Ben's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 50 year old widow.  She is also the proud mother of one son, James.  Also, she's really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer...
Name:  Ben Hook / Ben Boldnavy / Jimmy Pat
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

Hello there!
Ben is my name and from WA but am a mixed race as well... my mom is from France while my dad is from, US. I am single now and have never married. I want to find someone who is real enough to meet me. I’m 5’8’’ and have average body. I have brown eyes and dark brown hair. . I look for a good serious women, who is trusty with men. I could trust such person and it is the main thing I look for in a woman. I have just browsed profiles on this site and i found your profile! I have thought for some time and decided to respond on your profile to say Hello! We could meet with you in real -I'm interested in it sincerely! I suppose it could help us know each other better. How do you think? So please if you are a real person and you are interested in me too please respond back to me. That could be great! I am afraid a bit because I don’t like any games and lie. I hope you are not bad person and will not play with me. We could be friends for some time and then - who knows? May be we could have serious relations. It will be wonderful to know you better. I suppose that I'm cheerful and a gentle man , not too young but not too old also! Anyway please reply to me personally to my E-mail address:, and hook_cute is my yahoo messenger screen name you could add me as well. i will be waiting for your sweet reply.

BenH: Hey Joyce
BenH: How are you doing?
Joyce: Hello
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Joyce: I guess you're too busy to chat
BenH: Sorry my PC hav been acting crazy
Joyce: ok
BenH: So can we get to know each other much more better
Joyce: Okay
BenH: What's your name?
Joyce: Joyce
Joyce: You already knew that because you greeted me with "Hey Joyce"
BenH: Oh what's a pretty name
BenH: Sorry
BenH: Am Ben as you know
Joyce: Yes.  I don't instantly forget names
BenH: Are you married?
Joyce: No
BenH: Kids?
Joyce: I have one adult son
BenH: Am single and i dont hav kids ...I work for a mail forwarding company as a supervisor
BenH: And you?
Joyce: I'm a book supplier
BenH: Oh...Really?
Joyce: Yes
BenH: Good...You like it?
Joyce: Yes.  I enjoy my work
BenH: Good
BenH: Am 38yrs by age and you
Joyce: 50
BenH: Oh does my age matters to you?
Joyce: No
Joyce: I've liked younger men since I was a kid
BenH: Yours doesn't matter to me
Joyce: Thanks
BenH: Am not looking for my age mate but my soul mate?
Joyce: That's cute
BenH: ty
BenH: So tel me how long hav you been on that's site?
Joyce: About 2 weeks
BenH: Oh really?
BenH: And hav you been lucky to meet any man there?
Joyce: No.  I mostly talk to wrestlers
BenH: Really?
Joyce: Yeah.  I'm waiting for Roddy Piper to accept my request
BenH: Good...But what are you really looking for?
Joyce: A pot o'gold at the end of the rainbow
BenH: Good...but if you found your love wil you get your profile off there?
Joyce: No
BenH: Alright
Joyce: MySpace is too cool to leave
Joyce: and I know it will be cool forever
BenH: I know
BenH: Just asking
Joyce: Okay.  I was just telling
BenH: So can you tell me more about yourself?
Joyce: What would you like ot know?
BenH: What do you want in a man?
Joyce: A strong chin
BenH: Is that all?
Joyce: Yeah, I guess
BenH: Good...
BenH: I want a woman who is Caring,Lovely,Honest,Loyal.Respectful,Communicative and so on
BenH: Do you hav that in you?
Joyce: Yes.  Totally my biography
BenH: Nice..What are your hobbies?
Joyce: I love to play the guitar
BenH: I think you could teach me that later
Joyce: Yeah, but it takes years to rock as hard as I do
BenH: Where are you really from?
Joyce: North Carolina
BenH: Am from Washington ...In a city called Port Hadlock near Seattle
BenH: But distance doesn't mean anything to me cos i can relocate and i can always pay a vsiit
Joyce: Nice.  Them's good words
