N: I accept your apology
BillJames:  i am sorry for asking personal Question
Joyce  N: It's okay.  It is forgotten
BillJames: okay sweetie
Joyce  N: So where are you from?
BillJames: I was bron is Portland and my mom is from UK
Joyce  N: Which Portland?
BillJames: Oregon
Joyce  N: I'm from Wilmington
BillJames: ok
BillJames: more Q for me sweetie
Joyce  N: Okay...
Joyce  N: I'm not sure I understand your reasoning for importing...
Joyce  N: Why do you go to one country just to ship to another country?
BillJames: Nop sweetie
BillJames: My mom is from there
Joyce  N: No... I'm talking about your importing
Joyce  N: and to a lesser degree, your exporting
BillJames: Oh yeah sweetie
BillJames: I do inport from Portland and Califonia
BillJames: that why i travel alot
Joyce  N: Okay
Joyce  N: You explained that well
BillJames: Thanks
Joyce  N: you're welcome
BillJames: cOOL
BillJames: so u not working today>
Joyce  N: I don't work weekends
BillJames: okay
BillJames:  u at home now huh
Joyce  N: Yes
Joyce  N: Where are you now?
BillJames: At work babe
BillJames: Califonia
Joyce  N: Oh.  California work
BillJames: okay sweetie
BillJames:  i have to go now
BillJames:  i will talk to u latter
Joyce  N: Okay
Joyce  N: Bye
BillJames: thanks
BillJames: nice talking to u
Joyce  N: It was nice meeting you too
BillJames: bye for now
Joyce  N: Bye

The next day...

Joyce  N: Hello Bill
BillJames: Oh sweetie
BillJames: Hi
BillJames: Morningg to u
Joyce  N: It's afternoon here
BillJames: Oh yeah yeah
BillJames: I'm sorry about yesterday with my funny Question
Joyce  N: It's okay
Joyce  N: it's already forgotten
BillJames: thanks sweetie
BillJames: what new over there?
Joyce  N: Nothing much.  Same old, same old
Joyce  N: How's about you?
BillJames: Nop
BillJames: same old story
Joyce  N: Same old song and dance
BillJames: yeah yeah
BillJames:  I am really lonly here
BillJames: Sweetie i ineed u bad
Joyce  N: Yeah.  I need your manliness in my life
BillJames: Thanks sweetie
Joyce  N: You're welcome
BillJames: Anything u want to know about me?
BillJames: please ask
Joyce  N: Where did you go to college?
BillJames: UK
Joyce  N: The University of Kansas?
BillJames: Why did u ask sweetie?
Joyce  N: You told me to ask a question
BillJames: Yes sweetie
Joyce  N: I graduated from Hillman
BillJames: Cool
BillJames: what are u doing right now sweetie
Joyce  N: Chatting with you and thinking about you
Joyce  N: and also doing a crossword puzzle
BillJames: \oh
BillJames: what do u do for fun?
Joyce  N: I enjoy watching TV & movies, home brewing, and learning new spaghetti recipes
BillJames: that sweetie
BillJames:  Do u like games?
Joyce  N: Yes
Joyce  N: I love games
Joyce  N: I should totally challenge you to some kind of game some time
BillJames: That sound good
BillJames: i like pool
Joyce  N: Yeah, well I was thinking more in the line of poker
BillJames: cool
BillJames: that mean u will bevery good
Joyce  N: I'm good enough to know that I don't think anyone can beat me
Joyce  N: I win more than I lose
BillJames: lol
BillJames: how old is this very pics?
Joyce  N: Not too old
Joyce  N: I took the day they had that parade downtown
BillJames: okay
Joyce  N: I'm really sorry, but I need to sign off now
BillJames: ok
Joyce  N: I hope to chat with you again tomorrow
BillJames: still when?
Joyce  N: Sometime tomorrow afternoon
BillJames: ok
BillJames: ttyl
Joyce  N: Okay
Joyce  N: Bye
BillJames: ok
BillJames: bye

Two days later...

