Jeff's Potential Victim:

Joyce Nelson The lovable Joyce is a 41 year old widow.  She's self employed and full of piss and vinegar.  Little does the scammer know, Joyce is really a 27 year old man.
About the scammer:
Name:  Jeff Akon
Real Name:  Kola Luja
Location:  Lagos, Nigeria
Profile:  MySpace

Hello ,

i am jeff akon , i am from bronx new york , i am 37 years old ,single and looking long term relationship , i am caring and honest looking for the same soulmate for long and serious relationship , i come across your profile and it was very nice , so i will like to know more about you , my email address : ,and we can also chat in yahoo ms ,you can add me and get back with your emaill and yahoo to you soon

take care



Joyce: Hello Jeff
Jeff A: Hello
Joyce: How's it going?
Jeff A: Who is this please
Joyce: Joyce
Joyce: You wrote to me two days ago
Jeff A: Ok nice
Joyce: Do you not remember writing me?
Jeff A: The job is still available if you are interested
Joyce: What job?
Jeff A: i know i email you in myspace
Jeff A: I told u i am looking for long term relationship
Joyce: So you want to pay me to be your girlfriend?
Jeff A: in our company we have a part time job ,some people email me for the job , so i think u are for that too , sorry for that
Jeff A: how old are you
Joyce: I am 41
Jeff A: i am a nice and honest person
Joyce: Me too
Jeff A: kids ?
Joyce: I have one adult son
Jeff A: ok nice
Jeff A: do u live alone
Joyce: Yes.  Just me and my dog
Jeff A: I am alone here too and lonely
Jeff A: I am born and brought up in bronx new york
Joyce: You're alone in the Bronx?
Joyce: What about all the Italians?
Jeff A: My dad is from ny while my mom is from nigeria
Jeff A: I am currently in nigeria with my mom
Joyce: Oh okay
Jeff A: i lose my dad when i am too young
Joyce: I'm sorry to hear that
Jeff A: i came here last 2 week only to check on my mom cos she is sick in the hospital
Jeff A: i am at home now chating with her pc
Joyce: Is she doing better now?
Jeff A: yes thank you
Jeff A: u sound caring
Joyce: That's because I care
Jeff A: i am caring and lovely also
Joyce: and super
Jeff A: i am the only child of my parent
Jeff A: so it is only my mom left for me and i cant afford to lsoe her
Joyce: I understand.  Moms are important sometimes
Jeff A: U look cute in your pics here ,i love it
Joyce: Thank you very much
Jeff A: what is your full name
Joyce: Joyce Nelson
Jeff A: Do u treat good
Jeff A: what happen to your ex husband
Joyce: He passed away in 1998
Jeff A: Oh sorry to hear that
Joyce: It's okay.  He shouldn't have been staring that bear down
Jeff A: i have never travel out of new york untill last 2 week that i am here
Joyce: I'm sure both places have similarites
Jeff A: yes
Jeff A: i graduated last 2 month in bronx
Jeff A: i have my master degree in banking and finance
Joyce: Wow
Joyce: You must have started college really late
Joyce: or you must have had a lot of trouble in school
Jeff A: yes cos of my dad early death
Joyce: I see
Jeff A: so i am looking for a lady like you to be with forever
Jeff A: and make an happy home
Jeff A: I hope that will be you
Joyce: I hope so too.  You seem like a nice guy
Jeff A: yes i am nice , But i lady broke my heart when we are in school
Joyce: How did that happen?
Jeff A: i really love her and she later fuck me up and i feel like a fool
Joyce: What did she do?
Jeff A: she go with another man because of money
Joyce: She sounds like a whore
Jeff A: so i really want a evalasting love forever and be happy together
Jeff A: because life is too short to live unhappy
Joyce: You are right
Joyce: Some people are unhappy all their life, and then they finally get happiness, but it's too late because they're dead
Jeff A: what do u do for lving
Joyce: I'm a book supplier
Jeff A: ok nice
Joyce: and you?
Jeff A: i am still unemployed , i am looking for work before i come here
Jeff A: but i will like to work in a bank
Joyce: I bet
Jeff A: how do u work , i mean when did u go to work and come back
Jeff A: because i will like to chat with u everyday because i want to be serious about u , u really sound good and look good to me
Joyce: I go to work in the mornings and come home in the afternoon
Jeff A: You collect salary ???
Joyce: Well I don't work for free
Jeff A: how much
Joyce: None of your concern
Jeff A: because they told me i will be getting 6000 monthly if i work in a bank
Jeff A: are u embarassing me
Joyce: Why?
Jeff A: we are trying to know about each other because i want to be serious about u
Joyce: That's a rude question, and I'm not going to answer
Jeff A: Ok sorry
Jeff A: i apologise
Jeff A: do u forgive
Joyce: I accept your apology
Jeff A: thank you
Joyce: You're welcome
Jeff A: when i go to my mom hospital i tell her ,i have meet my love
Joyce: Tell her I said hello
Jeff A: i want u to promise me something and we can know we are really serious about each other forever
Joyce: okay
Jeff A: i want u to chat with me only ,....because i will only be chating with u only
Jeff A: tell any body else you have a fiance
Jeff A: even husband
Joyce: I'm not going to refer to you as my husband
Jeff A: really? lol
Jeff A: why
Joyce: Yeah.
Jeff A: i am not handsome enough
Joyce: No.  It's because you're new
Jeff A: ok
Jeff A: i know as we chat on , You will know me better
Jeff A: i am a very good person
Joyce: I truly believe that
Jeff A: Honey , i have a appointment with my mom doctor now ,so i need to leave and will be back to chat with you
Jeff A: i will tell mom about you
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: We'll chat again another time