BenH: Dont you mind sharing your last relationship experince with me?
Joyce: My last relationship ended in November of last year
Joyce: on Thanksgiving
BenH: What really happen to it?
Joyce: I caught him with his eyes open during the blessing
BenH: Really?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: You can't trust a man like that
BenH: Oh i see...
BenH: So where is he now?
Joyce: I don't know.  Hell for all I know
BenH: Is he the father of your child?
Joyce: No
BenH: What about that one?
Joyce: He's dead
Joyce: He died in 1998
BenH: Oh!! Am so sorry to hear that
Joyce: It's okay.  That was a long time ago and he deserved every bit of it
BenH: But right now what are you looking for is it a serious relationship or just friendship
Joyce: Just serious relationship in a friednly sort of way
BenH: Good..That's what am looking for as well
Joyce: I'm glad to hear that
BenH: So tell me more things you dont tell me about you....I care to know please
Joyce: Feel free to ask any question
BenH: Alright....Do you own your house or apt?
Joyce: Yes.  I'm a homeowner
BenH: You got a pet?
Joyce: Yes.  I have a dog
Joyce: A Boxer
BenH: I hav a BullDog as well
Joyce: That's nice
Joyce: What is his name?
BenH: Billy
Joyce: My dog's name is Emilio
BenH: Nice name
BenH: Do you hav a web cam?
Joyce: No
Joyce: Do you?
BenH: Nope...
BenH: Can you try to get one for me to see you please?
Joyce: I'll get one if you get one
BenH: Alright...
BenH: Tell me what ever talk anyone out of the state before?
Joyce: Yes. 
Joyce: There's a lady at the flea market that used to live in Canada
BenH: Really?
Joyce: Yes.  Her eyes are really far apart
BenH: Oh i see...
BenH: What's your favourite food?
BenH: I like Chicken and Chips..
Joyce: My favorite is country fried ham and Cracker Jacks
BenH: Nice..
BenH: Who's your Hero?
Joyce: Harriet Tubman
BenH: Who's yours
BenH: Brayn Adams You know him
Joyce: The singer?
BenH: Yes
Joyce: Summer of 69 guy?
BenH: And "Everything I do"
Joyce: The Robin Hood song?
BenH: I like James Blunt too
Joyce: The googly eyed British guy?
BenH: So now your turn to ask me anything you wil like to knw about me
Joyce: What is your favorite movie?
BenH: Romantic Movies,Like Titanic and Love dont Cost a thing
Joyce: I like comedies like Grizzly Man
BenH: Hav you watch Mr.Bone?
Joyce: No.  I don't watch pornography
BenH: not\
BenH: This is a comedy movie
Joyce: Who stars in it?
BenH: I cant really remember cos it hav been long that i watch it
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: Well I see that left a lasting impression on you
BenH: Let me tell you something you dont know about me maybe you gonna be okay with it if i do explain it to you
Joyce: You can tell me anything
BenH: Alright
BenH: Am a mixed race...My mom is from France and my Dad is from the state...I was my dad when i was young at the age of 13yrs..After the death of my dad my mom and my younger brother move down to France cos she inherit her fathers house over there so right now my family stays in France and i do visit them during Vaction and Hoilday
BenH: Vacation and Holiday
BenH: And you?\
Joyce: I'm 100% Irish
BenH: Oh i see..
BenH: What about your dad and mom?
Joyce: They were also Irish
Joyce: But I'm 4th generation American
BenH: Do you hav more picture to send me?
Joyce: Yes.  Show me some of yours and I'll show you more of mine
BenH: So can u send me more picture of yours?
Joyce: Show me some of yours and I'll show you more of mine
BenH: Why are you like this?
Joyce: Because that's how I roll
BenH: Really
Joyce: Yeah
BenH: Oh i see
BenH: Good...Are you new to internet?
Joyce: No
BenH: Hold let me get some of my picture for you
BenH: There are my picture for you

BenH: Tell me what you think about it?
Joyce: Very handsome
BenH: Thanks so much for the compliment
BenH: Can i see yours now?
Joyce: I don't have any

Ben signs off

Joyce: I was kidding!
Joyce: Come back.  It was a joke!

I thought I had pissed Ben off, but that wasn't the case.  He apparently ran out of time at his internet cafe.  We had another chat three days later..