BillJames: hello
BillJames:  u there
Joyce  N: Hello
Joyce  N: I'm here
BillJames: why are u offline
Joyce  N: I'm not.
Joyce  N: Oh.  You mean invisible
BillJames: yes
BillJames: I have been here for long time
BillJames: but i did not know u are online
Joyce  N: Well I was here earlier but you didn't want to chat
BillJames: nop
BillJames: i just got back from church
Joyce  N: Okay
BillJames: yeah yeah
BillJames: what new
Joyce  N: Nothing much
Joyce  N: What's new with you?
BillJames: nothing babe
BillJames: just thing about my life
BillJames: and my lawyer is very sick
BillJames: and i dont know what to do
Joyce  N: Why?
BillJames: she need money but i cant send her money
BillJames:  i only come here with my check
BillJames: who can i trust to cach my money and send it to her?
Joyce  N: Why do you need to pay your lawyer?
BillJames: and she really need that money for poretion
BillJames: I am paying for her bills in the hospital
Joyce  N: Why are you paying for your lawyer's hospital bill?
Joyce  N: That's weird
BillJames: yes sweetie
BillJames: I know what i am doing sweetie
Joyce  N: Well I don't know, and that's why I'm asking
BillJames: Can u help me out cashing the money and send it to her in CA?
Joyce  N: I guess I could
BillJames: okay sweetie....give me ur addres and full name
BillJames: and u will get it next tomoorow
BillJames: just cash it and send it to her
Joyce  N: Okay
BillJames: please dnt let her die
Joyce  N: I won't let her die on you
Joyce  N: Not on my watch
BillJames: okay
Joyce  N: I'll help you
BillJames: Thanks
BillJames: ur full name and addres
Joyce  N: Joyce Nelson / 9001 Mail Service Center / Raleigh, NC 27699-9001
BillJames: name?
Joyce  N: Joyce Nelson
BillJames: okay
BillJames: it that ur house addres?
BillJames: becos UPS will bring it for u
Joyce  N: Yes.  I get UPS here
BillJames: cool
BillJames: brb sweetie
BillJames: let me make a call
Joyce  N: Okay
BillJames: sweetie ur email addres
BillJames: so i can email u and update u
Joyce  N: [REMOVED]
BillJames: so u will know where to send the money and what to do
BillJames: becos u dont come online always
BillJames: lol
Joyce  N: Yeah.  Email will be good to keep me up to date
BillJames: but u read ur email ofen?
Joyce  N: Every day
BillJames: cool
Joyce  N: So what am I supposed to do after I get it?
Joyce  N: Cash it and mail to her?
BillJames: Nop
BillJames: Cash it and send it to her Via Western Union
Joyce  N: That would be faster I guess
BillJames: yes sweetie
BillJames: so sweetie
BillJames: what new?
Joyce  N: Nothing much
BillJames: what have u been doing?
Joyce  N: Watching TV mostly
BillJames: did u go to church?
Joyce  N: No
BillJames: why sweetie
BillJames: i go to church always
BillJames: very sunday
BillJames:  i dont miss it
BillJames:  i am son of god
Joyce  N: Well you seem to be very Christian because of all the caring you do
BillJames: ok
BillJames: when are we meeting?
Joyce  N: I don't know.  That's up to you
BillJames: i see
BillJames: \u know what i an thinking
Joyce  N: What are you thinking?
BillJames: Can u get the money out of ur account and send it to my lawyer befor she die and u will get the money back when i send u the money order?
BillJames: that the best to save her life
Joyce  N: How much is the check supposed to be for?
BillJames: about 3000
Joyce  N: No.  That's too much for me
BillJames: brb sweetie
Joyce  N: okay
BillJames: okay sweetie
BillJames: The doctor just called me now..he said i need to pay some of the money tomorrow
BillJames: and i can pay the rest latter
BillJames: becos they are staring the opration tomoorw monday
Joyce  N: Oh.  Okay
Joyce  N: but when do you expect your check to arrive?
BillJames: How much can u send her tomorrow?
BillJames: and i will pay u al the money in 2days time
BillJames: believe me...
BillJames:  i dont want to lose her
BillJames: and the doctor said,it very bad
Joyce  N: I'm sorry, but I just can't send $3000
BillJames: her condition
Joyce  N: That's too much money to loan
BillJames: How  much can u load
BillJames:  i dont want to loes her
BillJames: please....
Joyce  N: I don't know. Not a lot
Joyce  N: Maybe $200 or $300
BillJames: just  tell me so will call them and tell them
BillJames: u will get the money order tomorrow of next day
Joyce  N: It will impossible to get the money order tomorrow
BillJames: nop sweetie.. i am sure of tuesday
Joyce  N: Okay.  That will be fine
BillJames:  u will get all the money u load me back on tuesday
BillJames: believe me
Joyce  N: Okay.  I believe you
BillJames: cool
BillJames: how much can u send to her sweetie
BillJames: i promise i will add more money to it
Joyce  N: Is $250 enough?
BillJames: can u make it 1000?
Joyce  N: No.
BillJames: what the best u can do?
Joyce  N: I thought $250 sounded fair to me
BillJames: that the best u can do?
Joyce  N: I can probably do $350
BillJames: okay sweetie
BillJames:  can i send the info u need to ur box?
Joyce  N: Just type it here
Joyce  N: it will be easier for me
BillJames: okay
BillJames: name......Ellen  [REMOVED]
address......Ventura, California 93003