The next day...

Jeff A: hi]
Joyce: Hello
Jeff A: how are you dear
Joyce: I'm fine.  How are you?
Jeff A: fine too
Jeff A: i missed you
Joyce: Same here
Joyce: How is your mother doing?
Jeff A: she id not doing ok yet
Jeff A: but i told her about u
Joyce: I hope that makes her feel better
Jeff A: thank u
Joyce: You're welcome
Jeff A: i wnt to be urs forever joy
Jeff A: i promise to make u happy and be truefull with you
Joyce: The name is Joyce, not Joy
Jeff A: ok joyce
Jeff A: there is one thing i want to tell you if you will be interested
Joyce: What is it?
Jeff A: will u be interested in online part time job offer
Joyce: What type of job?
Jeff A: the company that i want to be employed in ny before i come here , lunch to special people , so i may let u do it if u want
Jeff A: they are a sales company
Joyce: What type of sales?
Jeff A: they are internation company , even one of there company is here in nigeria , so u will be helping them in picking up some payment from there client via western union or money and send to branch here in nigeria
Joyce: Sounds interesting, but I have questions
Jeff A: and each transaction that u will be worth of $100 , all transfer charges will not be charge from u , u will deduct it from there fund
Joyce: What is the company's name, and what type of sales?
Jeff A: smile trading company

Note from James:  I wonder where he got that name from?

Jeff A: they are in sales of merchandise
Jeff A: But any transaction below $1000 u will be duducting 50 , but all above 1000 u will be duducting 100
Jeff A: i should be doing this but it just that i am not curently in state
Joyce: So you don't think it will interfere with my regular job?
Jeff A: it wont disturb it
Jeff A: when u get informations to pick up , u can only use less than 15 min in western union
Jeff A: ok
Joyce: How many days each week should this be?
Jeff A: any day , But u can only have less that 3 transaction a week
Joyce: Okay.  That's not too bad
Joyce: I just wanted to make sure it would not be every single day
Jeff A: at all
Jeff A: honey i will extend ur greetings to mom now
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: I am intrigued by the job opportunity
Joyce: But the job would end once you returned to the U.S.?
Jeff A: yes honey
Jeff A: i want to be with you forever
Jeff A: i am tired of games
Joyce: Same here
Jeff A: i want you to send your name and address to my email honey
Jeff A:
Joyce: okay
Joyce: One last question about the job
Joyce: How many weeks do you think the job will last?
Jeff A: till u i come back to us , soonest hone
Jeff A: honey
Joyce: Okay
Jeff A: the job will not disturb you , it is a easy one and not everyday
Joyce: Sounds good to me
Jeff A: i know that is why i want you to do it , because i really want to be serious about u
Joyce: Okay.  I'll send it now

Note from James:  I then sent an email containing Joyce's fake address

Jeff A: i got it honey
Joyce: Okay
Jeff A: let me be leaving for mom and will be back asap
Joyce: Tell your mom I said hi
Jeff A: ok
Joyce: Take care
Jeff A:

Unfortunately, that was the last time he mentioned this job offer.

I didn't hear from Jeff for three days.  It's not too unusual.  Nigeria is currently in their rainy season, and it's affecting the internet service.  When Jeff returned, he was experiencing some problems with his internet connection...

Joyce: Hello
Jeff A: Honey have missed you
Joyce: I missed you too
Joyce: Where have you been lately?
Jeff A: i lose my connection
Joyce: Oh
Joyce: I'm glad to see you've got it back now
Jeff A: brb
Jeff A: hold on\
Jeff A: am back honey
Jeff A: i went to toilet
Jeff A: honey i have already missed you
Joyce: Oh okay
Joyce: I missed you too
Jeff A: honey brb
Joyce: Going to the toilet again?
Jeff A: Honey
Jeff A: i am very sorry for the unknow logg off
Jeff A: i dont know why the connection service logg me out with notification
Jeff A: i feel bad about that because they let me miss my love more and more :((
Jeff A: i love you :x

Two days later...