BenH: Honey
Joyce: Hello
BenH: Joyce so what's up with you
Joyce: Nothing much
BenH: I wanna tell you something
Joyce: What do you want to tell me?
BenH: Am gonna mail it to you just wait
Joyce: ok
BenH: Just sent it now
BenH: Check it out
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I'll read it now

Hey Joyce ,
   How are you doing today?I hav been thinking about you since you left me online.i think very soon everything will be fine.Just wanna inform you that i will be travelling to UK by this next week with the Cargo Airline cos i hav to go and supervise some mails that my company needs to deliver to the receivers so all mails are been sent to UK so i hav to go with them..But i wont spend much of my time there cos this is my first time of going on a trip over  there.
    And secondly i will like to ask you something that's serious important,Since you said you hav Bank Of America in your area then please could you open an account with them and send me the information and the reason am asking for this ...Is that a client of mine wanna wire some money there for me cos his owing me and i could hav do this myself but i had bad credit so i cant open any account.This money wanna be use for my mom cos she's serious sick right now in France---My younger brother just called me and explain to me that the doctor said she had heart problem and  need to go through Heart Surgery Operation,So please i want you to help me out in other to save her life .... ...I dont want you to think maybe am asking you for money.Okay
   Please get back to me asap.
  Miss you Joyce

Joyce: I never said I had a Bank of America
BenH: Sorry...Dont mind my typographical error
Joyce: okay
BenH: So do you hav an account with them or can yu open one?
Joyce: No.  I dont' have an account with them
BenH: Can you open one?
Joyce: We don't have one in town
BenH: But do you hav an account with any bank?
Joyce: Yes. I have an account with a small regional bank
BenH: What's the name of the bank?
Joyce: I'm not going to discuss this
Joyce: My bank account info is private
Joyce: and I won't open an account for you
BenH: Please...This is urgently seriously
Joyce: No
BenH: I cant hurt you with your account
Joyce: I will not do it
Joyce: I'm sorry
BenH: Okay then do you wanna with some money there...But i dont like asking people for money cos i hate it
Joyce: How much?
BenH: 500$
Joyce: Do you intend on paying me back?
BenH: Yes of course...Just to save my mom's life
BenH: she's all i got
Joyce: How soon  can you pay me back?
BenH: Once i get my pay cheque before next week friday if you can go  and send the money now?
Joyce: Do you swear you will pay me back as soon as possible?
BenH: I swear with my Life and my everything
BenH: Joyce am dam serious
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I believe you
BenH: Do you want me to give you the info to send the money to and how long will it take you to go and send the money and get back to me with the details
Joyce: Yes. You can give me the info and I'll write it down
BenH: Alright...

Jimmy Pat
 Text Question : Who i love
   Answer: Ben

BenH: You got that?
Joyce: Who is Jimmy Pat?
BenH: That's the info for the Kanuheart Foundation Manager info
BenH: Once they receive the money...They will contact their Branch in France and carry out the surgery operation immediately
BenH: Do you understad
Joyce: Yes
BenH: Good...You got the info down?
Joyce: Yes.  I've got it
BenH: So how long will you take you to send the money and later come back to give me the details so that i can get it to them and et them hav the money?
Joyce: I'll send it later tonight
BenH: Can't you go now..While i wait here online for you
Joyce: No.  I'll be going out soon and I won't be home until late
BenH: What's the time right now
Joyce: 5:08 pm
BenH: Alright...What time will Western Union will close?
Joyce: I'll probably send it from a gas station
Joyce: They never close
BenH: You hav to send it through Western Union Money Transfer
BenH: Dont you  hav it in your area?
Joyce: Yeah.  They're in every gas station
Joyce: and every supermarket
Joyce: and every pawn shop
BenH: Good...So what time do you want me to come back to hav the detail of the money or will you mail it to my email box?
Joyce: I don't know what time.  I probably won't come home until very late tonight
BenH: Yes...I hope you would hav sent it already by then
Joyce: Yes.  I'll send the money when I go out.  I'll send you the claims info when I get home
BenH: Good...Send me the claims info to my email address...The one i use to mail you
Joyce: Okay
BenH: Joyce...Do you really promise to send me this money....Cos all i got now is your promise and am gona depend on it alot...Please am trusting you with this cos you mean alot to me
Joyce: Yes,  A promise is a promise.
BenH: No probs then
BenH: Am gonna be waiting for the info
Joyce: Okay
BenH: I love you
Joyce: I love you too
BenH: Am gonna call the Kanu Heart Foundation Now...That's he should be expecting the money soon...
BenH: Cos my mom is dying
Joyce: Maybe she will stop the dying tomorrow
Joyce: Because I would prefer to meet her before she passes away
BenH: Yes and i will like you to meet her as well
Joyce: I know she will love me so much
BenH: Good...Can i have your address please?
Joyce: 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
BenH: What's your full name and your phone number
Joyce: My full name is Joyce Nelson
Joyce: I don't think you need my number
BenH: I'll....So that i can call you to inform you once they pick up the money
BenH: Okay
Joyce: 980-867-5309

Note from James:  Thanks to Tommy Tutone, this number has been disconnected for many years.