Note from James:  As you can see, this is a real person that Bill wants me to send the money to.  In order to protect the identity of this woman, I have removed her last name from this page.

BillJames: that all u need
Joyce  N: Okay
BillJames: u do that first thing in the morning?
BillJames: and u will send me the MTCN from Westen Union
Joyce  N: Or I can do it tonight when I go out
BillJames: Cool sweetie
BillJames: I will be so so happy
Joyce  N: I'll try to do on my way home
BillJames: if u can do it tonight
Joyce  N: I'll try my best.
BillJames: cool
BillJames: caling the doctor
Joyce  N: Okay
BillJames: Sweetie..the doctor said tonight will be the best....
Joyce  N: I'll try to do it on my way home
BillJames: Can u call the Western UNion and see where open?
Joyce  N: Western Union is located inside most gas stations
BillJames: u know they close ealy today
BillJames: it sunday remeber
Joyce  N: Gas stations don't close
BillJames: okay sweetie...but it beter u go intime
BillJames: please dont let her die
Joyce  N: She won't die.  I won't let her
BillJames: thanks
Joyce  N: You're welcome
BillJames: u know the problem?
Joyce  N: What is it?
BillJames: Sweetie doctor said 500 will be the best and u can pay the rest on tuesday
BillJames: please  u will get ur money back
BillJames: just in one day time
BillJames: believe me
BillJames: money is not the problem
BillJames: please understand sweetie
Joyce  N: Then $350 will be fine since money isn't the problem
BillJames: nop sweetie
BillJames:  i mean to me
BillJames: i will send u 4000 and u will keep 1000 for ur self
Joyce  N: I'll send the rest when the check arrives
BillJames: okay sweetie
BillJames: fine
BillJames: u really help me... u are saving my lawyer life
BillJames: and i will make u happy too
BillJames: that what we are here for
Joyce  N: I'm glad to help
BillJames: it okay
BillJames: but sweetie..........please send the money tonight becos 7pm
Joyce  N: No
Joyce  N: It will be much much later
BillJames: please
Joyce  N: I'm sorry, but I have plans this evening
BillJames: okay sweetie
BillJames: just try u best becos they close the western union
Joyce  N: I told you earlier that gas stations don't close
BillJames: okay sweetie
Joyce  N: I'm sorry, but I need to go now
BillJames: ok sweetie
BillJames: keep the info inside ur Wallet so u will not forget it at home
Joyce  N: It's already in my purse
BillJames: okay sweetie
Joyce  N: I really need to go now
BillJames: okay sweetie
BillJames: ttyl
Joyce  N: Okay
Joyce  N: Goodbye
BillJames: dont foget ti send the money
BillJames: ttyl
BillJames: thanks
Joyce  N: I'll do that later tonight
BillJames: thanks

Since he gave me the name and address of a real American woman, I decided to search MySpace...