Jeff A: hello honey
Joyce: Hello
Jeff A: how is ur day
Joyce: My day is going fine
Joyce: I hope yours is too
Jeff A: thank you sweetheart
Jeff A: not really good cos i have not chat with you today
Joyce: okay
Jeff A: mom send her greetings to you
Joyce: Tell her I said hello
Jeff A: ok honey
Jeff A: i am afraid for the connection people to not disconnect me cos i will die here if they do
Jeff A: honestly !!
Joyce: I hope that doesn't happen
Jeff A: The cost of the fee is yearly and it $300
Joyce: okay
Joyce: That's not too bad.  $25 a month
Jeff A: I am looking for to barrow for me to pay for it so they will not disconnect me , but i could not find person
Jeff A: i cant afford to miss you , i really love you
Joyce: Me too.  I love you and the chats we share
Jeff A: But i want to ask you , if you can barrow me the isp fee ?
Joyce: $25?
Jeff A: they collect it yearly ..300....but let me know how much u can afford
Jeff A: i really want to be serious with u forever
Joyce: You pay for the entire year?
Jeff A: I dont know why in nigeria that is how they do
Jeff A: i really want to be with u ,cos here did not really please me
Joyce: How do you even know the company will be in business for the next year?
Jeff A: They will refund for mom if they dont
Joyce: Okay
Joyce: That's good
Joyce: This will be a loan.  Right?
Jeff A: they will , to refund is a gurantee
Joyce: How soon do you think you will pay me back?
Jeff A: when i get to you , i will wotk for only one month
Joyce: Okay
Jeff A: you know i will be working in a bank honey
Joyce: I just had to ask these questions
Jeff A: i understand honey
Jeff A: i love you
Joyce: I love you too
Jeff A: i want you to get the fund sent tommorow first thing before you go to work please
Jeff A: cos i want to chat with u tommrow in mom house
Joyce: Okay
Jeff A: cos the doctor may not allow be to come online tommrow
Jeff A: through here
Joyce: before work would be the only time I could do it anyway
Jeff A: Do u know any Moneygram OR western union location near your place
Jeff A: So u will need to get it sent through that any of the 2
Joyce: Western Union is located in every gas station
Jeff A: If u get to western union , they may ask u difference question because u are sending to nigeria
Jeff A: that is how i use to be ask too when i want to send to my mom here when i am in ny
Joyce: What question?
Jeff A: who are u sending to , you will tell them person you know
Jeff A: you blood relation ok ?
Joyce: Okay
Jeff A: so they can allow you to send it
Joyce: I wonder why they do this?
Jeff A: because they are many bad people here and they may not want to allow , But u will tell them you are sending to your blood son too so they can allow you ok love
Joyce: Okay.  No problem
Jeff A: you will be sending it to one of my money neigbour that is who i always send it to too
Joyce: If that's how you like it
Joyce: Then that will be fine with me too
Jeff A: Name : Kola Luja
Address : 5 ilojo cresent , Obanikoro , Mushin , Lagos , Nigeria 23401
Jeff A: that is the information note it down honey
Joyce: Let me write that down
Joyce: I've got it
Jeff A: ok honey
Jeff A: will u get the information sent to my email tommorow before you go to work too
Jeff A: so they guy van get it pickup and i can get it to the connection office so i can be online with u honey
Joyce: Okay
Jeff A: so all i want be happy is to get the information tommrow when i come to check on mom and get the info for the money pick up
Joyce: Oh okay
Jeff A: i love you honey
Joyce: I love you too
Jeff A: and i promise everything to be with u ad make u happy
Joyce: I promise too
Jeff A: honey the doctor is back
Jeff A: mom still send her greetings
Joyce: Tell her I said hello
Joyce: and get well soon
Jeff A: thanks you
Jeff A: and do you promise to get the info tommrow morning
Joyce: I promise I will send it in the morning
Jeff A: ok
Jeff A: i love you
Joyce: I love you too
Jeff A: i am the happeier now , but i will be the happiest then
Jeff A: lol
Jeff A: when u are in my arms lol
Joyce: Me too
Jeff A: see u tommorow
Joyce: Take care
Jeff A: i want u to be online tommorow throughout in ur work place
Joyce: I can't promise that
Jeff A: ok dear
Jeff A: But promise to leave the info before work
Joyce: I will. I promise
Joyce: or I'll send it when I get to work
Jeff A: and also u should leave ur cell phone when i loggg off now
Jeff A: so i can get it
Joyce: okay
Joyce: I thought I gave it to you a few days ago?
Joyce: hello?
Joyce: are you there?
Joyce: Talk to you tomorrow
Joyce: Bye

Later that night, I sent the following email with the standard fake info...