BenH: Is that your cell or home?
Joyce: Home
Joyce: I don't have a cell phone
BenH: Alright..
BenH: Joyce...I really Love you deeply from my heart
Joyce: I love you too
BenH: Joyce...Do you know that doing this help me for me is an opportunity for you to show your tender caring to me?
Joyce: I thought you already knew that I cared for you?
BenH: Yes...I do
BenH: Joyce...You promise me to Love me alone and no one else?
Joyce: Yes.  I promise with all my heart
Joyce: And a promise is a promise
BenH: Me too...I dont want any man to take you away from me
Joyce: That probably won't happen
BenH: Let that be a comittment then
Joyce: Yeah okay
Joyce: I guess I should sign off now.  I have some things I need to do before I leave
BenH: Alright...Am gonna be waiting for your mail
Joyce: I love you too
Joyce: I'll talk with you tomorrow
Joyce: Goodbye
BenH: Gonna be waiting for your mail Honey

After I signed off, Ben changed his Yahoo status to a personal message:

Jimmy Agbaje has some good ideas, but I don't see him as a strong leader.

Later that night, I sent the standard fake info...

Hello Ben,

I'm sorry I'm late.  I was hoping to catch you online, but I guess you went to bed.

I sent the money, and here's the Western Union info:

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Jimmy Pat / Lagos, Nigeria
Test Question:  Who do I love?
Answer:  Ben
Amount:  $500

Love always,


Early the next morning, Ben (or the person with the Jimmy Pat fake ID) went to Western Union with the fake info.  After coming back empty handed, Ben sent the following email...

Hey Joyce,
  How are you doing today...Just wanna inform you that Mr.Jimmy called me and told me that when he try to pick up the money at Western union ...The perosn in there said there's no match found for the information you hav provided for me to give him please try to call western union and let them correct the mistakes..Okay.

He also sent the following offline messages...

BenH:  (3/19/2007 4:56:32 AM): <ding>
BenH:  (3/19/2007 4:56:39 AM): Hey Honey...
BenH:  (3/19/2007 4:57:10 AM): Mr. Jimmy called me and told me that when he get to Western union to pick up the money
BenH:  (3/19/2007 4:57:32 AM): After he had provide all the claims that's neded
BenH:  (3/19/2007 4:57:45 AM): needd
BenH:  (3/19/2007 4:58:08 AM): They told him that no match found for that...Please could you call Western Union and tel them
BenH:  (3/19/2007 4:58:23 AM): Or ask them by the money is unable to be found
BenH:  (3/19/2007 4:58:42 AM): Tel them to update the tracking and give you the correct MTCN number
BenH:  (3/19/2007 4:58:58 AM): Okay
BenH:  (3/19/2007 4:59:08 AM): So once you do that...Please mail me the correct new MTCN number okay
BenH:  (3/19/2007 4:59:13 AM): I love you and miss you so much

Later that day...