She's a 41 year old single mother.  I decided, at least for the time being, to conceal her identity.

I decided to email the woman.  I assumed she was being scammed by him as well, but I kept the message slightly ambiguous and not mention the word "scammer"...


I've been chatting with a man named Bill James (good_love4u). He asked me to send you $500 to you via Western Union. He claims that you are his lawyer and you are in the hospital dying.

Here's the info he gave me...

name......Ellen [REMOVED]
address......Ventura, California 93003

He asked me to send the money tonight, but I thought I would contact you first. I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care,


Later that evening, I noticed she had not responded.  I checked my 'Sent' folder and saw something interesting...

Not only did she read the message, and not respond to it, but she made her profile private.

Joyce  N: Hi
BillJames: Hello sweetie
Joyce  N: What's new?
BillJames: Nothing sweetie
BillJames: waiting for u
BillJames: did u send the money yet?
Joyce  N: No
BillJames: okay
Joyce  N: Do you know why?
BillJames: why
Joyce  N: I think you know
BillJames: how?
Joyce  N: Our mutual friend
BillJames: i dont understand
Joyce  N:
BillJames: Yes sweetie
BillJames: what about her?
Joyce  N: She doesn't seem to be dying to me
BillJames: that only pics
BillJames: u funny
BillJames: that a year old pics sweetie
BillJames: come on
Joyce  N: Where is she now?
BillJames: Hospiatl...dont tell me i am lying
Joyce  N: Yeah
BillJames: i will never lie to u sweetie
BillJames: believe me....
Joyce  N: She got my email
Joyce  N: She's not in the hospital
BillJames: That will me Tina
BillJames: Her kid
Joyce  N: Her daughter's name is Lizzy
BillJames: did her kids reaply u?
Joyce  N: Her daughter's name is Lizzy
BillJames: Tina too sweetie
BillJames: did she reply u
Joyce  N: I read her page before she made it private
BillJames: Tina saty with her right now
Joyce  N: Tell your friend I have a surprise for her
BillJames: My friend?
Joyce  N: Yeah
BillJames: what sweetie
Joyce  N: She will find out soon
Joyce  N: :))
BillJames: for what?

For the record, Tina isn't her daughter.  Her daughter's name is Lizzie.  Tina is Lizzie's best friend.

Her very best friend...

The next morning I got an email from MySpace saying that Ellen had sent me an email.  I was disappointed to find out that the message could not be read because Ellen's profile had just been deleted...