Hello Jeff,

I'm sorry if I'm late.  I have sent the money and here's the claims details you will need.

MTCN:  7003681580
Sender:  Joyce Nelson / 615 N. Front St. / Wilmington, NC 28403
Receiver:  Kola Luja / 5 Ilojo Cresent / Obanikoro , Mushin , Lagos , Nigeria 23401
Test Question:  Where do we chat?
Answer:  Yahoo
Amount:  $300

I hope to chat with you again later.  Take care.

Love always,


Early the next morning, Jeff came online to check his mail.  He then sent me the following thank you note...

Hello Sweetheart ,

 How are you doing today , i got the information honey and i will get the fee paid tommorow and i can be able to connect back home and have a sweet chat , Honey i have missed you, Mom send her greetings to you , honey i am very greatfull for the favour and i hope mom get ok soonest so i can be with you and you will be in my arms that will be my happiest stuff in my life , i really love you sweetheart ,I don't know how you do what you do, I'm so in love with you. It just keeps gettin' better. I want to spend the rest of my life with you by my side, forever and ever. Every little thing that you do, Baby, I'm amazed by you.i cant wait to chat with you , Mom is really impress for you assistance .take care .Honey reply back i cant wait to read from you .

I love you


Jeff then took the fake info to Western Union, expecting to leave with his hard-earned $300.  Instead, he left humiliated.  He then took the Western Union Walk of Shame back to his internet cafe where he left the following offline messages (Note:  The time stamps shown are my time, EST.  Nigerian time is five hours ahead)...

jeff akon (6/19/2007 3:34:44 AM): <ding>
jeff akon (6/19/2007 3:34:49 AM): honey?
jeff akon (6/19/2007 3:35:48 AM): <ding>
jeff akon (6/19/2007 3:39:01 AM): <ding>
jeff akon (6/19/2007 3:39:08 AM): honey where arte you
jeff akon (6/19/2007 3:54:43 AM): <ding>
jeff akon (6/19/2007 3:54:58 AM): They said the the Mtcn number is incorrect
jeff akon (6/19/2007 3:55:16 AM): so i want you to check the receipt and get back with the correct number asap honey
jeff akon (6/19/2007 4:11:13 AM): <ding>
jeff akon (6/19/2007 4:11:19 AM): Hello sweetheart m
jeff akon (6/19/2007 4:11:34 AM): The mtcn has no record with western union sweetheart
jeff akon (6/19/2007 4:11:53 AM): so i want you to check the number with the one you are gave in western union
jeff akon (6/19/2007 4:12:14 AM): If they are same so you will need to go to western asap honey to make the erroe
jeff akon (6/19/2007 4:12:18 AM): error
jeff akon (6/19/2007 4:12:30 AM): get back to me asap sweetheart , i can wait to chat
jeff akon (6/19/2007 4:12:37 AM): i cant wait to chat with u at home
jeff akon (6/19/2007 5:51:45 AM): <ding>
jeff akon (6/19/2007 6:26:12 AM): <ding>

Later that day, I came online, but I was no longer displaying the Joyce picture.  I was displaying this one...

Jeff A: My love
Jeff A: Do u Got my email
Joyce: Who is this?
Jeff A: Lol
Jeff A: This is Jeff
Jeff A: I am looking to chat with my love joyce
Joyce: Joyce?
Joyce: Joyce Nelson?
Jeff A: Yes
Joyce: Son, I'm afraid that's not going to happen
Jeff A: Who i am chating with
Joyce: Jed
Jeff A: Can i chat with joyce
Joyce: That's impossible
Jeff A: why
Joyce: Joyce Nelson died ten years ago
Joyce: in fact, she died ten years ago this day
Jeff A: lol .Are u kiding
Jeff A: Honey talk to me
Joyce: On this very night, ten years ago, along this very stretch of road in a dense fog just like this. I saw the worst accident I ever seen. There was this sound, like a garbage truck dropped off the Empire State Building... And when they pulled the driver's body from the twisted, burning wreck. It looked like this...

Jeff A: Be serious joyce
Joyce: Every year on the anniversary of her death, Joyce returns to walk to the earth among the living
Joyce: Little children leave out milk and cookies for her
Joyce: and they awake in the morning to find a fake MTCN under their pillow
Jeff A: what
Joyce: Yeah.  Joyce loved cookies

Jeff signs off, apparently blocking me.