Joyce: Hello
BenH: Hey sweety\
BenH: How are you doing today?
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
BenH: Did you get all my mails to you
Joyce: Yes.  I just read them
BenH: Cool...Hav you call Western Union then
Joyce: Not yet.
Joyce: I didn't know there was a problem until a minute ago when I read it
BenH: I try to call your number but it says Invalid
BenH: Give me your valid number
Joyce: 980-867-5309
BenH: That's was the number i tryed to call
BenH: Dont you hav another number
Joyce: Where were you calling from?
BenH: Can you call Western Union
BenH: For them to make the necessary correction on the money
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: But are you sure your friend didn't make any mistake?
BenH: Nope
BenH: No mistake
Joyce: Okay
BenH: can them while i wait here and once they give you the correct detail please mail it to me
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: Let me find their number
BenH: Alright
BenH: How was your last night
Joyce: It was lovely
BenH: Did you dream of me?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: Okay.  I found their number
BenH: Really
Joyce: Yes.  1-800-325-6000
BenH: Okay call them now and explain things to them
BenH: And let them make changes
Joyce: Okay
BenH: So can you tell me about the dream?
Joyce: What dream?
BenH: I mean your last night dream?
Joyce: I was lying about that.
Joyce: I just wanted to make you feel important
BenH: Really
Joyce: Yeah. Didn't it make you feel like an important big shot?
BenH: But why are you lying  to me...That's mean you dont love me for real?
Joyce: What?
Joyce: I was saying that to make YOU feel good about yourself
Joyce: Would you rather that I said I didn't dream about you?
BenH: Nope...But you have to be honest with  me cos I love you so much and i think i deserve some truth from you
Joyce: I apologize
Joyce: No more lies
BenH: Alright..Calling now?
Joyce: Yes.  I'll call now
BenH: Alright...Let me hold here while you talk to them
Joyce: BRB
Joyce: What time did  he go?
BenH: In the morning
BenH: Is that what they are asking?
Joyce: Yes
Joyce: What did they say was the problem?
BenH: They said ....There was no match found for the MTCN number
Joyce: Okay
BenH: Tel them to give you the correct number again
Joyce: I'm speaking with customer service now and they tracked it
BenH: Ask them what's the status?
Joyce: Unclaimed
BenH: Tel them to give you the number they are using to track it?
Joyce: Okay
BenH: Tel them to give it to you again
Joyce: 7003681580
Joyce: They want to know if your friend copied the number incorrectly?
BenH: yes
BenH: I just tracked it now
BenH: and here is what it says
BenH: Transfer Status  W0131 We do not have an order with the provided information. Please verify your information and click Check Status.MTCN :  7003681580  Check status of another transfer
BenH: I just track it now
BenH: That's the statis
Joyce: But they said that's a bunch of bunk
BenH: Oh really?
Joyce: Yeah
Joyce: Then I called him a nincompoop and he called me a big palooka
BenH: so what are they gonna do now?
Joyce: I don't know
Joyce: They're looking for the error
Joyce: If there is one
BenH: There's
BenH: Let them check
Joyce: There seems to be a problem
BenH: Really?
BenH: From who?
Joyce: You
BenH: How?
BenH: Tell me
Joyce: They looked through the records and found no problems at all
Joyce: They think you messed it up somehow
Joyce: I told them that was silly
Joyce: But they disagreed
BenH: Nope
BenH: Nope
BenH: It a lie
Joyce: I know, honey
BenH: Tel them to refund the money then
Joyce: I think the best thing to do is for you to send me $500
BenH: ??
Joyce: yeah
Joyce: As a test
Joyce: That will prove that you know how to send and receive money
BenH: Oh ...They are lying..
BenH: Did you tel them you track it yourself that samething happen
Joyce: Yeah
BenH: Tel them to refund your money then since it unclaim
Joyce: I told them to track it online
Joyce: Then they said any hacker could do that
BenH: Nope...nothing happen to this one
BenH: it a lie
BenH: So am i gonna loose my mom
BenH: i dont want her to die now plzzzzzzzz
Joyce: Don't cry.  I've got it all under control
BenH: The doctor need the money for her surgery
BenH: What am i gonna do now
Joyce: It's okay
Joyce: Your mom is here safe with me now

Joyce invites Ben to view her webcam...

BenH: You got a cam now
Joyce: Yes.  I bought it yesterday

BenH: I can see a skull
BenH: Where did you get that?
Joyce: It's your mother
Joyce: I decided to perform the surgery myself
Joyce: But I think I botched it a little
BenH: I dont like all this expensive jokes you are saying to me
Joyce: Come give mommy a kiss
BenH: Joyce..What's going on...What's the meaning of all this
Joyce: Mommy wants kissies
BenH: Am dam serious here
Joyce: You are so much like your mother!
Joyce: I can't get this broad to crack a smile!
BenH: So how am i gonna get the money now
Joyce: I don't know
Joyce: How about we let your mommy call Western Union and make things better?

BenH: I dont like that please stop it
Joyce: Your mom was right
Joyce: You really are a stupid crybaby pussy with shit for brains
BenH: Just dont try to insult me
Joyce: I'm not trying, I'm succeeding
BenH: If you dont wanna talk to me no more you can go
BenH: Okay
Joyce: Fine
Joyce: I'm gonna go make out with your mom
BenH: But Remember that I still Love you deeply in my heart
Joyce: Oh yeah?  Well I hate you with a fiery passion