BillJames: Hello sweetie
Joyce  N: Hello
BillJames: How are u doing today?
Joyce  N: I'm fine.  How are you?
BillJames: Cool
BillJames: I will give u the tracking number latter tonight
BillJames: For the Money order
Joyce  N: Okay
Joyce  N: Has it been sent yet?
BillJames: Yes sweetie
BillJames: U will get it tomorrow
Joyce  N: Okay.  That will be fine
BillJames: But u reallt hurt me last night
BillJames: U called me a liar
BillJames: That bad sweetie
Joyce  N: Something wasn't right
Joyce  N: and I was only asking questions
BillJames: I will never lie to u
Joyce  N: I never once called you a liar
BillJames: Okay sweetie
BillJames: But u log off on me
BillJames: But u never believe me
Joyce  N: That's because I was a little angry
Joyce  N: I have cooled down since then
BillJames: I am sorry sweetie
BillJames: what make u angry sweetie
BillJames: if i may ask
Joyce  N: Ellen [REMOVED]
BillJames: What about her
Joyce  N: I wrote to her and she read my email
Joyce  N: but she didn't respond
BillJames: Believe me sweetie...Ellen is very sick
Joyce  N: she's not too sick
Joyce  N: She can still read her mail
BillJames: Nop sweetie..That is Tina
BillJames: Her daughter
Joyce  N: Why would her daughter have access to her mother's passwords?
BillJames: They her very close sweetie..
BillJames: Did any one reply?
Joyce  N: Yes
BillJames: really?
Joyce  N: But I didn't get the message
Joyce  N: They deleted the account this morning
BillJames: And u did not get her message?
Joyce  N: No
BillJames: i am sure she reply u
Joyce  N: I wish I got to read it
BillJames: I am sorry sweetie
BillJames: But.. i know what i am doing
BillJames: and Ellen is in Hospital
Joyce  N: Why would Tina delete her account?
BillJames: I did not know about that sweetie
BillJames: Let me see
BillJames: Oh
BillJames: so sweetie
BillJames: That the point now? u will not send ur money again?
BillJames: The 350
Joyce  N: After I get the money order
BillJames: Okay sweetie
BillJames: what about the money u want to load me?
Joyce  N: I changed my mind about that
Joyce  N: Because of all this Ellen and Tina stuff
BillJames: Okay sweetie...That mean u dont believe me
Joyce  N: I didn't say that
Joyce  N: The email and the deleted account made me feel uncomfortable
BillJames: Sweetie..if u believe me.... u will trust me and send the money
Joyce  N: Maybe tomorow after the money order arrives
BillJames: Maybe something is wrong
BillJames: I am trying to call Tina
Joyce  N: Okay
BillJames: No one answer the phone
Joyce  N: What's her number?
BillJames: Sweetie.........
BillJames: Plaess make sure u send the money tomorrow
BillJames:  i am sure u will get it
Joyce  N: after I get the money order
BillJames: U really hurt me..How much is 350..that smal money to me
Joyce  N: Yeah, but you have to understand how I feel too
BillJames: Without Ur trust in me
BillJames: Our friends will never be good
Joyce  N: I want to trust you
BillJames: But u dont sweetie...
Joyce  N: I do
BillJames: How can i ask for 350 and u said u are not sending it?
BillJames: that hurt
BillJames: and i have already sned the money order
Joyce  N: Don't worry about it
Joyce  N: The money order will be here tomorrow and I'll send the money then
BillJames: I like
BillJames: and i love u
BillJames: I want u to be my wife
Joyce  N: I love you too
BillJames: but u really hurting me
BillJames: Last night i cant sleep
BillJames: becos of what happend
Joyce  N: I wasn't very happy either last night
BillJames: Sweetie......why cant u send the money and when the money order come tomorrow
BillJames: believe me sweetie
BillJames: i am not okay right now
BillJames: I am scard
BillJames: I dont want anyone to lie on my head
Joyce  N: I'll send your money after I get it
BillJames: okay sweetie
BillJames: But that show u dont believe in me
BillJames: and u said u love me
Joyce  N: Do you want me to leave again?
BillJames: Nop
BillJames: Please Nop
BillJames: Dont leave me
Joyce  N: Then stop whining
BillJames: That hurt sweetie
BillJames: Okay
BillJames: Okay
Joyce  N: Okay
BillJames: brb sweetie
Joyce  N: Okay
Joyce  N: Are you still there?

The next day...

BillJames: Hello
Joyce  N: Hello
BillJames: How are u doing?
Joyce  N: I'm fine.  How are you?
BillJames: cool
BillJames: what u up too?
Joyce  N: Nothing much. 
BillJames: cool
BillJames: Did u get the mail yet?
Joyce  N: No
Joyce  N: What mail?
BillJames: ok
BillJames: oh phone
BillJames: please wait
Joyce  N: okay
BillJames: have u send the money yet?
Joyce  N: No
Joyce  N: I never received the money order
BillJames: let me give u the tracking number
Joyce  N: Okay
Joyce  N: Still waiting
BillJames: k
BillJames: sweetie
BillJames: check ur door
Joyce  N: I'm at work now
BillJames: it waiting for u at home
Joyce  N: May I see the tracking number?
BillJames: okay
BillJames: what ur full nanme?
Joyce  N: Joyce Nelson
BillJames: j204 199 871 2
BillJames: UPS

Note from James:  Just as I planned, the package containing the fraudulent money order was delivered to the NC Attorney General's office.  Click HERE to track the package.

As you can see by the tracking number, the package originated from Harrisburg, PA.  That, of course, means that Ellen is not the one that sent it.  Regardless, Bill's friend in PA should be getting a surprise visit from the authorities soon enough.  Not only is he/she involved in counterfeiting, but they are doing it across state lines.

Joyce  N: Okay
BillJames: okay sweetie
Joyce  N: I feel bad now
BillJames: why
Joyce  N: Because I thought Ellen and Tina were sending the package
BillJames: what do u mean?
Joyce  N: and I called the Ventura Police Department on them
BillJames: why
Joyce  N: Because I made them mail that package to the police
BillJames: do u need to call police?
Joyce  N: I already did
Joyce  N: I'm sorry
BillJames: call them back
Joyce  N: Why?  To tell them to stop their investigation?
Joyce  N: That will only make them more suspicious
BillJames: Are u out of ur mind?
Joyce  N: I'm so so so sorry
Joyce  N: I thought Ellen and Tina were counterfeiters
Joyce  N: I was trying to protect you
BillJames: what are u teling me
BillJames: Oh mY God
Joyce  N: I'm saying that the police have everything now and it's all my fault
Joyce  N: please forgive me
BillJames: U just killled Ellen
Joyce  N: Oh no
BillJames: shit
Joyce  N: Please don't say that
BillJames: bye bye
Joyce  N: No!!!!!!!
BillJames:  U kill her

Bill pretends to sign off...

Joyce  N: Tell her I'm sorry
Joyce  N: Tell Tina I'm very sorry
Joyce  N: Please
Joyce  N: Forgive me
Joyce  N: I want to make things right

Bill signs back in...

BillJames: how?
Joyce  N: I don't know
Joyce  N: I feel horrible
BillJames: u already make it,by killing her
Joyce  N: I wish I could take it all back
BillJames:  i told u about everything
BillJames: and i believe in u
Joyce  N: Please tell Ellen and Tina and everybody else that I'm sorry for what I did
Joyce  N: I am ashamed of myself
BillJames: oh my god
BillJames: u just kill her now
BillJames: what can i do
Joyce  N: I really don't know

Bill pretends to sign off again...

Joyce  N: Please stop leaving
Joyce  N: I want to fix this
Joyce  N: I just need to know how

Bill signs in again...

BillJames: u tell me how
BillJames: the only is u send them money
BillJames: that all
Joyce  N: Send it where?
BillJames: nothing more
BillJames: ellen
Joyce  N: No
Joyce  N: I don't even know if she's dead or alive anymore
BillJames: they need the money for the opration
BillJames: can u get that
Joyce  N: Can you give me Tina's Yahoo ID?
Joyce  N: or you give her mine
BillJames: she dont use yahoo ID
Joyce  N: That's too bad
Joyce  N: Because I'm not sending anything until I talk with her
BillJames: so u even have my money
BillJames: and u dont want to send it
BillJames: oh My got
BillJames:  and i trsuted u
BillJames: fuck it
Joyce  N: Maybe you don't understand me

Again, Bill "signs off"...

Joyce  N: Wait
Joyce  N: Come back
Joyce  N: I want to help

And he's back again...

Joyce  N: The way you sign in and out is starting to become to be funny
Joyce  N: It seems as if you want attention just as much as you want money
BillJames: i sent u my money
Joyce  N: Yeah
BillJames: and now u are asking funny
BillJames: on my money
BillJames: huh
Joyce  N: Yeah.  That was totally unintentional rhyming
Joyce  N: Guess what?
Joyce  N: You didn't send me your money
BillJames: ??????
Joyce  N: you sent it straight to the police
Joyce  N:
Joyce  N: Check the addresses, fool
BillJames: me fool?
Joyce  N: Yeah
Joyce  N: Only a fool would mail a fake money order to the police
Joyce  N: And I sent transcripts of us to the Ventura Police Department
Joyce  N: Tell that to Ellen and Tina
Joyce  N: I would love to hear their side of this

Suprisingly, he didn't block me.  The next day, I tried once more to get more info from him...

Joyce  N: Hello Bill
Joyce  N: Please talk with me
Joyce  N: I'm very sorry for yesterday
Joyce  N: Please.  Let's work this out
BillJames: what do u want to talk about?
Joyce  N: I want you to know that I'm very sorry about everything
BillJames: So my money is gone?
Joyce  N: No
Joyce  N: I never opened the package
BillJames: Sweetie
BillJames: Please tell me what  u need
BillJames: and tell me what i have done wrong
BillJames: just tel me know my stand?
Joyce  N: I just wanted to talk with Tina or Lizzie or Ellen
Joyce  N: I wanted to make sure everything was the way it seemed because I started to feel uncomfortable about everything
BillJames: I see
BillJames: But it my money sweetie
Joyce  N: I know
BillJames: why are u holding my money sweeti
Joyce  N: I don't feel comfortable sending it to Ellen after all that stuff with the email
BillJames: Okay sweetie
BillJames: will u send it to someone eles?
Joyce  N: I will
BillJames: okay
BillJames: Sweetie
BillJames: Send it to my friend in West Africa
BillJames: Nigeria
Joyce  N: Okay
BillJames: can u go now?
Joyce  N: Yes.
BillJames: okay sweetie
BillJames: do u have a pen there?
Joyce  N: Yes
BillJames: Name....Shilon Moore
Address..10 Ogudu road
Text from who
BillJames: that all u need in Western Union
Joyce  N: Who is Shilon Moore?
BillJames: My friend in Nigeria sweetie
Joyce  N: Yes, but how do you know Shilon?
BillJames: Are asking me about who i send my money too
BillJames: huh
Joyce  N: I'm just asking
BillJames: why are u doing this to me
BillJames: huh
Joyce  N: You always give me someone else's name
BillJames: I can send my money to who ever please me
Joyce  N: YOU are not sending it, pal
Joyce  N: I am
BillJames: Okay
Joyce  N: I'm just asking a question here
BillJames: what do u need aain?
BillJames: ask
Joyce  N: Who mailed this money order?
BillJames: My friend
Joyce  N: Who?
BillJames: sweetie,,my friend that own me money
BillJames: he want to pay me back
BillJames: and he send u money order
BillJames: huh
BillJames: Are u going to send my money or not?
BillJames: stop asking Q on my money
Joyce  N: I'll ask as many questions as I like
Joyce  N: If you want your money, then you'll answer them
BillJames: only shit
BillJames: On my money
Joyce  N: Yeah
Joyce  N: YOUR money that's in MY possession
BillJames: When u know u cant help me why did u tell me to send it to u
BillJames: huh
Joyce  N: I said I would help you
Joyce  N: and I meant it
BillJames: pleasssssssssssssssssssssss
Joyce  N: Who is your friend in Pennsylvania?
BillJames: my very good friend
Joyce  N: What is your friend's name?
BillJames: u dont need to know my frriend it none of ur business
BillJames: If u like send the money to shilon
Joyce  N: As long as I have your money it IS my business
BillJames: and if u dont like
BillJames: keep it for ur self
Joyce  N: I won't keep it
Joyce  N: I don't take money that isn't mine
Joyce  N: I wanted to mail it back to your friend
BillJames: if u send it back to my freind
BillJames:  i will never get my money back
Joyce  N: Why?
BillJames: he never wat to pay me back
Joyce  N: I thought you were very good friends
BillJames:  i was lucky he pay me back
BillJames: get that fool
Joyce  N: I think you're the fool
BillJames: Okay
Joyce  N: I told you yesterday that I didn't even have the check
BillJames: BIll  is the Fool
Joyce  N: Find the address I gave you
Joyce  N: and look at this site
BillJames: I know u are here to play games
Joyce  N: Yeah
BillJames: I know that
Joyce  N: Your friend is probably in jail
Joyce  N: If not, he will be soon
BillJames: Do whatever u want sweetie
Joyce  N: Okay.  I think I will sit here and laugh at your foolishness
BillJames: Fuck off
Joyce  N: Come on.
Joyce  N: You're just mad because all your friends are going to jail